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🎭 | Alice Hirose leaves the stage due to poor physical condition "I was overconfident" and apologized tweet Alice Hirose set the stage "Rose ...


Alice Hirose leaves the stage due to poor physical condition "I was overconfident" and apologized tweet Alice Hirose set the stage "Rose ...

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[Actress Alice Hirose updates her official Twitter account.We thank her for leaving her stage due to her illness ... → Continue reading


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What do you really do about love?

"What do you really do about love?(What do you do with this?)CantereProduction/Fuji TV seriesof"Serial drama of 10 o'clock on Monday nightIn the frame2022/4/18Broadcast from December 6thTV drama[2][3]..This work is the leadPrime beltWill be the first starring in the serial dramaAlice Hirose[2][3].


Jun Sakurazawa, a Western tableware designer who works for tableware brand Sagara Ceramics, has a lot of trust from his boss as a young chief, but he has no interest in romance, let alone marriage.One day she is pure, she is enjoying lunch alone at the French bistro Salyu that caught her eye in the city, and she becomes interested in Garson Nagamine Hiiragi.


main character

Jun Sakurazawa <27>
Performance- Alice Hirose[2][3](Childhood: Riko Yonemura)
Chief designer of Western tableware maker "Sagara Ceramics"[2][3].
Nagamine Hiiragi
Performance- Matsumura Hokuto(Sixtons)[2][3](Childhood: Keitatsu Koshiyama)
Garson and apprentice cook of French bistro "Salou"[2][3]..Takuto Sakairi is a half-brother.
Kyoko Kiyomiya
Performance- Nanase Nishino[4]
housewife[4]..Pure high school classmate[4].
Alisa Mayama (Alisa Mayama)
Performance- Marie Iide[5]
Jun, a close friend from the same high school lacrosse club era as Kyoko.
Katsumi Uchimura (Katsumi Uchimura)
Performance- Amane Okayama[5]
A mysterious character who wears glasses and cannot read what he is thinking.When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a magician.
Hinako Takeuchi
Performance- Karin Ono[6]
A pure biggest rival with a "woman with a lot of love" clinging to Hiiragi.
Yokoi (Sakairi) Megumi
Performance- Nico Ando[6]
A pure junior with high female power.She is the wife of Takuto Sakairi.
Chief Aota
Performance- Nagaya Shigeya[6]
A pure boss with a strong character.
Manami Oka
Performance- [6]
Imadoki girls pure junior.
Kengo Kinoshita
Performance- Ryota Miura[6]
A pure junior who is "loved and stupid" who can't read the air a little.
Hiroshi Otsu
Performance- Junki Totsuka[6]
Synchronization of the same lacrosse part as Jun.She is a "safe and secure Otsu" with no possibility of developing a love affair.
Toshihiko Kiyomiya
Performance- Ryosuke ally[6]
A useless husband who is indifferent to Kyoko.
Yoshikazu Tanabe
Performance- Akira 100%[6]
"Exclusive daddy" of Alisa's daddy activity.
Takuto Sakairi
Performance- Yuta Furukawa[6]
Jun, Kyoko, and Alisa's seniors from high school lacrosse club days.Only one "push" in a pure life.He is a half-brother with Nagamine Hiiragi.
Megumi Yokoi's husband.
Misaki Nakagawa
Performance- Yu Kashii[7]
A former senior of a Western tableware maker where Jun works.He currently runs a nail salon.
Kaname Iwahashi
Performance- Fujiki Naoto[4]
Chef of "Salyu"[2]..Fall in love with her married Kyoko[4].
Mayumi Nagamine
Performance- Yuki Saito
Hiiragi's motherToxic mother.Gambling addictionI'm in the facility.
Jiro Okashita
Performance- Mantaro Koichi
Hiiragi's father. Owner of "Salyu".

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitle[10]ShowAudience rating
Episode 14/18There is a difficulty in love 6 men and women serious love begins !?Ryo Miyawaki7.0%[11]
Episode 24/25Swamp Boys VS Safe and Secure Boys! Love Triangle Outbreak !?6.5%[12]
Episode 3502 daysInescapable loveKitagawa Hitomi5.5%[13]
Episode 4509 daysDirect confrontation !? Impact on the first love triangle6.0%[14]
Episode 55/16A big incident in forbidden love! A crack in the bond with your best friendRyo Miyawaki5.9%[15]
Episode 65/23Pinch to a loved one ... The past revealed6.2%[16]
Episode 75/30The threat of the approaching mother ... Measures to reverse the crisis of closing the storeKitagawa Hitomi5.6%[17]
Episode 8606 daysCollision with lover's mother! Three loves in crisis5.8%[18]
Episode 96/13Immediately before the end! Decision of serious love or safety and securityRyo Miyawaki5.9%[19]
The last episode of6/20Do you need love after all? Settle in serious love5.8%[20]
Average audience rating 6.0%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Chain story

"What would you do if you took a picture of the back of love?』(What do you do with Koimaji no Ura?), A video distribution serviceGYAO!It will be delivered after the main story ends.

Cast (chain story)

  • Jun Sakurazawa-Alice Hirose (# 1.5, # 4.5, # 9.5)
  • Kyoko Kiyomiya-Nanase Nishino (# 1.5, # 4.5, # 6.5, # 9.5)
  • Alisa Mayama-Marie Iitoyo (# 1.5-# 4.5, # 9.5)
  • Katsumi Uchimura-Amane Okayama (# 3.5)
  • Megumi Sakairi-Niko Ando (# 5.5)
  • Takuto Sakairi-Yuta Furukawa (# 5.5)
  • Misaki Nakagawa --Yu Kashii (# 1.5- # 9.5)
  • Kengo Kinoshita-Ryota Miura (# 1.5-# 9.5)
  • Kaname Iwahashi-Naohito Fujiki (# 7.5)
  • Chief Aota-Seiya Osada (# 8.5)
  • Manami Oka-Rika Makino (# 8.5)

Staff (chain story)

  • Screenplay- Nishioka to Neil
  • Directed by Tadashi Kondo
  • Music-Ryo Yoshimata
  • Produced by Takashi Yoneda, Akihiko Takaishi
  • Co-produced-Kinsaihime
  • Production cooperation --The icon
  • Production work-Kantele

Delivery schedule (chain story)

Each storyDelivery date
#3.5502 days
#4.5509 days
#8.5606 days


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外部 リンク

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Doctor White
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(October 2022, 4-December 18, 6)
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