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🧑‍🎨 | My Melody's Valentine's Day pattern. A lot of super cute goods are appearing in ITS'DEMO.


My Melody's Valentine's Day pattern. A lot of super cute goods are appearing in ITS'DEMO.

If you write the contents roughly
Even if you put it in the bedroom with a set of My Melody and Kuromi, it is ◎.

The lifestyle store "ITS'DEMO" will be a popular Sanrio store on January 2022, 1. → Continue reading

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My melody

My melody(My Melody) IsSanrioFor character goods designed bycharactergroup.hero·Melody(Melody) IsRabbitWith motifLittle Red Riding HoodAnthropomorphized in the wind.Known as "Melody-chan","My Melody. "

The same Sanrio in JapanHello KittyIt is a popular character that is on par with.My Melody, which is based on Little Red Riding Hood, is based on Hello Kitty's high symbolic character.Little Twin StarsAlong with, it is one of the few Sanrio characters with a story.[3][4]..Goods are also being sold outside Japan.


1975 Character development.The first goods will be on sale at the end of the same year.

Initially, like Hello Kitty, it was a character for girls and children, but now it is popular with a wide range of generations, and many adult goods are on sale.

At the beginning, it was positioned as a character that replaced the characters of "Little Red Riding Hood" (Little Red Riding Hood, grandmother) with animals, and was called "Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Riding Hood)".[5][6][7][2].1976 Named "My Melody"[6]After that, there was not much direct connection with "Little Red Riding Hood" in the character setting, and animals of "friends" began to appear accordingly.[5].. Note that2000 Has released a reprint of the goods from the "Little Red Riding Hood" era.

Early My Melody goods had a hood"Red"There was only a good one,1977 TopinkGoods wearing a hood have been released[8]..After that, pink ones have been the mainstream for a long time.

In the late 1980s, My Melody goods in clothes were released.[8].

In the late 1980s, when the popularity of My Melody was sluggish, the goods that had been on sale since its birth wereConfectioneryThere was a time when there was only a kind,1996 9[9]With the appearance of My Melody at the top of the "Sanrio Character Award", a reader voting project for "The Strawberry News"1997 3[9]Full-scale product development resumed.The goods released at this time were those with a red hood (it was popular at that time that pink was not used.Hello KittyBecause many of the goods were based on pink[10]It is said).1999 Pink hood goods are also on sale again[10].2000 Since then, goods with various colors of hoods other than red and pink have been sold.[8].

From around 1997, it became a boom mainly for girls in their teens with Hello Kitty (however, it was from 10 to 1 that it won the first place in the "Sanrio Character Award".[11], Only 2014 times in 3.Of these, 2010 was the one that stopped Hello Kitty's consecutive first place acquisition since 1998 in 1 years.)[11].

My Melody character goods are often based on red or pink,2001 ,tag"My Melody Blue" based on "My Melody Blue" has been released.[12]Kuromi's character goods are oftenblackIs the keynote.

2004 , As a limited unit of Sanrio Puroland's "Enjoy the Night!"Usahana,Marron creamTogether with the rabbit unit "Barnies".Seiko MatsudaCover song ofRed sweet pea』Released.In the name of My Melody, "Dreaming chanson doll] And "Otomelody" and many other songs have been recorded.

On September 2010, 9, the product series "Golden Memories" was released to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Sanrio's founding. In addition to My Melody, "Hello Kitty" and "Hello Kitty"Patty & Jimmy"Or"Little Twin StarsThe 1970s-1980s design was used to create a new product, or a product that imitated the product of the time.26 items have been released from My Melody[13].

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of birth2016 ToBandaiからSuper alloy [14],タ カ ラ ト ミ ーからCue transformerSeries[15]Released as each.

2019 May 4From digital radio broadcastingTS ONEAt "My Melody My Melody Therapy" (Later) Personality[16].

Popular outside of Japan

  • In 1981ItalySo, My Melody character goods dominated the top 3 sales of Sanrio products. 1st place: Clear cup, 2nd place: Toothpaste set, 3rd place: Plush toy[10].
  • 1983 years,America-San FranciscoA sticker with a melody and a flat set became popular.[10].


* Settings are subject to change.

Television Animation"Please my melodyAbout my melody in the seriesMy Melody (Onegai My Melody)See also


  • Real name: Melody[17](Melody[18])
  • birthday : May 1[19]
  • Birthplace: Maryland[Annotation 1]Forest in
  • Sex:girl
  • Blood type: O type
  • Weight: Hi, Mi, Tsu
  • Address: Maryland Rabbit Hill
  • Height: As much as the red and white polka dot mushrooms in the forest[19]
  • Favorite food: Almond pound cake
  • Hobbies: Baking cookies with mom[19]
  • Family structure: grandparents, parents, younger brother (Rhythm), second cousin (Little Forest Ferro)
    • The younger brother's rhythm was added in 1983.The name Rhythm is "Strawberry newspaper』Determined by open recruitment of readers[21].
  • designer:
    • The first designer is Yoko Matsumoto.
    • 2015 The current designer is Kumiko Kobayashi[1](7rd generation,1996 ~).


  • Flat:A mouseBoy (added in 1976)
    • His personality is mischievous and mischievous.My hobby is playing the violin, and my special skill is running fast.Born in the Forest of Maryland, my birthday isMay 12[22]..Melody's best friend[23]"。
  • Piano-chan (Mr. Sheep):SheepGirl[24]
    • He has a gentle personality and is sweet.My favorite food is meringue cookies, and I like melody, picking flowers in the fields and chatting.BirthdayMay 7[24].
    • Originally it had no name and was simply called "Hitsuji-san". As one of the 30th anniversary projects of "The Strawberry News"2005 It was announced in the August 2005 issue of the same newspaper.
    • In 2008, the independent piano character goods "My Sweet Piano" was released.
  • Risu-kun (added in 1976)
  • Fox
  • Raccoon
  • Elephant
  • Kangaroo
  • Mole-kun
  • Owl uncle
  • Bird
  • Duck parent and child
  • Hedgehog
  • Bear
  • Chocho-san

Kuromi and Baku

Kuromi(Kuromi),Tapir(Baku) is a TV anime "Please my melody] The self-proclaimed melody that appears in the seriesrivalIs[25].

2005 Character development.Character goods have been released as characters independent of anime and are gaining popularity.Sanrio PurolandA wide range of developments have been made, such as appearing in.maid CafeWithcollaborationBySanrioFor the first time as a character ofAkihabaraEvents are also being developed at.

In June 2006, Kuromi, who appears in TV animation, will be the leader.レ デ ィ ー ス"Chromies 5"(Kuromi's 5) mascot holder is now on sale.Chromies 5cat OfNyanmi(Nyanmi),Dog OfWanmi(Wanmi),A mouse OfChuumi(Chūmi, also known as “Chumi”),Fox OfKomiIt is composed of 5 members (Konmi) and Kuromi.

Image character

  • 1981 から1986 Until,Taiyo Kobe Bank(Taiyo Kobe Mitsui Bank → Sakura Bank → Present:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) My Melody was adopted as an image character[26][Annotation 2].. In April 1986, it was replaced by the same Sanrio "The Vaudeville Duo" (Eddie & Emy).[26].
  • 1998 March 9-2001 During August 8thInternational businessOperates a bus painted with My Melody (IsuzuKC-LR333J, 2063, 2065, 2076).At the same time as the service started, a prepaid card with My Melody printed on it was released, and 3 cards were sold in a month.1999 From 5 monthTomicaThis bus is sold as No. 93 "My Melody Route Bus"[Annotation 3],2002 ToKyoshoIt was also modeled from.The model was sold by mail order from the website of Kokusai Kogyo.[27]Currently, both Tomica and Kyosho are no longer sold.
  • 2006 year 7 month,Central financeMy Melody and Kuromi were appointed as the image characters of.
  • February 2013- Oita Bank My Melody will be appointed as the image character of[28]..This is the second case of being appointed as an image character of a bank, following Taiyo Kobe Bank in 1981.

Ranking of Sanrio Character Awards

"Strawberry newspaperReader voting project "Sanrio Character AwardThe 21st (2006) and 25th (2010) first place is the highest ever.The ranking of My Melody's Sanrio Character Award and Character Award Ichigo Shimbun ranking is as shown in the following standings. In parentheses after 1, apart from the overall ranking (Sanrio Character Award), only the votes received in the Strawberry News (Character Award Ichigo Newspaper Ranking). "My Melody" is the predecessor of the Sanrio Character Award, "Sanrio Character Popularity Contest"[11]Has been nominated as "Little Red Riding Hood" since the first time (1).By the way, the first nomination was 1975 characters including external copyrights (such as Horacio), and the result was "Little Red Riding Hood" in 1th place.By the way, the top 10 areSnoopy(1rd),Patty & Jimmy(2nd place), Hello Kitty (3rd place)[11][29]。1998年(第13回)から2002年(第17回)まで5年連続で2位を達成するものの、ハローキティが分厚い壁となりなかなか1位になれなかったが、2010年(第25回)悲願の1位を獲得した[30].

2013 Sanrio Character Award 2st place[31].. In the special project of the 2013 Sanrio Character Award, "Declaration to do this," he declared, "I will go to plant flowers in Tohoku when I reach the 1st place."[32], Although he won the 1st place in the interim announcement, it was reversed by Hello Kitty in the final result, and it was unfortunately not realized.The first nominated "My Sweet Piano" alone also said that "If you are 80th or lower, you will be cut hair", but since the interim announcement was 15th and the final result was 16th, the hair was cut. I didn't have to.

2014 Then, all 100 types of characters are divided into 5 groups A to E, and the 1st stage (qualifying) is held, and the final stage (decisive battle) is held from the top 4 types of each group and all 20 types of characters, and the ranking is ranked. Since it was decided, there is no 21st place or lower.My Melody was nominated for Group A and My Sweet Piano was nominated for Group D (both passed 1st on the 1st stage).[33]..In addition, My Melody is ranked 1st overall, but the result of totaling only online voting is 4th.[Annotation 4]Met[34]..In addition, he received the "Supporting Character Award" because "My Sweet Piano" contributed greatly to My Melody.[35].

2015 Is 5th overall, but Go-chan in the collaboration category.My Melody collaborated with Purakuma won the 1st place, and My Melody collaborated with Purakuma-kun was 5th, Higashinippon Broadcasting GuriMy Melody who collaborated with won the 6th place[36]..In addition, the newly established "Character"puffIn the "Category", we collected 2,410 votes and won the 2rd place.[37].

2016 Then, the character who received the most votes from the Sanrio shop was My Melody, so he won the "Ichigo Shimbun Sanrio Shop Award".[38][39] ..In addition, a "stroking vote" is held in which one vote is entered when the character is stroked, and in the "stroking vote" where the character displayed on the smartphone is stroked with a finger, "My Melody" is stroked for 1 hours and 2151 minutes. Ranked 40th in 30 seconds[40].

2019 Is 4th overall, but 2nd in China[41]..In the collaboration category, My Melody, who collaborated with Coco Ciel, won 5th place, and My Melody, which collaborated with Suzy's Zoo, entered.In addition, the Strawberry News ranking was 6th last year and 7th this year, and when I interviewed by phone, my melody said that I was busy with work such as radio personality, cafe, nurse etc.[42].

2020 Due to a series of temporary closures of Sanrio shops related to Corona, it was not possible to vote from the Sanrio shop store (chip de vote) as expected, so a spin-out plan will be held from June 6th to 12th after the end of the Sanrio Character Award. "Chip de Voting Returns" will be held at each Sanrio shop[43], One of the Sanrio shopsHarmony LandAs a result, "My Melody" was in 3rd place.[44](The votes of this time are not officially reflected in the results of the Sanrio Character Award).

2021 Is 4th overall, but 3rd in Brazil[45]..He also won first place in the "Chip de Voting" at Harmony Land.[46].

Successive standings
1991 2001 22011 1[47]2021 4 (4[48])
1992 2002 22012 2 (3)[49]
1993 2003 42013 2 (2)
1994 2004 42014 1 (2[50])[35][51]
1995 2005 52015 5 (1[52])[53]
1986 [Annotation 5]1996 13[54]2006 42016 3 (2[55])
1987 1997 5[11]2007 32017 3 (5[56])
1988 1998 22008 22018 5 (6[57])
1989 1999 22009 3[11]2019 4 (7[58])
1990 2000 22010 1[59]2020 4 (2[60])

Sub character contest

Since 2016, the "Sub Character Contest" has been held as an original project of The Strawberry News.In the 1st (2016) "Sub Character Contest", "Flat-kun" was second and "Mero"[Annotation 6]Was ranked 10th and "Risu-chan" was ranked 19th.[61]..In the 2nd (2017) "Sub Character Contest", "Rhythm-kun" was ranked 9th and "Elephant-san" was ranked 14th.[62]..In the 3rd (2018), "Squirrel-kun" was ranked 19th and "Kuma-kun" was ranked 20th.[63]。第4回(2019年)は2016年〜2018年までの上位20キャラクター同士の決戦コンテストで、「リズムくん」が12位、「フラットくん」が23位、「ゾウさん」が33位、「くまくん」が54位、「りすちゃん」が56位、「りすくん」は最下位(60位)であった[64]..In the 5th (2020) repartitioning, "Rhythm-kun" was ranked 2nd and "Elephant-san" was ranked 22nd.[65].

Voice actor

Most of the voices of the Japanese version of the melody have been heard since 1989.Rei Sakuma(As of 2020).Television Animation"Please my melody] The same applies to the series.

Animated works

Animated movie "My Melody Little Red Riding Hood"

1989 ,Little Red Riding Hood in My Melody]Animated movieWas transformed.1989 May 7[66]~May 9,NationwideTohoPublished in 58 Western-style films[67]..Screening time 27 minutes[Annotation 7].

"Sanrio Anime Festival"so"Hello Kitty Cinderella], [Kiki and Lara's Blue Bird』Simultaneous screening.My melodyGrimm Fairy TalesInLittle Red Riding HoodPlays as the main character of.


ス タ ッ フ

TV anime series "Onegai My Melody"

A TV anime series planned on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of My Melody.2005 May 4からTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Broadcast in series (production includes subsequent worksTV Osaka).Detail is"Please my melody"checking.

Fighter'sSatoru KitaokaHas spread its popularity over a wide range, such as showing off techniques related to this work, and a sequel was also produced from its popularity.[68]..As a sequel, "Onegai My Melody Kuru Shuffle!~''Onegai My Melody is refreshing ♪[Annotation 8]''Please ♪ My Melody Kirara ★Was broadcast on the TV Tokyo network until March 2009, 3.

June 2012, 2, ``Onegai My Melody Friend & LoveWith the title of "MovieJewelpet Sweets Dance PrincessWill be made into a movie as a simultaneous screening work, and will be released on August 8 of the same year[69].

Other anime

In addition, announced in 1994OVAWork "Watch out for the wolf in My Melody" (Little Twin StarsCoupling with "I want to meet Kiki and Lara's dad and mom":ISBN-4 387-93232-5 ).This is an action comedy anime about 10 minutes in which a wolf tries to steal a cake with his own hands while delivering the melody to a friend's birthday party.


ス タ ッ フ

  • Production Director: Shintaro Tsuji
  • Chief Producer: Ryuji Yoshikawa
  • Producers: Yoshiyuki Hiramatsu, Tsunemasa Hatano
  • Screenplay: Isao Shizuya
  • Director: Mikiharu Akahori
  • Produced and written by: Sanrio

TV program

My Melody My Melody Therapy

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTS ONEAtMy Melody My Melody TherapyIs being broadcast.

A program in which Melody is in charge of DJing, and delivers "My Melody Therapy" that brings peace of mind to women living in a stressed society.

From the "Ongaku no Mori" in Maryland, words and music from the melody are presented to the trouble consultations received from friends (listeners).

The program in which Sanrio characters are in charge of personality at the same station is "Melo's Friends SongIt will be the second program following[Annotation 9]..On April 1, the first broadcast day of this program, a voice message announcement from the melody was broadcast in Melo's Friends, which was broadcast on the same day.[71].

Due to the closure of TS ONE, broadcasting on the same station will end on September 2019, 9 (repeat broadcasting is September 29).[72].. From October 10stTOKYO FMGo to "Homelanian』Started broadcasting as one corner in. From March 1, 2020, we will move to the broadcast frame from 3:30.

From October 2020, 10FM OsakaHowever, every Friday from 20:55, the broadcast starts with a different content from the content broadcast on TOKYO FM in a 5-minute frame.

On January 2022, 1, a book summarizing the consultations introduced in the program was released.[73].


  • TOKYO FM(March 2019 -)
    • Every Monday --Thursday 19:48 --19:52 (March 2020, 3-)
  • FM Osaka(July 2020, 10 -)
    • Every Friday 20:55 --21:00

Both station versions only the part where My Melody appears,AuDeeApp (after broadcasting) and programsYouTubeDelivered on the channel (updated every Friday).

Past broadcast time
  • TS ONE(October 2019-March 4)
    • Main broadcast
      • Sunday 16:30-17:00
    • Repeat broadcast
      • Monday 23:00 --23:30, Tuesday 17:00 --17:30, Wednesday 12:00 --12:30, Thursday 20:30 --20:30, Friday 17:00 --17:30
    • Every Monday-Thursday around 21:07-Approximately 5 minutes (in the program below) (October 2019, 10-March 1, 2020)


On March 2013, 3, I was in charge of the TV anime series composition with the setting three years after the TV anime "Onegai My Melody" series (up to the third).Takashi YamadaThe novelized work "Onegai My Melody Isukuru" was released on April 2014, 4, and "Onegai My Melody Forever" was released (both works have illustrations).Tomoko MiyagawaIs in charge,PHP Institute-Smash library).Other novel works include "My Melody Maryland's Mysterious Journey" on March 2014, 3 (written by:Hasegawa Miyabi, Picture: Piyona,Kadokawa Tsubasa Library) Has been released.

On December 2014, 12, the philosophy book "ArgumentThe book "My Melody's" The Analects "Words for Living Richly" (Asahi Shimbun(Published) has been released.

My Melody Cafe

"My Melody Cafe" will be the first permanent store in Umeda, Osaka on December 2019, 12.HEP FIVEOpened in (HEP FIVE)[74].

Prominent fan


  • "Strawberry newspaperThe first time My Melody appeared on the cover of "Little Red Riding Hood" was the September 1975, 9 issue (No. 15) of the "Little Red Riding Hood" era.[6][2]..Kuromi first appeared on the cover of the January 2006 issue (No. 1) (in combination with My Melody).[76].
  • Released by Sanrio Music Publishing in 1977Katsura Ogura"Congratulations-on your birthday-" (Sanrio Records, OKS-20001)Record jacketOf Sanrio charactersHello Kitty,Little Twin StarsMy melody is also drawn along with.
  • Single CD released from Sanrio in 1984 "Sanrio Character Alarm CD Hello Kitty Good Morning! Everyone" (V-2615 ISBN-4 387-94070-0[1][2] ) 3rd and 6th songs with the title of "My Melody", not songs but 2 minutes and 5 seconds longDrama CDIt is the contents like.One is that a wolf comes to the forest where My Melody lives and wakes up from the dream of being attacked.Dream punchThe other is that My Melody and Kotori go to the grandmother's house outside the forest to deliver the cake that Mama baked.The voice is directed by Rei Sakuma.
  • Movies screened from 1989 to 1991Sanrio Anime FestivalThe theme song at the beginning of (1st to 3rd)Suginami Children's ChorusIn the scene of "Mysterious Forest Pajamas Party"), various Sanrio characters including Kitty will appear, but an animated "My Melody" will also appear in it.[Annotation 10].
  • ExhamFor kids released byTrading card arcade gameIsHello Kitty and Maho's Apron -A large collection of Sanrio characters!-"My Melody" was appointed as one of the characters appearing in the 3rd ~ Let's! Hamburger Cooking ~ "and the 4th" ~ Everyone Gather! Cooking Party! ~ "[77][78].


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注 釈

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