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🎥 | "Mortal Kombat" delivered 2.25 on Netflix Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano and others appear

Unlimited viewing with photos Netflix! --The image is from "Mortal Kombat"

"Mortal Kombat" delivered 2.25 on Netflix Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano and others appear

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Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a general fighter with a dragon-shaped bruise on his chest, learns that he is the warrior of choice for Mortal Kombat and confronts the enemy of the demon world led by Emperor Shan Tsun (Chin Han).

The movie "Mortal Kombat" (2021), which is a live-action version of a fighting game that is very popular overseas, will be released on February 2th on Netf ... → Continue reading

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Mortal Kombat

"Mortal Kombat』(Mortal Kombat, abbreviation: MK) IsMidway games 1992/Developed and released inCompetitive fighting game, And its series.Sometimes abbreviated as "Mortal" in Japan[1].

米 国The first work in is an arcade version by Midway for the first time.in Japan1993/The arcade version was licensed by Taito in September of the same year.[Annotation 1]..For home use, "Mortal Kombat" from Acclaim JapanSuper Nintendo,The one ported for Mega Drive, Game Boy, and Game Gear will be the first landing.

The title "Mortal Kombat" is originally spelled correctly in English as "Mortal Kombat" (a battle for life), but in this series, the English word with the initial letter "C" is intentionally changed from the first "C" to "K". Replace with (Example: Continue → Kontinue)[Annotation 2].


In October 1992, the first "Mortal Kombat" was released as a 10D fighting game featuring live-action characters.In the same work, a production dedicated to Todome who lost the battle and murdered the opponent who is already in a groggy state[2]IsFatality(Fatality)'[Annotation 3]Has been incorporated and has been controversial.

Since then, while the series has undergone various transitions, fatality has always been incorporated as a featured element.In addition, this series is "Cruel fighting gameFormed a genre that should be called, and many followers were born[2][2].

The first work isGame boy,Mega drive,Mega cd,Game gearIt has been ported to many platforms. After "MKII"Female friend,Sega master system,Super 32X,Sega Saturn,LSI gamesIt has been ported to many platforms.

Not only games but also media mix development such as comicalize and animation works were done, and latermoviesEditionResident Evil』Series is workingPaul WS Andersondirected byIn 1995 by the movie "Mortal CombatWas produced.MPAASince the rating by is PG-13, there are almost no cruel scenes, and the work has a strong heroic element.The sequel "Mortal Kombat 2Was also produced, but the main cast, including director Anderson, has almost changed.

Main work

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, Abbreviation "MK, Commonly known as "MK1".The first work in the series.

Sub-Zero Fatality "Spine Rip"Is"Pull out the neck with the spinal cordIt was a shocking content, and the strength of the impact attracted attention not only from North America but also from Japanese gamers.The appearance of this work is a rating examination organization in North AmericaEntertainment Software Rating Board(ESRB) is said to have played a part in the establishment[3].. In 2019, in response to this event and media development, it was inducted into the Game Hall of Fame hosted by the Strong National Theater Museum in the United States.[4].

Bloody expressions are regulated in the SFC version and SNES version, and the fatality of some characters has been changed, but the cruel depictions of the MD version, GG version, and Mega CD version faithfully reproduce the contents of the arcade version (MD). , GG version requires input of hidden command), Arcade version can also be changed by setting.

In addition, only this work has a ranking format (after "MKII", the ranking format is determined by the number of wins).

Playable characterRyu Kang / Leiden / Sonia / Kanou / Sub Zero / Scorpion / Johnny Cage
Hidden character (NPC only)Leap tail[Annotation 4]
Boss characterGoro (middle boss) Shan Tsun (final boss)
development of
The fact that Midway rejected the attempt to make a ninja game triggered the development of this game.[5]..The development team used a method called live-action capture because they wanted to display the character in a large size.[5].
From the viewpoint of saving memory space, measures such as changing the color palette and making it a different person were taken.[6].
In addition, the system called fatality was born from the idea of ​​putting it at the end of the game because of the fun of attacking the opponent who is fainting.[5].

Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Kombat II, Abbreviation "MKII, Or Arabic numeral notation "MK2. "

In this work, a new "stage fatality (stage fatality) that stabs the todome using the gimmick (sulfuric acid pool, ceiling needle, etc.) installed in the stageStage Fatality) ”Was introduced.The activation procedure is based on Fatality, and it is activated by entering a dedicated command in some stages such as "The Dead Pool" and "Pit".

"Friendship" that shows friendship by showing a trick such as dancing or giving a present to the other party, "Baberity" that turns the other party into a babyBabalityA unique finish move without cruelty such as ")" has also been added.[5].

The fatality that was only one in the previous work has increased to two (three only for Scorpion and Shan Tsun)[2]..Jax's Fatality "Arm Rip"(The name of the SFC version is" Double Arm Gatcha ") is a rough work of" removing both arms by force ".[2]So, the sub-zero "" in "MK"Spine RipSimilarly, it has been listed as a spear ball by human rights protection groups, and it has a history that up to "MK3" where the character graphic was transferred to 4D polygons was sealed.[Source required].

GENESIS version only Under certain conditions, the other party is the development staff Fergus McGovern (Fergus McGovern) To the finish move "Fergarity ()Fergality) ”Has been introduced.

In this work, when the uppercut hits, a mysterious man appears from the lower right of the screen with the voice "Toasty!", Which was inherited in the next work "MK3".[5]..This man is Dan Foden in charge of sound[7][5], "Tossie" because the voice when it appears is heard as "Tossie!" In the ears of Japanese speakers.[1]Or it is sometimes called "Uncle Tossie"[Source required].. In the GENESIS version, if you use a trick, it will change to a graffiti drawn by Foden's son.

In Japan, Acclaim Japan sold each model until this work.As with the previous work, the SFC version released in Japan has been restricted in expression.The color of the blood was changed to green, and an effect was added that changed to a monochrome screen when the fatality was activated, but in some cases it was well-received that "the black-and-white screen conveys more vividness." Some fatality has been changed in the GB version[Annotation 5], The human bones also have cartoon-style graphics.In addition, "Mortal Kombat & Moral Kombat II", which is a ported version of "MK", ​​has been released for GB.

When you enter a hidden command in the MD version, the ban on the cruel depiction that almost reproduces the arcade version is lifted[2].

Play station[8]And Sega Saturn have also been ported to, but sound-related bugs[9], There are problems such as being unable to throw in COM battles, and the distribution volume is small.

Appearing characters (* Bold characters are new. Subsequent works are also written in the same way)
Playable characterRyu Kang / Leiden / Johnny Cage / Scorpion / Sub Zero[10] / Leap Tale / Shan Tsun / Khun Lao / Jacks / Kitana / Milena / Baraka
Hidden character (NPC only)smoke / Jade / Nouveau Cybot[11]
Boss characterKintaro(Medium boss)/ Shao Kahn(Final boss)

Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3, Abbreviation "MK3".Ninjas of different colors, including the popular character Scorpion, Kitana, and Milena have been omitted, and the main characters of the series, Leiden and Johnny Cage, have not appeared (Cage was killed in the opening demo, and the sub. Zero is participating in this work's original design).

On the other hand, bold revisions such as the appearance of a cyber ninja with modern weapons built into the body as a new character, the appearance of a modern city stage in addition to the conventional "(unscientific) world view centered on the demon world" It is done. When hitting the uppercut on some stages such as "The Subway" and "Scorpion's Lair", the effect that the recipient breaks through the ceiling and moves the stage has been added.

The one-player mode from this work to "MKG" is a format in which the battle starts after selecting the difficulty level of "BATTLE PLAN" (also called Choose Your Destiny).

By pressing the buttons in a specific order, you can unleash a combo that cancels the rigidity.Chain comboWas implemented[5]..Since there are multiple chain combos with different performances for each character, the aspect as a combo game has become stronger and the strategy has increased.

Already established at the stage of "MK"Juggle comboThe concept of (aerial combo) has also been officially introduced.With these renewalscomboWhen you decide, the number of hits and the damage rate by combo are displayed, and by consuming the stamina gauge, you can move quickly "dash" became possible[5].

In this work, the finish move "Animality" that transforms into animals, dinosaurs, and fictitious beasts and slaughtered enemies.(Animality)Was added (in order to use this, the activation of Mercy, which will be described later, is a prerequisite).

As a new system, it can be activated only when it gets entangled in the third round, and it recovers the opponent's physical strength slightly and restarts the round "Mercy (Mercy) ”Has been introduced.

Sony Computer EntertainmentThe PS version released by is the only localized work, and various demosWheatIt is read aloud in Japanese by.In North America, this software was attached to the early PS body.

Playable characterRyu Kang / Khun Lao / Sonia / Jacks / Kanou / Sub Zero / Shan Tsun / Cinder / Knight wolf / Cabal / striker / Shiva / Sector/ Cylux
Hidden characterNouveau Cybot (NPC only)[Annotation 6] / Smoke (Cyborg)
Boss characterMotaro (middle boss) Shao Kahn (final boss)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Abbreviation "UMK3. "

It is an updated version of "MK3", and the old characters such as Scorpion and Kitana, which were once omitted, have been revived and the new characters have been expanded.Since then, this work is basically the target of the third ported work released in large numbers.[5].

On some models, the finish move "Brutality (Brutality)" that destroys the opponent's body by continuing to hit without a break.brutality) ”Has been added, and it requires the input of a long command set for each character in order to activate it.

Overseas, it has been ported to GBA under the title "Mortal Kombat: Advance", but the accuracy of the port is low and it is unforgiving.AIDue to factors such as extremely high difficulty by NPCs with, and poor operability due to a small number of buttons, overseas game magazinesElectronic Gaming MonthlyIs given a low rating of 0 points.

In "Ultimate Mortal Kombat" released for overseas DS, the command table is always displayed on the upper screen (however, the fatality is only the command and the interval is not described, and the stage fatality is the command itself. No), wireless communication competition,Nintendo Wi-Fi connectionSupports online battles by.Also includes "Puzzle Combat", which is an extra mode of "MK: D" described later.

Of the ported versions, the iPad version was also distributed in Japan on February 2011, 2.[12].

Additional charactersScorpion / Kitana / Jade / Reptile / Smoke (human)
Hidden characterSub Zero (Bi Han) / Milena / Armac

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Abbreviation "MKT".in JapanSoftbankReleased for PS.

A culmination of "MK" in the live-action era, featuring characters from "MK" to "UMK3".The basic system and story follow "UMK3", but there are improvements such as the fatality of additional characters that were halfway in "UMK3" being corrected.

In this work, when the attack is hit or guarded, the letters "AGGRESSOR" are displayed little by little at the bottom of the screen, and when the gauge is full, the speed and attack power increase for a short time, and an afterimage is drawn when moving. The system "AGGRESSOR" has been added.The N64 version, which has not been released in Japan, has some characters omitted due to capacity, but Motaro, Chameleon (female), and Shao Kahn's fatality have been added.

PS version only Kanou, Jacks, Kun Lao, and Leiden will change to the old graphic when you enter a command on the character select screen.

Additional charactersLeiden / Johnny Cage / Baraka / Gorrow / Kintaro / rain
Hidden characterカ メ レ オ ン(PS version, PC version, SS version only) / Chameleon (female)(N64 version only)

Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4, Abbreviation "MK4".This is the last arcade work at the moment, and the home version has not been released in Japan since this work.[13]..Character graphics have shifted from live-action capture to 3D polygons from this work[13].

On September 1999, 9, the Dreamcast software "Mortal Kombat Gold(Abbreviation: MKG)Has been released, and six people have been added: Baraka, Cylux, Kitana, Khun Lao, Milena, and Sector.Due to the short development period, this work has a lot of bugs.One month after its release, a fatal bug was fixed andVisual memoryVer2.0 (red disc) corresponding to is released, but the problem has not been completely fixed.

In addition to being ported to PS, N64, and PC, the Game Boy Color version of 2D graphics developed by Digital Eclipse was released on December 1998, 12.The ending is real-time rendering, but in the PS version and "MKG" it will be played as a pre-rendered video.

In this work, the motion of the chain combo of all characters is unified, and it is possible to perform special skills from combo cancellation.

sword,MaceIn addition to the addition of character-specific weapons such as, and emergency avoidance actions, the range of strategies is expanding with rocks and heads that can be thrown at the opponent on the ground of some stages.

While finish moves such as friendship and baberity have been removed, many of the fatality recreates previous ones.

When you enter a command on the character select screen, the costume changes, and two types are available depending on the character.

Only in this work, a system "MAXIMUM DAMAGE" has been added, in which when the damage of the combo exceeds 40%, each other blows away and the combo is forcibly canceled.This was introduced as a countermeasure because many large damage / instant death combos were established in "MK3" to "MKT".

As a hidden element, it is possible to select a character with a melted exodermis, which is also the prototype of the meat that appears in "MK: A".

Playable characterScorpion / Sub Zero / Ryu Kang / Leiden / Sonia / Jacks / Johnny Cage / Reptile / Kai / Fujin / Jalek / タ ー ニ ャ / Reiko / Shinok / Kwang Qi  
Hidden characterGorrow / Nouveau Cybot / Sector (MKG)
Additional character (MKG)Kitana / Milena / Kun Lao / Baraka / Cylux
Boss characterGorrow (Middle Boss) / Kwang Chi (Middle Boss) / Shinock (Final Boss)
Game * Spark's rate-dat is "鉄 拳And 'Dead or aliveCompared to fighting games of the same age that adopted polygons such as "MK4", he pointed out that "MKXNUMX" was a work that was not very fresh, and explained that it was not evaluated well.[5].

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Abbreviation "MK: DA".The fifth work in the series.

The platform has moved to PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and the quality and resolution of graphics have improved dramatically.Starting with this work, only consumers and handheld game consoles have been developed.

Ported version and minor change version for GBA "Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition(Abbreviation: MK: TE) ”Has been released, and some characters have been replaced.

Previous workpolygonHowever, it was a game system based on the 2D fighting game, but it follows the flow of the existing 3D fighting game from this work to "MK: A".[14], It is possible to move the axis using the depth of the stage.

In this work, there is only one fatality for each character, and while all other finish moves have been abolished, it is equipped with a fighting style and a system to fight using weapons (Blaze and Mocup do not have weapons). Instead, use three fighting styles), and you can freely switch styles during battle to fight.[15]..Also, the attack motion and combo differ depending on the style.In addition, a character with a slashing weapon will not be able to use the weapon during the round by piercing the opponent, but the opponent will continue to lose physical strength until it is settled. 

The inter-stage mini-game "Test Your Might" has been revived since "MK" (you can get coins instead of scores if you clear it in this work), and you can spend coins to hide concept art, characters, costumes, etc. "Krypt" to unlock the elements, "Conquest" to learn the basic skills and combos of each characterKonquest) ”And other new modes are recorded.

It was also planned to be released in Japan[14]However, it was canceled.

The story of this work is a continuation of the Scorpion ending, and the story begins when Scorpion expels the magician Kwang-chi, who killed his clan, to Netherrealm.However, Kwang-chi escapes from Netherrealm using an amulet stolen from the evil god Sinock.He realizes that the tomb of the ancient Dragon King found at the escape destination can be used as a tool to conquer the world, and forms an alliance with Shan Tsun from the consensus of interests. Leiden abandons his guardianship and embarks on a response after the two kill Netherrealm ruler Shao Kahn and Earth's Mortal Kombat winner Ryu Kang.[16].. After killing Leiden's friends one after another, the two develop into killing each other over the amulet of Sinock.[16]..I wondered if Kwang Chi would win, but the Dragon King Onaga, who once ruled Outworld, revives.[16].. The two men took a truce and confronted Onaga with Leiden, but they couldn't stand their teeth. Eventually, Leiden decided to repel Onaga, but the dog died, and Shinock's amulet was taken by Onaga. Continue to Mortal Kombat: Deception[16].

Playable characterLeiden / Khun Lao / Kitana / Sonia / Jacks / Kanou / Johnny Cage / Reptile / Cylux / Kwang Chi / Shan Tsun / Kenshi / Frost / Bo Lai Cho / Li May / Su Hao / Mabad / Nitara / Dramin
Only MK: TE appearsSalina / Nouveau Cybot / Sector
Hidden character[Annotation 7]Blaze / Mocup
Boss characterMoloch(Medium boss[Annotation 8]) / Kwang Qi (final boss) / Shan Tsun (final boss)

Mortal Kombat: Deception

Mortal Kombat: Deception, Abbreviation "MK: D".The sixth work in the series.The basic system almost follows the previous work "MK: DA".As usual, each character has two types of fatality.

As a system common to all characters, "breaker (breaker) that forcibly cancels enemy combos and first hitsBreaker) ”Has been introduced, and the system can be used up to three times per round.

"Conquest" has been renewed as an adventure game where you control Shujinkou to advance the story, and "Chess Combat" (Chess Combat), which compares characters to pieces.Chess Kombat) ”, Two headsDeformationThe character that was done appearsFalling block game"Puzzle Combat (Puzzle Kombat) ”And other bonus modes are also available.In Conquest, some characters appearing in the series up to "MK: DA" have appeared as NPCs, and when you talk to them, events such as coins being transferred, requests being received, and challenges being challenged will occur (however). , It may disappear immediately when approaching, or it may not be possible to talk to it just because it is reflected in the background).

Only in this work, the command "Harakiri (Harakiri)Hara Kiri) ”Was introduced[15].

As with stage fatality, a "destrap" that uses objects to kill enemies has been added, and since this is treated as a normal ringout, it can be activated simply by dropping it in a hole or hitting a specific object. .. 

Since it doesn't follow the procedure for activating Fatality, it is possible to suddenly skewer or mince the opponent from the first round, but in the next round it is revived as if nothing had happened.

The first limited edition contains a ported version of the arcade version "MK", ​​and on March 2005, 3, a GC version with Shao Kahn and Goro added as playable characters was released in North America.[17]..Also, the updated version for PSP, "Mortal Kombat: Unchained, Abbreviation "MK: U”) Was released in 2006, and in addition to the additional characters of the GC version, Kitana, Jacks, Frost, and Blaze have been added.

Playable characterScorpion / Sub Zero / Leiden / Knight Wolf / Cinder / Jade / Kitana / Tanya / Cabal / Baraka / Armac / Nouveau Smoke[Annotation 9] / Kenshi / Bo Lai Cho / Li May / Ryu Kang / Shujinkou[Annotation 10] / Dairou / Darius / Ashura / Havoc / fire Fly / Kira / Cobra
GC version additional characterShao Kahn / Gorrow
Additional character (MK: U)Kitana / Jacks / Frost / Blaze
Boss charactermonster[Annotation 11] / Onaga(Final boss)[Annotation 12]

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Abbreviation "MK: A".The platform is Wii, PS2.

Characters from "MK" to "MK: D" have all appeared, and there are a total of 63 playable characters (however, Chameleon (female) can only be used for the Wii version, and the characters that appear in the Gaiden works described later. Does not appear except Salina).

If you succeed in Just Guard, you can prevent the opponent's attack with your fist and turn back "Parry"(Parry)] And an aerial combo have been newly introduced.

The basic system follows "MK: D", but each character has only one fighting style, and the fatality system also stabs the todome by adding continuous attacks like a combo "Create Fatality"(Kreate-A-Fatality)Has been changed to[15], The system can attack up to 11 steps, but the time limit becomes shorter with each step.The order of batting and todome is different between normal characters and giant characters (Gorrow, Kintaro, Moloch, Onaga, Blaze).In addition, the name of the fatality changes depending on the number of steps required to give a decisive hit (""Fatality"(First move) to"Ultimate Fatality "(Up to 11 moves).

The mode of this work isGSTIn addition to "Conquest", which has been renewed as a viewpoint action game, you can freely set parts combinations, styles, weapons, attack motions, special skills, basic skills, gender, color scheme, voice, etc. to create characters. "Kreate a Fighter", operate a two-headed characterRacing games"Motor Combat (Motor Kombat) ”Is newly added.

Only PS2 has released the first limited edition that includes a ported version of the arcade version "UMK3".

Playable character (XNUMXst generation-MKT)Scorpion / Sub Zero / Ryu Khan / Leiden / Kun Lao / Kitana / Sonia Blade / Johnny Cage / Jacks / Kanou / Milena / Baraka / Cabal / Reptile / Nouveau Cybot / Smoke / Cylux / Sector / Jade / Cinder / Nightwolf / Striker / Armac / Rain / Shan Tsun / Gorrow / Kintaro / Motaro / Shiva / Shao Kahn / Chameleon (male) / Chameleon (female)[Annotation 13] /
Playable character (MK4)Kwang Chi / Shinok / Kai / Fujin / Tanya / Jalek / Reiko
Playable character (MK: DA-MKD)Kenshi / Frost / Bo Lai Cho / Li May / Su Hao / Mabad / Nitara / Dramin / Shujinkou / Dairou / Darius / Ashura / Havik / Firefly / Kira / Cobra / Mocup / Onaga / Blaze[Annotation 14]
Playable characters (others)Salina[Annotation 15] / Meet[Annotation 16] / Taven / Digon

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Abbreviation "MKvs.DCU".Mortal Kombat characters and "Superman''バ ッ ト マ ン, Etc.DC UniverseIt is a crossover work byXbox 360とPS3Was released for.The engine usedU..The platform is Xbox 360, PS3.

Rating in North AmericaESRBDesignated as: T (13 years old and over), the grotesque production is quite modest.[18].

Characters on the "Mortal Kombat" side and "DC Universe"VillanUses fatality, while hero characters such as Batman impose sanctions without killing their opponents.Heroic Brutality)"have[18].

From this work, a "story mode" has been implemented in which one story progresses while switching the characters used for each chapter.

Midway Games, the developer of the series, went bankrupt in 2009 due to poor management, so this is the last series developed and released by the company.

Playable character (MK side)Scorpion / Sub Zero / Leiden / Ryu Kang / Kitana / Sonia Blade / Jacks / Kanou / Baraka / Shan Tsun / Shao Kahn
Playable character (DC side)Batman / Superman / Green Lantern / Flash / Wonder Woman / Captain Marvel / Catwoman / Joker / Deathstroke / Lex Luthor / Darkseid
Boss characterDark Khan

Mortal Kombat (2011)

Mortal Kombat (2011), Commonly known as "MK9","MK 2011". The ninth work released in North America on April 2011, 4.The official title is "Mortal Kombat" as in the first work, but for the sake of distinction, "Mortal Kombat 9, "Mortal Kombat 2011] Is often written.

Acquired the rights to Midway Games from this work Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment It will be sold from, and the development will be under the umbrella of the company. NetherRealm Studios Is in charge.

Platforms are PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita.The game engine continues from the previous workUIs used.

As the title indicates, "Origin regressionThis work, which was developed under the theme of "MK: A", reconstructs the story from the first generation to "MK: A" by unifying the flood and contradiction of episodes and settings due to the release of various derivative works over the series. There is.

While some characters up to "MKT" have appeared, additional characters after "MK4" will not appear except for Kwang Chi and Kenshi (however, some characters such as Reiko, Frost, and Bo Lai Cho). The character appears in a cameo in the form of appearing in the background of the stage or only the name is mentioned, and in the last scene of the story, Shinock also appears to the extent of showing his face).

There were plans to introduce a substantial new character at the development stage of "MKII", but "Scarlet", which had not been adopted for a long time, and "Cyber ​​Sub Zero", which was a cyborg of Sub Zero, 2 First name only.

The system side has returned to the "3D coordinate fighting game with 3D graphics" that abolished the Z-axis movement of the 2D fighting game that had continued so far.

One of the systems adopted for the first time in this work is "Super Meter"(Super Meter), And the gauge will be accumulated by using special skills, receiving attacks, and guarding this attack.The gauge is divided into 3 sections, "Enhanced Attack" which strengthens the normal special skill by consuming 1 section, activates "Breaker" by consuming 2 sections, and "X-Ray" which is equivalent to a super special move by consuming 3 sections Can be activated. "X-Ray" is just like the first hitRadiographLike (X-ray), it penetrates only the skin to show the internal organs and bones, destroying or damaging the opponent's part and causing great damage (if guarded or the first hit does not hit, it ends in misfire ) It is a technique.The amount of damage to the player character is about 3 to 4%, but the amount of damage the boss gives to us is about 5%, and the first hit may not be guardable.On the contrary, the amount of damage that this gives to the boss character is greatly corrected.

On the other hand, in addition to secret fatality and stage fatality, elements of past works such as baberity are also incorporated.

It supports various download contents such as costumes, fatality, additional characters, etc.Nightmare on Elm Street"ofFreddy Kruger[19], PS3 version and PS Vita version only "God of War』Kreitos[20][21]Is delivered as a guest character.

On the Xbox 360 version, Xbox LIVE avatars can be used in certain modes.

One year after the original release, Xbox 1, PS360[22] , PS Vita[23] , PC[24] The full version "Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition" released for the game is pre-recorded with all existing DLC, and game modes and costumes are added.

Winner of the Best Fighting Game at the Video Game Awards 2011[25].

Playable characterScorpion / Sub Zero / Ryu Kang / Leiden / Kun Lao / Kitana / Jade / Johnny Cage / Sonia Blade

Jacks / Knight Wolf / Striker / Cabal / Kanou / Cinder / Milena / Baraka / Armac / Leaptail / Smoke / Sector / Silux / Shiva / Shan Tsun / Kwang Chi / Cyber ​​sub zero

DLC characterscarlet / Rain / Kenshi
Guest characterKratos[Annotation 17] / Freddy Krueger
Boss characterShao Kahn (Final Boss) / Gorrow / Kintaro

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X, Abbreviation "MKX. "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Sold andNetherRealm StudiosThe 10th work that was in charge of development ("X" is called the Roman numeral "10 (ten)", but the alphabet "X" is correct).The platform isWindows,PlayStation 4,Xbox One,Android device.. at firstPlayStation 3とXbox 360But it was supposed to be released, but it was canceled after it was postponed[26]..The engine uses the improved "Unreal Engine 3".

It depicts the events that occur 9 years after the end of the previous work "MK25".

Unique new characters such as "Cathy Cage", a daughter who inherited an overwhelming fighting sense from Johnny Cage, and "Elron Black", a hard-boiled gunman style, have also been added, and only the name is mentioned in the previous work. Some of the characters after "MK4" such as Bo Lai Cho and Shinok have been revived, and the ninja "Tremer" who appeared only in the Gaiden work "MK: SF" is also participating.

As with the previous work, the guest character is distributed as DLC, and "Predator"ThanPredator[27],Friday the 13th"ThanJason Voorhees[28],Satan's sacrifice"ThanLeatherface[29],エ イ リ ア ン"Thanエ イ リ ア ン(Zenomorph)[29]Are participating in the war.

In this work, "" also developed by NetherRealm StudiosInjustice: Clash of Gods], You can move and attack using objects and gimmicks in the stage, for example, in the case of a forest stage called "Snow Forest", you can break a tree branch and hit it against the opponent.[30][31].

In addition, the fatality is also different from the previous work, and it is a more cruel production that mainly shows the state where the opponent is in a miserable appearance.[30][31].

Some characters that have appeared in early works such as Sub Zero and Scorpion are equipped with DLC that reproduces fatality such as "Spine Rip" and "Toasty" in the live-action capture era.[32].

The specifications of Brutality have been renewed, and it has been changed to a system that directly stabs the todome without going through the command input process by satisfying specific conditions.[33]..As a new element, if you intentionally disconnect communication during an online match, the character used will die and you will be treated as defeated.Quitality)[34], A member of the organization to which he belongs stabs a todome "Faction Kill (Faction Kill) ”Has been introduced.

Three types of variations have been added for each character from this work.[30]For example, in the case of Scorpion, "HELLFIRE / NINJUTSU / INFERNOCan be selected from[31]..In addition, the appearance of the character changes slightly depending on the variation.

PS4 version and Xbox One version will be released on April 2015, 4. Unlike the console version, the iOS and Android versions have a simple game system.[35], Is also distributed in Japan.The mobile version has been renamed to "MORTAL KOMBAT" on February 2019, 2.

In January 2016, we announced a new package "Mortal Kombat XL" that includes all DLC including "Kombat Pack 1", and released it for PS2 and Xbox One on March 4 of the same year.[36].

Playable characterScorpion / Sub Zero / Leiden / Johnny Cage / Sonia Blade / Jacks / Kenshi / Shinok / Kwang Chi / Ryu Kang / Khun Lao / Kitana / Milena / Kanou / Armac / Reptile

/ Kathy Cage / Jackie Brix / Takeda / Khun Jin / Kotal Kahn / De Bora / Erron Black / Feller & Thor

DLC characterGoro / Tanya / Bo Lai Cho / Tremer[Annotation 18] / Triborg
Guest characterJason Voorhees / Predator / Leatherface / Aliens
CPU-only characterCinder / Baraka / Rain / Corrupted Sinock[Annotation 19]

Evaluation (MKX)

Evaluation for mobile version
Murasaki of the app review site "App Get" evaluates that the mobile version of the operation system, which mainly consists of taps and swipes, is very comfortable, and also evaluates the enhancement of player characters.[37]..Murasaki points out that the data capacity is as heavy as 1.5G because the graphics are beautiful.[37]..The editorial department of the app review site "Appliv" also evaluates specifications such as an intuitive operation system and enhancement of player characters.[38].

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11, Abbreviation "MK11". It is the numbering notation since "MK4". Released in the United States on April 2019, 4.

Supported platforms are PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows.

Equipped with a character customization function, it is possible to customize all elements such as coloring, equipment, weapon design, special moves, pre-battle appearance production, etc.[39].

The specifications of the gauge have been changed, and while it was used to strengthen the technique and activate the super special move in the past, in this work it is divided into two, one for attack and one for defense.[39].

Among the elements up to the previous work, Brutality and Quitality are inherited, while the name of the super special move "X-Ray" is "Fatal Brow ("Fatal Blow) ”, And the activation condition that“ physical strength is reduced to 30% or less ”was established.[39] In addition, the number of times you can use it is limited to once per match (if you remove it, you can activate it again after a certain period of time). Some of the systems of past works such as "Mercy" and "Parry" have been revived, and Brutality has a specification that changes the production by command input.

In the free update on May 2020, 5, "Friendship" has been implemented for the first time since "MKT", and Leiden's friendship is a Ukrainian dance group.(English edition)Modeled on the performance of[40].

The story depicts the fierce battle between the ancient god "Kronika" who controls time and Ryu Kang and Leiden who confront her, and there are scenes where the same person on different time axes appears.[39].

In this work, characters that did not appear in the previous work such as Baraka and Cabal, Scarlet that first appeared in "MK9", and Frost and Fujin who have participated since "MK: A" have been revived.In addition, he played the same role in the 1995 live-action movie version of Shan Tsun in this work.Cary = Hiroyuki TagawaIt was also talked about being in charge of.[41] A skin with the motif of the actor who later played Leiden, Sonia, and Johnny in the movie is also distributed as DLC.[42].

The music for the trailer of this work is a Belgian DJDimitri VegasWas in charge of, and a skin that could later replace the look and sound of Sub Zero with hiss was delivered as free content for purchasers.[43].

The DLC guest character of this work is "タ ー ミ ネ ー タ ー"ThanT-800[44],バ ッ ト マ ン"Thanジ ョ ー カ ー[44],Spawn[44],ロ ボ コ ッ プ[45], And "Rambo ”ThanJohn Rambo[46]Are participating in the war.

Playable characterScorpion / Sub-Zero / Ryu Kahn / Leiden / Khun Lao / Kitana / Jade / Johnny Cage / Jacks / Sonia / Kanou / Baraka / Cabal / Nouveau Cybot / Scarlet / Frost / Cassie Cage / Jacqui Briggs / Kotal Kahn / Aileron Black / De Bora / Setrion / Geras / コ レ ク タ ー
DLC characterShao Kahn / Shan Tsun / Knight Wolf / Cinder / Fujin / Shiva / Rain / Milena
Guest characterT-800[Annotation 20] / Joker / Spawn / Robocop[Annotation 21] / John Rambo[Annotation 22]
CPU-only characterCylux / Sector / Chronica[Annotation 23]

Gaiden work

Mortal Kombat Mythology: Subzero

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, Abbreviation "MKM: SZ".The first gaiden work in the series.The protagonist is Sub Zero (Bi Han), and the time series is before the "MK" tournament.Leiden's younger brothers Hujin, Kwang Chi and Sinok appeared in this work.In addition, this work is the last "Mortal Kombat" using live-action capture.

Mortal Kombat: Special Force

Mortal Kombat Special Forces, Abbreviation "MK: SF".A work with Jacks as the main character. Unlike MKM: SZ, it is a TPS-oriented game.This is the first appearance of Tremer, who will later participate in "MKX".

Mortal Kombat: Shorin Monks

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks,.Abbreviation "MK: SM".From a TPS perspective with Ryu Kang and Khun Lao as the protagonistsAction adventure game

The story follows from after the "MK" tournament to the last of "MKII", but there are some discrepancies with the settings, and there are pros and cons.[Source required]..In story mode, the finish move "Malta Rity (Malta Rity)" will destroy all enemies within the effective range.Multality) ”Was introduced.

As a hidden element in the game, you can play the completely ported version of the arcade version "MKII" by satisfying the conditions.


The film is set in six worlds created by the god Elder, who is fighting a battle called "Mortal Kombat" to reduce the conflict between these worlds.First work "Mortal Kombat''(Mortal KombatIn), the setting is that the Earth (Earthrealm) has been defeated once, and if the warrior on the Earth side loses, it will be destroyed.The story of the film ends with a warrior on the Earth side defeating champion Goro and the organizer of the tournament, Shan Tsun, in another way to conquer the Earth.Also, some of the participants participate to conquer other worlds, contrary to the purpose of the tournament. "en: Mortal Kombat: Deception"In, most of the characters are killed by Shan Tsun and the underworld magician Kwang Chi, but continue."en: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon"At that point, everyone is back.

Media mix

Comic version

The comic version released in the United States has a liquefied cybernetic ninja "Hydro (Hydro ("Hydro) ”And many other original characters will appear.Among the characters that first appeared in the comic version, in addition to Scarlet appearing in "MK9", there are many settings that were inherited in the main game, such as the friendship between Sub Zero and Smoke.The anime series is also based on the comic version.

Movie version

Published in 1995.The story is based on "MK" and "MKII", and characters from "MK" to "MK3" appear.
However, there are some settings that are different from the game, such as Shao Kahn and Leiden being brothers, and some characters do not appear in the movie.
Published in 1997.
Although it is a sequel to the previous work, the cast is the role of Ryu Kang.Robin ShouHas been changed except.
Published in 2021.Unlike the above two works, this is a reboot work that has renewed the world view and story.

Drama version

The stage is 500 years before "MK".The main character is the ancestor of Khun Lao.

Evaluation for the series

This series is very popular in Europe and the United States, and is a fighting game tournament.Evolution Championship SeriesSelected for the competition[47],Guinness BookAlso has various records[48]. Tekken seriesProducer ofKatsuhiro HaradaIn an interview with Dengeki Online, he speculates that his unique worldview and the presence of characters and guests throughout the series led to his popularity.[49]..On the other hand, in Japan, it remains a part of the cult popularity.[50]..Writer BJ Fox has comedy (Komedy [Komedy]) about the low profile of this series in Japan.Mom]) And then, I speculate that it may be because the Japanese have not accepted the strict attitude of the Japanese examination authorities toward the amputation expression and the system that causes the already defeated opponent to die in a cruel way.[51]..In addition to this, the strange world view and poor operability in the first work[52]And the number of shipments is small[53]Etc. are cited as the reason for the low name recognition in Japan.


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