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🎥 | One day, Rui ga ... "Come Come Everybody" 62nd Synopsis

Photo "Come Come Everybody" from the 62th – (C) NHK

One day, Rui ga ... "Come Come Everybody" 62nd Synopsis

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It was Rui (Fukatsu) who opened the Imagawayaki restaurant, but thanks to Ichiko (Mikako Ichikawa), the reputation from the neighborhood has improved, and the sales of the restaurant are gradually increasing.

The 105th NHK serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" in which Eri Fukatsu plays the second heroine.Week 13 "1 ... → Continue reading

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Michiko Ichikawa

Mikako Ichikawa(Mikako Ichikawa,1978/May 6[1] -) isJapan OfFashion Model,actress.

TokyoBackground[1].Surky TossBelongs.

My sister is alsoモデルOf the actress fromMiwako Ichikawa.


As the younger sister of Miwako Ichikawa, the magazine "OliveAfter appearing several times in[2],1994/Becomes the magazine's exclusive model[3][4].. 『CUTiE''Zipper''spoon."[2]Besides"Sono''GINZASuch asHigh fashionAppeared in magazines[Source required].1998/After quitting the exclusive model of "Olive", the story of the movie appearance comes up[4].. same year,Takashi HommaDirector's[5]』Debuted as an actress,2000/of"[6]』Attract attention[2].2003/, The first starring movie "blue』In the 24thMoscow International Film FestivalReceived the Best Actress Award[3][7].. 2016,Shin Godzilla"soEvery day movie contestActress Supporting Award[8],40th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Best Supporting Actress Award[9].

Main appearance work


TV drama

TV program



Delivery drama

  • (April 2022, 4 <planned>-,Paravi) --Starring Mikako[49]




  • "Morning Afternoon. (2002, published by Kadokawa Shoten) -A collection of photo essays. Web version "spoon.Was serialized in.
  • blue (Petitgra Publishing, 2003)- Rinko KawauchiShooting, photo book


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