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🤖 | "Dai no Daibouken" Episode 65, completely defeated by Crocodyne's "heroine" power! ??In the talk by Tomoaki Maeno, "Finish ...


"Dai no Daibouken" Episode 65, Completely Defeated by Crocodyne's "Heroine" Power! ??In the talk by Tomoaki Maeno, "Finish ...

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There was also a voice saying, "It's handsome and strong, and it's the best as a Han," and the charm of Hyunckel, who was completely awakened, was drawing attention!

The 65th episode of the anime "Dai no Daibouken" is "The Dark Hyunckel".Hyunckel's good-looking guy and crocodile that fell in the dark ... → Continue reading


Another dimension space magazine "numan" for Kodawari girls.
Information for Kodawari girls who love manga, anime, games, 2D novels, and 2.5D stages and dramas will be posted at any time!

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