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🤖 | Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto fascinates fans with her sexy emerald costume


Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto fascinates fans with her sexy emerald costume

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Fans commented on this post, saying, "The emerald is too artistic and beautiful," "Sakimi is made of a mysterious string and see-through," "it seems to be drawn in," and "sexy and cute."

Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto updated her Twitter on January 1nd with a sexy shot of emerald color ... → Continue reading

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      See-through(British: see-through) Means "see through" (adjective) and "see through clothes" (noun).

      See-through fashion

      See-through lookAlso called[1]..This state isA feeling of sheernessSometimes expressed as (especially in the case of layering)[2].

      Nipple,belly buttonThere are some that avoid seeing through and others that do not.

      In some cases, the underwear for the upper body is made of mesh only on the sides and back (a part of) where it is easy to sweat, with an emphasis on comfort and functionality.

      See-through costumes (even flesh-colored fabrics) may be optionally worn in some sports competitions.

      the purpose

      • An attempt to pursue breathability and a refreshing feeling (impression of the person and the surroundings).
      • The purpose is to make it comfortable to wear and light in appearance.
      • To create a sexy look (in dark fabrics, the skeleton, muscles, body lines, and other irregularities may be shaded).


      Main material


      Some products have a housing that is not normally used so that the internal structure can be seen by using a transparent material.This is sometimes called a skeleton.

      iMac(Computer),Crystal pianoMusical instruments, watches, etc.Cup noodle skeletonetc.


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