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🎥 | Jun Matsumoto, "I'm not crying at all (laughs)" while being impressed by the surprise message

Photo Jun Matsumoto appears in the movie "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE" blockbuster thank-you stage greetings Crank-in!

Jun Matsumoto, "I'm not crying at all (laughs)" while being impressed by the surprise message

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Jun Matsumoto co-starred in the blockbuster thank-you stage greetings of the movie "15-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE" that was held in Tokyo on the 99.9th. Attend with Aju.

Jun Matsumoto's big hit in the movie "15-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE" starring in Tokyo on the 99.9th ... → Continue reading

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Michieda Shunsuke

Michieda Shunsuke(Michieda Shunsuke,2002/Heisei14 years>7/25[5] -) isJapan OfIdol,An actor.Naniwa BoyMembers of[5].. Nickname isMitchie[6].

OsakaBackground[1][5].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


MotherSMAPA big fan of[7], SMAP from an early ageHey! Say! JUMPGrew up listening to the music of, and also loves Johnny's[1][8].. Drama "2014 broadcast"Kindaichi Shonen's Case File NLook at Hey! Say! JUMPRyosuke YamadaLonging forJohnny's OfficeSend resume to[1].. Get in touch when you send your resume for the fourth time[9]After audition[Annotation 1][10]of"Maid! Journey~] Was broadcast on.[10]Joined Johnny & Associates on November 2014, 11[3][4].. In syncKyohei Takahashi,Keno NagaoThere is[3].. In April 2015Osaka ShochikuzaFirst appearance at "Spring Break Kansai Johnny's Jr. Special show"[1].. Or later,Sexy Zone,ABC-ZActing as a back dancer[1].

Broadcast in April 2017Nippon TVSeries Wednesday drama "Become a mother[1], Will be the first appearance in the drama. Also, in August of the same year, "Kansai Johnny's Jr.'s comedy star was born! 』In the movie debut[11].

In May 2018, at "Chibikko Comedy Seven Change Boy KABUKI"Keno NagaoAnd the first chair[4].. In the same year, a unit inside Kansai Johnny's Jr.Naniwa BoySelected as a member of[12].

On March 2021, 3, he starred in "Romeo and Juliet" and played the role of Romeo, starring for the first time on stage.[13]..On November 11, the same year, the single "Naniwa Danshi"Beginner LOVEDebuted on CD[14][15][16].

The Japanese TV drama "Sunday drama broadcast in April 2022"Kindaichi Shonen Case FilesStarring in the role of Ichiichi Kaneda.Regarding the fact that the role was decided, "It was a work that inspired me to enter Johnny's office, and since I have been saying that I want to do it even after I entered the office, it is a work with a strong feeling, so this time the goal for 7 years has come true. I'm very happy. "[17].


Since the name was born in the year of the horse, the character "Shun" was given by his father, and the character "Yu" was given by his father because the kanji is cool.[6].

His special skill continued from the first grade of elementary school to the sixth grade of elementary school who entered Johnny's office.[9]Aikido[1].




* Of the role nameTaiziIs the leading work.

TV drama


TV program

  • Jr. Selection! Road to the mark (July 2018, 7, 2, 9th, NTV, 11)[38]
    • "Sagittarius A-type BOY"-The role of the constellation god
    • "Taurus О type BOY" --Shunsuke
    • "A type BOY in Leo" --The role of Shunsuke

Web show

  • "My Love Mix-Up!" Class Diary (November 2021, 11-December 7, 12)TELASA[39]




  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "Spring Break Special Show 2015" (March 2015, 3-March 21, 3,Osaka Shochikuza[1]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "X'mas Show2015" (November 2015, 11-December 29, Osaka Shochikuza)[43]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "Spring Break Special Show 2016" (March 2016, 3-March 31, Osaka Shochikuza, Osaka)[44]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "X'mas Show 2016" (November 2016, 11-December 30, Osaka Shochikuza)[45]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring SHOW Battle (March 2017-3, 4, Osaka Shochikuza)[46]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "X'mas SHOW 2017" (December 2017-12, 1, Osaka Shochikuza)[47]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Concert 2018-Happy New One Year- (January 2018-1, 3, Osaka Castle Hall)[48]
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. "Spring Break Special Show 2018" (March 2018-3, 1, Shochikuza, Osaka)[49]




Magazine serialization


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外部 リンク

Ayama Makita

Makita Ayama(Makita Aju,2002/<14>8/7 -) isJapan Ofactress.KanagawaBackground[1].HumanitéAffiliation[2].


A childAsCMWatching my brother appearing in "I want to be on TV", I belonged to an entertainment office and made my debut as a child at the age of 7.[1].. At first, she was so nervous that she couldn't accept the audition, so she appeared in a self-produced movie at a university to get used to the scene.[3].

In 2012, a drama that appeared at the age of 10 "Going My Home"soHiroshi AbeOf the director who plays the daughter role ofHirokazu KoreedaWas highly praised for his acting, saying, "It's very flexible and I have a good intuition. I'm not worried about anything."[4][5]As I witnessed the appearance of the co-stars who seriously face the role, from the sense of "going to the scene from fun" until then, I wanted to become an actress, saying "I want to play a role that I am not myself, I want to be an actress" Become. Or later,"Still deeper than the sea], [Third murder], [Shoplifting family”, and became a regular member of the Kore-eda work, which is also known as “Kore-eda work when it comes to Ayama Makita”.[3].

In 2013, the special drama "Chibi Maruko-chan』Performs Maruko's older sister, Sakiko[1].NTT DoCoMoFeatured TVCM"Docomo Taya"series[6]Appeared in the role of Shogakudo Komodake,Fukatsu EriCo-starred withShikishima bread"Pasco super-ripe" CM starring a unique girl[1].

I had been a member since 2015[Until when?]Sea and Tea (Carrot)[7]からMitsushima Hikari,Sakura AndoEntertainment office to which they belongHumanitéTransferred to[8].. Special drama "November 2016"One person in the fifth year] InKen WatanabeCalled a topic in the competition with[8].

In 2018, the movie ``Shino can't say her name] Of the same ageMinami SaraDouble starred with and starred in the movie for the first time. I also try playing guitar in the play[9][5].. 43rd with MinamiHochi Film AwardNew face award and 33rdTakasaki Film FestivalBest New Actress Award[10][11].. In December of the same year, after an audition, the music drama "roadIn the first stage, playing the role of heroine Gelsomina[3][12].. Known as the gateway to young actorsOtsuka Pharmaceutical"Calorie mate”CM character[13]Attracted attention as one of the young talented teenage actresses who are expected to break[14].

2020,Morning is comingWon the 45th Hochi Film Award for Best Supporting Actress[15]..Two years after the rookie award, the actor award is the fastest in history, and achieving the double crown at the age of 2 is the youngest in history.[15].

In 2021, the first half of the same year broadcast "Welcome back MonetIn the first half of 2016,And my sisterSecond time sinceNHKContinuous tv novelAppeared inQingyuan GuoyePlay the role of the heroine's younger sister[16][17].

In 2022, the TBS Friday drama "Become a wife and elementary school student"soShinichi TsutsumiWith Keisuke Niijima who playsYuriko IshidaPlays the role of Mai Niijima, the daughter of Keisuke's wife, Takae Niijima.[18]


  • Special skill is dance, general exercise[19],guitar[20].
  • He is the youngest of three siblings and has two older brothers.In particular, my second brother, Ibuki, has played a lot of commercials and variety shows as a former child actor.
  • The letter "Aya" in the name is from the name of the river that my mother likes, and "Tama" is from my mother's name.pearlBecause it contains the "true" character, it is said that it was named after the other bead character.[21].
  • As for his dream for the future, when he was 10 years old, he answered that he was an actress/model who could handle any drama and variety.[22], At the age of 15, he says he wants to continue working as an actress[23].
  • The actress you admire isTomoko Yamaguchi[24].. The target actress isMitsushima HikariHe says that he admires to play roles that do not seem to be the same person depending on the work, from serious roles to cheerful roles.[25][26].
  • There was also a scene where he played Mozart's piano concerto when he appeared in "99-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE", and he also trained in piano performance.[27].



TV drama

Delivery drama

Radio Drama



University-produced movie

  • Prologue (2009,Tokyo University of the ArtsGraduate School of Film and New Media)-The role of a girl in a hospital
  • Karakogi (2009,Tokyo Zokei University) --The role of a lost girl
  • Lime Catch Ball (2009, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)-The role of a swing girl
  • Goodbye, someday. (2010,Rikkyo UniversityDepartment of Visual and Physical Sciences)-The role of heroine (child)
  • Runaway father and three dora cats (3, Tokyo Zokei University graduation production) --Girl role (friendship appearance)
  • Zashiki-warashi with a woman and a man (2011,Tokyo University Film Study Group)- Tatami mat Role

Theater animation

Music video


  • Fujita Pharmaceutical "Bazooka-kun" (2010)
  • KDDI"Cable Plus Telephone Infomercial 2011" (2011)
  • Mega house"Pen Deco Sticker" (2012)
  • Johnson & Johnson bandaid"Scratch power pad" (2012/2013)
  • Mega house"Kisekae Decorating Notebook" (2012)
  • Nissho Estem"Nissho Estem no Uta" (2012-2014)
  • NTT docomo"Docomo Taya Student Family Together Discount Edition" (2013)- Ginger deer Role
    • "Docomo Taya Support Student Discount Edition" (2013)
    • "Junisma Sisters" (2013)
    • "Docomo Taie Hen" (2013)
    • “Docomo Taya Reapplication” (2013)
    • "Docomo Taya Pakedai" (2013)
    • "Service Pack" (2013)
    • "Recommended Pack" (2013)
  • Shikishima bread Pasco (2013-2018)
    • "Super Mature Encounter" (2013)
    • "Spring Campaign-It's going to be interesting" (2014)
    • "Super-ripe bread ears" (2014)
    • "Super-ripe toast" (2015)
    • ``Letter from a super mature girl'' (2018)
  • Bourbon Alfort mini chocolate"Let's go little by little" (2013)
  • Benesse"Shinken seminar elementary school course" (2013-2015)
  • Miso soup's debut album "ME SO SHE LOOSE Announcement CM" (2014)
    • "Transfer student"
    • "Gifts"
    • "Parting"
  • Sekisui House Corporate Advertising Entrance Message (March 2015)
  • JCBOriginal Series Irreplaceable Everyday Edition (May 2015)
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Calorie mate
    • "Small nutritionist chocolate edition" (October 2016)
    • "Voice of heart" (November 2018)-CM character[13][77]
  • Nippon LifePlay, Support. “Message from Mother” (December 2016)
  • Nissin Foods Ma Ma #Mamawaza (November 2017)
    • “Weekday Moms”
    • "Holiday Daddy"
  • Sekisui House Company/Group CM “People Return” (November 2017)
  • Softbank(November 2018)
    • "Question, ask your life. Why are you a dog..."
    • "Question, quest for life. Why humans..."
  • NTT East "Declaration of "ICT RU? Together with the region"" (November 2019 -)
    • "Regional Culture" (2020)
    • "Agriculture" (2020)
    • "Esports" (2020)
    • "Connecting" (2020)
  • Japan McDonald's"McShake Calpis" (June 2022)

Radio CM

  • NTT docomo "Family Bonds" (2013)-Playing as Shogaku Domodake
    • "Smartphone Manners" (2013)

TV program


  • BS1 Special "Hirokazu Koreeda x Fateful Actresses-A Record of a Year Challenged in France-" (October 1, 2019,NHK BS1) ※Narration


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