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🤖 | "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Part 2 broadcast commemoration!War in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya ...

Photo "TV Anime" Attack on Titan "The Final Season" Wall Art (C) Hajime Isayama / Kodansha / "Attack on Titan" The Final Season Production Committee

"Attack on Titan" The Final Season Part 2 broadcast commemoration!War in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya ...

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From 1:10 on January 12th, distribution on dTV, d anime store, GYAO !, Netflix, TELASA, Hikari TV, U-NEXT, and Amazon Prime Video will also start.

In commemoration of the broadcast of "TV anime" Attack on Titan "The Final Season Part 2", it will be released for the first time ... → Continue reading

 Anime! Anime!

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Docomo Anime Store

KADOKAWA > Docomo Anime Store

Docomo Anime Store Co., Ltd.(British: DOCOMO ANIME STORE inc,) IsAnimeProfessionalVideo on demand service. "d anime storeTo operateJapanCompanies.


NTT DoCoMo KADOKAWAWith the investment of both companies through a strategic alliance with2012/Established in May.In July of the same yeard market"Anime Store" (later d Anime Store) started operation.2013/From aroundTelevision AnimationParticipation (investment) in the production committee.2014/,2015/,2016/からAnimeJapanHas been listed as a sponsor.

d anime store

d anime storeIs operated by DoCoMo and Docomo Anime Store,AnimeSpecialized inFlat rate unlimited viewing OfVideo on demandservice.Although TV broadcasting of anime often has restrictions on the broadcasting area, d anime stores allow you to watch various anime on your smartphone or PC via the Internet from anywhere in Japan without renting a DVD.It supports not only streaming playback but also download playback, and by downloading in advance, animation can be played even if there is no internet environment at the time of playback.

2012/From July 7rdd marketInside"Anime storeStarted the service as2013/From January 1th, the name was changed to "d Anime Store" in order to unify the name with other services in the dmarket.[3].

At the beginning of the service, it was a carrier-only animation distribution service of DoCoMo,2014/With the carrier-free service on April 4, it became possible to watch even if you are not a DoCoMo line subscriber.[4]. Also,2016/Since March 3, sales of anime-related goods and viewing of anime songs have started, making it a comprehensive anime service.[5]..Goods are widely sold from figures to books[6]

For 400 yen (excluding tax) per monthAnime,AnisonLIVEVideo, anime songmusic clipCan be viewed.AnimateYou can also purchase anime-related goods from the Animate online shop.[5].

2015/The number of members exceeded 7 million on July 26[7] .. The main members are 20s to 30s, and about 4% of the members are women.[8].. Distribution contents are anime, anime song live,2.5 dimensional musicalThere are about 2,942 works and about 47,676 episodes (as of August 2019), boasting the largest number of members and works in Japan as a flat-rate animation distribution service.[5][8]..About 180 songs for anime songs (2016/Anison music clip (artist video, non) of March 3)Credit titleVideo, d animation store limited video) is distributed.

To watch, you need to get a d-account, join a d-anime store, and download a special app, but you can do all from the d-anime store. If you are not a DOCOMO line subscriber, you can only pay by credit card. The first 31 days is free[9].

Originally the trademark "D animation"KDDITo2008/Trademark application,2009/Registered as a trademark in[10].. Therefore, in some news releases, etc., ""d Anime Store" is a trademark of KDDI Corporation. Can be seen[3].. In addition, the trademark "d Anime Store" was registered in KDDI in 2013 and registered in 2014.[11].

image quality

The bit rate of the distribution video is as follows

  • For PC
    • HD-3.4Mbps
    • Very beautiful-3.2Mbps
    • Clean-1.7Mbps
    • Normal-692Kbps
  • For smartphone
    • HD-2.7Mbps
    • Very beautiful-1.2Mbps
    • Clean-692Kbps
    • Normal-398Kbps

Operating environment

The operating environment is as follows[12].

Parental control

  • Cannot watch simultaneously on multiple terminals[14].
  • When viewing the downloaded content, it is necessary to confirm the membership status every 48 hours from the download.[14].
  • RemodelYou cannot view the specified terminal.Android OfRootingAndiOS Ofprison BreakHit[14].
  • Rental works are charged separately[14].
  • Depending on the device, the rental start procedure cannot be performed[14].
  • Can only be played from within Japan[14].

d anime store niconico branch

2017/On September 12,niconicoEstablished as Niconico Channel, a service of. It is possible to post comments, which is a function of Nico Nico Douga (however, some titles are set to be impossible).

Although animation distribution is also performed on Nico Nico Douga, while other distribution sites are developing unlimited viewing services, premium members who are practically paid members are due to system specifications.2020/Until the beginning of July, unlimited viewing was not supported, and only individual purchases (including pack purchases) of the actual distribution title channel were available (although there is a limited period, several episodes or all episodes are free of charge. 7 Premium limited videos have been implemented since July 2020).Therefore, apart from the premium members, the permanent unlimited viewing was supported by using the channel member function of Niconico Channel.Since Kadokawa was a common operating company, it was opened as a "Nico Nico Branch" on Nico Nico Channel in the form of distributing the lineup of d anime stores.

As mentioned above, most of the videos distributed in the channel are unlimited viewing specifications, and you can select the image quality even higher than that of individual channels.In addition, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting using channels is also carried out by partial one-shot broadcasting and one-time broadcasting by theme.2018/On January 7th, "Haruka ReceiveBroadcast for members for the first time at the same time as the official special number. Since then, the same style of broadcasting has been carried out. It also collaborates with niconico's service "N Anime". If you are handling different versions of the same anime title at the d anime store, you may be able to distribute different versions by branching out.

Similarly, the monthly fee system is adopted, but since registration is handled separately from the original d anime store, if you use both the d anime store main site and the Nico Nico branch, you will have to take a double contract.In addition, since it is handled by the service of the Dwango operator, there are some titles that are not handled by the Nico Nico branch under the contract (as of March 2021, the d anime store has about 3 titles, while the Nico Nico branch has about 4200 titles. ing).

At the beginning of implementation, comments on titles distributed on individual Nico Nico channels were not inherited, but the quote function was implemented on May 2018, 5, and comments are displayed from another channel video of the same title. Came to be.

d Anime Store for Prime Video

2018/Started on July 7nd and June 2th of the same yearAmazon PrimeAnnounced the opening of a d anime store channel within the "Prime Video Channel" service.The service will start on the 3rd of the next day.To use it, you need to pay a monthly fee in addition to the Prime membership fee.


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