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📺 | Jun Matsumoto's "Next Door" has a series of "withdrawal declarations" "boring" "dropped out in one episode"

Photo Jun Matsumoto Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

"Declaration of withdrawal" continued in Jun Matsumoto's "Next Door" "It was boring" "Dropped out in one episode"

If you write the contents roughly
It's a little too noisy, but sometimes it's good to have a role like this. ”
<< I'm glad to see Jun Matsumoto's unexpected face!

"Arashi" The serial drama "Next Door" (TV Asahi) starring Jun Matsumoto will start on January 1th.First average household ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Good Jun Matsumoto

Matsumoto Jun

Jun Matsumoto(Jun Matsumoto[1],1983/〈Showa58 years>May 8[4] -) isJapan Oftalent,An actor,singer,chairperson.NicknameIs "Jun Matsumoto'[5].TokyoToshimaI'm fromHorikoshi High Schoolgraduate[6].stormMembers (indefinitely inactive, 1999-2020)[3].


1983/May 8ToTokyoToshimaBorn and raised in Toshima Kindergarten, graduated from Toshima Ward Tokigaku Elementary School, and graduated from Toshima Ward Nishisugamo Junior High School.

1996/, Debuted in the entertainment world when he was in the first year of junior high school.1997/In March"Insurance Investigator Shigarami Taro's Case Book 3rd Sanuki Murder Case』First appeared in a TV drama and made an actor debut[7][8]..In the same year, "City less than our courage』First serial dramaregularPerform appearance[9].

1998/ToShinjuku Boy DetectivesMade his first appearance in the movie[10].. On July 8th of the same year,Asahi Shimbun≪80th) sponsored by (Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd.)National High School Baseball Championship≫ I acted as a facilitator at the event before the opening ceremony[11]. On September 8,TV Asahi≪ 11thTokyo Bay Daika Fire Festival≫ Moderator.Also in the same yearMisawa HomeWas appointed as a commercial forCMMade his first appearance.

1999/In 4 monthHorikoshi High School・ Enter the regular course / trait course and2002/Graduated in March[6]..I still interact with my classmates at Horikoshi High School[6]..Formed Arashi in 1999 while in high school.

2001/The TV drama that was broadcast toThe Files of Young Kindaichi 3rd Series』(Nippon TV) attracted attention in the role of Ichiichi Kaneda[12]..After that, the first independent regular program will start on October 10th.Late nightBroadcast starts in the frame[13]..The following year, 2002, the TV drama "Gokusen』Appeared in.After that, "You are a pet』And appear in many TV dramas and movies, and raise the name[14].

From 2001 to 2003,Japan McDonald'sFirst appearance on the TV commercial of "Salmon McMuniere"[15]..At the same timeJapan Coca-ColaAppeared on TV commercials for the "Coca-Cola" campaign[16].. Or later,CMAnd many advertisementsMediaAppeared in.

2007/The TV drama that was broadcast toBambi~no!(Nippon TV), and became the pitcher for the Wednesday drama frame for the first time in five years.[17]..The following year, 2008,SuntoryUsed for TV commercials for "Pepsi Cola".After that2010/Starred in the drama series "Lucky Seven" and "Shitsuren Chocolatier" on Fuji TV on Monday at 9 o'clock.[18].

According to a survey by Nihon Monitor, which conducts media research and analysis in 2013, the year-end and New Year holidaystalentWon the top spot in the "Ranking of Number of Appearances in Programs".Matsumoto ranked first for two consecutive years following last year[19].

2016/December, TV drama "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-』, Starring the Sunday Theater for the first time[20].. In 201899.9-Criminal Lawyer-SEASON II』Part 2 broadcast[21].

In December 2021, the movie "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIEWill be released[22].. In 2022, the TV drama "The power of my neighbor』, Became the first starring in a TV Asahi series drama[23].2023/IsNHK taiga drama"What to do Ieyasu]Tokugawa IeyasuIt is planned to star in the role.It will be the first appearance in a taiga drama and the first starring[24].



  • He learned to swim when he was a child, belonged to the baseball club in the town when he was in elementary school, and belonged to the soccer club when he was in junior high school.I also learned a lot of penmanship and abacus.[25].
  • A family of two siblings, a father, a mother, and an older sister. I am on good terms with my sister who is two years older, and she sometimes calls Matsumoto "Matsujun".[26].
  • About the family, he said, "Because I had similar habits and tastes when I was with my family, I can feel a connection with a little thing like this," he said about his feelings for his family.[27].
  • 2003/ToHanamaru MarketAs an actress I admireTakako MatsuAre listed[28].
  • Matsumoto said in an interview with a taiga drama, "I was told this story when I was going to get off the ship called Arashi once at the end of last year and wanted to have a new adventure. I will do my best." ing[29]


  • CuisineIs one of my hobbiesKikkoman OfCMWe cook the menu at the recital and show off our cooking skills.[30].
  • My favorite food is sushi[31], Soba[32]..My favorite drink is coffee, and I often drink coffee on shows.[5].



* The starring work is the starring work

TV drama

Documentary program

  • KabukizaOpening special "Kanzaburo talked about now ... Actor's way of life Couple's bond Exclusive confession & treasured video 300 days" (April 2013, 4, Fuji TV)[46] - Navigate
  • "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-Fully adhered to the document Jun Matsumoto! (April 2016, 4, TBS)
  • NNN Document '19"It should be okay ... West Japan heavy rain half a year The disaster area is now" (January 2019, 1, NTV, BS Nippon Television, NTV NEWS20)- Narration[47]
  • 24-hour TV42 "WheeLog!" (August 2019, 8, NTV)- Narration[48]
  • 31st JNN Planning Award"Island Hotel that Creates the Future" (January 2022, 1, Production Secretariat:Sanin Broadcasting, TBS affiliated 28 stations nationwide) --Traveler[49][50]


Television Animation

TV program

Special program

Radio program

  • Midnight Boys (October 1997-September 10,ABC Radio)
  • JUN STYLE (October 2002, 10-September 5, 2011,FM Nack Five)-"EXCITING SATURDAY] Mini program * First independent radio broadcast.
  • "Memoir of Jun Matsumoto" TOKYO FM special program (October 2017, 10, October 6, 10, October 13, 10,TOKYO FM/JFN)[56]


CM / Corporate Advertising



  • 2002/
  • 2005/
    • 47th The Television Drama Academy Awards Supporting Actor Award ("Boys Over Flowers")
    • 2nd TVnavi Drama of the Year 2005 Best Supporting Actor Award ("Boys Over Flowers")
  • 2006/
  • 2007/
    • The 10th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix GP Winter Supporting Actor Award ("Hana Yori Dango 2 (Returns)")
    • 53th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor ("Bambi~no!])
  • 2008/
  • 2009/
    • 13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix GP Spring Leading Actor Award ("Smile")
  • 2010/
    • The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix GP Summer Leading Actor Award ("Summer love shines in rainbow colors")
    • YOU BEST COSMETICS AWARDS 2010 Special Award[106]
  • 2012/
    • 72th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor ("lucky Seven])
  • 2014/
    • 80th The Television Drama Academy Award for Best Actor ("Shitsuren Chocolatier")[107]
    • The 17th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Leading Actor Award ("Heartbroken Chocolatier")
    • 25 timesJapan Jewelery Best Dresser Award Special prize[108]
  • 2017/
  • 2018/
    • 21st Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix GP Winter Leading Actor Award ("99.9-Criminal Lawyer-SEASON II")[109]
    • The 96th The Television Drama Academy Awards Leading Actor Award ("99.9-Criminal Lawyer-SEASON II")
    • 28th TV LIFE Annual Drama Awards Leading Actor Award ("99.9-Criminal Lawyer-SEASON II")


Photo book

Magazine serialization

  • magazine"ROADSHOW"Jun Matsumoto's CINEMA SIDEWALK" (Shueisha, August 2005-) Cinema essay serialization
  • magazine"Monthly Telepal f"More, Jun Matsumoto!" (Shogakukan, January 2007-April issue)
  • magazine"an ・ an』(Magazine house) Cover serialization
    • "The Right Way to Love a Man" (February 2007)[110] -2012)
    • "This year will be my new me!" (January 2014)[111] -2019)
  • magazine"Weekly The Television』(KADOKAWA)
    • "Bambino!" (No. 2007-18, 26)
    • "Jun Matsumoto's 7 Color Survey FILE" (December 2011 issue-February 12 issue)
  • magazine"TV LIFE"Natsujun Mode" (One Publishing, 2010 Nos. 15-20)


Album recording

Release datetitleRemarks
2005/8/3W / MEalbum"One] Recording.
2007/7/11Yabai-Yabai-Yabaialbum"Time] (First limited edition only) recorded.
2008/4/23Nakedalbum"Dream "A" live] (First limited edition only) recorded.
2010/8/4Come back to mealbum"The scenery I see] Recording.
2011/7/6Shake it!album"Beautiful world] Recording.
2012/10/31We wanna funk, we need a funkalbum"P] Recording.
2013/10/23Dance in the darkalbum"LOVE] Recording.
2014/10/22STAY GOLDalbum"THE DIGITALIAN] Recording.
2015/10/21Don't you love me? album"japanism] Recording.
2016/10/26Baby bluealbum"Are You Happy?] Recording.

Not recorded

Release datetitleRemarks
2003/12/17DON'T CRYvideo"How's it going? SUMMER CONCERT 2003] Recording.
2005/1/1Familyvideo"2004 Arashi! Iza, Now Tour!!] Recording.
Tell me what you wanna be?video"ARASHI AROUND ASIA Thailand-Taiwan-Korea] Recording.
video"ARASHI AROUND ASIA + in DOME] Recording.
video"ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO] Recording.


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