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🎥 | Blue Man Group opens in Sendai for the first time in 3 years!To Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and XNUMX city tours


Blue Man Group opens in Sendai for the first time in 3 years!To Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and XNUMX city tours

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The blockbuster entertainment "Blue Man Group" has made the world happy regardless of age or gender.

Blue Man World Tour IN JAPAN 3, which has been held for the first time in about 2022 years, has finally started from the Sendai performance. … → Continue reading

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Blue man

Blue Man Group (English: Blue Man Group) Was formed in 1991Performance art・ Company[1]..Known all over the world for his creative stage productions.

Currently the Blue Man GroupLas Vegas,Orlando,Duffel Bag,Chicago,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,BerlinIn addition to the permanent performance atAmerican statesWe are doing a tour performance at.AlsoNorwegian Epic"Megastar World Tour", a parody of rock concerts, was premiered at many places.Film MusicFive albums have been released, which have been performed by orchestras across the United States and are also used in commercials of famous brands.Blue Man Groupマ ン ハ ッ タ ンAreaLower East SideIt evolved from three of his best friends, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton.It expanded from street performances to small downtown clubs and eventually to performances at the Astor Place Theater.He has won numerous awards and received the attention of the national media.

In addition, in July 2017,Canada-QuebecEntertainment group based inCirque du SoleilHas been acquired by.


"Blue Man" whose face is painted deep blue is various such as music and theaterperformanceIt is a creative group that develops.

"Blue Man" mainly refers to three blue characters, and "Blue Man Group" means a theatrical show.

1987, Formed by the first three members (Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, Chris Wink).ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt was a break when I started a street performance as a "Blue Man Group" on the streets of.The first theater performance siteOff BroadwayHe has been running for over 15 years at the Astor Place Theater in Tokyo.The performance, which does not speak a word while being on the rhythm (beat), is cynical and full of gag.The character performers are selected by audition and consist of performers trained as the Blue Man Group.The stage set evokes an abandoned factory somewhere, and countless tubes are exposed.Currently, he has multiple theaters not only in the United States but all over the world, and also handles rock tours around the United States.


Production during performance

The United States of America
  • Berlin, Bluemax Theater (February 2006, 2 – Present)
Norwegian Cruise Line

Finished production

The United States of America
  • Luxor, Las Vegas (March 2000, 3 – September 10, 2005)
  • Las Vegas,Venetian・ Resort Hotel Casino (October 2005, 10 – September 10, 2012)[5]
  • Las Vegas,Monte Carlo・ Resort and Casino (October 2012, 10 – October 10, 2015)
  • Berlin,Potsdamer Platz(May 2004, 5 – January 9, 2006)
  • Oberhausen, Metronome Theater (March 2007, 3 – October 11, 2008)
  • Stuttgart, Apollo Theater (February 2008, 2 – October 28, 2008)[6]
  • Toronto, Panasonic Theater (June 2005, 6 – January 20, 2007)
United Kingdom
  • UK, New London Theater (November 2005 – June 11, 2007)[7]
  • Amsterdam,Theater Fabriek (December 2006 – September 12, 2007)
  • Tokyo, RoppongiInvoiceTheater (December 2007, 12 – November 1, 2009)
  • Roppongi Blue Man Theater, Tokyo (April 2010, 4 – March 29, 2012)
  • Basel, Basel Musical Theater (October 2006, 10 – January 25, 2009)
  • Zurich, Theater 11 (January 2010, 1 – May 17, 2010)[8]

Music and tours

The music used in the play uses Blue Man's original musical instruments.Its unique mysterious instrument is sold as a toy.

The album "AUDIO" isGrammy AwardNominated for. "The Current" is a work that invited male vocals, "Terminator 3』Ending theme.The album "HOW TO BE MEGA STAR" first appeared on the billboard and ranked second.

In 1999, the first album "Audio "announced.The songs actually used on the stage are recorded, but not all the songs are recorded, but it is a full-length instrumental album using new instruments.

2002 years,MobyTour performance "Area2 , And performed more rock-oriented songs than the songs used on the regular stage.During the tour, these songs were improved and the 2003 album "The Complex It was recorded in.

"Audio Unlike ""The Complex ](English edition),Dave Matthews,Gavin Rossdale,(English edition)Songs by various guest vocals such as are recorded.The 2003 tour performance was produced from this album and became Blue Man's first headline.This tour performance will be a traditional rock concertClichéIn 2004, it was made into a DVD.Tracy Bonham and Venus Hum were the undercards. Studio recording on DVDSurround-Includes a mix of sounds.

September 2006, 9, the second tour "How to Be a Megastar Tour 2.0 』Started. The first "Complex Rock Tour Tracy Bonham acted as the undercard and vocalist, adding new material to the material from. On April 2007, 4PennsylvaniaWilkes BaliDJ / VJ Mike Realm acted as the undercard for the additional performance that ended in. Further additional performances began in May 2007,Mexico OfMexico City,Guadalajara,モ ン テ レ イ,Argentine Ofブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ ス,Brazil OfSao Paulo,Rio de Janeiro,チリ OfSantiagoIt was performed at.In addition, the number of the title has been changed to "2.1", and further additional performances will be held in the United States.CanadaIt was performed at.Then in 2008,France, South Korea, Canada, Germany, andEuropePerformed in several countries.

2009 yearsDeaflympicsAugust 8-19, as part of our promotional campaignTaiwan OfTaipeiso"How to Be a Megastar Tour 2.0 Was performed, and most of the dialogue was displayed in the subtitles. Mid august,21 Typhoon No. 8Landed and suffered great damage, and an additional performance was held so that the profits would be donated to the flood victims.

2008 years, NetherlandsDJ and producerTiestoAlbum ofElements of Life: Remixed 』Recorded song"No More Heroes 』Collaborated with.

2009 years,Norwegian Cruise LineThe latest ship ofNorwegian EpicIt was announced that it would be performed at Blue Man Group, making it the first performance at sea for Blue Man Group. From July 2010, the Epic will take turns every 7 days.MiamiIt sails from East Caribbean to East Caribbean and from Miami to West Caribbean, with Blue Man performances on board at night.

2013 years,South AfricaThe tour performance was announced atAfrican continentIt was supposed to be the first performance in.However, it was not realized due to the balance with other tour performances and contractual problems. Another tour performance in South Africa is scheduled for early 2017.


Feature movie

May 2008,varietyThe magazine is produced by Charlotte Huggins and starring original members Matt Goldman, Chris Wink and Phil Stanton.IMAX 3DFeature movieReported that will be produced[9]..This movie "Blue Man Group: Mind Blast Is directed by David RussoNational Geographic SocietyPublished by[10].


  • The Complex Rock Tour Live DVD (2003) – TexasGrand prairieIncludes live concerts at
  • Robots (2005) – Soundtrack
  • Inside the Tube (2006) – PBS1 hour documentary.Interview with the original 3 people. DVD "How To Be A Megastar Live! ], Also available at the PBS store.
  • How to Be a Megastar Live! (2008) – Includes live concerts. DVD will be released on April 2008, 4, and Blu-ray will be released on November 1. The DVD comes with a bonus CD that contains a large number of songs used in the performance.
  • Space Chimps (2008) – Soundtrack
  • Scoring reel (2004) – DVD only

tv set

TV commercial


In addition, Grammy Award,Emmy Award,Latin Grammy AwardsAward ceremony,(English edition),Wetten, dass ...? "(Germany),"The VoiceGerman version, "Regis and Kathie Lee ], [Regis and Kelly ], [Ellen's room] And so on, showing off the original material.

2012,(English edition)』\ Appeared in the 12th episode of the 7th season.

2016 years,Singapore Of(English edition)Appeared at the award ceremony.

Activities in Japan

Japan performance

In 2007Invoice-Asahi ShimbunThe performance in Japan was announced by the executive committee consisting of[11].

The performance in Japan will start from December 2007, 12.Tokyo-RoppongiIt was held at the "Invoice Theater", which is a dedicated theater set up in. November 2009, 11 Celebrated Chiakigaku[12]..As a re-performance, the name of "Invoice Theater" was changed to "Roppongi Blue Man Theater", and the second performance was held from April 2010, 4. After Chiaki Raku on March 29, 2, the theater will be "Roppongi Blue Theater" and "Amuse・ After changing the name to "Musical Theater" and "Roppongi Blue Theater" again in April 2014, it was reopened as "Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi" in January 4.

Other activities

  • 2007Prior to the performance in Japan, the Blue Man Group's "Rock Band"Summer sonicAppearance in "2007" was announced by TV Asahi, the host station.Summer Sonic appeared only in Tokyo, but both days appeared as the top batter of the stage in the two-day schedule. Executive presenter on the first dayKumi KoudaAlso, on the second day, he played a competition with (the song is "I Feel Love" on both days).The appearance of Kumi Koda stroking Blue Man's body on the stage was featured in wide shows.
  • 2009From April, NHK educationPythagora switchHe has appeared in the "With Blue Man Group" version of "Algorithm Koshin".
  • 2010October, Restaurant Guidebook ・Zagat SurveyVisited Kyoto to promote the Japanese version.
  • 201011/2, Participated in the autumn fire prevention campaign event held at the Blue Man Theater in Roppongi, Tokyo.Fire department OfMascot character,CuterPerformed fire extinguishing activities in collaboration with Kun,HappiIn appearanceLadder carCalled for fire prevention, such as by spraying water at.

Award history, etc.

  • 1991 years,Obie Award (Award)
  • 1992 years,Drama Desk Award・ Unique Theatrical Experience Award (Award)
  • 1992 Lucille Lortel Award Special Award [2]
  • 2000 Grammy Awards (nominated)
  • 2000 years,Eddie AwardDesign award [3]
  • 2010 Obie Award Advertising Awards [4]
  • 2011 Off Broadway Alliance Award Audience-selected long-run performance award (winner)[13]
  • 2012 years,International Emmy AwardArt Performing Award (Nomination) [5]
  • 2014,Drums! The Percussion Ensemble Award (winner) chosen by magazine readers
  • 2015,Drums! The Percussion Ensemble Award (winner) chosen by magazine readers


Various themes are used for the material of Blue Man's performance.Some are shown below:[14]


  • ――My wife is a former dancer[15][16].

Related item

  • Überschall --Las Vegas band by members of the past or present Blue Man Group
  • Penn Jillette --Las Vegas magician affiliated with Blue Man


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