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🎥 | Rainy day connection ... Morning drama "Come Come Everybody" crying inevitable development

Photo Eri Fukatsu, Mone Kamishiraishi – Mustafa Yalcin / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images, Visual China Group via Getty Images

Rainy day connection ... Morning drama "Come Come Everybody" crying inevitable development

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This is an original work by Yuki Fujimoto, who worked on "Life's Like a Comedy", and the theme song is AI's "Aldebaran".

NHK serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" in which Eri Fukatsu serves as the second heroine. Next week released on the 21th ... → Continue reading

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Fujimoto Yuki

Yuki Fujimoto(Yuki Fujimoto,1967/[1]May 12[2] -) is JapaneseWriter.HyogoBackground[1].


comedy OfScript,Theatrical company KakuscoWorks etc.stageAfter working on the script etc.1999/ToFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Demon houseDebuted with the script[3]. mainlyTV dramaWorked on the script of2007/ToNHKContinuous tv novel"Dust and dust],2012/NHKTaiga drama"Kiyomori TairaI was in charge of the script.

2016/ToChikamatsu MonzaemonNHK depicting the life ofThursday historical drama"Chikaemon34th by the scriptKuniko Mukai PrizeAward.Historical dramaIt was the first script to win the award, and it was unanimously selected by the selection committee due to the reputation that it has the power of originality and output as a scriptwriter.[3][4].

2021/"" Scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of the yearCome Come Everybody』Was the script for the second NHK serial TV novel.[5][6].

Of the lyrics and screenplays of the songs used in the workNovelizeI have also worked on.


"Detective Akafuji TakaAnd 'Dust and dust]HonkadoriHe demonstrated his skill with a technique that should be called.Especially in the latter, in the composition of the story and the setting of the charactersKakugo RakugoIncorporated the contents of.

In "Life's Like a Comedy", "Everyone around me loves the heroine, it's bright and cheerful, and even if there is a problem, I will solve it thanks to the heroine." I drew an unprecedented novel heroine image with a "negative" side of "spitting and a negative personality". "Dust and Techin" "Kiyomori Taira』Both are excellent in the multifacetedness of human beings and how to draw human relationships," the script is built in "," important keywords are studded in all stories "," a lot of information "," many characters All of them are "alive" and "the pleasure of collecting long and long hints at the end". However, it is speculated that it may cause the audience rating to stagnate from the aspect of "I can't watch it."[6].

Osaka DialentA funny and funny script using the wordplay ofChikaemon』, Attracted attention with unusual characters and lines such as Chikamatsu speaking modern language and humming Showa's famous songs with parody, 34thKuniko Mukai PrizeIn the selection process, "the words are splashing and the flow is good" and "there was the power to attract people by playing with words".[3][7][8].

Main works

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  • Snooze(Published March 2019, 5)





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