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🎥 | Director Robert Pattinson & Matt Reeves draw Batman as an “imperfect character” ...

Photo Movie "THE BATMAN" Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) (C) 2021 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved TM & (C) DC

Director Robert Pattinson & Matt Reeves draw Batman as an "imperfect character" ...

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The element of suspense is strong, and it is wrapped in a world view reminiscent of the "Dark Knight" series and "Joker", and the story of the intelligence criminal Riddler uncovering the <lie> that has spread to society.

From the movie "THE BATMAN", Robert as the main character Batman / Bruce Wayne ... → Continue reading

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    Dark knight

    dark Knight

    "dark Knight] (Original title: The Dark Knight) Is2008 OfAmerica-United KingdomCo-produced movie.The director isChristopher Nolan, StarringChristian Bale.

    DC ComicsTo publishAmerican comics"バ ッ ト マ ン] Is the original live-action movie work. "Dark Knight Trilogy(Dark Knight Trilogy) ", the second work.

    81th Academy AwardsWas nominated for 8 categories (Supporting Actor Award, Shooting Award, Art Award, Makeup Award, Visual Effects Award, Sound Editing Award, Editing Award, Recording Award) and received 2 categories (Supporting Actor Award, Sound Editing Award). ..


    Published by DC ComicsAmerican comics"バ ッ ト マ ン』The original live-action movie work. 『Batman Begins"followed by"Dark Knight TrilogyThe second work of.This is Batman's sixth live-action film in total.

    Inspired by the following classic comic book stories: “Batman"# 1 (1940),"Batman: Killing Joke(1988),(English edition(1996).Also, the nickname "the Dark Knight" was first used in "Batman" # 1 drawn by Bill Finger.[3][4].

    The directorChristopher Nolan, StarringChristian Bale. "ジ ョ ー カ ー"Heath ledgerDied before the release.Of a close actorJohnny Depp,Colin Farrell,Jude LawAppeared as a substitute and completedTerry gilliamDirected byMirror of Dr. Parnassus], It was the last work of Heath Ledger.

    Not only was it a huge success in the box office, but it was also praised by critics.81th Academy AwardsWhen he wasn't nominated for Best Picture, he made a big ripple.Later, as the final version of "The Dark Knight Trilogy", "Dark Knight RisingWas produced.


    Unknown identitycriminalジ ョ ー カ ーHired byClown OfMASKSThe men who suffered fromGotham CityAttack the bank.The men who finished their respective roles were killed by their peers, leaving only one at the end.The man who took off the mask was Joker himself and was deposited in the bankmafiaSteal money and run away.

    Gotham Police DepartmentJim GordonInspector is a mysterious manバ ッ ト マ ンHe was also working to eradicate organized crime, but he was newly appointed.Herbie DentOffers cooperation.Batman's true identity, the millionaireBruce WayneImpressed by his integrity in a dialogue with Harvey and offered to support his election[5]..Bruce thought that Harvey, who fights evil openly, was the true hero that Gotham wanted, and was thinking of retiring Batman.Bruce is a childhood friend and Harvey's colleagueRachel DouzRachel's feelings shook between Bruce and Harvey.

    The Mafia's hidden funds are revealed to the police from the Joker's crime, and while the bosses of each Mafia gather and devise countermeasures, the Joker who is the person in question appears.The Joker proposes to kill Batman, the cause of the weakening of the Mafia, and demands half of the total money to leave.One of the bosses, Gambol, got angry with Joker and gave him a bounty, but he was cut off by the Joker who was brought in by pretending to be a corpse, and Joker hijacked his organization.Bruce secretlyHong KongWhen he sneaks into, he detains the Chinese businessman Lau, who is the mafia's vault, and hands it over to Gordon.Gotham Police Department arrests many mafia members from Lau's statement in response to a judicial transaction.

    Mafia realizes that this is due to Batman's power and accepts Joker's proposal.The Joker kills a man who imitates Batman and declares that he will continue to kill civilians until Batman reveals his identity.In addition, he suggested the killing of Robe Police Commissioner, Judge Surrillo, and Harvey, and Salilo was bombed and Robe was poisoned in a trap.

    The Joker then breaks into Bruce's party, aiming for Harvey, but is stopped by Batman.At a later date, the Joker shot and killed another citizen, "Harvey" and "Dent," and foretold the killing of Gotham Mayor Garcia.Joker and his crew, dressed as police officers at the funeral ceremony of Robe, sniper the mayor, but Gordon, who holds the mayor, falls to a deadly bullet.

    Rachel is also targeted, and Bruce, who is cornered, tries to reveal his identity to Harvey, but at a press conference the next day, Harvey announces that he is Batman.Joker rides Harvey's convoy arrested and escorted to jailTrailer truckAttacks, buttumblerThe attack failed in the battle with Batman who rushed in, Joker was arrested by Gordon who was alive, and Gordon was promoted to general manager.

    But that night, Harvey goes missing.Batman cross-examines the Joker, but he tells him that Rachel and Harvey have been kidnapped and are in trouble at different locations.Leaving Harvey rescued by Gordon, Batman rushes to Rachel's captivity, but the Joker teaches him the opposite, where Harvey was captured.Batman barely escapes from the building with Harvey, but soon after the building explodes, Harvey suffers a severe burn on the left half of his face.Meanwhile, Gordon wasn't in time to rescue Rachel, and she wasn't saved.The Joker detonates a bomb embedded in the belly of a subordinate who was arrested with him, and the police station is destroyed.The Joker escapes with Lau in the custody.Harvey loses Rachel and despairs to the faceSkin graftRejected, the former nicknameTwo FaceIt was a figure that embodied.

    The Joker received key money from the Mafia, but Joker, who was originally uninterested in gold, puts Lau on the pile of bills, ignites it with gasoline, and declares himself the boss.At the same time, Wayne Sangyo's legal counsel Reese, who was aware of Batman's identity, was on television to announce this, but Joker stopped the announcement and blew up the hospital, saying it would be boring without Batman. Encourage citizens to kill Reese within 60 minutes if they don't want to.

    Gordon orders the evacuation of all Gotham hospitals and protects Reese from the crowds gathered at the television station.Reese is still killed, but Gordon and Bruce rush to help him.At the hospital where Harvey is, the turmoil of evacuationCaretakerThe Joker in the form invades the hospital room and ignites revenge on Harvey.[6]..Joker leaves the hospital, blows up the hospital, and escapes on a bus carrying hostages.

    Harvey escapes from the hospital and begins revenge on the humans involved in Rachel's death.Whether or not to execute the opponent used the "lucky coin" that had become Rachel's keepsake.coin tossDepends on the result of.First, he shot and killed the detective Wurts who was involved in his kidnapping.Maroni, the mafia boss who instructed Wurts, was not shot, but Harvey, who flipped the coin toss, shot the driver of Maroni's car, and the car plunged into the side of the road.Ramirez, a female detective who guided Rachel's kidnapping, was threatened by Harvey and summoned Gordon's family, but her life was saved.

    The Joker declares Gotham's rule on television and orders non-compliant citizens to leave, but hints at a "surprise" to the bridges and tunnels, and the rest of the road is congested and unable to escape.Gordon is oneferryHowever, after leaving the port, it becomes impossible to navigate with another ship full of citizens.The Joker has set bombs on both ships and has left the detonators on each other's ships, proclaiming that if one is blown up by midnight, the other will help.

    Batman, who intercepts the Joker's call, identifies the building where he is hiding, tells Gordon, and rushes.Inside the building, doctors who were missing from the hospital were held hostage.Batman, who rushed in ahead of the police, notices that the gang is a doctor who is tied up with a gun-carrying clown.HoweverSWATBatman is forced to respond to SWAT in order to protect the hostages.Eventually SWAT also notices the Joker's trap, and Batman finally hunts down the Joker.After a fight, the Joker lays down Batman at midnight, but the ferry citizens and prisoners refuse to kill each other, and no explosion occurs.Although Joker is disappointed, he tries to blow up the ferry himself, but Batman blows off the detonator with a short break.Joker, who has fallen from the building, is also saved by being caught by Batman, but Joker tells Harvey that Harvey is the trump card to despair Gotham and is handed over to the police who rushed.

    At that time, Gordon, summoned by Harvey, was in the building where Rachel died.Harvey refuses to forgive Gordon, who has been advised but has left his subordinate's secret, and points his gun at Gordon's son Jimmy to see him in the same way.To Batman who appears, Harvey laments the unfairness of losing the one he loves among the three who fought together. As a "fair" judgment, they entrust their fate to coins, and the backed Batman is shot in the belly and collapses.Harvey turns out, and the last time he throws Gordon's coin, Batman gets up and jumps at Harvey.Batman helped Jimmy fall out of the window, but Harvey fell and died.

    Gordon laments that the citizens will despair as Joker aims if it is known that Harvey, who was the citizen's hope, has turned into a revenge demon, but Batman decides to suffer the crime.Harvey was thus sent off as a hero, and Batman was chased by the police as a murderer.

    When Jimmy saw the fleeing Batman and asked why, Gordon said he had to do so now: "He's not a hero. The Guardian of Silence, the Watcher over us." The Dark Knight. " (Dark Knight) "[7]The story ends.


    Bruce Wayne / Batman
    Performance- Christian Bale
    A mysterious hero who appears in Gotham City.He is a millionaire in Gotham City.He is in love with Rachel.
    ジ ョ ー カ ー
    Performance- Heath ledger
    An unidentified criminal with a clown make-up on his face, whose fingerprint and DNA information is not in the database.An intelligent criminal who devises a well-prepared plan with a ruthless personality that does not choose any means.He is also good at handling firearms.He attacks the bank early on and steals the mafia's money.Then, join hands with the mafia.There is a torn scar on his mouth, but the reason is unknown.
    Harvey Dent / Two Face
    Performance- Aaron Eckhart
    New district attorney.He was often impressed by his attitude to fight evil, and was well-known as a Gotham hero, and Bruce was also impressed.It features a performance that decides things by toss with coins on the front and back, but in fact the result is always decided by dummy coins on both sides, but that coin was burnt on one side by the fire, and it became the best item of Too Faced later. Become.He has the courage and strength to take back even if he is suddenly hit by a gun.He shows his understanding of Batman.He was caught by the Joker and trapped in an exploding warehouse, where he fell and covered the left half of his face with gasoline instead of gunpowder, but when it exploded, it ignited and the left half was burnt. Will end up.
    Rachel Douz
    Performance- Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Bruce's childhood friend.Prosecutor.He has a crush on Harvey.He is strong in attacking the Joker.He is killed by the Joker's tricks.
    Alfred Pennyworth
    Performance- Michael cane
    The deacon of the Wayne family.He has a lot of words, but he is a good person who doesn't say anything extra when people are really in trouble.
    James "Jim" Gordon
    Performance- Gary Oldman
    Assistant police officer of Gotham City Police Department.He has a sense of justice to protect himself and others.He is promoted to general manager for his achievements in catching the Joker.
    Lucious fox
    Performance- Morgan Freeman
    A researcher and developer who fully supports Batman's technology.
    Barbara Gordon
    Performance- Melinda McGraw
    Jim's wife.
    James "Jimmy" Gordon Jr.
    Performance- Nathan Gamble
    Jim and Barbara's son.
    Anthony Garcia
    Performance- Nestor Carbonell
    Mayor of Gossam City.
    Gillian B. Loeb
    Performance- Colin McFarlane
    Police Commissioner.He died after drinking a poisoned drink from the Joker.
    Judge.The entire passenger car is blown up and killed by the joker.
    Anna Ramires
    Performance- Monique Gabriela Curnen
    Detective.He has a mother in the hospital.He doesn't have a good impression of Batman.
    Gerald Stevens
    Performance- Keith Szarabaj
    Michael wuertz
    Performance- (English edition
    Detective.He was later killed by Harvey for his involvement in Harvey's kidnapping.
    Performance- Michael Jai White
    Mafia boss.He is later killed by Joker.
    Performance- Michael Stoyanov
    One of the robbers who attacked the bank at the beginning of the story.Betrayed and killed by his companions as part of the plan.
    One of the robbers who attacked the bank at the beginning of the story.Betrayed and killed by his companions as part of the plan.
    ハ ッ ピ ー
    One of the robbers who attacked the bank at the beginning of the story.Betrayed and killed by his companions as part of the plan.
    One of the robbers who attacked the bank at the beginning of the story.Betrayed and killed by his companions as part of the plan.
    Bank branch manager
    Performance- William Fichtner
    A bold person who confronts a bank robbery.However, he meets in return.He has been suggested to have a connection with the Mafia.
    Salvatore Maroni
    Performance- Eric Roberts
    Gang boss.He is later killed by Harvey.
    Performance- Ng Chin Han
    Sponsor of a Chinese company.There is also a connection with the Mafia.He is later burned to death by the Joker.
    Performance- Beatrice Rosen
    Bolshoi Ballet prima donna.She has had a date with Bruce.
    A man who imitated Batman.
    Thomas Schiff
    Performance- David Dust Marchan
    Former patient at Arkham Hospital.
    Mike Engel
    Performance- Anthony Michael Hall
    Coleman Reese
    Performance- (English edition
    Wayne Industry Corporate Lawyer.


    Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
    Software versionTV AsahiVersion
    Bruce Wayne / BatmanChristian BaleDanomiyukiShinshu Fuji
    ジ ョ ー カ ーHeath ledgerKeiji FujiwaraYoshitsuka Otsuka
    Harvey Dent / Two FaceAaron EckhartHiroyuki KinoshitaKazuhiko Inoue
    Rachel DouzMaggie GyllenhaalTakako HondaHiroe Oka
    Alfred PennyworthMichael caneShinji OgawaItohiro
    James "Jim" GordonGary OldmanRokuro NayaFumihiko Tachiki
    Lucious foxMorgan FreemanMasaru IkedaYoshisada Sakaguchi
    Barbara GordonMelinda McGrawCormorant RumikoMountain statue Kaori
    James "Jimmy" Gordon Jr.Nathan GambleTakeda HanaYumiko Kobayashi
    Mayor Anthony GarciaNestor CarbonellUedaMasashi Ehara
    Gillian B. Loeb City Police HeadquartersColin McFarlaneAkihiko IshizumiNaoki Kusumi
    Judge SurrilloMakiko NittaHitomi Sakurai
    Detective Anna RamiresMonique Gabriela CurnenPark LumeiKanako Toujou
    Detective Gerard StephensKeith SzarabajRyusuke ObayashiTetsuo Kanao
    Detective Michael Wuer(English editionJunichi EndoNaoki Kusumi
    Coleman Reese(English editionKoji YusaMurajigaku
    Mike EngelAnthony Michael HallKashii ShotoNaoya Uchida
    Salvatore MaroniEric RobertsHitoshi YamanoiKatsuhiko Sasaki
    LauNg Chin HanAtsushi ImaruokaEtsuo Yokobori
    GambolMichael Jai WhiteKusunokiRyusaburo Otomo
    Chechen bossTsuchida UniversityShiro Saito
    Jonathan Crane / ScarecrowKilian MurphyKoji YusaJunichi Suwabe
    Bank branch managerWilliam FichtnerAtsushi ImaruokaYokoshima Wataru
    Thomas SchiffDavid Dust Marchan
    DopyMichael StoyanovEndo DaisukeAoyama Minoru
    GrumpyAkihiko IshizumiTomoyuki Shimura
    ハ ッ ピ ーYasuhiro MamiyaTakuji Kato
    ChucklesAkira HaradaMasanori Takeda
    RossiKashii ShotoYasuhiro Mamiya
    NatashaBeatrice RosenKumi Tanaka
    Judge FreelAkihiko IshizumiKatsumi Cho
    Nagamine Takashi
    Hiroki Tasaka
    Yumiko Akaike
    Thousand Japanese Dragon Policy
    Yuichi Ishigami
    Kanuka light
    Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
    Fumiya Oda
    Megumi Okada
    Kazuki Nakao
    Keisuke Aigasa
    Tokumoto Yasutoshi
    Takayuki Sakazume
    Akira Harada
    Yutaka Nakano
    Japanese version production staff
    ShowMiwa IwanamiKajitani Isao
    翻 訳Yoshiaki Kubo
    ProductionHALF H・P ​​STUDIOBroadmedia Studio
    First broadcast20126/24
    21:00 - 23:24
    "Sunday Western Theater"
    (About 120 minutes of the main story)

    Terrestrial broadcasting history

    Number of timesBroadcast dateBroadcasterProgram nameAirtimeRemarks ・ Dubbed version
    120126/24TV AsahiSunday Western TheaterAM21:00 ~ PM23:24TV Asahi version
    2201611/19Fuji Television Network, IncMidnight Art TheaterAM2:50 ~ PM4:50Subtitled
    320199/28Saturday PremiumAM21:00 ~ PM23:30TV Asahi version


    Here are the things that first appeared in this work.

    TitaniumA new batsuit made of Kevlar tri-weave and Kevlar board.
    Since the plate is divided so as not to hinder the movement, the blade-proof and bulletproof effects are lower than before, but the weight reduction has increased the agility.The mask on the head can now be turned around the neck,Mobile phoneIt has a built-in lens that converts the signal transmitted from the camera into an image in real time via a high-frequency generator.
    The blades provided on the gauntlets of the forearm armor have been expanded from three blades to six blades, and can be ejected while rotating like a shuriken.
    Sticky bomb gun
    Small sticky bombSticky bombShoot out.Sticky bomb gunCan be worn separately on the back of the belt.
    Pneumatic Mangler
    Strength assistance strengthening device.I twisted the barrel of the gun with one hand.
    Bat pod
    tumblerA motorcycle type escape unit that separates and deforms based on the front wheel part of.The engine is built into the tires, and it can perform maneuvers that are impossible for ordinary motorcycles, such as rotating the axles and sliding to the side.
    The front wheels are equipped with an 80mm blast cannon, a machine gun, and a rocket anchor with a wire.

    Work description

    Director NolanMichael manDirected byHeat』It is said that it was referred to.He also played an important role in "Heat"William FichtnerIs appearing in a cameo.William Fichtner was originally supposed to play Harvey Dent / Two-Face.

    The special effect () was commandedChris Corbould.. From the 80s007 SeriesBut a well-known special skill director.


    Of the 152-minute movie, about 30 minutes of scenesIMAXTaken with a camera.This will be the first use in a feature film[8]..Therefore, depending on the scene, the version released at the IMAX theaterScreen aspect ratioIn addition to the normal cinemascope size, IMAX format images that are close to a square were screened in a mixed manner.

    Blu-ray DiscIn the software, cinemascope size and 16: 9 images are mixed and recorded, and the IMAX shooting scene switches to 16: 9.[9].DVDThe version is the same as the normal theater release version, and is unified to the full-length cinemascope size (IMAX shooting scenes are masked at the top and bottom, and the aspect ratio does not change).

    performance income

    In the United States20087/18It was released in 4366 building. "Spiderman 3』Opening box office surpassed, recorded the first appearance first place at 1 million dollars (about 5830 billion yen)[10].. Also,"Pirates of the Caribbean/Deadman's Chest』Break the record of over $ 16 million on the 3th day of publication in 10 days[11],Shrek 2』Renewed over $ 43 million in 4 days on the 18th day[12].

    After that, it remained at the top of the box office revenue ranking and exceeded $ 6 million in 5 weeks.[13]..Eventually, the US Open box office revenue was $ 5 million, and at the time of its release,Titanic』, Recorded the second highest box office revenue in the United States[1].

    In Japan, it was pre-screened on August 2008nd and 8rd, 2, and then released on August 3th.In the weekend mobilization ranking, "Ponyo on the cliff2nd place after the first appearance[14]..The final box office revenue was 16 billion yen[2].

    World box office revenue eventually reached $ 10 million, and at the time of its release, "Titanic"Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, "Pirates of the Caribbean / Deadman's Chest", and recorded the 4th place in history.


    This work has been praised by critics.Of the movie criticism siteRShows a high approval rating of 324% based on 94 reviews, with an average rating of 10 out of 8.6."The Dark Knight, which is dark, complex and unforgettable, has succeeded not only as an entertainment comic movie, but also as a thrilling crime saga (crime story)," critics said.[15].

    MetacriticHas 39 reviews, with a weighted average of 82/100[16].

    Of prominent criticsRoger EbertGave the highest 4 star out of 4 stars[17]..Ebert said, "" Batman "is no longer a comic book.Christopher Nolan"Dark Night" is a movie with a tragic content that makes a leap beyond its origins and makes you crazy. "Also about Joker, "The Dark Knight is not a simple story of good and evil. Joker is more than a villain, and he was magically designed to create an adversary's moral dilemma.Mephistopheles[Note 1]It is. "Also,Heath ledgerAbout "of the moviekey personIs a joker played by the late Heath Ledger.HePeter finchWill it be the winner of the first posthumous Oscar since? "[17][Note 2].

    As mentioned above, he won two categories at the 81st Academy Awards, but the fact that this work, which was highly evaluated by both the audience and critics, was not nominated for Best Picture attracted a great deal of criticism.This led to the expansion of the candidate frame for the work category from the following year from the previous 2 works to a maximum of 5 works.



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    注 釈

    1. ^ The devil that appears in German classical literary works.
    2. ^ Heath Ledger81th Academy AwardsBest Supporting ActorHowever, this is the second award since Peter Finch after his death, and the first award for a supporting actor.


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