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🎥 | Spider-Man's new work exceeds 800 billion yen in North American revenue! Overtakes "Black Panther" to 4th place in history

Photo "Spider-Man: No Way Home" North American box office ranked 4th in history! – C) 2021 CTMG. (C) & TM 2021 MARVEL. All Rights Reserved.

Spider-Man's new work exceeds 800 billion yen in North American revenue! Overtakes "Black Panther" to 4th place in history

If you write the contents roughly
Expectations are high for how far Spider-Man: No Way Home can grow.

North American box office revenue for the movie "Spider-Man: No Way Home" will be 18 by the 7th local time ... → Continue reading

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Spiderman(British: Spider-Man) IsMarvel comicsPublished byAmerican comicsAnd appear in the workSuper heroThe name of.The inventorStan Lee(Original) andSteve Dicco(Drawing).


ク モA hero with the motif of "Amazing Fantasy" # 15 (August 1962), based on Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko. He has nicknames such as "Spidey," "Friendly Neighborhood," "Web head," and "Web slinger."The catchphrase is "Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man".

Lee and Dicco set the main character as an orphan who lost his parents when he was young.At the same time, Spider-Man was characterized by being portrayed as a universal young man who wears costumes and fights against criminals, but has the troubles of a teenager. In the 1960s superhero comics, the role of teenagers is to be heroes.Side kickHowever, the Spider-Man series defeated this trend and made the teenager the protagonist, thereby drawing the identity and rejection, mistakes, loneliness, self-obsession behind the high school student Spider-Man Peter Parker, especially young readers. I got the sympathy of[7].

In addition, Bucky,ロ ビ ンUnlike the traditional teenager character who was responsible for the side kick of the hero, it is also characterized by not having a mentor (instructor, adviser) in the hero activity. Spider-Man decided to walk his life as a superhero after his uncle's death caused his uncle to die.With great power comes great responsibility. (With great power comes great responsibility.Great power comes with great responsibility)I will grow up with the lesson.

A commercially successful and highly popular superhero[8], Marvel's main character, and at the same time, appeared in various media as the company's mascot.Various media developments such as animation, live-action movie version, TV series, and comic strips of newspapers are being developed. In May 2011IGN"Top 100 Comic Book Heroes" announced bySuperman,バ ッ ト マ ンRanked 3rd after[9].



Peter Benjamin Parker / Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker / Spider-Man)
A young man living in Midtown. He lost his parents at an early age and was raised by his paternal uncle, Ben and Mei. After Ben died, they lived together with Mei.
When he was a high school student, he visited the research institute to get a supernatural power derived from spiders, where he was stabbed by a spider exposed to radioactivity and stuck to a wall. Peter made a red and blue costume that imitates a spider thread machine called "Web Shooter" and puts on it, and himself appeared on TV as "Spider-Man" and became popular.
One day, a robber appears in front of Peter who has finished TV appearance, but Peter who is tired misses it. Peter blames the angry police officer, saying, "It's not my job."[† 1].. But then Ben is killed by a robber who breaks into his house. After pursuing revenge and pursuing the criminal, it is revealed that the identity of the criminal was a robber Peter had missed. Peter, who realized that he was the only one who caused Ben's death, "Great power comes with great responsibilityThe word[† 2]With that in mind, he vowed to use his power for the sake of the people.

Peter's family and acquaintances

Mary Jane Watson(Mary Jane Watson)
Popular nameMJ.. A woman whom Peter has thought of, she appears as the main heroine in many works.
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacey(Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacy)
Peter's first woman[10]And my third girlfriend[11].. Killed by the Green Goblin, her death left a deep wound in Peter's heart.
Original authorStan LeeInitially intended to make her a partner for Peter, but Gerry Conway, who asked for a script substitute during the holidays, killed her and shocked both inside and outside.[12].
2015 crossoverSpider berthIn "," Gwen of "The world where Gwen Stacey got the power of a spider and became a spider woman instead of Peter Parker" appeared in Spider-Man who participated from many parallel worlds. It is not a one-time-use disposable character, and it has become popular and established as an independent magazine "Spider-Gwen" is published.
  • In "Ultimate Spider-Man"CarnageHas been killed by.
  • In the movie "Spider-Man 3", she appeared as Eddie Brock's girlfriend, and she told Peter that she was a girlfriend.VenomIt became one of the triggers to lead to.
  • movies"The Amazing Spider-Man] Appeared as the main heroine. Peter's girlfriend and chief intern at Ozcorp.
  • Anime movieSpider-Man: Spider Bath], appeared as "Spider Gwen".
Harry Osbourne / Green Goblin(Harry Osborn / Green Goblin)
Peter's best friend.After his father's death, he became president of Ozcorp.ストレスが重なり、二代目The second generation due to stressGreen goblinIt turned into.Conflict with his father's enemy, Peter Spider-Man, but eventually saves Peter and is stabbed to death by Venom.
His history wasn't killed by Mephisto's history change in One More Day, and Peter became a close friend because Spider-Man's identity was hidden. I am in conflict with my father.
Eugene "Flash" Thompson / Agent Venom(Flash Thompson / Agent Venom)
Peter's classmate.American FootballWith a star playerJock.. I'm a Spider-Man fan and also make a fan club.
He used to bully Peter when he was a student, but later he settled and became a good friend. Became an "Agent Venom" after working as a teacher and US soldier. I am currently losing both legs.
Kenny McFarlane (Kenny McFarlane)
Common nameキ ン グ コ ン グ.. Become a fan when Spider-Man was a bounty hunter. Peter, who was proud of having obtained superhuman powers, quarreled with his family and asked King Kong to stay overnight.
Elizabeth "Liz" Allen (Liz Allan)
Peter's second girlfriend. When Peter started to associate with Betty, he fell in love with him and became a triangle.[11][13].
  • Appeared as a heroine in the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming". Real nameLiz TombsAfter being revised, it will be the daughter of Adrian Toombs (Vulture).
May Parker (May parker)
Known as Aunt May.Peter's aunt.She treats him lovingly.But she left her telling Peter that she was involved in a Green Coblin attack, she was the same as Uncle Ben at the end, she said, "Great power comes with great responsibility," and she is being taken care of by Peter. Is dead.
Ben Parker (Ben Parker)
Common name: Uncle Ben. Peter's uncle.
When he was shot by Flint Marco and took his breath, he told Peter that "great power comes with great responsibility."That is PeterHeroIt is also an opportunity to become.
Mayday Parker / Spider Girl(Mayday Parker / Spider-Girl)
Parallel worldPeter and MJ (Mary Jane Watson)Daughter of.Inheriting Peter's abilities,Spider girlPlay an active part as. Lover is Fantastic Five (Fantastic fourNext-generation team) Franklin Richards is the leader.
Norman Osbourne / Green Goblin(Norman Osborn / Green Goblin)
Harry's father, a giant munitions companyOzcorpOf the president.AlcoholismAfter being abused by his father, he studied electronics and pharmacy in order to get out of his home and gain wealth, and founded Ozcorp.
At one time,SHIELDBecame the director of HAMMERTony StarkRob a suit fromIron PatriotActed as.
George Stacy (George Stacy)
Gwen's father. Inspector.
He saves a child involved in the Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus battle, but is seriously injured. He told him he knew what Spider-Man was, and left Peter to take care of Gwen.
Anna Watson (Anna Watson)
MJ (Mary Jane Watson) Aunt.I'm on good terms with Aunt May.
Joe "Robbie" Robertson (Joe'Robbie'Robertson)
Editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, formerly Jameson's right-hand man.In charge of school newspapers in high school. 「ロケット」の通り名を持ったHas the street name of "rocket"Motorcycle gangwas.
Betty Brandt (Betty Brant)
The first woman Peter dating[13].. He used to be a secretary for "Daily Bugle", but then became a journalist.
J. Jonah Jameson (J. Jonah Jameson)
My wife is deceased. My son is John.
President of the newspaper "Daily Bugle". Spider-Man hides his identity from losing his wife in a masked robbery caseNegative campaignI do.
A rebellious person, never flirting[† 3].. Shouting at subordinates is a daily occurrence[† 4].
Miles Morales(Miles Morales)
Another Spider-Man who gained power by being bitten by a spider like Peter.HispanicBoy.元は、通常のマーベル世界(Earth-616)とはパラレルとなるOriginally parallel to the normal Marvel world (Earth-XNUMX)Ultimate MarvelA resident of the world (Earth-1610), he overlooked the fact that Peter in his world was there when he died in the battle with the enemy, so he wondered if he could have been saved if he helped. Knowing that Peter was also a hero responsible for his uncle's death, he became the second generation Spider-Man in a suit with a red spider thread pattern on a black background (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man # 1, 2011). Year).
With Peter of Earth-616, he fought with him who visited Earth-2012 in the 1610 crossover "Spidermen" and built a friendly relationship. After that, after going through the 2015 crossover "Secret Wars", he became a resident of Earth-616.

Super hero

Fantastic four(Fantastic Four)
When Fantastic Four is defeated,New Fantastic FourActed as (othersWolverine,Hulk,Ghost rider). By the time he died, Johnny Storm, a human torch, had joined the team from his will.
Real name: Matt Murdoch
A lawyer in the daytime and a crime fighter who judges evil that cannot be judged by law at night. I gained supersensory when I lost my eyesight due to radioactive material. I have a friendship with Spider-Man.
Real name: Frank Castle
Execute a criminal. Sometimes fights with Spider-Man and Daredevil.
Black cat(Black Cat)
Real name: Felicia Hardy
Mysterious female thief. Initially, he did not have superpower, but used tools, but later he had superpower.
Silver Sable (Silver sable)
The female leader of the Simkalia mercenary group Wild Pack. Use the throwing weapon "Chai".
Assassination is also done for justice.
Nate Gray (Nate Gray)
Known as X-Man. A mutant of the parallel world, with pionic ability.
Ben Riley (Ben reilly)
Peter's clone created by Jackal (Ben was originally original).
Name isBenUncle and Aunt Mei's maiden nameRileyTaken from.
Scarlet spiderHowever, after Peter left the line to raise children, he became Spider-Man.
Green goblinProtect Peter in the fight againstグ ラ イ ダ ーTo die.
Ezekiel (Ezekiel)
He had the same ability as Peter and knew his true identity. To PeterMorun(Later) Teach and support the existence of new enemies such as. He also runs a company and helps people differently than Peter does.
Ezekiel is stealing power from the remains of the spider-god who gave Peter the power of Spider-Man, and Morne and other enemies were drawn to him. Became the only Spider-Man, trying to replace Peter to prevent the spider's god's enemies, but touching Peter's spirit of self-sacrifice and hope, he dies from the enemies.
New Avengers(The New Avengers)
Had been dissolvedア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズThe hero team that was re-formed in 2004 instead of. Spider-Man is an early member.
Sea Hulk(She-Hulk)
Female. Has the same power as the Hulk.
X-MENMutants belonging to.New AvengersSince he is a teammate, he often appears in other hero magazines because of their high popularity with each other, and often co-stars.
Real name: Cindy Moon
A girl who was bitten by the same spider on the same day that Peter gained power, whose existence was revealed in recent years.
Later he was rescued by Peter and started hero activity. Perhaps because he was bitten by the same spider, he has the same or better ability than Peter, and Spider Sense does not work on her. For some reason they are attracted to each other when they are nearby.

Super villain

Green goblin(Green Goblin)
Identity: Norman Osbourne, Harry Osbourne, etc.
Green's"GoblinWearing a costume (combat costume) that imitates.Machine gunWithDroneIsbatWith a type of flight mechanismMachine gunAlso equipped with weapons such as missiles and missilesグ ラ イ ダ ーRiding on the hallucinatory gasPumpkin(Jack O Lantern) TypebombでGrenadeThere is also a type that spouts chemical agents such as hallucinogenic gas and "Pumpkin Bomb"BatImitatedShurikenFight with "Razor Bat".Intelligence, muscles, motor nerves, etc. are strengthened by drugs, but the side effects are eroding the mind.
Doctor Octopus(Doctor octopus)
Identity: Otto Gunter Octavius
Manipulate adamantium alloy tentacle-type metal arms with four mechanical armsmad scientist..Famous along with the Green Goblin.スパイダーマンを倒すことを目的としたAimed to defeat Spider-ManCriminal organization"Sinister SixThe leader of.
  • In "Ultimate Spider-Man," he was an industrial espionage under Justin Hammer and sneaked into Osborne.When Norman conducted a human experiment, the laboratory exploded, and Octavius, who was witnessing the experiment with a metal arm attached, fused the arm and body.Insanely obsessed with the accident, he attacks Hummer, believing that Hummer, who hired him as an industrial espionage, is entirely responsible.The shape of the metal arm can be changed freely, and electric shock can be emitted from the metal arm."" In the comicSpiderman 2』\ I broke into the shooting site and caused a riot with Spider-Man.
    Later, it appeared as the blackout of the Clone Saga, and the ability to freely manipulate metal with telekinetic power was revealed.
  • movies"Spiderman 2』Appears as the main villain.また、映画ではAlso in the movieSinister SixHas not been formed.
  • movies"The Amazing Spider-Man 2』Although Dr. Octopus himself did not appear, it appeared in the state where only the mechanical arm was preserved in the top secret facility of Ozcorp (similarly)Rhino OfarmorAnd goblin suits,グ ラ イ ダ ーIs also saved).
  • Anime movieSpider-Man: Spider Bath] InWilson Fisk / KingpinAppeared as a minion of.性別が女性に変更され、本名はGender changed to female, real nameOlivia OctaviasIt has become.
  • "Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man]Criminal organizationSinister SyndicateAs a leader, he invented a weapon that emits a strange green floating ray that can float anything.AntigravityWith a cannonマ ン ハ ッ タ ンとニ ュ ー ヨ ー クSurrounding the city ofthe statue of LibertyHe threatened to destroy him if he did not surrender.Electro,Hobgoblin, Hydro-Man, and members of Sinister Syndicate, led by Scream himself, attack the "Scoop" coverage vehicle on which guests board."Dr. Octopus".
  • When the guest attacks the interview vehicle "Scoop", he blows fire from his own metal arm.
Second Dr. Octopus: Caroline Trainer
He became the second Dr. Octopus when Otto Gunter Octavius ​​was killed.現在はCurrentlyLady OctopusIt is called (Lady Octopus).
Identity: Edward Charles Alan Bullock (Eddie Bullock)
The extraterrestrial symbiote parasitizing Spider-Man was born when Eddie Brock became a new host.The first person is "We (We're).
Eddie has a grudge against Spider-Man because he lost his job and wife because Spider-Man uncovered a serial murderous misinformation article, and after he became Venom, he began to aim for him.
Venom has a big body because Eddie who fused with Symbiote is also a bodybuilder, and Eddie's power jumps up to 40 times. Also, because you are learning Spider-Man's abilities, you can not only use Spider-Man's abilities, but also avoid Spider Sense and make Spider-Man surprise. The weak points are high heat and high frequency.
Identity: Cretas Cassadee
Some of Venom's symbiotesPsycho killerでSerial killerIt was born by using the Cresta of.
Like Venom, he inherits the power of Spider-Man. As the fusion with Symbiote is progressing from Venom, the first person is "I (me)"It has become.
You can change part of the symbiote into a spear, or even mimic it. The weaknesses are high heat and high frequency as well as Venom.
Since childhood, Cretus Cassade has a cruel personality, killing grandmothers and pet dogs, killing the orphanage's director who abused herself and setting fire to the orphanage. Knowing that the meaninglessness of life and the laws are just words, he becomes afraid of dying and decides to keep his death by continuing to kill others, ``Kill me Repeated slaughter as a retaliation to the society that said "yes", caught by the police,Rikers IslandImprisoned in prison. At that time, he was in the same cell as Eddie, but he was very close. When Eddie became Venom and escaped from prison, a part of the symbiotes that left him became a carnage after being infested by Cassade.
  • In "Ultimate Spider-Man", Professor Connors (Later) Created an artificial life form based on the data of Venom's suit from Peter's blood and Professor Connor's blood.身体構造を安定させるために人を殺害、吸収し続け、ピーターを狙う最中にWhile killing and absorbing people to stabilize their body structure and aiming for PeterGwen StacyKilled.
movies"Venom], Like the originalPsycho killerでSerial killerAppears after the end roll as Cretas Casadi.Stop Drake's ambitions,journalistEddie who returned as the first person to interviewSan Quentin State PrisonIs strictly imprisoned.
カ メ レ オ ン(Chameleon)
Real name: Dmitri Smerdakov
First fought Spider-Man in comicsSuper villain(Ben Parker's murderer is a "normal criminal" andSuper villainNot included in).
An excellent spy and a master of disguise. Craven the Hunter(Later) Is a half-brother (mother was a maid) and has a servant history in his mansion.
In the early days, he used a mask to disguise himself, but later he acquired the ability to change the physical organization and transform himself into any person. You can also show hallucinations to your opponent.
He knew the identity of Spider-Man, but he suffered a mental collapse and jumped and committed suicide.In the movie "Spider-Man Far From Home", he appeared as a subordinate of Nick Fury.
Identity: Phineas Mason
A genius inventor and old-fashioned mad scientist.Not only do they use their inventions for their own criminal acts, but they also provide them to villains.
Identity: Adrian Tombs
A 90-year-old man who abuses his invented flying suit.Although he was rejuvenated with a special weapon, he has returned to the appearance of an old man. "Sinister SixA member of.
Identity: William Baker (Flint Marco used as a boyPseudonym)
You can freely turn your body into sand.Doctor OctopusLed bySinister SixA member of. "Flightful FourIs also a member of
Originally a criminal, he was able to turn his body into a sand while being involved in a nuclear test explosion on a beach during his jailbreak. You can change your arm into a weapon such as a hammer and attack to make your body huge. The weak point is water.
Hydroman (Later),Mad ThingI became a mud monster and stormed.
  • movies"Spiderman 3] InSuper villainAppeared as one of the murderers of Ben.サム・ライミ監督による映画(実写映画版)シリーズでは、唯一命を落とすことの無かったIn the movie (live-action movie version) series directed by Sam Raimi, it was the only one that did not die.Super villain.
Identity: Dr. Curtis (Kurt) Connors
He was an excellent scientist, but he lost one arm due to a failed experiment. After paying attention to the regenerative ability of reptiles and conducting an experiment to regenerate his own arm, he failed and became a lizard due to the side effects of serum. He returned to humans after taking an antidote, but it turned into a monster when extremely stressed.
Dr. Connors and Spider-Man are collaborating in many works.He is also a professor at the university Peter attends in the movie version (live-action movie version) and the anime version.
"Toei version Spider-ManIt is said to be a model of the machine bem "Tyrant Dragon" that appears in the first episode of.
  • In the movie "Spider-Man 2", he appeared as Kurt Connors and was set as a close friend of Otto Gunter Octavius.
  • In the movie "Spider-Man 3", at the request of Peter, I investigated Symbiote. In the novel version, there is a sequel to the image that hints at his transformation into a lizard. It appears as a lizard in the game version.
  • Appeared as the main villain in the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man".
Identity: Maxwell Dillon
It became a "human generator" due to a lightning strike during electrical work.High voltage current is emitted from both hands.You can also fly on the earth's magnetic field.If he stays in the air, his electric shock will be nullified. An old supervillain that appeared in 1964 (second year of serialization)Sinister SixA member of.
  • 1990's animeSpiderman』Has appeared only once (although over two episodes).
  • Made in 2003Spider-Man new anime series], appeared as Max Dillon. He was a classmate of Peters and a bullied bully like him. I tried to join the club party somehow, but on the contrary I was ridiculed by Doug and the other members and I was driven back, and in disappointment I encountered a lightning strike to Neon and received an electric shock and electricity gathered into a humanoid. Become a human being. I am electrocuted after Doug, who was raging with revenge, but after fighting Spider-Manground wireWas stabbed and turned into electricity and spread to the city's power grid. At the end of the series, it revives and tries to make a woman who was secretly thinking about the same electric person as herself, but this is also stopped by Spider-Man. At the end of the day, he was thrown into the sea after being trapped in a battery, causing a short circuit and exploding, then scattering into the sea and dying.
  • Appeared as the main villain in the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."
  • "Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man]Doctor Octopus,Hobgoblin, Hydro-Man, and members of Scream's Sinister Syndicate attack the "Scoop" coverage vehicle on which the guest boarded.
Identity: Quentin Beck, Daniel Berkhart, Francis Crum
yuanSpecial effectsengineer. Repeat crimes by abusing SFX technology and virtual reality technology. "Sinister SixA member of.
After Beck, the first Mysterio, disguised himself as a suicide, his friend Daniel became the second Mysterio and succeeded him.In addition, Francis, who obtained the costume from Kingpin, became the third Mysterio, and then Beck, the first Mysterio, also revived.
Francis of the third generation Mysterio has abilities such as teleportationmutantAndtrickIs not used at all.
Craven the Hunter(Kraven the Hunter)
Real name: Sergey Kravinov, Alyoshya Kravinov
Sergey Kravinov
The son of a fallen Russian nobleman, Chameleon (Above) Is also a half-brother. "Sinister SixA member of.
Choose Spider-Man as the last prey of your life and hunt down. He also put Spider-Man in asphyxia and buried it in his grave (while Spider-Man was in asphyxia, he wore his costume (black costume) and acted as Spider-Man).
  • In "Ultimate Spider-Man", he is a TV talent, and even if he challenges Spider-Man to earn an audience rating, he is easily defeated. After that, as a result of an illegal genetic experiment,狼It looks like.
Alyosha Kravinov
Sergei's son. After Sergei's death (suicide), he inherited the name of Craven (laterAl CravenAnd renamed).
Ana Kravinov
Sergei's daughter. After Aryoshah was killed, he inherited the name of Craven.
Identity: Mac Gargan, Carmyra Black
private detectiveBut because of the client, JamesonScorpionI wore a battle armor that imitatedMonsterWas reborn.It has a higher attack power than Spider-Man and has defeated him many times.Gargan for a certain period of time,Third generation VenomHe was active as a villain.また、女性版としてスコーピアというAlso, as a female version, it is called Scorpia.VillanAlso exists.
  • Appeared as a trading partner of Vulture in the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming".
  • In the animated movie "Spider-Man: Spider Bath"Wilson Fisk / KingpinAppeared as a minion of.
Real Names: Avener Ronald Jenkins, Leila Davis
Avenner Ronald Jenkins
Although he was a mechanic at an airplane factory, he began to use his technology to create beetle-like armor and engage in criminal activities.GangsterOrganization "Synister SyndicateWas a member of
A hero of justice, pretending to be converted laterHero).現在は異なるデザインのアーマーを着用しCurrently wearing differently designed armorMach-IVRenamed to.
Leila Divis
Super villainHe is wearing Beetle armor that Jenkins has thrown away after his husband died.
Identity: Alexei Mikhailovich Scheevich (Alex O. Khan)
RussiaIt was an immigrant (worker) who came from, but by human experimentationSaiImitatedTitaniumReborn as a superman wearing a suit. According to himself,EcologyI'm trying to protect. "Synister Syndicate"Sinister SixA member.HulkBoth have a connection.
  • In the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"RussiaFromMilitants OfA humanAppeared as Rhino in the last (end) scene and fights against Spider-Man.
Real name: Hermann Schultz
A third-class thief who self-developed a gauntlet and a protective suit.A shock wave / vibration wave is emitted from the gauntlets of both hands. "Sinister SyndicateA member of.
  • In the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming"Vulture (Vulture)Appears as a subordinate of.
  • In "Ultimate Spider-Man", every time it appears, it is a third-class that is dismissed by Spider-ManSuper villain(悪 å½¹) Often appears.
King pin(Kingpin)
Real name: Wilson Fisk
The face of the underworld. It looks like an obese body, but it is a mass of whole bodySumoMaster of.Daredevil,PunisherNemesis of.
  • In the animated movie "Spider-Man: Spider-Birth", he appeared as the main villain,Doctor Octopus,Scorpion, Prowler, etc.
Mobius the Living Vampire(Morbius, the Living Vampire)
Real name: Michael Mobius
Nobel PrizeHe was an excellent biologist who has been awarded the award, but he lived due to a special blood disease.vampireHas turned into.
Although he is not a villain, he is destined to live without drinking human blood.Vampire hunter OfBraidIs sometimes hostile, and sometimes fights together.
  • In the anime "Spider-Man", he attends the same university as Peter.StudentsAnd blood-sucking with radioactivityBatBitten byBatIt turns into a human being.
Hammer head(Hammerhead)
Real name: Joseph
A gang whose head is reinforced like a hammer with alloy steel.Have a longing for the good old gangster era.Criminal organization "MagiaThe main members of.
  • game"Marvel's Spider-Man』, Appeared as the main villain of the DLC content" Skyscraper does not sleep ".
John Jameson (Man-Wolf)
Real name: John Jameson
J. Jonah Jameson's息 子In the original宇宙 飛行 士..月面で未知のエネルギーを浴び、月を見る度にEvery time I see the moon, I am exposed to unknown energy on the surface of the moonWolf ManIt has become a constitution that becomes.
After being helped by Spider-Man, I have been working in a prison. He was killed by another dimension called "The Other Realm"Star godInherited the power of.
  • In the movie "Spider-Man 2", MJ (Mary Jane Watson) Appears only as a fiancée.The setting as John Jameson was not drawn.
Real name: Miles Warren
Although he was a professor at the university where Spider-Man attended, he fell in love with Gwen, Spider-Man's lover, and became a madman after her death. After that, he created clones of Spider-Man and Gwen and tormented Spider-Man with various strategies.
  • Appeared as Harry's counselor in "Ultimate Spider-Man." Also, I was dating Aunt May.
Hydroman (Hydro-Man)
Identity: Morris Bench
Former sailor. During the hydrogen experiment, I was exposed to hydrogen gas in an accident, so I was able to liquefy my body. The reason for the exposure to hydrogen gas was that Spider-Man got into the ship and had a problem, and fell into the sea.
Fused with Sandman,Mad ThingI have become a mud monster and rampaged. "Sinister SyndicateA member of.
Mad Jack (Mad Jack)
Identity: Daniel Bakehart, Maguire Beck
Like Mysterio, it makes full use of SFX and virtual reality technology.As mentioned earlier, Daniel later became the second Mysterio, and was succeeded by Magwire Beck, the cousin of Quentin, the first Mysterio.
OriginallyJack o lanternNamedSuper villain(The first was Jason Philip McKendale Jr., later known as the fourth Hobgoblin), but after Daniel BakehartMad JackI am calling myself.
Identity: Roderick Kingsley, Ned Lees, Jason Philip McKendale Jr., etc.
Green goblinRoderick Kingsley, a fellow man who found his base, tries to steal his fameGoblinIt was born by improving the equipment of.By improving the medicineGreen goblinUnlike, I'm not insane.It has been replaced many times, and the identity of the hobgoblin of the present generation is Phil Euric Philip McKindale Jr.
  • Anime"Spiderman』Appeared before the Green Goblin (from the 1th episode of Season 11), and here is Jason Philip McKindale Jr., who is the fourth generation Hobgoblin in the original.ジェイソン・フィリップスと名乗り、ハーディ財団の令嬢The daughter of the Hardy Foundation, calling herself Jason PhillipsFelicia HardyApproached.
  • The identity of Hobgoblin in "Ultimate Spider-Man" is Harry Osborne.Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)He is killed after a deadly battle.
  • Movies "Spider-Man: Homecoming", "Avengers/Infinity War], [Avengers/End Game, And Spider-Man: Far From Home, the third hobgoblin, Ned Leeds, is Peter's.Close friendHe is a classmate and is the only one who knows the identity of Spider-Man except those related to the Avengers.PartnerIt has appeared as (self-proclaimed "man of chairs").
  • "Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man]Doctor Octopus,Electro, Hydro-Man, and members of Scream's Sinister Syndicate attack the "Scoop" coverage vehicle on which the guest boarded.
Alistair Smythe (Alistair Smythe)
A robot made to kill Spider-Man,Spider slayerSon of the creator Spencer. After the death of his father, he took over the production of Spider Slayer. I also worked under Kingpin.
Although he was in a wheelchair with paralysis in the lower half of his body, he eventually underwent remodeling surgery as the ultimate spider slayer and acquired superhuman physical ability.
  • Anime"Spiderman], Kingpin took responsibility for the failure and made him a living robot.
Real name: Ronnie Thompson Lincoln
Hitman, the boss of an ambitious criminal organization that shoots bullets and has skin that is resistant to extreme heat and electricity.At the same time, it has sharp teeth like a razor.Born in albino, her skin is white.
  • Anime"Spectacular Spider-Man], He also works as a big man, and follows Hammerhead and Enforcers as subordinates.
Scream (Scream)
Identity: Donna Diego
VenomOne of the five artificial symbiotes artificially created by the Life Foundation using the symbiote that was parasitic on Donna Diego is parasitized.Attack with your hair instead of the web.Later, the spirit went out of control and killed the hosts of the artificial symbiote.VenomHe was also attacked, but he was imprisoned for being hit back.
Molten Man (Molten Man)
Identity: Mark Laxton
Originally a scientist,Spider slayerWas a collaborator of the creator Spencer.Later turned out to be Liz Allan's brother-in-law.He invented a liquid alloy to strengthen the Spider Slayer, but Spencer scrambled for a bottle containing an untested liquid alloy for profit and accidentally broke the bottle. , I have been exposed to liquid metal all over my body.As a result, I gained the ability to heat up the substance I touched, a golden body, and superhuman physical strength.
  • Anime"Spectacular Spider-Man], Appeared as Liz Allan's brother Mark Alan.After being released from the juvenile training school where he was admitted to rob a car because of gambling debt, he was awakened to his ability after being tested by Jackal, who had a partnership with the Green Goblin to earn money.
Morne (Seascape)
A vampire that has existed since ancient times. Aim at Spider-Man = Peter at the moment when he gained the power of the spider god. You can absorb the energy of the opponent by touching it with your hands, and your physical ability is equal to or higher than that of Spider-Man.
In the first confrontation, he defeats Ezekiel who appeared in support and hunts down Peter, but loses to Peter's strange plan. However, Peter, who was seriously injured in this showdown, was revealed to Aunt May.
In the second showdown, Peter robbed Peter of one eye and drove to death. However, suddenly the power of the spider is strengthened and Peter is revived, and the energy is exhausted and disappears. Shortly thereafter, Peter died.
Prowler (Prowler)
Identity: Hobby Brown, Rick Lawson, Aaron Davis
A villain equipped with an excellent variety of gadgets.Gauntlets with steel claws, flechettes and grappler hooks with various gases and explosives on the wrists and ankles.He also wears boots made of shock-absorbing rubber and a cloak that can be cured and glide.
Silver main (en: Silvermane)
Identity: Silvio Manfredi
A ruthless criminal king about 90 years old.He is also a talented strategist and has good shooting skills.Initially a living human, he later acquired a cyborg body.As a result, not only the life was extended, but also the power and speed were increased.
  • The 1994 version of the anime "Spiderman], Appeared as a criminal king in opposition to Kingpin.
  • Anime"Spectacular Spider-Man], Appeared as the father of Silver Sable.Also the nameSable ManfrediHas been changed.
Swarm (Swarm)
Identity: Fritz von Mayer
Former Nazi scientist.Manipulate the bees freely.
Identity: Fred Myers
Former professional baseball player.Fight with various boomerangs with gimmicks.Boomerangs and costumes were developed by Justin Hammer.
Enforcers (Enforcers)
Vilan stands against Spider-Man in a trio.It has no super power.
Identity: Jackson Bryce
Team leader.Use a lasso as a weapon.
Fancy Dan
Identity: Daniel Burrito
A master of judo.
The Ox
Identity: Raymond Brock
A giant and strong man.
Identity: Jonathan Orn
A villain whose body is covered with holes that allow it to move to other places.Use the hole to teleport or move yourself or surrounding objects.Spider sense doesn't work.
Originally a scientist hired by Kingpin, he became full of holes due to the failure of the experiment.
Identity: Anton Miguel Rodriguez
A terrorist who is good at fighting and handling firearms.When it first appeared, it was dressed in a costume that imitated a tarantula, but eventually it mutated into a half-human half-spider.He died himself.
Identity: James Beverly
Vilan who modifies every vehicle and fights.
Speed ​​demon (Speed ​​Demon)
Identity: James Saunders
Former scientist with high-speed movement ability.
Living Brain (en: Living Brain)
A state-of-the-art robot with excellent memory ability.Attacked a human due to a malfunction.
Calypso (Calypso)
Identity: Calypso Ejiri
Voodoo magician and Craven's lover.Has abilities such as resuscitation, mind control, necromancy, animal messenger, and illusion projection.
Carrion (Carrion)
Identity: Miles Warren, Malcolm McBride, William Allen
It has superhuman strength and durability, and has the ability to ash what it touches.
Mr. Negative (Mister Negative)
Identity: Martin Lee
Originally, he was trafficked by a Chinese gangster.He was given two opposite personalities by the criminal king Silvermain after undergoing human experimentation with a drug made by Simon Marshall.When Mr. Positive, he pretends to be a philanthropist and engages in homeless relief efforts.On the other hand, during Mister Negative, he leads the Inner Demons Gang.Initially, they were not aware of each other's personalities, but later it was shown that both personalities were fully aware of each other's existence.As Mr. Negative, he has the ability to heal, mind control, and charge normal weapons with energy.


Original book

Amazing fantasy #15
Spider-Man's debut magazine.
"Amazing Fantasy" itself was discontinued because it was unpopular, but when Stan Lee introduced Spider-Man, saying, "If it is discontinued, do whatever you want," Spider-Man became a big response and became independent. Has a magazine (serialized).
The Amazing Spider-Man(The Amazing Spider-Man)
The series that became the basis of Spider-Man, which was first published in 1963.
(Vol.1) 1963/~1998/.
(Vol.2) 1999/~2003/.
(Vol.3) 2014/~2015/.
(Vol.4) 2015/~2017/.
(Vol.5) 2018/~
Marvel Team-Up
(Vol.1) 1972/~1985/.. All 150 issues. A series in which other heroes and villains appear every time.
(Vol.2) 1997/~1998/.. All 11 issues.
(Vol.3) 2005/~2006/.. All 25 issues.
The Spectacular Spider-Man
(Vol.1) 1976/~1998/.. All 263 issues. The second regular series of Spider-Man.
(Vol.2) 2003/~2005/.. All 27 issues.
Web of Spider-Man
(Vol.1) 1985/~1995/.. All 129 issues. Spider-Man's third regular series.
(Vol.2) 2009/~2010/.. All 12 issues.
Peter Parker: Spider-Man
(Vol.1) 1990/~1998/.. All 98 issues. Spider-Man's fourth regular series.
(Vol.2) 1999/~2003/.. All 57 issues.
Ultimate Spider-Man (Ultimate Spider-ManUltimate Spider-Man)
2000/, The new series was started from 0 by resetting the settings of the main series because the serialization became too long and complicated.Ultimate MarvelOne of the works of.
In June 2011, Issue 6, Peter Parker of the Ultimate world was killed. New series "Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man"A black Hispanic boyMiles Morales(Miles Morales) Became the new Spider-Man.
Avenging Spider-Man
2011/~2013/.. All 24 issues. A series in which Spider-Man and other heroes form a team to solve an incident.
The Superior Spider-Man
2013/First issue. A series that started after the ending of The Amazing Spider-Man.
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up
2013/First issue. A series where other heroes and villains appear every time.
Spider berth

翻 訳

Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Published.Koyo OnoThe oldest Japanese translation version supervised. All eight volumes, the first volumeorigin(Origin) is recorded. After that, the Japanese translation version was published in B5 size like the ordinary American comics, but in this series it was released in the same book size as general Japanese comics, the first 10 pages of each volume in color, the rest in black and white. It was printed. In addition, "Fantastic Four" and "Captain America" ​​were published in the same series.
Published by Kobunsha. A bi-monthly comic book magazine featuring Japanese comics and American comics, followed by the above-mentioned book, followed by multiple Japanese translations of the American comics (the Japanese translation of "X-MEN" was first recorded as the first issue of this magazine. Become). Spider-Man appears in 6 out of 4 issues.
ShueishaPublished. 200 years since the founding of the United States1976/For a short introduction as an introduction to American cultureWeekly playboySerialized in. The battle with Human Torch, Craven, and Vulture is depicted. TranslatorTakizawa solution.
Marvel Cross
Shogakukan ProductionPublished.A monthly magazine containing works by Marvel Comics.1996/Published by (currently suspended). Spider-Man has a personal magazine,Infinity Gauntlet] Has also appeared in crossovers.
Age of Apocalypse
Published by Shogakukan Productions. Basically, it records the X-Men relationship. This is the sequel to the X-Men, which was wiped out in "Marvel X (Cross)" (Parallel worldWill be the stage). Peter is dead and does not appear. In addition to Gwen Stacy, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Daredevil, etc. will appear (although they are not involved in the main story).
Published by Shogakukan Productions. Basically, it records the X-Men relationship. Spider-Man (Ben Riley) has appeared in personal magazines (including Peter Parker and Mary Jane) as well as in late-stage crossovers (almost all Marvel heroes are involved).
DC vs Marvel
JivePublished. Large-scale crossover between DC and Marvel. For the fate of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man (Ben Riley) confronts DC's Superboy.
"Amekomi & Movie Super Guide"
Shinchosha Co., Ltd.Published. A commentary book issued prior to the publication of "Ultimate" in the next section. "The amazing spider-man #36" is included as a binding appendix. This episode is commonly known as "Spider-Man 911,"American terrorist attacksIs the only American comic work that deals with in real time.
Ultimate Spider-Man
Published by Shinchosha. Japanese translation of "Ultimate Spider-Man" (publishing suspended in Volume 11).


Drawing:Ryoichi Ikegami, Published Magazine:Separate volume (monthly publication) Shonen Magazine, Serialization period: January 1970 issue-September 1 issue
Serialized in 100 pages each issue. The costume is the same as the US version (original version) because it was adapted from Marvell's formal permission. The content was a unique world view (generally said to be "dark" and "no salvation") because it was adapted to Japanese social conditions. An aunt and a Japanese high school student living together,Yu KomoriBecomes Spider-Man. The initial settings are very close to the original.
In the first half, a movie critic with a deep knowledge of American comicsKoyo OnoActed as a story writer, and the American version of villains such as Lizard, Electro, and Mysterio appeared. The costume and appearance are the same, but the appearance is different (dark as above).
In the second half,Kazumasa HiraiWas added as a story writer to further enhance the originality. Hirai diverted his short story (including one non-SF work written before his debut as a writer) into "Winter Woman" and "Strangers". On the other hand, one of the masterpieces is the novel "Spider-Man's shadow" in which a human being who has received a blood transfusion has a psychic power, and "a woman who keeps a tiger" in which the psychic's residual thought attacks a person.Adult Wolf Guy] Is diverted to the series. Also, "Golden Eyes Witch" is a short story that eliminates the elements of heroes.Witch targetIs adapted.
Spider-Man J
Drawing:Akira Yamanaka, Published Magazine:Comic bonbon, Serialization period: January 2004 issue-September 9 issue
Elementary school students who can demonstrate spider's special abilityAmano ShoIs a royal act that plays as Spider-Man J. In addition to appearing a person who seems to be Peter, he is talking with American Spider-Man on a newly written page of the book. In the main story,Braid,Fantastic fourCo-starred with.
Spiderman / false red
Manga:Yusuke Osawa, Publishing site:Magazine pocket, Serialization period: July 2019-March 7
A high school student who accidentally got a spider suit in the stage of "New York in the 21st century where Peter Parker is active as a spider-man",OnomaeIt is a story that fights with the villains as a Spider-Man due to unavoidable circumstances. Supervised by Marvel.


Original book

Author: Len Wein and Marv Wolfman
Original novel, not novelization. Volume 1 of the series. Doctor Octopus appears.
Author: Paul Kupperberg
Volume 8 in the series. Kingpin and Silver Main appear (Volumes 2-7 are the main characters of other Marvel Heroes).
Author: Paul Kupperberg
Co-starring with Hulk.

翻 訳

"Amazing Spider-Man"
Hayakawa PublishingPublished. Translation of "THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IN MAYHEM IN MANHATTAN". The translator is Akiko Usagawa. The commentator is LEO.
In the commentary, there is a brief explanation about Spider-Man.
"Amazing Spider-Man 2"
Published by Hayakawa Publishing. Translation of "CRIME CAMPAIGN".The translator is Akiko Usagawa.The commentatorShirakawa Seiki.
In the commentary, there is an explanation about the girlfriend. "The reason Gwen Stacey doesn't appear in the text is because his death weighs heavily on Peter's heart," the commentator speculates.
"Superman Hulk vs Spider-Man"
Published by Hayakawa Shobo. Translation of "MURDERMOON". The translator is Akiko Usagawa. The commentator is Saki Shirakawa.
In the commentary, there is a brief explanation about Hulk.


The setting of Spider-Man was said to be "not reproducible in live action," but the movie "Spider-Man" wasCGThe technology was brought together, and it was successfully reproduced. This series was planned to be completed with three works, but the production of the fourth and subsequent works was announced due to favorable reception. But of the production companySony picturesProduced a reboot work "The Amazing Spider-Man" as "to make it a work that depicts the student period".Since the same work, it has been released as a 3D movie.

The production of two sequels and a spin-off was planned for "Amazing Spider-Man," but Sony Pictures was initially planning due to the effect that the box office revenue of the second work was far below the distributor's expectations. ChangeMarvel Studio(Walt Disney Studios) And a partnership withMarvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)It was decided to reboot as a new series included in ". The "Amazing Spider-Man" series has been virtually discontinued, but Sony will continue to handle the distribution of the new series of single films.

"Civil War/Captain America(2016) is Spider-Man's MCU debut, and in 2017 will be the first new seriesSpider-Man: HomecomingWas released, and thenAvengers/Infinity War] (2018) and later, active as a member of the Avengers. Also, in the MCU, along with the appearance of Spider-ManIron man 2(2010) andア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズ] (2012) has been added a new setting based on the development of past MCU work.

"Spider-Man" series
"The Amazing Spider-Man" series
MCU series
Anime works

MCU version

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)Tom hollandPlays. Japanese dubbing isJunya EnokiIs in charge.

Character statue

"Midtown High SchoolGo toニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク-QueensAunt's in the apartmentMay ParkerA boy who lives with him.

At first glance, he is unobtrusive and sometimes looks a little unreliable, so he is sometimes looked down upon by others, but he is curious, talkative, and innocent.There are many wasteful mouths even during the battle, and there are also scenes where both the enemy and the ally are amazed. "Star Wars』And other science fiction moviesNew York MetsIs a fan of[Annotation 1].. The original academic ability is very excellent, and is expected as the ace of the National Academic Achievement Contest Team, and it can perfectly answer the sudden question of the instructor,ItalianIs also fluent.On the other hand, with the help of being a minor, he has less life experience than other heroes, and his childish behavior is conspicuous because he is short-tempered and mentally immature.look up toTony Stark/Iron ManAt the same time as they are expected, they are often called "boys".[Annotation 2].

Even before meeting Tony, help Queens in trouble with their own special abilities, a "web shooter" that shoots their own web (spider thread), and a "homemade suit" to hide their identity.Dear neighbor spidermanHe was doing vigilante activities as ". Even during the activity, he has the friendliness of the title, which does not forget the light greetings and directions to the citizens, and gradually grows into a true hero through various experiences. I will do it.


No details can be given in the play[Annotation 3]However, due to the effect of being bitten by a special spider that was exposed to radiation[Annotation 4]It has the same abilities as a spider, such as durability, superhuman strength and agility that are many times higher than those of ordinary people, and adsorption ability that can climb walls freely, and fights in a tricky fighting style combined with a web shooter.In addition, he has a deep knowledge of subculture centered on science, mathematics, and movies, and devised original strategies from the development of his own equipment including web shooters.[Annotation 5]Until then, he is fighting by making the most of the knowledge he has cultivated in his activities as a hero.

Extrasensory sense of the approaching danger.I don't know exactly what kind of danger will occur, and this feeling is not always sharp, but Peter senses the arrival of some kind of danger with the handstand of the hair.MeiHappy hoganCalls this sensation "Peter Tingle"[Annotation 6].
In the play, I flew over New York with this feeling.Q-ship"AndUKIn the battle atQuentin Beck/MysterioI'm aware of the surprise hit.Also, this force seems to be a force directly attached to Peter's body,Steven Strange/Doctor Strangeof"Astral projection"so"Astral bodyEven when the body was separated, the body moved independently and resisted the strange.


Spider-Man Suit
A suit worn by Peter Parker/Spider-Man, inspired by the design of a spider.
High-tech Suit[14][Annotation 7]
A high-performance Spider-Man suit developed by Tony with millions of dollars and state-of-the-art technology based on Peter's opinions and abilities. The two-tone red and blue tones are used, with a black web pattern. Made of smooth material that minimizes snagging[16], Mask eyepieces filter stimulants, etc.[16], A function to squeeze to reflect facial muscles and bluedisplayIs also displayed.In addition, an automatic fit function that adjusts the size of the suit according to the wearer's body by tapping the chest when wearing it[Annotation 8]Informs Tony of the position of the suit wearerGPS, Heater for keeping the wearer's temperature and automatically drying the wet suit body, from the spider mark on the backParachute for descentIt has a release function.
In addition to this, if you remove the function restriction program "Training Wheels Protocol" that was applied by Tony, the support AI ""Karen”Starts[Annotation 9]..At the same time, spider-type GPS tracking device (Spider-Tracer) that can operate spider drones, track and eavesdrop on the whereabouts of enemies mounted on the right arm, Enhanced Combat Mode[Annotation 10], Playback function of all images taken while wearing the suit[Annotation 11], X-ray scan of the object captured from the viewpoint, from both sidesFlying squirrelTraining to practice each launch function of "Web Wings", voice changer for cross-examination, and web shooter that enables short-time gliding and turning during falling by deploying like Until the course, "Iron Man ArmorMore functions will be available, comparable to ".
Leipzig Halle AirportIn the battle, it was offered in the form of a loan from Tony, but it was officially taken over from the results of that time. After that, Peter wore this suit to carry out vigilance activities, but he was temporarily confiscated by Tony due to an accident involving civilians on the ferry. But Peter is on his ownAdrian Tombs/VultureAfter being admitted to have won, he is entrusted with this suit again and resumes vigilance.
Peter wore it in the fight against the "Black Order" that appeared in New York, and dared to leave this suit in his room when preparing for the science history tour, but May, who was worried about him, put it in Peter's bag with a note.[Annotation 12], I met laterNick Fury (mimicry)I wore it when I went to the team.Peter then wore the stealth suit and upgrade suit described below.[Annotation 13], Because it seems that he did not bring it when he returned to New York[Annotation 14], The current status of this suit is unknown.
Upgraded Suit
A suit newly developed by Peter himself with reference to the high-tech suit.Newly created for the decisive battle with Beck / Mysterio in London.
The basic design is the same as the high-tech suit, but the coloring has been changed to a two-tone color of red and black, and the spider mark on the back that emits the parachute has the same design and white as the spider mark on the chest. became.In terms of functionality, the web shooter was minimized by Peter's own invention, with a built-in suit, and the web cartridge was omitted.In addition, the voltage of Taser Web has been raised as a drone countermeasure that Beck makes full use of.On the other hand, features such as support AI and spider drones have been simplified, and Peter uses all features manually.
As mentioned above, it was worn during the decisive battle with Beck and was damaged in some places in the fierce battle, but it was completely repaired after the fact.Michelle Jones (MJ)Re-wear on a date with.
When Spider-Man's identity was revealed to the world, the paint of the color ball hit by a fan who worships Mysterio adhered to the chest, so as described later, turn it over and use the black & gold suit, but then May I will wear it again because I had it washed.
Black and Gold Suit
A suit that was used by turning over an upgrade suit that became unusable due to the paint of a colored ball hit by a fan who worships Mysterio, and the suit board is based on the black lining of the upgrade suit. The golden stitching that is the circuit is given.Also with MJNed LeedsPeter's smartphone is taped to his chest to make a video call.
At the power transmission facilityMax Dillon / ElectroとFlint Marco / SandmanThe glass surface of the liquid crystal was broken by dropping the smartphone that was worn when capturing and fixed in the battle with Electro, and a part of the stitch was shrunk due to being charged with electricity. However, he succeeds in capturing Electro and Sandman.
Integrated Suit
Returned by him after treating Dr. Octopus at Happy's homeNano machineA suit that incorporates into an upgrade suit.The spider design of the Iron Spider suit is golden.Although less durable than the Iron Spider suit, it has the capabilities of both an Iron Spider suit and an upgrade suit.Used in the Battle of the Statue of Liberty.
Homemade Suit
The costume that Peter made and wore for self-vigilance before he met Tony. It's an easy combination of a commercial light blue jersey, a red hooded sleeveless hoodie and boots, fingerless gloves and a mask with goggles. The goggle has a shutter function, but there is no other special function except this and the web shooter described later, and it is a costume with a strong taste to hide its identity.[Annotation 15].
Before he met Tony, he folded it in the ceiling of his room and stowed it, and after getting a high-tech suit, he kept it hidden under a locker at Midtown High School, but when he came to the stop of Tombs' bad deeds. And Peter wears it in place of the confiscated tech suit.
Although I haven't worn it in my subsequent activities, when I fell into Beck's trap, I was wearing this costume in the other party's virtual space.
Iron Spider Suit (Iron Spider Armor)
Spider-Man suit with the code name "Item 17" newly developed by Tony when he joined the Avengers of Peter.It has a slightly muscular design with a slightly darker color scheme of black, red and gold and a large spider mark on the chest. Like "Iron Man's Armor His Mark 17", it is made up of full-body nanomachines, masks are fully automated, and both forearms are equipped with stronger web shooters.[17], "Spider-arms" like four spider legs from the back[18]And parachutes can appear.This spider arm launches a more powerful attack by activating "Instant-Kill Mode".In addition, Iron Man's support AI ""FRIDAYBecause it is also linked to, you can freely operate the function of the suit according to Tony's instructions. In addition, it can be stored in a small charging pod and charged with electricity[Annotation 16].
Tony, who admitted to joining Peter's Avengers, tried to give him a memorial "Avengers compound"I unfolded the hangar and showed it off, but Peter refused to join the Avengers, so it ended without his hands.
Two years laterEbony MawTony ordered FRIDAY to eject and attach it from the Avengers compound in order to save Peter, who had difficulty breathing in outer space due to being dragged into his Q-ship.It has since been used by Peter in two battles with the Thanos herd.
Later, Peter wore this suit when he attended May's volunteer activities, but when preparing for a high school study trip, he dared to put it in his room, just like a high-tech suit.
In the battle with Dr. Octopus, the nanomachine was taken into the arm of Octopus, but thanks to that, Peter was able to deprive Peter of the operation authority of the arm, which led to the restraint of Octopus.The nanomachines returned after Octopus returned to sanity were ported to the upgrade suit, while the remaining nanomachines that made up the Iron Spider suit remained in the charging case for damage control. It has been seized by the station.
Stealth Suit
Known as "Night Monkey. "Prague"Hide being a Spider-Man" when performing Spider-Man activities in Japan[Annotation 17]A suit arranged by Nick Fury (mimicry) for the purpose of doing so. Although it says "stealth", it is for covert action only and is technical.Stealth functionIs not installed.
The whole body is based on black, and the material isNatasha Romanov / Black WidowWith a texture similar to that of[19]The chest armor is strong enough to withstand the shooting of a combat drone, but spider-man-like designs such as web patterns and spider marks have been abolished.There are many things in common with homemade suits such as fingerless gloves and goggles with a flip-up shutter function.However, the size seemed to be tight on Peter's body.
The common name "Night Monkey" was given by Ned to deceive the place, but it was actually used in news programs and the like.
From the battle in PragueBerlinAt the end of being caught in Beck's trap NetherlandsIt was worn by the time it arrived at the detention center, and was finally confiscated by the detention center guard except for pants and shoes.[Annotation 18], Peter also left the detention center without regaining it.
Second Homemade Suit
A suit that Peter made by sewing after the Battle of Liberty.Incorporating the elements of a suit worn by two parallel universes who fought together, the red and blue shades and simple design closely resemble the design of the comic The Amazing Spider-Man. ..It has an eyepiece shutter function that continues from the high-tech suit and a smaller web shooter, but it is unknown whether this is Peter's original product or a diversion of the previous suit.
Main weapon made from a homemade web (spider thread) launcher that is equipped on both arms from above the suit. Peter fired the web[Annotation 19], Use as a rope for restraining opponents, securing goods, and moving while swinging. Peter has stated that the web will melt within two hours of being launched.
Tony Stark
A web shooter developed by Tony with a high-tech suit.Although it is shaped like an arm guard with a small area, it is a "Web-Cartridge" containing the undiluted solution of spider silk "Web-Fluid".[Annotation 20]Equipped with a web replenisher "Cartridge Refiner", it releases a web with high adhesive strength and strength. It also has a "Spider-Signal" projection function, as well as a "Web Mine" that shoots and pastes onto a wall to scatter the web to targets within a specific range. ) ”,“ Taser Web ”that sends an electric shock that faints the opponent,“ Rapid Fire ”that boasts excellent rapid fire performance, and“ Ricoche ”that bounces only once when hit against a wall. (Ricochet Web) ”,“ Splitter Web ”that shoots at multiple targets,“ Web Grenade ”that shoots a larger web than usual in one shot, etc. It also has a launch function.
Made by Peter Parker
A homemade web shooter made by Peter with a homemade suit. It's a square, bracelet-like bracelet that isn't as performant as Tony's, but it gives a web of great strength.
Besides Peter, Ned also uses thisHerman Schultz / Shocker (XNUMXnd generation)And save Peter.
Magic Enchanted Web-Shooter
A web shooter created by Strange.It is intended to capture villains from the Multiverse and is used with a black and gold suit.
A small spider-type reconnaissance drone. It is usually equipped as a black spider mark on the chest of a high-tech suit, but it separates from the suit at the direction of the suit wearer and Karen, jumps on the ground, acts in a hovering flight, and is captured by a small camera installed. It also transmits high-quality images and information to the wearer of the suit and has high-performance functions such as infrared scanning and recording/search functions.
High-tech Case
A toolbox containing various Tony Spider-Man equipment that appeared in Peter's selfie scene in the early stages. The case is also equipped with a holographic display that assists the user in understanding the various uses of the equipment.
It was developed to safely carry and operate various Spider-Man equipment, but Peter never used the case for that purpose.

Besides this, Peter / Spider-Man also during the battle at the airportSteve Rogers/Captain AmericaFrom his trademark “Captain America's ShieldIn addition to robbing and temporarily equippingヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アso"Water elementalWhen I confronted him, he hadn't had a single Spider-Man suit at hand, so he had fallen.maskI took on the challenge.In the battle in London, “Combat droneThe shock wave cannon and arm of "" are also stolen and used, and the drone body is also used as a shield.

Active in each work

"Civil War/Captain America"
First appearance of MCU from this work[Annotation 21].
Since about half a year before the story, he has been active as a Spider-Man.[Annotation 22], Received a scout from Tony who visited those apartments by watching their activities on the internet, and faced the great war at Leipzig-Halle Airport. In battle,Bucky Burns/Winter SoldierとSam Wilson/FalconAt the same time, even if they faced each other more than equal, they fought so well that Steve described them as "having guts", and even tied up Scott's huge legs to become a giant man, but he collapsed. He was exhausted by colliding with Scott's right hand.Tony urged me to go home.
When he returns to his apartment, he tries to spit on the web shooter's spider signal given by Tony while pretending to be injured by Mei in the fight.
"Spider-Man: Homecoming"
This work depicts both his private life and vigilante activities.Among them, there is a section that is overconfident in his own power, so he will destroy the surrounding buildings one after another during the activity, dream of joining the Avengers and will rush to get Tony's approval, self-defense activity The shortcomings of youth, such as thinking about dropping out of school to concentrate on it, are prominently depicted in the play.
Battle at the airport[Annotation 23]I got a high-tech suit from the result of this, and I became in a good mood with great confidence, and while struggling to balance with my personal life, I was doing vigilante activities, but Tony did not recognize me and I was a tentative liaison with him. I gradually get dissatisfied with the days when I am not treated by Happy.
One day, Ned learns that he is Spider-Man and sells weapons.Balcher's crewKnowing the existence ofAaron DavisTransactions with and "Damage control station"I stopped the robbery of supplies from the truck, but instead of a senior studentLiz TombsHome party andWashington DCI will get out of the training camp on the way and cause trouble to everyone.
Nevertheless,Washington monumentIt grew by saving Ned and Liz from the accident in Japan and increasing the popularity of Spider-Man in the school, and the ferry boarded with the information obtained from Davis suppressed the scene of the transaction that the Vulture crew was doing. However, he was so impatient that he didn't hear any advice from Tony, and caused an accident that split the ferry in half, causing Tony to wipe his back and committing a catastrophic blunder.As a result, his high-tech suit was confiscated, he stopped vigilante activities and lived a normal high school life, but he learned that Liz's father, Adrian Tooms, was a vulture and promised a homecoming party with Liz. Decided to challenge Tooms with the determination to rebel.With a homemade suit in his hand, he captures Schultz, who has hit him unexpectedly with Ned, and confronts Tooms, who is trying to rob the Avengers Tower of supplies.He succeeded in capturing Tooms, despite the crisis at both the crew's base and the transport plane in flight.
At a later date, he broke up with Liz, who had to be transferred to another school due to a party event and his father's arrest, but was officially scouted as a member of the Avengers after being recognized by Happy and Tony.However, since he woke up to his responsibility and determination as a hero, he told him that he would continue his activities as a "dear neighbor" as before, and temporarily refused.After returning home, Mei witnesses him dressed in a high-tech suit returned by Tony.
"Avengers/Infinity War"
In this work, during an extracurricular class in high school, he sensed a crisis with Spider Sense and rushed to Tony and Strange who were fighting in New York City to participate in the war.At the direction of Tony, he tried to save Strange captured by Mau, but he was dragged into the Q-ship and was urged to go home with Tony's help, but he expressed his determination to fight and allowed him to participate in the war. Will be done.
He was evaluated by Tony for defeating Mau with a strategy that incorporates the knowledge gained from watching "Alien 2" and leading to the rescue of Strange, and is officially admitted to the Avengers.The planet we arrived at “Titan", The first" I encounteredGuardians of the Galaxy”, ButThanosHe joined hands to overthrow, and even in the battle with Thanos who appeared in Titan, he tossed the opponent while cooperating with the surroundings.However,"Infinity StoneI fainted, not as good as Thanos, who has multipleDraxとMantisWhile saving from the onslaught of the opponent, Thanos caused "on the earth"Decimation", While being embraced by Tony, it turns into dust and disappears.
"Avengers/End Game"
In this work, it remained disappeared for 5 years from the decimation, but it has been revived by the efforts of the Avengers, and since 2014 at the climaxtime travelDuring the final battle with the Thanos crowd, he appeared on the site of the Avengers Compound, which became a battlefield with Strange and Guardians from the gateway connected to Titan.After rushing into a brawl under Steve's command, he reunited with Tony andTi Chara / Black PantherPassed from "Nano gauntlet"Steve andValkyrie (Brynhildr),Pepper Potts / RescueWith the help ofQuantum tunnelCarried towards "and rushed lateCarol Danvers/Captain MarvelI entrusted the gauntlet to.
When Tony disappeared the Thanos crowd and the battle was over, he rushed to the dying Tony and said, "Mr. Stark won, you won," but he took care of Tony's end, which he could not respond to. Will be[Annotation 24]Later, at Midtown High School, he was delighted to meet Ned again and attended Tony's funeral with Mei.
"Spider-Man: Far From Home"
Eight months after the decisive battle with the Thanos crowd, this work shows several times that he misses Tony without getting out of the sadness of losing Tony, while in his usual high school life, "as a summer vacation for self-defense activities" "I want to enjoy the history of science tour." I came to have a contrasting idea, and during that time, I faced a love pattern with MJ and a turmoil by Beck / Mysterio. , As a young man and as a hero, he will grow one step further.
At the beginning of the story, I participated in May's volunteer activities as Spider-Man and received it at that time.MediaIn an interview from, he goes on a tour with MJ and Ned, although he is confused as to whether he will inherit the will of Tony / Iron Man who has become a worshiped existence.However, from the plane to go to all over Europe, my schoolmatesBrad DavisHigh-performance AI that was transferred to Fury (mimicry) who asked for cooperation with their team because he was recognized by Tony because he could not get in touch with MJ due to the intervention ofEDITH"I was scolded for shooting Davis by mistake, and I repeated my mistakes by giving priority to my own convenience. Even though I was deceived by that phrase, in Venice and Prague,"ElementalsAttracted by Beck, who fought with him, he confessed his feelings of being a hero, distorted Tony's will for himself, and handed over EDITH to him.
After that, when I was able to walk alone with MJ, I was convinced that she was Spider-Man and said, "Fire elementalBeck was informed that he had picked up a hologram projector that had fallen fromPetenI realized that it was, and tried to convey it to Fury (mimicry)BerlinHeaded for.However, he was caught in a trap using Beck's drone and hologram, and in addition to regaining the projector, he was invited to confess that he told MJ and Ned about the identity of Mysterio.列車Being hit by NetherlandsIt has flowed to.
When he escaped from the awakened detention center, he contacted Happy and made a soft noise to him who rushed by jet plane, but he was encouraged by Happy and inspired him, and decided to save his friend and defeat Beck.jetWhen you dress in the upgraded suit completed on board[Annotation 25], Arrived over London with Happy's support and descended undetected by Beck, “Combined ElementalsI challenged the drone group disguised as ". I fought fiercely with the drone group operated by Beck.[Annotation 26], Finally confront Beck himself.When he won the battle by overcoming the opponent's hologram and the total attack and sudden hit of the remaining drone, he regained EDITH and withdrew all drones.And when he saw the end of Beck who left behind the abandoned line, he reunited with MJ who rushed to escape the difficulty.Black Dalia necklace I was trying to give her[Annotation 27]I was depressed that I had broken, but I kissed each other while exchanging clumsy things, and it became a sunny couple.
With Ned, who returned to the United States and was on a tripBetty BrantDespite being amazed at the fact that he broke up easily and the relationship between Mei and Happy, he and MJ in suits enjoy a dynamic swinging date in New York City.However, at the end of the break, a forged video by Beck's compatriots was broadcast on the street screen, and Beck was about to panic when he revealed the identity of Spider-Man.

Sony's Spider-Man UniverseThe work "Venom: Let There Be Carnage』Also appeared.

tv set

Production is the same as the live-action movie seriesColumbia Pictures.1977/から1979/Was broadcast in the United States. All 15 episodes.
Major changes have been made to the original, such as almost no major characters including villains. In Japan, three long-framed works were released as videos, and the first one was also released in theaters. StarringNicholas Hammond(Blow:Yoshitsuka Otsuka).
ToeiIs a special effects television drama series produced as a completely new work for Japan by borrowing the character of Marvel Comics.1978/5/17From 19793/14Tokyo 12 channel (laterTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Was broadcast in 19787/22Also released the movie version. A giant transformation robot "Leopardon" also appears.
2005/12/9DVD-BOX was released in,2009/3/5From now on, free distribution has started on the official Marvel Comics website.


Mini anime


  • Spiderman MD(1991 10 å¹´ 月 日 18)
SegaWas released by. Can be attached to the ceiling or wall[22].. However, the player must hold the button down while sticking (spiderman will land on the ground when you release the button).
When set to "Nightmare" which is the highest difficulty level, Venom always appears and gets in the way. Venom's HP is high and it is a strong enemy.
Poorly speaking, it is a monotonous game property, but even better speaking, it is an orthodox action game with a high degree of reproduction of the original, and there is also a mini game element inspired by the fact that Spider-Man is a cameraman The rating is never low[22].
In addition to Spider-Man, as an operation characterSubmariner,Black cat, Hawkeye are available, and up to 4 players can play at the same time.
通常 のBelt scroll action gameThere is a feature that the mode in which the operation character is displayed in a large size and the mode in which the operation character is displayed in a reduced size and moves around in a wide screen are switched depending on the scene.
epochWas released by. You can climb walls, stick to ceilings, hang on the web and move fast. You can also attack the web by skipping it.
  • MAXIMUM CARNAGE Spider-Man & Venom Carnage Strikes Back MD (May 1995, 5)
Acclaim JapanWas released by. It is a belt scroll action that defeats Carnage by operating Spider-Man and Venom. The difficulty is quite high. Since it appeared in the end of MD, the distribution volume is very small and it is very difficult to obtain it now.
  • Spiderman PS(April 2001, 4), Low-priced PS (October 26, 2002)
successFrom the TPS perspective released byAction adventure game.. The low-priced version is also released under the title "SuperLite 1500 Series SPIDER-MAN".
  • Spiderman GBC(2001 4 å¹´ 月 日 27)
Released by Success. Although there are some changes, the main points are the same as the above PS version.
Released by Success. It depicts a confrontation with Mysterio with multiple villains.
Released by Success. A sequel to Spider-Man (PS) released on April 2001, 4.It depicts a confrontation with Electro, who is accompanied by multiple villains.
CapcomA work based on the movie version released by. There are also villains that do not appear in the movie.
  • Spiderman 2 PS2 (September 2004, 9),DS(August 2005, 1),PSP(2006 10 å¹´ 月 日 31)
TaitoA work based on the movie version released by. There are also villains that do not appear in the movie.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man DS(2006å¹´5月25日)、GC(2006å¹´6月29日)、PS2(2006å¹´8月24日)
It was released by Taito. It mainly depicts the battle between Venom and Eddie Brock.
ActivisionA work based on the movie version released by. Many villains that do not appear in the movie also appear.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man

[2012] Gameloft, Spider-Man game developed by Beenox.The original title is based on the movie The Amazing Spider-Man.It has not been released in Japan.

Based on the movie versionニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エOn saleOpen worldthe work. OverseasXbox 360-Xbox OneBut it was released.
Insomniac Gamesdevelopment of,SIEOpen world work on sale. You can freely run around the city by web swing.
Released by SIE. A sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man released on September 2018, 9.In this work, the main character is Miles Morales, a rookie Spider-Man.

Cultural influence

  • Free climberAlan RobertIs called "Spider-Man" because it climbs a skyscraper without a lifeline.
  • Racing driverGabriel TarquiniIs a Spider-Man fan and wears a helmet with a cobweb design on a white background.
  • Racing driverErio castronevesIs often called the "Spider-Man" by fans and other people, as it often shows the performance of climbing on the wire mesh in the audience seats when it wins the race.
  • Kabuki actorShido NakamuraIs a fan of Spider-Man, wearing a spider suit and cooperating in promoting the movie.The Amazing Spider-Man 2』Was in charge of the voice of Electro in the Japanese dubbed version. At the stage curtain call, he sometimes throws spider threads and performs a Spider-Man performance.
  • DJ OZMA The2007/9ToEuro beatThe song "Spiderman" has been announced (cover song for the original song included in "VIP MEGA EUROSTAR 3rd Stage" etc.).
  • Yoshinori KobayashiCartoon ofObotcha-kunThe character named "Shinpaiderman" ofParody.
  • In the US, a lizard called Redhead Rock Agama, which has a coloring similar to Spider-Man, is popular as a pet.
  • By an Australian studentItalian spiderman, A parody video calledVideo sharing siteIs gaining popularity.
  • "Spa Dirty Derman] (Original title:Spiderbabe) Spoofed Spider-ManPorn movies.

Theme park attractions


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