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The first place alongside "Kimetsu no Yaiba" Purgatory is ... Announcing the character who wants to send a New Year's card! "Jujutsu Kaisen" "Hypmai" etc.

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DVD "Bungo Stray Dogs Volume 9" The main character of this work, a person with different abilities belonging to an armed detective agency.

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Armed detective agency

Bungo Stray Dogs

"Bungo Stray Dogs』(Bungo Stray Dogs) isKafka Asagiri(Original),Sango Harukawa 35By (drawing)Japan OfComicthe work. 『Young Ace』(Kadokawa Shoten→KADOKAWA) Has been serialized since the January 2013 issue.The official abbreviation is "Sentence strike'[4].


Osamu Dazai,Ryunosuke Ayukawa,Atsushi Nakajima such asWenhaoIs characterized[5]It is an action manga that fights using works associated with each literary master and different abilities bearing names such as pen names.

Almost all of the main characters have the same name and birthday as the writer.Many of their abilities and personal settings are related to the episodes and works of the writer himself.

Regarding the reason why this work was born, the original author Asagiri said, "I thought that if a literary master turned into a handsome man and battled his abilities, it would become a picture, and it was exciting with editing."[6]..Also, the stage is横 浜 市It is said that Harukawa, who is in charge of drawing, is from Yokohama.[7].

No. 2014 in recommended comics 11 selected by bookstores nationwide[8].. As of January 2022, the cumulative circulation of the series, including the electronic version, has exceeded 2 million.[9].

The publication of the novel version has started on April 2014, 4. From the October 1 issue to the January 2015 issue of "Novel shop sari-sari", the gaiden novel "Bungo Stray Dogs Gaiden" Kyogoku NatsuhikoVSAyatsuji YukitoWas serialized. In "Young Ace UP", from December 2015, 12Spin-offManga "Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! "ButNeko KanaiSerialized in the drawing of.

At the event held on February 2017, 2, it was announced that the work will be staged and a completely new theater animation will be created.The stage will be performed from December 19, and the theater animation will be screened on March 2017, 12.[10].

On May 2017, 5, the production of the first smartphone application was announced on the official website, the teaser site was released, and it was delivered in November 17.[11].

Released on January 2019, 12Monthly Shonen AceFrom the February 2020 issue to the March issue released on January 2, 2022, a comicalized version of the novel "Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST" was serialized by Hoshikawa Shiwas.[1].


OrphanageA boy who is banished and wanders around YokohamaAtsushi Nakajima TheTsurumi RiverWas entering the waterOsamu DazaiHelp.In the wake of that, Atsushi is a talented group to which Dazai belongs.Armed detective agencyWill help the search for the "man-eating tiger" that Dazai pursues, and will wait for the appearance of the tiger in the warehouse with Dazai.At that time, Dazai tells that Atsushi is the true identity of the tiger.In fact, Atsushi unknowingly has a different ability, "Moonlight Beast "He was transformed into a tiger and wandering around, and was therefore expelled from the orphanage.Atsushi cannot control his own ability, transforms into a tiger, and attacks Dazai, but Dazai has a different ability that invalidates the opponent's ability.Human disqualification "To calm Atsushi and make efforts so that Atsushi can join the armed detective agency.

Atsushi joined the armed detective agency after an entrance examination, but for some reason, a huge bounty was given to Atsushi by an overseas talented group.Territory the port of YokohamaPort mafiaMembers ofRyunosuke AyukawaRelentlessly aims at Atsushi for the prize, but his subordinatesIzumi KyokaDue to the betrayal of, Atsushi escapes.

I learned that Akutagawa failed to secure Atsushi's identityUnion (guild)Leader,Francis Scott Key FitzgeraldGet into Yokohama himself and fulfill Atsushi's personality and wishesOurIn order to obtain "", the plan to completely abandon Yokohama is put into practice.To protect Yokohama, Armed Detective Agency and Port Mafia temporarily join hands, and Atsushi and Akutagawa confront Fitzgerald.Fitzgerald boasted overwhelming fighting ability, but lost balance due to the attack of two people, and an aerial fortress白 鯨It falls from and goes missing.In addition, the white whale also falls into the sea away from the city of Yokohama due to the attack of Kyoka's abandoned body.

at that time,Mouse in the House of DeathHeadFyodor DostoevskyAt the same time as robbing the union's assets, it has begun to put into practice a plan to annihilate both the armed detective agency, Port Mafia.According to his plan, the armed detective agency and the port mafia enter into a full-scale conflict.ConflictNatsume SosekiThe information provided by Fitzgerald arrested a stranger in the Mouse of the House of Death, and with the help of Fitzgerald, arrested Dostoevsky.

After that, only one page was cut out and stored for research in the Special Affairs Division.Blank literary bookBy the power of the armed detective agency, a criminal organization,Tenshin GotenIt is tailored to.Fukuzawa was arrested and the employees were chased by the military police, but at one point they fell apart, but with the cooperation of humans who believed in the detective agency, they reunited and knew the plan of the true heavenly five declines and stopped it. Start moving to.Atsushi who invaded the sky casino operated by Sigma, one of the five heavenly people, rescued Sigma trying to protect the casino from the hunting dogs of the military police special forces, but Sigma was shot down by Hawthorne who suddenly appeared and secured him. Failed.Ranpo asks for the cooperation of the hunting dog captain Fukuchi Sakuranori, but Fukuchi is the leader of the Tenjin Goshu, and Atsushi and Akutagawa, who had infiltrated the same ship at the direction of Dazai, challenge Fukuchi.Akutagawa was slashed when Fukuchi was cornered to the next step, and Atsushi managed to escape, but Bram Stoker, a member of the remaining Tenjin Goshu, sent blood-sucking humans all over the world, and the world was confused. I fall into suspicion.


Unless otherwise noted, the voice section is for the anime version.Voice actor, The section of the performance is the live-action versionAn actorRefers to.

Armed detective agency

Atsushi Nakajima(Atsushi Nakajima)
Voice- Uemura Yusho,Lynn(Childhood) / Performance- Hiroki Torigoe
Of this workhero..A bunch of hair hangs down on the right side[Annotation 1]An 18-year-old boy who is characterized by.
Birthday: May 5th.Height 5 cm, weight 170 kg.Blood type: AB type.Favorite thingChazuke-Cat-カ メ レ オ ン・ Yokohama.What I dislike is myself, an old orphanage.
He is a weak man who is called "Detective Agency, Nishi no Hetare", but he is kind and sometimes takes bold actions to protect others even if he sacrifices himself.
When he was banished from the orphanage and was wandering around Yokohama in a starvation state, he learned the reason why he was expelled from the orphanage and his own abilities by helping Tadashi who had jumped into the Tsurumi River, and worked for an armed detective agency. It will be.Immediately after joining the company, I was pessimistic because I was not confident in myself, but I grew up through many experiences.
The orphanage has been abused by staff, which is traumatic.Since I continued to be denied my existence at the orphanage, I think that there is no human being who has no meaning, and I am happy with Montgomery who is an enemy by being close to Kyoka who has a similar situation to me. I regret that I couldn't find a way to spend my time there.The director of the orphanage that I hated (acting- Keisuke Minami) Was involved in the investigation of the traffic accident, and when he understood his true intention, he shed tears.
Fitzgerald says you need it when looking for a "book""Signpost (Tiger Beetle)"である。そのため組合から多額の懸賞金(七十億円)をかけられ、身柄をポートマフィアから狙われていた。
At first, I didn't have the memory and consciousness of myself until I woke up after returning to the human form after the transformation due to the different ability started, so until I met the Tadashi, the reason why I was expelled from the orphanage and the "tiger" I was unaware of his identity and that he was an orphan.
After being expelled from the orphanage, he continued to live as a homeless person, so he has a strong attachment to money.After that, in the dormitory of the detective agency, he was told to be good by Dazai and started living with Kyoka.
When the three-company war begins, he acts with Dazai, but when he joins Naomi and Haruno immediately after parting from Dazai, he receives Q's abilities and is saved by Dazai who rushes.After that, he encounters Fitzgerald in the city.However, she escapes with Kyoka who suddenly appears, but she is caught up at the port and caught, and in the white whale, she hears "Yokohama incineration operation" and is frustrated, but she reunites with Montgomery and with her help Although he escaped and was shot by Twain on the way to the city and lost consciousness, he was helped by the tiger by expressing his gratitude to the tiger in his heart, and succeeded in delivering the Q doll to Tadashi.
Then he boarded the white whale again and challenged Fitzgerald to victory with Akutagawa to prevent the crash.
When the plan to crush Dostoevsky's armed detective agency and Port Mafia is revealed, he struggles with Kunikita to avoid the confrontation with Mafia and defeat Dostoevsky himself in order to keep Fukuzawa's instruction not to fight with Port Mafia.Invades Dostoevsky's cave with Akutagawa and chases Pushkin while struggling.On the way, he was blocked from going to Goncharov, but he succeeded in capturing him with a new combination technique with Akutagawa.After that, Akutagawa declared a rematch six months later, and he agreed that he would not kill anyone for six months.
After the armed detective agency was stigmatized as a criminal organization by "Tenjin Goshu", he acted with Kyoka.She asks Fitzgerald, a new union, to help Mitchell in exchange for treating Mitchell with Yosano's incompetence, searching for Oguri with "God's Eyes" and rescuing him.Finding hope in the "back page" heard from Oguri, Ango colluded with Dazai and infiltrated the former sky casino with the cooperation of Montgomery protected by him, and tried to capture Sigma, the general manager who knew the whereabouts of "page". He once caught the Sigma that had fallen after the battle with the Hound's Ryoko, but was suddenly hit by Hawthorne's blood bullet and eventually dropped him.When he grabbed Sigma's hand, he was impatient to find out that the whereabouts of "Page" and "Kamii", the leader of "Tenjin Goshu", were trying to assassinate the detective agencies. Reunited with a detective employee rescued by Ranpo.After that, at the direction of Ranpo, he helps to stowaway Ranpo with Fukuchi, the captain of the Hound, but Ranpo who notices the true identity of "Kamii" is slashed by Fukuchi and has to evacuate to Poe's novel. You won't get it, and you will face Fukuchi.He thought about countermeasures with Akutagawa, who was following himself, but his only chance to win was crushed by "Time migration" and he was defeated, and Akutagawa was sacrificed.Thanks to Akutagawa's efforts, he succeeded in escaping and was able to bring back the information.Join the employees in the detective agency space created by Poe's talent, and try to prevent the delivery of the "Great Command" and execute the Bram Stoker killing operation under the direction of Ranpo.While searching for a sentence with Bram Stoker at the airport, he encounters a hunting dog, Ryoko, but by showing the video left by Tatehara, he stops the attack and tries to get cooperation.
Moon Beast (Gekkaju)
An extraordinary ability to transform into a very large white tiger.Its body is so sturdy that it can't even be bulleted, it's extremely agile, and even if you lose a part of your body, it will be restored at a tremendous speed.[Annotation 2]..In addition, the nail has the effect of tearing the different ability itself.[Annotation 3]..However, if you transform completely, you will not be able to control it yourself.
After joining the company, Fukuzawa's unique ability made it possible to control by changing only a part of the body to draw out a part of the ability, strengthening the body, improving physical ability, and using healing ability at will.
The ability name is the above short story "Yamatsuki] From.
Osamu Dazai(Osamu Dazai)
Voice- Mamoru Miyano / Performance- Tawada(Premiere-Introduction),Tabuchi Rui(After DEAD APPLE)
A 22-year-old man who keeps smiling and is elusive.
Birthday: June 6th.Height 19 cm, weight 181 kg.Blood type: AB type.Favorite things are suicide, beauty, sake,crab-Ajinomoto..What I don't likedogSaid Chuya Nakahara.The trademark is the sand-colored coat that is always worn and the bandages around the body.In Kunikita, they are called "bandage waste device", "nuisance sprayer", "Karahenki" and so on.
He has a very self-paced personality, but he has a high level of ability, such as being sharp and smart.[Annotation 4]..His previous job was said to be "The Seven Mysteries of the Detective Agency," and the prize money that the first person to win was raised to 70.
He is a suicide addict and tries to commit suicide by all means every time, but he always fails and cannot die after all.He hates suffering before he dies, and recently he wants to have a heart with a beautiful woman.I have invited Higuchi, but he has been skipped by Kunikita.
I read a rare book called "Complete Suicide Reader" that I bought two years ago so much that I put a sticky note on it, and sometimes I try the suicide method I wrote.However, in fact, it seems that the contents of the book have been memorized.
Prior to joining the detective agency, he was the youngest executive in Port Mafia history, Akutagawa's boss and educator.[Annotation 5]..At that time, he was 18 years old, 174 centimeters tall, weighed 54 kilograms, and his favorite type: a woman who didn't ask anything.In the Mafia, he is Nakahara's companion, and with Chuya, "PollutionAfter destroying the enemy's hideout overnight,SoguroWas called.However, when his friend Sakunosuke Oda died in the battle with Gide of "Mimic", he left the Mafia, went underground for two years, and joined the armed detective agency.In Port Mafia, the seats of executives after Dazai left are still vacant.
In the three-company war, he made use of his career to negotiate with the Port Mafia and the Special Affairs Division, and realized a secret meeting between Fukuzawa and Ogai and the exemption and release of Kyoka.
I want to make Atsushi and Akutagawa "Shinsokuro" to compete with Dostoevsky.He quickly realized that Dostoevsky was the mastermind behind the attack on Fukuzawa, and even though he came into contact with him, he was shot and forced to be treated.However, he requested cooperation from Fitzgerald and Ango Sakaguchi, and succeeded in arresting him who had given instructions in a place other than the cave.
However, after that, Mushitaro Oguri's "perfect crime" was lifted, and he was arrested by one of the "hunting dogs", Jono, for the resurrection of evidence of his own mafia-era crime.However, he was actually caught on purpose to meet Dostoevsky, and before the incident, he called Akutagawa and asked him to follow Atsushi.And at the European prison "Meursault", a psychological warfare to know the means of communication with Dostoevsky, who was also housed[Annotation 6]And use biometric information such as heart rate to give instructions to Ango and move Atsushi and others.
In response to Gogol's jailbreak race with Dostoevsky, he nominates Sigma as a "weapon" and acts together.
Human disqualification(Human)
An ability that nullifies any kind of ability that you touch directly.Not only the activated different ability, but also the activation itself can be blocked by contacting the activated different person.It seems that it is always activated regardless of the person's intention.The disadvantage is that it cancels out even the incompetence that is beneficial to you, and if you want to be healed by Yosano, you need advanced technology that the heart is moving but the blood does not reach the brain, so human disqualification does not occur. Is.
The ability name is from the novella of Osamu Dazai, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Doppo Kunikida(Kunikidadopo)
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya / Performance- Teruma
A 22-year-old man wearing silver-rimmed glasses, having a hairstyle with long back hair tied together, and dressed in a suit style.
Birthday: August 8th.Height 30 cm and weight 189 kg.Blood type: A type.My favorite things are notebooks and fishingKatsuo no tataki..The things I dislike are unplanned and authoritative.
He always keeps a notebook with "ideal" written on the cover and acts with a schedule, and gets angry when he encounters an unplanned situation.The notebook contains not only all future plans and plans, including marriage, but also the "ideal image of a woman."[Annotation 7].
He has a ruler-like personality that he can't make jokes about, and he is often disturbed by his self-paced Dazai, and is often deceived by his jokes.Although he treats Atsushi rigorously, he encourages Atsushi to rescue Kyoka and praises him after the end of the war.
Being like a coordinator for detective employees[Annotation 8]..Although the different ability itself is a general-purpose type that is not specialized in combat, it excels in the physical skills learned from the president, and lightly throws away the black lizard unit that has attacked.
In the Three-Company War, he worked with Tanizaki to rescue Naomi and Haruno, who were captured by Steinbeck and Lovecraft.He is cornered by Lovecraft's ability, but escapes by Tanizaki's ability.
Prior to working for an armed detective agency, he was a math teacher at school.
In the past, when he was involved in the investigation of a series of bombings by "Soou", he found the hideout building of "Soou" and reported it to the police, but the military, police, and public security were jointly investigating. The command system was confused, and 《Soou》 who sensed the police movement stood in the building with a bomb, and as a result, five investigators who rushed to the scene quickly were cornered 《Soou》. He died in the form of being involved in the suicide bombing.Kunikita hired Rokuzo, who lost his father due to the suicide bombing of Soou, as an information shop because of his responsibility for killing the investigator as a result, and replaced his father who died. I was taking care of it.
After Fukuzawa collapsed due to Dostoevsky's strategy, he commanded employees as Fukuzawa's name.However, when Dostoevsky made an unrelated man into a stranger with false information when he and Atsushi pursued the owner of a virus-type genius, he was forced to shoot his younger brother or protect his brother in front of him. You will be self-destructed and you will be mentally cornered.However, when he received the scolding of Ranpo and the message left by Hanabukuro, he regained his vitality.After Dostoevsky's arrest, he was arrested and detained on suspicion of having killed the aforementioned man's sister, but was released with the cooperation of Mushitaro Oguri.
In the battles with "Tenjin Goshu" and "Hounds", he tries to escape after being made into a criminal, but is overtaken by Jono and Suehiro.He escaped with a mafia helicopter once, but jumped from the helicopter and exploded a grenade in the form of involving Suehiro who tried to transfer to the helicopter with a different ability.Although he escaped fatal injury by using Suehiro as a shield, he lost both hands and was arrested by the military police as it was.He was confined and offered to turn over, but was rescued by Ranpo and Poe and was treated by Yosano, and after recovery he was tasked with searching for Tanizaki and Kenji, who continue to flee.After merging with the employees in the detective agency space due to Poe's talent, he tries to prevent the delivery of the "Great Command" and execute the Bram Stoker killing operation under the direction of Ranpo.
A different ability to embody and materialize what is written by consuming the pages of the notebook.However, what can be materialized is that the size is smaller than the area of ​​the notebook (Kunikita himself recognizes that it is smaller than the notebook), and Kunikita himself once visually visually understands the shape and function. Limited.Since it is necessary to write letters to activate it, it can no longer be used when you lose your hand.
It can be embodied even from the separated page of the notebook, and it can be embodied even if it is activated by the will of another person at a considerable distance.You can also write letters in your notebook in advance and use it like a trap to open and embody the enemy.
The ability name is from one of the pseudonyms of Doppo Kunikida, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Ranpo Edogawa(Edogawa Ranpo)
Voice- Hiroshi Kamiya / Performance- Ryoyuki Nagae
A 26-year-old man who is petite, always smiling, and loosely wears a brown suit in a hunting cap.
Birthday: 10 Month 21 Day[12]..Height 168 cm, weight 57 kg.Blood type: O type.My favorite things are rational thinking and fantasy mystery.Maybe I like sweets, I often eat sweets.What I dislike is common sense and useless knowledge.
There are some places that are irreverent and childish, such as saying to the detective that "the police are unnecessary", but due to the following abilities (actually not abilities), the detective agency has been recognized. Is.I have longed for Fukuzawa from the past case, and if I want to be praised by him, I will easily bend my opinion and cooperate.
Although he has excellent reasoning ability, he lacks common sense and does not know how to ride a train.However, I spend 2000 million easily in the underground auction.PoeI was amazed.In addition, he has the minimum common sense, such as bowing his head to the corpse in the murder case accompanied by Atsushi.In the process of inferring the case, the feelings of the victim and the criminal are also seen, and when soliciting Yosano to the detective agency, confident words comfort her as a result, and excellent reasoning power and confidence Even though it is backed by, he speaks and acts with compassion.On the other hand, there is also a realist place, and when Atsushi was caught by Akutagawa, he was negative to think logically as his problem and go to help (Atsushi entered the detective agency because of his companionship personality). It seems that the cause was that the day was short).
At first glance, it has the power of reasoning to see from the incident to the past of the person.According to Dazai, "a transcendent who surpasses even the most talented" and "the strongest man in the detective agency".He even saw Fukuzawa's past and told Fukuzawa that it was "genuine."At the request of Fukuzawa, the location of Natsume Soseki, which was considered difficult when the detective agency was established, was specified.After the defeat, while Ogai and Fukuzawa were fighting to get Yosano into the Mafia, she escaped from the facility and invited her to a detective agency.
In the detective game (Geem) with Poe in the three-company war, it was discovered that "super reasoning" is not an extraordinary ability, but he is acting as an extraordinary person as "I can't look better now". ..
When Fukuzawa was in danger of his life due to Dostoevsky's tactics, he was quite upset, but in order to save Fukuzawa's life, he will make full use of his brain to analyze the current situation and plan strategies more seriously than ever before.Still, when Dostoevsky found out that he had many clever traps, he decided to fight Port Mafia against Fukuzawa's instructions and urged employees to choose whether or not to participate.Then, he appeared in front of Chuya Nakahara and pulled him in with himself in a novel written by Poe to stop him.After Dostoevsky's arrest, he set out to search for Mushitaro Oguri for the proof of Kunikida's false charge and for the girl who died as a result of not being able to detect Dostoevsky's fake materials.Along with Poo looking for a novel that was auctioned off in an underground auction, he encounters a corpse fall incident disguised by Mushitaro Oguri, but Mushitaro Oguri is actually alive, and Mushitaro Oguri actually helps his sick friend commit suicide. He found out that he hadn't done anything, and recommended him to work for himself and the special affairs department.Immediately after that, however, Mushitaro Oguri was abducted by "Tenjin Goshu" and heard the warning at that time.During the investigation, he finds the injured Secretary Taneda and asks for information on the "book", but the "book" makes him the criminal who attacked the secretary, and even though he tries to escape, he is discovered by the military police.However, due to the confusion of the initial investigation, he escaped safely and joined Poe, hijacked the detective agency's individual exclusion plan by the mastermind, and rescued the monitored friends one by one.Then, at the direction of Fukuzawa, he contacts Fukuchi and asks for cooperation, and tries to escape to the port together on a passenger ship on which the ambassadors of each country board.However, because he believed in Fukuzawa and did not use "super reasoning", he was convinced that Fukuchi was the leader of "Tenjin Goshu" when he was asked by Atsushi on board to make a deduction.He was instantly detected that he knew the criminal and was attacked, but he evacuated to Poe's novel and escaped a short break, leaving the rest to Atsushi.When Atsushi returns, he gathers employees in the detective agency space due to Poe's talent, and orders the "Great Command" delivery prevention and Bram Stoker's murder operation.
Super reasoning
Just listen to the information about the incident and wear the glasses given by Fukuzawa to find out the truth of the incident.
In reality, the reasoning power is simply better than that of other people, and it is not a different ability.He believed that this was an incompetence, believing that he was not peculiar, and to save him who was about to be crushed by the discrepancy between the world and himself, "You are an incompetence." It is from Fukuzawa's words.
Only he is not associated with the literary work of the literary master whose name is the origin of the name.
Junichiro Tanizaki(Junichirou Tanizaki)
Voice- Toyonaga Toshiyuki / Performance- Kosuke Kuwano
An 18-year-old ex-student boy with a slightly larger T-shirt and drooping eyes.
Birthday: July 7th.Height 24 cm, weight 174 kg.Blood type: A type.Favorite thingFish,Chinese cuisine,Cat.What I don't likeEarthquake.
At the detective agency, it plays a role like a minion, such as staking and listening to requests.Detective agency, eastern slump.
He is always working with his sister Naomi.When she was shot or went missing, she was upset and bold.Thoughts on my sisterIs stronger than others.
Due to his unusual abilities, he was good at infiltrating and stealth, and when Atsushi boarded the White Whale, he was also in charge of operating a small airplane.In addition, although there are few opportunities to show it, it is highly suitable for assassination as described later.
When surrounded by the port mafia who knew the nature of the virus-type alien ability, one person remained to persuade them, and he tried to assassinate Ogai by making full use of the alien ability to play with the three black lizards.It was blocked by the autumn leaves and was about to be cut, but Kyoka helped.After that, he decided to participate in the battle with the Port Mafia, and entered the Port Mafia's cave again with Yosano and Kenji.
After the detective agency was stigmatized as a criminal organization by "Tenjin Goshu", he tried to escape with Kunikida and others, but was supplemented by Suehiro and Jono.After that, Kunikita, who had self-destructed with Suehiro, was entrusted with the investigation of the truth.After being protected by the Mafia along with Yosano and Kenji, they broke up with a vow to rebuild the detective agency in order to escape the pursuit of the hunting dog.He was hiding with Kenji in an abandoned village prepared by the Mafia, but when he was contacted by Ogai to join the detective agency, he reunited with an employee in the detective agency space due to Poe's talent.
Light snow(Yuki Sasame)
It is a unique ability that allows you to make snow fall around and project illusions in the space like a screen, or to overwrite the background on the landscape or yourself.Although it has no direct attack power, it is difficult for even a person with considerable ability to detect the illusion, and Hirotsu describes it as "terrifyingly suitable for assassination."
The ability name is from a feature-length novel by Junichiro Tanizaki, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Kenji Miyazawa(Kenji Miyazawa)
Voice- Hiroyuki Hanakura / Performance- Hitoshi Horinouchi
A 14-year-old boy wearing a straw hat and farm clothes for his young appearance.
Birthday: August 8th.Height 27 ​​cm, weight 158 kg.Blood type: O type.My favorite things are music, tempura soba,Cider..What I dislike is poverty.
"IhatovI used to live with a cow in a village called "Village" where there was no electricity or telephone, but I was invited by the president to come to the detective agency.The village was made up of barter, so the concept of money is still not well understood.
It is popular for its bright and natural personality.When deciding whether or not to participate in the full-scale conflict with the Mafia, I decided to participate with the idea that if all the employees participated, I would help everyone.
Although the results at the detective agency are excellent, the method of investigation is quite unique, and the difference between the above-mentioned belief that "whether cows or people, villages or cities, if you speak honestly, you can communicate" It is said by Kunikita that it is "not helpful" because the case is forcibly resolved by the superhuman strength of Noh. It seems that the family moral of "If the cow goes against it, hit it with something close to you" is related.
Even after the detective agency has been made into a criminal organization, they take friendly actions such as feeding and encouraging everyone to eat rice balls while fleeing.He once boarded a mafia helicopter with Kunikita and others, but was pierced by Suehiro's sword.After that, when he tried to escape with Yosano, Tanizaki, and the black lizard, he was stabbed by the sword of "Hound" again and was seriously injured.After recovering due to Yosano's incompetence, he vowed to rebuild the detective agency and parted from the two.He was hiding with Tanizaki in an abandoned village prepared by the Mafia, but when he was contacted by Ogai to join the detective agency, he reunited with an employee in the detective agency space due to Poe's talent.
At the direction of Ranpo, he rescues Bram and Sentence surrounded by blood-sucking guards at the airport, but engages with Suehiro who came there.
Rain Nemo Makes(Ame Nimomakezu)
An extraordinary ability to gain strength and toughness.Not only can you grab a car with one hand and throw it lightly, or you can hit it with an iron pipe, but even if you receive innumerable ammunition and Chuya's Tekken reinforced with different abilities, you can hardly hit it.Chuya described it as a "demon tag (of the detective agency)," and also commented that the hunting dog Suehiro was "terrible."
However, it has a weakness that it can only be activated when you are hungry and you fall asleep when you are full.
The ability name is from the poem of Kenji Miyazawa, a writer with the same name as the character.
Akiko Yosano(Yosano Akiko)
Voice- Yu Shimamura / Performance- Miho Imamura
With a big butterfly hair ornament on the bob cut,High colorA 25-year-old woman dressed in traditional clothes.He has a victorious personality and has an S spirit.
Birthday: December 12th.Height 7 cm, weight 166 kg.Blood type: O type.My favorite thing is flowersJapanese sweets,eel,Liquor.What I don't likeMale and female, A weak man.
At the armed detective agency, she is in charge of medical affairs, but the detectives are afraid that she will be treated.
He hates those who look down on women and those who think lightly about death, and when they see such people, their remarks become violent or angry.
At the end of World War II 14 years ago, he was recruited from the storekeeper of a Japanese sweets shop, and worked for the base aircraft carrier "Tsubame Knight" as a surgeon commissioned by the 356th Infantry Division of the Defense Force.At that time, when he was given a hair accessory as a thank-you for the treatment, he deepened his relationship with a senior soldier and was loved as an "angel", but as the war situation worsened, the senior soldier became ill and Yosano. After describing him as an "angel of death," he commits suicide.He was subsequently arrested for explosives on the bottom of the ship to sink the base.After the war, he remained isolated in the facility, and three years later, he was helped by the forest.After that, when Mori, who considers Yosano to be the cornerstone of the "Sankoku Concept," and Fukuzawa, who opposes it, were fighting, he was rescued by Ranpo and became a detective employee.
During the three-company war, he confronts Chuya, who has visited the detective agency's hideout.After that, he went to the detective game set up by Poe of the union with Ranpo.After Fukuzawa collapses, he announces that he will participate in the battle with the Port Mafia and rushes into the Port Mafia's cave.
After the detective agency was falsely accused and protected by the Mafia, when Ogai cut out the story of the employee transfer, Ogai's purpose was to identify himself and eat him.In response to a deal with Fitzgerald, he reunited with Atsushi and Kyoka to treat Mitchell, but was overtaken by a hound and escaped with three black lizards.The chaser's hunting dog shows the relics of a senior soldier who once admired him, and while he is upset, he tries to self-destruct together, but the chaser and the bomb are fake, and a pistol is pointed at Tatehara who revealed his identity as a hunting dog.However, he was detained without being killed and rescued by Ranpo during escort.After merging with the employees in the detective agency space due to Poe's talent, he tries to prevent the delivery of the "Great Command" and execute the Bram Stoker killing operation under the direction of Ranpo.
You're deadly (don't worry about you)[Annotation 9]
Healing ability, which is rare among different abilities[13]Therefore, the trauma can be completely treated without any trace, regardless of self or others.However, it can only be used by dying humans, and when healing a non-dying injured person, it must be dismantled with a hatchet to make it dying once, so it is feared by the detective agency.In addition, there is a section that the person himself enjoys dismantling, which is also considered to be the reason why detective employees fear it.
The ability name is from the poem of Akiko Yosano, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Naomi Tanizaki (Naomi Tanizaki)
Voice- Chiaki Omigawa / Performance-Akari Saito
Tanizaki's younger sister.I always wear a sailor suit.BraconHe is often exposed and hugging his brother, but it is unknown whether he is actually related.However, it is tacit understanding at the detective agency that they do not ask questions such as "Is there really a blood relationship?" Or "Is it okay to live with two brothers and sisters like that?"
He has no abilities and is a clerk at an armed detective agency.[14]..However, his mind is swift and nimble, and Haruno says, "If you have a different ability, you can be a better detective than your brother."
The name is Junichiro Tanizaki's "Filthy loveFrom the characters in.
Fukuzawa Yukichi(Yukichi Fukuzawa)
Voice- Rikiya Koyama / Performance- Shuhei Izumi
A 45-year-old Japanese-style man who is the president of the Detective Agency.
Birthday: January 1th.Height: 10 cm, weight: 186 kg.Blood type: B type.My favorite thing is catsBeef pot, Sake, equality.What I don't likeFeudal system.
A master of martial arts and the strongest assassin swordsman of the former government.He used to be a bouncer and used a Japanese sword.The two names I got were "Lonely swordsman "Silver Wolf"'[15]..Even multiple mafia and fighting talents will win overwhelmingly with a single horse, and it will also correspond to the sonic speed of a reinforced soldier.Even with bare hands, he is quite skillful, and his disciple Kunikida has never taken a single one.In the past, Soseki Natsume told me that he had guarded Ogai, who was a dark doctor, and since then he has been in conflict with him many times, but when he fought together by chance, he seemed to have no enemy.
He is a big cat lover, and he is depicted giving cats sardines, and Ogai says, "I'm still talking to cats?"However, it seems that they are usually running away.It also allowed children to enter the detective agency with a sweetness.
When Atsushi was kidnapped by the Mafia because of his employee-minded personality, he ordered him to be rescued even if he stopped his main business.
When the three-company war enters the climax, he accepts Atsushi's proposal and meets with Ogai Mori, the chief of the port mafia.Recognizing Kyoka's willingness to save Yokohama at the expense of her own life, she controlled her abilities and escaped from the escort.
As part of Dostoevsky's tactics, Pushkin's virus-type abilities attacked by Hawthorne are embedded.Despite suffering, I hope that the detective agency will not fight the port mafia and protect the balance and peace of the city, but to know that the detective agency and the mafia have started an organized battle and to prevent further deaths , However, he faced a one-on-one duel with Ogai, but it was not settled due to the invasion of Soseki and Hanabukuro, and he decided to form a joint front again and rushed to the hideout where Pushkin was hiding.
After the armed detective agency was stigmatized as a criminal organization by 《Tenjin Goshu》, Ogai said, “One detective employee transferred to Port Mafia (however, Fukuzawa begged to remove Yosano, but Ogai was Kenji, I didn't say that when I told Tanizaki and Yosano about this) ”, and he was arrested shortly after requesting help from the detective agency.After that, he was rescued by Ranpo and Poe, ordered to "destroy the incident", and sent Ranpo to Fukuchi to negotiate with "Hound".When the negotiations with Fukuchi broke down, he gathered employees in the detective agency space due to Poe's incompetence, and instructed him to prevent the delivery of the "Great Command" by Ranpo and to kill Bram Stoker.
He seems to be a childhood friend of Fukuchi, the captain of the hunting dog, and calls him "Genichiro".He also believes in Fukuchi as "the most credible man in the world," which later became a lie for Ranpo.
Human beings are not made (do not create people on top of people)
Control ability that adjusts the output of different abilities and enables control.Activates only for your subordinates.Therefore, I didn't realize that I was a talented person before I became a subordinate.
The ability name is written by Yukichi Fukuzawa, an enlightenment thinker and educator of the same name.Academic Susume』From a passage.
Izumi Kyoka(Kyoka Izumi)
Voice- Morohoshi Sumire / Performance- Sakuna Kuwae
A 14-year-old beautiful girl who tends to be petite and expressionless in kimono.Black hair is tied in two with a hair ornament with white flowers.
Birthday: November 11th.Height 4 cm, weight 148 kg.Blood type: B type.Favorite thingrabbit,tofu,hydrangea,Ghost..I hate dogs,Thunder,fly.
The orphan was picked up by the Port Mafia, and he followed Akutagawa's instructions to commit murder.He killed 35 people in half a year and was said to be guilty of death if arrested by the police.However, he is not a villain at all.
After the battle with Akutagawa, after rescuing Atsushi who fainted, in order to escape the police chase, he entered the armed detective agency as a grandson of Fukuzawa externally and lived in Atsushi's room, but the entrance examination He had not received it and was not considered an official employee of the Armed Detective Agency.
Autumn leaves attacked her and Atsushi openly in the daytime to bring her back in the three-company war, but escaped when union members intervened.After that, he escapes once with Atsushi who had encountered Fitzgerald, but attacks the police officer who encountered on the way and seriously injures him.He encountered Fitzgerald again, but was unable to escape this time and was arrested by the police after Atsushi was kidnapped by a white whale.
However, he encounters a white whale that is out of control while escorting by plane, and saves the city of Yokohama by hitting the white whale on his plane.By this act, it was considered that he passed the entrance examination of the armed detective agency, and he succeeded in controlling Yaksha Shirayuki by Fukuzawa's ability and survived (35 murders and other crimes are exempted by judicial transactions by the Special Affairs Division). ..
During the Port Mafia era, he followed Akutagawa's instructions, but received a great deal of love from the autumn leaves.
The tongue is fat, and when questioned by an armed detective agency, the well-established store Tachibana-do (fantasy store)Simmered tofuWas desired.Also, I am good at cooking.
It was said that his parents were killed by "Yaksha Shirayuki", but when his parents, who belonged to the Special Affairs Division, were attacked by an enemy talented person, his mother (voice-voice- Chie Nakamura) Is her husband (voice-- Koji Yusa) Was killed by the enemy's abilities, and then "Yaksha Shirayuki" was transferred to protect Kyoka and killed herself.
When the armed detective agency and Port Mafia began to crush each other, he rescued Tanizaki, who tried to assassinate Ogai.And I decided to participate in the battle with the Port Mafia if I could make use of the knowledge I gained in the Mafia.I confronted Akutagawa.
When the armed detective agency was stigmatized as a criminal by "Tenjin Goshu", he took a different action from Kunikita and others who escaped from the hunting dog, and headed for the rescue of Atsushi alone.After rescuing Atsushi, he works with him to contact Fitzgerald and rescue Oguri.Finding hope on the "back page" heard from Oguri, he and Atsushi use Montgomery's abilities to infiltrate the sky casino. After the existence of the "back page" is discovered, he and Atsushi try to capture Sigma.Although he was not captured, he reunited with a detective employee who was rescued by Ranpo.Under the direction of Ranpo, he attempts to prevent the delivery of the "Great Command" and execute the Bram Stoker killing operation.
The real Izumi Kyoka is a man, but in this work she appears as a woman.
Yaksha Shirayuki
An extraordinary ability to summon "Yaksha Shirayuki", a woman in a white armored warrior with a swordstick.It has a very high fighting ability, such as instantly cutting the wall of a train into pieces.Also, since it can be freely dematerialized, the effect of physical attacks is small.
Originally not her genius, but a genius that her mother gave to her on the verge of death.Before joining the detective agency, Kyoka couldn't operate it alone, and she only followed the instructions she heard from her cell phone.This is because the transfer period and situation were incomplete, and it was in a state of "reacting only to the voice from the mobile phone."
The ability name is the book "Kyoka Izumi", a writer with the same name as the character.Yashagaike], From the dragon god Snow White who appears in the same book.
Kirako Haruno
Voice- Mina
A woman who works as a clerk at an armed detective agency.Appearance is late compared to other armed detective agency members, the first appearance is Volume 6.He loves cats and loves cats named "Mi-chan".With a gentle personality, even when the evacuation site is attacked by a stranger of the union, wine andhair ironI was worried about it and made Naomi amazed.
In the anime version, it is set as the president's secretary, and it has appeared at the stage of Atsushi's entrance examination.
The name is Junichiro Tanizaki's "Filthy loveFrom the characters in.
Tayama flower bag(Tayama hard)
Voice- Kenichi Suzumura
A former armed detective agency employee with stubble hair and round glasses.The first person is "I" and speaks in a timely tone.
He is usually locked up in a futon in his room called "Yoshiko", and is sometimes abused by Kunikita as "hikikomori".Due to his innate delivery, he lived on a futon in the office when he was an employee, and even when a newcomer locked him from the outside without noticing Tayama, he was able to escape quickly even when he was trapped in the office for a week. Regardless, I didn't eat at the delivery.It is unknown when he entered the detective agency and when he left, but he has been with Kunikita for ten years.Criminals hate even if they are no longer detectives.
I am not good at talking face-to-face with women, and even when I have to talk to them, I often talk to them in the direction of the day after tomorrow.I had a crush on silver in plain clothes and asked a detective agency to investigate its identity.In addition, Akutagawa is called "Older brother", but he said "Who will kill him".
When identifying the mouse cave of the Death House, it was thought that he was shot dead by Dostoevsky, the head of the mouse of the Death House, but he survived with the cooperation of Soseki Natsume, and the mouse dive of the Death House. Was identified.After the detective agency was fitted, he was being monitored at home probably because he was not an active employee, but he was sucked into the novel world when a mobile phone with Poe's novel was thrown into the room on the screen. Succeed in escaping.
An extraordinary ability that can be operated several tens of times faster than ordinary people without touching electronic devices in the field of view.According to Kunikita, "comparable to the military cyber warfare unit."However, it can only be activated when the heart of the flower bag itself is the most peaceful.
The ability name is from the novella of Tayama Katai, a literary master with the same name as the character name.

Port mafia

Ryunosuke Ayukawa(Akutagawa Ryunosuke)
Voice- Kenshō Ono / Performance- Hashimoto Shohei
A 20-year-old young port mafia member wearing an expressionless black cloak.
Birthday: March 3st.Height 1 cm, weight 172 kg.Blood type: A type.My favorite thing is calligraphy antiquestea-fig..What I don't likebonsai・ Dog ・ Bath ・broad bean-Tangerine.
He has the authority to command the martial arts organization "Black Lizard", which belongs to the troupe under the direct control of the chief, and tries to capture Atsushi alive by the order of the Mafia.He has a ruthless personality, such as using different abilities to carry out murder without hesitation and involving ordinary people with a timed bomb to destroy evidence.In addition, subordinates who act contrary to orders at their own discretion will not be allowed to argue at all and will be slapped and punished.However, on the other hand, when a subordinate falls into a predicament in front of him, he often supports him with his own abilities.Also, when Higuchi came to save himself from being abducted, he was aiming for her.
He was a slum in a shantytown, but when a member of the Port Mafia sub-organization killed his companion and headed for revenge alone, he was invited by Dazai to become a subordinate.[16]He was obsessed with what he didn't recognize when he was a subordinate of Dazai, and he felt jealous of Atsushi who was looking at him, but with Atsushi at the end of the three-company war. After a joint struggle, it was finally recognized by Dazai that he had become stronger.
"Education" when he was a subordinate of Dazai was very strict, and Dazai directed words such as "bad swallowing" and "useless" to Akutagawa.However, this is Akutagawa's habit of acting on his own initiative and his stubborn personality.[17]He was worried about the future, and highly evaluated his talent as "becoming the strongest mafia with different abilities in the near future."Although hidden in the surroundings, he has been sentenced to suffer from lungs and cannot live for a long time.
In the Three-Company War, defeat Hawthorne and Mitchell alone and team up with Atsushi to defeat Fitzgerald.He also fought with Atsushi in the battle with Goncharov, and after the battle, Atsushi accepted the condition that he would not kill any one for six months as a condition for rematch.
He was called by Dazai two days before the "Tenjin Goshu" incident, and was asked to replace him as an "eye" who was arrested soon, and he was following Atsushi.Atsushi, Fukuchi, and Ranpo are sneaking into a passenger ship that they boarded for stowaway, and when they witness the smoke from the smoke bomb that Ranpo emits, they destroy the engine room and stop the ship.He tried to defeat Fukuchi with Atsushi, but failed, and although he missed Atsushi, he was cut off and died.The body was made into a vampire genus by Bram Stoker and became the main cause of great damage to the Port Mafia.In the battle between Jono and Fukuchi, the space was cut off to prevent Jono from escaping and made him a blood-sucking species.
"The cloak is irregular and eats anything"Black beastThe ability to transform and manipulate.The black beast can eat and tear everything, including space.
It can be used not only as a "spear" to attack enemies, but also as a "shield" to protect yourself from attacks such as guns.Furthermore, Akutagawa's own growth has strengthened the weight that can be lifted and the length that can be manipulated.
In addition, Akutagawa cuts through the enemy with a "black beast" transformed into a grid pattern.Rashomon / Jaw (Rashomon / Agito)Or "Black Beast" is transformed into a stretchable "Black" Hand "" to attack.Rashomon / Plexus (Rashomon / Murakumo)", Let the black cloth carry the outer muscles of your body."Rashomon / Tenma Tengai (Rashomon / Tenmatengai), Etc., launch various patterns of attacks according to the movement of the opponent.
The ability name is from a short story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Kazuha Higuchi(Ichiyo Higuchi)
Voice- Asami Seto / Performance- Yuka Hirata
Akutagawa's junior.A beautiful woman wearing a pantsuit.When Akutagawa was seriously injured and abducted by a hostile organization, he went to rescue him alone, and his loyalty to Akutagawa is high.In addition, it is suggested that he has a strong feeling of love for him, such as trying to call Akutagawa's younger sister Gin "sister-in-law".He belongs to the troupe under the direct control of the chief, and has the authority to command the martial arts organization "Black Lizard".
At the time of battle, he does not show any unusual ability such as engaging with a pistol.However, it is unclear whether or not he possesses a different ability, and in the introduction section of the special magazine, [?] Instead of [None]. ?? ?? ], And the official guidebook for Bungo Stray Dogs, "Deepening Record," states that "I have neither different abilities nor excellent combat skills ...".
I have a deep feeling that I don't have the ability to scare my subordinates like Akutagawa.The armed detective agency looks down on "a micro-enterprise that can be easily crushed by the power of the port mafia."
In the "Tenjin Goshu" incident, he was bitten by Akutagawa, who became a blood-sucking species, and became a genus, attacking silver and Hirotsu.
I have a younger sister who lives with me.
Nakahara Chuya(Nakahara Chuya)
Voice- Kisho Taniyama / Performance- Keisuke Ueda
A 22 year old male port mafia executive.He always wears a black hat and has a warlike personality.Former companion of Dazai in the Mafia era.
Birthday: April 4th.Height 29 cm, weight 160 kg.Blood type: B type.My favorite things are hats, fights, alcohol, and music.As for liquor, he prefers high-quality wine, but at the same time, he is depicted as being drunk, and it seems that liquor is not very strong.He has a subordinate's personality, and when his subordinates are killed, he may show intense anger at the other party.
There is no memory of childhood.Rando has made a statement suggesting that he was quarantined in a secret government facility, but details are unknown.Also, a mysterious person who seems to have been a colleague of Rando calls him "my younger brother", but the blood relationship is unknown.Before entering the Mafia, Shirase (voice- Masaaki Mizunaka / Performance- Ryujiro Izaki) And Yuzu (voice- Yuna Mimura), And a mutual aid organization "sheep" only for minors, but I was distrustful because I was conducting a joint investigation with the Mafia Tadashi about overwhelming fighting ability and "Araha vomit". He eventually broke up with them and entered the Port Mafia.At that time, I received a hat, which is a relic of Rando.
Dazai is a partner who acted as "Soukuro" in the Mafia era, but he hates Dazai so much that he has been listed as a dislike from that time, and he is always quarreling with him, but he is always teased as good.
Although he is short, he is a mafia technician, and his fighting ability is high enough to crush the detective agency alone.
Although he hunted down Dazai who had infiltrated the Port Mafia, he not only overlooked Dazai as part of his harassment, but also exposed the embarrassing appearance of a young lady walking in the Uchi mata.In the Three-Company War, he temporarily fought with Dazai and repelled Steinbeck Lovecraft's "Guild" combination.
In order to help Ogai Mori, who has a virus-type genius embedded in it, he reveals his confrontation with the detective agency while understanding that there is a mastermind behind the scenes.Upon receiving reports that the detective agencies have rushed into the cave, they head for the cave, but they are blocked from going to Ranpo and take his provocation, and are drawn into the novel written by Poe with Ranpo.It seems that the criminal did not know and beat all the characters.
In the "Tenjin Goshu" incident, he appeared as a rescuer in front of Kunikita and others who were cornered by Jono and Suehiro.However, he later invaded Meursault in a blood-sucking state, killing guards one after another and appearing to Dostoevsky.
To the dirty and gritty sadness (to the dirty wonder)
You can manipulate the gravity vector and strength of what you touch.You can use it to stand anywhere, or you can freely manipulate the gravity of the person you touch to take away your freedom.
"Pollution (Ojoku)In the form, it is in a state where the different abilities are completely released, and the whole body is dyed black over time.Even tanks can be crushed with bare hands, and powerful gravitational bullets can be fired by aggregating graviton, making it a very powerful talent.However, a forbidden person who loses all reason and has the price of continuing to run away until he dies.In addition, the "pollution" form can be canceled by Dazai's different ability.
The ability name is from the poem of Chuya Nakahara, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Ozaki autumn leaves(Let's do this)
Voice- Ami Koshimizu / Performance- Yumetsuki Sera
A port mafia executive woman who wears a kimono and looks and speaks like a prostitute. 26 years old.
Birthday: January 1th.Height 10 cm, weight 171 kg.Blood type: A type.My favorite things are Kyoka Izumi, Kinpura,pickles..The things I hate are hope and love.
She is a sister of Kyoka in the Port Mafia era, and she loves her. She has a history of trying to escape from the underworld like Kyoka, and she understands her feelings.Even after Kyoka passed through the Mafia, her feelings for her have not changed, such as the following transport vehicle attack and stopping the subordinates who tried to sniper Kyoka.
Atsushi and Kyoka are attacked, but the union members who intervene there destroy the troops.After that, he was imprisoned inside the detective agency in exchange for Dazai's search for the missing Kyoka, but was expelled by Dazai to give him an invitation to a secret meeting between the detective agency and Port Mafia.He has a grudge against his predecessor from his past, but he seems to like the Mafia now that Ogai has become the leader.
After Kyoka joined the detective agency, she raided a government transport vehicle, stole documents recording the truth about her parents' death, and delivered them to Atsushi as a celebration of joining the company.
When Dostoevsky's tactics caused a full-scale war between the armed detective agency and Port Mafia, he tried to kill Tanizaki who tried to assassinate Ogai in order to save Fukuzawa, but Kyoka rescued Tanizaki.
Like Kyoka Izumi, the real person is a man, but in this work he appears as a woman.
Golden yasha(Konjiki Yasha)
Like Kyoka, she has the same ability to use a woman in armor and warrior, but she can operate it by her own will.
The ability name is from the unfinished novel by Ozaki Koyo, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Kajii Motojiro(Kajii Motojiro)
Voice- Wataru Hatano / Performance- Kohei Masaki
A 28-year-old man from the Port Mafia.Birthday: February 2, height 17 cm, weight 180 kg, blood type: B type.Favorite thinglemon,bomb,科学,Opera,Liquor.The things I hate are on the street,jazz..Her brown hair, black glass goggles, and sleeves with badges on her collar stand out in a flashy lab coat.A bomber known as a wanted criminal, which is rare for a member of the covert mafia.
He specializes in large-scale destruction such as the mass dropping of bombs that decoy himself, and the "Lemon Flower Road" that keeps walking while carrying a large number of bombs and exploding them.On the other hand, perhaps because of his low physical strength, he was defeated by a woman, Yosano, even though the bomb did not pass, and he was easily caught by the "union".
When he attacked the train, he hunted down Yosano who was there, but at that time he got angry by telling her his quest for "death" and his experimental story based on it, and he was resurrected by his own ability. He was "treated" to be beaten and told how to release the bomb.
In the three-company war, he succeeded in blasting a luxury liner, which is the front base of the "union", by using his own abilities.
When the armed detective agency attacks the base of Port Mafia, it makes use of its own abilities, wraps a lemon bomb around the whole body, and approaches the members of the armed detective agency while exploding the bomb. The technique was shown to prevent the invasion of armed detective agency members.
Lemon bomb (lemonade)
Thought to be an extraordinary ability to embody a lemon-shaped bomb, it is actually capable of not being damaged by the explosion of a lemon-shaped bomb (because the lemon is a beautiful spindle).
All the bombs are handmade by him and are specially made with no explosive components detected.Therefore, behind the scenes, it is traded at a high price to clarify the manufacturing method.
The ability name is a short story by Motojiro Kajii, a literary master with the same name as the character.lemon] From.
Yumeno Hisaku(Yume no Kyusaku)
Voice- Haruka Kudo / Performance-Ayuka Kurachi
A 13-year-old person called "Q".Gender unknown[Annotation 10]..It features a small hat on two colors of black and white hair.Birthday: January 2, height 1 cm, weight 4 kg, blood type: AB type.My favorite things are myself, chaos,brown sugar..I hate myself, peace, society, and hospitals.
Thinking of humans as toys, he was sealed by Dazai and trapped in a tatami room in order to manipulate his mind and destroy his opponent, regardless of whether he was an enemy or ally.However, in order to win the three-company war, he was released by Ogai on the condition that he did not intervene in unrelated humans until the end of the battle.
Appearing in front of Naomi and Haruno who escaped from the union's attack, they used their abilities to hunt down Atsushi who was waiting at the station, but Dazai rushed in and withdrew.In addition, he activated his ability against the union's Lovecraft, but was detained by Lovecraft, who had no decent feelings, and was used for the "Yokohama Incineration Operation".When he is in captivity, he expresses his feelings for his incompetence and shows tears.After that, he was rescued by Dazai and Chuya.
Dogura Magura
A mentally manipulative ability that is said to be the most hated of all different abilities.Curse the person who hurt you.A bruise on the bill will appear on the cursed person, and if you destroy the doll that Q has, the curse will be activated.The cursed person is hallucinated and frenzied, bleeding from his eyes and attacking the people around him.However, it did not work for Lovecraft who did not have decent feelings.
The only way to break the curse is for Dazai to activate "No Longer Human" against the Q doll.
The ability name is from the novel work by Yumeno Kyusaku, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Mori Ogai(Mori gargle)
Voice- Miyamoto Mitsuru / Performance- Akira Kubotera(The Dark Age-Three Companies Conflict),Masakatsu Nemoto(Dazai, Chuya, after XNUMX years old)
A 40-year-old man who is a former doctor and chief of Port Mafia.Although he looks like a dull middle-aged man with all-back hair, he sometimes makes a frightening expression on his opponent.
He is always calm and calm and can derive the optimal solution for the situation at that time, but he likes young girls under 12 years old.ロ リ コ ンHe is fond of Ellis (he says Ellis is his "wife").The fighting power is also very high, such as defeating a thug with a scalpel.
In the past, he ran a dark doctor and was also active as an information store in the black society based on the stories he heard from patients.Around that time, I met Fukuzawa, who came to protect himself after being told by Soseki Natsume.Former leader (voice-) who continues to give orders for morning decree in the hospital bed Goo Shiro) Has a past that he killed himself as "unreasonable".In addition, we helped the smuggling of the criminal organization "Mimic" behind the scenes in order to obtain a "permit to open a business".Sakunosuke OdaThe indirect cause of Oda's death and Dazai leaving the Mafia, such as leaking information on the children that Oda Sakunosuke was raising in order to collide with Mimic's commander as "the only person with different abilities that can compete" made.
At the end of the war 14 years ago, he was a knight of the base aircraft carrier Tsubame and worked as a deputy surgeon of the 356th Infantry Division of the Defense Force, and Yosano was his subordinate at that time.After the war, he found Yosano, who had been isolated in the facility, and tried to bring him in again because she was an important optimal solution for the "Sankoku Concept", but he confronted Fukuzawa.
In the Three-Company War, he happened to meet Atsushi in a different space created by Montgomery in the city and gave him advice.After that, he skillfully arranged information and members, and tossed the detective agency and the "guild".In the meantime, he told Dazai if he would return to the Mafia executives through Higuchi.After a secret meeting with a detective agency based on Atsushi's idea, Chuya was sent to Dazai to support the recapture of Kusaku, and it was implied that Dazai invaded Dazai who gave instructions to Atsushi who rushed into the white whale. I told you.
While shopping with Ellis, he was attacked by Hawthorne and escaped with a short break, but soon after he was stabbed by Dostoevsky disguised as a policeman, he was embedded with Pushkin's virus-type abilities.Fukuzawa was invited to a one-on-one duel to prevent more deaths than the current situation. When the detective agency was fitted into "Tenjin Goshu", Fukuzawa begged for help from the employee, and instead of transferring one of the talented employees to the Mafia, he consented to the help.Being aware that a detective agency has been fitted, he went to the abandoned village where Tanizaki and Kenji were hidden as a liaison, and ordered Tatehara to defeat Fukuchi as a double agent after knowing that he was a "hunting dog". To do.
Eta Sex Alice
Ability to create Ellis, a little girl who accompanies Ogai.
The ability name is from the novel work of Ogai Mori, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Voice- Amemiya Ten / Performance-
A cute little blonde girl who spends time with Ogai, made by Ogai's talents mentioned above.About Ogai "Rintaro[18]".
He hates him, such as ridiculing Ogai as middle-aged, but his personality has been set by Ogai and he has complained.
It is far from the appearance, such as creating an inexhaustible number of syringes and letting the opponent throw them like a shuriken, hitting the opponent with a huge syringe, grabbing Ogai and floating in the air, trying to track Dostoevsky with agile movements, etc. Has combat ability.
Although it was cut by Fukuzawa and disappeared, it seems that the interval as an ability is short because it was already revived when the detective agency and the Mafia captured Pushkin.
The name is Ogai Mori's novel "MaihimeFrom the characters in.
Sakunosuke Oda(Odasaku no Suke)
Voice- Junichi Suwabe, Yuto Uemura (childhood) / Performance- Ken Taniguchi
23[19]A member of the Mafia's lowest rank, and a friend of Dazai during the Mafia era with Ango.deceased.Height 185 cm, weight 77 kg, favorite things:curry・ Disliked food: Stiff-shouldered meal ・ Favorite type: A nimble woman ・ My strengths and weaknesses: No particular strengths, weaknesses are less talented than my friends.
It is called "Oda Saku" by close friends such as Dazai and Ango.
He used to kill as an assassin, but after reading Natsume's novel and being told that he should do so, he began to aspire to be a novelist, and he believed that he would not kill people because of his dream. , Personally feeding orphans who lost their parents in the dragon-head conflict.Therefore, it came to be called "a mafia that never kills people" and was treated as a stranger.
Originally, his fighting ability is very high, and he shows tremendous activity during the conflict with "Mimic", and even in the absence of support, he annihilate the opponent alone.
He died in a battle with "Mimic" four years ago, and was the direct cause of Dazai's exit from the Mafia.
No garment sewing(Tenimho)
With predictive ability, observe the future that will occur in you for 5 seconds or more and less than 6 seconds.This makes it possible to avoid a surprise attack from the blind spot, but it has the disadvantage that it cannot be avoided if it is already in a trap when a crisis that will occur in the future is detected.
The ability name is from a short story by Sakunosuke Oda, a literary master with the same name as the character.
A (Ace)
Voice- Ono Daisuke
A port mafia executive with tailcoats.Originally a gambler who ransacked the Mafia gambling grounds, he paid a large sum of money to gain his current position.As a result, his loyalty to the Mafia is weak, such as escaping to the evacuation shelter first during the Three-Company War, and he says he thinks of the Mafia only as a bouncer.
He is planning a rebellion against the Port Mafia, and as part of that, he is caught trying to solicit Dostoevsky, and he faces off with a high and low scam, but he is faced with a revenge.
Believing that the cause was trapped in his consciousness by Dostoevsky's incompetence, he disappeared from it and committed suicide to return to the real world.This was an act based on information obtained from him and the collaborators who captured him, and A himself thought that by doing so, he could return to the real world, but in reality it was false information that Dostoevsky himself disseminated. , I really ended up killing myself.
Jewel King's Ranshin
A talented person who voluntarily wears A's collar (A treats them like slaves and calls them "subordinates") into jewels of the same value.
Voice- Irino freedom
A low-ranking member of the Port Mafia, A's "subordinate".A boy who grumbles about his unlucky life. Seeing A's suicide corpse, I felt Dostoevsky's horror.At the end, he was killed by Dostoevsky's "real talent" to seal his mouth.
Voice- Uchida evening / Performance- Kei Hosokai
A long-haired man from the Port Mafia.It's always cold, with earmuffs, a coat, thick boots and winter outfits.Its true identity is an intelligence agent from a foreign country, and his real name isArthur Rambo..The purpose was to investigate high-energy life forms that the Japanese government had discovered and secretly researched, but when the research materials were obtained at the facility, they were betrayed by Verleen, who was also investigating, and were further involved in the explosion. I lost some of my memory.The former chief of Port Mafia, who was killed by Ogai Mori, appeared in the town of Surihata, causing confusion, but he was defeated in the battle between Dazai and Chuya who arrived at him.Chuya, who joined the Mafia, has received the hat of the relic.Yasui's report also states that Chuya Nakahara and Verlaine will fight in Europe.
By creating a subspace, you can restrain your opponent or defend yourself.In addition, it is possible to take a corpse into the subspace and turn it into an extraordinary life form and use it freely.The range of subspaces that can be developed is vast, and it is mentioned that he is a powerful and talented person of the "seven transcendents" class.
The ability name is from the prose poetry collection of Arthur Rimbaud, a French literary master with the same name as the character.
Paul verlaine
Performance- Yoshihide Sasaki
Appeared in the novel version "Bungo Stray Dogs STORM BRINGER".A blonde and tall man from a Port Mafia executive.He was originally an intelligence officer dispatched from France with Rambo, and was called the assassin king.He and Rambo were involved in the investigation of high-energy life forms that the Japanese government was secretly studying, and the acquisition of research materials.However, he confronted and betrayed Rambo over the treatment of high-energy lifeforms.That high-energy life form was Chuya Nakahara.After betrayal, he asked for an opportunity to recapture Chuya, and shortly after he joined the Port Mafia, he attacked him and killed his fellow Mafia.After cutting off Chuya's retreat and letting him be on his side, he pursues him while killing those who have a close relationship with Chuya.However, a member of the Port Mafia who appeared to rescue Chuya, and Chuya and Adam Frankenstein who was on his escort (acting- Isono Dai) Counterattack.After the defeat, a different ability went out of control and proceeded to attack the city as a huge monster, but he was defeated by Chuya's "pollution" and died.However, he is revived by Rambo's different ability, is captured by the Port Mafia, and is imprisoned underground.There he taught Kyoka Izumi and Gin how to assassinate, and eventually he was promoted to become one of the five major executives.
Ability: Unknown
Ability to manipulate the gravity vector and strength of what you touch.It is almost the same as Chuya's ability, and it is possible to make a different ability runaway with the same wording as "pollution".Verlaine himself called this ability "beast".
Black lizard
Hirotsu Yananami(Hirotsu Ryurou)
Voice- Ax Atsushi / Performance-Hirotaka Kato
Hundred heads of the martial arts organization "Black Lizard".A 50-year-old man wearing a black coat, a light-colored stole, and a monocle.Birthday: July 7th, height 15cm, weight 178kg, blood type: A type, favorite thingtobacco..What I dislike is society.An old stock from the time of the predecessor.
He is in the position of being called the XNUMX-head of the martial arts organization "Black Lizard" under the Port Mafia.
Although he follows the command of Akutagawa and Higuchi, he did not pay respect to himself or Higuchi, who has no different abilities like Akutagawa.However, when she heads for Akutagawa's recapture alone, she appreciates her will and supports her.
In the three-organization war of different abilities, he cooperated with Dazai.Also, in the crushing between the detective agency and the Mafia, he tries to capture Tanizaki who remained in the Mafia's persuasion and make it a spy, but he is tossed by his talent and escapes.
In the battle with Fitzgerald, he was ordered to escort a detective agency to deal with Fitzgerald, but suddenly a military police officer appeared and escaped to the Mafia's secret passage.However, he encounters one of the hunting dogs again on the ground and protects Yosano who confronted him with Tatehara and Gin, but he is injured in order to escape the three.In fact, Tatehara was manipulating the sword of a hound, and he was careful, so the injury was light for the flashy bleeding.In response to Tatehara's question when he visited the hospital room, he called him the Mafia in the Mafia, but when he learned that the detective agency thought he was a terrorist, he said he was more serious than himself, and the detective agency along with Silver said. He said he was not a terrorist.This was one of the ways Tatehara unraveled the effect of the page.When Higuchi and Silver become blood-sucking species, Tatehara escapes from the spot.
An extraordinary ability that allows you to flip what you touch with your fingertips with repulsive force.The power is enough to touch the enemy, activate a different ability, and kill it instantly.The ability name is from the novel work of Hirotsu Ryuro, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Dozo Tachihara(Tachihara Michizo)
Voice- Hayashi Isamu
Ten heads of the martial arts organization "Black Lizard".A 19-year-old man with brown hair and a plaster on his nose.Crude tone.Two pistols are used during battle.Birthday: July 7-Height 30 cm-Weight 176 kg-Blood type A-Favorite: Pencil,Hyacinth・ Dislikes: In the past, Teruko Okura's unreasonableness.
In fact, an undercover investigator who belongs to "Hounds".He was a younger brother of a senior soldier who was a good friend of Yosano when he was a surgeon, and he became a gangster because he didn't want to be compared with his excellent brother.One day, he was caught trying to steal the vaults of the "bad guys" and ordered to work as a servant instead of killing them.This triggered him to join the "hunting dog".In order to approach Yosano, who "killed" his brother, after Sakaguchi, who was a former undercover investigator, left, he volunteered as an undercover investigator to monitor Mori, a dangerous man who knows many military secrets as a former army surgeon officer.
After the detective agency was protected by the Port Mafia, they were escorted by Ogai's orders along with Hirotsu and Gin.After being attacked by the troops at the trading site with Fitzgerald and the detective companies broke up, he guided Yosano to the short boat, but he was identified when Yosano tried to self-destruct with one of the chasing "hunting dogs". He pointed her pistol at her, but couldn't kill her.After that, he began to question his own behavior.
After returning, he visits the Tenku Casino with Okura, and while searching for Atsushi and Kyoka, he discovers a bomb disguised as a hidden safe and coins due to his unusual ability. A coin bomb was blown up at the tip of his nose by Sigma trying to get rid of the Hound, and although he was able to prevent it, he was about to be run over by an unmanned aerial vehicle and was attacked by casino guests by Sigma's broadcast.Inside, Atsushi discovers a video claiming their innocence, but destroys it with a modification of the "page" that "all police in the world do not believe in the evidence of the true criminal who trapped the detective agency."However, the effect of the modification was broken because he remembered the words given to them when he visited Hirotsu and Gin, or because he was a mafia at the same time as the police, and the detective agency was convinced that there was a true criminal, not a criminal. Take action to persuade the government.Under Ogai's strategy, Fukuchi controls the scene where Bram Stoker is instructed by passing a location information transmitter as a recording element, and further uses his own ability to hunt down Fukuchi, but due to the ability of the rain. His eyes were cut when he was stabbed, and he was bitten by Bram Stoker.
Different ability to operate metal like my brother.It has a wide range of applications such as stealing enemy knives, moving metal dolls, instantly unlocking safes, and stopping bomb fragments in front of you.However, since he has undergone only weak strengthening surgery for infiltration, his physical strength is low among the Hounds, and he cannot stop a huge object as big as an aircraft.
The ability name is from the poem of Michizo Tachihara, a poet with the same name as the character.
Voice- Natsukawa Shiina / Performance- Konno Ayaka(BEAST)
The younger sister of Akutagawa, who is the ten head of the martial arts organization "Black Lizard".A woman with long black hair tied up casually behind her, her mouth covered with a mask, and a cute voice with a beautiful appearance and a cute voice that the flower bag that saw her real face praised her as "a black-haired dianthus". is there.Fight with agile movements that do not make you feel any sign even in the same industry, and using a small sword hidden in the sleeve.
In the battle with "Tenjin Goshu", he heads for a deal with Fitzgerald and tries to protect Yosano with Tatehara, who was chased by one of the "hunting dogs", but he stabs himself with his own small sword. Will end up.However, due to Tatehara's will, he was slightly injured.After returning to the Mafia, he was bitten by Higuchi, who became a blood-sucking species.
The name is Ryunosuke Akutagawa's short story "OginFrom the main character.

Special Affairs Division, Ministry of Interior

Ango Sakaguchi(Sakaguchi Ango)
Voice- Jun Fukuyama / Performance- Hirofumi Araki
Ministry of InteriorA man wearing a suit wearing round glasses as an assistant counselor of the Special Affairs Division. 26 years old, height 178 cm, weight 62 kg, blood type A, favorite type: intelligent woman, favorite thing:antique,memories,materialism・ Dislikes:overtime,All night,裏 切 り..He is excellent enough to reach the position of assistant counselor at a young age, is good at collecting and analyzing information, and has the toughness and dexterity to be able to act as a triple spy. I have two great escorts.
Four years ago, as an exclusive information officer for the Mafia, he sneaked into the Port Mafia, monitored trends, and reported to the Special Affairs Division.At that time, he brought "Mimic" into Japan for a mission from Ogai and created an indirect cause of Oda's death, so he was resented by Dazai.
Along with Oda, he was a friend of Dazai during the Mafia era. After Dazai died and Dazai left the Mafia, he asked Oda to at least annihilate him and asked the "Seventh Organization" to wash his career.
In the three-company war, while Dazai was approaching a judicial transaction regarding Kyoka's personality, he was attacked by a "union" and was seriously injured because his car airbag did not open.While in the hospital, Dazai offered him a deal related to Kyoka's personality, and in exchange for that, he was treated by Yosano and recovered. After the end of the war, Melville was arrested and trying to obtain information on the "union."
On the occasion of "The House of the Dead", he captured Dostoevsky with Dazai and Fitzgerald.When Dazai was arrested by "Hounds" for the release of Mushitaro's abilities, and when the detective agency was made into a terrorist by "Tenjin Goshu", Atsushi and Kyoka who jailbroken Mushitaro. Pretending to hunt down, protect them, and follow the instructions from the prison using his life reaction to support Atsushi, Kyoka, and Montgomery.When he tried to find out the whereabouts of "Page" from the captured Sigma, he showed great anger at him who stabbed Secretary Taneda.Kyoka and Montgomery's women are kind to Atsushi but strict to herself, so he feels unreasonable.In order to prevent Fukuchi from invoking the "Large Command", Dazai ordered the Prime Minister to activate the "Large Command" only when the blood-sucking army marched.
Corruption theory(Darakuron)
Memory extraction ability to read "memory" remaining in things.It seems that you can touch the floor and follow the escape route, and even the floor and humans can read the memory from the lines of Mushitaro.
The ability name is from the essay by Ango Sakaguchi, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Taneda Santoka[20](Taneda-san)
Voice- Fumihiko Tachiki / Performance- Toshiya Kumano
Chief of the Special Affairs Division, Ministry of Interior.A 50-year-old man in kimono with a shaved head and large round glasses.Birthday: December 12rd-Height 3cm-Weight 185kg-Blood type O-Favorite: Sake,Spa, Stay up late / dislike: To make things poor.
Fukuzawa also made an effort when launching an armed detective agency, and he is an adult person that Fukuzawa calls "Mr. Taneda", and Fukuzawa says, "It has a freewheeling personality, but it is a strange person in the forensic eyes of the person." That thing.I recommended Dazai to the detective agency. Contact with one of the "Tenjin Goshu" alone, and the information that the other person wants to know is brought out from your brain due to the other person's ability, but instead, this information that you want to know, which is the purpose of "Tenjin Goshu" obtain.However, he was seriously injured there, and after transmitting the information of the "book" to Ranpo, he was exhausted and was taken to the hospital.
Graupel into the iron bowl
Ability to instantly understand what the different abilities are when different abilities are used near you.
The ability name is from the phrase of Taneda Santoka, a poet with the same name as the character.
Mitsuki Tsujimura(Daughter) (Mizuki Tsujimura)
Voice- Takahashi Li(New radio)
A woman who is a new agent in the Special Affairs Division of the Ministry of Interior.She is dressed in a suit and has a scarf around her neck. She is 24 years old.Birthday: February 2, height 29 cm, weight 167 kg, blood type B, favorite: spy movie, hot latte, psychic documentary, dislike: sermon, unanswered question, adult without sense.
The code name is "4048".Ayatsuji is constantly watching him in case he goes out of control, ignoring the government's intentions, and is tasked with killing him in an emergency.He was pulled out by Ango when he was a trainee of an investigator.
Longing for the heroine of a spy movie, she mutters her deciding line when inspiring herself.
In the case of "Engineer", "Engineer" killed Kubo, the shadow warrior of "Engineer", because he killed his mother in the case of "Engineer" (it is said). When hunting down Asukai, the "engineer", he solved the mystery like Ayatsuji.
At that time, he injured his leg and was traumatized by Ayatsuji until the injury healed.
I have mixed feelings about my mother who gave me the same name.
Yesterday's shadow trampling (yesterday's Kagefumi)
An extraordinary ability to use the existence called "Kage no Ko" under certain conditions.
Originally, it wasn't Tsujimura's talent, but her mother ordered "Kage no Ko" to "kill the person her daughter tried to kill before her" and then transferred it.
The ability name is from the book of Mizuki Tsujimura, a writer with the same name as the character.
Mizuki Tsujimura (mother) (Mizuki Tsujimura)
A woman in her 40s who is an assistant director of the Special Affairs Division of the Ministry of Interior.According to Ayatsuji, "The shadow boss who never appears and manages the special affairs section."I have a scar on my right ear.
A specialist in alien combat, he has fought and slaughtered all of his abilities, as well as countless alien criminals and foreign intelligence agents.As a result, he began to be targeted for life, and asked Ayatsuji to disguise himself as having died during the incident on the island of Prison five years ago.Currently, he lives in a secret base in the Special Affairs Division.
He taught Kyoka's mother how to transfer her different abilities, and she also transferred her different abilities to her daughter.
Yesterday's shadow trampling (yesterday's Kagefumi)
An extraordinary ability that has slaughtered so many humans that "Kage no Ko" told Chuya that he "smells death."Now it is given to my daughter.
Village shrine Yachiyo (Murako Yachiyo)[21]
Voice- Yuko Hara
A woman who is an aide to Ango Sakaguchi and is also an escort.Often the chewing gum is inflated.He wears a black sword scabbard that only government officials are allowed to wear.Is the original story from the characters in Ango Sakaguchi's novel "Betrayal"?
Takuichi Aoki
Voice- Hiromichi Tezuka
A man who is an aide to Ango Sakaguchi and is also an escort.When Dazai pointed his gun at Ango, he quickly held his pistol and was quite good at it.It is also excellent in physique.Is the original story from the characters in Ango Sakaguchi's novel "Fubuki Monogatari"?

Union (guild)

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai / Performance- Kimizawa Yuuki
A 32-year-old man who is the leader of a "guild" and wears a suit with a neat face.Birthday: September 9, height 24 cm, weight 191 kg, blood type: O type.Favorite thingFri, Myself, my family.The thing I hate is the poor.A millionaire who also runs many companies.Billing demon.
We are aiming for an extraordinary business permit possessed by an armed detective agency.
Although he has publicly stated that he will eliminate subordinates who have been defeated by the enemy as obsolete, he will allow Montgomery who was defeated by Atsushi to remain, and order Orcott to plan a strategy that will cause the least damage to his subordinates. Or, "I have the right to protect you who are my property (subordinates)" and "All my subordinates are excellent", and so on.However, the warmth is directed only to his subordinates, and he does not care how much damage is done to people unrelated to him, such as instructing the execution of the "Yokohama incineration operation", which is the worst damage to the local people.
In addition, his family love is very strong, and he is trying to revive his daughter by getting a "book" for his wife, Zelda, who has been stuck in delusion since he lost his daughter.
In the battle between Atsushi and Akutagawa, they confronted each other using all the assets that could be disposed of, and even though they were attacked by their full power, they still stood up, but fell to the sea and fell into a state of unknown life or death.However, at that time, he survived because the remaining $ 50 wedding ring was consumed without permission even when he paid all the assets.
After that, he lived a slum-like life in a shanty town in Yokohama, but he regained his courage by helping Alcott who was attacked by a group of criminals aiming for the union's heritage, and established a "new union (guild)" ..By manipulating the stock price, he will acquire the management right of the security company "Manhasset Security", take office as the representative, and aim to acquire the $ 500 billion necessary for the acquisition of the Special Affairs Division (the parent company of the Ministry of Interior).
He was asked to search for Dostoevsky and cooperated on the condition that Dazai regained the hidden assets of the union that had been stolen by the "Rat of the House of Death".After that, he presented a luxury liner as a souvenir before the declaration of war again to the detective agency. In the case of "Tenjin Goshu", instead of looking for Oguri in "God's eyes", he struck on the condition that he should treat Mitchell in an unconscious state.
Brilliant Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald)
An ability that can strengthen one's own physical ability in proportion to the amount of money spent.It seems that the fuel economy is not so good, and at about 50 cents, just hitting one person will run out of time, but if you invest a huge amount of money, it will be strengthened to the extent that it is equivalent to two first-class combat-type talented people. ..It also seems to be empowered by the value of others, and was strengthened when Olcott dedicated all of himself.
The ability name is the feature-length novel "F. Scott Fitzgerald," an American literary master with the same name as the character.Brilliant Gatsby』(Gatsby is a person's name).
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Voice- Hanazawa Kana / Performance- Elizabeth Marie
A 2-year-old woman with two hair braids, a cousin of the "Union" (Apprentice).Birthday: November 19, height 11 cm, weight 30 kg, blood type: AB type.Favorite thingPlush Doll, Talking, daydreaming, romantic things.I hate stingy people, old orphanages, and lonely.
He was carrying out his mission while enduring the pressure of not being able to fail because he was expelled from the organization just because he failed.When he visited the detective agency for the first time, he confined Kenji who had seen him off in a different space, and also kidnapped Naomi right next to Atsushi and Tanizaki in the city, and the people around him also took part in the game with Anne. ..He captured Tanizaki in an instant and hunted down Atsushi, but was defeated by Atsushi who was involved in the situation and received advice from Ogai Mori.After that, he hoped to remain in the union and was allowed to remain as a maid.
Although he is jealous of Atsushi who looks happy even though he is from the same orphanage, he finds out that he also suffered the same as himself when Atsushi was imprisoned by a white whale, and betrayed the "union" and asked Atsushi. Escaped with the doll.At this time, he noticed that the guild was taking measures against his own incompetence, but he lied that there was no problem considering Atsushi's personality and missed him.
After the union was destroyed, he started working at the coffee shop "Uzumaki" on the first floor of the building where the armed detective agency is located.Shows a pretense that he likes Atsushi.Therefore, he has a rivalry with Kyoka, who lives with Atsushi.
After Fukuzawa collapsed, in order to protect him from the hands of the Port Mafia, he was asked by Atsushi and Kyoka to take care of Fukuzawa in a different space "Ann's Room" created by his own talent. When the detective agency was fitted into "Tenjin Goshu", he believed in innocence and made a direct interview with the special affairs section, became a collaborator of the detective agency with Ango who was there, and made the extraordinary space a "base" for Atsushi and Kyoka. Offer and infiltrate the sky casino.While jumping near Atsushi, who was attacked by Hawthorne, he activated an extraordinary ability to escape to the extraordinary ability space, and then let Anne capture and confine Hawthorne, who had tied a blood thread to Atsushi.
Anne of Green Gables in the Abyss (Anne of Green Gables)
An extraordinary ability to approach the target and transfer it to a different space "Ann's Room" to attack a doll named Anne.
With AnnePlay tagIf you lose to, you will be trapped in a different space.It is impossible to hurt Anne inside a different space, and it is by far the fastest, with many hands, and it is possible to express multiple Annes.It seems that you can control the time that flows in a different space, and it also stores coffee beans in a coffee shop.
There are two ways to escape from this different space, one is to let Montgomery himself release the different ability, in which case everyone can go out.The other is to get out of two doors in different spaces, one is a door that anyone can get out of, and if you escape from there, you will forget what happened in the different space.The other door is a door that imprisons those who lost the tag with Anne, and although it is locked, the key to that door is virtually impossible because even Montgomery does not know how to use it.
The ability name is the feature-length novel "LM Montgomery, a Canadian literary master with the same name as the character.Redhead anne] From.
John Steinbeck
Voice- Kengo Kasai / Performance- Kawashin Mishin
"Union" craftsman → "Union remnants" provisional leader.A farmer-like 21-year-old man wearing a hunting cap.Birthday: February 2, height 27 cm, weight 175 kg.Blood type: A type.My favorite thing is my familygrape,Agriculture:,Bible..I hate loneliness, poverty, and capitalists.
He also acts as a two-man cell with Lovecraft, who is also a member of the "Union", attacks the clerk of the armed detective agency, and combines Q and his own abilities to carry out the "Yokohama incineration operation".However, he was defeated by Dazai and Chuya who came to help Q.
He joined the union to support a large family in his hometown and didn't really think about Fitzgerald trying to solve everything with money.However, after seeing his love for his family and its consequences, he announced that he would rebuild a "union" that would lose its leader and begin to collapse, and became a provisional leader.However, disappointed that Fitzgerald's regained personality has not changed, he vows to become an adversary to Fitzgerald.
Angry grapes(Ikari no grape)
An ability to plant vine seeds and share the sensation of trees with the host.You can plant it on yourself and manipulate the branches and roots, and you can sense the vibrations on the ground through the roots.
The ability name is from a novel by John Steinbeck, an American literary master with the same name as the character.
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Voice- Takeuchi / Performance --Koki Muramatsu
A 28-year-old (estimated) man with long hair and a gloomy face, a "union" craftsman.Birthday: August 8 (estimated) -Height 20 cm-Variable weight-Blood type: Unknown.Favorite things are offerings, sleep,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,ice cream..What I don't likeFishing boat..Always behave in a dull manner.Not only was it not damaged at all when shot with a pistol, but it was a body that was far from humans, such as easily returning a broken neck, and it was safe to receive the gravity bullet of Chuya in the "polluted" form.In addition, the mental structure seems to be far from human beings, and the effects of mental dysfunction are not accepted.He seems to have acted on a promise with Fitzgerald, and although he is kissing him, the relationship is unknown.It was blown off from the body by a bomb in the Soguro War and became a piece of meat, but it revived as if nothing had happened after the end of the Sansha War, and left the union members to "sleep" and jumped into the sea and left somewhere.
Great one(Great Old One)
Change the arm into multiple tentacles and manipulate it freely.Although it is said to be a different ability in the setting, Dazai also says, "That is not a different ability" because Dazai's different ability does not work.In addition, the battle with Chuya has completely changed into a strange figure.It is said that its reproduction ability is an order of magnitude and it will never be defeated by an external attack.
The ability name was systematized based on the novel of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, an American literary master with the same name as the character.Cthulhu mythologyIt is derived from the ancient gods who once ruled the earth, appearing in the works of writers who shared and inherited the setting.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Voice- Aragaki Tarsuke / Performance --Naoto Katori
A 27-year-old man who is a "union" craftsman (fellow craft) wearing glasses and dressed in a pastor-style black robe.Birthday: July 7, height 4 cm, weight 188 kg, blood type: A type.Favorite thing神,Bible,Religious Faith,innocence.What I don't likeDevil,heresy.
In the three-company war, he was tasked with protecting a luxury liner with Mitchell, but he could not prevent Kajii from exploding the liner, and Akutagawa attacked the place where he was trying to evacuate while welcoming the thugs on the Port Mafia side.
Although he was confused by Akutagawa who ran for the pursuit of Hawthorne and others in a seriously injured state, he felt something close to "faith" to him who burned his life for "something" and vowed to fight with all his might as he wished. ..After the battle, he bitterly criticized Fitzgerald, who tried to solve everything with money.
When Fitzgerald goes missing, he is recruited by Dostoevsky on the condition that he cures Mitchell.After that, he attacked Fukuzawa and Ogai in a state of losing his memory and sanity.In addition, this also fails to attack Fitzgerald with Dostoevsky's deposit.After that, he rectified Sigma who tried to persuade Atsushi at the Sky Casino, and chased down to "Ann's Room" to get rid of Atsushi, but he was defeated by playing tag with Anne and was restrained in a different space.
Scarlet letter(Himonji)
An extraordinary ability to transform one's own blood into holy characters and manipulate it.You can fly like a bullet, create a barrier, bind an enemy, eject characters from a blood clot, and walk in the air by stepping on the scarlet letter fixed in the void.However, after all, it seems that it will be diluted and dissolved in water because it is made of blood.As a system, it has a different ability close to Akutagawa's "Rashomon".
The ability name is from the novel work of Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American literary master with the same name as the character.
Margaret Mitchell
Voice- Kaori Natsuka / Performance- Seira Togashi
A 20-year-old woman who is a cousin of the "Union", holds a parasol and wears a luxurious dress.Birthday: November 11th, height 8 cm, weight 171 kg.Blood type: AB type.My favorite things are myself, love, tomorrow.What I don't like戦 争,betrayal.
He participated in an operation to repay the clan's huge debt and rebuild his family name, and was furious at Akutagawa who showed no defeat or humiliation.
In the three-company war, he was tasked with protecting the luxury liner, which is the base of the "union," but Kajii's attack blows up the liner, and Akutagawa attacks the place he was trying to evacuate.He was seriously injured by protecting Hawthorne and fell unconscious, and was temporarily lost due to the turmoil of the collapse of the "union". During that time, he was stranded in a dark clinic in a poor environment, and his condition worsened.Fitzgerald sees her as a trump card to defeat Hawthorne and has offered her to be treated by Yosano as a trading condition when using "God's Eyes".Atsushi and Kyoka who consented to it brought him to Yosano for treatment.
Gone with the wind(Sarinu with cold)
An extraordinary ability to weather substances with the wind.
The ability name is from the feature-length novel of Margaret Mitchell, an American literary master with the same name as the character.
Mark Twain
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
A 22-year-old young man who is a craftsman of a "union" and has curly hair.Birthday: November 11, height 30 cm, weight 178 kg, blood type: B type.My favorite things are myself, praise, and adventure.What I dislike is sober work.He has a cheerful personality and invites other members to play, but every time he is ignored or hurt.He is good at shooting and sniping, and relentlessly attacked Atsushi who escaped from the white whale, but Dazai's saturationChaffFailed by.It seems that he intends to return to his home country after the end of the war.
Hack Finn & Tom Sawyer
Hack (voice- Matsuda Susui) And Tom (voice- Matsuda Risa), And by firing them with bullets, you can increase the accuracy of the sniper's hits and know the coordinates of the target accurately.Hack and Tom have personalities and ego, and have a normal conversation with Twain.
The ability name is the novel by Mark Twain, an American literary master with the same name as the character.Huckleberry Finn Adventure''Tom Sawyer's Adventure] From.
Herman Melville
Voice- Takayuki Sugo / Performance --Kento Sunatsuka
A quiet 68-year-old man who is a "union" craftsman and has a beard.Birthday: August 8, height 1 cm, weight 182 kg, blood type: O type.Favorite thingwhale,æµ·, Equality, diversity.What I hate isDiscriminationAnd classism. The union leader two generations ago.
He had no intention of actively participating in the war and was trying to share his fate with the descending white whale.When Kyoka learned that she would hit a convoy and crash the white whale, she escaped with Atsushi and Akutagawa.
After Fitzgerald went missing, he was arrested by the Special Affairs Division on the condition that he did not arrest unrelated union members, and was to provide union information.
白 鯨(Moby Dick)
A unique ability to summon and operate the white whale "White Whale".However, most of its body has been remodeled by the "Union" and turned into a huge flight fortress of the "Union", and it can no longer be operated by Melville's will.It seems that when a white whale dies, a new white whale will be born again after a certain period of time.
The ability name is from a novel by Herman Melville, an American literary master with the same name as the character.
Edgar Allan Poe
Voice- Tomoyuki Morikawa
Chief Designer of "Union" (Master Architect)[Annotation 11]And a 28-year-old man whose eyes are hidden by his bangs.The first person is "I".Birthday: January 1, height 19 cm, weight 182 kg, blood type: A type.Favorite thingDetective Novel,raccoon.What I dislike is a large number of people talking and being called at a banquet, and being left alone by an acquaintance.Karl (voice- Ayaka Nanase)raccoonI'm taking you.An American detective and intellectual giant, he is the only person who has made Ranpo sick in a brain game. There is a large amount of property, such as 2000 million, "the amount you forget to pay the next day."In addition, he has acquired various skills such as disguise and sniper.
In order to return to Ranpo's defeat in the brain game six years ago, he called Ranpo and Yosano with information on the blind spot of the white whale and the strategy, and challenged Ranpo, but lost to Ranpo again.However, when he remembers Poe and makes a statement to the effect that he acknowledges him, he returns to the world of creation.
Stay in Japan after washing your feet from the "union"[Annotation 12], I often go in and out of detective agencies to bring my new detective novel to Ranpo.At the time of the incident of the person identification system "Eyes of God", Alcott asked Ranpo to visit the detective agency to search for the true criminal.Furthermore, when the detective agency and the Mafia began a full-scale conflict, the novel written by Ranpo as a "game" was used to stop Chuya Nakahara.In order to cooperate with Ranpo's search for Oguri and hunt down Oguri, he wrote a sentence that draws them into the extraordinary space at the direction of Ranpo.When the detective agency was trapped as a terrorist, he searched for Ranpo, hid Oguri who had escaped from prison at home, and after joining Ranpo, helped him in various ways and contributed to the rescue of detective employees.
The Murders in the Black Cat (Morgue's Black Cat)
An ability to draw readers into the world of novels he wrote.In the novel world, readers cannot use different abilities.You can escape if you solve the case, but if you become a victim in the work, you will die in reality as it is. It can also be used as a "shelter", but if the novel itself is destroyed, it may never be possible to escape.
The act of "reading" was not always necessary, and Chuya was drawn in just by sticking his arm into the book.In addition, it does not have to be in the form of a book, and it is activated even on manuscript paper before binding or sentences floating on the screen of a mobile phone.
There is a restriction that you can not become a room unless you have a mysterious body, and you do not want to make novels other than mystery (such as simple calculation problems are the answer) from your pride[22].
The ability name is the novel "Edgar Allan Poe, an American literary master with the same name as the character.Morgue town murder''Black cat] From.
Louisa May Alcott
Voice- Hikaru Ueda / Performance --Saya Nagata
A cousin of the "Union" and a staff member of the operation.An adult woman wearing glasses and a long skirt.
18 years old ・ Birthday: November 11 ・ Height: 29 cm ・ Weight: 165 kg ・ Blood type: O type.What i likeCountryside,NATURE,哲学,Our.. What I hateMetropolis, Discrimination, human.Social phobiaIt's a little.However, I admire Fitzgerald, the leader of the group.
After the end of the war, he remained in Japan to search for Fitzgerald, found him in a shantytown in Yokohama, and established a "new union" with him.Injured in Hawthorne's attack on Fitzgerald.
Wakakusa story(Wakakusa Monogatari)
An extraordinary ability that reduces the flow of time to XNUMX / XNUMX only when thinking in a private room.Even though it is a long time, I think that it is "the ability to predict the future based on the information I have", probably because I write dozens of types of strategy books assuming every case.
Perhaps it is Alcott's habit, all the strategy books are feature-length.
The ability name is from the novel by Louisa May Alcott, an American literary master with the same name as the character.
James L. Brooks
Voice- Eiichiro Tokumoto
A member of the union who accompanied Montgomery when Fitzgerald negotiated the acquisition of the detective agency (the position is senior secretary).After that, he attacked the Port Mafia, but was killed in return.
In the manga version, it was called "Joyce" by Montgomery.Since the anime version has only initials,Using the same initialsThere is a pseudonymReal writerIt is unknown whether it has something to do with.
New union
Dr. Ecklberg
Voice- Hirakawa Daisuke
A man who is an employee of security company Manhasset Security and wears glasses and has his hair tied behind him.Fitzgerald saved him when he was accused of murdering a friend and was about to commit suicide.
The name comes from TJ Ecklberg, a character in Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby".

Mouse in the House of Death

Fyodor Dostoevsky
Voice- Ishida Akira / Performance- Yuta Kishimoto
He is a member of the murder society "Tenjin Goshu", with the head of the underground thief group "Rat of the House of Death".He has a weak anemic constitution, and is characterized by a polite tone, black hair that extends to his shoulders, and an eerie smile.It is called "Majin" by Dazai.
Good at handling computers, seizing the main system of white whales and crashing them into the union's computercrackingAs a result, it caused confusion inside the union and succeeded in stealing 4% of its assets.He also recruited Hawthorne on the condition that he would cure Mitchell.
Infiltrated the Port Mafia by being kidnapped by A's collaborators on purpose.Using his plot, he forced A into suicide, destroyed A's organization, and seized A's hidden list of port mafia members.Then, by embedding a virus-type incompetence in Fukuzawa and Ogai, the armed detective agency and Port Mafia plan to crush each other.At that time, the armed detective agency and Port Mafia cooperate in advance to predict that they will be eliminated, and set traps multiple times to prevent it from happening. He says that he is as good as Dazai, but he actually walks around and says that he is "too dangerous" and "only Dazai can be trapped."
I am aiming to eliminate different abilities from the world by getting a "book".
After the "cannibalism incident," Dazai, who cooperated with Fitzgerald, identified his position and was taken to the Special Affairs Division.However, Oguri says, "I was caught on purpose."He was detained in the European prison "Meursault", but seems to be in contact with the outside by some means.He was engaged in a psychological warfare with Dazai, who was also housed, but was taken out of his cell by Gogol and took part in a jailbreak race with Dazai, who had taken his life.
Crime and Punishment(Tsumitobatsu)
Dostoevsky's talent.Details are unknown.However, the danger is quite high because the person who grabbed his arm or touched with Dostoevsky's finger spit blood and died instantly.
The ability name is from a feature-length novel by Russian literary master Fyodor Dostoevsky, who has the same name as the character.
Alexander Pushkin
Voice- Daisuke Kirii
A fat man who is a member of "Rat in the House of Death".Give a characteristic laughter.He calls himself a "weak human" with a subservient personality, and has a distorted idea that weak humans are allowed to do anything in order to match the book with those who have them, and they have strong positions and strong different abilities. It is the best entertainment to see how the owner suffers.
Atsushi who infiltrated the hideout was deceived to injure Akutagawa, infected with a foreign virus, and attempted to escape.With the support of Goncharov, the two are completely wound up, but they are captured by the main members of the detective agency Mafia who were ambushed at the exit.Dostoevsky had no loyalty and belonged to him for his own entertainment, so when he was caught, he immediately provided information on the "mouse of the house of death."
(Kokushibyo no Jidai no Kyouen)
An ability to use a tiny virus that kills two hosts after 2 hours.The virus can be transmitted even from scratches, and when infected, it causes high fever and dizziness, making it difficult for ordinary people to stand upright.If one of the hosts dies for another reason within 48 hours, it will be automatically released.
Since the virus parasitizes the important organs of the host, Dazai's abilities cannot be used, and Pushkin himself has to release the abilities or either of the two hosts dies, and Dostoevsky says "co-eating". Was called.
The ability name is from the poem of Alexander Pushkin, a Russian literary master with the same name as the character.
Ivan Goncharov
voice- Kosuke Toriumi
Chamberlain of "Rat of the House of Death".It features a cloth wrapped around the head and long hair that covers the back.He is delusional about Dostoevsky and is willing to even peel his face if instructed to do so.In addition, Dostoevsky has removed the unhappy part of the brain.
I like classical music.Received a mission to protect Pushkin from Dostoevsky, engaged in a battle to stop Atsushi and Akutagawa, and made use of the advantage of the land to afflict them.However, he is defeated and arrested before the combined attack of Atsushi and Akutagawa.
An extraordinary ability to manipulate conglomerate.There are various patterns similar to Akutagawa's "Rashomon", such as making mud dolls that imitate rock giants and themselves, omnidirectional defense by high-speed rotation of conglomerate, and restraint by countless arms.
The hardness of the rock giant was such that it could not be broken even by the blow of Atsushi by the moonlight beast, and although it could be cut at Rashomon in Akutagawa, it was restored immediately.The power of the arm hammer is also enormous, and if you are an ordinary person, it is a blow that will break your whole body.When restraint is added, it becomes almost indispensable.
The ability name is from the novel by Ivan Goncharov, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Mitsutaro Oguri(Oguri Mutaro)
An information manipulation expert, also known as the "Kakuya," who created the fake military police materials that caused Kunikita's arrest.A 26-year-old man with a bow tie and a suit with his bangs divided into seventy-three.
Birthday: March 3th.Height: 14 cm.Weight: 178 kg. Blood type: A type.My favorite things are knowledge and mystery.What I hate is dirty clothes, thunder, summer, detectives.
The only person who knows why Dostoevsky's collaborator and sword, Dostoevsky, was "intentionally" captured by the Special Affairs Division.In addition, he was previously imprisoned by the criminal organization "Seventh Organization" that conceals government crimes and helped with his work.At that time, at the request of Ango, Dazai's criminal history during the Mafia era was erased.
After Dostoevsky's arrest, he murdered his friend, a popular detective writer, Yokomizo, and dumped his latest unpublished manuscript into the underground auction house in order to obtain his own escape funds.He then disguised himself as another person and dropped him from the top of the tower, pretending he was dead.Ranpo, who immediately found out that a real "disappearant" was alive from the worn-out shoes at the scene of the incident, was described as a "monster", but he activated his extraordinary ability to prevent him from making a super-inference.However, although there is no evidence from Ranpo, he is found to be the criminal and even discovered that he is actually assisted suicide.He was threatened to release the information to the public and told everything, and decided to self-confess himself to the police, but while traveling in a police car, he committed a "perfect crime" to Gogol, a thug of "Tenjin Gogoku". Abducted to solve.Immediately before that, he advised that Ranpo would not take the next big job, but it was not protected.
After that, he was tortured by Gogol and others, lifted the perfect crime, and revived the evidence for arresting Dazai.He was imprisoned by a bank managed by a government agency, but was rescued by Atsushi and Kyoka who had invaded the facility. To do.Since then, it has been hidden in a mansion owned by Poe, and by writing a mystery novel, he has a conversation with Yokomizo in his heart.
Perfect crime(Kanzen Hanzai)
An extraordinary ability that creates many mysterious creatures and completely eliminates evidence of crimes committed by himself.In the past, this ability was used to clean Dazai's career.It is also possible to apply it so that you can act without being reflected in any surveillance video by erasing the evidence with a different ability while holding the stolen goods.
The ability name is from the detective novel of Mushitaro Oguri, a literary master with the same name as the character.

Tenshin Goten

The boss of "Tenjin Goshu".He is also the captain of the HoundFukuchi Sakura Chi.
He is a member of "Tenjin Goshu" and is characterized by his magician-like clothes and casual tone.The only comprehension and best friend Dostoevsky describes him as "fighting against God to lose sight of himself." It is called a "clown".
Age: 26 years old.Birthday: April 4st.Height: 1 cm.Weight: 184 kg.Blood type: B type.Favorite things:magic,theater, A person's surprised face,quiz,Piroshki..Dislikes:brainwashing, Slave, not free.
He is good at disguise, and for half a year, while acting as the secretary of Tonan, the undersecretary of justice, he played the dual role of disseminating information about the detective agency to Tonan and other secretary members.After attacking a police car carrying his own Oguri and abducting him, he appeared in front of Atsushi in an underground passage and used his talents to block Atsushi's movements.After that, he appeared in front of Tonan and the hostages as the main criminal, but before he knew it, he became one of the hostages, and his upper body was amputated with a chainsaw in front of Kunikita and Tonan.He was supposed to die at that time in the operation, but decided to kill his best friend Dostoevsky to prove his freedom from the brainwashing of emotions, creating a gap with his own abilities and connecting another human's cut torso. Pretend to be dead by a trick and start acting independently.Rescue Sigma falling from the Sky Casino with a different ability and request Dostoevsky to explore the different ability.
Using his abilities, he invaded Meursault with Sigma and took Dazai and Dostoevsky out of the cell, and proposed a jailbreak race after injecting lethal poison into them.
A unique ability to connect the cloth surface of the cloak and a distant space within a range of up to 30 meters.
The ability name is from the novel by Nikolai Gogol, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Sigma (real name unknown)
One of the "Tenjin Goshu".General manager of the Sky Casino.She wears a suit like a tailcoat and features long hair with different colors on the left and right. It is said that he was born from nothing three years ago by writing a "book".
Age: Unknown.Birthday: Unknown.Height: 177 cm.Weight: 62 kg.Blood type: Unknown.Favorite things:casino, High place, talent,ク ッ キ ー..Dislikes:Desert, Hungry, others approaching to use.
Heavenly Casino is an independent country, to which the police rights of any nation do not apply under international law, and it is impossible for organizations such as hunting dogs to reach out.He is very strongly attached to the casino as his "house" because he does not have his own past, thinks of the casino and its customers as his own property, and memorizes all the nearly XNUMX customers and nature of the casino. He also has financial knowledge and is said to have been born to become the manager of the casino, but in reality he learned by cutting his sleep, and he does not choose any means to protect the casino.
Although he immediately refused to close the casino by Hound, he was blown up at the entrance by Ryoko.After that, Tatehara searched inside the casino and found a bomb disguised as a coin, so he ran into it with an aircraft and tried to kill it with a large number of coin bombs if it was stopped, but failed due to the cooperation between Ryoko and Tatehara.Subsequently, he tries to get rid of it by informing the casino customers that if he attacks Ryoko and Tachihara, he will cancel the debt and give a prize, but he is breached by the security by Ryoko and Tatehara who changed their appearance due to their different abilities. The owner.Driven by the desire to escape, he bravely confronts Ryoko with painless and acoustic guns to protect the casino, but fails before her overwhelming physical strength and determination.However, she never gave up and threw herself to take her with her at the expense of herself to protect the casino in order to save either one, but she was kicked off by her who gave up her arrest.Atsushi picked up the place where he fell and tried to confess the information of the "book", but Hawthorne who came to the purge at the direction of Dostoevsky shot his heart and was fatally injured and fell from the casino.On the verge of that, he smiled at Atsushi, who tried to help himself while eating an attack, and gave him the information on the page.He intended to accept his death, but was rescued by Gogol, who planned to kill Dostoevsky, and was asked to investigate his incompetence.
He invades Meursault with Gogol and takes Dazai and Dostoevsky out of his cell, but while he is not trying to figure out the true intentions of the three, he is nominated by Dazai as the "weapon" of the jailbreak race and acts together while being puzzled.
Ability: Unknown
By touching the other person, you can switch between "the information that the other person wants to know most in your knowledge" and "the information that you want to know most in your knowledge".
Fyodor Dostoevsky
For details, Fyodor DostoevskySee.
Bram Stalker
One of the "Tenjin Goshu".The cell mutates due to the different abilityBlood-sucking species(Dracuria) >> A former human who has transformed into.Long hair, sharp ears and scars on both cheeks. A Scandinavian count called the "Immortal Lord", he was once counted as one of the "Ten Plagues of Egypt".Instead of being vulnerable to sunlight and becoming an indispensable sunscreen, he gained immortality that would not kill him even if he lost his shoulders and the power to make his blood-sucking partner a genus. It is also called "the calamity of this world" or "the immortal king", but I didn't even know that I had the nickname "disaster" until I was defeated by Fukuchi eight years ago and my head was cut off.
Currently, only the neck is left and managed by Fukuchi, and he usually sleeps in a casket filled with the soil of his hometown.Fukuchi is threatened to burn his brain with a sword of the Holy Cross, and is forced to cooperate, so he is called a nemesis and has no sense of companionship.The Holy Cross sword is rooted in the brain and cannot be pulled out, and its ability to manipulate his genus is also deprived. Since his defeat eight years ago, he has vowed never to increase his genus, but succumbs to the threat of Fukuchi and turns Akutagawa into his genus.After biting Tatehara, who was chasing Fukuchi, he was secretly brought to the airport where the "Great Command" was transported, and proceeded to control the airport.He is chased by Fukuchi and rushes into her coffin, telling the truth of her case and being taken out by her.At first she refuses to ask for her help to overcome her situation, but her attitude changes when she is offered her portable music player, and she tries to catch her with her blood-sucking species. I pulled it down with just the words.When he met Kenji, he offered to clear the territory.
Ability: Blood-sucking species
An extraordinary ability that can turn a bitten human into a "blood-sucking species" and manipulate it as his own subordinate.Bitten humans spread the infection to others.
The ability name is the novel "Bram Stoker" by Bram Stoker, a literary master with the same name as the character.Dracula] From.

Clock Tower Knight

Count Dame Agatha Christie
sound - Sakamoto Maaya
A woman who is the chief of the guard knight of the old European organization "Knight of the Clock Tower".
And nobody left(And no one is gone)
Agatha Christie's talent.Details are unknown.
The ability name is from the feature-length novel of Agatha Christie, a British literary master with the same name as the character.


Voice- Hiroshi Shirakuma
A detective who recently became a detective agency.
At first, he didn't trust the detective agency, but after seeing Ranpo's incompetence, he began to trust him, and after that he continued to send requests from the police to the detective agency.It is also seen as a reliable police officer from the side of Ranpo.
He was a veteran in the police and predicted that Q's abilities would be activated.
When the detective agency was dressed in wet clothes by "Tenjin Goshu" and Ranpo was arrested for hijacking a press conference, he believed in his past achievements and helped escape.
The origin of the name is the novel "Ranpo Edogawa"Demon on a solitary islandIs it from the main character?
Special senior investigator of the military police.
Following the case of Kyogoku, information on Kyogoku almost passes through him.
However, his true identity is one of the familiars inspired by the Kyogoku, and he is murdering a woman who was manipulated by the Kyogoku and was his partner and lover. He was managing the "well", but died due to Ayatsuji's incompetence.
Fukuchi Sakura Chi(Fukuchi House)
Captain of the strongest special forces "hunting dog" of the military police.A living legend in the military police.A hero who was given a sword and rain.A man with a mustache and three wounds on his right cheek.Dignified, with high ability and leadership.There are many words and deeds that are not serious at first glance, such as humorous speech and laughter, and flatulence during the strategy meeting, but he seems to have an absolute belief in catching the thugs.
World-famous as the legendary hero "Samurai".Operation to annihilate 10 alien experimental bodies "human wolf" in the Republic of Keña, prevent refugee slaughter by the African Amil administration, 50-day sleepless duel with semi-immortal alien "WASP", blood-sucking species in Eastern Europe It has solved many times the catastrophes that could blow away the world's backbone, such as stopping infections and explosions.The activity has been made into a movie three times, but according to the person himself, it seems that the adaptation is probably included.
He seems to be a childhood friend of Yukichi Fukuzawa, and even when he comes to cross-examination, he drinks alcohol and is called "Genichiro" by Fukuzawa.If the case belongs to the prosecution, he will be urged to confess at first in order to protect Fukuzawa, but after being refused, he will be shaken by the safety of Kunikita who has fallen from a helicopter and self-destructed.During the case of the Five Decays of Tenjin, the ambassador of CTC, who was terrorized at the Sky Casino, was appointed as the commander of the "Supra-National Armed Security Unit / Human Army", which is a "pan-human protection unit" without borders.After giving a speech at the Security Council, Ranpo was begged and consented to join hands in order to defeat the Tenjin Goshu.However, Fukuchi himself is the chief of "Tenjin Goshu".DeityHe immediately noticed that he was aware of his true nature by Ranpo using "super reasoning" along the way, and even though he was slashed, he was avoided by Poe's detective novel.After that, he started fighting with Atsushi and Akutagawa who was hiding in the ship, and overwhelmed the two with a different dimension of fighting ability.After that, if he betrayed Atsushi to Akutagawa, he offered a deal to train him as a "hunting dog", but he used it and once seemed to have been defeated by the opponent's surprise attack, but just before his death, he used "God Sword / Ame Gozen". Slash the "past" to avoid defeat and kill Akutagawa.However, he lost sight of Atsushi and tried to chase after him in a hurry, but the security SP who was helped by Akutagawa rushed in and failed to dispose of Atsushi and missed it, but threatened Bram and made Akutagawa a blood-sucking genus. Transform.After Ogai's operation, Tatehara found an instruction site for Bram and was cornered once, but with the power of "Ame Gozen", he defeated Tatehara and made him a blood-sucking species. After arriving at the airport where the "Great Order" was transported, he tried to solicit his subordinate Jono to the "Tenjin Goshu" side, but was refused. And said.A face photo was taken by a sentence that was witnessing the whole story, and Kunikita caused an explosion before she could be found, but the "Great Directive" transportation team who tried to turn back was Dostoevsky's. Because he was poisoned by the preparation, he got the "Great Command".However, in Dazai's strategy, which was reading it, the "Great Command" could not be activated unless the blood-sucking army started to move. Search for Bram who was taken out to.
After a terrible experience such as killing many people ordered by the nation in the previous war and torturing not only soldiers but also civilians and girls and children, there is a nation and order with humor such as "good nation". I have come to think that the hell of war will be born, and I am trying to extinguish all nations. He organized the "Tenjin Goshu" to bring painful death to the "heavenly people", that is, the politicians.He said he had never enjoyed violence and went because he needed terrorism and murder.
Mirror lion(Kagamiji)
An extraordinary ability that increases the power of your weapon 100 times.By using Fukuchi, who has a high level of combat power, the power will be enormous, and the power of the Guntō will increase to the point where you will not notice it even if it is cut, and the ship is cut like cow dairy with a balustrade that is just an iron bar. The pebbles picked up become stones that penetrate the palm of Atsushi, a half-human half-tiger.Moreover, even "the fist of another person" can be used as a "100 times weapon".Its true power is demonstrated by using "God Sword / Ame Gozen".
Teruko Okura(Okra Teruko)
Deputy director of "Hounds".Her steel whip is a bloody queen whose allies are afraid and her enemies are even more afraid to the extent that even the devil cries and lies down.The appearance is a young girl with her hair on the left side tail, but there are many bizarre remarks and sometimes she is so murderous that Sansante is silent (Jono says, "If you seriously offend the deputy chief, we all die").However, for some reason, the attitude and tone soften significantly only in Fukuchi.The first person is ephemeral and the tone is old-fashioned.He has a strong belief that he will use the strongest violence as a slave of society to embody the order of the country.While he looks like a child, such as when he is in a good mood with a shoulder guruma, he is also smart as he immediately realizes that he has obtained a base and a command tower because the sighting testimony of the detective agency has been interrupted.
Follow Montgomery to Tatehara and Tenku Casino.According to Tachihara, "The time when the deputy chief is the most scared is not when he is angry or when he is tortured. It is when he listens to the other person obediently." Although he withdrew with a smile, he blasted the entrance and embarked on a search for Atsutatsu.In the process, he hunted down against Sigma, recommended surrender, but was thrown into the air while being grabbed by him who decided to protect the casino, so he was forced to give up capture.Following Fukuchi's instructions, he participates in the guarding of the "Great Order" at the airport.After getting a "Great Command" from a transport plane that crashed with Suehiro, he appeared in front of Atsushi looking for Sentence and Bram, but when he was shown the message left by Tatehara, he once withdrew and let him meet Ranpo. Requested.
(Panting of soul)
Ability to manipulate the age of the person you touch, including yourself. Victory is confirmed just by "touching", so it is invincible even in close quarters battle.When torturing, the other party is in an infant or aged state.
Jono Saigiku(Jyo no Saigiku)
One of the "hunting dogs", the king of ignorance who grasps everything with his super five senses.A master of cross-examination that "listens" to the secrets of the target.I have earrings on my right ear.He is blind and his eyes are closed, but his other sensations are superior to humans, and he can hear the heartbeats of others and even sense their psychological state.He always has a polite tone and a calm demeanor, but as he says, "I don't know anything else to enjoy other than hitting others," he is good at accurately hunting down the painful part of the other person and psychologically hunting down the other person. I have a bad habit of enjoying impatience.Formerly an executive of a criminal organization, he joined the "hunting dog" six years ago when he was invited by Fukuchi, who expected hearing and abilities. In Volume 6, Dazai was arrested at the racetrack among customers.He often plays the role of Tsukkomi, a unique member of the team, and he hates Suehiro, who is at his own pace, and even says he wants him to die right away.However, when he came to "Uzumaki" and tried to ask the master about the destination of Montgomery and others, he hunted down the master to a short distance, but Suehiro stabbed him in the foot and made him break the mouth of the master first. It ended up being.
Shake the captured Kunikita to join the "hunting dog".When Tatehara offered to re-investigate, he noticed Fukuchi's plot from the heartbeat of his "lie" and pretended to threaten her when the sentence at the airport where the "Great Command" arrived found out that he was an acquaintance of the detective agency. I handed over the memo and made him follow.Fukuchi, who revealed his true identity, is called a "deviation dog" who does not entrust his beliefs to the troops, and is invited to become a "heavenly man's five declines" in anticipation of his atrocious personality, but the pleasure of saving the people Refuse because of what you remember.He tries to escape by making the most of his talent, but fails due to the space disruption of Akutagawa and the flame sword of Fukuchi, and he is bitten by Akutagawa.
(Senkin's name)
Ability to transform and manipulate oneself into a group of cell-sized fine particles.In the particle state, attacks with guns and blades are almost meaningless, allowing them to move through small gaps and air conditioning ducts.However, there is also a weakness that it cannot return to humans if more than a certain amount of particles are destroyed by flames.
Suehiro Iron Gut(Suehiro Techo)
One of the "hunting dogs".The unit is the strongest in pure battle alone.A samurai who has steel in his body and mind. It is called "meteorite cutting".A young man with long black hair and a cherry blossom tattoo under his left eye.In addition to the simple aspect of thinking, such as cutting down a tree to go straight, the taste is also unique, and Jono has said, "I want you to die right now." Keep observing ants for 8 hours, do muscle training even during meetings, etc. at a very self-paced paceeggnogIt lacks common sense, such as using frog eggs.
The swordsmanship using different abilities is quite strong, and he and Jono hunt down the detective agency with different abilities, and try to use the blade extended to the mafia helicopter to add a transfer chase, but Kunikita Being attacked by a grenade that was in the back.However, after that, he appeared unharmed in front of Yosano and seems to have survived by some means.The fighting power is powerful, but the roots are straight and the sense of justice seems to be strong, and when he came to "Uzumaki" with Jono, he took into consideration the thoughts of Montgomery who was on the side of the detective company and the master who tried to protect her and the detective company. I stabbed Jono's leg, which hunts down his spirit.He promised the master that he was not guilty of Montgomery and would punish the detective agency in a legitimate trial, and as a result succeeded in getting him to speak before Jono.
Upon receiving a report from Tatehara of an outbreak of blood-sucking species in the Mafia, he thought that it was a new terrorist attack by the detective agency, and he also participated in the protection of the "Great Command" at the airport. I looked at the field.After cutting the crashing transport plane with a different ability and delivering the "Great Command" to Fukuchi, he engages with Kenji in search of Jono, who is said to have been "kidnapped by a detective agency."
Plum in the snow(Sequentially)
Details are unknown.However, it is presumed that it is a combat-type talent, such as making the blade of the sword stretchable and flexible.
Dozo Tachihara(Tachihara Michizo)
The younger brother of a soldier who loved Yosano, who committed suicide 14 years ago, infiltrated Port Mafia in place of Ango Sakaguchi.The rank is senior sergeant. After returning to the "hunting dog", he was forced to play the role of "Tsukomi" by Jono. When I'm in a "hunting dog," I take a bandage on my nose.
For details, #Michizo TachiharaSee.


Natsume Soseki(Natsume Soseki)
Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka
A person who is said to be in the vicinity of all conspiracies and operations over Yokohama, who is familiar with both the government and the black society and does not have a tail in any research institution due to the death of God.An elderly man with a cane, a bowler hat, and a thin mustache. "The military police and the special affairs section in the daytime, the port mafia in the evening, and the detective agency in the evening keep the balance of the partition town." After realizing the three-time concept, he retired.
Knowing that the detective agency and the Mafia have entered into a full-scale conflict due to Dostoevsky's plot, he appears in front of Fukuzawa and Ogai during the duel and scolds them.
He was so mature that he was called a "teacher" with Taneda from Fukuzawa, and he talked to the special affairs section when he obtained his "permit to open a different ability".His old base, "Yukado," has a lesson written by Natsume.
He wrote a novel, and by handing it over, Oda Sakunosuke, who was an assassin, stopped killing him.
I am a cat(My yes is a cat)
According to Dazai, "the strongest ability to see through everything".Details are unknown, but when he appears in front of Fukuzawa and Ogai, who are fighting for death, he has transformed from a cat that closely resembles Haruno's pet "Mi-chan" to his original appearance.
The ability name is from the novel work of Natsume Soseki, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Nobuko Sasaki(Nobuko Sasaki)
Voice- Sanae Kobayashi
A woman about 20 years old who teaches at a university in Tokyo.deceased.The mastermind of the "Apostle of Ao" case, which is Dazai's entrance examination.
The mastermind of the "blue flag terrorist" case solved by Kunikida "Blue King" (voice-Yoshimasa Hosoya)[Annotation 13]He has a grudge against the detective agency that was the cause of his death, and attacks the detective agency in the form of a request to call himself "Apostle of Ao".At first, he succeeded in losing the fame of the detective agency according to the strategy, but failed due to the activities of Kunikita and Dazai, and shot dead with Rokuzo.
It is smart enough to make a plan to use the malicious intent of others to voluntarily commit a crime to a criminal without getting his hands dirty, and to take revenge on the detective agency and condemn the criminal at the same time.
A person who had a great influence on Kunikita, the hallucination he saw when he was struck by Q's talent was hers.
The name comes from Nobuko Sasaki, the first wife of Doppo Kunikida, who has the same name as the character.
Rokuzo Taguchi
Voice- Ishikawa Kaijin
A 14-year-old electric network hacker hired by Kunikita as an information store.
My father is a detective, but he died in the suicide bombing of "Blue King" in the "Blue Flag Terrorist" case, and although he launched an electric network attack on the detective agency that created the cause, the location was found by reverse detection and the country Instead of submitting evidence to Kida to the military police, he decided to work as an information agency (including the implications of Kuni Kida's atonement for killing his father).
Looking into Dazai's email, he learned that Sasaki, the Apostle of Blue, would appear, and shot at her and died there.
Is the name derived from the characters in Doppo Kunikida's novel "Spring Birds"?
Andre Gide
Voice- Shinichiro Miki / Performance- Takeshi Hayashino
Age 32 years old, height 185 cm, weight 79 kg, inscription on the right: I am proud to die for my homeland.A man who is the commander (commander) of "Mimic", a group of defeated soldiers of the war XNUMX years ago.deceased.
In the war fourteen years ago, he was a hero who fought to protect his country, to the people who lived in the land he grew up in, and to die for them.
However, it was used for the unrighteous plot of "crushing the enemy's key points and robbing the enemy's transportation network after peace" of the ally headquarters, and was made to attack the enemy's fort after peace and became a war criminal.After breaking through the siege of friendly soldiers dispatched to subdue the traitor as an enemy mimic, he continued to seek the battlefield to die as a soldier.He then arrived in Yokohama through Ango, where he met Sakunosuke Oda and died in a battle with him.
Narrow gate(Semakimon)
An extraordinary ability to observe the future a few seconds ahead of Oda's work.
The ability name is from the novel work of Andre Gide, a literary master with the same name as the character.
H.G. Wells
A long blonde woman with a big projector around her neck.A brilliant terrorist who has been smoking intelligence agencies around the world for many years.Like Kyoka Izumi and Koyo Ozaki, the real person is a man, but in this work he appears as a woman.
Since he is acting as a man using camouflaged skin, he is nicknamed "a man who knows the future" by intelligence agencies.However, he claims that he is actually only using his abilities to avoid the crisis in the event or accident that happened near him.
He was once a scientist who was developing weapons using different abilities in England.Perhaps because of this, technical terms tend to be mixed in the explanation of singularities and their own different abilities, which confused Atsushi.
Time Machine
An ability to manipulate time locally through a projector.You can use it only once for one person / thing.
By applying this ability, it is possible to send a person's memory to the same person in the past, or to control the energy that can be held only for a moment so that it can exist for a long time.
The ability name is from the novel work of HG Wells, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Jules Verne
One of the group that ended the war that occurred 1 years ago, called "Seven Traitors".A young man who is as quiet as a librarian.The large offshore floating city "Standard Island" was created as a base for the seven traitors, and the island was maintained as a place where each country could secretly communicate and negotiate so as not to cause a war again.
When she fought with Wells to eliminate the extraordinary weapons brought to the island, she gained her dead extraordinary ability and used that ability to "make the war 14 years ago absent from the beginning." Plan and execute things.However, a singular point occurred during repeated use, and due to a runaway, he died after being replaced by the existence "Gab" who was a different personality and embodied his different abilities.
However, consciousness remained in the gab, appearing in front of Atsushi, who was swallowed by the ground on Standard Island, and after talking about how this happened, he entrusted the solution.
Mysterious island(Shinpinoshima)
An ability that allows you to use all the different abilities of humans who died on the island that you own as your territory, without any restrictions other than singularities.
The ability name is from the novel work of Jules Verne, a literary master with the same name as the character.
Masasaku Katsura (Wig Shosaku)
Voice- Seiichi Morita
A person arrested by Kunikita for refining illegal explosives two years ago and trying to blow up a school building.
In order to cancel what Kunikita had told him when he was arrested, he handed a travel bag with a bomb to a passerby and rumors through an information store as an indiscriminate bomber who detonated in the city.
Sentence (voice- Minako Kotobuki) And a bomb on the railroad track of the train, the frequency of the detonation button of the bomb of the sentence and the stop signal of the train were made the same, and I tried to create a situation where only one of them could help, but I tried to hurt Kunikita mentally. It failed due to the different ability of Yosano, which Kida called with an acoustic bomb.
After that, he was abducted by Dostoevsky for the purpose of listening to the detective agency, and said that Kunikita's ideal was "genuine."
Is the name from a character in Doppo Kunikida's novel "Extraordinary Ordinary People"?
Voice- Satoshi Tsuruoka
Chairman of Manhasset Security. He tried to systematically operate the "God's Eye" to condemn his subordinate Ecklberg for murder, and gave Fitzgerald a moratorium when he realized that, but the recording of the exchange was exposed in court.
The name comes from Tom Buchanan, a character in "The Brilliant Gatsby".
Ayatsuji Yukito(Yukito Ayatsuji)
Voice- Hiroo Sasaki(New radio)
A detective who has opened a detective agency "Ayatsuji Detective Agency" which is different from the armed detective agency.A young man wearing a hunting cap and light-shielding glasses. 27 years old.Birthday: December 12rd.Height 23 cm, weight 179 kg.Blood type: O type.My favorite thing is readingBall-jointed doll-Mahjong..What I don't likeNatto-Anti-intellectualism.
He has the name "murder detective" because of his different abilities, and has been designated by the government as a "special first-class dangerous alien" who is monitored in an iron grill surrounded by security forces equipped with machine guns. , Measures have been relaxed in exchange for using their capabilities for the government.
His personality is de S, and he often smokes others with a blunt attitude.My hobby is collecting dolls.
Kyogoku is a nemesis, and he was forced to die by his own ability three months ago, but before that, in the case of "Engineer" that Kyogoku prepared, Kyogoku such as "Well that makes people evil" that Kyogoku prepared became a youkai. After discovering the existence of the device, he decided to go out with a Kyogoku-shaped "possessed object" in order to obtain information on other wells.
Tsujimura's mother was aiming for her life as a dangerous person, but instead of guaranteeing her survival in the case of the island of Prison, she disguised her death.
Ayatsuji solves the murder case and presents the evidence to give the criminal death beyond causality.
Since it is activated only for the true criminal, based on the absolute truth, not the subjectivity of Ayatsuji, the possibility of false accusations and wet clothes is excluded.
The ability name is from the book of Yukito Ayatsuji, a writer with the same name as the character.
Kyogoku Natsuhiko(Kyogoku Natsuhiko)
Voice- Junpei Asashina(New radio)
A person with different abilities who has the nickname of "magician".An old man in a shabby kimono.He has used his abilities to cause hundreds of incidents in other human beings.His hobby is to play with Ayatsuji, who has a transcendental ability and is at the mercy of the government.I love youkai.
There are many people called familiars such as Asukai who are inspired by themselves, and they manage "wells that make people evil".
He is very smart, and he will be a youkai on the assumption that he will be killed by Ayatsuji, so he rumors that he will be free in the sense of dropping people to evil, and prepare the equipment he has prepared here and there. Was there.
Possessed drop (Tsukimono Otoshi)
By giving "possession", the subject's spirit is transformed into a bad one.According to Ayatsuji, "the ability of the mental manipulation system".
The ability name is written by Natsuhiko Kyogoku, a writer with the same name as the character.Hyakuki no Yakou seriesFrom the profession of the character, Akihiko Chuzenji.
Tatsuhiko Shibusawa(Tatsuhiko Shibusawa)
Voice- Kazuya Nakai[23] / Performance- Murata Mitsuru
Known as "collector".Characterized by long white hair.He was the mastermind of the Ryuto conflict and had been lost after the war with Dazai and Nakahara, but he emerged as a suspect in the "continuous suicide cases of different abilities" reported in each country.
His personality is misanthropic and irreverent, such as saying that no one has exceeded his expectations.
Draconia Room
It robs different abilities from different abilities and creates a fog that causes the different abilities to attack the original owner.When this fog is generated, the existence of the ordinary people involved disappears temporarily, and after the fog disappears, it returns to its original position.The different abilities of the different abilities killed by their own different abilities crystallize and gather under Shibusawa.
The ability name is from "Dragonia", which is the name of the writer with the same name as the character, Tatsuhiko Shibusawa.
Mary Wollstonecraft
Appeared in "Bungo Stray Dogs STORM BRINGER".A European talented engineer who looks like a girl.He is the creator of the humanoid self-sustaining high-level computer "Adam Frankenstein", which belongs to the Europol.At the beginning of the story, he ordered Adam to escort Chuya.After Verlaine's death, he came to Japan as one of the technical advisors of the investigation team.
Ability: Unknown
Dan Brown
Appeared in 2013 in collaboration with Dan Brown's book "Inferno" and Bungo Stray Dogs.
The future can be predicted by making a three-line poem that describes the scene of hell (Inferno) that reflects the present life 33 minutes later and deciphering it.However, the rhyme can only be read by Brown himself based on his knowledge of history and religious studies.
The ability name is from the book of Dan Brown, a writer with the same name as the character.
A 10-year-old girl who speaks in the Kansai dialect.She has a strong sense of justice.She was about to be killed in the bombing of Katsura Masasaku, but she was rescued by Kunikita and Yosano. 《Large Order》 At the time of blocking delivery and executing the Bram Stalker murder operation, the hunting dog, Arindo Sansante, who happened to see the sentence at the airport as an acquaintance of the detective company, pretended to threaten the sentence, saying, "After me. I handed over the letter, "Follow me," and witnessed the black curtain and truth of the Tenjin Goshu incident, and the killing of Jono by the black curtain.She tried to take a picture, but she was perceived by Fukuchi with a strobe, and she was about to be found in Fukuchi, but she entered Bram Stoker's casket and thought that her opponent was too random. She escapes for a while because she is lost in her actions.When she hears the truth about the incident from Bram, she takes him out of the casket and runs around the airport.

the term

Different ability

A special force that causes phenomena that are unthinkable in common sense.It is also called simply "different ability" or "ability", and a person with different ability is called "different ability person", "different ability person", or "ability person".
Kunikida says, "I can't reasonably explain how to do that. I can't help but say that. (Speaking of Doppo Kunikida) Why it's a notebook page, why physics. Do you ignore the law and change your appearance? There is nothing that can give a theoretical explanation. "[24]It is said that.Most of the time, there is some kind of opportunity to awaken to a different ability.[25]
The effects of different abilities range from combat-type to non-combat-type, and those that manipulate creatures called alien creatures.Among them, the healing ability and the ability to activate based on absolute truth are extremely rare, and the different abilities of the mental manipulation system and the reality modification system are regarded as heretics, and the mental manipulation system is the most hated.In addition, some of the different abilities are different abilities, such as Atsushi before he could not control his own abilities and self-destructed, or was involved with the members of "Armed Detective Agency" such as Dazai ( Or, there are not a few people who live without knowing the details of their different abilities.
Details are unknown, but there is a way to transfer the abilities to someone with a blood connection.However, if the transfer is inadequate, or if the triggering conditions are newly set before the transfer, the transferred person will not be able to manipulate the different abilities like the previous owner.
When a large amount of information flows in due to an incompetence, the brain may temporarily lose consciousness for organizing, and may suddenly faint and collapse.
特異 点
Multiple different abilities, such as "two people with" always preemptive abilities "fight" and "" always deceive the opponent "and" always see the truth "the aliens talk" A phenomenon in which they interfere with each other, resulting in completely different results.
When Oda Saku and Gide, who have the same ability to predict the future, fight, the phenomenon that the future seems to overlap and the phenomenon that each other keeps anticipating each other's words and feels that the time is extended infinitely occurs. It was.
Singularities occur even if they are not the same or opposite abilities, and they combine the ability to "manipulate time locally" and the ability to "draw a spell that generates a hot sphere shell"."Shell"Used the "fluctuation" of energy to generate a singular point that would eliminate Yokohama.

Organization / power

Armed detective agency (Busotan Teisha)
A detective group specializing in dangerous requests that cannot be relied on by the military or police, and an armed group of dusk that controls the world of day and night.Atsushi, who lived in an orphanage, knows its name recognition.
With the president, Yukichi Fukuzawa at the top, it is composed of investigators and clerks, and many of the investigators are talented people.Investigators have been subject to a back-office examination, the "entry examination," for generations, and if they do not pass this, they will not be recognized as real employees.
Ten years ago, Fukuzawa and Ranpo met when they solved a case called the "angel case."[26]Later, in order to make use of Ranpo's super-inference, he obtained a permit to open a different ability and was established.
Currently, due to the tactics of the Tenjin Goshu using "books", "It is a terrorist organization covered with the skin of a detective agency, and all the achievements so far seem to be solving what they have caused by themselves. The false information that "was" was disseminated all over the country, and major persons other than Dazai and Fukuzawa who were arrested have been wanted.In addition, a modification that "all police and investigative agencies around the world do not seriously consider the evidence that there is a true criminal who has trapped a detective agency" makes it difficult to cooperate with the police.
Port mafia
A mafia that territorializes the port of Yokohama.There are more than dozens of group companies under its umbrella, and it is said that they have roots throughout the town.
With Ogai Mori, the boss, at the top, it is composed of executives, members, and exclusive information staff.Each executive has an executive faction, but the dedicated intelligence officer does not belong to any faction, and there are some who are the lowest members like Sakunosuke Oda but do not belong to the executive faction (however, such). Jobs that come to the wrong people are unpaid jobs that are not stupid[27]Just).Many of the members are covert, but rarely there are well-known ones like Kajii.
There are three rules, and you must obey the command of the chief.Do not betray the organization.Be sure to return any attacks you receive.This order is also the order of importance.[28]
Black lizard (Kurotokage)
A ferocious working unit in the port mafia martial arts organization.There are positions such as 4 and 20 chiefs, and (XNUMX years ago) XNUMX chiefs have about XNUMX subordinates.
It has the same fighting skills as special forces, and is said to be horribly cruel.Although the detective agency's attack has failed, it has shown tremendous success in destroying the organizations that circulate the port mafia's load and in rescuing Akutagawa.
Special Affairs Division, Ministry of Interior (Naimushoinoutokumuka)
A non-public organization that controls and manages talented people in Japan.The secretary is Taneda Santoka.
According to Fitzgerald, it is impossible to acquire the Special Affairs Division alone because it is a "secret organization that is not supposed to be open."However, it can be obtained by buying the Ministry of Interior itself, which is a higher-ranking organization.
His work is mainly to supervise domestic talented people and crack down on talented crimes.However, the latter is an elite organization with a small number of people, and if it collides with a talented organization, the special affairs section will also be damaged, so we only monitor it.Therefore, it is ridiculed as "Watcher" by a part of the Judiciary Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, which is a friend of dogs and monkeys.[29]..However, if the organization has already collapsed, such as the arrest of Melville or Dostoevsky, or if the other party is alone, such as the disposition of Ayatsuji, the Special Affairs Division itself can move.
The strongest special forces of the military police in the country.The captain is Sakura Fukuchi.
A five-member group formed by gathering the best human resources from all the corps in Japan.The official name is "Special Forces Group / Instep Squad".It has become one of the legends among other military police officers.A unit specializing in capturing alien crimes in Japan, especially vicious alien criminals.
Its job is primarily to assassinate or capture incompetent criminals who have committed extraordinary offenses that cannot be judged by law.Each hunting dog has different abilities, and each has extraordinary physical strength and ability.He agonizes over humanity and catches thugs.If the mission fails, "punishment" will be imposed, but since its formation, it has never failed.The whole body is subjected to biosurgery by a talented technician, and has super-physical ability that is several tens of times higher than that of a normal person.However, because it is a non-human operation, if the maintenance operation is neglected even once every month, the whole body will rot and die.
Union (guild)
A group of talented people in North America. An organization that is suspected of its existence because it is an overwhelming force that is described as "the bad guy of the three-sentence novel", and is said to be an urban legend.The leader is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald → John Steinbeck.
With the leader at the top, it is composed of members called craftsmen (fellow crafts) and cousins ​​(Apprentice).All members are working in important positions in the political and business world and the military.
By applying pressure from diplomatic sources, the members are given the same authority as diplomats, and even the police, which is a law enforcement agency, and even the Special Affairs Division of Special Affairs cannot handle it.
According to Twain, it was "an organization that had only the traction of Fitzgerald, for better or worse", so when Fitzgerald became uncertain whether he was alive or dead, he fell into a state of confusion, and even looting occurred at the end.In addition, Dostoevsky, who was in turmoil, robbed 4% of his funds and fell into a state of destruction.
New union
An organization founded by the resurrected Fitzgerald.It is based in the security company "Manhasset Security" in Yokohama.
Tennin no Gosui
There are 5 members.The chief is a person wearing a gas mask called "Kamii" (Sakura Fukuchi).In addition to the clown Gogol, the demon Dostoevsky, and the general manager of the Sky Casino, Sigma <whose real name is unknown>, there is one talented person (Bram Stoker).The ultimate goal is unknown, but the goal of the process is the disappearance of the nation.
Owning one page of the "book", the plan is divided into four stages for the ultimate goal of the disappearance of the nation. At the stage, the detective agency is fitted using the "front page", the terrorism occurs at the third stage, and finally the "back page" is trying to realize the plan.The third stage is to distribute the forged coin bombs all over the world via the sky casino and cause indiscriminate terrorism.Killing people with money destroys the foundation of national credit and causes the worst economic depression in human history. As a result, Kamui gains the position of commander of the world's army (human army) and controls the world's army with <Great Command (One Order)>.Along the way, Bram Stoker and Fukuchi need to control half of the nation with their abilities.
The Mouse of the House of Death
Underground bandits.The head is Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Sky Casino
A high-altitude floating facility built after the war.It is run by Sigma.Thanks to the rotating centrifugal force of the mass balancer and the floating gas, it is possible to maintain the altitude with much less fuel than it looks, but it is presumed that it assists the floating with some different ability.Under international law, the police power of any nation does not apply, so to speak, it is an independent nation.
It was said that the establishment was decided at a secret meeting by the victorious countries 13 years ago, but in reality, it only appeared 13 days ago with the history of 8 years by writing on the "page".The purpose of the construction is two, as a base for the next terrorist attack that sends a detonation signal to a coin bomb, and as a "price" for Sigma to use different abilities.
Seven Organizations (Nanago Kikan)
A criminal organization specializing in the concealment and cleaning of crimes.It is a dark organization created by the government, and is engaged in eradicating political crimes, illegal operations, and hiding ugliness.The scale, members, and command system are all unknown, and although it is rumored that it is a subordinate organization of public security or internal tone, the actual situation is unknown.There are so many mysteries that even Ango of the Special Affairs Division can finally meet an agent through four-fold mediation. From the standpoint of "collecting and hiding government secrets," it is a dangerous organization that can threaten the government as much as it wants.
Details are unknown, but it is presumed that among the talented people that the European nation put on the battlefield during the war 14 years ago, those with particularly strong talents.Hugo,ゲ ー テ,ShakespeareThree people have been revealed.
Seven traitors
Fourteen years ago, seven talented people gathered to end the war for each reason.
Using his different abilities, he kidnaps the leaders of each country, the chief of the army, and the executives of the munitions industry, and persuades, threatens, and brainwashes them on Standard Island, which is the base, and ends the war. It was.
After the end of the war, some members broke up, and now 14 years later, some members have died or are unknown.At the moment, only Verne has been revealed.

Other terms

A fictional city that is the setting for this work. Also written as "Yokohama".
Although it is a port city where modern buildings and nostalgic buildings coexist, the Allied warlords have flowed in since the end of World War II.Extraterritorial lawAs the autonomous region was built by waving the region, it became an incomparably lawless region compared to during the war.
Therefore, it is said that the hitman in this town has a different degree of risk than other cities.There are various dark organizations and illegal foreign capital, and the port mafia is said to take root in every part of the town's politics and economy.Therefore, it is often ridiculed as "the magic city".
A "book" has been sealed somewhere in the town, and overseas talented organizations such as "unions" have begun to invade.
Unusual business permit (Inokai Gyoki)
A permit issued by the Special Affairs Division.It is necessary when a group of talented people legally perform work dealing with different abilities.Currently, only Armed Detective Agency and Port Mafia are in possession.
A blank literary book that is sealed somewhere in Yokohama, and the truth is that it was written by modifying the reality.Atsushi is needed to find it.However, there is a restriction that the written content must maintain "narrative causal consistency", and therefore a far-reaching conspiracy that increases the amount of sentences cannot be easily realized.
Fitzgerald decides that his daughter has never died, and Dostoevsky is looking for this to create a world of incompetence.In addition, "Tenjin Goshu" owns one page and uses it for the purpose of extinguishing the nation.
Directional resonant gun
A gun made for people with different abilities.It shoots bullets with sounds that cannot be avoided or defended, as a countermeasure against strangers who cannot be shot.Sound waves shake the brain directly, consciousness disappears in 1 second of irradiation, and life disappears in 10 seconds.
A high-performance bomb disguised as a coin.The built-in explosive is small but powerful, and when it explodes, debris scatters and causes serious damage to the human body. Manufactured as a vicious weapon that forms the core of the World Terrorism Plan of "Tenjin Goshu".
Shinto / Ame no Gozen
A horrifyingly beautiful blue sword that is both terrifying and divine. It is said that a swordsmith with a different ability forged 1500 years ago.Space-time sword”, And possesses the authority“ space-time migration ”that allows the blade to reach a distant point by omitting space-time.It is a noble but strange sword, and the distance it crosses is at most a dozen centimeters, which is not for actual battles, but a ceremonial sword that has been used exclusively for Shinto rituals. It has become possible to cross a space of a dozen meters and a time of a dozen seconds.As a result, by slashing the "past" at the moment of future defeat, the defeat can be made "nothing", and it was possible to win the deadly battle with all the strong enemies.
Large command (one order)
One of the 3rd generation disaster weapons created by the battle, which seems to be managed by the knight of the clock tower.It is an extraordinary weapon used by the commander and his subordinates move as he wishes, but the developing country, which realized that it could be used in a military coup, sealed it, and the extraordinary engineer who made it was killed by pretending to be suicide.The detective agency, which noticed that it would be applied to the human army when it was in the hands of Kamui (Sakura Fukuchi), tried to prevent the delivery of the "Great Command" and execute the Bram Stoker killing operation under the direction of Ranpo.
Dragon Head Conflict
Conflict in the black society that occurred six years ago.An organization in the Kanto region, including the Port Mafia, fought a large-scale blood-washing battle over a slush fund of 6 billion yen, whose owner was unknown due to the death of a stranger.[30]..It is also an incident in which Dazai, Sakunosuke Oda, and Ango met, and the children supported by Sakunosuke Oda became orphans.
In the theatrical anime, Tatsuhiko Shibusawa was the mastermind of the case, and it is said that he caused the most casualties in the history of Yokohama's underworld in 88 days.

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  • Kafka Asagiri (Original) / Sango Harukawa 35 (Character Draft) / Swim (Drawing) "Bungo Stray Dogs Gaiden Ayatsuji Yukito VS. Kyogoku Natsuhiko" KADOKAWA <Kakugawa Comics Ace>, Volume 2 (as of December 2022, 3) )
    1. 2018 year 12month 4 Date released[Book 41],ISBN +978-4-04-106940-0
    2. 2022 year 3month 4 Date released[Book 42],ISBN +978-4-04-112270-9


Art book

TV anime related books

Stage-related books


Writer characterization

"Young AceIn the September 2013 issue, a novelist as a special project of this workAyatsuji YukitoAn illustration that characterizes is posted.The ability is to accidentally cause the opponent to die unluckily, and the name of the ability is named after Ayatsuji's work.Another. "[31]

When 3 volumes of books are releasedKyogoku NatsuhikoIs characterized,POPIt has been submitted to bookstores nationwide.The ability is to drop the possession to the other party and to sicken the spirit according to the fallen possession, and the ability name is "Kyogoku's work series"Hyakuki no Yakou series"Possessed" named after the profession of the character, Akihiko Chuzenji.A manga that confronts the characterized Ayatsuji has also been released[32].

As the third collaboration projectDan BrownWas made into a character.Ability is unknowingly sungThree-line poemBy decoding, it becomes possible to predict the future 33 minutes later.Inferno'[33].


Maiden puzzle game "Love Haven』And announced that a collaboration event will be held in 2014[34], September 2014, 9 After maintenance --October 10, 2014 During the period before maintenance, the character of "Bungo Stray Dogs" will appear in "Love Heaven"[34]..If you clear the collaboration event, you can get the event limited characters "Atsushi Nakajima" and "Kenji Miyazawa", and "Osamu Dazai", "Doppo Kunikida" and "Ranpo Edogawa" will appear as collaboration limited summon characters.[34].

In April 2016, a collaboration event between "Love Heaven" and the TV anime version "Bungo Stray Dogs" will be held.[35].. The second collaboration between "Love Heaven" and the TV anime version "Bungo Stray Dogs" will be held from June 2016th to July 6st, 27.[36].

In October 2016, a collaboration between [10] (Eighteen) Kimito Tunagar Puzzle and "Bungo Stray Dogs" was decided.

In January 2017, a collaboration with "Yumeiro Cast" was announced on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

Special exhibition

More than 10 other locationsLiterature MuseumA related exhibition is being held at (Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature, Akiko Yosano Memorial Hall,Junichiro Tanizaki Memorial Museum[37],Saitama Literature Museum[38],Kochi Literature Museum[39],Shinjuku Ward Soseki Yamabo Memorial Hall[40]Such).

book cover

March 2016[41]In collaboration with Kadokawa Bunko and the TV anime version of "Bungo Stray Dogs", the characters appearing in the work will appear on the cover of the novel written by the model Bungo, and 2019 works will be released by mid-April 4. lineup[42].. "Bungo Stray Dogs Gaiden Yukito Ayatsuji VS. Natsuhiko Kyogoku" Two works by Ranpo Edogawa, a collaboration cover by Swim, who was in charge of comicalization, will also appear in February and March 2019.

Television Animation

Main story

Animated in August 2015[43],TOKYO MXElsewhere, the first period was broadcast from April to June 1, and the second period was broadcast from October to December of the same year.[44]..WOWOW Prime was added to the broadcasting station from the second period, and prior to that, the 2th episode was broadcast at once in September.After the 9th episode, it was broadcast about a week ahead of other stations in the "Anime Premier" frame.In addition, from the 12th episode to the 14th episode of the second period, the "Black Age" edition, which is a visualization of the novel "Osamu Dazai and the Black Age", was broadcast.[45]..The third term was held on July 3, 2018Theater animationThe production was announced at the triumphal screening of[46], Broadcast from October to December 2019[47]..It will be broadcast from the "XNUMX years old" edition, which is a visualization of the novel "Dazai, Chuya, XNUMX years old" which is a privilege for visitors to the movie version.[48].. At the event held in November 2021, the production of the new season was announced[49].

As related media, in addition to the movie version described later, in August 2017, the 8th episode "Walking Alone" was visualized as an OVA attached to the 13-volume limited edition of the original book.


The animation project started to move around the time when the first volume of the original was released.[50]..To the employee in the seat next to Chiaki Kurakane, who is the producer of this work,Young AceThe project started when "Bungo Stray Dogs" was brought in from the person in charge of[50]..Kurakane, who was in charge of animating light novels for men at that time, decided to take charge because he continued to say that he would like to be in charge of works such as "Bungo Stray Dogs".[50]..As for the production company, "Bonds for different ability battles!"BondsWas consulted by[50].

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original- Kafka Asagiri-Sango Harukawa 35(KADOKAWA"Young Ace"Published)
  • directed by - Takuya Igarashi
  • Series composition / script- Yoji Enokido
  • Character Design-Nobuhiro Arai
  • Mechanic Design-Fumihiro Katagai
  • Prop Design / Sub Character Design-Hirata Ryo
  • Animation director --Nobuhiro Arai,Hiroki Kanno
  • Art Director-Yumiko Kondo
  • Color design-Yukari Goto
  • Cinematographer-Takeshi Kamibayashi
  • 3DCG Director-Mitsuki Ota (1st and 2nd term) → Yota Ando (3rd term)
  • Edit- Shigeru Nishiyama
  • Sound Director- Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
  • musics - Taku Iwasaki
  • Music production- Lantis
  • Sound production- Glow vision
  • Music Producer-Terushige Yoshie
  • Producers-Chiaki Kurakane, Junichiro Tamura
  • Animation Producer-Mari Suzuki
  • Animation production - Bonds
  • Production-Bungo Stray Dogs Production Committee (1st and 2nd term), 2019 Bungo Stray Dogs Production Committee (3rd term)

Theme song

The second opening theme. The lyrics areKisho Taniyama, Composition and arrangementMasaaki Iizuka, The song isGRANRODEO.
"Reason Living"[51]
The second opening theme. The lyrics areYouhei Matsui, Composition and arrangementMasatomo Ohta, The song isSCREEN mode.
"Setsuna no Ai"[52]
The 3rd opening theme.The lyrics are by Kisho Taniyama, the composition and arrangement by Masaaki Iizuka, and the song by GRANRODEO.
"I'll call your name"
The final ending theme for the 1st and 2nd seasons.PON for lyrics and composition, arrangement and songLuck life.
"City where the wind blows"
The second ending theme.The lyrics and composition are PON, and the arrangement and song are Luck Life.
The 3rd ending theme.PON for lyrics and composition, arrangement forAkemi Honma, Luck Life, the song is Luck Life.
Episode 37 Insert Song.The lyrics are Yohei Matsui, the composition and arrangement is Masatomo Ota, and the song is SCREEN mode.

List of stories

Number of stories[Annotation 15]subtitleStoryboardShowAnimation director
Issue 1
Episode 1Everything in life is a tigerTakuya IgarashiHiroki Kanno
Episode 2A bombTakuya IgarashiIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka
Episode 3Yokohama Gangstaa ParadaisTaizo YoshidaKazuhiro YonedaShohei Nishijima, Tomoyomi Tsukamoto
Episode 4The sadness of the fate theoristFukuda MichioDaigo YamagishiSatoshi Ishino
Episode 5Murder on D StreetTakahiro IkezoeHiroki IkeshitaYumi Shimojo
Episode 6Ao ApostleTakuya IgarashiYoshiyuki AsaiSatoshi Hattori
Episode 7I love the disease of idealIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka
Episode 8Kill people and dieTakahiro IkezoeKazuhiro YonedaShohei Nishijima, Hiroki Kanno, Tomoyomi Tsukamoto
Episode 9A beautiful person is like a stone statue as lonelinessTaizo YoshidaHiroki IkeshitaYumi Shimojo
Episode 10Rashomon and the tigerTakahiro IkezoeDaigo YamagishiSatoshi Ishino
Episode 11Part XNUMX Occupation not suitable for her
Part XNUMX Ecstatic Detective Agency
Taizo YoshidaSayaka MorikawaHiroki Kanno
Episode 12While constantly being pushed back to the pastTakahiro IkezoeIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka
"Black Age"
Episode 13Black eraTakuya IgarashiYoshiyuki AsaiSatoshi Hattori
Episode 14Places that cannot be returnedHiroki IkeshitaYumi Shimojo
Episode 15Someday in a room with a view of the seaIkuro SatoHiroki Kanno
Episode 16Bungo Stray DogYoshiyuki AsaiSatoshi Hattori, Kohei Tokuoka
Issue 2[53]
Episode 17Sansha DiritsuHideyo YamamotoSayaka MorikawaYoshiyuki Ito, Izumo Yoshiaki
Episode 18The strategy of conflictTaizo YoshidaTakanori YanoHiroki Kanno, Satoshi Hattori, Miki Ogino
Episode 19Will of TycoonYoshiyuki AsaiIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka
Episode 20Even if my head is wrongHiroko UtsumiSayaka MorikawaSatoshi Hattori, Miki Ogino, Nobuyoshi Sozaki
Episode 21Two blacksTaizo YoshidaTakanori YanoHiroki Kanno, Nahoko Iiyama, Isamu Suzuki
Episode 22Part XNUMX "Poe and Ranpo"
Part XNUMX "There is a white whale going through the sea of ​​heaven"
Fukuda MichioTakefumi AnzaiAtsushi Hasebe, Yoshiaki Izumo
Nobuyoshi Sozaki, Megumi Saito, Takafumi Hino
Episode 23Rashomon, the tiger, and the last princeIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka, Miki Ogino, Satoshi Hattori
Episode 24If it ’s okay to unload this baggage todayTakuya IgarashiHiroki Kanno, Nahoko Iiyama, Nobuyoshi Sozaki
Yoshiaki Izumo, Isamu Suzuki
Kohei Tokuoka, Nobuhiro Arai
Episode 25Walk aloneHiroko UtsumiIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka, Satoshi Hattori
"XNUMX years old" edition[48]
Episode 26Dazai, Chuya, XNUMX years oldTakuya IgarashiIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka, Satoshi Hattori
Episode 27Kojin is nowTakahiro HasuiMiki Hagino, Shuhei Hosokawa
Episode 28Diamonds are only diamondsIkuro SatoKohei Tokuoka, Satoshi Hattori, Hiroki Kanno
Issue 3[54]
Episode 29The work of GodFukuda MichioDaisuke ChibaMiki Ogino, Shuhei Hosokawa
Episode 30Slap the Stick & AddictTakahiro HasuiYao Araki, Ryoko Amisaki
Mayumi Oda, Yukiko Musa
Episode 31Part XNUMX "Helllis! 』\
Part XNUMX "Portrait of my father"
Yoshiyuki AsaiKohei Tokuoka, Satoshi Hattori, Hiroki Kanno
Episode 32Fitzgerald RisingFukuda MichioIkuro SatoShuhei Hosokawa, Miki Ogino
Yukiko Musa, Yao Araki
Episode 33Kamen no assassinYoshiyuki AsaiDaisuke ChibaAyumi Abe, Mayumi Oda
Satoshi Hattori, Hiroki Kanno
Episode 34Co-eating (No. XNUMX)Taizo YoshidaTakanori YanoKohei Tokuoka, Nahoko Iiyama, Miki Ogino
Shuhei Hosokawa, Yao Araki
Episode 35Eating together (No. XNUMX)Takahiro HasuiAyumi Abe, Hiroki Kanno, Miyuki Koga
Kohei Tokuoka, Keiko Takano, Mayumi Oda
Satoshi Hattori
Episode 36Co-eating (No. XNUMX)Yoshiyuki AsaiIkuro SatoAyumi Abe, Yao Araki, Nahoko Iiyama
Miki Ogino, Shuhei Hosokawa, Yukiko Musa
Episode 37Transfer of merit (ECHO)Takuya IgarashiKohei Tokuoka, Satoshi Hattori, Miki Ogino
Shuhei Hosokawa, Yao Araki, Nahoko Iiyama
Hiroki Koga, Ayumi Abe, Hiroki Kanno
Nobuhiro Arai


Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[55]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [56] Remarks
May 2016-June 4, 7 Thursday 1:05-1:35 (Wednesday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Thursday 1:30-2:00 (Wednesday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
Thursday 2:35-3:05 (Wednesday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
May 2016-June 4, 8 Friday 1:00-1:30 (Thursday midnight) Chibatele Chiba
tvk Kanagawa
Friday 1:05-1:35 (Thursday midnight) Tele ball Saitama
Friday 1:45-2:15 (Thursday midnight) Gifuhoso Gifu
Friday 2:20-2:50 (Thursday midnight) Mie television Mie
Friday 23:30-Saturday 0:00 BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting/ "ANIME +"frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[55]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2016/4/9 Updated Saturday 12:00 d anime store
2016/4/15 Friday 23:00-23:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
Updated Friday 23:30
2016/4/16 Updated Saturday 12:00
Update time unknown
2016/4/20 PlayStation Store
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[57]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [56] Remarks
May 2016-June 10, 6 Thursday 1:05 --1:35 (Wednesday midnight) (Episode 13 only)
Friday 22:30 --23: 00 (after episode 14)
WOWOW prime All over Japan Production participation/ BS / CS broadcast / Episode 13 is free broadcast
After the 14th episode, "Anime premiere"frame
May 2016-June 10, 6 Thursday 1:05-1:35 (Wednesday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Thursday 1:30-2:00 (Wednesday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
Thursday 2:35-3:05 (Wednesday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
May 2016-June 10, 7 Friday 1:00-1:30 (Thursday midnight) Chibatele Chiba
tvk Kanagawa
Friday 1:05-1:35 (Thursday midnight) Tele ball Saitama
Friday 1:45-2:15 (Thursday midnight) Gifuhoso Gifu
Friday 2:20-2:50 (Thursday midnight) Mie television Mie
May 2016-June 10, 8 Saturday 3:00-3:30 (Friday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[55]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2016/10/8 Updated Saturday 12:00 d anime store
2016/10/15 Update time undecided
2016/10/19 PlayStation Video
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 3 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[58]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [56] Remarks
May 2019-June 4, 12 Friday 22:30-23:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
Friday 23:00-23:30 BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
May 2019-June 4, 13 Saturday 0:00-0:30 (Friday midnight) Sun TV Hyogo
Saturday 0:30-1:00 (Friday midnight) KBS Kyoto Kyoto
Saturday 3:05-3:35 (Friday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi
May 2019-June 4, 18 Thursday 0:30-1:00 (Wednesday midnight) WOWOW prime All over Japan BS / CS broadcasting / "Anime prime"frame
May 2019-June 4, 19 Friday 1:00-1:30 (Thursday midnight) tvk Kanagawa
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[58]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2019/4/12 Updated Friday 22:00 d anime store
2019/4/17 Update time undecided WOWOW Members on Demand


titleRelease dateStandard product number
TV anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" original drama CD Somewhat extraordinary days2015/11/7KACC-5198
TV Anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" Original Soundtrack 012016/6/29LACA-15574
TV Anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" Character Song Mini Album No. XNUMX2016/8/17LACA-15581
TV Anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" Character Song Mini Album Part XNUMX2016/9/14LACA-15582
TV Anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" Character Song Mini Album No.2016/10/5LACA-15583
TV Anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" Original Soundtrack 022016/12/28LACA-15619
TV Anime "Bungo Stray Dogs" Original Soundtrack 032019/7/31LACA-15784


rollRelease date[59][60]Recording storyStandard product number
BD limited editionDVD limited edition
12016/6/24Episode 1-Episode 2KAXA-7361KABA-10461
22016/7/29Episode 3-Episode 4KAXA-7362KABA-10462
32016/8/26Episode 5-Episode 6KAXA-7363KABA-10463
42016/9/30Episode 7-Episode 8KAXA-7364KABA-10464
52016/10/28Episode 9-Episode 10KAXA-7365KABA-10465
62016/11/25Episode 11-Episode 12KAXA-7366KABA-10466
72016/12/23Episode 13-Episode 14KAXA-7367KABA-10467
82017/1/27Episode 15-Episode 16KAXA-7368KABA-10468
92017/2/24Episode 17-Episode 18KAXA-7369KABA-10469
102017/3/24Episode 19-Episode 20KAXA-7370KABA-10470
112017/4/28Episode 21-Episode 22KAXA-7371KABA-10471
122017/5/26Episode 23-Episode 24KAXA-7372KABA-10472
132019/6/21Episode 26-Episode 28KAXA-7693KABA-10663
142019/7/24Episode 29-Episode 31KAXA-7694KABA-10664
152019/8/21Episode 32-Episode 34KAXA-7695KABA-10665
162019/9/25Episode 35-Episode 37KAXA-7696KABA-10666

Web radio

"Bungo Stray RadioIn the titleOtozumiMore delivered[61]。2016年2月14日にプレ放送、3月6日に第0.5回、4月7日から2017年1月12日まで隔週木曜日に配信。パーソナリティはUemura Yusho(Atsushi Nakajima) will serve.




  • In the "Popular character ranking played by Mamoru Miyano", which was held in July 2021 and 7 people participated in the voting, "Light Yagami" DEATH NOTE "" and "Setsuna F. Seiei" Mobile Suit Gundam 300 "" 』, Etc., Osamu Osamu won the first place[63].


"Bungo Stray Dogs Wow!From January to March 2021TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[64][65].

Staff (spin-off)

  • Original-Kafka Asagiri[64]
  • Manga - Neko Kanai[64]
  • Character draft-Sango Harukawa 35[64]
  • Director-Satoru Kikuchi[64]
  • Series composition- Kureyuki Kasuyasu[64]
  • Character design / animation director --Yumi Shiromi[64]
  • Color design-Azusa Sasaki[64]
  • Cinematographer-Katsuto Ogawa[64]
  • Art Director-Mio Isshiki[64]
  • Edit-Mutsumi Takemiya[64]
  • Music-Taku Iwasaki[64]
  • Music Production-Lantis[64]
  • Sound Director-Kazuhiro Wakabayashi[64]
  • Producers-Chiaki Kurakane, Sohei Ishibashi, Soujiro Arimizu, Gaku Kimura, Yoshinori Hasegawa, Yusuke Kumamoto, Keisuke Sato
  • Animation Producer-Mari Suzuki, Akihiko Osawa
  • Animation production-Bons,No Mad[64]
  • Production --Bungo Stray Dogs Wow!Production committee[64]

Theme song (spin-off)

"I'll call your name"[66]
The ending theme by Atsushi Nakajima (Yuto Uemura).Lyrics and compositionPUT, Arranged by Masatomi Waki.It will be the cover of the first ED of the main story.
GRANRODEOEpisode 6 insert song by.The lyrics areKisho Taniyama, Composition and arrangementMasaaki Iizuka.
"City where the wind blows"
Luck lifeThe ending theme of the 11th episode by the arrangement and song of.The lyrics and composition are PON.It is also the second ED of the main story.

Each story list (spin-off)

Number of storiesepisodescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
The first dog!Episode 1 (Wan) Bungo Stray Dogs REAL
Episode 2 What's inside the locker?
Episode 3 Disengaged Interaction
Kureyuki KasuyasuSatoru KikuchiMasatsugu Yamamoto2021/
May 1
The first dog!Episode 4 Let's go to see the cherry blossoms!
Episode 5 Let's go to the bath!
May 1
The first dog!Episode 6 Otsukai Daisakusen
Episode 7 Kyoka's Pickup
Episode 8 Ranpo's clever day
Kato KatoRyo Kato
  • Akio Kitahara
  • Masatsugu Yamamoto
  • Ayako Nimura
May 1
The first dog!Episode 9 Akutagawa-kun's money
Episode 10 Korosazu no Mafia
Episode 11 He and the Combination-Seriously Edition-
Han YounghoonMay 2
The first dog!Episode 12 Dazai, Chuya 14 years old (Chuunibyo)
Episode 13 A day in Yokohama
Episode 14 Boys and Puppies
Kunihiko OkadaTatsuya Sasaki
  • Moeko Mitsugi
  • Masatsugu Yamamoto
  • Onuma good
May 2
The first dog!Episode 15 Osamu Dazai Hiyahara
Episode 16 If you tell a hundred thoughts
Episode 17 Hope to spread!Armed detective agency!
Kato KatoSatoru KikuchiHiromi ShiromiMay 2
The first dog!
(Special edition)
Episode 18 Sentence strike Hoikuen!Guardian KonomiTatsuya SasakiYamaguchi greensMay 2
The first dog!Episode 19 Good luck Higuchi-san!
Episode 20 I've Been Working on the Railroad
Episode 21 Kagemusha Mushamusha Daisakusen
Ryo Kato
May 3
The first dog!Episode 22 Inadvertently Dr. Yosano!Lost and found
Episode 23 Shrimp Tail Etosetra
Episode 24 Draw Me Draw You Draw Me
Kato KatoRyo KatoSatoshi NakagawaSoybean ExpoMay 3
The first dog!Episode 25 White Tiger and Oden
Episode 26 Elevator Panic
Episode 27 Armed Detective Agency Cool
Guardian KonomiSatoru KikuchiTatsuya Sasaki
  • Moeko Mitsugi
  • Masatsugu Yamamoto
  • Naoki Sugiyama
  • Yamaguchi greens
May 3
The first dog!Episode 28 Black AgeKunihiko OkadaSatoru KikuchiAya NishimuraMay 3
The first dog!Episode 29 Replacement Theater
Episode 30 My Treasure
Episode 31 Atsushi Nakajima plans
Kureyuki Kasuyasu
  • Hiromi Shiromi
  • Masatsugu Yamamoto
May 3

Broadcasting station (spin-off)

Japan Domestic TV / Spin-off Broadcast Period and Broadcast Time[65]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [56] Remarks
May 2021-June 1, 13 Wednesday 0:30-0:45 (Tuesday midnight) TOKYO MX1 Tokyo
May 2020-June 1, 14 Thursday 0:00-0:15 (Wednesday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
May 2020-June 1, 17 Sunday 3:38-3:53 (Saturday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area "Anime shower』Part 4 first half
Only the final episode will be broadcast on Friday 2:30 --2:45 (Midnight Thursday)
May 2020-June 1, 21 Thursday 0:30-0:45 (Wednesday midnight) WOWOW All over Japan Production participation / BS / CS broadcasting / "Anime Prime" frame
Internet / Spin-off in Japan Broadcast period and broadcast time[65]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2021/1/13Wednesday 0:30 update (Tuesday midnight) d anime store
2021/1/18 Updated Monday 0:30 (midnight Sunday)
  • niconico
  • Hikari TV
  • Netflix
  • GYAO!
  • Fuji TV on demand
  • Bandai channel
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • J:COM on demand
  • Video path
  • All-you-can-eat anime
  • U-NEXT
  • Tver
  • MBS movie ism
  • Rakuten TV
  • DMM.com
  • Video market
  • HAPPY! video
  • Crank in! video
  • Movie full plus
2021/1/21 Thursday 0:30 update (Wednesday midnight) WOWOW on demand

BD / DVD (spin-off)

rollRelease date[67]Recording storyStandard product number
Volume XNUMX2021/3/24Episode 1-Episode 6KAXA-8071KABA-10971
Volume XNUMX2021/4/28Episode 7-Episode 12KAXA-8072KABA-10972

Theater animation

The production of a completely new theatrical animation was announced at the fan event "Maze Dogs No Utage No. 2" held on February 2017, 2 after the end of the second period of TV animation.[68], On January 2018, 3Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apple』(Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apple) was released under the title[10]..The movie screened at 74 theaters nationwide was expanded to more than 4 theaters including 170DX, and the box office revenue was 5 million yen.[69].

Staff (theater)

  • Original / Screenplay Cooperation-Kafka Asagiri
  • Manga-Sango Harukawa 35
  • Director-Takuya Igarashi
  • Screenplay-Yoji Enokido
  • Character design and animation director --Nobuhiro Arai
  • Effect animation director- Takashi Hashimoto
  • Mechanic Design-Fumihiro Katagai
  • Prop Design-Naomi Kaneda
  • Sub-character design-Hiroki Kanno
  • Art Director-Yumiko Kondo
  • Assistant Art Director-Hatsumi Kumano
  • Color design-Yukari Goto
  • Cinematographer-Takeshi Kamibayashi
  • Edit --Shigeru Nishiyama
  • Sound Director-Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
  • Music-Taku Iwasaki
  • Sound production-Glovision
  • Music Producer-Terushige Yoshie
  • Producers-Chiaki Kurakane, Junichiro Tamura
  • Animation Producer-Mari Suzuki
  • Animation production-Bons
  • Distribution- Kadokawa ANIMATION
  • Production-Bungo Stray Dogs DA Production Committee (KADOKAWA, Bonds, Lantis,Clock works, Kadokawa Media House, Bandai Namco Live Creative,Movic,Sony Music Communications, Glovision,WOWOW)

Theme song (theater)

"Deadly Drive"
Opening theme.The lyrics are Kisho Taniyama, the composition is Masaaki Iizuka, and the song is GRANRODEO.
Ending theme.The lyrics and composition are PON, and the song is Luck Life.

Award history (theater)

  • Newtype × Machi ★ Asobi Anime Award 2017 --2018
    • Sound Award: Taku Iwasaki
    • Director Award: Takuya Igarashi
    • Best Picture (Theater Screening Category)
    • Female Character Award: Kyoka Izumi


Mobile games

Bungo Stray Dogs Stray Dog Inquisitive
From 2017 year 12 month 14 dayiPhoneForAndroidSmartphone games distributed for.Produced by Ambition.Item charge system.In addition to relive the story of Bungo Stray Dogs, you can also play original game scenarios.
2018 year 4 month 1 dayApril FoolAt the event, all the characters turned into kindergarten children and their teachers.In the game official, it was announced as an unintended defect[70].
In addition, school events, summer festival events, costume banquet (Halloween) events, birthday festival (Christmas) events, etc. are held.
Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, Doppo Kunikida, Ranpo Edogawa, Kyoka Izumi, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, and Chuya Nakahara's different ability SSRs have character voices recorded by gorgeous voice actors.
Only Atsushi Nakajima, Akiko Yosano, Osamu Dazai, Motojiro Kajii, Doppo Kunikida, Kenji Miyazawa, Ranpo Edogawa, Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, Junichiro Tanizaki, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Chuya Nakahara, and Kyoka Izumi can be URs.
As an English version, "Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost』, But with ambitionCrunchyroll With GamesSumitomo CorporationDelivered from November 2018, 11 by joint publishing of[71].

Experience-based game

Bungo Stray Dogs Mystery Solving Game Stray Dog Frenzy
From April 2019th to May 4th, 6YokohamaA quiz rally set inReal mystery solving game..AnimateYokohama VivreParticipation kits are sold at[72]..Organized by KADOKAWA, operated by Kadokawa Media House and Movic Promote Service (Nazomate).
Participants are set up as new clerk of armed detective agency, and solve the mystery around each checkpoint.
Admission fees are required to participate in the quiz rally at some facilities.In addition, some facilities are closed during the period, so inquiries are recommended for users who want to know.
Previously, a stamp rally was held around Yokohama without solving the mystery.

Live-action work


The stage was announced at the anime fan event "Stray Dogs No Utage No. XNUMX"[68].. Commonly known as "Sentence. "

Performance list

Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs"
The first performance. December 2017-12, 22KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater HallOn January 2018th and 1th, 12Morinomiya Piloti HallFrom April 2018th to April 1th, 31AiiA 2.5 Theater TokyoA total of 17 performances were performed at[73]..On February 2th of Daisen RakuLive viewingIs carried out[73], The second production was announced[74].
Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs Black Age"
The second performance. From September 2018nd to October 9th, 22Sunshine theaterA total of 10 performances were performed at Morinomiya Piloti Hall on October 13th and 14th of the same year.[75][76]..Live viewing will be held on October 10th of Daisen Raku[76], The third production was announced[77].
Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs Sansha Dairitsu"
The third performance.Performed in five cities nationwide. June 2019th and 6th, 8Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center Sakura HallFrom June 6th to 14th of the same yearKurume City PlazaAt The Grand Hall on June 6st and 21nd of the same yearNagoya City HallAt the large hall, from June 6th to 27th of the same year, at Morinomiya Piloti Hall, from July 30rd to 7th of the same year.Nippon Seinenkan HallA total of 28 performances were performed at[78]..On July 7th of Daisen Raku, a live-action movie of the stage "Bungo Stray Dogs" was announced.[79].
Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs Introduction" Detective company establishment secret story, Osamu Dazai entrance examination
The fourth performance.Two works performed at the same time[80].. August 2020-9, 11AurusupotThere were 12 performances each, 24 performances in total.
Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE"
XNUMXth performance[81]。当初は2021年4月16日から18日にCOOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WWホールにて、同年4月23日から5月5日に日本青年館ホールにて、計21公演上演予定だったが、4月28日以降の公演が中止になったため、計12公演の上演となった。なお、5月5日の千秋楽公演は無観客配信で上演された[82].
Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs Dazai, Chuya, XNUMX years old"
XNUMXth performance[83]。2021年10月5日から12日によみうり大手町ホールにて、同年10月16日・17日にCOOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WWホールにて、同年10月21日から24日にシアター1010にて、計21公演上演された。
Stage "Bungo Stray Dogs STORM BRINGER"
XNUMXth performance[84].. From June 2022th to 6th, 24, at Nippon Seinenkan Hall, on July 27nd and 7rd of the same year.Higashi Osaka City Cultural Creation Center Scheduled to be performed at Dream House Large Hall[85][86].

Staff (stage)

  • Original: TV animation "Bungo Stray Dogs" (XNUMXst to XNUMXrd, XNUMXth), Kadokawa Beans Bunko "Bungo Stray Dogs Detective Company Establishment Secret Story", Kadokawa Beans Bunko "Bungo Stray Dogs Osamu Dazai Entrance Examination" (XNUMXth) Bullet), movie "Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE" (XNUMXth bullet)
  • Direction:Norihito Nakayashiki
  • Written by:Chuji Mikasano (XNUMXst to XNUMXrd bullets), Norihito Nakayashiki (XNUMXth to XNUMXth bullets),Yuuki Uchida(Fifth)
  • Cooperation: Kafka Asagiri / Sango Harukawa 35
  • Production: BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative /Gorch Brothers


"Movie Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST』(Eiga Bungo Stray Dogs Beast) title,2022/May 1Published in.Ayaka Konno, the role of silver, the director of the orphanageKeisuke MinamiOther casts will continue to be cast from the stage version, and the script will be a story of "what if" drawn by the original author Asagiri, "If the organizations to which Atsushi Nakajima and Ryunosuke Akutagawa belong are opposite".[87][88][89].

Staff (movie)

  • Original:Kadokawa Beans Library"Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST"
  • Supervision:Koichi Sakamoto
  • Screenplay: Kafka Asagiri
  • musics:Taku Iwasaki
  • Theme song:GRANRODEO"Clockwise torque"
  • Insert song:SCREEN mode"Reason Living",Luck life"I'll call your name"
  • Planning: Go Kikuchi, Okay Kudo
  • Produced by: Sho Tanaka, Takaaki Suzuki, Yuka Sakurai, Shingo Kunieda, Tatsuya Ito,Masahiko Minami
  • Producers: Chiaki Kurakane, Shunpei Yamada, Jungo Maruta
  • Associate Producer: Masahiro Honda
  • Line Producer: Takahiro Ohno
  • Music Producer: Terunari Yoshie
  • Music production:Lantis
  • Photo: Shuji Momose
  • Lighting: Hiroshi Ota
  • Recording: Hiroaki Mashiko
  • art:Yasuaki Harada
  • Costume design: Naoko Maeoka
  • Costume: Emiko Morita
  • Hair Make: Maki Shiromoto, Kanako Furuhashi
  • Edit: Ken Memida
  • VFX Producer:Masaaki Sato, Alams
  • VFX Supervisor: Raiyan Laksamana
  • Stunt Coordinator:Nobutoshi Takahashi
  • Assistant Director: Hideki Hoshi
  • Producer: Ryo Uchiyama
  • Casting: Yuriko Kitada
  • Promotional Producer: Ryo Takaoka
  • distribution:KADOKAWA
  • Production Production: Double Field
  • Production: "Movie Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST" Production Committee (KADOKAWA, Bandai Namco Live Creative,BANDAI NAMCO ARTS,Movic,Gorch Brothers,Bonds)


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