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🎥 | Tao Tsuchiya appears in a mini above the knee! The ideal hero is "medical worker / researcher / special effects"


Tao Tsuchiya appears vigorously with a mini above the knee! The ideal hero is "medical worker / researcher / special effects"

If you write the contents roughly
Tsuchiya who appeared in a ponytail, sleeveless shirt, a miniskirt above the knee and a lively figure.

The Tokyo Sky Tree Lighting Daisakusen of the movie "What to Do With the Dead" (released on February 2) was held in Tokyo on the 4th, and Ryo Yamada ... → Continue reading

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No sleeve

No sleeve(Japanglish: no-sleeve[1]) IssleeveThere is noclothesIn EnglishSleeveless(British: sleeveless) Called[2]..For womenDressAs sleevelessEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs often used, and it is a Western style that is held after the evening.PartyWomen wear itEvening dresses,Robe décolletageEtc. are sleeveless and are long up to the elbow together with the dressgloves(Opera glove) To wear[3]..On the other hand, at the daytime party, even if it is Western styleshoulderExposure is not welcome.The difference in how it is received over time lies in the sexual appeal of sleeveless.In addition, it should be noted.weddingSo sleeveless dresses are not rude[4][5].. It was on the market in the early 21st centuryWedding dressAbout 75% of the sleevelessStraplessHas become[6][7]..Also, for men, sleeveless is not considered formal wear regardless of time.


Cover the upper bodyshirt,underwearThe type that exists in the above, with only the sleeves removed from the original design with sleeves, is generally called sleeveless.Since the sleeves are sleeves in English, the notation is closer to the pronunciation of sleeves.

The temperature risesSummer: It is popular as a casual outfit.Also of leatherjumperThick fabrics such as sleeveless may be worn in the summer.However, most summer clothing is designed to be cooler by shortening the length.JacketsSuch asOuterwearAutumn / winter clothing that can be layered underneath is often long.It is often used in the design of clothing for women and is rarely designed as clothing for men.

ExposedshoulderElegantly directing the line ofNeatThere is a feature that can appeal to you.

It usually has no sleeves, but some come with split sleeves.In that case, the wearer has exposed shoulders, and some women wear it.The sleeves in this case are treated as options.

Long time agoTopsIf is sleevelessBottomsThejeansIt was the mainstream to dress in a pants style that is summarized by such as.In addition, although the upper body was exposed more by sleeveless clothing, the exposure of the legs tended to decrease in inverse proportion, but recentlyShibuyaIn fashion, the number of outfits that increase the exposure of both the upper and lower body is increasing.


AthleticsIncludingSportsOften worn in competitions.The reason why it is often used in sports competitions is to let the body temperature escape.It also has the advantage that the sleeves do not get in the way when moving the arm a lot.Performed indoorsGymnasticsFor the former reason, it is often done in winter.marathonIt seems that the wearing in such places is mainly due to the latter reason.Meanwhile, girlsvolleyball,Figure skatingOr a womanpianist,violinistIn such cases, it is considered that they are worn for another reason, which will be described later.

As for everyday clothes other than sports, it used to be midsummer clothes that are limited to July and August in Japan.But,1990 eraFrom the latter half, it is worn for a long period from spring to autumn from March to November.However, young women who value fashion are often worn all year round.On the other hand, it is rare for men to wear sleeveless for similar reasons.Also, when worn, it is rarely received favorably.This is a major difference between sleeveless clothing and other clothing.


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