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🤖 | The online museum "Teiko Penguin Museum" of the anime "Teiko Penguin" will be held!


The online museum "Teiko Penguin Museum" of the anime "Teiko Penguin" will be held!

If you write the contents roughly
You can enjoy the exhibition of limited illustrations and storyboards for the 3rd anniversary online.

Teiko Penguin is a YouTube anime developed by a penguin panda who works for a black company and his boss. … → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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    3rd anniversary limited illustration


    Storyboard(Storyboard,British: storyboard) IsComic,movies,Anime,TV drama,CM,Music videoSuch asVideo workPrepared before shootingイ ラ ス トTable by. It is a blueprint for embodying the image of the image.[1].

    StoryboardSometimes written as (storyboard)[1].. simplyConteAlso called. In the case of manganame, Not an illustrationarticleIf byCharacter content(Ji Conte),MovieByVideo content[Note 1]Call.

    "Conte" is an abbreviation for continuity in English (meaning "continuity" or "continuity").


    The currently commonly used storyboard technique was developed by Walt Disney Productions in the 1930s.[2].. One storyboardcutExplains what it looks like. "What size and composition do subjects such as people have?" "How do they move?" "カメラFrom which edge the screen goes in and out, "What kind of movement does the camera itself have, is it fixed (called a fix)?" "How long is the image projected?"ShakuCalled) "and so on.

    Storyboards are not explained only by illustrations, but simple letters and sentences (writing) are always attached, and the details of the cut are explained. The contents include movements and lines of the picture, supplements explaining the intention of the play, and so on. If there is a big change in one cut, one cut is explained by many illustrations, but if there is little change, it is explained in one frame.

    Similar things include "Storyboard" in overseas works and "Storyboard" in anime works.Image board"and so on. They are not for drawing all the cuts, but for the staff to get a rough idea of ​​the image, and the storyboard is the "" of all the cuts.ContinuityThere is also an idea that it is divided as a decision on ": continuity". However, the definition varies depending on the production site, for example.Akira KurosawaThe storyboards in his work are "Storyboard" and "Image boardThe meaning of "is strong.

    ConteFilm director,Director,DirectorIn many cases, he writes by himself, but there is also a writer, Conte Man, who only writes storyboards. In movies and TV dramasscriptIf there is, the script is written first and then the storyboard is written, but in the anime work, it is based on the storyboard.DubbingA script may be raised. For exampleHayao Miyazaki,Keiichi HaraDoes not make a script, but an image sketchSynopsysAfter preparing, start the production work from the storyboard (the flow of the story is thought while drawing the storyboard).

    Verbs that indicate storyboard creation include "writing," "drawing," "cutting," and "dividing," and are not unified.

    In animation production, the storyboard is an important design drawing that determines the composition of the entire image, and it cannot be included in the production work without the existence of the storyboard. However, it is up to the director and director to decide how detailed the drawing and production will be at the storyboard stage.Yuno Tomino,Hiroyuki ImaishiThe storyboard is regarded as showing the outline of the production, and the details areOriginal pictureMan and chargeShowSome directors draw in a rough way that allows free interpretation of, and Hayao Miyazaki.Now agility,Tsutomu ShibayamaThere is even a director who draws the details of the screen at the stage of the storyboard and cuts the storyboard with detailed production instructions.

    Hayao Miyazaki,Tsutomu Shibayama,Oshii Mamoru,Now agilityAs represented by the director's work, books with high artistry and materiality may be published as books.

    SFX-VFXIn video production where is often used, if you want a temporary video to see the "hit" during work, etc., based on the storyboard in advanceAnimatic (pre-visualization)Is produced). Work progresses and it is also effective for schedule management.

    In the case of commercials, content is also important when presenting a proposal to a sponsor (advertiser). At that time, in order to convey the contents of the project in an easy-to-understand manner, (V-con) may be produced based on the storyboard even if the video does not include any CG.

    Famous Conte Man

    Yuno TominoThere was a time when he cut storyboards in every work so much that he got the nickname "Tomino of XNUMX pieces of storyboards". Anyway, it is said that it was useful as a helper to raise the content quickly.Hayao MiyazakiDirector'sFuture Boy ConanWhen he was in charge of the storyboard, Tomino's name remained credited, but the storyboard was not used, and Miyazaki himself re-cut the storyboard, the animation director of the same work.Yasuo OtsukaTestifies. However, Miyazaki has other works,DezakiWith some exceptions such as, it seems that most of the content was redrawn.

    Of the movie directorAkira Kurosawa TheNika ExhibitionHe is a master of painting enough to be selected for, and has a good reputation in storyboards. The movie "Shadow warriorI saw Kurosawa's storyboard when the production of "" ran into a snag.Francis Ford CoppolaとGeorge LucasWas impressed20th Century FoxThere is an anecdote that he bought an overseas version of the producer.

    Current status

    Currently, storyboards are not often cut off in live-action movies and TV dramas. However, there are some situations where the introduction of CG has forced us to cut the content.

    Another problem is that it is frequently changed and moved, which causes various problems in the case of a production site where resources are scarce.Shinji HiguchiTo deal with this,Gamera 3 Awakening the evil god"soFileMakerStarted managing the content byLoreleiIs a video editing systemFinal Cut ProIntroduced a system that works with.

    Build screens and plays from scratch, and many people are involved in the production processア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIt is indispensable in the work. Especially in Japanese production sites, it can be said that "visualization of storyboards" is the animation production itself. Therefore, the conte is much more important than the scenario, and the conteman in charge can modify the scenario relatively freely. Of course, it is not redrawn as you like, and the extent to which it can be modified is decided by the director who is the head of the site.

    In 3DCG animation, the CG model and camera angle can be changed individually, so you can place a CG model instead of the storyboard to check the angle and make fine adjustments. However, since it is difficult to operate professional 3DCG software, it is necessary for the supervisor to instruct the operator. in recent yearsUnityIt is possible to arrange and render a large number of 3D models while operating on a personal computer represented byGame engineWith the advent of, you can perform on-screen simulations[3], The transition method to video production is also devised as it is[4].


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    注 釈

    1. ^ CMAnd videosProduction OfpresentationUsed for, etc.budgetBeforeShowIntentionEffectTemporary video to explain such things. Sometimes abbreviated as V-con (buoy-con).


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