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🤖 | "Dai no Daibouken" Episode 63, Pop's Anguish Stings ... "It's the best master!" Saved by Matriff's "Dele"!


"Dai no Daibouken" Episode 63, Pop's Anguish Stabs ... "It's the best master!" Saved by Matriff's "Dele" ...

If you write the contents roughly
There is no sign of pop music yet, and it's the next notice that the jerky air will flow ...!

The anime "Dai no Daibouken" is the 63rd episode "Holy Inheritance".Anguish alone in the shadow of dies and pops that have gained new special moves and magic ... → Continue reading


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Next notice

Next notice(Jikai Yokoku) istv set-Radio programNext timeepisodeIt is a frame to introduce.The time depends on the program and broadcasting policy.Generally, while playing the video scheduled to be broadcast next timenarratorBasically explains the contents.

The video of the next notice continuesCredit providedIt is often used as a frame (TV dramaRather many in).

Anime show

Television Animation-OVA・ In the case of web original animation, the next video is already made when it is on the air in the normal production schedule, so it can be used for the next notice.However, this does not apply to works whose production progress has collapsed or is delayed.Other than that, there are many works in which the next video is not used, and in some worksspoilerThere is also a pattern that adopts this method only a specific time for reasons such as avoiding.

Broadcast time is often 15 seconds or 30 seconds.In the latter case, the notice was shortened to about 15 seconds and the amount was calculated.Movie versionAnd viewer present announcements, later programs, etc.Program advertisement(Final episodeIt may be assigned to (mostly on the verge).Also, in the TV broadcast version, the next notice will not flow due to the convenience of the scale, etc.Web distributionPlate andVideo softwareIt may be added in different media such as editions.

The narration is the character role in the playVoice actorMay be in charge, or a dedicated narrator may be in charge.
"Detective Conan"Zoids Genesis"Fate / stay night(The first animation) ”, etc., there are some works that only play BGM and characters' lines and do not include narration (however, in this case, usually the next timesubtitleIs read aloud by narration).
Position of next notice
NormallyEnding themeThe next notice will be inserted after (Recent animations often have this pattern), but ・ "Infinite Ryvius"Armored cavalry bottoms"Chibi Maruko-chanThe next notice such as "" is inserted before the ending, and ""Space Battleship Yamato 2"Battlestar Brunoa"Mobile New Century Gundam X] Etc. had inserted the next notice in the ending frame (Yamato 2FlashbackConstructed in the wind. "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika WardIn the beginning, there was a notice next time before the ending, but the order was reversed later. "Class King Yamazaki] Also, for a while, the next notice was inserted in the ending frame).
Between the ending and the next noticecommercialIs inserted in some cases ("Sgt. Frog』\ Episode 112 and beyond).
Fixed phrase
NarrationSome of them end with a fixed phrase.As a typical one, "Sazae"Please see again next week!" (When there is a gap due to a special program, "Next time"), "Doraemon』(1979 Year Edition-2005 Year Edition) "Please look forward to it!", "Lupine the 2rd (TV Series XNUMX)From orthodox things such as "See you again" in "", the robot anime "Brave Raideen"Fade in!" And "Super Electromagnetic Robot Con Butler V], Such as "Rates, combine!", Often ends with a boarding code or a combination code.
Also"Genius Bakabon"The one who doesn't see is the death penalty!" ("Original Genius Bakabon"If you don't see it, you'll be arrested!"), "YAWARA!"I'm going to visit you!" ("○○" includes judo skills), "Slayers"If you don't look at me, you'll go wild!", "Collector Yui"If you don't see it, you'll end up with a threatening phrase, such as" If you don't see it, you'll be XX! "
The fixed phrase may change from time to time, for example, "Absolutely invincible Raijin-O], The "during class" part of the usual "dispatch is OK even during class!"Summer Vacation""Winter vacation"Final episode" was changed to "Mr tasteIn 』, Youichi Ajiyoshi usually concludes with" It's delicious! ", But in the 17th, Mitsuko Yamaoka concludes with" Because it's absolutely delicious! "(Because Mitsuko is the main in the 18th), and finally At the 98th inning, Yoichi concluded, "Please look forward to it."Also"Brave Exkaiser], Near the final episode, the usual "Are there any aliens in you?" Was changed to "It's about ○ weeks until the arrest of Geister!".
In some cases, the next content will be touched on in conversations between the characters, not just narration. "Rozen MaidenThere are also rare cases such as an objective explanation of the situation by characters who will not appear next time.
Despite the next notice, if the content goes in an irrelevant direction, such as not touching the next content or touching it slightly in the supplement of this content, it will be described later.Parodybecome.
A parody that is related to or has nothing to do with the next content (Control) Is also done.Sometimes I hide the core material that only some people can understand.In a strange place, "Lottery unbalance』\ The next notice of the second term isDerivation sourceof"Genshiken』Character commentary on the content.
recent yearsMidnight animeIn the case of works for high targets centered onChildrenFor up tochildrenGenerations are rarely included in the target[1]Therefore, most of them also have the meaning of preventing spoilers, and when the next notice itself uses only one cut, or when the next video is not used at all, the subtitletelopThere may be a simplified announcement that you only need to do it (there may not be the announcement itself).Instead, the video of the B part is a little longer.In these cases, there are many works in which the next notice of the long version is uploaded to the official homepage or video distribution site.
Also"High school!In the case of 』, the broadcast format was longer than other TV animations, soEnding creditOnly the next title was displayed at the end of.
"Evangelion: New Theatrical EditionSuch asAnimated movieOr anime worksOriginalThe design is anime-likepachinko-PachislotAlso for the modelShowThe next notice may be inserted.

TV drama

CurrentTV dramaIn the case of, it is common to play a part of the recorded next video with audio, and the narration dedicated to the notice is often not inserted.

But,Special effectsTV programs, etc.Drama for childrenIn the case of, the format of the animation that basically has the same layer is followed, and it is common that the narration by the same narrator as in the play is performed by covering the next video that has been recorded as in the animation.This format isHistorical dramaAnd Showa periodCriminal drama,Daiei TVIt was also seen in the production drama.

At that time, it often ends with "Please look forward to" and "Please look forward to".Super human machine metalderSome of them end with a fixed phrase, such as "This guy is amazing!", And that "fixed phrase" is also "World Ninja War JiraiyaIn "Bird Shinobi Karasu Tengu" (Shinobu of the Youma Clan), "Everyone, look at me!", "Earth squadron fivemanIn "Galaxy Merchant Dongoros" (Silver Emperor Zone executive), there is a villain closing like "If you don't see it next week, you'll lose!"Excellent master's bat], It was a unique type that closed with a warning to the viewer, "Imitation of Zubat is dangerous, so please do not do it!"

However, there are exceptions, for example, "Captain ultraIs just a karaoke version of the opening, or "Android kikaiderIn the 34th and 37th episodes, in order to promote the new character Hakaider, only the insert song "Hakaider no Uta" was played.Secret Sentai Gorenger』\ I will not introduce the contents in the middle term, to the viewerRiddleIt is composed ofUltraman MobiusIn a program that does not have a narrator, the next video may be played with audio as in the drama.

On the other hand4 comic strip cartoonBased on "ChocoMimi], A conversation drama for one episode of the original was put on the preview video.

In addition, even if it is a recorded video, in the work of the era when film production was the mainstream, in order to avoid expenses due to newly required film and reprinting, the scene that was cut in the broadcast even with NG take or OK take is a preview film. I have been diverted to.Also, unlike the main story, there are many cases where the storage condition is bad,Moonlight mask』And early special effects works such asJerry&Sylvia AndersonIn foreign works such as the couple's work, the next notice does not exist, it is lost, even if the image still existstelopAnd some narration voices are dissipated.

Entertainment shows

Entertainment showsIn the case of, it is usually as outlined, but in some cases it seems that the program is still going on, not showing the most interesting part, and arousing the viewer's curiosity, "This continuation is fun next time!" It can be.

Also"Quiz $ Millionaire''VivaVivaV6] Etc.Kimura MasayaIn the program that was narrated by Kimura, Kimura sometimes concludes with fixed phrases such as "Don't watch if you're free!" Or "Don't watch if you're free!".

News program

  • "News station』(TV Asahi), A notice of the special feature was broadcast in the ending corner.Kume HiroshiCommented, "This is a special feature scheduled tomorrow."
  • "Professional baseball news』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), The subtitles and casters commented on the next day's match schedule during the season and the next day's broadcast content during the off-season.After that, "Sport!However, the next day's notice and related video are released in the last 5 seconds on weekdays (Saturday and Sunday were subtitled for a while and there was a live comment from the caster).
  • "Central horse race digest』(Kyoto broadcasting) Is a racehorse that is registered for the next week's graded race under the title of "Horse scheduled to run next week" on Sunday broadcast.Horse racing bookTruck manI will introduce it with the comments of.

Radio program

In the case of radio programs, the personality usually announces at the ending.In addition to the contents of the next corner and guests, it also serves as a solicitation for messages and requests, and especially in the case of recorded programs, it is often the case that the destination and message theme are also communicated.In the case of live wide programs, the scheduled broadcast time for each corner will also be announced.Also, if the artist is on a personality program just before the ban on a new song is lifted, the first airing of that song will also be announced.


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  1. ^ Works for toddlers and childrenIn the case of, even if it is mainly a late night animeUHF animeEvenAll dayIt tends to be organized into frames.


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