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🎥 | "Kamen Rider Revice" first spin-off delivery decision! "Go-onger" Rina Aizawa participates in the rider's first race

Photo "Love Triangle" is also a highlight !? "Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery" Key Visual- (C) "Kamen Rider Revice Spin-off The Mystery" Production Committee

"Kamen Rider Revice" first spin-off delivery decision! "Go-onger" Rina Aizawa participates in the rider's first race

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Also pay attention to the cast related to "Kamen Rider" such as Mitsuru Karahashi, Kazuhiko Kanayama, and Takuma Sugawara.

The net original work "Kamen Rider Revice Th ..." which is the first spin-off of the popular special effects "Kamen Rider Revice" → Continue reading

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Karahashi Mitsuru

Mitsuru Karahashi(Mitsuru Karahashi,1977/May 5 -) isJapan OfAn actor-Illustrator.Blood Type TheType B.FukushimaI'm fromBunkyo Universitygraduate..Grandfather is a politician and exKitakataLongAzuma Karahashi, Wife is an actressMiki Mizuno..Father of one child.


An actor

OriginallyWaseda UniversitySpecializing in theatrical performances belonging to the theater study group "Cretan Crete"An actorWas,2003/, First TV appearance "Kamen Rider 555] (Hereinafter "555") to raise the name.In addition to acting, he demonstrated his delicate and pop artistic sense in various places, and even published an illustrated newspaper entitled "Karaha Shinbun" in the cast column of the "555" TV version official website. Based on this, the skill of illustrations and sentences became widely known. (⇒ ⇒ #Illustrator)

2007/May 9, Leaves the agency DIMENTION.For a whilefreeIt will be an activity in.

2009/ThanSuper squadron series"Samurai Sentai ShinkengerBy playing the villain, Tokusatsu, he appeared in all three major special effects works in Japan.[Note 1]..He is also the only person who has made regular appearances in all three major works.Among them, in the Kamen Rider series and Super Sentai series, he was also involved on the staff side as an illustrator.


Besides acting, he also engages in creative activities such as illustration and writing.Especially the illustrations he draws are full-timeIllustratorIt is recognized as a high-class thing comparable to, often in video works andClothesIt is used in products.The typical ones are as follows.

  • In charge of promotional art such as leaflets at the performance of the theater company "Cretan Crete".
  • "Kamen Rider Kabuto''Tokumei Sentai Go Busters''Space squadron kyurenja』(Both are TV Asahi series dramas), although not appearing in the main story, he is working on the illustrations in the play.
  • BandaiIn the brand Candy Sun & Candle Moon launched by the apparel division of Michelle Curler "Appointed as an apparel illustration designer under the name.
  • His first picture book "Namidaroid" (written by /Hiroki Terai)Tatsumi PublishingPublished by.

In recent years, his activities and popularity as an illustrator have increased, and he said, "Dance! pacific saury Goten!!According to the person himself when he appeared, his income is already higher as an illustrator than as an actor.


In the special effects drama, including the role of Naoya Kaido in "555", although it is an enemy, it is delicate and gentle, makes you feel caring and compassionate, and plays a role that you can not hate with a deep side. Many are establishing their position as individual actors that leave a lasting impression on viewers.Also, since I belonged to the gymnastics club when I was a student, I am good at dancing and action.

WriterNorihiro MoriIs a senior at Waseda University Theater Study Group[1].

On October 2016, 10, it is reported that she was married to actress Miki Mizuno in June of the same year.[2].


TV drama



  • Theatrical company Cretan Crete
    • "Kamiyari ~ Camino Yari ~" (December 2000-12, 9, Waseda University Okuma Auditorium Ura Gekiken Atelier)
    • "MOON" (April 2001-4, 14, Waseda University Okuma Auditorium Ura Gekiken Atelier)
    • "Nervous Breakdown" (October 2001-10, 6, Waseda University Okuma Auditorium Ura Gekiken Atelier)
    • "SIS ~ My Girlfriend Has Multiple Personalities ~" (January 2002-1, 18, Waseda University Okuma Auditorium Ura Gekiken Atelier)-Reiji Takasawa
    • "Vampire Hunter" (May 2002-5, 17, Waseda University Okuma Auditorium Ura Gekiken Atelier)-Starring / Rukis Ortos
    • "SINBAD" (October 2002-10, 3, Theater Moliere)
  • Village Produce Theater company☆Shinkansen Treasure Theater "Dreaming Outlaw" (August 2001, 8-September 29, 9,All labored hall space zero)
  • X-QUEST "Blood Girl. ~ The Vampire" (August 2002-8, 21, Nakano The Pocket)
  • Nuancer vol.4 "" (November 2002-11, 15,Ebisu Echo Theater) --The role of Yusuke
  • May performance of Meijiza "Burning Sword" (May 5-2004, 5,Meijiza) --The role of Tsunejiro Miura
  • Theater company novelist"" (July 2004-7, 15,Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterSmall Hall 2)-As Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Yasokai "Theatrical company night party"Multiple personality detective psycho/ Shingeki Kazuhiko Amemiya's Disappearance "(March 2005, 3-April 30, 4,Kinokuniya Southern Theater) --Starring / Kazuhiko Amemiya
  • Nao Oikawa National Club Circuit Theater Tour 2007 "night mess" (November 2007, 11-December 21, 12 National Tour 22 people play) --Gen
    • "Hospital Build" (March 2008-3, 18, Shinjuku SPACE23) --Hiroyuki Hirai
    • "Hyottoko no Hi" (December 2008-12, 20, Shinjuku Theater Apple) --Akura
  • R: MIX NEW Project vol.2 "Maou Reincarnation ~ maoutens you ~" (October 2008, 10 --November 30, Theater Sun Mall) --Starring / Demon King Olstead
  • Saiyuki Opera Den --Kenichi Nii & Sanzou Houshi (Burial only)
    • Saiyuki Opera Den -Go to the West- (September 2008-9, 13,Tennozu Galaxy Theater)
    • Saiyuki Opera Den -Dead or Alive- (Tokyo performance: March 2009-3, 20,Sunshine theater / Osaka performance: April 2009-4, 11, Aeon Cosmetics Theater BRAVA!)
    • Saiyuki Opera Den -God Child- (May 2014-5, 2)
    • Saiyuki Opera Den -Burial- (Tokyo performance: January 2015-1, 8 / Osaka performance: January 12-2015, 1)
    • Saiyuki Opera Den -Reload- (September 2015-9, 17)
    • Saiyuki Opera Den-Darkness- (June 2019, Hulic Hall Tokyo)
  • [Red Planet] (2010, Nakano MOMO)
  • Around the time of the Imperial Bank Incident (April 2010-4, 21, Sasazuka Factory)
  • Shonensha23rd Performance "Neverland" (June 2010-6, 23, Aoyama Amphitheater)-Captain Hook
  • LAST SMILE (February 2011, Nakameguro Kinkero Theater) --Maison
  • Sakura Giulietta "Enthusiastic Fight !! Hiryu Elementary School ☆ Powered" (May 2011-5, 25, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol)
  • Youth Star Jia (June 2011, Sotetsu Honda Theater, Yokohama) --Guest
  • FRAG --Shinsengumi
    • FRAG --Shinsengumi Vermilion Order-(August 2011, Sotetsu Honda Theater / Nakameguro Kinkero Theater)- Serizawa duck Role
    • D'TOT 4th Act [FRAG -Shinsengumi Bloodsucker Behind-] (May 2012-5, 23)- Ryoma Sakamoto Role
  • The finest literature "Under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest" (November 2011-11, 5, Zenshinza Theater)
  • "Moma's Mars Expedition" produced by Shonensha (August 2012-8, 3, Kichijoji Theater)-The role of a ghost
  • The 2nd edition of the finest literature "Galaxy Railroad Night" (August 2012-8, 15, Theater Sun Mall) --Campanella
  • Trifle Entertainment Produce Souga ~ Souga ~ (October 2012-10, 4, Theater 9) --Denbee
  • Trifle Entertainment Produce Stage "Sigh snow color(December 2012-12, 19, Nakano The Pocket)-Aoi Maihara
  • Ibun Tenroden ~ Aizu Shinsengumi Remnants ~ (September 2013, 9-4th, Zenrosai Hall Space Zero) --Kango Fukuyama
  • Calendar without date (December 2013, 12-21th, Nakano The Pocket)-Sakura Hario
  • The 28th performance of Shonensha "Fake work, amorous first generation man" (February 2014, Kinokuniya Hall) --Yumesuke
  • Hanareushi(June 2014-6, 25, Zenrosai Hall Space Zero)-Rinashi Tota
  • The 29th performance of Shonensha "Neverland" (July 2014-7, 8, Aoyama Amphitheater) --Captain Hook
  • Stage "PERSONA3 the Weird Masquerade" --Shuji Ikutsuki
    • ~ Ultramarine Labyrinth ~ (September 2014-9, 16, Theater 23)
    • ~ Crystal of Blue Lead ~ (June 2015-6, 5, Theater G-Rosso)
  • Being at home with Claude(April 2015-4, 17)
  • Stage "We Winners"(December 2015) --Ryuichi Shirai
  • On-Stage Midnight Yaji-san Kita-san --Mr. Yaji[5]
  • Shonenshachu ×Toei Stage project "Paranoia Circus" (February 2016, 2-March 26, Sunshine Theater)-Namikoshi Police Department
  • stage"Sengoku BASARA 4 Honnouji Incident(October 2016-7, 1,Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi / 7th-16th September,Umeda Arts Theater)- Oda Nobunaga Role
  • Stage "Blue Exorcist" Kyoto Guren Hen(August 2016, Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi) --Shiro Fujimoto
  • Inferno (September 2016-9, 3, Tokyo Dome City Theater G-Rosso)-The role of Wee
  • Smile Mermaid (December 2016, Tokyo Theater 12 / Osaka Theater Drama City) --The role of Poseidon, the sea god
  • Norihito Nakayashiki's leading drama "When we go down the ruthless river-Shinjuku War of the Roses-" (March 2017-3, 16, Honda Theater)
  • Shonenshachu 20th Anniversary 2018st Shonenshachu x Toei Stage Project "Pikaresuku ◆ Seven" (January 1-6, 15, Sunshine Theater / January 1-20, Sankei Hall Breeze / January 21 Sun, Okazaki Civic Center Aoi Hall) --Captain Hook
  • Sengoku BASARA 2018th Tenmaou (March 3-2, 11, AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo / March 3-16, Morinomiya Piloti Hall)- Oda Nobunaga Role
  • Theatrical company Shining "JOKER TRAP"(April-May 2018, Tennozu Galaxy Theater / Theater drama city) --Keton
  • "DIVE !!" The STAGE !!(July 2018, 9-September 20, 10,Theater 1010 Others) -Keisuke Fujitani[6]
  • Stage play "Karakuri Circus(January 2019, 1-10th, Shinjuku FACE) -The role of Pantarone
  • stage"Dororo(March 2019)-The role of Daigo Kagemitsu
  • stage"Stanley Witch(July 2019, 7-August 28, DDD Aoyama Cross Theater)-Returning role
  • Theatrical company Shining "Every Buddy!" (October 2019-10, 12, Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City / July 14-7, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball)-As Psionji
  • stage Touken Ranbu Iden Oboro Shishi (November 2019, 11-December 29, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL / December 12, 1-2019, AiiA 12 Theater Kobe / December 6, 15-January 2.5, 12 , TBS Akasaka ACT Theater / January 20, 2020-January 1, Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall)- Toyo Yoshida Role
  • "Bakuman.THE STAGE (October 2021-10, 8, Tennozu Galaxy Theater / October 17-10, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL / October 21-24, Mielparque Hall Osaka)-Nao Sasaki[7]
  • Stage "Akudama Drive"(March 2022-3, 10, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball / March 21-3,COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall)-Execution Division Master[8]

original video

Web drama


Voice actor

  • History mail Sengoku warlord's secret book / Bakumatsu Shishi's secret book (Just system, December 2010, 5)


  • CD Kamen Rider 555 Photobook CD 7 Naoya Kaido (2003)
  • CD Kamen Rider 555 Complete CD-BOX ~ Final Call (2003)
  • CD return (2004)


  • "Mikaeru" Michelle Karah's photograph (WEB "EnterJam")
  • New Michelle Curler activity photo "Mylow & HiLo" (mobile site "Movie bastard")


注 釈

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外部 リンク

Kanayama Kazuhiko

Kazuhiko Kanayama(Kazuhiko Kanayama,1967/May 8 -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer.Osakawhere one is from.Height 175 cm, blood type A.LtdWeeds CompanyBelongs.


OsakaOyodo Ward(CurrentKitaI'm from

After dropping out of high school, he went to Tokyo after training at a Chinese restaurant.The reason she entered the entertainment world happened to be under the room of the apartment where Kanayama first lived.Koji YoshikawaRoom and marketed[1]..Through Yoshikawa's managerWatanabe ProductionBelong to[2][3]..Entered a production training center at the same timeTakeyuki Yue (Currently Takeyuki Yue),Hideyuki NakayamaWhen I was a teenager, I had many opportunities to play with three people, but Nakayama was always quarreling because Kanayama and Yue, who were quarreling with each other, often quarreled with each other. He talked about when he made a guest appearance on his radio program.Honda Risa OfGuardsWhen Honda was stalked (invaded the house), he shouted "Help!" From the window of his room on the second floor, and two guards rescued him with a piggyback. He was one of them (Honda, talk)[4].

1985/,Nippon TV OfTV drama"The one who cares』Debuted.to attract attention[2].

"Shakotan ☆ Boogie], [Inamura Jane』Appeared in movies such as.In the TV drama, "Good guy』Series (NHK) Starring. ""If you're free, come on!』(Fuji Television Network, IncSystem)Miho NakayamaI have played the other role of.

Since the mid-1990s, he has played the role of a thugoriginal videoMainly appearing in movies and variety shows, but also appearing in movies as a supporting player.[2].

1995/, Transferred to Koji Kikkawa's private office Seventh Enterprise[3].

1996/, Of the talentMiyoko YoshimotoMarried to.2001/The first baby girl was born in March. Broadcast on October 3, 2006, "Legal counseling service』Appeared in a reproduction drama as a couple.2013/Announced divorce in July.

Watanabe Productions is also training Kanayama as a full-fledged singer. Initially, he belonged to the singer section, and as one of the post Koji Kikkawa, he performed solo live tour activities during drama shooting and belonged to Watanabe Productions.Anne Lewis,Takayuki Osawa,Hideaki MatsuokaHe also appeared at the Lato Rock Festival and released a solo album including many his own songs.[3][2].

laterNATCHIN(OriginalSIAM SHADE) And others formed a band "Dogs Bone" and are active as vocalist KINTA.

To commemorate the 2012th anniversary of the album's release on August 8, 17Wataru Yamada,Masami Nishijima,Tsunehiko Yatsushiro,Naoki Hayashibe,Kimihiko SatoHeld a live concert at Takadanobaba Club phase with support members from 1987.Takeyuki Yue, Hideaki Matsuoka,Otaru GintanMade a guest appearance[5].

Chinese cuisineFrom the experience of a cook at a store, he has appeared in cooking programs of celebrity confrontation and wrote a cooking recipe book.Among themFried riceIs the best dish and has a close relationship with KanayamaShinobu SakagamiWhen he was young, he frequently made fried rice at his home in Kanayama, and he praised the taste.

Broadcasted on May 2014, 8Legal counseling service』Live broadcast of a lawyerAiko ObuchiAnnounced remarriage with[6].

2015/On March 3, the eldest son was born with Obuchi.

On May 2015, 5, when he retired from the entertainment world on May 25, 31 to concentrate on childcare.Daily SportsReported[7]..The newspaper reported that he had already retired from his office, M's Enterprise, on March 2015, 3, and that he would retire from the stage on May 31 at the end. If so, I'll say it myself on my blog or something before the news comes out. I'll take "childcare leave" for a few months, but I'm not retiring. "[8].

2016/On December 12th, the second son, the second child of Obuchi, was born.[9].

2020/May 7, IntestinesherniaHospitalized in Japan and undergoing surgery on the 31st[10].May 8, Discharge[11].


TV drama


V cinema

  • Hey! Oilers ~ Reviving Skyline Myth ~ (1991, directed by Koji Kobayashi)
  • Miss F. Health's Diary (1996, Toei Video)
  • The Blood of the Gokudo! (1997)
  • New Silver Shark Roppongi Financial Legend (2000) --Ken-chan
  • Settlement shop (2000, Museum) --Sanjagumi Wakato Kurosaki
  • Sad Hitman Blue Wolf (2001) --Ryujinkai member Isami
  • Memoir / Insulation (2001)-Sandaime Sannokai Wakato Assistant Takeda Group Leader Takeda Rikiya
  • Kishiwada Shonen Gokuren Kaoru's Strongest Legend EPISODE 2 With Love from Russia (2002) --Chuta
  • Shura no Michi 3 Hiroshima-Shikoku Full War(2002) --Kuroda group executive Hirokawa Tsuyoshi
  • Shura no Michi 4 Kitakyushu Surrogate War(2002) --Kuroda group executive Hirokawa Tsuyoshi
  • Chief Woman (2002) All 3 works --Kirino Gumi executive Yutaka Katsuura
  • Memoir Yanagikawa Gumi Osaka War Hundred Swords (2002) --Detective (Shimonoseki)
  • Memoir / Yoshisen Takamatsu Yakuza War (2003) --Kiradokai Kira
  • New Japanese chief --Uemura member Sadao Hiraoka
  • Proud ambition Episodes 1-6 (2005, 2006 Annex) --Morita Gumi Directly Visited Sunagawa Gumi Onodera Keisaku
  • Memoir / Unrelenting Matsuba Complete Edition (2006) --Isao Inokari (later the first president of the Fujitomo Federation / assistant president of the Matsubakai)
  • Dongayuku Series (2006) All 3 works --Shinkyogumi Makokai Usami Shingo
  • Memoir and Shinsengumi(2006)
  • Memoir ・ Kyushu Yakuza Conflict Road to Makoto (2006) All 2 works --Kenichi Mouri, a member of the Muratomi family (→ XNUMXnd generation Muratomi family young head → XNUMXnd generation Muratomi family headquarters)
  • Slaughter exchange (2007)
  • Businessman Winning Lecture Leadership Learned from Yakuza (2007) Episode XNUMX "Hard-boiled Dundee" --Master
  • The day when the sun bursts (2008) All 2 works --BAGGY
  • Cry of the Lion (2012)-Hitman Hojo (former)KaseikenAce)
  • Mukoubuchi 10 High Rate Back Mahjong Retsuden Back Dora(2012,All-in Entertainment) --Kanta Kondo (Ramen shop in a stall)
  • Legendary Men (2012, All In Entertainment)
  • Fudo no Jingi (2013) --Nozawa Group Leader Shunsuke Nozawa
  • Goku Sagi 1 ―― 4 (2014 ―― 2015) ―― Udagawa (former Black Dragon Society)
  • Unification of Japan33 (2019)-Detective
  • Japan Unification 34 (2019)-Detective

Television Animation

Entertainment shows

And many others

Delivery drama






  • FISH (1987) CBS SONY 32DH-771)
  • I want to be her (1988 CBS SONY 32DH-5163)


  • I want to be her c / w Night Bus (1988 CBS SONY 10EH 3124)


  • Kazuhiko Kanayama style fried rice secret & side dish special (February 2009, 2 Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)



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外部 リンク


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