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🎥 | Public commemorative stage greetings for the movie "The Unnameable Dance"!Min Tanaka "I will continue to dance until the moment I die"


Public commemorative stage greetings for the movie "The Unnameable Dance"!Min Tanaka "I will continue to dance until the moment I die"

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When asked about that, Tanaka said, "Because it is done by an individual body called Min Tanaka.

Director Isshin Inudo of "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish," "House of Himiko," and "The Floating Castle" is active as a world-class dancer ... → Continue reading


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Min Tanaka

Min Tanaka(Min Tanaka,1945/3/10 -) Performs unique dance activities and has a worldwide reputationJapan Ofdancer-Dancer.

in recent yearsAn actorAlthough it is famous, he said, "Odori cannot belong to an individual. I can't name it.ダンスI want to be that. "dance踏Home"Or"An actorThe titles such as "mistake" and "misunderstanding" are considered.


Classical balletLearn, thenAmerican modern danceLearn1966/Active as a more modern dancer.

1974/Rebelling against what is more traditionally called dance, or the dance art world itself, he begins his own dance.Shave off all the body hair, hair and eyebrows that express individuality, bandage the penis, color the body in earth color, almost naked body, theater, live house, He developed "hyper dance" as a dance that he believes in everywhere, not only in art exhibition halls and places where existing places are set up, but also in everyday places or outdoors. What named "Hyper Dance"Masaoka Matsuoka.

1978/, For his overseas debut, he was invited to participate in the "MA-Space / Time in Japan" exhibition at the Paris Autumn Arts Festival (Arata Isozaki-Takemitsu ToruProduced,Louvre Museum) Was[1][2]..With this as an opportunity, in 79 the following yearStedelijk Museum Amsterdam, In 1980Avignon Theater Festival,Rome·Caracalla bathsIt was decided to give solo dance lectures one after another[3]..The photo at that time is2016/Published inPhotographersKeiichi TaharaThe world premiere in the photo book "Photosynthesis 1978-1980 Photosynthesis | Min by Keichi Tahara" by.

1982/Never mindTatsumi HijikataTatsumi Hijikata's directing and choreography by Min Tanaka's solo performance "Love Butoh School Cornerstone"1984/) Is carried out.He says he was strongly influenced by Hijikata's existence, but he still exists.ButohHe strongly refuses to classify and push his own dance into the frame.Being tied to the founder of ButohTatsumi HijikataHe also says: "1950-Similar to the simultaneous underground cultural activities around the world in the 1960s, Tatsumi Hijikata is an artist who, for me, has taken a step in his own direction with repulsion and spring." "Butoh is over," he said.

Launched the same year, he formed a group of not only dancers but also artists, filmmakers, poets, philosophers, and all other artists.As one of the executive committee members, as an alternative space in Nakano-ku, Tokyoplan-BLaunched (1982-present).

In 1985, he moved to a mountain village and pursued a deeper physicality by living a daily life based on agriculture.

From 1986 to 2010, dance workshops were held all over the world as "a place to think about the possibilities of the body together".Currently, the term "body weather" is widespread as a dance methodology mainly in Europe, but this is with Tanaka.Masaoka MatsuokaIt is a word that was both invented by, but mentions that it does not suggest a special ideology.It is a word that was created as a title of dance that they think cannot be explained in a coherent manner.In addition, there are many workshop students all over the world, but the only disciple he admits isRin IshiharaSay only.

As a video activityToshiya ItoDirector's movie "Inugami evil spirit(Tatari) ”(1977/),NHK taiga drama"Solitary Dragon Masamune』(1987/),Yoshishige YoshidaDirector's movie "Arashigaoka』(1988/),Itami XIIIDirector's movie "Give up』(1990/), Participated as a choreographer of the scene.As an actorYoji YamadaDirector'sTwilight Seibei』(2002/) For the first time.In this work, the 48thKinema Junpo AwardNew Actor Award,26th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Best Supporting Actor Award and New Actor Award.The first appearance in a TV drama was from a movie director who was a former NHK employee.Hiroshi OtomoDirected by NHK Saturday drama "Vulture].NHK staff who won the Oya Soichi AwardKokubuAmazonYanomamiLived together for 150 daysdocumentaryHe participates in documentary programs such as the program "NHK Special Yanomami-Living in the Oku Amazon Primitive Forest-" (60 minutes).

Dance company

The existing dance group, led by Min Tanaka, is organized by project.Among them, "" (formed in 1981-dissolved in 1997) and "Momokamura Dance Company(Formed in 2000-dissolved in 2006).


Main dance activities

Opera work (appearance / choreography)



Theater animation

TV drama

Delivery drama

Other TV programs

  • 1 million Mt. Fuji special "When will the poet Kaneko Mitsuharu(2006,Yamanashi broadcasting) --Reading / Appearance
  • NHK Special
    • Yanomami ~ Living in the Oku Amazon, Primitive Forest ~ (2009) -Narration
    • Weapons of the Poor and Robot Weapons-War of the Self-Destruction General Haqqani- (2010) -Narration
    • Mysterious Ancient Pyramid-Excavation-Mexico Underground Tunnel- (2014) -Narration
  • Osamu Osamu short novel collection "Run Meros"(2010,NHK Satellite 2nd Television)
  • ETV feature How to Win Friends and Influence Min Tanaka Painter Dance Bacon (August 2013, 8, NHK)[24]
  • Science fantasy for adults "Tonari no Uchu" (October 2015, 10, NHK BS Premium)
  • 100 minutes de famous work(NHK Educational Television) --Reading
    • December 2016-Wild Thinking
    • February 2019-Popular Rebellion
  • NNN document"An alien without money Shinshu Observatory swaying in crisis of closure" (February 2020, 2, NTV) -Narration
  • Wild life Special Okavango African miracle created by the magic of water (January 2021, 1, NHK BS Premium) --Narration


  • Softbank mobile "Chinese Restaurant" (2015)
  • CM of strawberry boiled (20 ?? years)


Music video

Photo album



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