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📺 | "13 Lords of Kamakura" Suddenly shocked at the first time ... The moment the laughter turns into fear, the horror

Photo From the first "Great Skirmish" – (C) NHK

"13 Lords of Kamakura" suddenly shocked at the first time ... The moment laughter turns into fear, it is horrifying

If you write the contents roughly
The appearance of Yoshitoki, who was pressed back and forth, and the love pattern of Masako, who fell in love with Yoritomo at first sight and made a fierce attack, unfolded humorously, and the w mark was overflowing on SNS.

The first episode of the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden" (NHK General TV, etc.) starring Shun Oguri was broadcast on the 9th, turning from laughter to scary ... → Continue reading

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love at first sight

love at first sight(Hitomere,love at first sight), as its name implies, is fascinated at first glance, that is,loveIn general, it means to doglanceIt refers to an experience that makes you crazy about a specific person at the moment you see it, or its mental function.

Although it is a term that is used on a daily basis, it is difficult to define exactly. The first glance experience can occur on both sides, but only on one side,Unrequited loveIt may be.

Problems of research on Ichimokubore

The existence of such various hypothesesPeopleFor peopleCharmIt suggests that the process of feeling is very complicated.

感情Studies on a variety of biological factors are generallyvariableIt can be said that there is a tendency that it is difficult to proceed to empirical research because it is easy for the For example, riceUniversity of North TexasPsychological and human behaviorist S. Wada (1929/ -) is "of the couples who fell in love at first sightSexIs an average of 1 hour."motivationIt is also said that there is a high possibility that this is a manifestation of the fact that "is only high."

Relationship with divorce

The United States of AmericaAccording to a survey bymarriageThere is data that says that married couples who work well are easy to live,divorceThe rate is 50%, but at first glance I got marriedFemaleDivorce rate is less than 10%[1].

The following theory has been cited as the reason why couples who fall in love at first glance find it difficult to divorce.[1].

  • geneThe more distant the couple, the more healthy and durable the child will be.MaleIt has the ability to sniff out, and even if I think I'm in love at first sight, I'm actually selecting by gene.
  • At first glance, love begins with a single-minded love, goes through a process of approach and confession, and thinks that love has a special value, and there is a strong desire not to let go (ownership effect).
  • Love at first sight直 感Because I like the other party, I don't care much about the other party's conditions (income, looks, etc.), and the requirements for the other party are lower.
  • People areinstinctPeople tend to fall in love with people who have similar or similar behavioral patterns (= similar values).JapanThe most common cause of divorce is "mismatch in values ​​(personality)".



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