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🎥 | Sonny Chiba Farewell Party Letters from my son Mackenyu Nitta and Atsushi Maeda


Sonny Chiba Farewell Party Letters from my son Mackenyu Nitta and Atsushi Maeda

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There was also a plan to do "Mito Komon".

A farewell party for actor Sonny Chiba was held on the 22nd at Kosetsuden, Masujoji, Minato-ku, Tokyo. [Photo] Farewell ... → Continue reading

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Mito Komon

Mito KomonWhat is (Mito Komon)?Gonchu dictumIsEdo Period OfMito Domainmain·Tokugawa MitsukuniAnother name for, and Tokugawa Mitsukuni retiredJapanRehabilitation performed by traveling around the world (Moral discipline) Is the name of the creative word.Once exclusively "Mito Komonman Yuuki』(Mitokoumonman Yuuki) was called.

Talk,kabuki,theater,Novel,movies,TV drama,Comic,AnimeEtc. are drawn.


Story background

Tokugawa Mitsukuni, the real Mito feudal lord, compiled the national history (""Japanese history』) For the history bureau staffScholarThey are dispatched to various parts of Japan to collect historical materials, but Mitsukuni himself was in the age of Seiko.KamakuraPlaying history and the era of the feudal lordEdoThere is no record of traveling around the countries, only making round trips to the country and patrols within the territory.[1]..Although it was moving on foot during the work, the actual Mitsukuni was moving by horse etc.[1].

Mitsukuni is of the same agebiographyIn the materialMingjunIt was said that it was well known among the common people.When he died, he said, "Heaven is the bottom two treasures, Sado's Kanayama Mito Komon."Mad songBecame popular.For the establishment of Mito Komon Manyutan, the reputation as such a master,BakumatsuInMito ManabuIt seems that the penetration of the story influences the formation of the later story.There are various biographical materials of Mitsukuni, such as "Yoshikoyukimi", which is the official biography, and "" and "".Treasure calendarIn the year, the actual novel "" was established based on these biographical materials, and it is the origin of Komon Manyutan.

In addition, the historical Mitsukuni is a vassal'sSasa Totake(Sassa Muneki) and others have been dispatched to various places.Honoring HallWith Sasa who was the presidentAsaka Tanpaku(Asaka Protein, Kakubei Azumi) are considered to be the models of Suke-san and Kaku-san later.

More than the customs that remain in the social division of the time諱Is the person / direct lineHonor・ The person servesmonarchOnly could be called in private or awe-inspiring special occasions.That the current person directly speaks to the superior, the upper family, the upper position, etc.TabooAnd when calling, if the called person isOfficial position-Job system・ Place of residence, etc.Last nameOrwordIt was common to use in combination with.PriestIn the case of, use the legal name, or even the surname if there is a large disparity between the caller and the called person.tabooThere was a strict custom of looking at it.For this reason, the name of Mito Komon is Mitsukuni.Tokugawa GosankeThe lord of the Mito clan, which is one of the lords of the Mito clanSamurai officialIn order to avoid directly saying "Tokugawa Mitsukuni", the name of the clan, "Mito", was used as the name of the Chunagon.Chinese nameIsKomonIt is another name that was widely used.

Kodan "Mito Komon Manyuuki"

Bakumatsubecome,Kodanshi(Name unknown) but these biographiesTokosha XNUMXThe humorous story of the work "Tokaido Naka Knee Chestnut HairIt is believed that he created "Mito Komon Manyuuki" with reference to "Mito Komon Manyuuki".The content is "Under the WorldVice GeneralMitsukuni is a companionPoetIt became a very popular work, as it was to take a tour of the countries and rehabilitate the world.The deputy general position is not in the shogunate system, but in the Mito Tokugawa familyChange of attendanceIt is said that some of the vassals were called "deputy shoguns" because they thought that "once there was a shogun, the head of the Mito family would take over as a shogun" because there was no such thing as Edo Shogun.About the beginning of this storytellingYoshinobu TokugawaTo get a general position, he is a fatherMito MasaakiThere is a theory that the Mito Tokugawa family tried to spread the story that they were "deputy generals of the world".

MeijiTo become and,OsakaThe storyteller is not a poet but a vassalSasaki Sukesaburo(Sukesaburo, Suke)Atsumi KakunoshinIt became a more popular subject, expanding into a story with two people (Kaku-san, Atsumi Kakunosuke, etc.).It seems that Suke and Kaku have taken in the charm of "Yajiki Kita" that "Tokaido Nakagiri Kurige" has.The story of Komonmono in the early Meiji eraTokyoとOsakaIn, the lines played were very different, but it is said that the Osaka-style ones with assistants and ranks became the mainstream.

Tokugawa ShogunateFrom the end of the Edo period when維新Later Meiji,Taisho,Showa OfSecond World WarCompared to the Edo periodTokugawaThe Huangmen were touted, despite a significant decline in their reputation.In the background, there is a real light 圀EmperorRespectMasanari SuzukiAs a loyal retainer, compiling "Dainihonshi"Mito Manabu Reverence,Emperor System-Nanbokucho theoryIt is thought that it is related to having a great influence on.From the end of the Edo periodPrewarIn the storytelling and novels of KomonmonoMinatogawa ShrineHe had a strong sonnō color, such as going to Kusunoki Masashige's grave.In post-war movies and TV dramas, such a royal color was dispelled.

As a classic historical drama

When movie production began in Japan at the end of the Meiji era, "Mito Komon Manyuuki" was touted as a classic historical drama movie, and dozens of films were produced from prewar to postwar.Matsunosuke OnoeIncludingKaichi Yamamoto,Denjiro Okochi,Utaemon IchikawaThe big stars of the historical drama are playing Huangmen.For Okochi and Ichikawa, who disliked the role of Huangmen as an old man, two roles were set up with the young samurai.

After the warOccupation period OfSword playAfter going through the banToeiFollowing Utaemon IchikawaRyunosuke TsukigataIs made into a series starring.The early Tsukigata HuangmenClass BAlthough it was a work, due to its popularity, a masterpiece of all-star cast came to be made, and the title was changed from the conventional "Mito Komon Manyuuki" to simply "Mito Komon".In the Tsukigata series, 34 (XNUMX)1959/)of"Koto Mito World Deputy General] Is famous.Although each company competed due to the box office success of Tsukigata Komon, it was not as good as Toei's Tsukigata work.

In the TV era,TBSIs still starring TsukigataBrother TheaterAtTV dramabottom.Furthermore, there were many villains as well as Tsukigata.Eijiro HigashinoWas appointed as the leading roleNational theater(LaterPanasonic Drama Theater, Same below) Series "Mito Komon』Has become even more popular, and has been made into a long-lived program while changing several actors such as Huangmen.As a regular program, it continued until December 2011.In this national movie version, the scriptwriterIchiro MiyakawaBy the idea of, in every good condition of the dramaTrefoil AoiCrest (Tokugawa OfFamily crest) Was drawnInroThere is a scenario that reveals the true identity of Huangmen, saying, "Isn't this crest in my eyes?"

The TBS version of Mito Komon has not been broadcast since the special version in 2015,2017/From October, group stationsBS-TBSThe new work of "Mito Komon" starts broadcasting[2]..The production company is the same as the TBS version, but the role of HuangmenTakeda TetsuyaThe performers have been completely redesigned.

Mito Komon is very popular and well-knownMitoOpened inMito Komon Festival, Mito Komon Manyumarathon[3]It is also incorporated in event names such as.

Synopsis / Contents

Time isGenroku, "Dog Kubo", GodaiGeneralTokugawa TsunayoshiReign of.RetirementMitsukuni takes his companion poet and embarks on a journey to rehabilitate the feudal affairs, which also serves as a tour of the nations.Do bad politicsDaming-Deputy officialIf there is such a thing, Mitsukuni will ownpseudonym of a haiku poetHe hints at his true identity by writing down "Mizugakure Umeri" and denounces bad politics.However, Mitsukuni corrects local injustices of officials, and sometimesStatus systemAlthough there are times when lovers who are not tied by the rules of the world show a swanky affair, there is no development to step into social reform on a large scale because they are real people and because they are retired.TV drama versionThen, rather than leaving for the purpose of rehabilitation itself, there is a main story such as conspiracy and house turmoil every season, and a sub-story that helps people who meet on the way to the destination to solve it is a standard composition every time. It has become.

The companion has been with Sukesaburo Sasaki since the story of the Meiji era.Atsumi KakunoshinIt was decided to be two people.

In the work, MitsukuniChirimenWholesaler "Echigoya" (orEchigoAt the beginning of the story, the setting to call himself Koemon, the retreat of the Chirimen wholesaler in Japan, the climax in which Suke and Kaku show the inro to the bad guys.Elder OfYoshitada YamanobeHowever, the scene where Mitsukuni and his party are about to leave, and even the party is escorted.NinjaIs mainly added to the TV drama "Mito Komon], And it is not always the same setting as other Mito Komon products, including the previous works.

Movie adaptation

Mito KomonkiMarch 1910Yokota ShokaiMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komonki Volume XNUMX1910/Yokota ShokaiMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito KomonMarch 1912M Pathe Shokai
Mito Komon TourMarch 1912Yokota ShokaiMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito KomonkiMarch 1915NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon and Kotengu ShigekichiMarch 1915Tenkatsu
Mito Komon Manyuuki no KunijoMarch 1917NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon Ninjutsu DefeatMarch 1918TenkatsuIchikawa Enjuro
Mito Komon Part XNUMXMarch 1919NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon Part XNUMXMarch 1919NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon and Fist Bone TaroMarch 1919TenkatsuIchikawa Enjuro
Mito Komonki Volume XNUMXMarch 1919NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon and Kappa's KinzoMarch 1919NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komonki Vol. XNUMXMarch 1919NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon's Last ManyuMarch 1920National activityFifth generationSawamura Shirogoro
Mito Komon no money playMarch 1921National activityFifth generationSawamura Shirogoro
Matsuyama Bizarre Story Mito KomonkiMarch 1921Shochiku KinemaIchikawa Enjuro
Mito Komon Volume XNUMXMarch 1921NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon Volume XNUMX1921/NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon Volume XNUMX1921/NikkatsuMatsunosuke Onoe
Mito Komon and Kotengu ShigekichiMarch 1922Shochiku KinemaFifth generationSawamura Shirogoro
Mito KomonMarch 1922Empire Kinema
Sequel Mito KomonkiMarch 1922Empire KinemaArashi Shozo
Nationwide Manyu Mito KomonMarch 1923Shochiku KinemaFifth generationSawamura Shirogoro
Mito Komon one after anotherMarch 1923Empire KinemaArashi Shozo
Mito KomonMarch 1923Makino movieHataya Ichikawa
Mito KomonMarch 1926NikkatsuKaichi Yamamoto
Sequel Mito KomonMarch 1928NikkatsuKaichi Yamamoto
Mito Komon TokaidoMarch 1929Makino ProductionHataya Ichikawa
Later Mito KomonMarch 1929Makino ProductionHataya Ichikawa
Mito Komon Itinerary KitanMarch 1930Empire KinemaTaisuke Matsumoto
Mito Komon Manyuuki Eiraku TokutaroMarch 1931Shochiku KinemaMisao Seki
Mito Komon Manyuuki Nagatsugu Shinno MakiMarch 1932Right thick professional
Mito KomonMarch 1932Kawai movie
Mito KomonMarch 1932NikkatsuKaichi Yamamoto
Mito Komon Part XNUMXMarch 1934Far East KinemaTaisuke Matsumoto
Mito Komon Part XNUMXMarch 1934Far East KinemaTaisuke Matsumoto
Mito Komon visits the next volumeMarch 1934NikkatsuDenjiro Okochi
Mito Komon Secret Book VolumeMarch 1935NikkatsuDenjiro Okochi
Mito Komon Blood Blade VolumeMarch 1935NikkatsuDenjiro Okochi
Mito Komonman YuukiMarch 1937Big movie
Mito Komon Manyuuki Kumon Ryuno MakiMarch 1937Emerging KinemaTaisuke Matsumoto
Mito Komon KaikokukiMarch 1937NikkatsuKaichi Yamamoto
Mito Komon Manyuuki Tokaido VolumeMarch 1938TohoTokugawa dream voice
Mito Komon Manyuuki Japan Sunny VolumeMarch 1938TohoTokugawa dream voice
Sequel Mito Komon KaikokukiMarch 1938NikkatsuKaichi Yamamoto
New edition Mito KomonMarch 1939Far East KinemaRyunosuke Kumoi
Sequel Mito Komon Part XNUMXMarch 1940Far East KinemaRyunosuke Kumoi
Sequel Mito Komon Part XNUMXMarch 1940Far East KinemaRyunosuke Kumoi
Mito KomonMarch 1940ShochikuHideo Fujino
Mito KomonMarch 1940Big movieHisamatsu Tamaki
Judging Mito KomonMarch 1941ShochikuHideo Fujino
Mito Komon Manyuuki Hiryu no KenMarch 1951DaieiDenjiro Okochi
Mito Komon Manyuuki Part XNUMX Hell's ThievesMarch 1952ToeiUtaemon Ichikawa
Mito Komon Manyuuki Part XNUMX Fushimaden's YoukaiMarch 1952ToeiUtaemon Ichikawa
Mito Komon Manyuuki Tensei Ukiyo DochuMarch 1954ShochikuHanabishi Achaco
Mito Komon Manyuuki Joro Spider Volume / Youth Blood Revenge Demon Volume / Destruction Sword VolumeMarch 1954ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Continued Mito Komon Manyuuki Deputy General First climbMarch 1954ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki Fighting Inuzaki's CounterattackMarch 1954ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki Hell Paradise FussMarch 1954ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki The rickets man of the ghost castleMarch 1955ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki The evil spirit of Fire Cow SlopeMarch 1955ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki Naruto no OgreMarch 1956ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki Phantom Cat RanbuMarch 1956ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki Mysterious Human MonkeyMarch 1956ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon Manyuuki Man-eating foxMarch 1956ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito KomonMarch 1957ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komonman YuukiMarch 1958DaieiSecond generationNakamura Kojiro
Deputy General of the World Mito ManyuukiMarch 1958ShintohoFurukawa Midori
Mito Komonman YuukiMarch 1958ShochikuFourth generationKunitaro Sawamura
Mito Komon and Princess AbareMarch 1959ShintohoBando Kotaro
LOL Mito Komon ManyuukiMarch 1959TohoTokugawa dream voice
Mito Komon Manyuuki Your favorite storyMarch 1959ShochikuFourth generationKunitaro Sawamura
Koto Mito World Deputy GeneralMarch 1959ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito KomonMarch 1960ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Mito Komon The turmoil of the worldMarch 1960Second ToeiDenjiro Okochi
Mito Komon Manyuuki Phantom HachishakubozuMarch 1960Second ToeiJun Usami
Mito Komonsuke-san Kaku-san rampageMarch 1961ToeiRyunosuke Tsukigata
Cross the Mito Komon SeaMarch 1961DaieiKazuo Hasegawa
Mito Komonman YuukiMarch 1969TohoMorishige Hisaya
Mito KomonMarch 1978ToeiEijiro Higashino

TV work

Program nameBroadcast periodNumber of storiesProduction BureauStarring (role of Huangmen)
Enomoto's Mito Komon ManyuukiMarch 1954, 6-March 15, 1954Nippon TVKenichi Enomoto
Mito Komonman YuukiMarch 1957, 3-March 5, 195733TBSHisao Toju
New theory Mito KomonMarch 1960, 2-March 25, 1960Fuji Television Network, IncHanayagi Hiroshi
Mito Komonman YuukiMarch 1960, 4-March 7, 1960Nippon TVThird generation Sadanji Ichikawa
Roppa's Mito KomonMarch 1960, 11-March 4, 196113Every day broadcastingFurukawa Midori
Kodan Rokyoku Drama Mito KomonMarch 1961, 10-March 7, 19613NHKTokugawa dream voice
Brother Theater Mito KomonMarch 1964, 11-March 2, 196561TBSRyunosuke Tsukigata
National Theater Mito KomonMarch 1969, 8-March 4, 1983381TBSEijiro Higashino
LOL Mito Komon / LOL on the way to fix the world1976/Kansai TVXNUMXth Hayashiya Kozome
National Theater Mito KomonMarch 1983, 10-March 31, 1992283TBSNishimura Akira
Mitsukuni Mito, Deputy General of the World
Fierce battle of the Tokugawa Gosanke
1992/1/2One shotTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Twelfth generation Ichikawa Danjuro
National Theater Mito KomonMarch 1993, 5-March 17, 2000246TBSAsano Sano
National Theater Mito KomonMarch 2001, 4-March 2, 200250TBSKoji Ishizaka
National theater / Panasonic
Drama Theater Mito Komon
March 2002, 10-March 14, 2011267TBS → TBS TVKotaro Satomi
LOL! Two Mito Komon2003/12/30One shotYomiuri TelevisionKanpei Ma
Mito KomonMarch 2017, 10-March 4, 201710BS-TBSTakeda Tetsuya
March 2019, 5-March 19, 201910

Extra edition

Program nameBroadcast periodNumber of storiesProduction BureauStarring (role of Huangmen)
Manga Mito KomonMarch 1981, 9-March 3, 198246Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Toshiya Sugita(voice)
Japanese History Suspense Theater Mito Komon Mystery2009/2/18One shotNippon TVKato tea

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Popular song


A work based on Mito Komon Manyuuki

Works inspired by "Mito Komon Manyuuki" include the following.

TV anime
  • Manga Mito Komon ――The story development is the same as the drama version, but with an up-tempo theme song that does not seem to be a historical drama, and with Suke-san, who has special moves such as "Ryusei Jumonji Sword" and "Aoi Mitsuhakae", "Rikidasuki" It is characterized by its unusual style, such as Kaku-san, who has the power of XNUMX people, and the flashy production of the scene where the inro is put out.
  • Anmitsu Hime (Anime) ――In episode 6, "Koumon-sama has arrived !!", Mitsunori Mito, Sukesaburo Sasaki, and Masanoshin Atsumi appear.
  • Space Pirate Mito's Great Adventure --SF comedy anime.
  • The strongest Robo Daioja --Giant robot anime.
  • NG Knight Ramune & 40 --Destruction Warrior (Robot) "Gold Skezarn" and "Gold Kakuzan" are now available.
  • Sgt. Frog --A historical drama called "Mito Agony" appears in the play.
TV drama
  • Ramenbo Shogun
    VI Episode 16"I am a fake general in the world" --- Mito Komon Manyuuki and Mitsuha Aoi's inro appeared.
    VIII Episode 10"Huangmen-sama involved in a conspiracy !?"- Tokugawa TsunajoMitsukuni, his father, goes out into the city and tries to discipline evil.
  • Aoi Tokugawa XNUMXrd generation ――Mitsukuni appears as a commentator's madness.Basically, he stays in the Edo mansion and talks about historical facts.Japanese history』Appeared with assistants Sasaki Sukesaburō and Azumi Kakubei as editors, but in the final episode, he said," It is not always the intention to disobey the expectations of the world, "and the story ends in the appearance of Mito Komon.
  • Princess Anmitsu ――It appears a little bit.
  • Mysterious Girl Nile Totomes ――In the 27th episode "Tina's test study", Mitsukuni Mito, Sukesaburo Sasaki, Atsumi Kakunoshin and others appeared.
  • Surprised man -The first sticker has three formations of Komon Tenjin (angel), Sukekaku-san (amulet), and Daikanma (devil).



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