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📺 | Rebroadcast of the drama "Boss Koi" has entered the trend. "Everyone is addicted" and "hope for a sequel" spreads


Entering the trend with the rebroadcast of the drama "Boss Koi". "Everyone is addicted" and "hope for a sequel" spreads

If you write the contents roughly
"Boss Koi" is set in the editorial department of a fashion magazine, and Nami (Mone Kamishiraishi), who said that "ordinary, average, and stable" is the best, grows up and works while being influenced by the people around her. It's a romantic comedy that struggles in love with.

The TBS drama "Oh!" Starring Mone Kamishiraishi, which was broadcast in 2021.My boss!Koi is a separate volume ”(commonly known as“… → Continue reading

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Love comedy

Love comedyIt is,Romantic comedy(British: romantic comedy) MeansJapanglish[1].. Abbreviation isRomantic comedy.

Etymology / term

"Love comedy" consists of love and comedy that expresses love and comedy, but in English, love is romance, which corresponds to "romantic comedy" in English-speaking countries such as Europe and the United States. Just as romantic comedy is used ambiguously, there are various types and forms of works called love comedy in Japan.note thatChineseThen romantic comedy (or romantic comedy) is called "love comedy".


Of the workGenreIs one of theloveWas the subjectcomedy(Comedy) A general term for story works with bright styles in Japan.Comic,Anime,Novel,theater,movies,DramaThere are romantic comedies in a wide range of fields such as, and they are often abbreviated as romantic comedies. TeenyouthThere are many things,high schoolWhen the state of school life in Japan (during class and returning home after school. In manga and anime, junior high school and college tend to be less than in high school), it becomes a "school romantic comedy".

The history of romantic comedy is long in the worldShakespeareIt has existed since the time of (1564-1616), and it is a classic genre in which stories are actively made with various creations even in modern times.In Japan, works on the theme of romance have gained stable popularity mainly in media such as manga and anime, and the terms "love comedy" and "love comedy" have been used since the 1970s.

Love comedy in JapanSituation comedyA case in which the elements of the protagonist are actively taken into consideration, a virtual situation is set that deviates from a part of the everyday setting that seems to be reality, and then the hero's romantic relationship is focused on and the surroundings are involved in different situations each time. And slapstick comedy (Slapstick comedy) Works with strong elements occupy the mainstream. The work originally called a love comedy, as it is called "comedy" (comedy)gagIt was a work based on a slapstick comedy or a situation comedy with a strong element, but in reality it was crossed with various other genres (#Classification ambiguity), The gag comedy element is widely called "love comedy", including works based on youth swashbucklers that are thin but bright and have a story.

Love and brightnessHappy endIt is common in that it includes such elements, and if any of these elements are included, it may be included in the category of romantic comedy.Some romantic comedies with a strong comedy element have a high affinity with parody.


JapaneseGirl cartoonIn the world of1969/-1970/The original was serialized in "18 years old』, But with a slapstick comedic elementLove cartoonIt is said that it was an early work and created a typical style.[Source required].

However, it was a little later that the Japanese-made English word "love comedy" became widespread.1970 eraFrom the end of1980 eraIn the first half ofWeekly Shonen Sunday"of"Urusei Yatsura(Serialized in 1978-87), "Shonen Big Comic"of"Miyuki』(1980/ - 1984/Serialization)Rumiko Takahashi,Adachi MitsuruWorks and "Weekly Shonen Magazine"of"Couple who flew』(Kimio Yanagisawa, 1978-81 series)Boy cartoonIn an era when an approximate method was established in the world of the world, it was widely established with the abbreviation "romantic comedy".Sunday (Shogakukan(Affiliated manga magazines) etc. will be described later in "touchThere are many romantic comedy works such as "Love comedy line", and the aforementioned "Miyuki" was called "Impact degree number 1 love comedy" at that time.[2], Actually, the word "romantic comedy" came to be used in the magazine.

Classification ambiguity

Depending on the workFighting-SportsOther elements such as "Urusei Yatsura" may be fused ("Urusei Yatsura" ("Urusei Yatsura")SFFusion of "and love comedy", "touch", "YAWARA!(Baseball, a fusion of judo and romantic comedy) and "Ranma 1 / 2] (Fusion of fighting and romantic comedy) etc.Both are serialized in the Shogakukan series).In addition, in works with other themes and works of other genres, romantic comedy elements may be brought in to give the work a bright atmosphere.

Even if there are few funny comedy elements, it is bright and light, and youth romance and sex appeal works with less serious style may also fall into the romantic comedy genre ("Weekly Shonen Jump"of"Kimagure Orange Road"Such[3]).On the other hand, even if the theme is romance, if it contains a few comedy elements, or if it is too thin, serious and heavy, it is basically a story.Love cartoonIt is classified as a romantic comedy, and sometimes it is not classified as a romantic comedy, and the genre classification of the work itself is ambiguous.

Work example

Only a part is illustrated (not exhaustive, in alphabetical order).

Japanese manga / TV anime

Japanese novel, light novel

Japanese TV drama

Japanese movie

Japanese games

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  3. ^ [https://realsound.jp/book/2020/10/post-636823.html "Izumi Matsumoto was a" pioneer of romantic comedy manga "-Achievements of the eternal masterpiece" Kimagure Orange Road "" Real Sound October 2020, 10

Shang Baishi Meng Yin

Kami Shiraishi Moe(Mr.1998/Heisei10 years>May 1 -) isJapan Ofactress,singer.. Same real name[3].

Kagoshima[4][5]Kushikino(CurrentIchikikushikino City) Born and raised in Kagoshima City[6]. My office isToho Performing Arts.. My label isUniversal J.. My sister is an actressMeng Song of Shangbaishi.


ChildhoodKagoshimaKushikino(CurrentIchikikushikino City) After spending time[7], In 2005KagoshimaMove to[8].

I've loved singing and dancing since I was a kid, and since I moved to Kagoshima, I started attending the musical school "Maria Musical Academy" in the city at the recommendation of my mother.[9][10][11]..Recommended by a musical school teacher in the first year of junior high school[12]Taken by2011/7th ofToho "Cinderella" AuditionWith the younger sister, Moka, who won the Grand Prix and won the Jury's Special Award.Toho Performing ArtsBelong to.

2016 from Jissen Gakuen High SchoolMeiji UniversityGo to school[13].

Actress activity

As an actress in September 2011HOME MADE familyAppeared on the PV of "Star and Line" along with her sister Moe, and made her first appearance in a video work[14].. Of the same November broadcastNHKTaiga drama"E ~ Princess Warring States ~』\ Make a drama debut in the final episode[15]..翌年のNext year2012/Is a musicalKing and I』First stage, feature film animation released in the same yearWolf children's rain and snow] Also acted as a voice actor. From junior high school on weekends from KagoshimaTokyoWorked while attending to Tokyo, and moved to Tokyo when he entered a high school for general courses in Tokyo.[16].

A movie released in 2014Maiko is a lady”Was selected from over 800 audition participants,MaikoPlayed the role of an apprentice Haruko, starring in the movie for the first time[17]..At the time of the audition, I was asked if there was a song that I could sing in addition to the assignment song, and on the spotmusical OfLes MiserablesHe performed the song in the movie, which was the decisive factor for his passing.Of the directorSuo MasayukiAlthough he auditions, he didn't intend to shoot a project that had been warmed up for 20 years unless he met the ideal girl, but he met her and made a movie in 20 years of conception, "It was not to wait for the leading girl. "I can't help thinking from the bottom of my heart," "I thought I could shoot the actual performance right away," he praised the performance at the audition, including the singing at that time, and the performance at the time of shooting.Due to high acting ability and singing ability38th Japan Academy Award26th, including the New Actor AwardFumiko Yamaji New Actress Award, 19thJapan Internet Film AwardsHe has won various awards such as the New Face Break Award / Best Impact Award in the Japanese Film Division and the National Film Award for Actress.

In December 2014,Invisible cloud[18], Next day2015/Musical in AugustRedhead annePlayed the main character Anne Shirley[19].

In August 2016, the theatrical animation "What is your name?』, Played the voice of the main character, Mitsuha Miyamizu[20].. Director'sXin HaichengHighly praises her as a voice actor and a person with a great deal of information in her voice.

In October 2017TBSTV drama series "As long as you have food and rice』, Playing the first starring in a serial drama[21][22].

The number of narration jobs increased from the end of 2016, and it will be the first regular program as a narrator from April 2017.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Mini program "Landscape footprints』Started broadcasting[23].

Published in 2018Sheep and steel forest』And my sisterMeng Song of ShangbaishiAnd the first co-star in the movie[24].

2020/Broadcast drama "Love will continue forever』First starring the Golden Prime obi series[25]..Due to the good performance in the same work, 2019The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actress[26]Received such awards.

same yearMay 12からTBSsystem"Compared to the world』I serve as a regular MC[27].

Ranked in the Oricon Break Actress Ranking due to her success in the same year (1st in the first half)[28], 3rd place in the year[29]) And the 45thEllandol Award New face award[30]It will be a leap year, such as receiving the award.

In the second half of 2021Continuous tv novel"Come Come Everybody』(NHK) To make the first appearance in the morning drama and starring for the first time (Fukatsu Eri-Kawaei RinaTriple starring with)[31].

Singer activity

The movie "Starring himself" released in 2014Maiko is a ladyThe theme song "Maiko wa Lady" was released as a single under the name of "Koharu".[32].

While acting as an actress in movies, theatres, and TV dramas,singerFor the debut, recording of various genres of music was started as a temporary song immediately after the movie "Maiko is Lady"[33],2015/One cut titled "The Favorite Songs"Long rotation,A cappellabyMVOwn formulaYouTubePublish on channel[34], From the same autumn in Tokyolive houseStarted live activities at.

In October 2016, the theatrical anime "Your Name." Theme song "Not anything (movie ver.)A cover mini album that collects the theme song and insertion song of a masterpiece movie such as "petReleased (released on October 10) and made his debut as a singer[35][36][37].

The recording of "chouchou" will take place from December 2015 to August 12.[38], Surprised and performed a live song at the "Movie" Your Name. "Big Hit Thank You Stage Greeting" held on September 2016, 9 after the recording was completed.Yojiro NodaSuddenly proposed to, and sang "Nandemonaiya (movie ver.)" With Noda's guitar accompaniment for the first time in front of the audience.This pattern was taken up in information programs and online news, and its singing ability became a hot topic.[39][40].

Included in the mini album on September 2016, 9366 days”Music video shoot[41]FukushimaYama-gunInawashiroIs a video shooterMichihiko YanaiIs deeply involvedWind and Rock ImonikaiI attended the 2016 KAZETOROCK IMONY WORLD "ACO ONE GRAND-PRIX" as a guest and attended the venue.SuneohairSang "Nothing but a movie (movie ver.)" with a guitar accompaniment[42][43].

On October 2016, 10, the day before the launch of "chouchou", IkebukuroSunshine CityWe held a release live free event at Fountain Square and held release events in various places thereafter.[44][45].

August 2016, 10,Music StationAppeared in. This will be the first appearance on a music program[Note 1].. Since then, in November and December, he continued to appear as a singer on music programs and sang songs recorded in "chouchou".

On December 2016, 12, after the singer's debut, the first paying live concert against the van was held at Aoyama RizM.Makuhari MesseMade inCOUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17”.

In February 2017, the first one-man live "Live THEATER ~ chouchou ~" will be held.[46].

From April 2017, 4, the first original song "Confession" is "Mezamashi TV AquaWas aired as a theme song of ", and the music distribution started on April 4.[47].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayRumiko TakahashiOriginal animation "Boundary RINNEIn charge of the ED "Puzzle"[48].

July 2017, 7, the first original album "and ...] Is released.In this album, one song was provided to each artist who had been involved for a long time, and he himself wrote the lyrics for three songs.[49].

April 2019, 4, affiliated record companyPony canyonからUniversal JTransfer to[50]Then, on July 7th, as the second original album, "iWas released[51].

August 2020, 8, the first original full album "notes][52]However, in September, the first online live "i note" was held.

On June 2021, 6, the cover album "That song -1-''That song -2-Was released.

Held a national tour of “yattokosa” in July 2021[53].. (Name of Kamishiraishi himself)

On October 2021, 10, the first single CD under the name of Mone Kamishiraishi ("I'll be there" / "Spin" double A side) was released.[54][55].. "I'll be there" is "King's brunch』(TBS series) will be the theme song from October 10nd[56].

October 2021, 12The 72th NHK Red and White Singing Battle]red and whiteFor the first time inIf you dawn at dawn[57][58].

July-August 2022, national tour "'yattokosa' Tour 7" will be held[59].

Social contribution activities

Occurred on January 2011, 3Great East Japan EarthquakeI wanted to do something for those who were influenced byToho "Cinderella" AuditionDonated the prize money at.

Heavy rain and landslide disaster centered on Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which occurred on July 2021, 7Atami City Izusan Debris Flow Disaster) Launched a support project for victims,CrowdfundingWe also raised money at the live venue and set up an emergency donation box at the pop-up store.[60].


The name "Mone" was named with the wish "I want you to like music" and grew up in an environment surrounded by music from the time I was in my mother's stomach.[3].. He was quick to learn words, he spoke to Perapera before he was two years old, and he started singing at the same time.[61].


In an interview in 2020, I analyzed my personality as "basically negative" and said, "I'm not confident, so I practice a lot and prepare. That's one of my routines. When you get confident, you lose nothing. It feels like you're not confident. "[62].


ActressMeng Song of ShangbaishiIs a younger sister two years younger.The 2th "Toho "Cinderella" AuditionMoe won the jury special prize and Moe won the grand prix[63]..My sister, Moka, is more than 10 centimeters taller.Live with Moka[64].

My father is a social studies teacher[15], Mother is a former music teacher and piano teacher[9][16].. FatherMexicoI lived in Mexico for 3 years from 2006rd grade (5) to 2008th grade (3) because I was working at a Japanese school[15].. In a country full of songs and dances in the city, I feel the charm of music and entertainment again, and I like talking to people and building relationships with people in a country where I value connection with people. Said that it had a great influence on the formation[65].

Hobbies & Skills

The official profile states that his hobbies are "reading, listening to music, singing and dancing."[66][67].

I have been learning classical ballet as well as musical since I was a child, and there is also a scene in which ballet is danced in the short movie "Sorairo Monogatari" episode XNUMX "Moe Kamishiroishi-Nike and Snail".[68].

Since the age of 3PianoI was learning, but when the music played, I wanted to dance and sing, and my body moved freely, so I was frustrated when I was in the first grade of elementary school.After that, when I was in the second year of junior high school, I started to enjoy singing while holding chords, and started playing the piano again.album"pet] In the "Unchangeable" recorded, he is playing and talking. During the recording, I went to a studio with a grand piano every day and practiced[9][69][70].

My favorite subject in high school was English, and my favorite subject was science.[34].. At university, I belong to an undergraduate school that focuses on English education and spend my days immersed in English.[16].


My favorite foods are meat and mushrooms.The food I hate is beans, some of which are edible and some of which are inedible.[71].

東京 03We are professing a big fan of the radio, and there are also exchanges such as announcing the radio control together.[72].

My favorite flower is mimosa.Also, her favorite color is black[73].

Prefer to visit the land where the work was set or the place that became the model alone before shooting a new work[74].

I always sing barefoot in recordings[75].


EikenLevel 2,Spanish Proficiency TestHave a second grade qualification[66][67].

Longing person

NHKContinuous tv novel"SunFrom the timeMao InoueIs a longing existence[9].

Also, when asked about your ideal imageTakako MatsuHe replied, "I really admire those who can be persuasive wherever they go."[76]In the future, Takako Matsu will be active in a wide range of fields from musicals to dramas and movies.Takahata MikiAiming to be an actress like[9][34][76].


  • yuanHKT48/AKB48/IZ * ONE OfSakura MiyawakiIs the same age, when I was in elementary schoolKagoshimaA friend who was attending the same musical school within[10][77][78], 2016 December 12 FNS Song FestivalReunited with[11].
  • Co-star of "Chihayafuru"Qingyuan GuoyeThe shooting period of the morning drama starring each other overlaps with[Note 2], He said he was encouraging each other during the shooting[79].
  • Shunsuke KazamaI've been on good terms since the drama co-starred[80].
  • Kagoshima Yomiuri TVAnnouncerAsami YokoyamaIs a childhood friendClassical balletIs a friend when I was learning[81].
  • 2016 dramaAs long as you have food and riceIkeda ElizaFrom the common point that he likes musicals, he deepened his relationship with "2020" in August 8.FNS Song Festival In "Summer", two peopleAyakaof"I believe[82].
  • Shiori SatoWhat is "Boiling word 10I wanted to meet each other in the project, so I've become friends since I first met.In addition, Kamishiraishi's "I'll be there" is an information program "I'll be there" with Sato acting as MC.King's brunchIt is used in the theme song of ".At that time, Sato had no friends in the entertainment world on the same program, and he became friends since he rushed to make friends with Sato and went to a tachigui restaurant together.Hiromi KawadaWas on a counterprogram and was covered behind the scenes, so I couldn't get out and had no companion to go to a stand-up restaurant.Later, because the counterprogram of Kawada's appearance ended, he co-starred with Kamishiraishi on the same program and hit it off.


  • WOWOW"Arbitrarily Drama Grand Prize 2018" Newcomer Award ("Knights Taylor-Knight Story")[90]
  • KKTV 2020 Nikki Award Best Actress Award[96]
  • TVstation Drama Award 2020 Best Actress Award 1st
  • 45 timesEllandol Award New face award[30]
  • 30th Annual Drama Award for Best Actress
  • 29 timesHashida Prize Newcomer Award ("Love Continues, Everywhere")[97]


  • Starring ones are shown in bold


TV drama

Delivery drama

Theater animation

Television Animation


Live action

ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン

Radio Drama


Performance canceled

Documentary/Liberal Arts Program



  • In love with the sea, love the forest ~ Amami drawn in 4K ~ (December 2017, 12, NHK General Kyushu area / January 8, 2018, NHK general nationwide)
  • 100 minutes de famous work Montgomery"Redhead anne"(October 2018-10, 1,NHK E Tele)-Read aloud
  • Reversal Life "Legendary Rock Singer Revival Song" (May 2019, 5, NHK General)
  • Heroes' Choice Special "Ooku Gifts Diary" (June 2019, 6, NHK BS Premium)
  • Bond of hearts! Three-generation family special 2019 ~jijito baabato dad and mom~ (BS Nippon Television
    • First night (September 2019, 9)
    • Second night (September 2019, 9)
  • NHK Tanka title "Mouth" (April 2020, 4, NHKE Tele)
  • Station/Airport/Street Corner Piano Special (June 2020, 6, NHK BS13)-Navigator
  • Passion continent(September 2020, 8, MBS)[181]

Variety, information program





Web advertising

  • ELLE PROMOTION "Tasaki" pearl jewelry Mone Kamishiraishi and the story of white pearls (2020)


  • "Weekly Bunshun" Primary Color Beauty Picture Book (July 2017, 07, Bungei Shunjusha)
  • "Since I got this, good moments have continued." (October 2020, 10)


  • "10 years after his death Hisashi Inoue Exhibition-A person who bridges hope" (2020)[Note 17]

Net video


Voice guide

Music program

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
2021/(Reiwa 3 years) /72 timesFirstIf you dawn at dawn07/21KAT-TUN[213]

Other music programs


one man live

  1. ``Live THEATER ~chouchou~'' (February 2017, 2, shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE, Tokyo / February 10, UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO, Osaka)[228][46]
  2. Moekami Shiraishi LIVE TOUR 2017 "and..." (November 2017, 11, Fukuoka・DRUM Be-2 / November 1, Osaka・BIG CAT / November 11, TokyoMynavi BLITZ Akasaka[229][230]
  3. Mone Kamishiraishi online live "i note" (September 2020, 9, online)[231]
  4. 上白石萌音 『yattokosa』Tour 2021(2021年7月1日、大阪・フェスティバルホール/7月3日、福岡・福岡サンパレスホール/7月4日、鹿児島・宝山ホール/7月16日、愛知・日本特殊陶業市民会館フォレストホール/7月21日、東京・東京ガーデンシアター)

Vs van live

  1. "Hatsushimotsuki no Uta" (October 2015, 10, Tsukimi Aoyama, Le Kimsofu, Tokyo)[232]
  2. "The first cherry blossoms than the blooming peach blossoms" (March 2016, 3, Tsukimi Aoyama Le Kimsofu, Tokyo)[233]
  3. "Girls Pop Collection" (December 2016, 12, Aoyama RizM, Tokyo)[234][235]


Delivery single

Release datetitleSelling agencyRecording albumRemarks
1st2017/4/28ConfessionPony canyoni[236]
2nd2017/10/4Your voiceNot recorded[237]
3rd2019/4/5Happy endUniversal Jnotes[238]
3rd2019/6/12I hate eternity[239]
4th2019/10/14First glance[240]
5th2020/2/25from the seeds[241]
6th2020/4/5If you dawn at dawn[242]
7th2022/1/1Nostalgic futureNot recorded


In the name of Mone Kamishiraishi

Release datetitlerecorded musicHighest rankRemarks
1st2021/10/13I'll be there / SpinLimited Edition
I'll be there
Spin * "Friends" of the essay "Various"
White mud studio live ver.
Normal Edition
I'll be there
Spin * "Friends" of the essay "Various"
I'll be there (home karaoke ver.)
Spin (house karaoke ver.)
10 bit[54][55]

Other names

  1. Maiko is a lady (July 2014, 7,Pony canyon) --In the name of Koharu (Mone Kamishiraishi).


Cover album

Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1st2016/10/5pet3 bit[Note 27][36] [243]
2nd2021/6/23That song -1-
That song -2-
6 bit
7 bit

Original album

Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1st2017/7/12and ...25 bit[244][245]
2nd2019/7/10i12 bit[246][51]
3rd2020/8/26notes3 bit[52]
4th2020/12/23note-book[Note 28]


Release datetitleHighest rankRemarks
1st2021/3/31i note8 bit[247]

Participating works

  1. Movie "Lady Maiko" Musical Songs & Soundtrack Collection (September 2014, 9, Pony Canyon)
  2. CHANPULU STORY ~HY tribute~ (August 2018, 8,Universal J[Note 29]-Singing song "HAPPY"
  3. Off Course Classics (October 2019, 10,USM JAPAN[248]-Singing song "Goodbye'
  4. Ohashi Trio"NEW WORLD" (March 2021, 3)rhythm zone[249]-Singing song "Milk and Sugar duet with Mone Kamishiraishi"

Music video

  1. Moekami Shiraishi The Favorite Songs vol.1 "Playing(November 2015, 2)[250]
  2. Moekami Shiraishi The Favorite Songs vol.2 "home(November 2015, 9)
  3. From Moekami Shiraishi album "chouchou"366 days(November 2016, 9)[251]
  4. Moekami Shiraishi "Storyboard" (July 2017, 7)[252]
  5. Moekami Shiraishi "Confession" (July 2017, 7)
  6. Moekami Shiraishi ×Takahito Uchizawa(androp) "Happy ending" Aoi version by movie "L♡DK Under one roof, there are two "skis". (April 2019, 4)[253]
  7. Moegami Shiraishi ``Eternity is dislike'' (June 2019, 6)[Note 30]
  8. Moekami Shiraishi "Ichiban" (Collaboration MV of the movie "Rakuen") (October 2019, 10)[Note 31][254][255]
  9. Mone Kamishiraishi "From The Seeds" (February 2020, 2)[256]
  10. Moekami Shiraishi "If you ditch the dawn" (May 2020, 5)[257][258]
  11. Mone Kamishiraishi "Shiroidoro" MV (Short Ver.) (August 2020, 8)[259][260]
  12. Moekami Shiraishi ×Takahito Uchizawa(androp) "Happy End" MV (Short Ver.) (December 2020, 12)[261][Note 32]
  13. Ohashi Trio / Milk and Sugar duet with Moe Shiraishi (February 2021, 2)[262]


titleTie-uprecorded music
Maiko is a ladymovies"Maiko is a lady] Theme song[32][263]Single "Maiko is Lady"
ConfessionInformation program "Mezamashi TV Aqua"Theme song[264]Delivery single "confession"
Album "and..."
パ ズ ルTelevision Animation"Boundary RINNE] 3rd series ending theme[265]Album "and..."
Your voice"NHK Minna no Uta』October-November 2017 On-air song[266]Delivery single "Your voice"
Happy endmovies"L♡DK There are two "skis" under one roof.] Theme song[267]Delivery single "Happy End"
Album "i"
First glancemovies"Paradise] Theme song[268]Delivery single "Ichigane"
From The SeedsAnime"7SEEDS] The 2rd opening theme[241]Distribution single "From The Seeds"
If you dawn at dawn"NHK Minna no Uta』October-November 2020 On-air song[257]
musical"Little zombie girl] Theme song[257]
Delivery single "If you ditch the dawn"
White mudAnime"Major second] 2nd series opening theme[269]Album "note"
I'll be there情报wide-Entertainment shows"King's brunch"Opening theme Single "I'll be there / spin"
Nostalgic futureThe 100th National High School Soccer ChampionshipCheer songDelivery single "Nostalgic future"



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • BLT(June 2011 issue-irregular,Tokyo News Tsushin) Serialized "girls be ambicious" at Toho Cinderella
  • Radio English Conversation (April 2020 issue-, NHK Publishing) "Journey over the translated letter" Akage no Anne "by Mone Kamishiraishi" serialized

Cover model



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