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📺 | "The Untamed" Japanese dubbed version will be broadcast and distributed for the first time in Japan on WOWOW!Dubbed cast list

Photo dubbing cast announced! – “The Untamed” Poster Cut (c) 2019 Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited

The Japanese dubbed version of "The Untamed" will be broadcast and distributed for the first time in Japan on WOWOW!Dubbed cast list

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Kimura and Tachibana also play the role of Wei Mu Envy & Indigo in "Mado Soushi," which is an animated version of the same original as the drama, and expectations are high for the dubbed version of the drama.

It is revealed that the Japanese dubbed version of the popular Chinese drama "The Untamed" will be broadcast and distributed for the first time in Japan on WOWOW from April ... → Continue reading

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Mage guru

"Mage guru』(Madososhi,中: Magic Master) IsSumika copper odorBy (Bokkadoshu / Moshantonshiu)ChugokuNovel.And anime and radio dramas based on it.


Serialized from October 2015, 10 to March 31, 2016 on the Chinese online novel site "Shinjiang Literature Castle".

December 2016, 12 The book is released.After completionRadio Drama, Anime, manga, live-action drama, games and various media mixes.

From 2020, a radio drama version, a live-action drama version, and an anime version will be available in Japan. The Japanese version of the original novel will be released on May 2021, 5.The Japanese version will be translated from the Traditional Chinese version of Taiwan[1].

View of the world

A world view with an ancient Chinese background.In this world, youkai and evil demons are threatening people.The person who exterminates them is the master's degree.The masters belong to different clan, and they are called "Senmon Hyakuya".Among them, the most excellent Senmon are Mr. Unmu Jiang, Mr. Gusu Ai, Mr. Ranryo Jin, Mr. Satoshi Kiyokawa, and Kiyama. He was Mr. Wen, and the order of the world was governed by these five great orchids.


Animation, live-action settings, and terms are partially modified from the original.
The stage of this work.The world of hermits in ancient China.A term widely used in Chinese creations, not a coined word of this work.
Master's degree
A practitioner who is in the training world, practices hermitage, and exterminates evil spirits.The name differs depending on the medium, and it is called Senshi in animation and live-action.In the Japanese version of the radio drama, neither name is used and it is called only a practitioner.
Taoist priest
Taoist practitioner.
A place where the master trains to deepen his knowledge and improve his skills.It is divided according to bloodline and family, and the training method is different for each.

Senmon is composed mainly of blood relatives.It is called by combining the place name and the surname.


Home of each world.

The person and position that stands at the top of all hermits.After the conquest of the shooting day, Kinmitsuzen proposed the establishment for the purpose of commanding the Senmon Hyakuya, and he himself took the position.
* According to the Untamed, Onwakakan was the Senjo, and later Kinmitsuzen, Kinmitsu Akira, and Indigo.
The head of each world.
The son of each generation.In the Japanese version, it is often translated as "○○ no Wakasama".
A special sword for masters and daoshi.The sword has spiritual power and is named by the Lord.The light emitted from the sword is called the sword awn.
Miles Edgeworth
A technique for using spiritual power to fly on a sword and fight without touching the sword.In the original, it is mainly used as an expression when flying with a sword.
The source of the master's spiritual power.Born in the body after a long training.Once destroyed, it cannot be restored again.
Nomadic corpse, mad corpse, corpse (shikabane), puppet (kairai)
A corpse that moves with grudges.A nomadic corpse is a naturally occurring moving corpse.The threat level is low.Mad corpses are stronger than wandering corpses.Some are manipulated by the surgeon.Nomadic corpse and mad corpse are terms used only in the radio drama version, and are collectively called "corpse" in the anime version.In the live-action version, it is called "puppet".
Night hunting (Yogari / Yokari)
A corpse, a master's job hunting evil spirits.It is rude to hunt one Senmon unilaterally.
Dedication (kensha), house curse
A forbidden technique of dedicating one's body to evil spirits and evil gods and summoning them to this world.The surgeon injures his body as many as he wants to take revenge.Those who are summoned will not lose their wounds forever unless they take revenge.Wei Mu envy was revived by this ban. "Dedication" is the name of the original, radio drama version, and anime version, and "Shadow Curse" is the name of the live-action version.
Stolen house
A technique to rob the body of others.The opposite of the dedication.
Question spirit (Monrei)
Senjutsu that interacts with the soul transmitted to Mr. Ai.You ask a question through the sound of a kin, and the answer to it is also returned by the sound of a kin.
Dry bag (Kenkonbukuro), Sealed dry bag (Fuaku Kenkonbukuro)
A pouch for storage owned by Mr. Ai's master's degree.The interior is a mysterious space that can store objects larger than a bag.The origin is the sacred treasure of the same name that appears in ancient Chinese mythology.
The battle of the shooting day (the battle of the shooting day), the battle of the shooting day (the battle of the shooting day)
A battle in which many Senmon united and subdued Mr. Atsushi Kiyama.A person from ancient Chinese mythology,HouとFeng MengIt is derived from the legend of. "Shooting Sun Conquest" is the name of the anime version and the live-action version. "Battle of the Shooting Day" is the name of the radio drama version
Oni arm
A mysterious arm that attacked a huge family.Possessed by humans and attacks.The owner is unknown.The purpose of the journey of Wei Muen and Ai Yuuki is to find the master of this arm, the one who cut off the arm.
A flag that invites evil spirits.Used by masters during night hunting.Originally invented by Wei Muen, it became popular among the Senmon Hyakuya after Wei Muen's death.The prototype of the summoning flag was that Wei Muen overwrote the amulet for exterminating evil spirits with blood and reversed the effect.
Bakusen Net
A trap used by Senshi for night hunting.It is an expensive item and is owned by Mr. Ranryo Kim in large quantities.
Forbidden art (Kingenjutsu)
A hermit that closes your mouth and prevents you from speaking.Used by the indigo machine.If you don't resist and keep quiet, you can solve the technique naturally.
A legal tool drafted by Wei Muen to use the dead.You can control a specific range of dead people.Unlike the Senken, it does not limit the Lord.Anyone can use the dead, which is a threat.A tiger mark is a tally used to convene soldiers used in the ancient Chinese army.
A spouse and a couple in the world of training (Shinshinkai).
Cold board (Fujaban)
A tool that points to the direction of evil, which was invented by the Battle of Xiaoting.
Evil scars (Akusoko)
A sign of a curse that an evil being puts on his prey.If the curse is light, you will only be robbed of the marked part, but if it is heavy, you will lose your life.
Senso Hyakkou
A type of curse.I don't feel anything at first, but the holes gradually grow and the surface of the skin is covered with holes.Eventually, the organs are destroyed and death occurs.


The world was greatly disturbed by the violence by Mr. Atsushi Kiyama.Mr. Unmue, Mr. Gusu Ai, Mr. Ranryo Kim, and Mr. Satoshi Kiyokawa colluded to subdue Mr. Wen.A battle called the Conquest of the Shooting Day begins.Wei Muen, a priest of the Eke family, made a great contribution by the power of Kido and spread his name as an old ancestor of the royal tomb.However, its mighty and evil power will gradually bring disaster to the surroundings.The Senmon Hyakuya decided to subdue Wei Muen, and at the end of the battle, Wei Mu Envy died.

Thirteen years after Wei Mu's death, Wei Mu's envy revives in this world due to ban.That night, he encounters a mysterious incident caused by evil spirits, and calms the evil spirits with the reunited indigo machine.Wei Muen and Ai Yuuki work together to find out the truth.As I investigated, the mysterious incident led to the event 13 years ago.


The phonetic spelling of the name is listed in the order of radio drama version / animation version / live-action drama version.

ResponsibleVoice actorIs written in the order of radio drama version / animation version / live-action drama version dubbing.Casting in Japanese dubbing is in parentheses.The actor in charge is the cast of the live-action drama version.


Wei Musen / Wei Wu Sien
First name ―― 嬰 (Ei / Inn),word --No envy,issue --Yiling old ancestor (Iryo no Rosou / Iryo Rosou / (Chinese) Erin Laodu)
Voice- Lu Zhixing(Suzuki Tatsuhisa) / Jason Zhang(Ryohei Kimura,Misaki Watada<Childhood>) / Tomoyuki Michi (Ryohei Kimura)
Performance- Royal war
The main character of this work.Cheerful, cheerful and freewheeling.I live without being bound by the rules.
After losing his parents in his childhood and spending time as a wandering child, he was adopted by the then lord of the Eke family, Kaede Ei.Growing up in the E family like his real siblings with Esumi and Eki.
At the age of 15, he went to study abroad at Unfuka Shiranho to take a lecture and met Ai Yuuki.After gaining a battle with Onryo, he learned the evil technique "Kido" to manipulate grudges, and became known as the old ancestor of Toryo.After that, a certain incident will turn the Senmon Hyakuya into an enemy.He died due to the subjugation of the Senmon Hyakuya, but 13 years later, he reincarnated and returned to this world with the body of Mogenba by the forbidden technique "Dedication".
Although he is not serious about classroom lectures, he is a genius as a senshi and invents various tools by making full use of various techniques. ".
He loves sake and especially likes the famous sake "Tenkosho".I am not very good at dogs because of the experience of being attacked by wild dogs in my childhood.
4th place in "Kiko Seike's personality and appearance rating".
Sword: Convenient (Zuiben / Suibien)
A sword given by Kaede Ei. "Flight" means "convenience" in ChineserandomThe word that corresponds to.While the name wasn't decided and it was called "Fukui", it was named "Koubin" by Kaede Ei.
Petition (Chinjo / Chenchin)
A flute used by Wei Muen, who became the old ancestor of Goryo.You can manipulate the corpse freely.
Indigo forget-me-not
Name ―― Zan / Jean, character ―― Forgetfulness, No. ―― Gankou-kun
Voice-Wei Cho,Shanxin(childhood)(Satoshi Hino, Madoka Hiraide <Childhood>) / Hie(Shinnosuke Tachibana) / Bian Jiang (Shinnosuke Tachibana)
Performance- Wang Yibo
Another hero of this work.The second prince of the Ai family.Well-behaved and quiet.The rules are strictly adhered to.Together with his older brother, Ai Omi, he is called "Ai-san Soho".
He is separated from his parents and was raised by his uncle, Keihito Ai, from an early age.Immediately after seeing the envy of Wei, who was revived in the form of Mogenba, he immediately noticed his true identity and took him back to the cloud depth ignorance.
I am vulnerable to alcohol and get drunk with a drink.
2th place in "Kiko Seike's personality and appearance rating".
Sword: Dust protection (elbow / bichen)
Law tool: Famine
Favorite koto.When used as a weapon, it emits a shock wave from the strings.

Mr. Unmue

Mr. Unmue(Unbo no Koshi / (Chinese) Yunmonjanshi * Unmujanshi) is one of the five great families.

A sincere and in-law family.Her uniform is based on purple, and the bell of Seishin is hung on her waist.The family crest is a nine-ben lotus in the shape of a lotus flower.Based in Renka (Renkau / (Chinese) Renfau).

AncestorsKnightIt was "Kouchi / Jang Chi".

Wei Mu Envy
For details, The itemSee.
Jiang Chung
Name --Sumi, Character --Bangin (Bangin / One Inn), Issue --Three Poisons Holy Hand (Sandoku Seishu)
Voice-Emperor Yao (Hikari Midorikawa) / Guo Haoran(Hikari Midorikawa,Rie Hikisaka<childhood>) / Wang Kai(Hikari Midorikawa)
Performance- Wang Zhuocheng
The eldest son of Mr. Unmue, the current suzerain.He was a brother-in-law who was envious of Wei, but he has already cut off.He is a cold cynic.He hates Wei Muen, but he was a caring and active boy when he was a boy.
He continues to be suspicious of Wei Muen, who has reincarnated as a giant feather, and eventually realizes his true identity.
5th place in "Kiko Seike's personality and appearance rating".
Sword: Three poisons
High-ranking treasure.It is usually worn as a ring, but when used as a weapon, it turns into a whip.The power changes depending on the will of the user, and since it causes fatal injuries, it is possible to get rid of mild illness.You can extract the soul by hitting the robbed person with Shiden.The original owner was his mother, Jiang Cheng, but he entrusted it to Esumi before she died.In the live-action version, it was arranged into a bracelet-shaped design.
Jiang Yanri (Kouenri / Jean Yen Lee)
Voice- Takashi(Ayana Taketatsu) / Lee Shimo (Saori Hayami) / Bai Xue(Saori Hayami)
Performance- Xuan Lu
Sumi's older sister and wife of Koken.She is her sister and disciple to the envy.She is a gentle and inclusive woman and is widely loved by Jiang's disciples, but her face is mediocre and lacking in talent.
Since I was a kid, I've been on good terms with Sumi and No Envy.
Kaede Jiang (Kou Fumin / Jean Fong Mien)
Voice-Hot water rain / Hot water rain (Kenji Hamada) / Chang Chen (Kenji Hamada)
Performance- Land swordsman
Former suzerain of Mr. Unmue.Father of Sumi and alienation. "Akechi Impossible"[2]Stick to the house rules of.He raised Wei Muen, who lost his parents, like a real child.
Shien / You Zu Yuen
No. --Purple Spider
Voice-Zhang Kai (Atsuko Tanaka) / Lee CrownTakako Honda) / Lee Kim Yan (Takako Honda)
Performance-Zhang Chao
Esumi, the mother of religion.Mr. Bizan was born and has a strong spirit, and he has a bad relationship with Kaede.
He got along well with his childhood friend, Mrs. Kim, and decided to get engaged with her childhood friend.
* San-nyan is the third child of Mr. Yuu Meiyama.
Voice-Unknown / 熠 彤 (Yuyuko Shirouchi) / Unknown
Performance-Zhang Jing
Shien's maid.One of the ones that Koshitobi brought from his parents' house.He pledges allegiance to Koshito and always serves without leaving his side.
Silver beads (Inju)
Voice-Unknown / Xu Xu (Yuyuko Shirouchi) / Unknown
Performance --Liu Yinsu
Shien's maid.Along with the gold pearls, he pledges allegiance to the black kite.

Mr. Gusu Ai

Mr. Gusu Ai(Kokoranshi / (Chinese) Gooseuranshi) is one of the five great families.

An elegant and disciplined family.The uniform is based on white and light blue, and is wrapped in a headband called a forehead.The rules extend to XNUMX articles, all of which are engraved on the stone wall.The family crest is a cirrus crest that resembles a cloud.

The base is Unshin Fuchisho (Chinese) Yun Sheng Bujichu.wonderland Ofsea ​​of ​​cloudsIt features a beautiful scene like an ink painting reminiscent of.唐Poet,Jia DaoIt is derived from a sentence that appears in one of the poems written by Hidden.

Ai's founder is "Ran An".AiyasuMausoleumBorn in Japan and raised as a monk.ReciprocityAfter doingCathedralI took the indigo character from and changed my surname to indigo.After repatriation, he walked the path as a musician, and when he stopped by Gusu, he met a person who became a "michi (a person who wants to practice together for a lifetime)".Together with the road, he launched Gusu Ai and laid the foundation for it.Aiyasu returns to the temple when the road passes awayLonelydid.

The words spoken by ordinary people in Gusu have an accent, and in the Japanese version, both the radio drama version and the anime versionKyoto languageHas been reproduced as

Indigo forgetting machine
For details, The itemSee.
Ai Tsuyoshi (Rangishin / Ran Shichen)
Name --Nagisa (Kan / Hwan), character --Sakuomi, No. --Sawabu-kun
Voice-Wang Kai (Tomoyuki Morikawa) / Gold string (Toshiyuki Morikawa) / Ryohi (Toshiyuki Morikawa)
Performance-Liu Haikuan
The current suzerain of Gusu Ai.Forgotten brother.He has two faces with his younger brother, but is kind and friendly.
One of the few people who can read that feeling from the expressionless face of the forget-me-not.
He made a name for himself in the "Shooting Sun Conquest" to subdue Mr. Wen.Satoshi and Kinko are brother-in-laws and are called "head and shoulders".
1th place in "Kiko Seike's personality and appearance rating".
Sword: Sakugetsu
Xiao: Rippyo
Indigo Keigi (Ran Keigi / Ran Jin Yi)
Voice- Kaede Natsuho(Hiro Shimono) / Wang Jinkou (Souma Saito) / Liu Kang (Soma Saito)
Performance- Guo Cheng
Ai's youth.He is cheerful, has a strong sense of justice, and has a straightforward personality.He is on good terms with thoughts and often acts with him.
Ai Shioi (Ran Shitsui / Ran Sujui)
Name-Wish (Gen / Yuen), Character-Thought
Voice-Senbunsei (Senbunsei)Yusuke Kobayashi) / Tayasu Chen (Kamiyo Tsuchiya) / Chen Kinmon (Tsuchiya Shimba)
Performance- Zheng Fan Xing
A disciple of the inner gate of the Ai family.He is a kind and dependable person.He has the wisdom and virtue to be described as excellent by Wei Muen.
He is intelligent, mild-mannered, and respects his forgetfulness like his father.
Hirohito Ai (Ran Keijin / Ran Chiren)
Voice- Zhongyang Baomu(Aragaki Tarsuke) / Liu Cong (Mitsuhiro Sakamaki) / Zhang Wentian (Mitsuhiro Sakamaki)
Performance-Yoshi Ryo
Uncle of the uncle and the uncle of the oblivion.The younger brother of the former suzerain.Famous as a disciplined and formal teacher.
Indigo Tsubasa (Ran Yi)
Voice-None / None / Riku Yuki
Performance- Li Ruotong
The only female suzerain of the Ai family.She does not appear in the original or anime, but appears for the first time in a live-action drama.
Wataru Su (Sho / Sue Show)
Name-Wataru, Character-Peaceful (Binzen / Minshan)
Voice-Wang Shinko (Mitsuhiro Ichiki) / Sonjiji (Kabatake Masafumi) / Masafumi Kobatake
Performance-Satoshi Feng
A student at the outer gate of Mr. Gusu Ai.Later, he became independent and became the suzerain of Mr. Hata Ryoso.
Sword: Nanpei
Former suzerain of the Ai family.Ai Forget-me-not and Ai's father.Ai Keihito's older brother.The detailed figure is unknown because he has not appeared in the work.
Mrs. Ai (Ranfujin)
Mrs. Aoi.Aoi-kun's wife.Ai Tsuyoshi and the mother of Ai Oblivion.Even after marrying Aoi, he did not live with her husband, but lived under house arrest due to the separation of the gentian in the cloud depth ignorance.He never went out of the cloud depth ignorance, and was allowed to meet his real son, Ai Tsuyoshi, and Ai Yuuki only once a month.Indigo died when he was XNUMX years old.

Mr. Ranryo Kim

Mr. Ranryo Kim(Ranryo no Kinshi / Ranryojinshi / (Chinese) Ranrinjinshi) is one of the five great generations.

A wealthy and gorgeous family.The uniform is based on gold, and the direct disciples have a red mark on the forehead.The family crest is a peony crest in the shape of a peony.The peony used for the family crest is a variety called "Kinsei Setsuro" that actually exists in China.Based in Kinrindai (Kinrindai / (Chinese) Jinlin Thai).

Kinkouyo / Jin Guan Yao
No. --Renhoson
Voice- Kang Hiroshi(Ishida Akira) / Tianxiang Yang(Akira Ishida) / Sir Su Nao(Akira Ishida)
Performance-Zhu praise cotton
The current suzerain of Mr. Ranryo Kin.Mitsuzen's prince.He was treated cold as a boy and was banished from Kinrindai and spent his time as a disciple of Mr. Satoshi.At that time, he was calling himself "Meng Yu" (already like him / Mon Yao), the surname of his mother.Although he was looked down upon by Mr. Satoshi's disciples, his hard work was highly evaluated by Satoshi.After that, he returned to the Kim family, but his mishandling remained the same. Infiltrated Mr. Wen as a man in the "Conquest of the Shooting Day".He succeeds in assassinating the warm and cold.Thanks to that achievement, he is accepted by Kinmitsuzen.At that time, he was given the character "light" from Mitsuzen and renamed Kinko Akira.
Sword: Konsei
Kinryo / Jin Lin
Name-Ryo, Character-Nyoran (Nyoran / Luran)
Voice- Lee Lan Ling(Ayumi Murase) / Shangqing Su (Kaji Yuki) / Yuki Kaji
Performance-Lucin Xin
The son of Kanekoken and Jin Zixuan.Esumi's nephew.For Wei Muen, he is a nephew in law.The character "Nyoran" was named by Wei Muen, and was raised after losing his parents when he was a baby.His personality is a little selfish, but his roots are brave.He despises Mogenba as a filthy person and takes a rude attitude toward Wei Muen, who reincarnated in the form of Mogenba.
Sword: Saika
Kanekoken (Kinshiken / Jin Zhushuen)
Voice-Liu Mingetsu (Hiroki Takahashi) / Mt. Tanie (Kenji Akabane) / Satoshi Fumizawa (Kenji Akabane)
Performance-Cao Yuchen
Mitsuzen's son.Fiancée of Jiang Wei, later husband.Kinryo's father.At first, he was very unmanned and selfish, but later he turned around and became a beloved wife.Wei Muen, Ai Yuuki, Esumi, and Kaoru Kuso are the same alumni when studying abroad at Unfuka Shiransho.
3th place in "Kiko Seike's personality and appearance rating".
Kim Kwang-sun / Jin Guanshan
Voice-laughter (laughter)Hayami Award) / Lee Ryuhama (Hayamizu scholarship) / Yang Silent (Hayamizu scholarship)
Performance-Chen Xiaohai
Former suzerain of Ranryo Kin.Kanekoken, Kinko Akira, the father of Mogenba.He is an amorous person, but he is tired of having many concubines and has many children, including hidden children.
Isao Kaneko (Kin-kun / Jin Zhu-shun)
Voice- Zhao Yi / Yang 磊 / Wang Toshino
Performance-Grand Book
Cousin of Koken.
Mrs. Kim
Voice-Including Liu Bao / Zhang Kai / Unknown
Performance-Hu Xiaoting
Mitsuzen's regular room.Kanekoken's mother.He was on good terms with his childhood friend, Koshitobi, and decided to engage with Jiang Wei and Kanekoken.I love Jiang's separation very much.
Qin Sue
Voice-Tomoaki Hachi (Sayaka Ohara) / Qian Rin / Unknown
Koyo's wife. She was saved by Kinko Akira during the "Conquest of the Sun" and she fell in love.Her father, Hata Sogyo, opposed her marriage, but she acted proactively to serve her purpose.
Kinjosho / Jin Luson
The only son of Kinko and Qin.He was killed in his childhood.
Senko (Senko / Senzu)
A spirit dog that is Kinryo's pet dog.A ghost dog is a hunting dog used for night hunting.

Mr. Satoshi Kiyokawa

Mr. Satoshi Kiyokawa(Seika no Joshi / Seiganiesi (Chinese) Chinhoniesi) is one of the five great families.

A family with a strong sense of justice.The uniform is based on green.The family crest is a beast crest that resembles a cow's head.Based in the unclean world (Fujosei / (Chinese) Boujinshi).Since the founder of Mr. Satoshi was a meat seller, he uses a sword as a weapon unlike other Senmon.The sword of the Suzerain lord has a grudge called a sword spirit, and the owner is enshrined.

The sword spirit who lost its owner goes out of control.Therefore, the shrine "Sword Hall" was built to worship the swords of successive suzerains of Nie.There, he sacrifices evil to calm the sword spirit.

Nie Huaisan
Voice-Sai Sui (Matsuoka Teijo) / Liu Miki (Natsuki Hanae) / Ji Li (Natsuki Hanae)
Performance-Ji Li
The current suzerain of Mr. Satoshi Kiyokawa.He took over the position of suzerain on behalf of his suddenly dead brother, but he was less talented, less effortful and less ambitious than his talented brother, and could not do anything at all, relying on Aizo and Kinko. It's just a matter of time.He is known as useless because he only answers "I don't know" no matter what he asks, so he is called "I don't know, I don't know".
I don't have a sword and instead carry a fan.This is to prevent haunting by the sword spirit.
In the live-action drama The Untamed, his older brother, Satoshi Akira, is not a half-brother but a real brother.
Nie Minjue
No. --Sekihoson
Voice- Tuthamon(Kenjiro Tsuda) / Otoko Ogre (Hiroshi Shirakuma) / Takeshi Zhao (Hiroshi Shirokuma)
Performance-Wang Yizhou
Former suzerain of Mr. Satoshi Kiyokawa.Morus alba's half-brother.Unlike Kaiso, he has a rigid personality.His father has been killed by Wen Wakakan, and he has a strong hostility to Mr. Wen.
He made a name for himself in the "Conquest of the Sun", but it is said that he died madly after being eaten by a sword spirit.
Katana: Haka
Muneki Satoshi (Nie Zhong Hoi)
Voice-None / None / Tsunebun 涛
The original character of the live-action drama spin-off movie "Ranryo".

Mr. Atsushi Kiyama

Mr. Atsushi Kiyama(Kizan no Onshi / Kizan Wenshi (Chinese) Chishan Wenshi) is one of the five great families.

Greedy and ambitious family.Uniforms are based on red and white.The live-action drama version is designed based on red and black.The family crest is a sun crest that imitates the sun. It has the meaning of "shining with the sun and ending the life together."The base is Nightless Amagi (Fuyatenjo / (Chinese) Buyettienchen).

Boasts overwhelming force in Senmon.Other Senmon were put under the umbrella one after another, and the repulsive Senmon was purged by force. Most of the remnants who survived the war were executed after being destroyed by the "conquest of the shooting day."Currently, only a few Atsushi have survived.

Onnei / Wen Nin
Character-Keirin, No.-Oni Shogun
Voice- Jiven Teng(Soichiro Hoshi) / Shao (Nobunaga Shimazaki) / Nobunaga Shimazaki
Performance-Yu Bin
A disciple of Mr. Atsushi Kiyama.Meet Wei Muen at a Qingtan meeting of the Senmon Hyakuya.
A mild-mannered personality who does not like conflicts.Cooperate with Wei Muen and Esumi in the shadow without participating in Mr. Wen's aggression.
After the war on the shooting day, he was hunted for the remnants of Mr. Kim and was killed, but he was revived as a corpse due to the evil technique of Wei Muen.After that, he became afraid of the Senmon Hyakuya as a demon general.
In the live-action drama The Untamed, it is set to participate in a lecture at Untamed and meet Wei Muen.
Warmth (Onjo / Wen Chin)
Voice-Shiyu Qiao / Shiyu Qiao (Kawasumi Ayako) / Yamashin (Ayako Kawasumi)
Performance-Meng Ziyi
Onning's older sister and Mr. Atsushi Kiyama's famous doctor.An older sister who is strong and has a younger brother's feelings.He takes pride as a doctor and hates war.Along with Jiang Cheng, we cooperated with Wei Muen and Jiang Cheng.Later, the de facto female head of Mr. Atsushi Kiyama (head of the branch family).After leaving the words "Thank you", she took responsibility for Mr. Atsushi Kiyama and Envy Wei (Wonning "Oni Shogun") and became "ash".
In the live-action drama The Untamed, he participated in a lecture from Untamed, met Wei Muen, and appeared in a close relationship, and his turn has increased significantly, and he is treated as a heroine class.
Warm Wakakan (Onjakan / Wen Luohan)
Voice-Chen Xiyu (Kenji Nomura) / StrictKenta Miyake) / Liu Cong (Kenta Miyake)
Performance-Xiu Qing
Suzerain of Mr. Atsushi Kiyama.Wen Asahi and Wen Akira's father.He is in a position called "Senkyo" who controls the Senmon Hyakuya.
Oncho / Wen Chao
Voice --Shokai Yasushi / Akatsuki Ryo (Hiroyuki Yoshino) / Bun Yasufuchi (Hiroyuki Yoshino)
The second son of Wakakan.A woman-loving and arrogant personality.He has been embarrassed by Wei's envy towards himself and has been hostile to him ever since.
Wen Juriu
No. --Katante
Voice ―― Hua 捷 / Tsunebunbo (Keiko Sakai) / Small crow (Keiko Sakai)
His real name is Zhao Juriu.He is escorting his son, Wen Akira, by calling himself warm to reward the help of Wen Waka.
Wang Linjao
Voice- Moe Moe / Qiu Qiu(Kana Azumi) / Kana Asumi
Performance-Kiyoshi Roh
Wen's mistress.Originally, he was a maid in Seishitsu's room.
Wen Shu
Performance ――
The eldest son of warm and cold. He was hit by a sword and died in the "Conquest of the Sun".
Wen Mao
Performance-Zhang Akira
Ancestor of Mr. Atsushi Kiyama.It is said that he was the first person in Senmon to value blood ties more than the sect.In the live-action drama version, it first appears in the recollection of Ai Tsubasa.
Wen Yuen
Voice-None / Qian Rin (Sayuri Hara) / none
A nephew of warmth.He spent his refugee life with Wei Muen at the Battle of Xiaoting (Chinese) Erin Lanson Kong.For some reason, I miss my father for the indigo machine.It turns out that it was a childhood of a certain person later.

Yoshigi Hen

Yoshishiro(Gijo) is a remote town.

The righteousness of the castle comes from the "coffin" (the place where the body is placed).The Yoshishiro edition is the original story, the first half of the story in the radio drama version, but it has been modified to the second half of the story in the anime version and the live-action version.

Yo Setsu / Shue Yang
First name-Yo, character-Narumi
Voice-Eryu (Eryu)Takashi Kondo) / Distortion Distortion / Liu Miki (Ukiyama)
Performance-Wang Haoxuan
A man who is notoriously regarded as an enemy by the Senmon Hyakuya.His personality is brutal and cunning.He was caught by Hyosung Dust for murdering Mr. Tsune (Mr. Taira in the radio drama), the Senmon of the gravel, but Kanemitsuzen killed him.Guest LordIt will be accepted as unquestioned.For a certain purpose, he is trying to restore the destroyed shadow tiger mark of Wei Muen, and also to borrow the power of Wei Mu Envy himself.He lost the little finger of his left hand in his childhood.
Sword: Disaster
Akatsuki Stardust (Gyoseijin / Xiao Shinchen)
No. --Seifu Meigetsu
Voice-Chen Hiroshi (Shinnosuke Tachibana) / Qian Wenqing / Chen Zhang Tayasu (Ishikawa Kaijin)
Performance-Song Ji Yang
A solitary Taoist who aspires to fix the world.It has the title of Seifu Meigetsu (like a bright breeze and a clear breeze).He is a disciple of Hakusan Santo and his mother, Kurairo Santo.Therefore, he is a brother of Wei Muen.He was training under Santo Hoyama, but when he was 17, he went down the mountain.
He made a name for himself in the first night hunting after descending the mountain and was called by many Senmon, but he does not belong to any Senmon and continues his own night hunting and travels to various places.
I was aiming to create a senmon that wouldn't be close to blood with my best friend Song Arashi.
He broke the rules and asked Santo Hoyama for help to cure his best friend who had lost his eyesight, and after that he lived in a bandage as a blind Taoist.
Sword: Frost flower
Song Storm (Soran / Song Lan)
Name-Arashi, Character-Korin (Zuchen)
Voice-Leo Wu (Shinichiro Miki) / Liu Kang / Roh Rikimine (Takuya Eguchi)
Performance-Li Tomaribun
Acquaintance of Hyosung dust.It is called "Snow Ryo Frost" (like noble snow and cold frost).He captures Gyosei along with Hyosung Dust, but after that, he encounters retaliation and loses his eyesight due to Gyosei's poison.
Thanks to Hyosung Dust's own eyes, he regains his eyesight.I'm looking for the blinded Hyosung dust.
Sword: Fusetsu
菁 / A 菁 (Sei / Argin)
Voice- 咩咩(Noriko Shitaya) / Satoshi Ei / Kabun
Performance-Chen Zhuoxuan
Orphan girl.Naturally white eyes.He was walking with a bamboo stick and pretending to be blind, begging and pickpocketing.He steals the purse of Hyosung Dust, but is immediately spotted and blamed.After that, I became nostalgic and accompanied him on his journey.


Baku Genu / Mo Shuen Yu
Voice- Tongyin(Kazuhisa Nakayama) / Aji (Ryohei Kimura) / Unknown
Performance-Sean Xiao
A child of Zen Mitsuyoshi (illegitimate child).Kinya is excommunicated for some reason.He revives Wei Muen at the expense of his own soul at the dedication to revenge on the Kim and the Moya, who had been abused by the Moya.There are rumors of a male-colored family.
Yan Hui (Baku Shien / Mo Zu Yuen)
Voice-Zhao Masuyi (Kenshi Nishimura) / Lee Kangyang (Kenshi Nishimura)Yusuke Sasaki) / not clear
The son of a huge family.He was oppressing Genba, but was killed by evil spirits.After that, the corpse was used without envy.
Mrs. Maku (Baku Fujin / Mo Fujin)
Voice-Tsuneyo (Kae Oki) / Li (Kae)Saori Okamoto) / not clear
Performance-Jia Shuyi
Kobuchi's mother.Genba's mother's sister.The head of a huge family.Sweet to his son, but harsh to the Ai brothers.I didn't really think about Genba and was oppressing Genwa.After the death of Kobuchi, he himself was killed by evil spirits, and the corpse was used without envy.
Adou (Do / Arton)
A servant who works in a huge house.I was bullying Mogenba with Mokkobuchi.In the anime, the body was hijacked by an evil spirit and died, after which the corpse was used without envy.In the live-action drama, his body was hijacked by a mysterious left arm, and he strangled himself with his left hand and died.
Acho (Te / Ardin)
A female servant who works in a huge house.
Santo Hozan (Hozansanjin / Baoshansanren)
Performance --Liu Niwaha
While the Senmon world at that time emphasized blood relations, the master who left the world and continued his training in the mountains.If he is still alive, he will be hundreds of years old.He takes the orphan back to the mountain and makes him a disciple.There is a rule that disciples are prohibited from going down the mountain, and if they go down the mountain and return to the lower world, they should never return to the mountain.
Luo Ching Yang
Voice- Devotion / Xu Jiahui (Lynn) / Zhang Rain (Lynn)
Performance-Ogei Kasumi
An unnamed Senmon female disciple.Known as "cotton".
Wei Muen is helped by Wen Akira when he was about to be branded by the royal spirit when he gathered the disciples of each Senmon and practiced.
In the live-action drama The Untamed, it has been transformed into a disciple of Mr. Kim, and he is serving Kanekoken like a maid.
Enrei Dojin / Yen Linda Oren
The first Taoist to go down the mountain among the disciples of Santo Hoyama.
Kurairo Sanjin (Zoshiki Sanjin / Tsans Asanren)
A disciple of Santo Hakuyama.Wei no envy mother.Wei Nagasawa's wife.Wei Muen died in a night hunt with her husband when she was young.
Wei Nagasawa (Gichotaku / Wei Changzo)
A former subordinate of Jiang Kaede, the father of Wei Muen.Husband of Kurairo Santo.
Mr. Ouyang Ouyang (Haryo Ouyang)
Ouyang Tzu A clan whose father is the suzerain.Jiang Cheng cannot give a strong opinion to Esumi because he is based near the area under the jurisdiction of Mr. Unmue.
Ouyang Tzu Shin
Voice-Lee Kang Yang (Aoki Ayuki) / Undecided / Unknown
Performance --Cao Junxiang
The son of the suzerain of Mr. Ouyang.
Ekiishun / E Wei Chun
Middle-aged master's degree.On the day of the murder in Amagi, he lost his leg and became a prosthesis.
Suzerainty (Yososhu / Yaozonju)
Suzerain of Mr. 姚.In the petition, he is the suzerain of Mr. Heiyang.
Qin Sogyo (Yososhu / Chin Tuanye)
The suzerain of Laoling Hata.Qin's father.Kinmitsuzen's confidant subordinate.
Joshian / Chang Tuan
Former suzerain of Mr. Yotsune.At that time, he was murdered by revenge by the grown-up Kaoruyo by deceiving him into a terrible eye.In the radio drama, Mr. Yohei Sugi.
Chang Ping
The last suzerain of Mr. Yotsune.
Mr. Yingchuan Commandery (Eisenoshi / Enseiwanshi)
A clan from the royal spirit.It was almost unknown, but it was collected because the royal ghost had a relationship with Wen Akira.
Meng Poetry (Moshi / Mon Shi)
Kinko Akira's mother.
Thought (Sue Sue)
A woman with a terrible scar on her face.
Hekisou / Be Tsao
A woman who was a maid of Lady Qin, the mother of Qin.
Shigeya Kaoru (Setsuchokai / Shue Chung Hai)
Performance-Hiroshi Yuko
The original character of the drama "The Untamed" that does not appear in the original.He was murdered with the help of the Five Greats.


Chinese video distribution site,Tencent videoDelivered by[3]..Animation production is a Chinese animation studio "Kamikagegyo"

On July 2018, 7, the first phase of the series, the Zenjin edition, will be delivered. The second edition of Senun will be distributed on August 9, 1. From August 2019, 8, the third phase of the series, the final edition will be delivered.

The characters will be on July 2020, 7DeformationExtra edition, Mado Soushi Q delivered[4].

YoutubeTencent videoAlthough it is distributed free of charge on the official channel, viewing from Japan will be blocked due to viewing restrictions at the same time that broadcasting in Japan was decided.

The length of each episode is 35 minutes for the first and second episodes of the first episode, 27 minutes for the third episode, and 24 minutes after that, with 25 minutes occasionally.For this reason, there are unaired scenes in all episodes of the TV broadcast version in Japan (the Japanese version of Blu-ray includes the uncut version).

Japanese version

Sony Music SolutionsとAniplexCo-production[5].

Japanese subtitled version 2020st term from September 9, 9, 1nd term from November 11thWOWOWBroadcast 2 episodes each week[6].

Delivered on Amazon Prime Video, ABEMA from January 2021, 1[7].

WOWOW, from January 2021, 1TOKYO MX,BS11Broadcast the Japanese dubbed version on.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Director-Kuma Ka (Shon Ko)
  • Series composition / screenplay-Liang Shah
  • Character draft / design-Shen Lin
  • Music-Soon Eugene
  • Animation production --Shimei
  • Japanese subtitled version production
    • Translation-Yue Honda
    • Supervision-Yuki Tokisumi


Voice actor notation is Chinese version / Japanese dubbed version

Theme song

Opening theme
"Drunk dream front dust"
Lyrics / Composition --Sontama Kagami / Arrangement --Jung Shin Min / Song --Lin Ji Shuen
"Senya Souka" (Japanese dubbed version 1st term)
Lyrics --Koyama Hidekazu / Composition --Koyama Hidekazu, Junichi, Kiyoyuki Arita / Arrangement --CIVILIAN / Song - CIVILIAN
"Dubbing" (Japanese dubbed version 2nd term)
Lyrics --Koyama Hidekazu / Composition --Koyama Hidekazu, Junichi, Kiyoyuki Arita / Arrangement --CIVILIAN / Song - CIVILIAN
Ending theme
"Question" (Episode 1-1, 8, 14)
Lyrics --Sontama Kagami / Composition --Sontama Kagami, Fong Shuo / Arrangement --Sontama / Song --Yin Lin
"Unscrupulous" (1st episode 9-13 episodes)
Lyrics --Miao Bayan / Composition --Ho Liang / Arrangement --Chao Peng / Song --SING
"Shonen Nyo" (2nd term)
Lyrics --Jung Yi / Composition --Lin Hai / Song --R1SE
"Kiro" (Japanese dubbed version 1st term)
Lyrics --Aimerrhythm / Composition --Masahiro Tobinai / Arrangement --Kenji Tamai, Masahiro Tobinai, Koichiro Muroya / Song - Like
"Cold rain" (Japanese dubbed version 2nd term)
Lyrics --aimerrhythm / Composition --Takayuki Mihashi / Arrangement --Kenji Tamai, Rui Momota, Koichiro Muroya / Song - Like
Image Song
"Drunk Dream Mae Dust (Japanese cover)"
song - Daisuke Saeki
"Question Koto (Japanese cover)"
song - Haruka Shimotsuki
"Envy (Japanese cover)"
song - Hitomi Kuroishi

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitle
Chinese version / Japanese version
scriptStoryboardTotal productionAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Phase 1 Pre-dust (zenjin) edition
Episode 1Evil (above) / Forbidden SummonLiang Xing, Liu Xing, Zhu XingBears, Liu RiHorse fluteWu Pang, Wu Pang, Xue Bing, Pang LinShen Lin
Episode 2Reunion of Destiny (below) / Fate
Episode 3Study / Encounter
Episode 4Haunting / Haunting Lake
Episode 5Outer road / evil road
Episode 6Return home / return
Episode 7Qingtan / Qingtan competition
Episode 8Indoctrination / Reign of Mr. Wen
Episode 9Same boat / two people of the same boat
Episode 10Promise of Riki / Soujou
Episode 11Mountain tilt / sad farewell
Episode 12Tanshin / Wenke siblings
Episode 13To the dead / dead
Episode 14The sound of the whistle echoing in the darkness
Episode 15Shizuka / Birth of an old ancestor
Phase 2 Senun
Episode 1Hand / cooperationLiang Xing, Liu Xing, Zhu XingLiu Li, Wang Asahi RuiHorse fluteWang, Peng Lin, Zou IceShen Lin
Episode 2Mark of gratitude / curse
Episode 3Labyrinth / Cannibal Stone Hall
Episode 4Master / Forgotten Memorandum
Episode 5桀骜 / Unrelenting preparedness
Episode 6By all means / the way to go
Episode 7Night funeral / nightless tragedy
Episode 8Truth / Further Mystery
3rd term final edition
Episode 1Yoshishiro
Episode 2Frost flower
Episode 3Big dream
Episode 4Drunk
Episode 5Old friend
Episode 6Head and shoulders
Episode 7Chaos
Episode 8Decisive
Episode 9Akiaki
Episode 10Resentment
Episode 11Kuraho
Episode 12Hidden


Number of turnsRecording storyPart numberRelease date
Pre-dust editionEpisode 1-Episode 15ANZX-12871-128752021/04021 days
Envy cloud editionEpisode 1-Episode 8ANZX-12876-128792021/0May 6

Mado Soushi Q

Spin-off short anime.The characters are deformed and it is a comedy line. Distribution started on July 2020, 7.All 31 episodes.

Japanese version

On April 2021, 4, WOWOW will broadcast two episodes of Japanese subtitles every week.In addition, all 25 episodes selected from the subtitled version with the Blu-ray BOX whole volume purchase privilege of the front dust edition and the envy cloud edition are recorded on the Blu-ray.

ス タ ッ フ

  • General Director-Kuma OK
  • Director-Liu Li
  • Series composition / screenplay --Liang Sha
  • Character draft / design-Shinrin
  • Music-Sontama Kagami
  • Animation production --Beauty

Theme song

Opening theme
Ending theme
Lyrics --Sontama Kagami / Composition --Okina / Song --sis Union

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitle
Chinese version / Japanese version
scriptStoryboardTotal productionAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Episode 1Paper strip / cheat sheetBeamsLiu LiHorse fluteWu Pang, Wu Pang, Shao Ice, Guo YaoShen Lin
Episode 2赶狗 / Dog and chase
Episode 3Chili pepper / horror pepper
Episode 4Cloud depth ignorance processing survival law / law of survival in cloud depth ignorance
Episode 5If you try Requiem / Requiem
Episode 6Gakudo / Gakudo
Episode 7蚁 窝 / ant's nest
Episode 8Summer day length / summer day
Episode 9Gifts / Gifts
Episode 10Makka Onna / Makka Onna
Episode 11Souwa / Mediation
Episode 12Compare height / height
Episode 13Kinko Akira Difficult Ichiten / A day of the hardships of Kinko Akira
Episode 14Conflict / Conflict of love
Episode 15Goryo Obi Obi / Goryo Oso's Child-rearing Struggle
Episode 16Onning Shigeki / Onning's resurrection record
Episode 17Indigo Machine Shimota Fu Poor Record / Indigo Machine Poverty Aid Trip
Episode 18Taneda / Kido style field work
Episode 19Table / confession
Episode 20Drunk / drunk
Episode 21Tutor / Ichimon discipline
Episode 22Escape / Escape
Episode 23Township map / Township map
Episode 24Night hunting / night hunting
Episode 25Live illness / nursing
Episode 26Treatment / correct extermination method
Episode 27Enthusiastic / ideal wife
Episode 28Duanfang / Disciple's Book
Episode 29Midyear gift / Midyear gift clause
Episode 30Loquat / Loquat


It has been serialized since December 2017, 12 on the Chinese manga distribution app, Kuaikan Comic.The character design is based on the anime version.Delivery in Japan is undecided.The book was renamed to "Akafue Unkotoki" and published.

Live-action drama

Based on Mo Dao Zu ShiTencent PicturesA live-action version produced by. From June 2019, 6Tencent VideoExclusive distribution in China.

Japanese subtitled version will be available from March 2020, 3WOWOWBroadcast on[8].. Distribution isSony Music Solutions[9]

All three Blu-ray BOX volumes will be released on August 2020, September 8, and October 5, 9.At the same time, a Japanese dubbed version of the trailer will be released.A video bonus with a part of the main story dubbed in Japanese is included in the Blu-ray BOX.

Exclusive broadcast of Japanese dubbed version on WOWOW in April 2022[10].

Radio Drama

Delivered from June 2018, 6 on Chinese internet radio, Nekomimi FM.The voice actor is different from the anime version.

From January 2020, 1, the Japanese dubbed version will deliver all 24 episodes in the first half of the first period on the app MiMi[11]..The second half will be distributed from August 8th of the same year.The Japanese version of the character illustration will be a new illustration by Gearous.

Scheduled to be delivered in the second phase in the summer of 2021.

A drama CD that summarizes all 1 episodes of the first half of the first period will be released on October 6, 2020Frontier WorksReleased from[12].

This is the first time that Mado Soushi has been officially translated into Japanese.The narration isShinichiro Miki, Other cast#CharacterSee.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Planning and production --MiMi
  • Screenplay-Rokuon
  • Japanese supervision-Tokida salmon
  • Sound Director-Kaku Enomoto


Voice actor notation is Chinese version / Japanese dubbed version

  • Wei Mu Envy-Tatsuhisa Suzuki / Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Indigo Machine-Wei Chao / Satoshi Hino
  • Esumi-Peng / Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Shiyu Qiao-Shiyu Qiao / Ayana Taketatsu
  • Mandarin Duck-Zhang Kai / Atsuko Tanaka
  • Aizoomi-Wang Kai / Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Ai Shioi-Senbun Ao / Yusuke Kobayashi
  • Ai Keigi --Xupeng Cao Kaede / Hiro Shimono
  • Ai Hirohito-Baomu Zhongyang / Tarusuke Shingaki
  • Kim Ryo-Lanling Li / Ayumu Murase
  • Kanekoken-Liu Mingetsu / Hiroki Takahashi
  • Kinko Akira --Kang Hiroshi / Akira Ishida
  • Kanemitsu Zen-Laughter / Hayami Shou
  • Onning-Teng Xin / Soichiro Hoshi
  • Morus alba --- Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Kenjiro Tsuda-Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Hiroshi Kaoru-Eryu / Takashi Kondo
  • Hyosung Dust-Chen Hiroshi / Shinnosuke Tachibana
  • Song Storm-Leo Wu / Shinichiro Miki
  • Sho-chan-Noriko Shitaya
  • Narration-Kanehira Yamamoto


NetEaseA game app for smartphones developed and operated by.

Currently under development and delivery time is undecided.Although it has the same name as the live-action drama version, the portrait of the actor is not used, the character is reproduced with illustrations, and the voice is in charge of the voice actor of the live-action drama. BGM uses the same music as the drama.

Delivery in Japan is undecided.


Video Video Tencent Video 2018Yearly popular country imaginary idolWei Mu Envy
XNUMXth notification ChinaDongmanMado Soushi Envy Cloud Hen
ANISPARK Domestic original video prosperityBest AnimatorMage guru
15th notification Chinese animation gold dragon scholarshipBest series video scholarshipMage guru
Third Notification China New Wenbun New Consumption Year Peak AssociationAnnual video workMage guru
China Video Video AcademyBest original net animationMage guru


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外部 リンク

Indigo machine role


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