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🎥 | What is the scene where Sairi Ito "has been NG many times"?Director Daigo Matsui reveals his particular "certain movement"


What is the scene where Sairi Ito "has been NG many times"?Director Daigo Matsui reveals his particular "certain movement"

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Kalen Anzai, Saki Takaoka, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Sekaikan Ozaki and other gorgeous people are playing the passengers.

It is a nostalgic and painful pain to pierce my chest.Sosuke Ikematsu x Daigo Matsui x CreepHyp's golden tag, Reiwa is the best ... → Continue reading


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Saki Takaoka

Saki Takaoka(Takaoka Saki,197212/3 -) isJapan Ofactress.. Real name:Sakiko Takaoka(Sakiko Takaoka).

KanagawaFujisawawhere one is from.He belongs to Aoi Corporation.2011Launched a private office, Air Gin.


Entertainment world debut

Since childhoodFujisawaAt Yasuda Ballet SchoolClassical balletTo learn.

Was 13 years old1986, Started performing arts activities as a model for the magazine "Seventeen" under the real name "Saki Takaoka"[1].

Was 14 years old1987XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo Welfare Pension HallMade inMiss MagazineIdol dream factoryAlthough he advanced to the final examination of '87, he was rejected.

In the same year, I was thinking about how to raise funds for studying abroad with the intention of becoming a ballerina.MadrasWhen I learned about the "3rd Cinderella Contest" sponsored by ", I applied without thinking much about the winning prize of 500 million yen.She was the youngest among the contestants that time, but she won, and immediately after that, she learned for the first time that the contest was based on the assumption that she would make her CM debut.[2].

1988In April, an actor on a TV commercial for "Madras"Okada MasumiCo-starred with.Same month30 days,Saki TakaokaReleased the CM song "Mayonakano Sabrina" under the stage name "Mayonakano Sabrina".Idol singerDebuted as well.The singer who made her synchronous debutWink,Ritsuko Tanaka,Hikaru NishidaEt al.

1989She made her debut as an actress in the movie "cf Girl" released on October 10.1990Appeared in the movie "Bataashi Goldfish".

When I unintentionally made my debut in the entertainment world, I decided to work one after another, so I gave up my dream of becoming a ballerina.However, when I was in the third year of high school, while people around me were thinking about going on to school or getting a job, Takaoka was also wondering, "Is it okay to stay as it is?" I studied abroad in London and attended a ballet class and an English conversation school.[2].

Horikoshi High SchoolAfter graduating in 1990, she appeared in a commercial for House Fruit in Jelly.

1992Publishes a photo book "WAOOOO!!".

Movie appearance that became a turning point

1994,movies "Chushinkura Gaiden Yotsuya Kaidan(Hereinafter, "Tadaomizo") and show off nude[3]. In the same workJapan Academy AwardWon the Best Actress Award, etc.[4]. Next year,Mt. Sasayama KishinShootingHair nudePublished a photo book "one, two, three". Nude has been released one after another with movies and photo books.

1995"Apaguard" broadcast from (Sangi Co., Ltd.) CM,An actor OfHigashi MikihisaCo-starred with the catchphrase "Celebrities have teeth."BuzzwordBecame[Annotation 1].

Entertainment officeIt is,Bond planning,From First,Stardust promotion, Again from first,Avex ManagementIn 2011, he established a private office, Airegin.It was in the form of a business alliance with an entertainment agency. Belonging to tos-s from June 2019, 6, transferred to Joinus Entertainment in January 1[5].

Further success

After returning to acting as an actress after a temporary leave of absence due to marriage and child-rearing (described later), she will appear on the stage "Woman who met with a beautiful god" in 2005.However, he fell during the training two weeks before the actual performance, and according to himself, he suffered a serious injury to his face that made him uneasy about continuing to be an actress.[2]..After that, he managed to recover and appeared, but he looked back at that time and said, "If I had left that stage, I would have just quit the actress."[2].

2013 starring movie "monsterSinging the ending song of "" resumed singer activity[2].. Also in 2019Takahisa IgarashiThe original horror suspense "RicaThe drama that appeared as Rika in the series became a hot topic, and the movie "Rika ~ Self-proclaimed 28-year-old pure love monster ~But also played the same role[2].

Published the first essay "Are you devilish?" On May 2021, 5[6].



His father ran a jazz live house in Yokohama, but Takaoka passed away when he was young.Raised by the mother alone[2].. My sister is a modelYumiko Takaoka[7]..I also have an older brother.

Since he lived near the sea, he used to play on the beach when he was a child, and he was like a child who ran around the beach with his clothes on and came home.However, at that time, he was not very talkative and was not good at self-expression, so he was basically a quiet personality.[2].

According to Takaoka, because of his mother's desire to "do not want to feel the loneliness of losing his father," he has been attending lessons such as piano, penmanship, and swimming since he was in elementary school, even though he was a single mother.Among them, the classical ballet, which I started when I was 6 years old, was absorbed in saying, "I can express ballet even if I am not good at expressing it in words."[2].

About "Tadaomizo Gaiden Yotsuya Kaidan"

When I was 19 years old, I was filming "Tadaomizo Gaiden Yotsuya Kaidan"Kinji FukasakuHe says that meeting the director was a turning point as an actress.[8].

While studying abroad in London, I was contacted by Japan and asked, "Why don't you come back because you have an interesting job?"Takaoka will play the role of the heroine Oiwa, but since he had no experience in a full-scale historical drama, he was alone in Kyoto.Shochiku StudioWhen I entered, I started by learning the behavior of kimono[2]..I received detailed guidance on how to dress, walk, and squeeze a rag, and after doing various lessons from morning till night with the teacher of Nihon-buyo, I spent days just going back and forth between the studio and the hotel.[2].

At the shooting site that started after that, he repeated dozens of rehearsals while being yelled at many times from the uncompromising Fukasaku movie production.[2]..One day Takaoka didn't know how to play the role of Oiwa and made a noise, and Fukasaku said, "I don't know because I'm a man. You're a woman, so you can understand the feelings of a woman."[8]..Regarding this, Takaoka said, "The scales fell from her eyes. I realized that I should play any role in my own way. The director's words are my treasure as an actress." Are[2].

Interpersonal relations

Marriage, lover, etc.

Since I was a kid, I also wanted to get married at the same age of 23 as my mother.[2], Of the actor in 1996Naoki HosakaMarried. He gave birth to his eldest son in 1998 and his second son and two sons in 2000.During this time, I was temporarily closed for childbirth and child-rearing.But then he himselfHotei TorayasuHave an affair with2004Divorce in June (two sonsCustodyWas obtained by Hosaka).

In September 2010, she gave birth to a girl (a young businessman who was 9 years older than his father who was dating at the time and once thought about remarriage).[9]..In addition, Takaoka gave birth to all three children at home, and her sister'sYumiko TakaokaIs also influenced by the experience of witnessing[10].

Partners from around 2014 are the food service industryDiamond diningPresident'sAtsuhisa Matsumura[11].

About Yosuke Yamashita

Jazz pianistYousuke YamashitaThe couple is a close friend of their parents, and they have a family relationship.[12]..Yamashita has often appeared in his father's live house in the past, and Takaoka has been loved since he was a child.[2]..After that, he co-starred with Yamashita who played Biano in the movie "Monster", and the 2015 jazz festival "Monster".SAPPORO CITY JAZZ(Sapporo City Jazz) was greeted by Yosuke Yamashita trio as a guest vocalist and was a drummer.Shuichi Murakami “Ponta”Also co-starred[2].


Bataashi Goldfish
Chushinkura Gaiden Yotsuya Kaidan


TV drama





  • Uncle my legs (1990)
  • Naoto TakenakaMeeting "Breaking Man" (1993)
  • Molotov Cocktail (1988)
  • Marandro (1988)
  • Beautiful-Woman who met with God-(2005)
  • Shido-ryu no Ishimatsu (2006)
  • The Who's Tommy(2007)
  • Front and back Gennai frog battle (2008)
  • LOVE30 VOL.3 (2009)
  • 蜉蝣PASS (2009)
  • THE 39 STEPS -Chase the Secret Code!- (2010)
  • Usani (2012)
  • Like Ashura(2013)
  • Call Boy(2016)-as Shizuka Mido[29][30]
  • Recitation Love Letters(2016)-Melissa[31]
  • Destrap (2017)
  • Makai Tensho (2018)
  • Plateaunov (2019)
  • Elephant Man (2020)
  • When you love When you die (2021)
  • Fur Venus (2022)

Web drama



Image character

Voice actor

Also in charge of the theme song and two insertion songs.



#Release datetitleSide BspecificationStandard product number
Victorian music industry
1stApril 1988, 4midnight sabrinaNON! NON! NON!EPSV-934047 bit
8 cm CDVDRS-1017
2ndApril 1988, 11sleeping beautyaurora's smileEPSV-938121 bit
8 cm CDVDRS-1094
3rdApril 1989, 5Hello by sadnessSoleilEPSV-941515 bit
8 cm CDVDRS-1129
4thApril 1989, 9roses and poisonpandora's boatEPSV-944419 bit
8 cm CDVDRS-10001
5thApril 1990, 2Furi Furi Heavenmessage to a stranger8 cm CDVIDL-1000926 bit
6thApril 1990, 10Cezanne Museumsad venice8 cm CDVIDL-1006876 bit
7thApril 1991, 9Ni-ya-ooKa Lu Na Ba Lu8 cm CDVIDL-1015771 bit
8thApril 2021, 9my boyfriend is 200[32]Our day will comeEPHYDRA-024Out of range

Delivery single

#Release datetitle
Victor Entertainment
1stApril 2013, 4Kimimatte Domo ~I'm waiting for you~


Original album

#Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
Victorian music industry
1stApril 1989, 6SabrinaLPSJX-3038525 bit
2ndApril 1990, 3drops of paradiseCDVICL-1718 bit
3rdApril 1990, 9BalladsCDVICL-6317 bit
4thApril 1991, 9S'WonderfulCDVICL-22655 bit

Cover album

#Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment
1stApril 2014, 10SINGS -Bedtime Stories-CD+DVD
  • (Deluxe Edition)
VIZL-731298 bit
  • (Normal Edition)
2ndApril 2017, 8SINGS -Daydream Bossa-CD + DVD
  • (Deluxe Edition)
VIZL-1213258 bit
  • (Normal Edition)

Best album

#Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
Victorian music industry
1stApril 1991, 3Mon CherCDVICL-12159 bit
Victor Entertainment
2ndApril 1995, 5Le FeticheCDVICL-663Out of range
3rdApril 2010, 8Golden bestCDVICL-63442Out of range
JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment
4thApril 2018, 12All Time Best Album -The Other Side of Love-CDVICL-65082Out of range

Video work


#Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
Victorian music industry
1stApril 1989, 12GOOD NEWS Saki Takaoka 1989 Midnight BallerinaVHSVTM-208
2ndApril 1990, 11Cezanne MuseumVODVIFL-12007
3rdApril 1991, 1rose-colored houseVODVIFL-12008
4thApril 1991, 11S'Wonderful!VHSVIVL-51
Victor Entertainment
5thApril 1992, 3Personal File Since 1988VHSVIVL-69

Image Video

#Release datetitlespecificationStandard product number
Jay V Dee
1stApril 1991, 12Saki in the Box[Annotation 2]VHS128JF-30
Continental Shobo
2ndApril 1992, 1stop-motionVHSIV-1085

Participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
April 1989, 10MEGAZONE23 III ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKSaki Takaoka"Tragic Idol"OVA"Megazone 23 III"Ending theme


Song titleTie-upCollection work
midnight sabrina"Madras” Image Song '88Single "Midnight Sabrina"
sleeping beauty“Madras” image songSingle "Sleeping Beauty"
OVA"Megazone 23 III"Insert song
Hello by sadnessMadras spring campaign songSingle "Sadness Hello"
pandora's boatOVA "Megazone 23 III" theme songSingle "Rose and Poison"
Kimimatte Domo ~I'm waiting for you~movies"monster"Ending theme[33]Streaming single "Kimiwaitedomo ~I'm waiting for you~"


Photo album


注 釈

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