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🎥 | [Review] Listen to the voice of your loved one and deliver it to your loved one-The moving comedy drama "Coda Ainouta"


[Review] Listen to the voices of loved ones and deliver them to loved ones-a moving comedy drama "Coda Ainouta"

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It is a refreshing emotional movement that I would like to recommend with confidence to those who know the emotion and happiness of being deeply connected with someone, those who want to know it.

The movie that keeps the viewers busy with laughter, hot hearts, and crying is released.Still refreshing ... → Continue reading


Recently, I often see negative and dark news... Big incidents and accidents are dealt with widely in each media, so it is unavoidable. However, if you look around the world widely, there are lots of bright and fun news! YESNEWS is a news media that delivers everything positively, mainly with fun and bright entertainment information.

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