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🎥 | Actress Koki, the director and co-stars of the first starring work "Ushikubi Village", how did you see "acting ability"?


How did actress Koki, the director and co-stars of the first starring work "Ushikubi Village" see "acting ability"?

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Satoru Matsuo, Haruka Imou, Fumiya Takahashi, Rinka Otani, and Director Shimizu, who co-starred on the stage in front of the screen (from the right in the photo), also took the stage.

[Koki, the model who starred in the movie for the first time in "Ushikubi Village".How did the director and co-star cast see her acting ability ... → Continue reading


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    Director Shimizu

    Satoshi Matsuo

    Satoru Matsuo(Matsuo Satori,1975/<Showa 50>12/7 -) isJapan OfAn actor.

    HyogoAmagasakiBackground[3].FM MGBelongs. Height 177cm. twenty fourkg.Blood TypeIs AB type.


    In the wake of the stage I saw for the first time in my second year of high school at a school eventAn actorAspire to[4].1995/ToFaculty of Policy Studies, Kansai Gakuin UniversityWhen you enroll in, you will be introduced by a seniorSankei ShimbunWorked as a part-time job at the Osaka Headquarters Organization Department. Even after dropping out of college in the third year, he continued to work and was recommended to be a full-time employee, but he wanted to become an actor.1998/Retired to[5].

    2000/Moved to Tokyo with the aim of becoming an actor.While auditioning for a theater company, I happened to deliver an enveloped ticket that I picked up on the street in front of my house to the police box.[6][7][8]With the woman who wants to thank youOmotesandoI will meet at a coffee shop in Japan, and in a small talk, the owner is an entertainment productionFM MGIt turns out that he is the president (currently chairman) of the company, and his affiliation with the company is decided.[4][5][9]..Debuted as an actor in the movie "Not Forgotten" of the same year while being introduced to the auditions little by little.[10]..The actress of the same office in the era of laying downHaruka IkawaAlso serves as an attendant[11].

    movies"Aegis of the Extinct Country』(2005/) Or “First Snow Love Virgin Snow』(2006/),TV drama"train man』(2005), etc.2007/ OfFuji Television Network, IncTV drama series "SP Metropolitan Police Department Security Department Guard Section XNUMXth Section』After auditioning, one of the five major SP roles, YamamotoPolice OfficerSelected as a role and attracted attention[4]..Later,NHKTaiga drama"Tenchijin』(2009/) And the sameContinuous tv novel"Teppan』(2010/ - 2011/),movies"Thermae Romae(2012) andAttack on Titan』(2015/)[12] Has appeared in many TV dramas and movies[10].

    book"The man who was picked up"ButWalt Disney JapanとNHK EnterpriseIt was announced that it will be serialized in 2022 in collaboration with[13].


    Hobby総 合格 闘 技, Rugby, painting[14].

    Issei TakahashiIs my best friend for 10 years[15].

    Hyogo Prefectural Nishinomiya Minami High SchoolTimesrugbyBelonged to the department[16]..An animation director famous for "Gintama" and "Osomatsu-san" for the second year junior of the rugby club of the same high schoolYouichi FujitaThere is[16]. 

    Rugby player of the same ageKengo Watanabe(Currently Kengo)PancrasDebut or a body similar to yourselfIgor Bob Chanchin OfPRIDEHe became interested in mixed martial arts as a result of his success in Japan, and eventually started mixed martial arts himself.Hideo TokoroI started practicing at the martial arts gym to which I belong, but when I started it, it was harder than I imagined, but the TV dramaSP Metropolitan Police Department Security Department Guard Section XNUMXth SectionThe hobby "Mixed Martial Arts" received the attention of the people involved in the audition, so the practice will be resumed in a hurry.[2][17].UFCAs a fan of martial arts and a talent who loves martial arts, he also appears on related programs.[18].. movies"Attack on Titan』In the action sceneRoy Nelson,Mark huntIt is said that he played while imagining[19].

    SobaAllergiesBecause of his constitution, on New Year's EveBuckwheat noodlesI'm eating udon and ramen instead of[20].

    From the common points such as "a good figure" and "wearing glasses", the actors are alsoHiromasa TaguchiIt is often mistaken for.However, Matsuo says, "If you line up, it doesn't look like that."[21]. Also,NHK OfContinuous tv novel"AleIn 』, it was a flow that regular performer Matsuo appeared after Taguchi appeared as a guest, but at this time also it became a hot topic on the net that it was" similar ".[Note 1].

    Entertainment shows"What about WednesdayIs a fan of[23].



    TV drama

    Delivery drama

    Other TV programs


    Television Animation

    • Dark Play Phase 4 Episode 3 (January 2017, 1, TV TOKYO) --Narrative



    WEB movie

    • Ziplock × BEAMS COUTURE "BEAMS TV Shopping" "Tote Bag, Apron, Waist Pouch", "Umbrella", "Rucksack" (2018) *Mei NaganoCo-starred with[55]

    WEB serialization



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