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🎥 | Kurdish girl's conflict drawing "My Small Land" to Berlin International Film Festival Lina Kahafiza & Daiken Okudaira are delighted

Daiken Okudaira of "My Small Land", which was the second movie appearance in the photo – (C) 2 "My Small Land" Production Committee

"My Small Land" Draws the Conflict of Kurdish Girls Lina Kahafiza & Daiken Okudaira are delighted at the Berlin International Film Festival

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The generation category, which started in 1978, is a category that introduces movies that explore the life and world of children and adolescents, and I remember that Kim Bora's "House of Hummingbird" (2019) won the award recently. new.

The movie "My Small Land" (released in May 2022), which depicts the conflict and growth of Kurdish girls in Japan, is the 5nd Berli ... → Continue reading

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