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📺 | Tomo Inaba ☆ Play the mysterious "Hare Marriage" who has three beautiful wives in the drama "Hare Marriage."


Yu Inaba ☆ Play the mysterious "Hare Marriage" who has three beautiful wives in the drama "Hare Marriage."

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Can Koharu, who is dressed in a wedding dress, finish the wedding safely?

A unique romantic comedy based on a popular comic that depicts a man and a woman living a married life under the so-called polygamy system. → Continue reading

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wedding(Kekonshiki,English: wedding[Note 1]) Is婚姻To establish or confirm儀式.KatakanaでWedding,ウ エ デ ィ ン グSometimes referred to as.

Wedding habits are old世界Seen everywhere. Area andPeopleThere are various styles,ReligiousIn some cases it is a ritual of joy, some of which may or may not be true.

Regarding the banquet after the "wedding as a ceremony" is over, <<a wedding ceremonySee the section.

Where the wedding is held

Some are held in religious places, some are held in administrative places, some are held in family homes, some are held in commercial establishments.

What is done in a religious setting
Both the bride and groom or one of them is a believerChurch,Temple,ShrineIn a religious facility such as, a person who embodies religious authority declares marriage.A form found all over the world.
What is done in an administrative setting
Something that the mayor declares at the city hall to establish the marriage (France,ItalyEuropean countries such asThe United States of AmericaMarriage carried out in). In FranceCivil MarriageIt is called civil marriage in the United States.
What happens at a family home
It is held by inviting relatives and acquaintances to the home of one of the bride and groom (usually the groom) or the mansion of the head family.It used to be a very common format in Japan, but due to changes in housing conditions, it is rarely done except in some regions.
What is done in a commercial facility
In Japan,Wedding hallWhat is done inRestaurantsPublic ceremony,Cruise shipWedding etc.[Note 2], There are variations.

Wedding history in Japan

Domestic products of Japanese mythology

"Record of Ancient Matters''Japanese calligraphy』Ichisho firstJapanese mythInIzanagi(Izanagi)とIzanami(Izanami) OfNational lifeShinseiIn mythologyOnogoro IslandToPillar of heavenIzanagi promised, "Let's marry me and you around this Amano Onbashira. You will turn from the right, and I will meet from the left." There is a description that they were tied together by calling them "I'm a cute girl" and "I'm really a dear person", and it is said to be the origin of the wedding ceremony.[4].

Izanagi, Izanagi, Mata, Izanagi, Onbashira, Onbashira, Izanagi, Izanagi, Sister, Izanagi, Izanagi, and Izanagi. Ainotoki Izanagi Preliminary Edict Enoya Thou Toshio Toshio Izanagi Edict Izanagi Edict Edict You Rei Bijin
Immediate Xuntian Pillar Promise Sister Self-Left Tour Goto Right Tour
—"Nihon Shoki" Ichisho XNUMXst

Heian period

CommutingEmperor in theEmperor), It is said that the emperor was found in the palace of the palace where the nyōgo and his family entered after three nights.Revelation(Representation)"(Exposure) is held.This is the currentreceptionCorresponds to.Even in the private sector, marriage during the Heian period is a form in which a man goes under a woman for three nights in a row, but at a woman's house, the man and his servant who visit during that time are entertained. On the 3rd day, it is called exposurereceptionWill be held and the bride and groom will be shown. Attendees are limited to those on the wife's side[5].

Muromachi Period

Izumi style OfKyogenIn "Funado Sonoe", it is premised that after the "marriage" of the commute, the ceremony is to bring the fish and liquor such as sea bream and liquor to the wife and her house to celebrate.

Azuchi-Momoyama Period

1563/(Eiroku6 years),Azuchi-Momoyama PeriodJapan's record ofLouis FroisAccording to the letter, "Weddings are not held in Japan."However, the wedding ceremony of the influential samurai family was held grandly even in this era.[6]Also, at Kodaiji, he was a lower samurai at that time.Hideyoshi ToyotomiとNeneThere is a record that he gave "a small congratulatory message of pulling straw in the soil and laying a thin rug on it" about his marriage.[7]Of course, even in this era, ceremonies for marriage, that is, weddings, were performed regardless of status.

Meiji from the Edo period

In the Middle Ages, it can be seen from the floor decoration of wedding seats,EdoMid-termChastity notes』Was written clearly. The family members gather at the groom's home, hang a Takasago lieutenant and a niece hanging between the floors, place an island stand decorated with a Tsurugame figurine, and hold a wedding ceremony in front of it.CongratulationsWas done.Lunar calendar octoberIs "KannazukiThe wedding was held this month. FolkloreKunio YanagitaAccording to the books "Meiji Taisho Fumi" and "Marriage Story, Kunio Yanagita Collection 15", at least the wedding ceremony by the common people from the end of the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji era was different from the Shinto style that was established after the Meiji era.The ceremonial hall is centered around the house, and the son-in-law lives at his wife's parents' house for a while.Bridegroom marriageIt was said that it was a format called. At that time, there were occasions when a wedding ceremony was held at the wife's house on the first day of the newlywed life, but it was said that this was often done from five in the evening (around 21:XNUMX, which is what we call now). According to Yanagida, even in the Edo era, when people in the same village get married, no congratulations were given or it was simple, but the number of people getting married outside the village increases. According to this, the form was complicated, and it became a form close to the Shinzen style. In the case of the wedding of the common people, the priest will examine it.CongratulatoryIt is said that they often sang local songs, folk songs, and folk songs.CongratulatoryEven so, it was after the Meiji era that the "congratulatory words" came to be presented, like the modern Shinzen style.[8].


Yoshiwara FactoryでProstituteFamiliar customersKumano Shrine(Kumano Sanzan) Kumano Oishi (Kumano beef) It is said that a pseudo-marriage was made in which 3 pieces were stated to swear the marriage of 2 people and 1 piece was put in the shrine.

Recent and modern changes

As mentioned above, in Japan, weddings were often held at home, at least among the common people. The "Kamizen wedding" held at the shrine was held before that.[9]However, the number was very small. In 1873, Tan Beng Teck, a Chinese-Singaporean trader of British nationality, and Isobe, a Japanese woman.And with(I)Lists the first Western wedding ceremony in Japan[10].

1878/(Meiji11 years) April 12,Izumo Taishachief priestSenke JunfukuPerformed a god ceremony, and the contents are left as a "wedding ceremony"[11].

1885/(Meiji 18), originallyNichiren sect OfMonkMetSatoshi TanakaWas founded byNational Pillar AssociationThe predecessor of the "Risshoan Diet" stipulated the rules for weddings in Buddhism (ceremonial marriage ceremony)[12].. According to Satoshi Tanaka's thought “Buddhist couple theory”,Meiji RestorationSince then, institutionalizing the marriage of married couples (that is, marriage based on monogamy) in Japan has been considered essential for modernization of the nation. This French wedding ceremony by the Rissho National Assembly isBuddhismThis is the first official wedding ceremony in history.

1900/(33th year of Meiji)5/10ToCrown princeKahiniEmperor Taisho) And Setsuko Kujo (Empress Sadaaki) Is married. Men and women in full dress,Miyanaka SandenWorship to神In the form of taking an oath of the couple in front ofMarriage ceremonyWas done. This had a great social impact, and some citizens voiced their desire for a wedding ceremony in Kamisaki. In response to this, Jingu Hoseikai (currentlyTokyo Ojingu) Newly established the "Kamizenshiri" ritual in the form of a marriage ceremony, and it was established among the people.

After the war,Karuizawa Of(I.e.With the wedding ceremony inHigh economic growthIn a periodWedding hallThe "Christian ceremony" by has also become popular.

Kenji IshiiKokugakuin UniversityAccording to the professor, "Religiousness was added to Japanese weddings after the period of high economic growth, and the Shinto style became popular in the 1960s and accounted for 1970% in the 8s.Baby boom generation.. In the 1990sChapelThe number of ceremonies has increased sharply, and it has come to account for about 7% of all overseas ceremonies[13].2018/9/28,HISIt was revealed that the wedding plan and tour planned in Hawaii were suddenly canceled due to delay in construction work at the ceremony. Since September 20182019/9 pairs are reserved for reservations until September. Full refund of the price and propose an alternative plan. HISTourism AuthorityReport facts to. HIS pays a reward in addition to the refund. Most of the customers said they changed their wedding ceremony to another ceremony[14].

Recent trends

In recent years, in Japan, regardless of religion, church ceremonies, Shinto ceremonies,人 前(Jinzen)Wedding ceremonies such as ceremonies and Buddhist ceremonies are freely selected.After a normal ritualreceptionSince the wedding is held, there are many hotel users who can conveniently use the large hall in the place where the wedding is held and the attendees have convenient transportation.Wedding hallIs. At this hotel and the wedding hall, the ceremony hall prepares almost everything about the wedding ceremony, and it also makes a gorgeous presentation, which makes it very convenient for the party hosting the ceremony. At these ceremonies, separate rooms are set up for business trips to shrines, temples, and Christian churches, and ceremonies are held mainly by the relatives of both families. After that, the reception will be held at the attached banquet hall. If you use the banquet hall, there will be a large amount of money in any case, so there are also small weddings with relatives only. In addition, in recent years, we have called out a house to call a house and invite people close to us, such as relatives and friends.[15], Party-style weddings and receptions may be held.

Contemporary Japanese Weddings-Type Classification-

Divine ceremony(Shinzenshiki)

As mentioned above, Japanese weddings and the traditions that have been performed are greatly influenced by Shinto, a religion unique to Japan, but weddings were generally held at home.

The form of "Kamizen wedding" became clear, and it became popular in general.1900/(Meiji 33) May 5Crown princeKahini (laterEmperor Taisho) And Setsuko Kujo (laterEmpress Sadaaki) Was triggered by the wedding. It was held for the first time at Miyanaka Kensho Ohmae, and the people's desire to have a similar Shinzen wedding ceremony increased. In response to rising momentum, the Tokyo Shrine Convocation Association (currentlyTokyo Ojingu) Established the style of "Kamizen wedding" in the private sector with reference to the imperial marriage ceremony.[16], Next day1901/(34th year of Meiji)3/3Held a mock wedding ceremony in the United States, and since then carried out improvement and dissemination activities. What is being held today as the "Jinzenshiki" is based on the one founded by this Jingu Hosoukai.

At firstA priestessThe bride and groom,Medium personThen, the groom's parents, the bride's parents, the groom's relatives, the bride's relatives entered in that order, and finally entered. The moderator (sometimes performed by a shrine maiden) is called the beginning of the ceremony.ShrineTo domarijuanaUse to purify the filth. They all stand upright, bow their head lightly, and receive this. All of them stand up in tune with the salute's bow, and thank God. The lord of the god has married two people in front of GodShrineWith the godUjigami, And report to the ancestor godCongratulatoryAnd pray for God's protection. Ichido stands up and bows down.

339 degreesExchange cups of In one cup, the groom first receives the cup, then the bride, then the groom. In the two cups, first the bride, then the groom, then the bride. Three cups are the same as one cup. Since I will receive 3 3 9 cups of XNUMX times each, XNUMX×XNUMX=XNUMX339 degreesHolds[17]..However, due to the time constraints of the bride and groom, many shrines use the following abbreviations.The groom receives a cup, then the bride drinks it.The second cup is from the bride to the groom, the third cup is from the groom to the bride, and each cup is drunk with a sip.The bride and groom step forward to the shrine and read the words of the oath.The groom reads the text, and the bride and groom read the name.

A priestess Kagura danceDedicate. Bride and groomTamushiWorship in the order of "Niwai, Niwakashi-te-Iwai", and when you step down to your seat, turn your body inward so that you do not turn your back on each other. This is to avoid turning your butt toward God as much as possible. Following the bride and groom, a medium drinker and a relative representative offer a ball skewer. The relatives of the two families, the bride and groom, and the medium drinkers take a cup to exchange the vow that both families are relatives. The priest reported to God that the ceremony had been successfully taken care of, and worshiped. Everyone stands up and thanks. After that, the lord gave a congratulatory greeting, and after leaving the lord, the bride and groom, medium drinkers, and relatives left in that order. After the ceremony, move to the reception[18].

The location is not limited to shrines, and there are many hotels and wedding halls that have a Shinto ceremony.

Incidentally,Izumo Taisha,Izumo TaishakyoThen we have a Shinto wedding ceremony that is different from general shrines. At the ceremony, "Ameno Hashira" stands in front of the bride and groom.ShintoismBecomes The lordCongratulatoryAfter the performance, read "Kamiyo" near Amano Onbashira.TamushiFor the worship, the groom goes around Amano Onbashira from the left, and the bride goes from the right and worships with XNUMX clapping. In addition, TamakiPriesthoodUse ofscepterGrasp it like, and thank you in the same manner as a scepter. In addition, many special parts are handed down[11].

Many brides and grooms choose Christian ceremonies and minority ceremonies at present weddings[19]The number of couples who dare to choose the Kamizenshiki as a place to experience and interact with Japanese culture is increasing, as long as it is limited to celebrity and celebrity weddings and international marriages.[20][21][22][23].

French style

BuddhaStyle to vow to marry.1892/(Meiji 25)Jodo Shinshu Honganji School OfNobumasa FujiiHas a wedding ceremony at Tokyo Byakuren Social Hall, and the pre-Buddha wedding ceremony is popular in each denomination.

Bodhi TempleOften done in the main hall of本尊EnshrinePublic hallAlso, weddings are possible at home.

The specific order of ceremonies may vary depending on the denomination,Priest() and all the participants本尊To the marriage and received a counselor from the priest about what to protect as a Buddhist for life.BeadsAfter signing a pledge to respect each other,339 degreesThe rule is to exchange the cups.

There are many cases related to monks, and very few cases are performed by the general public,Tsunku♂,Takahiro Azuma,Steve JobsAn example is known.

The reason why Buddhist weddings are not popular is thatEmperor TaishoIt is thought that the Shinto ceremonies that were widely spread by the wedding ceremony in Japan became popular, and within the religious consciousness of the Japanese, who were not only Buddhists but also Uji, there was nothing wrong with doing the Shinto ceremonies. ..

Case of Okinawa

OkinawaIn, at homeBuddhist altarIt is common to call the ancestor's spirit in front of a woman, or a woman to report her marriage to a natural god (fire god, floor god) or Muraday (a village god) who sits at her home. .. Although it is close to the Buddhist ceremony, it also includes elements of the Shinto and public ceremonies, and unlike the above Buddhist ceremonies performed in temples, there is almost no religious color because it is performed by relatives, and no monks are involved.

Christianity (church) ceremony

Wedding at "Wedding Church"

Many so-called "Christian weddings" held in Japan imitate Christian weddings.That is, the real thingChurchSpecific in church-like facilities (so-called "wedding churches" that are registered as assembly halls rather than religious facilities), not in churches or shrinesReligiousMost of the cases are done by people who do not belong to the church.Also as a styleCatholicとProtestantConfused withBritish ChurchMostly wind. Meanwhile,Orthodox churchThere are few cases where the style of is referred to.

In Japan today, Christians account for about 1% of the population, but there are very many people who want a wedding that imitates Christians, regardless of their faith.[24].Wedding dressThe style of wearing a ceremonial ceremony at a church isKaruizawaHas its origin in[25]..Karuizawa was in the Meiji eraForeignerMissionaryInternationally because of the relocationSummer resortAs the Christian church began to accept non-believing weddings, more and more people were ceremonial at the church.[25][26]..After that, the wedding ceremony of the talent was often held in Karuizawa in the 1970s, so it is said that it spread to the general public.[25][26]..The reason why the Christian ceremony was widely accepted isBaby boomerWas a generation that resisted the social systems and values ​​of the time, not only created a new lifestyle, but also pursued individuality and protested to traditional values.High economic growthIn a society that is becoming wealthier at the same time, it is believed that the advancement of women into society and the era in which free thoughts and ideas are accepted have influenced the new form of ceremonies.[26].

The fact that the mass media and others have repeatedly advertised in the Christian style and have become common,Wedding dressSo-called "Christian wedding" plans are being prepared and held at hotels and wedding halls because of the atmosphere that suits them.The general process is that the pastor presides over, mainly the groom first entering and waiting in front of the altar.Wedding bouquetAnd a bride wearing a wedding dress and escort enter (usually with her father). Central passage[27]The escort handes over the bride to the groom. Although there are differences in the order etc. below,Hymn(chant),BibleReading, vows, blessings, and ring exchanges. Also, when the bride and groom leave the building, a friend, relative, etc.Bouquet toss, Rice shower, flower shower[28]And so on.

Wedding ceremony in christian church

キ リ ス ト 教The meaning and style of wedding atsectDepends on

Catholic church

Catholic churchAt the weddingSacrament(Ie, when the two baptized, not merely a social covenant ritual, make faith-based marriage agreements by exemplifying the bond of love found between Christ and the Church. Actually thereJesus ChristI believe that God intervenes through this sacrament.The Catholic Church does not allow divorce, so only weddings are held for first marriage or remarriage due to bereavement).

Therefore, it is said that "the marriage as a sacrament" is only when both of the two people who want to have a wedding are Catholic. (In the Catholic churches of each country, there is usually no ceremony for non-believers, but in the Catholic church of Japan, ,Roman PopeMay permit a wedding even if one or both are not Catholic, subject to attending a certain "marriage course" at the church).

An example of the progress is as follows. Enter with the bride's escort (usually his father). Proceeding through the central passage, the escorts hand over the bride to the groom.chant,BibleReading, in front of GodPledge, Blessing, signing a marriage pledge, filling in a marriage register,wedding ringWill be exchanged.

Read the marriage pledge in the following words.

"As a couple, we love it, respect it, comfort it, help it, and live it, whether it is joy, sadness, illness, health, wealth, or poverty. As long as I pledge to do my best.'
Orthodox church

Orthodox churchAt the weddingConfidential(Greek: μυστήριον: Of MistylionOrthodox Church in JapanEquivalent to the Catholic esoteric), and officiallyMarriage secretIs called.Like all secretsOrthodoxOnly is enjoyed.

Long time agoCanonical lawIf you apply the above exception and one is a believerbaptismThere were cases where the execution of this secrecy was permitted under conditions such as receiving a request, but at present there is no such case. Also, the secret of marriage in the Orthodox Church isPriestUnder the command ofCathedralIt will be held at the wedding hall and not at the wedding hall.

Only congregations can receive confidential information, but non-congregations are free to attend weddings, and relatives and acquaintances are encouraged to attend.

Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral Church (Nikolaido)Then, my wish for a wedding at Nikolaido led me to study before the baptism.[29]Of the Orthodox ChurchbaptismIt is not uncommon for a couple to become a believer and then receive a marriage secret.

CoronationIs donechantMarriage secrets in the Orthodox Church are very brilliant, as seen in the heavy use of.CathedralDone near the entranceFormula(I'm sorry)(Rings are exchanged) and in the center of the cathedralCoronation courtesyComposed of and. Just before the coronation, the priest asks the bride and groom if they have any promises with other parties.wineDrinking and drinking, in the center of the cathedralANALOY(IconIt is understood that it goes around the table on which the etc. is placed).

The couple will be crowned in the future with halisteanin (ク リ ス チ ャ ン OfRussianAs a king of life as a reading), it means that the married couple will jointly control their own life,Eucharist courtesyIs a form derived fromwineThe act of drinking and drinking was shown by the couple in communionChristRepresenting a life centered on (Greek reading of Christ) and going around a plan with an icon in the center of the cathedral means walking in both fun and hard times centered on faith Is.

Besides these, most of the marriage secrets,PriestAnd a congratulatory recitation bySacred festivalOr with the priestCorps(Choir) Performed bySeriesAnd are done. These contents areOld TestamentNew TestamentAcross bothBibleIt remembers God's consideration for a number of couples in the history of the church, and prays that the bride and groom also receive the same protection.


ProtestantHere is an example of the progress in. The bride and the bride's father walk slowly to the ceremony, groom, witness (male), witness (female) waiting in front of the platform[30].Hymn,prayer,BibleReading (Ephesus5.22-33,I Corinth(Chapter 13 etc.), Ceremony by the officiant, Pledge by the bride and groom, exchange of rings, prayer, (single), Declaration that the two officiants are married, short sermon, hymn, benediction by the priest ( Blessing prayer), leaving the bride and groom, greetings from relatives.After that, at the exit, the bride and groom, witnesses on both sides, and both parents lined up on the outside, and received congratulatory words from the attendees leaving and thanked them.

Baptist, congregational

Among the Protestant denominationsBaptist Church,Congregational churchThen, with the consensus of the congregation (members and believers), marriage is established with the guidance of God. Therefore the wedding is relatively open. When one of the couple is a believer, the wedding is often associated with the church, and the reception is often used with friends. If both are believers, there are also cases where a wedding reception is followed by a wedding reception (a celebration is more correct), but in recent years the number has decreased. As a result, wedding attendees can sometimes exceed reception attendees.

Public expression(Full time)

Instead of swearing marriage to the gods and Buddha like a wedding ceremony in a church or in front of the gods, swearing marriage in front of parents, other relatives, close friends, etc. is the current wedding style called public ceremony.Divine ceremony(Shinzenshiki)Not to be confused withOne wordIt may also be called.There are many places that correspond to hotels and wedding halls.In the case of a public ceremony, since it has nothing to do with a specific religion, there is an advantage that the ceremony can be performed without problems even if the attendees have any religious background.The ceremony will proceed in a manner that follows the Christian ceremony (entrance method, admission method).Wedding dress・ Ring exchange, oath, etc.), the format is relatively free, so that the bride's admission is impressed.a wedding ceremonyThe video production is increasing like this.[31].. In public,WitnessThe feature is that the marriage is approved by. As a sign of approval, witnesses applaud, ring bells, and various creative ideas are being held. Public ceremonies include XNUMX degrees, water-matching rituals, and shell-matching rituals.

Photo wedding

Increasingly, there are more and more cases where only the photograph is taken as a memorial for the surroundings. Originally, a couple who could not or was not given a ceremony because of their relationship with relatives, financial reasons, etc., wants to leave their appearance in the wedding costume even on the photo. There is a case to embrace, and a wedding by photography that started in response to it. We do not swear not only by the gods and Buddhas but also by parents, other relatives, close friends, etc., but in many cases it is performed as a bullying or turning point in life, and it can be regarded as one of the new ceremony forms.

Pear marriage

At the government officeMarriage registrationSimply submit your wedding orreceptionNot do at all[32]..Reasons for this include spending millions of yen on the wedding and the fact that couples or relatives oppose the wedding itself in order to avoid being noticeable in public.

"Pear marriageThe number of couples is increasing, and the number of cases where only "pear marriage" is sufficient is increasing due to the divisive idea that "the wedding is not required by law".[33][34][35].

Solo wedding

Marriage is usually done by two people (or more in the case of polygamy, etc.) regardless of whether they are of the opposite sex or same-sex marriage, and cannot be married alone.On the other hand, many people have a desire to become a bride or groom at least once in their lifetime, even if they never get married, cannot get married, or become an unmarried mother or father without getting married.Solo weddings fulfill such a desire.As the bridal market shrinks, it is growing rapidly in the late 2s.[36].

Common dresses for weddings in Japan in recent years

Long tuxedo, frock coat and morning coat are popular.
The colors are white and black, which is the original formal wear color.
WhiteWedding dressWhite dresses are usually pure white, off-white,ivoryIt is divided into 3 colors[37][38][39]..RarelyPink-light blueColor dresses such as these can be seen, but they also use light colors as much as possible.
The design is diverse and originallySocial circle,debutanteEtc. at nightDressIsEvening dressesType ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(Robe décolletageEtc.) are also popular[40].

Wedding styles in the United States

The United States of AmericaIs also called "race crucible" and weddings are diverse. Marriage system and age at which marriage is possible vary from state to state[41].. The wedding ceremony called is widely held in the city hall. There are also many weddings in everyday wear. Also,Catholic churchInMass,聖 体 拝 領Is being done[42].

Christianity (church) ceremony

American church (Protestant), the general outline of a wedding performed by a relatively wealthy couple is as follows.

At the church, the family and acquaintances on the right side of the groom (groom) and on the left side of the bride (bride) face the altar. In front of the altarPriest or Priest) Waits for the bride to enter with the groom. First, the groom's attendant (best man and multiple groomsmen) and then the bride's attendant (maid of owners and multiple bridesmaids) enter, and the groom and bride's side will each have a platform. Line up in a row with your back. Then by the flower girl the central passage (Isle) Is purified with petals. Finally, the bride was pulled by her father to enter, and Shizushi proceeded to the altar (Walk Down the Isle).

And the actual formula begins. Although there are differences in order and omissions, it depends on the participantsHymnChanting by the clergyBibleReading or brief sermons, words of aspirations by the groom and bride, blessings for them, exchange of rings (the best man is to keep the rings and hand them to the groom and bride), oath before God, The priest's certification of the couple, in front of the ceremony for the first time as a couplesillaginoid, And so on follow, and the formula ends. Signing a marriage pledge and filling in a marriage register may have previously been part of the ceremony, but may also be done in a separate room after the ceremony or at a later visit to the clergy.

There are two main methods of oath.

One is when the priest asks:

Thou ◯◯ uses this woman/man △△ as his wife/husband, and walks together, whether in good or bad time, when he is rich or poor, when he is ill or when he is healthy, and he died regardless of others. Do you swear, under a sacred marriage contract, to pledge love, to think of your wife/husband, and to accompany your wife/husband only until you divide them?

In response to this, the bride and groom say the following.

To swear.

Another method is to recite each verse as the priest says it, and to say the following full oath.

I use this woman/man △△ as a wife/husband, and walk with good and bad, rich and poor, sick and healthy, and die regardless of others. Under the sacred marriage contract to pledge love, to think of the wife/husband, and to accompany the wife/husband only, until he divides them.

There are many formers in Japan, but most of the latter in the United States. In addition, the oaths given here are traditional templates, and in practice they are shortened or slightly modified.

When the ceremony is over, the bride and groom hold hands and leave the church, but attendees pour rice grains at the exit to celebrate the wedding ceremony (rice shower). From the front of the church, there was a custom of riding in a car in which several empty cans were tied to the rear bamber with strings, but it was hardly seen in urban areas (Source: "International Manners and Common Encyclopedia", Gakken).

Other countries around the world

South Korea

South KoreaThen there is the custom of bullying the groom after the wedding (Groom treatment). Also,Honeymoon first nightThere are also customs.

In addition to weddings and receptions, traditional ceremonies called pepeg are held in a special small room called the pepeg room. Originally, this was a ceremony for brides to join their groom's relatives, and they were prepared to drink alcohol, use baby nuts and chestnuts to fortify their baby babies, and groom them to support their brides for a lifetime. There are various series of rituals such as shimeji.


IndiaThen, there are many luxury weddings, and the cost tends to be high. In some cases, there are hundreds to thousands of invited guests, and since the ceremony is held for several days, the total cost may exceed 1 million yen. 2017,BiharThen, in order to control the excessive marriage cost, a bill to tax the ceremony that costs more than 50 rupees (about 84 yen) was examined.[43].


RussiaNow, it is possible to have a wedding at the church now, but even now, many people usually hold a wedding at the city hall as a custom from the Soviet era. An attendant of the same sex is present, and the groom is blacktuxedo, The bride is wearing a white dress,Wedding marchSign the marriage report, exchange rings and kiss an oath. [44][45]after thatreceptionIs usuallyRestaurantsIt was done by the groom's mother before it started.Bread and saltThe ceremony was held, and then the two were celebrated by cooking, drinking, dancing, etc., often after midnight. Participants on the way "Bitterly!(Gorica!, Во рту горько. Meaning that the mouth is bitter), the bride and groom kiss to make them sweeter. In some areas, participants hide the groom's shoes and the groom chases and looks for them. [46]


Wedding story

Roman Emperor
RomeemperorClaudius IIFear of degrading warrior moralemarriageWas banned,ValentineHeld weddings with multiple soldiers and lovers against the banHangedI was told that.
European first night
Wedding to EuropeFirst nightIt was said that there wascomedyOpera OfMarriage of FigaroHas been the subject of.

Attack on wedding

The wedding is more or lessBoardSince it is carried out in units, it is easy to be the target of bombing and terrorism from opposing forces in areas in a state of civil war.

Lockdown and wedding

  • From 2020 to 2021, in the UKNew coronavirusTo spread the infectionLockdown (city blockade)Was done.At the time of lockdown, events where a large number of people gather were regulated, and a limit was added to the maximum number of attendees for weddings.Under these circumstances, British police officials caught a wedding ceremony in the school auditorium of Stamford Hill, which was attended by about 6 people.Many of the attendees fled the scene, but five were fined £ 400 each.[52].

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  1. ^ Ancient germaniaThere is a custom of giving a deposit at the time of engagement or marriage, and it is said that "Wedd" which means mortgage/guarantee comes from[1]
  2. ^ Some ships are ships and some are space ships.2008/7/1First Advantage and Rocket Plain Kistler Japan are now accepting space wedding applications[2].. The flight time is about 1 hour, training takes 4 days, and the cost is 2 million yen.[3].


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  28. ^ It is said that it means to let the flowers fall, purify them with the scent of the flowers, and protect them from the devil who envy the happiness of the bride and groom.
  29. ^ What is done during this "study period" is not the special short-term study for couples wishing to have a wedding, but the study and attendance of the evangelism meeting, which is exactly the same as the general baptism applicant.
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