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🧑‍🎨 | Simple but stylish!All-white art nails


It's simple, but it's fashionable!All-white art nails

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It is also recommended to try using white parts such as white pearls and white stones at the points.

An all-white nail that you can enjoy a simple yet fashionable design.From the office scene ... → Continue reading


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White stone

White stone TheJapan OfRacehorse.CB CrossWas born between a wine glass andGray horse OfStagでCentral horse racingHe left a record of 32 races and 4 wins. Born April 1987, 4.Trainer (affiliation)Kunio Takamatsu(Miho), Producer: Ikuo Okawa, Producing area:Atsuma Town. mainlyMasato ShibataとHiromasa TamogiIs taking the reins.

■Horse ageAre all unified with the old notation.

Battle history

3-4 years old Spring

Whitestone June 1989,Sapporo RacecourseDebuted at.Although he finished 5th in this new horse race, he was in a combination with Masato Shibata in the unwinning race four months later.escapeIt was a win.Next runAsahi Cup 3-year-old stakesBut Shibata got on board andInes Fujin5th place and a good run, finishing at the age of 3.

At the age of four at the beginning of the year, Whitestone will be in January.Keisei CupAfter finishing 2nd inSatsuki AwardTrialYayoi AwardHe finished 3rd and won the Satsuki Sho's priority entry right.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe first ofSatsuki AwardThen, Whitestone will come into contact with the most popular Ines Fujin immediately after the start and will almost fall.accidentWas affected and it took me along the way, and I wonHakutaiseiFinished in 0.8th place, 8 seconds away from.

Derby trialNHK CupWhitestone, who finished 3rd in the race and won the derby's priority run right,Japanese derbyHowever, because Shibata was to ride on the big mouse of the same stable as Whitestone, he was to switch to Tamonoki.In the race, it was the 12th most popular due to the change of trains, but he drove sharply in a straight line from the back of the road and ran well with Ines Fujin, who escaped at the record time (at that time).

Autumn 4 years old

It was the first match in autumnSt Lite KinenThe White Stone that Shibata was supposed to ride againSingle frame designationNo. 1PopularityIn response to this, he finished first and won the victory since the unwinning match.The final round of the classicChrysanthemumThen it was recommended to be the second most popular,White-eye McQueenI couldn't catch it and lost to 2nd place.

Japan CupIt was the 5th most popular horse, but it was the strongest horse in the Southern Hemisphere.Better Loosen Up, North American powerhouseCacoethes, Following France, he made a good fight with the first four Japanese horses.

Arima MemorialThen, it was supported by the most popular due to the good run in the Japan Cup, but it won the last run.Oguri capLost to 1rd place, about 3 horse away from10th Japan CupSee).


Whitestone, 5 years oldSankei Osaka HaiIt started from.In this race, when Saddle returned to Tamonoki, taking the lead was successful, and he finished second.Dai YusakuI won the race with a difference of 1/1 of the horse's body.ButSpring Emperor AwardThen it was supported by the 3rd most popular, but 6th place,Takarazuka MemorialBut although it became the third most popular, it lost to the fourth place.

AutumnAll ComersReturned from, but in this race the local horseGeorge MonarchI couldn't catch it and ended up in 2nd place.ContinueAutumn Emperor AwardThen, bad riding ground is enshrined and 7th place,Copa Republica ArgentinaThen, while being recommended to be the most popular, the weight of 1 kg was endured and he lost to 60th place, ending this year.


At the age of six, Whitestone returned the saddle to Shibata, but it was his first return match.Nakayama Kinen3rd place, 5th place in the Osaka Hai aiming for consecutive victories, although it is posted on the bulletin board, I could not win, since the Keisei StakesMilesIt became a battleYasuda MemorialThen I couldn't keep up with the speed and lost to 9th place.

In the fall, he ran for the Autumn Emperor's Award, but in 5th place, Saddle became Tamonoki.Fukushima MemorialThen, the weight of 59.5 kg was defeated in 9th place, and at the Arima Kinen, the saddle was returned to Shibata, but it ended in 10th place without any good points, and this year is over.

After 7 years old

The first match of Whitestone at the age of 7AJC Cup..Shibata chose to run away in this race, and this strategy was successful, and Whitestone pushed in a straight line.Legacy worldI shook off the following pursuit and won the victory for the first time in 1 year and 9 months[1]..This was Whitestone's last active victory.

After that, Whitestone continued to be active until the age of eight, but without winning the GI, he was eight years old in the summer.Sapporo KinenI finally retired after finishing 10th.

Whitestone has been running in 3 consecutive races from the Asahi Cup 3-year-old stakes in the third race of his debut to the Sapporo Nikkei Open before running in the Sapporo Kinen, which is the last race of active duty. rice field[2].

After retirement

Whitestone in 1995StallionI entered, but1998/ToSmall intestineDied at the young age of 12 due to adhesions[3]..leftProducerFrom inside2000/ OfTokyo Okan ShoThere is an arrow winner who won.

Pedigree table

White stone OfPedigree(Source of Pedigree Table)[§ 1]
Paternal lineFortino system

CB Cross
1975 Gray horse
Father father
Fortino 1959
Gray horse
Gray SovereignNasrallah
Father mother
1968 Gray horse
Kimurasu* Turks Reliance
* Royal Deal

wine glass
1983 Bay
*Nice dancer
Nice Dancer 1969
Northern DancerNearctic
Nice PrincessLe Beau Prince
Happy Night
Mother's mother
Wine color
1978 Bay
* Fuji OnwardRibot
KunihayahimeHikaru Meiji
maternal(F-No.)Papous system (FN:5-a)[§ 2]
Within the fifth generationInbreedingNearco 5 × 5[§ 3]
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