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🤖 | Voice actor Kaori Ishihara, photo book cover & Hinatazaka46, Manamo Miyata 2 shots released


Two shots released with voice actor Kaori Ishihara, photobook cover & Hinatazaka46, Manamo Miyata

If you write the contents roughly
The photo book contains a dialogue project between the two.

The title of the photo book released by voice actor Kaori Ishihara on March 2022, 3 (Thursday) is "Terminal". → Continue reading

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Photo bookIsIndividualForPhoto albumIt is a generic term for manufacturing services.


Photographic filmHow to save photos of the timesPrintMost of the methods were to put what you did on the album,デ ジ タ ルAlong withcomputerIt is now possible to receive edited layouts in the form of a photo book.

The photo itselfNegative filmからdevelopingFrom the photographic paperDigital cameraThis is because the storage method has changed to the image data obtained by shooting.

Photo bookOffset printing,Gravure printingIt took quite a lot of copies to place an order because it was manufactured by. But,On-demand printingEquipment and control themColor managementDue to the improvement of digital printing technology such as technology, the quality is similar to that of a photo book published by a publisher. Printing with this digital technology was less costly than previous printing, allowing individuals to order a single book.

2000/12Since Asukanet Co., Ltd. started the photo book business as My Book2009/CurrentlyFuji Photo Book,Canon photo bookAbout 20 companies provide services.

Digital cameraSpread and save image datamemory cardWith the increased storage capacity, it has become possible to take photographs easily, and it is becoming established among people who want to enjoy these on paper-based albums.

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There are various production methods and reception methods, and you can edit them on your computer.softTheDownloadA type that you edit by yourself, a type like a fuel photo book that you upload photos in advance and edit on the WEB,Smartphone,TabletA type that installs and edits a dedicated app onFacebook,InstagramSuch asSocial MediaThere are types such as editing using images uploaded to, and methods of bringing media to the store for editing.

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The printing method is also liquid ink method or toner type,Thermal transfer printerOr something that usesSilver saltSame as printPhotographic paperBurn indevelopingThere are various things to do.

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