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🎥 | Fumiyo Kohinata, Amane Okayama, Taichi Saotome guest appearances in "Don't Say Mystery"!

From left to right, Fumiyo Kohinata, Amane Okayama, Taichi Saotome – (C) Yumi Tamura / Shogakukan (C) Fuji Television

Guest appearances by Fumiyo Kohinata, Amane Okayama, and Taichi Saotome in "Do Not Say Mystery"!

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In the 31th episode of the broadcast next week (4st), a bomb demon who lost the memory of playing Tasuku Emoto will appear.

The 24-month drama "Do Not Say Mystery" starring Masaki Suda, which was broadcast today (9th) (Fuji TV series, every Monday at 21:XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Yumoto Emoto

Emoto Tasuku(Emoto Tasuku,1986/May 12[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoBackground[2].Alpha agencyBelongs.


Wako High SchoolWhile attending school in the movie "Beautiful summer kirishima』Passed the audition,2003/Debuted as the main character Yasuo of the same work and started performing arts activities in earnest.2004/77th in the same workKinema Junpo Best TenReceived the New Actor Award, 13thJapanese Film Critics AwardReceived the New Face Award[2].2005/ToVocational schoolsIsWaseda University Art SchoolEntered the spatial imaging department and also worked on short self-produced films[3][4].

2008/From my younger brotherTokio EmotoAnd formed a theater unit "ET x 2" and has been performing in small theaters.[5].

2012/March, actressSakura AndoMarried to.2016/,NHK serial TV novel"The morning came], Etc., recognized for their success in TV dramas, the 40thEllandol AwardReceived the New Face Award[6].2017/In June, the first child will be born with his wife, Sakura.[7].

The movie starring in 2018 ``Your bird singsThe performance in 』has been evaluated, and the 92nd Kinema Junpo Best Ten and the 73rdEvery day movie contestWon the Best Actor Award, and this year, "Shoplifting familyAndo, ​​the wife who starred in the movie, also won the Best Actress Award, so she won the first couple W award in both awards.[8][9]..In addition, the movie "Nice dynamite scandal』The performance in the 28thJapanese Film Critics AwardHas also won the Best Actor Award[10].


My father is an actorAkira Emoto, Mother is an actressKazue Kazue..My younger brother is an actorTokio EmotoThere is an older sister on Yu and three siblings[11]The eldest son of.My wife is an actressSakura Ando..Father, mother and younger brother belong to the same office, but they belong to different offices[12].

When I was a childZatoichiI dreamed of becoming a movie director after seeing "Beautiful Summer Kirishima", but at the recommendation of my mother's manager, I applied for an audition for "Beautiful Summer Kirishima" and became an actor.[13]..Both parents are only interested in theater and theater, and grew up in a family that only talked about movies from an early age.[11]When I was in elementary school, I wrote in schoolFederico Felliniof"roadI was writing an impression[14]..Since I was a junior high school studentNew literary artsI often go toShinji Aiumedirected by,Masumura Hozodirected by,Keisuke Kinoshitadirected by,Yuzo Kawashimadirected by,Naruse MikioI was also influenced by the director[4]..As a longing actorMorishige Hisaya,Miki no Rihei,Kiyoshi AtsumiAre listed[15], As the actor of the most admired goalKatsura KobayashiAre listed[16][15].

From my younger brother TokioMy brother is the coolest in the world"I was very popular when I was a student, and I was walking with a different girl in the morning and afternoon of the school festival." On the other hand, the sociability was low. "I can't get it," he said.The brothers are pretty good, but they don't even praise each other, let alone pay attention to the play, and he says, "I don't hate the whole family, I love them, but I'm not interested." When I encountered (Ming) and my father waved "Oh, mom!", Instead of glancing at him,Ignore cancerThere is an episode that it was done[Source required].

There wasn't much rebellion, but when I sent "A Beautiful Summer in Kirishima" to shoot during the summer vacation and came back, Akira Emoto said, "I'm back as a very good girl."[17].

TOKYOIs an enthusiastic big fan of.Above all, he says, "If you are a woman, you want to get married."Shigeru JojimaI love "Fashionable ismBut after enthusiastically talking about the charm of Joshima, he said unfortunately, "But (Joshima) got married ..."Creamy Chu OfShinya UedaIt was pointed out that "you are married first".[18]OtherDowntown,LOL problemIs also a big fan of[19].

Although there are few friendshipsKengo TakaraI have been friends with him since I was a teenager[20].

He also confessed that he was on good terms with actor Masaki Suda when he appeared on NTV "Shabekuri 007", and it seems that they have a relationship that calls each other "Mr. Suda" and "Emotasu". is.

Co-starred in "Teacher, could you sit next to me?"Jun FubukiIs a mother of a classmate and has a long-standing relationship[16].



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