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🤖 | Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto shows off her furisode shot


Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto shows off her furisode shot

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Miyamoto announces the first dream campaign of the gaming PC "LEVEL ∞" PC studio, which is collaborating with PPE of the office to which he belongs.

Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto updated her Twitter on January 1st to show off her furisode shots.Miyamoto is himself ... → Continue reading

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    Unit com

    CJD > Unit com

    UNITCOM Inc.(British: UNIT.COM INC.) IsComputer shopThechainexpandJapan OfcomputerRetail company.CJD OfWholly owned subsidiary..In addition to developing shops, it also manufactures and sells personal computers of its own brand.


    Established as "Arosystem Co., Ltd." as a wholly owned subsidiary of ICM Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of personal computer peripherals.PC workshopWas expanded.

    Later, due to the merger of Freeway Co., Ltd. (and its subsidiary Two Top Co., Ltd.), which develops "TWO TOP", and Face Co., Ltd., which develops "Face", "PC Kobo, Goodwill, TWOTOP, FAITH, FreeT, BUY" Expanded the shop with "MORE, SELL MORE"[1].


    Freeway / Face → (old) UNITCOM

    Established Freeway Co., Ltd.
    Freeway established Two Top Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary to develop "TWO TOP".
    Freeway becomes a subsidiary, Two Top Co., Ltd.Absorption merger.
    October Established Faith, Inc.Independence by the managing director of the freeway at that time, TWO TOP Akihabara head office manager and others.
    June FreewayCivil Rehabilitation LawApply for the application ofbankruptcy..Shortly thereafterKyotoBecame under the umbrella of.
    November Kyoden liquidates Freeway (Two Top) and sells it to the newly established Two Top Co., Ltd.
    In the same month, Kyoden sold Two Top Co., Ltd. to Faith (Face absorbed Two Top).
    August Faith, Inc. changed its trade name to "Unit.com Inc."

    Arosystem → UNITCOM

    PC peripheral manufacturer Co., Ltd.ICMEstablished Arosystem Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary of (initially a computer software development company).
    November Arosystem started the development of "PC Studio".
    June Arosystem becomes independent from ICM (later ICM goes bankrupt).
    October Arosystem and UNITCOM Inc. are acquired.
    October Arosystem merges with UNITCOM[2].
    August Announcement of establishment of PC Japan (tentative) (MCJ Co., Ltd., Arosystem Co., Ltd., SYNNEX Co., Ltd. (currently Techwind Co., Ltd.))
    May Co., Ltd.CJDBecome a wholly owned subsidiary of.
    September Personal information of 9 customers leaked from the related online shopping site "PC Kobo"[3].
    October Arosystem Co., Ltd. changed its trade name to "Unit.com Inc." because the company name "System" does not match the current business situation.[4].
    September: 9 customer credit card information and 74,048 personal information leaked from the related online shopping sites "Face Internet Shop" and "Two Top Internet Shop".
    4 GoodwillThe business of the parts shop "PC DIY SHOP Free T" operated by the subsidiary Will Co., Ltd. was inherited including employees and staff and started operation.
    June Acquired shares of Goodwill and made it a subsidiary.
    In the same month, merged with ICM Customer Service, a personal computer manufacturing subsidiary.
    October Merged with Goodwill.
    March The brand of stores in the Akihabara area was integrated into "BUY MORE".
    May Opened "SELL MORE", a mail-order site specializing in the sale and purchase of used products.[5].
    October Acquired the used PC online shopping business of Digital Dragon Co., Ltd. by business transfer.
    In the same month, a private brand of personal computer products "iiyama PCStarted to expand[6].
    November Anime channelAnimaxAnd voice actor production81 ProduceIn collaboration withConcept cafeStarted operation of "Animax CAFE".The following December, the first store opens in Akihabara[7][8].
    January Acquired shares of Com Corporation, which operates a mail-order site specializing in game software and DVDs, "Com Shop Mail Order," and made it a subsidiary.[9].
    February Acquired shares of Tier Classe Co., Ltd., which operates a fashion mail order site, and made it a subsidiary.
    4 Microsoft Authorized RefurbisherAchieved the best handling of used PCs in Japan and received the "Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher JAPAN Award FY15"[10].
    April Shares of Tia Classe Co., Ltd.Onward Holdings Co., Ltd.Transfer to[11].
    July High-end PC parts and game sales "PC SHOP arcAcquired shares of Tower Hill Co., Ltd. (currently Ark Co., Ltd.), which operates the company, and made it a subsidiary.
    November All shares of Com Corporation Co., Ltd.Lashinbang Co., Ltd.Transfer to[12][13].

    Shop brand / EC site

    Computer shop

    • PC workshop
    • Goodwill
    • Faith
    • TWO TOP
    • BUY MORE
    • Freeway
    • FreeT
    • PC SHOP ark

    EC site

    • Digital dragon

    iiyama PC

    Of the personal computer products developed by UNITCOMPrivate brand..It used to be under the Lesance brand.

    Security accident

    Two large-scale security incidents have occurred, September 2007 and September 9.In particular, the accident in September 2010 was a major accident that leaked personal information including credit cards of almost all members.[14].

    CM / image girl

    • July 2015 The TV commercial of LEVEL ∞, a game product brand for iiyama PC, was aired.In the same CM, the AV actressMana SakuraHas been appointed[15][16].
    • March 2017Kamen JoshiIs a member ofMisa Kubota,Erina Kamiya,Kurose Sara, Mai Mizusawa's four selected members are appointed as image girls of the personal computer studio.

    In addition, each of them will collaborate with each other.iiyama PCFormed an idol unit "Mugen Joshi ~ powered by Kamen Joshi ~" in charge of the image characters of each ∞ (Infinity) series product.[17].


    1. ^ As a result of the merger, history has become very complex.Two Top Co., Ltd. and Two Top Co., Ltd. are different companies.In addition, the company "Unitcom Co., Ltd." registered in Chiba existed from April 2001 to December 4, but the trade name was changed to "Grand Unit Co., Ltd." from December 2004.
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