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🤖 | "Tokyo Revengers" Yankee fashion origin "zoot suit" is the theme ♪ Newly drawn goods are now available

Photo "" Tokyo Revengers "ONLINE POP UP EVENT" Tokyo Revengers Ring Chara-ani Purchase Bonus L Version Bromide (C) Ken Wakui / Kodansha / Animation "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee

"Tokyo Revengers" Yankee fashion origin "zoot suit" is the theme ♪ Newly drawn goods are now available

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Tokyo Swastika Revengers

"Tokyo Swastika Revengers(Tokyo Revengers,Tokyo Reveners) IsKen WakuibyJapan OfComic.. 『Weekly Shonen Magazine』(Kodansha), Serialized from the 2017th issue of 13[1]..Abbreviation: "East Ribe'[2],East'[3].. In 2021Tokyo Revengers』Title, TV animation[4]・ Live-action movie[5]・ Stage[6]Was done. The second stage version will be staged in 2022[7].

The hero who was badTime leapAwakening to his abilities and taking the opportunity to travel back in time to junior high school, he drew a figure of a runaway team that became the main cause to change the fate of his former lover being killed.Suspenseworks[1].Yankee cartoonIn addition to the elements ofScience fiction cartoon,Action cartoonCharacterized by a style that combines the elements of.44thKodansha Manga AwardAward-winning work in the boy category[8].. As of December 2022, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 1 million.[9].. As of April 2022, official Twitter has reached 4 million followers[10].


2017. I lived a bottom life as a 26-year-old part-time workerHanagaki martial artsWas her in middle schoolTachibana HinataIs my younger brotherNaotoWith criminal groupsTokyo RevengersI see the news that he died in the conflict of (Swastika).The next day, the martial arts, which was pushed down to the train platform by someone on the way home from a part-time job, time-leaps in 12, 2005 years ago, which was the peak of his life the moment he was prepared to run over.Martial arts, who should have boarded a junior high school in Shibuya with bad friends, relived the past of being beaten up by the eastern swastika at the time, who was a big runaway tribe in the local area, accidentally encountered Naoto.After telling him that Hinata was destined to be killed 12 years later, the martial arts will return in 2017, which was transformed into a life-saving result by Naoto who avoided death.In addition to the fact that Naoto was murdered without struggling, martial arts were shown to be able to time-leap 12 years ago by shaking hands with Naoto, aiming to rise in the eastern swastika to save Hinata and change the worst future. ..


The voice is the voice actor of the TV anime version, and the performance is the cast of the live-action version.

main character

Hanagaki Martial Arts (Hanagaki Takemichi)
Voice- Yuuki Shin[4]
Performance- Takumi Kitamura(movies)[5],Kizu Tsubasa(stage)[6][7]
The main character of this work. 1991May 6Raw, height 165 cm (past), blood type A.The bike isCB250T(Bab).
Before the time leap, he lived in a boro apartment and was a bad part-time worker who spends the worst days bowing every day, but one day when he was in the second year of junior high school, Hinata Tachibana said, "Tokyo RevengersHe was killed by a human being, and he himself was struck by someone at the platform of the train, and when he was about to be killed, he woke up in a timely manner.
The fighting ability was mediocre, and it was the weakest against the strong opponent, but as the time leap was repeated, he began to show the mental power that he was willing to stretch for the future of chicks and friends, and it was superior. It grows up to the point where you can quarrel with Daiju and overwhelm Shimizu and Rare Saki.
1 th
Time leap on July 12, 2005, 7 years before his trauma.He went to Shibuya Sanchu with the five Mizonaka people, but was half-killed by a third-year student led by Kiyomasa, Masataka Shimizu, and became a soldier of the "Tokyo Revengers".On the way back, I went to see Hinata and accidentally helped Naoto Tachibana, who was soaked in sentiment in the park, and shook hands telling him that Hinata and Naoto would be killed on July 4st, 3 years later. At the moment, it returns to the present age.In modern times, he was helped by Naoto when he was hit at home, and it turns out that the first time leap happened by chance when he grabbed his hand at that time.After returning to the present age, in order to change the past and prevent Hinata's death, he has been made to study "Tokyo Revengers" at Naoto's office.
2 th
Because I made a time leap during the fighting gambling on July 7th, I got caught in a single face from the fighting opponent and got sick.After that, he tells Shimizu that he wants to meet Manjiro Sano or Tetsuta Raresaki, but he is half killed.The next day, Takuya is selected for fighting gambling, but martial arts wants a Timan with Shimizu to change the future, and although he is half-killed again, he is killed by the appearance of Draken, Ken Ryuguji, and Manjiro.After that, he built a friendly relationship with Manjiro and returned to the present age.This time leap reveals that he can only return to "today 6 years ago", while the martial arts body is in a state of asphyxia.After that, he learned that Atsushi Sendo, also known as "Akkun," was an executive of "Tokyo Revengers," and even though he went to see him, Sendo was a criminal who pushed the martial arts at home and was afraid of rare Saki. He vomits and jumps in front of the martial arts and commits suicide.At that time, he learned that Ryuguji was dead and asked Naoto to investigate Ryuguji.
3 th
Time leap while Emma Sano is riding herself in her underwear in the karaoke room. Participated in the "Tokyo Revengers" rally by being invited to Ryuguji Temple.At that rallyAimi Aimi (Mobius)Knowing that the conflict was about to begin, he tried to become an attendant of Ryuguji Temple, but was refused and sank, following Ryuguji Temple.After that, he returned to the present age and talked to Nobutaka Nagauchi, the president of "Aimi Aimi" 12 years ago, but did not get much information and decided to time leap again to avoid conflict.
4 th
Time leap during a conversation on a bicycle driven by Sendo.Nagauchi boarded the warehouse for the conflict while he promised Sendo to become an absolute hairdresser and asked Manjiro and others to stop the conflict. Haruki Hayashida, also known as "Parchin," stabs Nagauchi and loses consciousness due to the damage hit by Nagauchi before the fight between Hayashida and Nagauchi while running away so as not to be caught by the police.After that, while being hospitalized from Emma, ​​"Mikey faction"When"Draken faction”, And heard that an internal conflict was about to occur, stopped the quarrel between Ryuguji and Manjiro who came to visit his house, and changed the future of an internal conflict.However, on the day of the summer festival on August 8, it was reported that there was a person who was targeting Ryuguji from Yamagishi, and when he tried to inform him, Shimizu teamed up with the remnants of "Aimi Aimi" and used a knife to kill Ryuguji. I witnessed the site I was preparing.He tries to stop Shimizu, but he can't get rid of the trauma of the past and is caught without any hesitation.Hinata helped him while he was tied up and rolled, and joined Takashi Mitsutani.After that, for half a half, "Aimi Aimi" and "Tokyo Revengers" led by Shuji8 ConflictHowever, during that time, I found Ryuguji Temple stabbed by Shimizu.Although he tries to take Ryuguji to the hospital, he encounters a member of Shibuya Sanchu who is traumatized and tries to escape unconsciously, but he blasts himself and volunteers for a revenge match with Shimizu.Suddenly his left hand was stabbed with a knife, but in the end he strangled Shimizu and suffocated to win and cut off his trauma.After that, with the help of the five Mizonaka people, he took Ryuguji to the hospital and succeeded in the mission when he saved his life.As a sympathy, he took care of Manjiro's special attack clothes when "Tokyo Revengers" was established, and gave Hinata a four-leaf clover as a necklace to return to the present age.
Modern after the 4th time
Immediately after returning to the present age, I was working at a video rental shop because it changed the past so much.However, there was a scar stabbed by Shimizu on his left hand, and his cell phone had a reservation as the first guest of the ticket shop of Sendo, and his number was not registered.This time I learned that Hinata was alive and decided to meet her.For the first time, I met modern Hinata and went out by car.At that time, it is revealed that the martial arts shook Hinata at Christmas 1 years before Hinata.Encountered in half while going to the bathroom in the park.I had an unpleasant feeling and tried to return to Hinata in a hurry, but a car driven by Sendo rushed into the stopped car from behind, and the car carrying Hinata was caught in the wall and wrecked.The car on which Sendo was riding exploded and burned, trying to rescue Hinata, but she was pushed out of the car in the form of being pushed by her who was prepared to die, and immediately after that, the car exploded in front of her.While watching the burning car, he decided to become the top of "Tokyo Revengers".After meeting Hinata's funeral, he met Ryuguji, who was condemned to death, and although he was recommended to leave Tokyo, he decided to time-leap to become the top.
5 th
Time leap while going to Manjiro, Ryuguji and public bath.He attends the rally as it is, and when he sees Rare Saki being appointed as the captain of the squadron, he hits him unintentionally.In response to Manjiro's decision, Keisuke Bachi helped him on the spot, but he was beaten by Rare Saki and fainted.After waking up, he proposed to remove Rare Saki from "Tokyo Revengers" on condition that he would bring the place back to Manjiro.During this conversation, he knew about the process of establishing "Tokyo Revengers" and joined the second corps of Mitsuya who was eavesdropping on the story.On the way back, you will get a talisman of the place and a photo taken at the beginning of the establishment.After returning to school, "Tokyo Revengers" and the place joined the Yamagishi.Baeryu HaraIs taken by Ichitora Hamiya, who appears while being taught about "," and is taken as a witness to the hideout of "Baeryu Hara".After that, he was told about Hamiya's past from the place, but he passed the "Fumi-e" that beats his aide Chifuyu Matsuno and failed to bring back the place that officially joined "Baeryu Hara".The next day, he meets Chifuyu Matsuno, who is full of scratches, and goes to Nagauchi to hear about Rare Saki, but on the contrary, he returns to the present age because there are more unclear points.In modern times, I went to see Ryuguji again and said, "Blood HalloweenI decided to time leap to help the place.
6 th
Time leap while leaving school with Hinata.I got a matching necklace and met Chifuyu the day before "Blood Halloween".At that time, he advised the place to "Don't die", but he couldn't hear it and it was the day of the conflict.In the conflict, Mitsuya helped and scolded him for being too targeted to search for a place, so he continued to fight despite being tattered, which resulted in the blasting of the members of the East Swastika.After that, he tried to stop the place with Chifuyu, but the place was stabbed by Hamiya while the martial arts were persuading him.After that, I heard that Rare Saki would appoint himself as the captain of the squadron instead of sending Hayashida out of money from the place where he chose to decide himself to protect Manjiro and Ichitora, and Manjiro had Hamiya. He was told that he had no reason to kill him, and while being beaten by Manjiro, he prevented him from killing Hamiya.After that, I went to Hamiya at the juvenile discrimination center with Ryuguji and went to Ryuguji's home as it was.On the way back, he learns that Manjiro and Emma are brothers and sisters.After that, at a rally that was told to definitely come from Ryuguji, he wore the special attack clothes with the embroidery of the second corps for the first time, and officially became a member of "Tokyo Revengers".At that rally, Chifuyu nominated and consented to Captain Ichiban instead of the place that died in this conflict in the total settlement of "Blood Halloween".
Modern after the 6th time
In the past, he became the captain of the Ichibantai, and he was a rental video shop who worked immediately after returning to the present age, but unlike the past, he wears all-back luxury watches and clothes because he is used as a guest. When I got on a luxury car with a strict Yamagishi and a driver, Chifuyu was waiting for me when I got home, and I learned that I was an executive of "Tokyo Revengers". Former captains other than Mitsuya and Hayashi, former "Black dragonMeet Shiba Hakkai, Coco aka Kui Ichi, and Inupi aka Inui Seisou.After that, she is taken by Rare Saki and goes to the owner's shop, but she is detained after drinking alcohol containing sleeping pills.Although he was shot on his left foot, he was entrusted with "Tokyo Revengers" in Chifuyu, and Chifuyu was shot dead right next to the martial arts.After that, the martial arts are about to be shot, but with the help of Hamiya, who was the source, he meets Naoto in the back alley, but the current offender is arrested.The fact that he told Sendo to kill Hinata with a secret shot of Chifuyu was a factor that hid the evidence, although he was hunting down Rare Saki to the next step in order to protect himself.He killed Hinata with his own hands and was desperate, but with the encouragement of Naoto, he made a time leap in the interrogation room.
7 th
Time leap during bowling with Hinata. In the next lane, I met Hakkai Shiba, who was still the deputy captain of the second division of "Tokyo Revengers", and Yuzuha Shiba, my sister. Even though he went to Hakkai's home, he encountered the teenage "Kuroryu". Kui, Seimune and the 12th president, Shiba Daiju, meet and are half-killed by Daiju, but Hakkai takes his life in exchange for joining the "Kuroryu". That night, Chifuyu talked about what he came from and what was happening in the future. After hearing the determination from Hakkai after the peace agreement was concluded, he called the eastern team executives except Manjiro and Mitsuya to the family restaurant and proposed a conflict with "Kuroryu", but it was rejected, but rare Saki, until December 25th with half an hour Formed a short-term team. After that, he met Masato Tachibana, the father of Hinata and Naoto, and was persuaded to part with Hinata, and said goodbye to Hinata with a single heart that he did not want to involve Hinata. "Holy night decisive battleBefore, I received the Ichibantai captain's tasuki from Chifuyu and boarded the church.Although overwhelmed by Daiju, he notices Yuzuha who came to stab him from behind, and by chance he finds out that Yuzuha was a key man because he was not stabbed.After that, he joined Mitsuya and Chifuyu and fought against "Kuroryu", but it became an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation. Tell Hakkai.Although it becomes tattered, he kneels on his knees and succeeds in changing the eight commandments, but the situation falls into desperation.However, due to the confluence of Manjiro and Ryuguji, he succeeded in changing the future in which Hakkai suffers Yuzuha's sin by defeating "Kuroryu", and after the conflict, he was taken by Manjiro and succeeded in reuniting with Hinata.At the first rally in the new year, he learned that Seimune and Kui were under his control, and succeeded in excluding Rare Saki.A few days later, Manjiro will give away the CB250T, which is made by collecting steadily parts, commonly known as Bab, which is made using the twin engines of Manjiro's Bab.Before returning to the present age, take a group photo with Manjiro, Ryuguji, Chifuyu, Mitsuya, and Hakkai, and return to the present age.
Immediately after returning to the present age, it was the funeral of Mitsuya, and Naoto reported that Manjiro was murdering a member of the East. This modern martial art has passed through the "Tokyo Revengers", and based on a letter sent by Manjiro from the Philippines, he meets modern Manjiro in the ruins of the Philippines and is about to be shot dead, but Naoto helps him. However, Manjiro died in his own hands.
8 th
Reunited with Chifuyu and tried to go to Yokohama but got on the trainTianzhuThe member was on board, but Chifuyu helped him before he was beaten up. Although he runs away with Sendo on his back, he is worried about Chifuyu and tries to return, but he encounters Rare Saki, who became the general staff of "Tenji". After Rare Saki left, he was surrounded by the Mochizuki corps led by Kaoru Mochizuki, the four heavenly kings of "Tenji", but was helped by Nahoya Kawada and Souya. Together with Chifuyu and the Kawada brothers, he tries to get into the base of "Tenji", but rushes into the warehouse where the Tsurucho of the "Tenji" four heavenly kings are waiting. Tsurucho begs for help from Izana Kurokawa. After that, a conflict with "Tianzhu" was decided at the rally, and Chifuyu was recommended to return to the present age.
After returning to the present age, I went to a church where there was a conflict with the "black dragon" and happened to encounter a longevity.While being taught about Izana and "Kuroryu" at a restaurant run by Daiju, he is attacked by Seimune and Kui.Thanks to Daiju, he succeeds in escaping, but Naoto helps him when he tries to return to the store because he wants to ask Seimune and Kui about the "Kanto Incident".However, Izana appears with a crane butterfly, and is shot by the crane butterfly and both Naoto and Naoto fall into a moribund state.With Naoto's hope, he succeeds in the ninth time leap before Naoto dies.
9 th
Since the modern Naoto died, even if he shook hands with the past Naoto, he would not be able to return.After that, he was investigating "Tianzhu", but was abducted by Yasuhiro Muto, also known as Mucho, and Kui became a hostage with Seisou to enter "Tianzhu".Thanks to Kui, the appearance of trying to help Kui was begged by Seisou, who overlapped with the appearance of Shinichiro Sano, the first president of "Kuroryu", and Seisou became a member of the Ichibantai of "Tokyo Revengers". On condition thatEleventh president of "Kuroryu"Will be.Instead of Manjiro, who was sunk by Emma's death, and Ryuguji, who could not accept the death, he decided to contend with "Tianzhu" on behalf of the president of the East Swastika.In the final battle, he confronts his childhood friend Tsurucho.Even if the main member of the eastern swastika is sunk by Tsurucho and he himself is hurt by him, he continues to confront him and finally overwhelms him with a 1VS1 psychological warfare with Rare Saki.However, even though he was beaten by Rare Saki, he borrowed his shoulder from Sendo and made a proposal to merge Rare Saki's "Tokyo Revengers" and "Tenji" with Chifuyu, Seisou, Hakkai, Hayashi, Souya and others. Reject by hitting back.After that, due to the invasion of Izana, he was beaten, but he kept the "Tokyo Revengers" without losing until the arrival of Manjiro, Ryuguji, and Hinata.After that, Izana died, Tsurucho became unconscious, and Raresaki was taken in half an hour and ran away on a motorcycle while riding behind Ryuguji Temple and chasing after him.After that, Rare Saki and his friends fell and caught up.Even so, he pursues Rare Saki who runs away and finally fights back and forth with him, and even though he finds out that Rare Saki is in favor of Hinata, there is a possibility that Hinata's heart will turn to Rare Saki even if he kills himself. Intuitively instinctively that there is nothing, the martial arts kicks off Rare Saki's pistol and then steals it, trying to shoot Rare Saki, but Manjiro and Hinata rush to stop him, but Rare Saki escapes. He stopped by saying, "I won't let Rare Saki return to the future!", But I was told by Rare Saki that "I'm not a time reaper." Later, he witnessed Rare Saki being hit by a truck and ended the series of battles with Rare Saki's death.A few days later, I gave a sympathy to the crane butterfly that survived.A few days after Emma's farewell ceremony, after telling Manjiro about a series of events, she saw the dissolution of the East Swastika, created a time capsule with the main members, and returned to the present age after making a proposal by Hinata.
Modern after the 9th time
I was getting dressed for Hayashida's wedding in the bathroom of the wedding hall, but I was taken to the venue by Hinata.He works at a rental shop as before, but has been promoted to a store manager, and the person who was the store manager before is now his subordinate. Unbelievable that the chief of "Brahma" is Manjiro, he tries to go back to the past to meet him in person and confirm.However, since Naoto is no longer in a state of strongly desireing to change the past, he cannot act as a trigger and cannot time leap.After that, I couldn't find the place where "Brahma" took a breath to give Manjiro his wedding invitation, but I met Manjiro and Sanzu again at the bowling alley where I used to be.However, three bullets were shot by Manjiro, and in order to help Manjiro while dying, he accidentally grabbed his hand while scolding Manjiro who jumped from the roof and tried to commit suicide, and the time leap succeeded.When I made a time leap, the times were different from when I was Naoto, and I played a time leap when I was in the second year of high school in 3.
10 th
Time leap at the timing when I overslept one morning and was about to be late for high school.Knowing the existence of "Rokubara Monodai", "Bon", and "Kanto Swastika" from Yamagishi, he set the goal of defeating Manjiro and called out to the main members of the East Swastika, but respected the dreams of his friends. When he gave up, he was called by Ryuguji, and while he was running on a motorcycle, he encountered Minami Terano, who was the president of "Rokubura Monodai," and Seisou, who was grabbed by him.After seeing the pain of Ryugu-ji, "Bon" rushed into the place where he was imbued with the strength of Terano's monster class. However, he declares that he will defeat Manjiro alone without competing with both camps.After that, when Ryuguji rushed to Takeomi and revealed the purpose of establishing "Brahman", joining either "Ryuguji Monodai" or "Brahman" was the trigger to defeat Manjiro. Realizing that, he decides to join the "Temple".The next day, he finds out that Chiba is a woman and does chores, but sees a vision that Chiba will die when he breaks up. On July 7th, he entered "B-7", the home of "Brahman", and obtained special attack clothes from Senboku.After that, he goes out with Senboku on an amusement park date, but from the vision he saw at that time, he learned that it was today, and he worshiped Terano until Ryuguji rushed in. Although he defended it, Ryuguji was hit as a substitute, and although he avoided the death of Senboku, in return, Ryuguji was replaced as a person who died in the vision.
Hinata Tachibana
Voice- Aki Waki[4]
Performance- Imada Mio(movies)[11], Kotone Hanase (stage)[12][7]
Heroine of this work[11]. The popular name isChick.. Born May 1991, 5, height 21 cm (past), blood type A.A woman who likes martial arts, she was dating when she was in the second year of junior high school.In the present age before the time leap, he was involved in the conflict of "Tokyo Revengers" and died with his younger brother Naoto.
At the time of the first time leap, Manjiro, who was almost abducted and had a play with him, slaps him, but he shows the courage to protect his favorite person with fear. At the time of the 1th time leap, he went to the summer festival with martial arts, Ryuguji, and Emma, ​​but helped and advised that martial arts were detained by Shimizu. Received a four-leaf clover necklace from martial arts after the "4 Conflict".
He is alive in modern times after the third time leap and wears the necklace he received 3 years ago. I went out by car with martial arts and Naoto, and although I was alone with martial arts on the way, I returned to the car alone while martial arts went to the bathroom on the way. There, a car driven by Sendo rushed in and was caught in the driver's seat and was unable to move, helping the martial arts and dying. He died in the same way after the subsequent time leap, but was killed by martial arts instructions before the sixth time leap. There is also a natural side, such as forgetting that Emma and Manjiro are told that they are brothers and sisters, and believing that Emma and Manjiro are having an affair.
Before the conflict with "Kuroryu", Rare Saki attended the same cram school when she was in elementary school, and one day on her way home with Rare Saki, she was helped by martial arts when she confronted a junior high school student who was bullying a cat. I had a liking for martial arts.In fact, it is the event in elementary school that the final stage is that Rare Saki set up a series of conflicts, took the lives of the place, Emma, ​​and Izana, and also drove the crane butterfly into a serious body, derailing the fate of the Hamiya and Shiba brothers. It turns out in. On December 12, a farewell story was brought out from the martial arts in the park where he died in modern times, and he broke up with the martial arts while crying. Regain the condition.
After Emma died before the "Kanto Incident" and martial arts left the hospital, Manjiro and Ryuguji were told that they would die 12 years later, and that martial arts came from the future to help them, and they revived. I let him go to the battlefield himself. After the "Kanto Incident", he and Manjiro go to the martial arts to fight Rare Saki, and the martial arts discourage the shooting of Rare Saki and at the same time upset Rare Saki.
In modern times after the 9th time leap, Rare Saki died and did not die.Take the martial arts to Hayashida's wedding venue.
Naoto Tachibana (Naoto Tachibana)
Voice- Ryota Osaka[4],Mana Hirata(boy)
Performance- Haruaki Sugino(movies)[5],Jun Noguchi(stage)[6][7]
Hinata's younger brother.In modern times before the time leap, he died like Hinata.However, he was accidentally helped by the martial arts when he was cut off during the first time leap, and he was told by the martial arts that Hinata and himself would die on July 1st and that the martial arts would be killed by someone on July 7th. At that time, he believed in the occult, so he succeeded in helping martial arts because he truly received it.I have a dream of becoming a detective because of this.After that, he taught martial arts about "Tokyo Revengers" in a state of confinement, and asked Manjiro or Raresaki to be killed in the past and made him timely leap. In the present age after the "1 conflict", he was not connected to martial arts, but he told him that Hinata was alive by telephone and was delighted that the future had changed drastically.
After the 6th time leap, martial arts became an executive of "Tokyo Revengers", so he approached Hamiya, who was released, to take revenge on his sister, and Chifuyu and Hamiya hunted down "Tokyo Revengers" one step further. After that, he instructed Hamiya to bring the martial arts to the back alley, and by arresting the current offender, he created a space for just two people in the interrogation room. However, despairing that the martial arts killed Hinata with his own hands, he encouraged him who was desperate.
After the 7th time leap, his memory was overwritten, he joined the martial arts at his home in the martial arts, the main members of "Tokyo Revengers" were killed, and Manjiro was wanted and flew to the Philippines together.Detecting the danger of martial arts, he shoots and kills Manjiro, but Manjiro is grateful. After the 8th time leap, he joins Daiju and informs him that Rare Saki is alive.After that, he barely escaped, but he helped the martial arts who were about to be killed by Rare Saki, but he was dying after being hit by a bullet.After that, he shook hands as the last time leap as a trigger and died.Although he shook hands with Naoto in the past, he could not return to the present age because Naoto in the present age died, but he survived due to the death of Rare Saki after the 9th time leap.However, because he fulfilled the purpose of changing the past to save his sister and ended the role as a trigger, the time leap did not occur even if the martial arts shook hands with himself to return to the past.

Tokyo Revengers

Known as Toman, President: Manjiro Sano, Vice President: Ken Ryuguji is a young runaway tribe about two years old, and the members are dressed in black special clothing with Tokyo Revengers embroidery. Wrap. It consists of five units and has about 2 members.After the "5 Conflict" in which "Aimi Aimi" came under the umbrella of Rare Saki et al. It was born and the number of members increased to 100.However, after the "Christmas Eve Battle", due to the expulsion of Tetsuta Raresaki, the former "Aimi Aimi" group and the former "Bairyu Hara" group withdrew and reduced to about 8 people. It has been further reduced due to the withdrawal of the Samurai Corps led by Yasuhiro Muto before the final battle with "Tianzhu".Among them, the Samurai Corps is a special existence in the "Tokyo Revengers" such as serving as a disciplinary committee member, and is the only one in the team who is allowed to rub the inner ring, and is given the authority to correct the members without the permission of the president Manjiro. ing.After the corps left, it has shrunk to the scale of 3 people. Disbanded at the discretion of Manjiro after the "Kanto Incident".After that, the main members except Seisou created a time capsule that could be opened 150 years later. After the "Santen War" 450 years ago, it was revived as the second generation with President: Takemichi Hanagaki and Vice President: Chifuyu Matsuno.New Ichibantai Captain: Inui Seisou, New Ichibantai Captain: All are reappointed except for the inauguration of Chiraku Tarajo and the absence of Ichibantai Deputy Captain and Ichibantai Deputy Captain.

In modern times before the time leap, the president: Manjiro Sano and the deputy president: Tetsuta Raresaki have become a villainous group that engages in gambling, fraud, rape, and murder. After "Blood Halloween", the captain-class humans up to the land corps and the "Kuroryu" group such as Shiba Hakkai, Kui Ichi, and Inui Seimune are the top executives. After the "Christmas Eve Battle", the past members of the East Swastika have been destroyed by Manjiro, and Izana Kurokawa is newly enrolled as No. 3, and in addition to the "Kuroryu" group of Seisou and Kui, Tsurucho These "Tianzhu" groups are also newly added.Due to Manjiro's death and Rare Saki's escape overseas, Izana is now in command as president. In the present age after the "Kanto Incident", the former members of the East Swastika participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony.

Manjiro Sano
Voice- Hayashi Isamu[4],Files love(boy)
Performance- Ryo Yoshizawa(movies)[5],Ryo Matsuda(stage)[6][7]
President of "Tokyo Revengers". Known asMikey.. 1990May 8Raw, height 162 cm, weight 56 ​​kg, blood type B, favorite machine is CB250T (bab).
"Invincible MikeyThe strength of the fight is said to be one of the best in the world because of the charisma that everyone knows. At the time of the first time leap, he was present with Ryuguji at the scene of the fight gambling, and he was about to lose but did not draw. I like martial arts "TakemichiAfter that, he broke into the ditch and tried to forcibly take the martial arts, but he was hit by Hinata, but he was kind to him.
At the time of the third time leap, it is revealed that Ryuguji is Manjiro's "heart" and makes up for what is lacking. I met Ryuguji when I was in the 3th grade of elementary school, and from that time I had been dealing with the runaway tribe of high school students. At the time of the 5th time leap, he was furious that Hayashida was ridiculed by the members of "Aimi Aimi" and sank Nagauchi with a single kick. After that, Hayashida who stabbed Nagauchi was confronted with Ryuguji over whether to use money to release him or not to release him with the intention of Hayashida, but he was stopped by martial arts. At this time, Rare Saki asked me to make him the captain of the squadron instead of letting him go out with money. After the "4 Conflict", he seems to be aware of the martial arts 8 years later.
At the time of the 5th time leap, he appointed Rare Saki as the captain of the squadron on the promise of the previous Rare Saki, but the place left and asked the martial arts to bring the place back. After that, he confided his relationship with Hamiya to the martial arts who got into the hideout of "Baishu Hara" and heard everything from the place. After returning to the present age, he was the first president of "Ryuguji" from the mouth of Ryuguji Temple, killed Hamiya in "Blood Halloween", and was defeated by "Ryuguji". As it is, the modern "Tokyo Revengers" was born with "Baishu Hara" as the parent body.
In "Blood Halloween", he is inferior to Hamiya, Chombo, and Chome alone, but sinks with a single kick.However, while fainting, Hamiya stabbed the place, and when the place was dying, he sank the half that was disguised by Rare Saki with a single blow, killing Hamiya half.After the self-determination of the place, he tried to kill Hamiya as in the present age, but was stopped by martial arts, and while looking at the amulet of the place that happened to fall from the school run, he remembered the old days and apologized to the place.After seeing Hamiya commit suicide at the discrimination home, he decided to allow his brother Shinichiro to be killed.
After that, in modern times, it is said from the mouth of Hamiya that it fell due to the violence of the "Kuroryu" group of gold and rare Saki. In the "Sacred Night Battle", he received one shot from Daiju for prayer until the bell of Holy Night rang, but as a result, he sank Daiju in one shot and defeated "Kuroryu". After that, he was consulted by Seisou that martial arts were suitable for the president of the eleventh generation "Kuroryu", but he refused at one point, but if he wanted to become the president himself, he expressed his intention to respect his intentions.
In the present age after the conflict, he killed the main members of "Tokyo Revengers" one after another, called the martial arts to the ruins of the Philippines and tried to kill him with a pistol, but it was safe and he wanted to kill himself without intending to kill him. It becomes clear. He was shot by Naoto and quietly died in his martial arts arms.
In the "Kanto Incident", Emma was murdered, and she lost her fighting spirit and was standing down on the bench of the hospital, but she recovered after talking about what would happen 12 years after Hinata, and the martial arts and others became tattered. , Participated in the conflict with Ryuguji, who brought Hinata even though he was late when the defeat became more intense.He confronts Izana and once the movement is cut off, but he still hits a series of attacks and slows down Izana's movement.After Izana's death, he tries to manage the rest of the situation without making both sides unhappy, but he is relieved to hear that the S62 generation will remain.After that, he said to Rare Saki, "You won't forgive me," but even though he allowed him to escape with a half-hour guide, Hinata left it to himself and entrusted the martial arts to subdue Rare Saki.After that, he goes to the martial arts to fight Rare Saki with Hinata.A few days after Emma's farewell ceremony, the martial arts disbanded the swastika after letting her talk about a series of events.After that, he witnessed the creation of a time capsule with the main members, but soon after the martial arts returned to the present age, he broke up with Ryuguji.Immediately after, he founded "Kanto Swastika" and is in the position of president.In the modern era after that, he reigned as the president of "Brahma" and put the tattoo of the pierced earrings that Izana wore on the neck.Therefore, he did not appear at Hayashida's wedding ceremony, and Ryuguji tells a lie that he runs a restaurant overseas to other major members of the East Swastika other than Chifuyu.In fact, even if martial arts changed the past, it turned out that Manjiro himself fell into the darkness not because Rare Saki was alive, but because of the "black impulse" lurking inside him.Manjiro himself is aware of its existence, and the reason why he was able to suppress it until now is because Shinichiro and Emma brothers and sisters and the place were alive.After that, he reunited with the martial arts who visited the bowling alley, but shot three bullets and tried to jump off the roof to finish everything, but when the martial arts grabbed his arm and shouted to the martial arts that he really wanted help, he happened to be. He also shook hands and acted as a trigger to make the martial arts timely leap.
Ryuguuji Ken
Voice- Suzuki Tatsuhisa(1th term[4][13]),Shizuka Ishigami(boy)
Performance- Yuki Yamada(movies)[5],Sho Jinnai(stage)[6][7]
Vice President of "Tokyo Revengers". Known asDraken..It is called "Kentin" by Mikey. 1990May 5Raw, height 185 cm, weight 75 kg, blood type O, love machineZephyr 400 Custom.
Because there is no house to live in, I use a room in a sex shop (and fashion health) in Shibuya as a residence (when martial arts visit for the first time, I am mistaken for a customs guest and I am about to be entertained by a woman named Remi. Happenings that develop into).
Manjiro's reliable companion is characterized by his golden cues and the dragon tattoo on his left temple. In modern times, from before the time leap to the end of the fourth time leap, they are stabbed by the 4 conflict.
I still wear a shampoo hat because I'm afraid to see shampoo in my eyes.After Hayashida's best friend was raped and beaten by a member of "Aimi Aimi", she visited her best friend's visit, bowed while being cursed by her parents, and had a "heart" to think of Manjiro. To advise.When I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, I put in the tattoo of the dragon, which is now a trademark, and the original story of this dragon was that Mitsuya, who happened to be out of the house, scribbled on the wall with a rib bowl. What I got in exchange.Manjiro, who couldn't resist older than he was beaten by the Sameyama faction with a pan, met Manjiro with a kick and decided to follow Manjiro.I met Mitsuya shortly before I met Manjiro.Although he has a crush on Manjiro's younger sister Emma, ​​he has not developed into a relationship.
After the conflict with "Aimi Aimi" led by Nagauchi, Hayashida self-confessed, but he respected Hayashida's will, and Manjiro disagreed by trying to be released with money, and even before the development of the internal conflict. Thanks to martial arts, it did not develop into an internal conflict. After that, he was called by Hayashi before the "8 Conflict", but was suddenly hit by a member of "Aimi Aimi", and he was fighting alone while bleeding from his head. It became an "3 conflict", and although he was stabbed by Shimizu, he was still breathing and was helped by martial arts. After that, he survived the operation and handed over the special attack clothes of Manjiro's "Tokyo Revengers" to the martial arts.
In the present age when the future has changed, he committed murder at the direction of Rare Saki and is imprisoned in Tokyo Detention House as a death row prisoner. Before "Blood Halloween", I met Hamiya together and told him that he was a friend. In "Blood Halloween", it is mainly in conflict with half. Due to the overwhelming number and age of enemies, he fought while protecting the threatening members, but the blasting of the martial arts inspires the members, and it is no longer necessary to protect them, changing the battle situation alone. After "Blood Halloween", he goes to visit Hamiya and gives a message from Manjiro.
Although he rarely participated in the "Christmas Eve", he visited the church with Manjiro and cleared up the 100 soldiers who were waiting outside.In the modern era after that, he was slaughtered by Manjiro.
Before the "Kanto Incident", he learned that Emma had been killed by Rare Saki and accused Manjiro of losing Hamiya, the place, and Emma. Riding on his own motorcycle, he participated in the conflict with Manjiro, albeit late.After Izana's death, she pursues rare Saki and others with a martial art.After that, he participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony and runs a motorcycle shop with Seimune.Manjiro lied to the members of the East Swastika other than Chifuyu that he runs a restaurant overseas, and he broke up with Manjiro 12 years ago.
In the 10th time leap, I worked at a motorcycle shop, finished repairing a martial arts motorcycle, encountered Seisou who was grabbed by Terano while riding a test ride, and changed from Terano to "Rokubara Monodai" It is negotiated to enter, but it is unilaterally hurt by the rupture, but this triggered the gear to enter, and after the invasion of "Bon", he entered the continuation of the brawl with Terano and made a good fight such as floating Terano in the air. ..In fact, it turned out that he had been enlisted in "Bon", which has a common purpose, because of the consensus of interests, even before he encountered "Rokubura Monodai".Other former swastika members had promised not to get involved, so they rushed to the martial arts vassals who were trying to enlist them and declared their withdrawal, but the enlistment of martial arts helped them. After the "Brahman" rally, he heard the black rumors of "Rokubura Monodai" from Seisou and rushed to the amusement park where martial arts and Senboku are located. Although he saved the martial arts from the radicals of "Rokubura Monodai", he was hit by three ammunition on his abdomen in exchange for the death of Senboku. The life saved by martial arts two years ago has become a wind-blown light due to an absurd event.I was supposed to go to Emma in heaven while transporting to the ambulance that Chiba asked the staff to call.It is unknown at this time how he ran on the road to run a motorcycle shop in the present age after the "Kanto Incident", and it was erased from the present age due to the impact of the radical group of "Rokubara Monodai". Was never revealed.


Keisuke Baji
Voice- Masaaki Mizunaka[14]
Performance- Kandai Ueda(stage)[15]
Former Ichibantai captain who is the predecessor of martial arts. 1990May 11Raw, height 175 cm, weight 58 kg, blood type AB, love machineCockroach.
He was a childhood friend of the president, Manjiro, and was practicing at the dojo where Manjiro's grandfather was his master. He is the founder of "Tokyo Revengers". When he was in the second year of junior high school, he was a junior high school student, and in Chifuyu he was pointed out the kanji for a letter to Hamiya and helped Chifuyu who was attacked by his gratitude. There are some terrible aspects such as igniting a car with gasoline just because I was hungry, and hitting a person who passed me just because I was sleepy, but in fact, I was a friend and protected Hawk Maru, which was Manjiro's favorite car in the past. There is. After that, Hamiya slaughtered Shinichiro even though he stole a motorcycle shop run by Manjiro's older brother Shinichiro to steal the bab with Hamiya. Although he was detained, he was not in the juvenile training school because Hamiya was in the dark. Put long hair together in battle. He also participated in the "2/8 Conflict", and although he did not play a particularly prominent role at that time, he caused an inner ring dispute during the new martial arts appointment ceremony and was banned from the rally, but rare Saki. He hit the martial arts that hit him and declared to Manjiro that he would join the "Baishu Hara". After that, Chifuyu was made into a fumi-e with the hideout of "Baishu Hara" and officially enlisted by summoning martial arts witnesses. In "Blood Halloween," he was stabbed by Hamiya, who believed that he had betrayed himself, although he had deliberately passed through the swastika to defeat Rare Saki. After that, he defeated 3 members of the squadron and collapsed due to a fatal injury stabbed just before he stabbed Rare Saki. Although he loses consciousness for a while, Manjiro stabs his belly with a knife in front of him when he is about to kill Hamiya, and decides himself. After that, in martial arts, Rare Saki heard from Manjiro that he would appoint him as the captain of the squadron instead of sending him out with money. After telling him that, he died in Chifuyu, leaving behind the last word, "Payoung is half-hearted."
Chifuyu Matsuno
Voice- Kano Sho[16]
Performance- Keisuke Ueda(stage)[15]
Deputy captain of the Ichibantai. 1991May 12Raw, height 168 cm, weight 58 kg, blood type O, love machine is cockroach.
When I entered junior high school, I didn't use honorifics to my seniors, but I told the place where I was repeating a year that the kanji in the letter was wrong, but I felt uncomfortable. After that, he has been respected and admired since he was helped by the place where he was involved in a runaway tribe called "Otoko Ura". In the hideout of "Baishu Hara", he continues to be beaten as the target of the footsteps of the place. After that, he sensed the intention of the place and went to hear about Rare Saki in Nagauchi along with martial arts. In "Blood Halloween", he couldn't hit the place, and although he couldn't save the place, he inherited the intention of the place and appointed a martial art as a successor captain. In modern times after "Blood Halloween", he is a martial arts attendant, but is shot dead by the plot of Rare Saki. While the martial arts were returning, he and Hamiya, who were released from the martial arts, moved to reveal the plot of Tou and Raresaki, and even though he hunted down to the next step, he thought of the martial arts and hid the evidence. At the time of the 7th time leap, the martial arts told me about the martial arts themselves, and I told them that I was aware of it, and decided to cooperate again. After that, he formed a team with Rare Saki and Hanma, but he was betrayed and was detained, but he contacted Mitsuya in advance to get help and appeared in the martial arts and Hakkai's assistant sword.
In modern times after the "Christmas Eve", he was shot dead by Manjiro. When "Tianzhu" gets in, he escapes the martial arts and Sendo, but he gets a surprise hit by Kaoru Mochizuki and gets sick. In the "final decisive battle", Mochizuki, who was hit unexpectedly, is hit and confronted.After that, he challenges Tsurucho, but he is killed instantly and cannot stand, but he stops just before the martial arts are about to be beaten to death by Tsurucho.After that, he watched the psychological warfare between Rare Saki and martial arts, and was moved by the word "never give up" in martial arts, and helped martial arts again.After that, he survived in the present age and participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony.I run a pet shop.
Inui Seishu
Voice- Junya Enoki
XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" special attack captain → XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" deputy president.Known asInupy.. Born October 1989, 10, height 18 cm, weight 177 kg, blood type B, favorite machineRZ350(Nana Hankiller).
In the present age after "Blood Halloween", he is one of the top executives as a former "Kuroryu" group with Hakkai and Kui. Her hair is shorter than in the past, and she feels like buying a fight with Kui. Kui is a childhood friend. The bruise on the left side of the face was caused by a fire in my parents' house when I was in elementary school.
He belonged to Kuroryu from the XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" led by Izana, but he was in the juvenile training school when he was the XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" led by the group, and could not participate in the conflict with the East Swastika. After that, he was released and was greeted by Kui and tried to revive "Kuroryu" by himself, but Kui introduced him to Daiju and swore allegiance to Daiju who revived "Kuroryu" after losing a fight with Daiju. There is.
In the "Sacred Night Battle", Mitsuya was suddenly hit and almost incapacitated, and Chifuyu, who had already been damaged by Rare Saki for half an hour, was stalled.In Chifuyu, there is a section that admits a certain number of abilities, saying "I wanted to do it when I was pinning."After that, after he lost his fighting spirit and lost his fighting spirit, he simply abandoned him and left under him with Kui.After that, he went down to the Tokyo Revengers as a member of the XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu", appealed directly to Manjiro, and became a member of the Ichibantai led by martial arts.
In the present age after the "Christmas Eve Battle", he and Kui stand in the way of martial arts, Daiju, and Naoto as rare Saki's minions. In the 9th time leap, he was abducted by Muto and faced a one-sided lynch to put Kui in "Tianzhu".However, thanks to Kui, he was saved without being killed, and the feeling of martial arts to save Kui and the appearance of martial arts that confronted Taiju during the previous "Sacred Night Battle" were respected by himself, and the factor that was particular about the revival of the first "Kuroryu" In exchange for the inauguration of the eleventh martial arts president, "Kuroryu," he joined the eastern swastika and dressed in special clothing. In the "final battle", he tries to confront Muto but reluctantly confronts Kui.After that, after the snarl with Kui was resolved, he confronted Muto.At the end, he challenges the crane butterfly but is killed instantly.After that, he was impressed by the belief that he would never give up even though he couldn't stand, and he joined the martial arts. Reunited with Kui after Emma's farewell ceremony held a few days after the "Kanto Incident" was over.Kui advised me not to go wrong and said goodbye.After that, he witnessed the dissolution of the East Swastika, but did not participate in the creation of the time capsule. In the present age after the 9th time leap, the hair has changed to long hair as if the remnants of the past remain, and he runs a motorcycle shop with Ryuguji.
In the 10th time leap, he worked at a motorcycle shop with Ryuguji, but one day he was found by an enemy runaway tribe, and he was caught by Terano and thrown away in the form of being received by Ryuguji. Succeed in landing with your own motor nerves.
Mizonaka Five People

A bad group of martial arts in middle school.All of them joined the East Swastika when the time-leaped martial arts became the captain of the Ichibantai of the East Swastika.

Atsushi Sendo
Voice- Takushima Terashima[17]
Performance- Yuto Isomura(movies)[5],Masaki Nakao(stage)[12][7]
Commonly known as the leader of "Mizonaka Five People"Ah-kun..Before the time leap, he was caught by stabbing Shimizu at the age of 16 and became a thug after his release, but after the second time leap that changed the past, he became an executive of "Tokyo Revengers" and used martial arts as a railroad track. I told him from the person who dropped it and his own mouth.Despaired by the reality that Ryuguji died and the situation where Ryuguji had no choice but to follow him, he gave words of encouragement to the martial arts and jumped from the roof of the building to commit suicide.He has a dream of a future as a beautician, promises to invite martial arts as the first guest, and fulfills it in modern times, but he is threatened by rare Saki and becomes a perpetrator of Hinata's murder with Hinata Die. Before the conflict with "Tianzhu," the statement that "only Takemichi did not escape all the time" eventually became a source of inspiration for the members of the East Swastika.He lends his shoulders to the martial arts that he couldn't stand during the conflict but was beaten by Rare Saki and joined forces with other main members. After the 2th time leap, he is a beautician in modern times.
Takuya Yamamoto (Takuya Yamamoto)
Voice- Hiroya Hirose[17]
Performance- Shunji Tagawa(movies)
One of the five Mizonaka people, a childhood friend of martial arts.He has a bad but calm personality, and his body is weak, so he is not strong in fights.
Makoto Suzuki (Makoto Suzuki)
Voice- Takeuchi[17]
A vulgar man who is one of the five Mizonaka people and is just playing around with it, according to martial arts.
Kazushi Yamagishi
Voice- Shota Hayama[17]
One of the five Mizonaka people, the commander of the Ichibantai special attack unit.He wears glasses, but according to martial arts, he is an "intelligent idiot."However, when it comes to the bad world, it is possible to extract information that is not ashamed of the nickname "bad dictionary".When the time-leaped martial arts became the captain of the Ichibantai of the East Swastika, he became the captain of the Ichibantai Special Attack Unit.

Second corps

Takashi Mitsuya
Voice- Matsuoka Teijo[14]
Performance- Atsushi Maeda(movies)[18], Rita Aizawa (stage)[12][7]
Second captain. 1990May 6Raw, height 170 cm (self-proclaimed), weight 57 kg, blood type A, favorite machineイ ン パ ル ス.
He is the organizer of the eastern swastika, one of the founding members of the eastern swastika, and a former guard captain. While serving as a captain, he is also the director of the school's handicraft club, and his hands are dexterous, making the original special attack clothes and the first special attack clothes for martial arts. However, I am not good at personal computers and I use one-handed keyboard. I take care of Luna and Mana in a single-mother family. Encountered Ryuguji Temple when they left home once. After that, when I encountered Ryuguji again, I put the same dragon tattoo on the right temple as Ryuguji, but I offered a scribbled dragon as a condition for exchanging with Ryuguji's rib bowl, so I had no choice but to stretch my hair and I can not see the tattoo. I am trying to do it. I got acquainted with Hakkai in a nearby park, and from there I have a rotten relationship with Yuzuha.
In the "8 Conflict", he quickly realized that Ryuguji was being targeted, and joined Ryuguji along with martial arts. After the ceremony to appoint the new commander, he was found to be eavesdropping on the story of Manjiro and martial arts, and temporarily took care of the martial arts in the second corps. In "Blood Halloween," he searched for places and put a sword in non-combat martial arts. When he returned to the future after "Blood Halloween," only Mitsuya was missing from the presidium and did not appear at the presidium.
Before the "Sacred Night Battle", he met Daiju at the Shiba family and released Yuzuha from the collector under the condition of handing over the eight commandments to "Kuroryu" and concluded a peace agreement.However, he appears in front of Yuzuha who is trying to inspect Daiju by contacting Chifuyu and joins the martial arts.Although he competes with Daiju, he is almost incapable of fighting due to the sudden hit of Seisou, but he eventually wins with the participation of Manjiro and Ryuguji.
In modern times after the "Christmas Eve", it was strangled by Manjiro, and martial arts were attending the funeral. In the conflict with "Tianzhu", Mochizuki and Tyman were set up, but they were suddenly hit by the Ashiya brothers and became incapable of fighting.After that, before the final battle, he was suddenly hit by the members of "Tianzhu", was admitted to the hospital with Nahoya due to unconsciousness, recovered consciousness and escaped from the hospital, instead of participating in the conflict himself according to Manjiro's intention. Made Hakkai participate in the conflict.After that, he survived in the present age and participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony.He has become a promising fashion designer in the future and is directly producing martial arts black ties.
Shiba Hakkai
Voice- Yu Hatanaka
Deputy captain of the second unit. Born September 1991, 9. Height 4 cm, weight 183 kg, blood type O.
He longs for Mitsuya, which is a rotten edge, and makes him a mobile phone. He was the younger brother of Daiju, the teenage president of "Kuroryu," and protected Yuzuha from the violence of Daiju after his mother died. In the present age after "Blood Halloween", after becoming the president of the XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu", he has been listed as the top executive as a former "Kuroryu" group with Kui and Seimune. Since the past, he has been running a front company in a dark color, and has a terrible relationship with the members who were originally in the swastika, the so-called old-timers.
In the 7th time leap, I was bowling with Yuzuha in the lane next to the martial arts.She is so deep that she is not good at girls, so she freezes when she is talked to by a girl other than Yuzuha.At that time, he was called "Waka" by Kui, and his relationship with Seimune was terrible.He left the East Revengers to help the martial arts that had been half-killed by Daiju, and joined the "Kuroryu". In the "Christmas Eve" he had a knife in the church and was waiting for a long life.However, when he couldn't do anything against the absolute monarch, Daiju, he saw the courage of martial arts, and it was a lie that he had protected Yuzu from the violence of Daiju. Confess that.After that, with the encouragement of the martial arts, he decided to go against the longevity.Although he challenged Daiju with martial arts, he was cornered to the point of defeat, but he barely won with the participation of Manjiro and Ryuguji.
In modern times after the "Christmas Eve", it is burned to death by Manjiro. Before the final battle with "Tianzhu", Mitsuya and Nahoya were attacked by Ryuji Ashiya and Shione, and were upset. They did not participate in the "final battle" and were taking care of them at the hospital, but Mitsuya. Participated in the "final battle" with the intention of.Hold the flag and confront Ran Ashiya.During the battle, he joined Soya and confronted the Ashiya brothers, but both Soya had the youngest temperament and a terrible mood, but they managed to engage in the battle.Soya broke his leg and ate the lynch of the Ashiya brothers, making him incapable of fighting and unable to challenge Tsurucho.After that, he agreed with the belief of "never give up" in martial arts and joined the martial arts.After that, he survived in the present age and participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony.It has become a top model active overseas, but it seems that girls are still not good at it and freeze.

Participation team

Haruki Hayashida
Voice- Kimura Subaru[14]
Performance- Kazuki Horike(movies)[5], Daichi Nakashima (stage)[12][7]
Captain of the squadron.Known asParchin.. Born February 1991, 2, height 24 cm, weight 164 kg, blood type O, favorite machineCBX400F.
He is a kamikaze commander of the current swastika, and has a rough temper and a short temper.He was a founding member of the East Swastika and initially served as a flag bearer.Her best friend was assaulted by a member of "Aimi Ai", raped her (then abducted and abandoned on the road in an unconscious state that seemed to be a long-time kidnapper), and she was angry and "Aimi Ai" Determined to rape with the Lord.Behind the determination of this conflict, Rare Saki directly approached Hayashida to talk about the conflict.With no hands or legs in Nagauchi, he fainted while standing, but regained consciousness and stabbed Nagauchi with a knife.After that, he self-confessed and is now in the juvenile training school.This incident triggered the "8 conflict", the division of the eastern swastika before the time leap, and the formation of a villainous group.
In the present age after "Blood Halloween", it has already been released and is listed as the top executive.At the presidium, he was furious at the remarks of Hakkai who insulted the old group and set up a fight, but was stopped in half and suspended temporarily.Although he was heated up again due to being put into a company run by the eastern swastika, he bowed with an awe-inspiring expression to Rare Saki who appeared at the executive committee.After that, while martial arts and Chifuyu were detained, he was killed with Hayashi at the direction of Manjiro. Even in the present age after the "Christmas Eve Battle", Manjiro is murdered like other members of the East Swastika. He is alive in the present age after the "Kanto Incident" and holds his own wedding ceremony.He has taken over the family business and has become very rich, but he repeatedly rants in his wedding speech.Hayashi says, "Parchin's brain is dry!"Marriage partner is a childhood friend.
Ryohei Hayashi
Voice- Yukihiro Nozuyama[14]
Performance- Kawashin Mishin(stage)[12]
Deputy captain of the squadron → Deputy captain of the squadron.Known asPayan..Height 176 cm, weight 56 ​​kg, blood type B, favorite machineZ400FX (Fex).
The owner of a muddy voice, Hayashida's right arm.After Hayashida self-confessed, he was dissatisfied with the fact that Manjiro and Ryuguji had lost their relationship, and was aroused in half an hour to attack Ryuguji.However, in fact, he did nothing for half a half, and it turned out that it was caused by the induction of rare Saki. In the "8 Conflict", he participated in the war as the "Aimi lover" side, and by hitting Manjiro until he was satisfied, he made a chara and returned to the swastika.After that, Rare Saki was appointed as the captain of the squadron, and since the squadron was composed of "Aimi Aimi" members brought by Rare Saki, he was assigned to the second squadron led by Mitsuya who attends the same junior high school. In the present age after "Blood Halloween", he attended the executive meeting as an attendant of Hayashida.While martial arts and Chifuyu were detained, they were killed with Hayashida at the direction of Manjiro.
After the "Holy Night Battle", he replaced Hayashida as the deputy captain of the vacant squadron after the expulsion of Rare Saki. Before the final battle with "Tianzhu", Mitsuya and Nahoya were attacked and calmed down the upset Hakkai and others.
In the "Kanto Incident", the spots are sunk in one shot in the "Kanto Battle".According to Mitsutani, "Payan is stupid, but if he is good at it, he is better than me."After that, he found Izana and tried to take the general's head, but he was sunk with one kick.After that, he fainted, but he sympathized with the belief of martial arts that he would never give up and helped him.
In the present age after the 9th time leap, Hayashida's partner who was released.
Masataka Shimizu
Voice- Satoshi Hino[17]
Performance- Nobuyuki Suzuki(movies)[5],Sakuraba Haruto(stage)[12]
Participant member. Known asKiyomasa.. Enrolled in Shibuya Sannaka, the members of Mizonaka who were sniffing the second graders were assaulted in a group and treated as soldiers. This has upset the life of martial arts and is traumatic. Manjiro and Ryuguji appear even though he is the organizer of the fighting gambling and half-kills the martial arts, and he is beaten until he faints.
After that, in the "8 Conflict", he hangs with the members of "Aimi Aimi" and plans to kill Ryuguji Temple. He stabs Ryuguji but faints due to martial arts revenge. The safety after that is unknown.

The corps

Kawada Nahoya (Kawata Nahoya)
Voice- Kengo Kasai[14]
Captain of the squadron.Height 170 cm (including hair volume), weight 56 ​​kg, blood type B, favorite machineRZ250.
The popular name isSmileyHe always smiles like "The heart under the smile is a demon", but he has a cold heart. In the present age after "Blood Halloween", he has grown his hair and is listed as the top executive, but his safety is unknown.
Although he participated in both the "8 Conflict" and the "Blood Halloween", he did not play a significant role, and in the first conflict with "Tianzhu" he became a sword of martial arts. After that, he won with Tsurucho and Tyman in the hideout led by Tsuruchotai.
In the past, he was the president of a runaway tribe called "Sou Evil" (Sugoaku), and even though Mochizuki and Tyman were put up to settle the conflict with "Kurukatake" led by Mochizuki, he was completely defeated.Like martial arts, he and Soya have the belief that they will not have a fight to win. Before the final battle with "Tianzhu", he was attacked by "Tianzhu" with Mitsuya and was hospitalized with unconsciousness, but after recovering consciousness and leaving the hospital, he himself became a conflict according to Manjiro's intention. Instead of not participating, Soya was made to participate in the conflict.After that, in the present age, he runs a ramen shop called "Sou Evil" with Soya.[Note 1].
Kawada Souya (Kawata Souya)
Deputy captain of the squadron. Nahoya's twin brother. Known asAngryHe always has an angry face, such as "The heart of an angel with a fluffy face." Nahoya and SouyaMeguro Twin Devil"is called.The martial arts are so similar that they are misunderstood, and they have a gentle side unlike Nahoya, such as protecting Takuya and worrying about Mizonaka members.He was so kind that he couldn't really hit people and used to be a crybaby.However, when crying, the limiter comes off and it has a side of becoming a demon, and when Nahoya was in the fourth grade of elementary school, Nahoya was lynched by more than 4 junior high school students, but all the crying Souya have the ability to send to a seriously ill hospital. He has promised to "never cry" with Nahoya. In the "final battle", he was taking care of Nahoya, but he participated due to Nahoya's intention.Confront Ryuji Ashiya.Joined Hakkai during the battle and engaged with the Ashiya brothers.However, while he couldn't move because his right arm and left leg were broken by the gentian joint technique, he cried when he saw the sight of Hakkai being lynched.At that moment, the limiter came off, and he became a "blue demon" and stood up and walked despite his left leg being broken, and sank the clinging gentian with a single blow.After that, he wraps around behind Ran, who is distracted by the gentian, and sinks with a single blow. After defeating the Ashiya brothers, Mochizuki who interrupts also sinks with a single blow.After that, he was thrown on his back by Muto, but he threw it back and made it impossible to fight, and he broke the "Tianzhu" by himself.However, Tsurucho was defeated with no hands or legs.After that, he agreed with the belief of "never give up" in martial arts and joined the martial arts.After that, he participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony with Nahoya.

East swastika officials

Emma Sano (Emma Sano)
Voice- Uchiyama Yumi
Manjiro's half-sister.He was supposed to be Izana's sister, but in reality she has no blood connection with Izana.He died from Izana at an early age and was adopted by the Sano family.I like Ryuguji, and at the time of the third time leap, I was tempting martial arts because I wanted Ryuguji to be jealous.After that, he became friends with Hinata.
It turns out that he was killed by Rare Saki during the 9th time leap. Martial arts feel uncomfortable that she did not exist in the original modern age, and it turns out that this case was the biggest key that made Manjiro dark and made the swastika worse.
Yuzuha Shiba
Daiju's younger sister and Hakkai's older sister. Since his mother died, he had been struck by the violence of a long life, and was eaves by the eight commandments. Before the time leap, he killed Daiju.
In the 7th time leap, he was bowling with Hakkai in the lane next to the martial arts. He tried to kill Daiju with a knife in the "Christmas Eve", but the voice of martial arts helped him avoid a fatal injury.After that, Hakkai, who saw the courage of martial arts, confessed that he was protected by his sister. In the present age after the "Kanto Incident", he participated in Hayashida's wedding ceremony and is active as a manager of Hakkai.
Inui Akane
Five older sisters of Seisou and Kui's soulmate. When Kui and Seimune were in elementary school, the Inui family suffered a fire and suffered burns on their faces. It costs 5 million yen to heal completely, but Kui awakens to financial power as a result of this, but he died when Kui began to get on track due to theft and identity forgery.

Aimi Aimi (Mobius)

President: A runaway tribe where Nobutaka Nagauchi sits. In order to set up a conflict with "Tokyo Revengers", a villainous group that also commits crimes, he attacked Haruki Hayashida's best friend at the direction of former executive Tetsuta Kisaki, raped her and hunted down Hayashida. After that, Nagauchi was stabbed by Hayashida, and the vacant president remained blank, and Shuji Hanma put together the "S63" group and the "H1" group, which remained as acting president. Rare Saki enlisted in the swastika with the "H2 year" group in the wake of this incident. After the "August 8 Conflict", the members moved to "Baeryu Hara", which is actually led by the Vice-President for half a half, so it was disbanded.

Nobutaka Nagauchi (Oda Nobutaka)
Voice- Eiji Takeuchi[14]
Performance- Yoshiki Minato(movies)[5],Kenta Nitta(stage)[12][7]
"Aimi lover" XNUMXth president.Although he is good at boxing, he admits that he is a fool who only has strong fights.He had deepened his isolation by half-killing people he didn't like, but he became the president when he teamed up with Rare Saki, who had approached him at that time.
In the first conflict with the swastika, Hayashida is beaten down with a Thaiman, but after being killed by Manjiro, he tries to attack Manjiro from behind but is stopped by Ryuguji.Hayashida stabbed her abdomen and was seriously injured and was hospitalized.He survived, but retired and began working as a carpenter's disciple, and was used up by Rare Saki.I work as a factory worker who is not even modern.


Deputy President in a runaway tribe without the President:Shuji Hanma, No.3Hamiya IchitoraPut. It is touted as an "angel without a neck" and consists of 300 members of the former "Aimi Ai Lord" group and the anti- "Tokyo Revengers" group.The reality is that Rare Saki is an organization that has Manjiro Sano as the president and creates a "Tokyo Swastika" based on "Baishu Hara". In fact, in modern times, Rare Saki replaces Manjiro who killed Hamiya. Prepared, and the modern eastern swastika is completed as it is. Formed shortly after the "8 Conflict", Keisuke Baji was pulled out of the swastika. In "Blood Halloween", Hamiya was arrested and the place was dead. After this conflict, he went down to the eastern swastika and disappeared because a new member of the land corps belonged to it. After the "Christmas Eve Battle", he joined "Tianzhu" with rare Saki and half an hour.

Voice- Mizushima Taichu
One of the executives of "Baishu Hara" that Hamiya met when he was a boy. I was watching the fumi-e of the place while eating jagged potatoes. In "Blood Halloween", he challenged Manjiro with Hamiya and Chombo, but was completely defeated. The observing eyes are terrific, informing him that a kick will come after Chombo is pardoned.
Voice- Shuhei Iwase
One of the executives of "Baishu Hara" that Hamiya met when he was a boy. A fighting expert who acts as a partition for witness summons and was convened with Chome as "for Mikey".
Voice- Junichi Yanagida
He was an executive of "Baishu Hara" and was originally acting with Rare Saki. It is unknown why he is enrolled in "Baeryu Hara", but he tries to attack Manjiro who fainted after the battle with Hamiya, Chome, and Chombo, but is defeated by Rare Saki. It is unknown what happened after that with Chome and Chombo.

Black dragon

Originally created for Manjiro on February 1995, 2 by Manjiro's older brother, Shinichiro, Deputy Captain: Takeomi Meiji, Guard Captain: Keizo Arashi, Special Attack Captain: Wakasa Imaushi It has climbed to the top in Japan and has become a legendary team even today.However, the president who succeeded as the eighth generation:Kurokawa IzanaBecame a villainous group of murders, rapes, gambling, etc.Spotted lion soundWhen he was leading, he confronted the original swastika, and was once destroyed.After that, it was revived as a teenager by the hands of Daiju Shiba.Became the worst and worst murder group, and even though he collided with the eastern swastika again, he was defeated and fell under the umbrella of the eastern swastika.After that, he became the president as the eleventh generation.Hanagaki Martial ArtsTo the Vice-PresidentInui SeisouIs sitting.Former executives such as martial arts, martial arts, martial arts, Arashi, and Imaushi are participating as major executives and members in "Bon", which was established two years after the dissolution of the East.

Taiju Shiba
"Kuroryu" XNUMXth president.He is the brother of Hakkai, the deputy captain of the East Swastika, and is a monster with a unique sense of fighting and charisma.
The 5th generation "Black Dragon", which was led by the spotted eyes, revives the black dragon that was destroyed by the eastern lord who had just formed.Has a business sense, such as hiring the power of soldiers to the rich.He is quite a Christian and always has five soldiers, but only at Christmas time he is alone and prays in church.In the past, it was killed by Yuzuha.
The martial arts that happened to visit Hakkai's house eat a lariat, continue beating until it is half-killed, and enlist Hakkai in the "Black Dragon". After that, he signed a peace agreement with Mitsuya, and in the "Sacred Night Battle", he was stabbed by Yuzuha but avoided fatal injuries with the voice of martial arts. After that, Mitsuya and Chifuyu rushed to engage with the four people who joined, and even though they hunted down to the point of defeat, they were sunk by Manjiro's kick. The 4 soldiers outside were also wiped out by one Ryuguji temple and lost their fighting spirit. After that, he retired as it was and went out from the Shiba family. In modern times after the "Holy Night Battle", he reunited with martial arts while praying for the eight commandments that died in the "Holy Night Battle" church. Naoto also joins, and while talking about the first president, Shinichiro and Izana, "Kanto Incident", they engage in a battle to escape martial arts against Seisou and Kui who became rare Saki's minions.
Inui Seisou(Inui Seishu)
XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" special attack captain → XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" deputy president.
Kui Ichi(Beginning here)
The XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" guard captain.
Shinichiro Sano
Voice- Masaya Matsukaze
The founder of the black dragon and the brother of Manjiro. He was the president of the legendary first "Black Dragon" and originally founded "Black Dragon" for Manjiro.
His personality is similar to martial arts, his fighting is weak, and he is laid on the buttocks of a woman, but he is proud of his high charisma and is respected by bad guys. Seimune was also obsessed with "Kuroryu" in order to revive the first "Kuroryu" by meeting Shinichiro after his retirement. He had a half-brother relationship with Izana, and had corresponded with Izana who was in the juvenile training school. After retiring, he ran a motorcycle shop, but was slaughtered by Hamiya, who was stolen for the bab that was supposed to be given to Manjiro's birthday.


Based in Yokohama, President: Izana Kurokawa, Four Tenno:Mochizuki Kaji,Ran Ashiya,Spotted lion sound, Executives:Ryuji Ashiya, Yasuhiro Muto can't be united "S62 generation "A cohesive runaway tribe. Other four heavenly kings:Crane butterfly, General Staff: Tetsuta Raresaki, Executive: In addition to Shuji Hanma, from "Tokyo Revengers"Kui IchiJoined in the form of a souvenir when Muto joined Tianzhu.As a result, the cause of the great deterioration of the current swastika of "Manjiro's charisma", "Rare Saki's brain", and "Kui's financial strength" became the organization.The members are dressed in special attack clothes with a red collar with embroidery of Yokohama's first Tenjiku. Unlike "Tokyo Revengers", Izana reigns as an absolute "king", but since the four heavenly kings and the S62 generation and other executives are dominated by fear, Izana's orders can never be resisted. ..At the direction of Rare Saki, about 300 troops were used to attack the members of the swastika in various places in order to destroy the swastika.Since the former members of the 400th division of "Tokyo Revengers" such as Muto joined the army, the number has increased to 62.However, Izana died due to the runaway of Rare Saki during the "Kanto Incident", and Tsurucho became unconscious in the form of following Izana. Five S5 generations were arrested by police and almost destroyed.Among the executives who escaped arrest, Kui and Haru Chiya Sanzu withdrew with the members according to Manjiro's intention.Tsurucho survived at the hospital where he was transported. Two years later, it has already been disbanded, and it will be divided into the "Rokubura Single Generation Group" such as Tsurucho and S2 generation and the "Kanto Swastika Group" such as Kui and Sanzu.

Originally during the orphanage days of Izana and TsuruchoJourney to the WestIt was supposed to be a decent runaway tribe inspired by.

Kurokawa Izana (Kurokawa Izana)
The first president of "Tianzhu". Born August 1987, 8, height 30 cm, weight 165 kg, favorite machine is CBR58F.Solitude is the strength of a fight and the fist that kills people.Therefore, the fighting ability is said to be the strongest in the generation by kicking the forest that has just sunk.
Manjiro's half-brother and Emma's brother was supposed to be Emma's brother, but in reality she was a child born to a Filipino woman and her father, and the Sano brothers had no blood connection, let alone Emma.When he was a child, he respected Shinichiro, but at some point he broke up with Emma and his spirit collapsed.As a result, he was lynched by a runaway tribe at the age of 12.After being discharged from the hospital, he was put into the juvenile training school by revenge the runaway tribe who lynched and forced the boy who was the principal criminal to commit suicide, and with Muto and five others.S62 generationAlthough he became famous as "King", he completely beat the other S62 generations when he was a boys' school and reigned as an absolute "king".Therefore, there is no sense of companionship, such as saying that the other S62 generations are "just following with their own fear."At the juvenile training school, he communicates with Shinichiro by letter, and he hates the name of Manjiro.In fact, it turns out at the end that he is the person who made Manjiro fall into the darkness.The motive was "Since Shinichiro was killed by Hamiya, I imagined a new Shinichiro by emptying Manjiro's heart", but it turned out that he was also only a rare Saki piece.
After being released, he became the eighth president of "Kuroryu" and reunited with Shinichiro at the same time.Up to this point, "Kuroryu" had inherited the intention of the first "Kuroryu", but probably because Shinichiro said that Manjiro would take over "Kuroryu", his mental condition deteriorated, and crimes, fraud, and rape from this generation. , Began to deal with bad things such as gambling, and made the prototype of the teenage "Black Dragon".At that time, he contacted and solicited Kui, who had already heard rumors, and instructed Seisou to support the ninth generation "Kuroryu."After that, he retired, and three years after he retired, he founded the first "Tianzhu", and Kisaki, who plans to make the eastern swastika a criminal organization, comes into contact with himself.Rare Saki is called eddy, and Rare Saki and half are enlisted, and Rare Saki prepares a seat for the general staff and adds other S3 generation members to the group, but later after Muto himself died. It will be the cause of being erased from the present age.After that, he contacts Manjiro alone, throws meaningful words and leaves.
In the present age after the "Sacred Night Battle", the merger resulted in the "Kanto Incident", a conflict between "Tokyo Revengers" and "Tianzhu", and the No. 3 position of the East Swastika was obtained.The police have a good face, prepare the corpse of Rare Saki, and let Rare Saki, who has been accused of various things, escape overseas.After that, Manjiro was murdered by Naoto, and he decided to kill him at the same time as he became the president of the East Swastika.Seisou and Kui are used to abduct Daiju, Martial Arts, and Naoto, but Martial Arts and Naoto escape.Rare Saki who came back from overseas shot Naoto who protected the martial arts in an attempt to kill the martial arts, and when he killed Naoto, he advised him and accompanied Tsurucho who said that "two people robbed Mikey". Ordered the murder of martial arts.As a result, the martial arts that achieved the last time leap were targeted for life in the past, but they were erased from the present age by the runaway of rare Saki described later, and at the same time they protected the crane butterfly in exchange for their own death. He has escaped being erased from the present day.Therefore, after the "Kanto Incident", the martial arts told Tsurucho, "Izana who helped herself by herself cannot be seen."
In the 9th time leap, he instructed Muto to enlist Kui in "Tianzhu".Muto himself betrayed the swastika and enlisted Kui in "Tianzhu" as a souvenir.Appeared in front of Shinichiro's grave in the report that martial arts became the president of the eleventh generation "Kuroryu".He told Seimune that he was obsolete because he got Kui. In the "Final Battle", four S62-born presidents of "Sound Speed ​​Demon" in Shinjuku, "SS" in Kichijoji, "ICBM" in Ikebukuro, and "Yonodust" in Ueno are sunk alone as a spectator. I'm inviting you.Although he nominated the spot as "Kaisen", he got angry at the fact that he was done without any worries, and sank Hayashi with a single kick.After that, he was on the sidelines of the conflict, and also on the sidelines of the psychological warfare between Rare Saki and martial arts.Rare Saki was beaten, and when he was about to be beaten, he intervened, declared the killing of all the members of the East Swastika, and lynched the martial arts he tried to stop.He played against Manjiro, who entered the war late, and forgot his movement, but he faced a counterattack from him because he talked about his motive for falling into the darkness, and slowed down his movement.After that, Manjiro unilaterally counterattacked and robbed Raresaki of his pistol, but was stopped by Tsurucho, but at that point he did not listen to him unless he was defeated, but the bullet released by Raresaki was Tsurucho. By piercing his right chest, he turned around, and he shook himself from the three bullets fired at Tsurucho, admitting Manjiro the defeat of Tenjiro, and at the same time, secretly his birth. He told each of the crane butterflies, "I only have a crane butterfly," and died.The keepsake earrings were entrusted to the surviving crane butterfly, and then placed on a sandy mountain in an orphanage where he was born and raised.
Yasuhiro Muto
Voice- Ono Daisuke[14]
"Tokyo Revengers" Captain of the squad → "Tianzhu" executive and later acting president.Known asMucho.. The owner of a flashy fight style using a huge body. In modern times after "Blood Halloween", he is one of the top executives, but his safety is unknown.
He participated in both the "8 Conflict" and the "Blood Halloween", but he did not play a significant role. After the first conflict with "Tianzhu", he abducted the martial arts and used the Samurai Corps to Chifuyu and Mizonaka. I held down the members.The samurai corps is the only security maintenance unit that is allowed to rub the inner ring, and then Seimune and Kui are also abducted, and Kui is made to enter "Tianzhu" and succeeds in pulling out brilliantly.Also, at this time, he is persuading him to go another way to the three ways that are more loyal than others. He is one of the "S3 generations" and knows that Izana and other members had been admitted to the Juvenile Training School, and has the back face of being the founder of Tenjiku.From Seisou and Kui "Ghost of the S62 generationAfter talking to Seisou and Kui, he confronts Seisou. The charge for admission to the juvenile training school is "disability", and he hits concrete with a judo seoi-nage, causing his opponent to become paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. ..While confronting Seimune, the Ashiya brothers and Mochizuki are disabled by Soya alone, and confront Soya.Even though he tries to throw his favorite seoi-nage, he is thrown back and sinks.After that, the memory of confronting Manjiro in the past flashed back,Tanto (Dos)Even though he tries to attack five people with, he loses consciousness when he is beaten by Hatoo because he doesn't need to be dyed in "Tianzhu" by Tsurucho.After regaining consciousness, he will be on the sidelines of the psychological warfare between martial arts and rare Saki with Tsurucho, Kui, and the former main members of the East Swastika.At that time, when he saw the main members of the eastern swastika who helped the martial arts' "never give up" belief, he shed tears when he learned that the unfilled difference between "eastern swastika" and "Tianzhu" was friendship. , Asking Izana in her own mind, "Where is the swastika heading?"Fearing that Manjiro would be arrested as a substitute after Izana's death, he was arrested by the rushing police after convincing him that he would remain the "S5 generation" rather than staying here.Upon admission, he was found to be acquainted with Terano and was defeated in a fight with him along with other "S62 generations".Half a year later, he was greeted by Sanzu when he was released from the Tokyo Juvenile Classification Home, and after being taken to the third pier, which is the stage of the "Kanto Incident," he was killed by Sanzu's hands and was rewarded for betrayal. To reach the end.Later, it was discovered as an unidentified skeleton corpse after being abandoned in Tokyo Bay by Sanzu.Therefore, he was not the only executive of "Rokubara Monodai" among the "S62 generation" who became acquainted with Terano.

Three days

It is a general term for three runaway tribes that can be said to be the predecessors of "Brahma" formed after the "Kanto Incident", and has the power of dividing the 3 wards of Tokyo into three.At the time of the time leap of martial arts, the three powers were in equilibrium, and while it became clear that "Kanto Swastika" was an enemy of martial arts, "Bon" and "Rokubura Monodai" 23 There are many people who can be powerful companions to defeat Manjiro, which martial arts have been looking for.


Chief: Chiraku Tarajo, No. 2: Takeomi Meiji, Executive: Keizo Arashi, Wakasa Imaushi, Collaborators: Ryuguji Ken is one of the three heavens where Ken sits, and is an underground fighting ground in Shinjuku Ward. Based on "B-1".There are many black rumors that it is not a runaway tribe but an adult super-combat type foolish corps.Members wear a long hooded coat with "BRAH hood MAN" paint on the back as special clothing. The purpose is to defeat the "Kanto Swastika".The major executives other than Senryo and Ryuguji were occupied by the members of the first "Kuroryu", and were famous as a living legend. After a conflict with "Rokubura Monodai", Takemichi Hanagaki joined the army as a choreographer of Senboku, and the number of former "Kuroryu" members became four.However, due to the "Santen War", Senboku lost his fighting spirit and was disbanded.Arashi, Imaushi and others joined the "Kanto Swastika", and Senroku, who lost his fighting spirit, recovered by martial arts and joined the "Second Generation Tokyo Revengers".

In the first edition published in the magazine, "△ 梵Was misprinted.

Kawaragi Senju
"Bon" chief → "Tokyo Revengers" captain.
One of the charisma alongside Manjiro, initiallyUnmatchedIt was a mystery except that it had the nickname of "Kanto Incident" and that it was wearing a hood. A person with a small physique with a real face that gives off a dangerous smell reminiscent of Manjiro, has a very decent personality except for strange murderous intentions, and is allowed to defile "Bon" by crime etc. I say no.The gender was initially thought to be male, but it turned out to be female the day after the martial arts decided to join the army.He has the ability to fight like a woman, such as downing Terano, who has a physical disparity, with a single kick. I usually save my ability as a result.
His real name is "Akashi SenjuTakeomi and his younger sister.She became the female chief of "Bon" at the recommendation of Takeomi, and Sanzu rebelled against becoming the chief of "Bon" and cut off the ties of her brother and joined "Kanto Swastika". Has been revealed.According to the future prediction she saw in martial arts, she was attacked by a radical group of "Rokubara Monodai" who worshiped Terano on July 2008, 7 in the present age after the "Kanto Incident" and she died. She is already deceased because of this. After the rally of "Bon", he invites him to an amusement park date, but even though he is attacked by a radical group of "Rokubara Monodai" who worships Terano, he escapes death because the martial arts have been struck by the time Ryuguji rushes. However, the Ryuguji Temple becomes dying in exchange for its own death. In the "Santen War," she fought a fierce battle with Terano, but she lost her fighting spirit when she saw Manjiro's black impulse. Although she decides to dissolve "Bon", she is bought by martial arts as the leader of "Bon" in the final battle with "Kanto Swastika" and she becomes "Second generation Tokyo Revengers". Enlist as a swastika captain.
Takeomi Akashi
"Kuroryu" first deputy captain → "Bon" number 2.With Senboku and Sanzu's brotherWar godHas the nickname of.There is a large scar on the right side of the face.He is always calm and calm, as he does not show the feelings of being mature like Manjiro, but when he learns of Ryuguji's death, he seems to be emotionally ups and downs, such as setting up a conflict.
Attempts to scout martial arts, but is blocked by a crane butterfly. When I interrupted the battle with "Rokubura Monodai" and withdrew, I had a meaningful conversation with Ryuguji, but it became an opportunity to discover that Ryuguji was my companion. ..He used to have aspirations for the eastern swastika founded by Manjiro, but was disappointed by the lack of aspirations of "Kanto Swastika" and decided to defeat him as one of the bad adults if the president Manjiro became a bad adult. There is.However, when he learned of Ryuguji's death, he set up a conflict against "Rokubura Monodai" one week earlier, and was overwhelmed by the members of "Rokubura Monodai" and was exposed to the fear of death. He is saved by his teacher and now a cow, and confronts Terano with them.It is unknown at this time how he belonged to "Brahma" as a consultant in the present age after the "Kanto Incident".
Keizo Arashi
President of "Swastika Naroku" → First Guard Captain of "Black Dragon" → One of the chief executives of "Bon" → Deputy Chief of the "Kanto Swastika" Squadron.Known asBenkei.
Although he is in a position to oppose enlisting martial arts in the "Bon", he accuses him of being spotted and hits him with a blow.RigidityA black-skinned giant who has the ability to fight and is now known as the strongest duo of "Black Dragon" with cows.
OnceRed CliffJapan's largest team that divides the western Kanto region such as Gunma, Saitama, Tokyo, and Kanagawa, which has the nickname ofRagnarokAs the president of "Kuroryu", he was in conflict with the cow now, but he has a past of joining "Kuroryu" when he met Shinichiro.
Imaushi Wakasa
General General of "Kodo Union" → "Black Dragon" first special attack captain → "Bon" one of the chief executives → "Kanto Swastika" squadron captain.Known asWaka.
IdatenYuuo, who has the ability to atrophy the crane butterflies only by his nickname and sign, and who was famous as the strongest duo with Arashi, is one of the few people who knows that Chiroku is a woman.
Twelve teams that once divided the eastern Kanto region such as Tochigi, Ibaraki, and Chiba gathered together to form "Glittering UnionTo leadWhite pantherAlthough he was in conflict with Arashi as a general general who was feared as a general, he has a past of joining "Kuroryu" together with Arashi when he met Shinichiro.

Rokuhara Tadai

Sodai: Minami Terano, Chief: Tsurucho, Second seat: Ran Ashiya, First attendance: Ryuji Ashiya, First seat: Kaji Mochizuki, Second seat: Kaname, a runaway tribe called Santen where Shione and others sit The largest force based in Minato Ward with one.Dress in a jumpsuit-shaped special clothing with embroidery of the Rokubara single generation.The executives other than Terano are occupied by former members of "Tianzhu".Some radical members who worship Terano (the lower end according to Ryuguji) are also enrolled, and unlike regular members, they wear black hoodies.When Terano was killed by Manjiro, the entire organization was absorbed and merged with "Kanto Swastika".

Terano South
In the "Rokubara Monodai" total generationBrazil-リ オBorn in a shantytown in.One of the charisma lined up with ManjiroMusou SouthHe is a big man with a tattoo from his chest to his right head, which is called, and he interweaves musical terms into the conversation.While targeting the swastika, he has a desire to crush it someday.Perhaps because of that, if he refuses to become a companion, he becomes violent, and he has the ability to quarrel with monsters, such as unilaterally hurting the refused opponent, but the power of his fist for a giant, such as accepting it with the arm of a rough master. There is no.Perhaps he knew that Seisou was a member of Ryuguji Temple, he captured Seisou who had escaped from the enemy's runaway tribe and urged him to receive it to the Ryuguji Temples he encountered.In order to counter Manjiro, he negotiates to add Ryuguji to his group, but when he broke down, he unilaterally hurt Ryuguji, but he was unilaterally hurt by Senboku when he was attacked by a group of "Bohman".
When he was a child, he lived with his sick mother, but when he met a man named "Dino" who was concerned about his mother, he woke up to violence at the age of five and killed a hostile man.South is the common name given to him when he was recognized by "Dino" and his real name isSouth (Minami)Is. At the age of 12, he beat "Dino" to death and wept, and became the boss of the gang team "Dino South". At the age of 14, he lost his mother due to an attack by hostile forces, moved to his grandparents living in Japan, and entered the juvenile training school without knowing the circumstances.It turned out that he was acquainted with the "S62 generation" except for Izana who died there, and violently defeated them.He was greeted by the "S62 generation" except Muto, who was killed in three ways at the same time as his release, and succumbed to him after a fight with Tsurucho. I climbed up until I became the president of "Rokubura Monodai".
He himself is the owner of the "black urge", which has driven "Dino" to death, making the strongest duo of the first "black dragon" unrecoverable.
Crane butterfly (Kakucho)
"Tianzhu" four heavenly kings first → "Rokubura single generation" chief → "Kanto swastika" guard captain.
He is the only conscientious person in Tianzhu and a childhood friend of martial arts, and has been out of touch with martial arts since he moved to Yokohama when he was in the second grade of elementary school.I met Izana at an orphanage.The Kawada brothers, martial arts, and Chifuyu are waiting in the warehouse for a 2 to 4 match.As a result, he is in Tyman with Nahoya, and he is intentionally defeated because he tells the martial arts, and asks the martial arts to rescue Izana.Izana is requested to be killed by Rare Saki, and if you drink the condition, it is not villainous to stop with all your might. In modern times after the "Holy Night Battle", he is brainwashed by Rare Saki and others, and mercilessly kills martial arts.In addition, martial arts shook hands with Naoto before he died, and he was saved because he returned 1 years ago, but his modern body is dead. In the "final battle", he confronts his childhood friend, martial arts.In fact, it is the leading among the four heavenly kings, and five people of the villainous generation including the other four heavenly kings are described as small fish.BrawlerIt boasts the ability to live up to the nickname, but its weakness is that it cannot be dealt with if the opponent has a weapon.After sinking the main member of the eastern swastika alone, he unilaterally hurt the martial arts, but he could not finish it even though he was a childhood friend.After that, he was on the sidelines of the psychological warfare with Rare Saki, and was more worried than anyone in Tianzhu about the martial arts that were about to fall apart when Izana broke in.Watching the offense and defense of Izana and Manjiro, the moment Izana was forced into defeat, she stole Raresaki's pistol and stopped trying to shoot Manjiro, but Raresaki shot her right chest.After that, even though he tried to challenge Rare Saki, he was overwhelmed by Izana and took his life, but it was almost the same as reaching the limit.Still, I saw Izana's death with martial arts and Manjiro.After that, when it began to snow, he became unconscious as if he was chasing Izana, and as a result, he survived.After that, when the martial arts came to visit him, he lamented the dissolution of Tenjiku.After leaving the hospital, I went to an orphanage where I met Izana, made a mountain of sand, put on Izana's earrings, and left the orphanage.Later, at the recommendation of Terano, he belonged to "Rokubura Monodai" and reigned as No. 1 of "Brahma" in the present age.While showing a ruthless side to the traitors, the conscientious role of "Brahma" is to persuade Manjiro to go to the shrine where they are on the day when the time capsules filled by the main members of Tokyo Revengers are opened. Is responsible for.
In the 10th time leap, he tried to scout martial arts before being overtaken by "Bon", but he argued with his vassals, but as a result, he was allowed to join "Bon", but martial arts He respected his will when he declared his determination to defeat Manjiro.
Ashiya Brothers
All of them are one of the "S62 generation", and they do not form a specific runaway tribe, they work together with Roppongi as a territory, and they are famous as charismatic brothers who gather as many as 1 people with one voice. It also appeared once during "Blood Halloween".Also, using emerging powers, the "Black Dragon" has been completely dissolved. Unlike the other members, the special attack clothes when participating in "Tianzhu" and "Rokubura Monodai" are based on black.The charge of admission to the youth detention center was "injury lethal crime", and the president and deputy president of "Kyougoku" who was partitioning Roppongi at that time and Tyman were put up. I hit the face of the opponent whose technique was decided more than necessary.As a result, the Vice-President was taken to the hospital with a facial depression and a skull fracture, but died.After Izana's death, he was arrested by rushing police.After their release, they both belonged to "Rokubura Monodai", and in the present age, they both reign as executives of "Brahma".At that time, I have a tattoo of Izana's pierced earrings in my throat.
Ran Haitani
Voice- Namikawa Daisuke
"Tenji" Four Tenno → "Rokubura Single Generation" Second Seat → "Kanto Swastika" Special Attack Unit Commander.
He is the older brother of the Ashiya brothers and has long hair tied up with braids. He suddenly attacks Mitsuya with a block wall between Mitsuya and Mochizuki, and steals his credit.According to Ryuji, he always takes good points, decides a pose, and partitions immediately.He says that he is not a team that can be crushed unless he is surprised because he acknowledges the ability of the eastern swastika.As for the ability of fighting, he often uses a weapon such as a baton because he was injured and killed by hitting the face of the deputy president of the above-mentioned "madness" more than necessary. In the "final battle", we will confront the eight precepts.After Ryuji broke Souya's right arm and left foot, the two of them hunted down Hakkai, but they were sunk by Souya, who became a "blue demon."At the time of Manjiro and Izana's Thaiman, he regains consciousness with Ryuji and stands by.After Izana's death, she told her that she had longed for Izana and closed the eyelids of the dead Izana and the unconscious crane butterfly. In the "Santen War", the weapon-holding style was successful, and I was able to deal with the three ways of using weapons as well.
Ryuji Ashiya (Gentiana scabra)
Voice- Hiro Shimono
"Tianzhu" executive → "Rokubura single generation" first attendance → "Kanto swastika" special attack corps deputy chief.
He is the younger brother of the Ashiya brothers and wears glasses, and he is hurt by Ran who wants to partition. In the "final battle", they will face Soya, who has a famous older brother.He broke Soya's right arm and left leg with his strong joint technique, and even though he hunted down Hakkai with Ran, he looked sweet at Soya who became a "blue demon", and was sunk with a single blow the moment he clung to the joint technique.At the time of Manjiro and Izana's Thaiman, he regains consciousness with Ran and stands by.He took off his glasses when he belonged to "Rokubara Monodai" after his release.
Mochizuki Kanji
President of "Kankabu" → "Tianzhu" Four Tenno → "Rokubara Monodai" first seat → "Kanto Swastika" executive. He is also one of the "S62 generation".Known asMitchie..It is a battle enthusiast from the background described later.
There is a connection from the "double evil" era when the Kawada brothers used to be the president.He leads the "Mochizuki Corps" in the main unit of the "Tianzhu" that the martial arts met for the first time in the past.After sinking Chifuyu in one shot, moved to Shinjuku to hit Mitsuya.Although he fought evenly with Mitsuya, the Ashiya brothers also participated, and his credit was stolen. In the "final battle", he tries to play against martial arts, but he takes a sudden kick from Chifuyu and confronts Chifuyu. At the age of 13, he beat a police officer who had stopped fighting and was admitted to the juvenile training school for "obstructing the execution of public affairs."The Ashiya brothers, who had been looking at him during the confrontation with Chifuyu, were dissatisfied with the fact that he was incapacitated by one of Souya who had won in the past, and even though he tried to confront Souya, he was sunk with a single blow.At the time of Manjiro and Izana's Thaiman, he regains consciousness and stands by.After Izana's death, he persuaded Manjiro to withdraw to prevent him from being arrested.He was subsequently arrested by the rushing police.After being released, he belonged to "Rokubura Monodai", and in the present age, he reigns as an executive of "Brahma".
Spotted lion sound
"Kuroryu" 62th President → "Tianzhu" 1 Tenno → "Rokubara Monodai" 62nd Seat → "Kanto Swastika" executive. He is also one of the SXNUMX generation, but he is said to be the weakest in the SXNUMX generation from the interaction with Izana, and is sunk by Hayashi and the blow of Arashi who was the guard captain of the first "Black Dragon".
He has a lion tattoo on his left temple, and is the man who created the opportunity to be founded by "Tokyo Revengers."In the attack, he is not fighting the captain's class, but he uses a brass knuckles, which is a crazy side.Before the conflict with Tokyo Revengers, he attacked Mitsuya and Nahoya with Ryuji, making him unable to participate in the conflict. In the "Kanto Incident", he tried to compete with Hayashi as a "Kanto Battle", but he was sunk in one shot.Manjiro and Izana's Tyman regained his consciousness and looked on the sidelines, but were arrested by the rushing police after Izana's death.The charge of admission to the juvenile training school is unknown because it was sunk in the forest with a single blow.After being released, he belonged to "Rokubura Monodai", but was sunk by the blow of Arashi and faded out just before the "Santen War", but re-executed as an executive of "Kanto Swastika" after the absorption-type merger. To appear.

Kanto Swastika

President in the past 10 years ago:Manjiro Sano, Deputy Chief: Haru Chiya Sanzu, Staff: One of the forces called Santen where Ichi Kui sits.A runaway tribe based in Shibuya Ward that was touted as invincible, the enemy of martial arts in the 1th time leap.The members are dressed in white special clothing with embroidery of the Kanto swastika. Conquer the "Santen War", absorb and merge "Rokubura Monodai", and a large executive of "Bon" joins the army.Crane butterfly, Kamikaze Captain:Ran Ashiya, Kamikaze Deputy Chief:Ryuji Ashiya, Captain of the squadron:Now cow Wakasa, Deputy Chief of the Squadron:Keizo Arashi, Executives:Mochizuki Kaji,Spotted lion sound, Squadron Affiliation:Shuji HanmaExpanded to the largest force holding.

Ryoko Kui (Beginning here)
Voice- Natsuki Hanae
XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" guard captain → "Tianzhu" executive → "Kanto swastika" executive.Known asHere.. Born April 1990, 4 (In Japan, born April 1 is treated as an early birth and will be incorporated into the previous grade. If it is the same grade as Inui Seisou, it will be born in 4), height 1 cm, weight 1990 Kilogram, blood type A.
In modern times after "Blood Halloween", he is one of the top executives and runs an IT company on the table. When he was in the third year of junior high school, Seimune introduced Daiju for the spirit of reviving "Kuroryu" at the same time as the source of the juvenile training school. As it is, Daiju becomes the 3th president of "Kuroryu" and pledges allegiance to Seimune and him. He has a calm and selfish personality, but he likes strong guys, has a sincere side to Seisou, and only listens to what he says.
Before the "Holy Night Battle", he sniffs out that the traitor and the martial arts are secretly meeting, receives 4000 yen from Rare Saki, and teaches when Daiju will be alone.After that, he joined Daiju with Seimune, but he hardly participated in the battle.After the defeat, he abandoned Daiju to keep up with Seisou and joined Tokyo Revengers.Like Seisou, he belonged to the Ichibantai, but was abducted by Muto, and "Kui's financial strength," "Rare Saki's brain," and "Manjiro's charisma" are the causes of the great deterioration of the modern Tokyo Revengers. It turned out.When Izana learns that she is a genius who produces money, Martial Arts and Seimune resist, but the two who are detained are lynched by Muto and forced to join "Tianzhu" to prevent them from being killed. In the "Final Battle", he wears "Tianzhu" special attack clothes and confronts Seimune who came to bring himself back.Since it took 2 million yen to completely cure the serious illness such as the burn of red sound, which is the sister of Seimune, who is his own thought, he gathered a group of bad boys as a means of earning money, and made them steal and blackmail. Create counterfeit credit cards in the hundreds of thousands and provide a proxy service at the club where VIP attends.At that time, Akane died and met Izana who heard the rumor.Like Izana, Taiju knows the rumors of gold as a messenger.After talking with Seisou, he was replaced by Muto, so he was almost unparticipated in the conflict and was killed by Tsurucho in a blink of an eye. Psychological warfare is also on the sidelines. A few days after the "Kanto Incident" was over, he reunited with Seimune on his way home from Emma's farewell ceremony. "I'm going my way. I won't support Inupi from now on, so don't go wrong," he advised Seisou. It was good, but in the present age, it reigns as an executive of "Brahma". After reigning as an executive of "Brahma", Izana's pierced earrings are put on the second row from the top of the crochet.
Sanzu Haruchiyo
"Tokyo Revengers" Deputy Captain of the Swastika Corps → "Kanto Swastika" executives.Although he revealed to Muto that he was an "only child," it was revealed from Senboku's mouth that he was actually the younger brother of Takeomi and the older brother of Senboku.
I wear a mask to hide the two scars on my mouth.He had pledged allegiance to Manjiro even before he belonged to the Samurai Corps, and although he had a track record of belonging to other units, he was a rampage horse that none of the units could handle, but Muto became the captain of the Samurai Corps. At the same time, join the Samurai Corps.At that time, he was playing shogi, told Muto his "belief to serve the king", and took over the mask he had used in the past because he was damaged by a wound.Six months later, he was appointed Deputy Captain of the Samurai Corps and swore allegiance as Muto's right arm.Therefore, when Muto withdraws from the East, he follows him with other members of the Samurai and joins Tianzhu. Although Muto was arrested after the "Kanto Incident," he retreated from the conflict site, Wharf 2.In fact, it turned out that he had been aiming to kill Manjiro from the time he betrayed Manjiro until the time when Muto was released six months after the confluence of Tenjiku.When Muto was released from the Tokyo Metropolitan Discrimination Office, he was greeted and taken to Wharf 3 again, where he betrayed Manjiro, the "king", and killed him.At this time, I removed the mask I got from Muto.
After the murder of Muto, he rebelled against the fact that the chief of "Brahman" became a thousand swords, and after cutting the ties of the brothers who recommended her, he joined "Kanto Swastika", and in the present age, "Brahma" Reigns as number two.At that time, I have a tattoo of Izana's pierced earrings on my right arm.

Martial arts opponents and their affiliates

Rare Saki Tetsuta
Voice- Shotaro Morikubo[19]
Performance- Shotaro Mamiya(movies)[5],Toshiya Yuki(stage)[15]
"Aimi Ai Lord" executive → "Tokyo Revengers" staff captain → "Tianzhu" general staff.
Born January 1992, 1, height 20 cm, weight 164 kg, type A.
In modern times, he is acting president of "Tokyo Revengers".Though he is a tactician, he has a strong mental power because he is too conscious of knowledge.[Note 2]If you deal with the opponent, you will overbreath, and if the fighting ability is pure attack power, you will not be able to restart the martial arts once, but in terms of defense, it is devastating enough to be hit back by the martial arts and collapse.
A martial arts nemesis who transformed the modern eastern revengers into a criminal organization.He had a sober personality when he was in elementary school, attended the same cram school as Hinata, and met martial arts at that time.At that time, it turned out that he was in favor of Hinata, and the fact that Hinata's heart leaned toward martial arts was the beginning of a series of events.Perhaps because of this, in modern times, it turns out that he had become a stalker at the end of the game, such as when he presented his ring to propose to Hinata and decided to kill him because he was refused.
In the present age before the "8 conflict", he threatened Sendo and tried to kill the martial arts, but failed, and Sendo committed suicide as it was.He is a tactician who can fall into the other person without getting his hands dirty, expressing his self-confidence as "moon" and contacting Nagauchi of "Aimi Ai Lord".Zhang himself who raised him to the president who divides Shinjuku and used him to hunt down Hayashida and create a trigger for a conflict with Tokyo Revengers.He also has a direct conflict with Hayashida, the "Aimi lover." He belonged to "Aimi Aishu" as an executive, and organized the "H3 year" group.Originally, he sowed Manjiro a bait that could acquit Hayashida, killed Ryuguji in the "2 conflict", and tried to sit in the vacant No. 8 chair, but failed.He changes his plan and sits in the vacant captain's chair.
"Blood Halloween" is planned with the next sword as the next sword for the first vice president of "Bakiryu Hara". In the present age before "Blood Halloween", Hamiya is used to kill the place, and Manjiro is made to kill Hamiya and prepare a substitute.As it was, the Tokyo Revengers were born with "Baishu Hara" as the mother body.However, due to martial arts, Manjiro ended without killing Hamiya, and instead enlisted Hanma in Tokyo Revengers. After "Halloween of Blood", the martial arts who were the executives in the present age are killing Hinata, and the martial arts are cornered by this evidence, and Chifuyu is detained by drinking alcohol with a sleep mute.He shot and killed Chifuyu, who was a traitor to Tokyo Revengers, and tried to kill martial arts, but failed due to Hamiya's obstruction.
Before the "Christmas Eve", he formed a team with Martial Arts, Chifuyu, and Hanma with the intention of betraying.Handing a knife to Yuzuha in the name of helping Hakkai, he sends him to the murder of Daiju. In the "Christmas Eve", he made an argument to stop the longevity outside and abducted and detained Chifuyu.
After the "Christmas Eve", he was dismissed by Manjiro, and he voluntarily contacted Izana of "Tianzhu" with a half-hour through the East Revengers.He was appointed as the general staff of "Tianzhu".At this time, it turned out that he had consistently planned to make his own convenient East Revengers. It was thought that he died in the present age after the first conflict, but in fact he has fled overseas and tried to shoot the martial arts trying to return because he wanted to know about the "Kanto incident", but he shot and killed Naoto. It became a shape. Before the "final battle", he attacked Emma with a motorcycle that he drove for half an hour.It turns out that this is the key to creating a villainous eastern revenger, with the future unchanged no matter how many times the past is changed. In the "final battle", he tries to destroy the eastern sword without his own hands, but he gets angry that Tsurucho does not stab the martial arts and shoots at the martial arts, but he overbreaths due to the spirit of the martial arts. Wake up and shoot the martial arts foot.After that, he held a gun to kill the martial arts, but the word "killed Emma" hindered him and made him incapable of fighting, but Sendo, Chifuyu, Seisou, Hakkai, Hayashi, and Soya joined forces. , The merger of "Tokyo 卍 會" and "Tianzhu" with Manjiro Sano as the president was proposed, but it was an unacceptable requirement for the martial arts whose fate was derailed by it, so it was rejected by the martial arts in the form of hitting rare Saki. To.After that, I watched the offense and defense of Izana and Manjiro, but from the middle of the game, Tsurucho persuaded Izana, saying that the existence of Tsurucho was an obstacle because all the plans were obstructed by martial arts and Izana was the only medium. Even though he shoots three shots, he hits Izana, and he loses his hips in an unexpected situation and causes hyperventilation.After that, Izana died, and Tsurucho became unconscious and seriously unconscious.Ryuguji tries to escape the pursuit of martial arts, but due to a hurry for half an hour, he causes an accident and falls, and is overtaken by martial arts.He continued to flee, and the battle between martial arts and martial arts began in the parking lot that had driven Hinata to death in modern times. , The martial arts are accused of being the cause, but the gun is thrown off by the kick of the martial arts, and he is about to be shot dead.Immediately after that, Manjiro and Hinata appeared and she was upset and escaped.The moment he stopped running away with the words "I won't let him go back to the future!" Achieved.
Shuji Hanma
Voice- Takuya Eguchi[19]
Performance- Hiroya Shimizu(movies)[5],Shuji Kikuchi(stage)[12][7]
Deputy President of "Aimi Ai Lord" → First Vice-President of "Baeryu Hara" → "Tokyo Revengers" Land Commander → "Tianzhu" executive.
Born October 1989, 10, height 27 cm, weight 192 kg, AB type.
Rare Saki's companion, "Dally" is a habit.With the ability of fights, you can cross over with Ryuguji Temple.He has a "sin" tattoo on his left hand and a "punishment" tattoo on his right hand.He was once feared that he was called "Kabukicho Shinigami".When he was disgusted by the boring days, he met Rare Saki through Nagauchi and has been acting with him since then.
At the order of Rare Saki, Hayashi is disguised and caused an "8 conflict", and Manjiro's kick is received with one shot. After that, he confronts Manjiro and teaches the founding of "Bairyu Hara". After that, in modern times, Sendo was in Hinata, a park where martial arts were visiting to see the car on which the martial arts were riding.
In "Baishu Hara", as the first deputy president, the "S63" group and the "H1 year" group of the former "Aimi lover" are put together, and Hamiya, Chome, Chombo, and Choji are enlisted. After that, he led the place that betrayed the eastern swastika through a fumi-e and summoned witnesses, and declared war on "Halloween of Blood". In "Blood Halloween", he engages with Ryuguji himself to confront Manjiro and Hamiya. Instigated Hamiya that the place was a traitor and instructed him to kill him. However, the place has missed the key point, and he reported this to Rare Saki by phone. After that, he fainted after eating a sharp kick from Manjiro. After this conflict, he joined the East Swastika with the guidance of Rare Saki, and a new land corps was established to serve as the captain. In the present age after this, the top executives were put together as the leader of the top executives of "Tokyo Revengers".
Before the "Holy Night Battle", he formed a short-term team with Martial Arts and Chifuyu with Rare Saki. In the "Holy Night Battle", Chifuyu was betrayed and restrained. After that, at the rally, Rare Saki was dismissed, and along with Rare Saki, he took the members of the corps and land corps and passed through the swastika, and joined "Tianzhu" with Rare Saki.
In the "Kanto Incident", Rare Saki and Izana do not participate in the battle on the sidelines, and after Izana's death, she escapes with Rare Saki, but she causes an accident because she hastened.After that, he launched a surprise attack on Ryuguji, who carries a martial art on his back and pursues Rare Saki, and confronts him as it is, but he admits to losing to Ryuguji and is defeated.Believing that Rare Saki has escaped, he follows where he escaped, but she arrives at the scene of the accident after Rare Saki was hit by a truck, and she sheds tears when she sees Rare Saki's body. ..After that, he was wanted for the accomplice of the murder, but he is on the run. Two years after the "final battle," he speaks in front of Rare Saki's grave to fulfill the promise he had made with Rare Saki during his lifetime.

Those who cooperate in martial arts

Kaztora Hamiya (Kazutora Hanemiya)
Voice- Toichi Junichi[16]
Performance- Tomoru Akazawa(stage)[15]
One of the founders of Touhou, who is No. 3 in "Baishu Hara".
1990/May 9Raw, height 174 cm, weight 60 kg, blood type AB.Her favorite machine is KH400 (ketch).
Before the formation of the East Revengers, he had been rubbing with the territory of the XNUMXth generation "Kuroryu" led by the locals, and he was the factor behind the formation of the "Tokyo Revengers". He has a tiger tattoo on his neck and is wearing a bell piercing.
Shinichiro was killed in the process of stealing a motorcycle with the place to prepare Manjiro's birthday gift, and he is admitted to the juvenile training school. Unable to accept the fact that he "killed Mikey's older brother Shinichiro," he resents Manjiro to justify himself.
When she was young, her mother had domestic violence and was given only the choice of ally or enemy, creating a twisted personality, and the enemy has a clear intention to kill. In the present age before "Blood Halloween", the place was murdered and was slaughtered by Manjiro who bought the anger, and it was a factor to create the modern "Tokyo Revengers".
Engaged with Manjiro in "Blood Halloween".Manjiro is hunted down with Chombo and Chome who met at the juvenile training school, but he gets angry about killing Shinichiro with the belief that he will kill the enemy and faints with a kick.After that, he regained consciousness and received a report that the place was a traitor for half an hour, and tried to stab the place but removed the key point.After that, when the place collapsed and Manjiro continued to beat him, he regretted that the place was really important and he broke it with his own hands.After that, Manjiro, who was furious at the place where he died to decide himself, was about to be killed, but thanks to the martial arts, he was killed.After that, he stayed at the scene with the place for Kejime and was put in the juvenile training school and tried to commit suicide, but he was allowed to kill Shinichiro by a message from Manjiro.
In the present age after "Halloween of Blood", the hair is stretched like a place and has already been released.Naoto and Chifuyu collaborate to hunt down Rare Saki and the former "Kuroryu" group.After that, martial arts and Chifuyu were detained, and although Chifuyu was killed, he rescued martial arts but said he wanted to help Chifuyu who was fighting alone.Chifuyu is rare Saki, and Hamiya is trying to find the source of gold for the "Kuroryu" group and settle it. In the present age after the "Christmas Eve Battle", Manjiro is murdered like other members of the East. In the present age after the "Kanto Incident", he participates in Hayashida's wedding ceremony and helps Chifuyu's pet shop.

Other people

Mansaku Sano
Shinichiro and Manjiro's grandfather, a master of the karate dojo.Raised two people with one man.
Makoto Sano
Mansaku's son, Shinichiro, Manjiro, and Emma's father.He died in an accident for some reason.
Sakurako Sano
A true wife, mother of Shinichiro and Manjiro.He died of illness for some reason.
Karen Kurokawa
Although it was said to be the mother of Izana and Emma, ​​only Emma actually has a blood connection, and there is no blood connection with Izana.In the past, they have abandoned the two of their childhood and left with a man.

the term

Time leap
The ability of martial arts to go back in time.By shaking hands with Naoto, who is the trigger, and wishing to change the future, the consciousness and memory of martial arts 12 years ago will be replaced with modern martial arts, and by shaking hands with Naoto 12 years ago, he will return to modern martial arts.When returning, after the same time as the time spent at the time leap destination has passed, the history other than the memory of martial arts and Naoto will be replaced with the history of alterations due to past martial arts behavior, but what in the new 12 years of history I don't remember what happened (so every time I return, a part is inserted to see what happened to the martial arts in the new 12 years).Since the time has passed at the same speed as the past and present of the time leap destination, when the time leap is performed again, it will move to "the time when the time spent in the present age has passed from the time of returning", and the events in the previous time leap will be displayed. It cannot be "what wasn't there".
Since the wish to save Hinata was fulfilled in the 9th time leap, the time leap did not occur even if I shook hands with Naoto in the present age, but martial arts was the 10th time even though Naoto finished the role as a trigger. Since the time leap is achieved, a specific year and month can be obtained by receiving the wishes of the subject that the martial arts shook hands with.[Note 3]It will be revealed in a new chapter after the death of Rare Saki that it will be timely leap. After the 10th time leap, when a person touches something that a person has, the worst event that happens to that person becomes a vision and is predicted.
S62 generation
Izana, Muto, Mochizuki, Haiya brothers, and the six boys of the 5 generation who met at the juvenile training school five years ago, are executives of Tenjiku.Evil generationAlso called.When Tsurucho stopped Izana with Manjiro and Izana's Thaiman, Izana was ordered to stop Tsurucho, but he knew that the Tsurucho opponent at the top of the four heavenly kings would be revenge as if it were Zako. I couldn't get my hands on it. After the "Kanto Incident," Muto died in addition to Izana, and Mochizuki, the Ashiya brothers, and Kaname were among the executives of "Rokubara Monodai."In the modern era after that, Mochizuki and the Ashiya brothers are listed as executives of "Brahma", but their safety has been unknown since the past 10 years before the spot.
The fighting method used by the "S62 generation". The morale of the team that wins the battle in a full-scale war after appointing one representative of each team will increase.
Japan's largest criminal organization that exists today after the "Kanto Incident".Chief: Manjiro Sano, Number 2: Haru Chiya Sanzu, Number 3: Tsurucho, Advisor: Takeomi Akiji, and executives: Kaji Mochizuki, Ran Ashiya, Ryuji Ashiya, and Ichi Kui.It is said that there is "Brahma" behind any crimes such as gambling, fraud, prostitution, and murder, and even the police cannot grasp the inside.Same as "Tokyo Revengers" before changing the past. As of March 2018, the conflict is continuing and there is lurking cruelty such as damage to the general public.Except for Manjiro and Takeomi, he is a former member of "Tianzhu", and the chief and executives have tattoos of Izana's pierced earrings somewhere on their bodies (Manjiro's neck, Ashiya brothers' throat, and Kui's braided).
In the past 10 years ago, there was no runaway tribe called "Brahma", and "Kanto Swastika" called "Santen" absorbed and merged "Rokubara Monodai" after "Santen War". , "Brahma" executives who were said to have not been here, Shione Arashi, Keizo Arashi, and Wakasa Imaushi joined the "Kanto Swastika", and the "Kanto Swastika" was the mother body. It was revealed in the final chapter after the "Santen War" that it was a criminal organization that absorbed and merged "Ramonodai" and "Brahma".
Black impulse
Another Manjiro lurking in Manjiro, the existence that triggered Manjiro to fall into the darkness.Unlike Manjiro himself, he has a ruthless personality, such as not thinking about killing people.Later, it turns out that Terano also has a black impulse.

Events in the work

8 Conflict
2005/May 8The conflict that occurred in.An internal struggle between the "Mikey faction" who uses money to release Hayashida after Haruki Hayashida's self-confidence and the "Draken faction" who respects Hayashida's self-confidence.In the present age before changing the past, Masataka Shimizu stabbed Ryuguji Ken, and in the wake of this incident, Tetsuta Raresaki sat in the chair of the acting president of "Tokyo Revengers".However, the content changed because Takemichi Hanagaki stopped the fight between Manjiro Sano and Ryuguji Temple in the 4th time leap.Developed into a conflict between "Aimi Aijo" and "Tokyo Revengers" led by Shuji Hanma on behalf of the president.Ryohei Hayashi uses Shimizu to stab Ryuguji Temple, but fails to kill him.The conflict ended without death.After this conflict, Rare Saki became the new "Captain of the Captain", and the "H2 Year" group of "Aimi Ai Lord" led by Rare Saki also joined the army.
Blood Halloween
2005/May 10The conflict that occurred in. It is a general term for the conflict between "Tokyo Revengers" and "Bairyu Hara", and this is also a conflict organized by Rare Saki.In the present age before this conflict, it is said from the mouth of Ryuguji that Manjiro Sano was defeated, Keisuke Bachi was stabbed by Kazutora Hamiya in this conflict, and Manjiro slaughtered Hamiya.Manjiro escaped arrest and fell using a substitute prepared by Rare Saki.As a result, the modern "Tokyo Revengers" was founded based on "Baishu Hara".Ryuguji also belonged to this "Tokyo Revengers", but was imprisoned as a convict on death row by the hands of Rare Saki.After the time leap, the place changed to self-determination, and the conflict ended in the form of one dead and one arrested without killing Hamiya by persuading the martial arts.After that, "Baishu Hara" became a subsidiary, and half of them became captains, and a new "Landmass Corps" was established.Martial arts have been appointed as the new "Ichibantai Captain".
Holy night decisive battle
2005/May 12The conflict that occurred in. Takemichi Hanagaki, Deputy Captain Chifuyu Matsuno, Deputy Captain Takashi Mitsuya, Deputy Captain Shiba Hakkai, Martial Arts and "Kuroryu" 4th President Shiba Daiju, Guard Captain Kui Ichi, the conflict of the special attack captain Inui Seisou.In the present age before the conflict, Daiju was stabbed to death by his younger sister, Yuzuha Shiba, and after being released, Hakkai, who was guilty of it, merged with "Tokyo Revengers" as the eleventh president of "Kuroryu".Other than Mitsuya, the captain of the East Revengers, Hakkai, Kui, Seisou, and Hanma reigned as the highest executives.Mikey was told by the mouth of Hamiya, who was released, that the violence of Rare Saki and the money of the "Kuroryu" group made Mikey a villain.After the time leap, Hakkai withdrew from "Tokyo Revengers" in exchange for helping the martial arts that were about to be slaughtered by Taju, and belonged to "Kokuryu".Mitsuya and Taju have a peace agreement to release Yuzuha from violence instead of Hakkai entering the "Black Dragon".After that, Hakkai revealed his determination to kill Taju in Martial Arts and Chifuyu, and even though he persuaded executives other than Manjiro and Mitsuya to stop it, he was refused. Act.Among them, he heard from Kui that there was a day when Taju would be alone, and decided to carry out a strategy to help Hakkai.The original strategy was for martial arts to persuade Hakkai in the church and stop Taju in Rare Saki, Hanma, and Chifuyu outside, but Rare Saki, Hanma betrayed, and persuaded Hakkai in the church. It was inside, but Taju rushed in.Hakkai tries to stab him, but he is strangled by Taju.As before, Yuzuha, who was put on the words of Rare Saki, tried to stab Taju, but Taju removed the key point with a martial arts shout, and Chifuyu, who knew that he would be betrayed, called Mitsuya and went into a conflict as it was. Participation in the war.Even though the eastern side was in a disadvantageous situation, Hakkai was the first to oppose Daiju due to the blasting of martial arts, and with the participation of Manjiro and Ryuguji, he won the victory.Daiju retired as it was, and while the chair of the eleventh president of "Kuroryu" was vacant, Seimune and Kui joined as members of the Ichibantai led by the martial arts.Rare Saki was dismissed by the order of Manjiro, and the land corps led by Shuji Hanma and the participation corps of Rare Saki were eliminated, and the number of people was reduced from 450 to 100.As a result, Rare Saki and half an enlistment in "Tianzhu".
Kanto Incident
2006/May 2The conflict that occurred in. It is a two-time conflict between "Tokyo Revengers" and "Tianzhu". In the first time, Raresaki uses the four heavenly kings of "Tianzhu" to ambush the East Revengers. In modern times after the first surprise attack, this protracted conflict ends in the form of a merger.Manjiro Sano is the president, Tetsuta Raresaki is the deputy president, and Izana Kurokawa is the No. 2 corps.Seimune and Kui are also enrolled, and even though they come to abduct martial arts, they are blocked by Daiju.However, Rare Saki attacks the martial arts that is about to return because he wants to hear about the situation.Naoto who was dying was dying, and the martial arts that were saved were struck by a crane butterfly at the command of Izana and became dying.Naoto urges him to time-leap before he dies, and modern Naoto dies as it is.After the time leap, Yasuhiro Muto, also known as Mucho, the captain of the "Tokyo Revengers", abducted martial arts, Seisou, and Kui.Betray the entire corps and pull out Kui to "Tianzhu".As a result, the "Tokyo Revengers", which had a scale of 1 people, will be reduced to a scale of 1 people.A few days later, "S3 generation" spotted lion sound, Ryuji Ashiya, Mitsuya, and Nahoya Kawada, the captain of the corps, were attacked. And kills him, and loses the fighting spirit of both Sano and Ryuguji.In the absence of a captain other than the Ichibantai in addition to the president and deputy president, the deputy president: Takemichi Hanagaki and the deputy deputy president: Chifuyu Matsuno decided to fight against "Tianzhu". In "Kaisen", the match between both spots and Hayashi is carried out, but spots are killed instantly, and "Tokyo Revengers" gains momentum and dominates.However, Kurokawa killed Hayashi with a single blow, and the momentum leaned toward "Tianzhu", using "S100 generation" Muto, Mochizuki Kaji, Ashiya brothers (Ran Ashiya, Ryuji) and Tsurucho, the four heavenly kings, "Tokyo Revengers". "Akira" It comes out in a strategy to crush each main force.Ryuji crushes Kawada Souya and tries to crush Hakkai, but Soya who turns into a "blue demon" has no hands or legs, and the Ashiya brothers, Mochizuki, and Muto are killed instantly.However, even though the main members were not able to match Tsurucho, Chifuyu, Seimune, and Souya were killed instantly, and they became a one-on-one battle between martial arts and Tsurucho. Brings out a gun and sets up a psychological warfare, but is defeated.There is no hierarchical relationship between "Tokyo Revengers" and "Tianzhu" as in modern times, and the proposal of a new "Tokyo Revengers" with President: Manjiro Sano is rejected.After that, during the battle between Izana and martial arts, in addition to Manjiro and Ryuguji, Hinata rushed in and the formation was reversed.The battle between Manjiro and Izana's presidents began, and Izana was overwhelmed at the beginning, but Manjiro was overwhelmed at the end.Izana is defeated and tries to shoot Manjiro with a pistol, but is stopped by Tsurucho.Tsurucho was shot in her right chest by Rare Saki, who said this would interfere with her own ambitions.The extremely high crane butterfly tries to confront Rare Saki, but Izana is shot dead by the three bullets released by Rare Saki.Tsurucho also became unconscious after Izana, and Manjiro declared the end of the conflict, and the situation was settled by the remaining S50 generation.However, Rare Saki, who drove Emma and Izana to death and drove Tsurucho to a serious condition, escaped with half an hour.The martial arts chased with Ryuguji, and Rare Saki caused an accident because he tried to hurry for half, and the martial arts who chased the fallen Rare Saki were thought to have died in the accident. By setting it up, it develops into two out-of-field decisive battles between Martial Arts VS Rare Saki and Ryuguji VS Hanma.As a result of the out-of-field decisive battle described later, Rare Saki died, half-hour and Ryuguji ended in a draw, 62 dead (Emma, ​​Izana, Rare Saki), 2 arrested (Muto, Ashiya brothers, Mochizuki, spotted eyes) ) Was issued, the conflict was completed, and the "Temple" was almost destroyed. It is unknown whether it is a statement of the S21 generation, but the police came to the conclusion that Rare Saki was the main culprit in killing Emma Izana, and half of them were accomplices. ..
Out-of-field decisive battle after the Kanto incident
After the fire of the out-of-field decisive battle by Ryuguji VS half was cut, the fire of the second out-of-field decisive battle was cut by the surprise attack of Ryuguji with a concrete block in the martial arts to chase, and in modern times In the parking lot that took his life, he fought back and forth with Ryuguji.Rare Saki learned that martial arts were a time reaper, and said that the cause of the series of conflicts was that Rare Saki was in favor of Hinata, and Rare Saki pointed a muzzle at the martial arts. It doesn't make sense in front of the mentally stronger martial arts. On the contrary, the martial arts kicks off the gun from Rare Saki and tries to shoot Rare Saki with the gun in his hand, but Manjiro and Hinata rush to kill him. Suddenly, Rare Saki was upset by the sudden appearance of Hinata and escaped.Martial arts also pursued, and when he said, "I will not let Rare Saki return to the future!", Rare Saki's legs stopped, and after Rare Saki told her that she was not a time reaper, let's tell martial arts something. At that moment, Rare Saki was hit by a truck and died.The martial arts VS rare Saki out-of-field decisive battle ended with a bad aftertaste.On the other hand, the Ryuguji VS half-half battle ended with a defeat declaration in the form of a draw.
Three heavens war
2008/May 7The conflict that occurred at midnight. On the 14th of the following week, Chiraku Tarajo, the female chief of "Bon", was planning to set up a conflict between "Rokubara Monodai" and "Kanto Swastika". An assault by a radical group who worships Minami Terano, the president of "Swastika", occurs.The two were saved by the fact that the radicals were dismissed by the rushing Ryuguji, but three ammunition shots by the radicals hit the abdomen of the Ryuguji.Chiho took her breath without any reason to ask the staff to arrange an ambulance.As a result, the conflict was advanced by one week, and Takeomi Meiji of No. 2 who learned of the death of Ryuguji set up a conflict against "Rokuhara Tandai", and "Kanto Swastika" led by Manjiro Sano was also delayed. Intrude.

Kodansha 2022 New Year Advertising

2022 year 1 month 1 dayKodanshaIn a newspaper adAsahi ShimbunTakemichi,Yomiuri ShimbunMikey,Mainichi NewspapersIntroducing Draken.In a box with the Kodansha logo,Two-dimensional codeLoadedsmartphoneWhen you hold it overARIs started[20].

Government public relations tie-up

From July 2022, 4,Adult ageWill be reduced from 20 to 18 years old "Civil lawWith the enforcement of the "Law to Partially Amend", "Tokyo Revengers"Tie-up"Reduction of adult age"Government public relationsCampaignHowever, it will start on January 2022, 1.

For young people welcoming new adults, "The future is full of new possibilities."AleIn addition, in order to inform the changes due to the reduction of the adult age and to call attention to consumer troubles, etc., "18 New adults, create the future. ] Is set as a campaign message.

TV commercials, WEB videos, etc. featuring the characters of "Tokyo Revengers" will be released on the special site in sequence.[21].

Original collaboration MV

"Call your name" SUPER BEAVER

Special collaboration ver.MV by the movie version "Tokyo Revengers" blockbuster commemoration.

I used the picture of the original comic on the theme song "Namae wo Yobuyo" of the movie version "Tokyo Revengers".(English edition)[22].

"Stay" The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

No. 2021 in Japan in 1StreamingIn commemoration of the big hit in Japan of the played Western song "Stay"The Kid LaroyIs his own formulaYouTube channelPosted a special movie with the original comics.Both The Kid LAROI, who loves Japanese culture, and Ken Wakui, the creator of "Tokyo Revengers," match the lyrics world of "Stay" and the tune with a sense of speed and the world of "Tokyo Revengers." This collaboration was realized and the production proceeded.[23].

Original painting exhibition / promotion

* Describes not only the original work but also the matters that should be noted in the whole work.The original collaboration MV and collaboration with the game have a separate section, so please refer to that.

"Tokyo Revengers First Original Painting Exhibition-Shibuya Yellow Tower Rally-"

Held to commemorate the release of 19 volumes of comics.A number of items that convey the atmosphere of the production site are on display.

  • Shibuya (September 2020-October 9, 26): Tower Records Shibuya store 10th floor event space "Space HACHIKAI"[24]

With the announcement of TV animation and live-action movie, "Large-scale interlocking of Tokyo RevengerspromotionWill be held around Shibuya Station from the end of August to October 2020.[25].

  • Tokyo MetroLarge in Shibuya station yardAd pillarInstallation (August 2020th to September 8th, 24)
  • From September 2020, 9, SHIBUYA TSUYATA (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will distribute postcards with the design used in the ad pillar to comic purchasers.

Tokyo Revengers Osaka Jack

Large-scale campaign with TV animation in April 2021 and live-action movie in July[26].

  • DotonboriAdvertisement using "Extra Large Valentine's Day Illustration" on the 16-sided billboard.Eight character illustrations of Takemichi Hanagaki, Manjiro Sano, Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Bachi, Chifuyu Matsuno, Takashi Mitsuya, Kazumasa Hamiya, and Haruki Hayashida. (February 8-2021, 2)
  • From February 2021, 2 at TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), one illustration card (17 types in total) will be randomly distributed to comic purchasers.

"Tokyo Revengers" Shibuya Jack

The original live-action movie "Tokyo Revengers" (English studyTo commemorate the release of (Director) on July 2021, 7, with the slogan "#Revenge from Shibuya", original works, live-action movies, and TV animations will be released everywhere in the Shibuya area.CollaborationPlanning[27].

  • TV anime "Tokyo Revengers" in the Shibuya areaPop-up shopIs held at 2021 stores at the same time.The holding period depends on each store. (July 7st-August 1nd, 8)
  • "SHIBUYA WALL-JACK" original, animation, movie jointly carried out wall jack in Shibuya area.The posters of Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken for the original, animation, and movie are posted. (July 2021st to 7th, 1)
  • Distribute "SHIBUYA STREET MAP around" Tokyo Revengers "" that describes the places where the Shibuya City Tourism Association is conducting "Shibuya Shop Jack", "SHIBUYA WALL-JACK", etc.[28][29]

Japan Revengers 

"My hometown is the strongest" poster starts posting at Tokyo Station (September 2021, 9-for a limited time)[30]

  • September 2021, 9 In the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun, a regional advertisement was posted in which the character of "Tokyo Revengers" speaks in the local dialect.
  • A store campaign will be held from September 24, 2021 when 9 volumes of comics will be released.
  • At the campaign implementation bookstore, special 47 prefectures Revengers illustration cards will be randomly distributed to purchasers of the target products.


Held in 2022 in Tokyo and Osaka. An original painting exhibition where you can experience the world of "Tokyo Revengers"[31].

  • Tokyo (January 2022-February 1, 29):Ikebukuro Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 4F Exhibition Hall A
  • Osaka (March 2022-3, 19): Osaka Nanko ATC Gallery

"TOKYO Revengers EXHIBITION" Ikebukuro Jack[32] 

  • Toshima Ward Arts and Culture Theater (Tokyo Building Brillia HALL) Giant Visual (January 2022-1, 25)
  • Flag in front of Ikebukuro Station (January 2022nd to February 1th, 22): More than 2 event visual flags in the east exit area of ​​Ikebukuro Station
  • Special CM aired on 2022 large-scale visions in Ikebukuro (January 1th to February 24th, 2)
  • IkebukuroARStamp Rally(January 2022-February 1, 29): Held at 2 locations in the Ikebukuro area
  • IkebukuroAd track(March 2022th to May 1th, 24)
  • Ikebukuro Station North Passage Panorama Advertisement (January 2022th to 1th, 24)

"TOKYO Revengers EXHIBITION" Osaka

  • "TOKYO Revengers EXHIBITION" CM posted at Hankyu Umeda Twin Vision (March 2022th to 3th, 14)[33]
  • Giant golden Mikey posted almost life-size on a large panel in Dotombori (March 2022-3, 17)[34]
  • A huge tapestry over 10m at the back of the passage of ATC Gallery in Nanko, Osaka (March 2022-3, 18)[35]
  • A huge photo spot of about 5m at Osaka Nanko ATC Gallery (March 2022th to 3th, 19)[36]
  • Osaka AR Stamp Rally (March 2022th-3th, 19): Held at 3 locations in the Osaka area.The wallpaper image is different from the Tokyo venue[37].


A renewed traveling exhibition packed with exhibition contents will be held all over the country[38].

  • Nagoya (April 2022-May 4, 29): Nagoya PARCO South Building 5F, Event Space
  • Niigata (June 2022th to July 6th, 4)
  • Sendai summer
  • Fukuoka autumn



  • "Tokyo Revengers" special collaborationAvata(March 2021th to May 7th, 6)[39]
  • Collaboration video with the movie "Tokyo Revengers" (July 2021-August 7, 6)[39]
  • "Tokyo Revengers"LINE official stamp[39]
  • Anime "Tokyo Revengers" LINE Creators Dress Up [39]
  • LINE CLOVA(LINE voice search function) (December 2021, 12-February 16, 2022)[40]
Information retrieval such as weather, support for sending messages, and chat with Mikey are possible within the LINE app.A total of more than 700 voices are recorded by voice actor Yu Hayashi, who plays the role of Mikey.

Bibliographic information

The covers up to Volume 4 were illustrations in the style of seinen manga with multiple characters drawn, but after Volume 5, the design was redesigned and changed to illustrations in which the characters pose independently for each volume. The volume that had been released up to now has also been replaced with the new edition (the cover of the old design continues as a monochrome illustration under the cover, including the 5th volume and beyond). Since it was judged that the image of Yankee manga was too strong in the original design, this was done for the purpose of appealing to readers other than Ken Wakui fans from before by switching to a "refreshing" design like shounen manga. It was. According to the person in charge of Kodansha, this has led to a significant increase in sales after the 7th volume.[41].

Official parody work

Official parody gag manga "The University of Tokyo Revengers"(Tokyo Revengers) is"Magazine pocket』(Kodansha), serialized from November 2021, 11[71]..Shinpei Funatsu is in charge of writing.A story about Michitake Icho, a freeter who graduated from the University of Tokyo, aiming for the top of the University of Tokyo with a time leap.

Official parody manga, but not a spin-off[72].

  • Shinpei Funatsu "Todai Revengers" Kodansha <Kodansha Comics>, Volume 1 already published (as of February 2022, 2)
    1. 2022 year 2month 17 Date released[73],ISBN +978-4-06-526902-2

Television Animation

The first period is from July to September 1Every day broadcasting,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Was broadcast elsewhere[74][75]..From the first episode of the original to the Halloween edition of blood is visualized, and the final episode ends with the scene where the martial arts were struck by a pistol (the original episode 1, 73 volumes of the book).Cliff hangerIt became.

The sequel "Sacred Night Battle" was announced in December 2021.[76].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

"Cry Baby'[14]
Official Bearded Man dismThe first opening theme by. Lyrics and compositionSatoshi Fujiwara, Arranged by Official Hige Dandism.
"Breathe here"[17]
hey1st term 1st cool ending theme by.The lyrics are eill and the arrangement isRyo'LEFTY' Miyata, The composition is co-written by both names.
"Tokyo Wonder."[77]
crybaby1st term 2nd cool ending theme by.The lyrics and composition are crybaby, and the arrangement isKazuya Saka.

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorFirst broadcast date
Issue 1
#1RebornMutou YasuyukiShinobu TagashiMasato Tamagawa
  • Hirohiro Kitahara
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Yukari Kobayashi
May 4
#2resistRisa Tachibana
  • Yamaya
  • Sho Ten Hashimoto
May 4
#3ResolveKatsuya AsanoHaruna UkimuraMay 4
#4ReturnYoriko TomitaAbe YouichiTakahiro OnoChiharu SatoMay 5
#5ReleapMutou YasuyukiTakashi KawabataTakanori Yano
  • Joji Yanase
  • Eri Mori
  • Naoaki Hojo
  • Many Sonoda
  • Unoike Kazuma
  • Nanako Ninomiya
  • Yuriko Ikehara
May 5
#6RegretYoriko TomitaShinobu TagashiRion Kujo
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Saito case
May 5
#7ReviveMutou YasuyukiNakahara ReiYu Harima
  • Lee Seong-jin
  • Song Hyun-joo
May 5
#8replacementShinobu TagashiMasato Tamagawa
  • Yukari Kobayashi
  • Junichi Hashimoto
May 5
#9RevoltYoriko TomitaAiya Yamauchi
  • Atsuko Takahashi
  • Takeo Shuto
  • Citrus beans true
  • Yayoi Kamigaki
  • Lim.S.K
May 6
#10ReriseMutou YasuyukiRisa TachibanaYu Harima
  • Black swan sword
  • Saito case
  • Sho Ten Hashimoto
May 6
#11RespectTakagi SeikoShinobu TagashiRyuhei Aoyagi
  • Ikuo Yoshida
  • Ryunosuke Murakami
  • Citrus beans true
  • Kazuyo Nakamura
  • Akio Uchino
  • Lim Soo Kyung
May 6
#12RevengeKenichi Kuhara
  • Haruna Ukimura
  • Yamaya
  • Ai Sato
  • Akari Abe
May 6
#13Odds and EndsYoriko TomitaShinobu TagashiFumihiro Ueno
  • Yoko Sano
  • Nako Kadohara
  • Katsuji Matsumoto
  • Kanshinu
  • Lee Xiaorai
  • Huang Xingyuan
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
  • Junichi Hashimoto
May 7
#14break upHanda Daiki
  • Lee Seong-jin
  • Hwang Seong-won
  • Song Hyun-joo
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
May 7
#15No Pain, No gainTakagi SeikoShinobu TagashiKana Kawana
  • Yukari Kobayashi
  • Natsuko Suzuki
May 7
#16Once upon a timeMutou YasuyukiMasayoshi NishidaRion Kujo
  • Ikuo Yoshida
  • Black swan sword
  • Yayoi Kamigaki
  • Sho Ten Hashimoto
  • Son kil young
  • Kim dae jung
  • Park mi hyun
May 7
#17No wayYoriko TomitaRisa TachibanaRyuhei Aoyagi
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Masayuki Fujita
  • Yukari Kobayashi
May 8
#18Open fireTakagi SeikoKenichi KuharaChiharu SatoMay 8
#19Turn aroundMutou YasuyukiMasayoshi NishidaNoriyuki Nodai
  • Yusuke Adachi
  • Atsuko Takahashi
  • Eto atmosphere
  • Saito case
  • Masayuki Fujita
  • Yoshihiro Ujiie
  • Yoshiko Imazato
  • Koichi Hatsumi
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
May 8
#20Dead or AliveYu Harima
  • Yukari Kobayashi
  • Black swan sword
  • Yayoi Kamigaki
  • Nako Kadohara
  • Riwako Matsui
  • Ikuo Yoshida
  • Citrus beans true
  • Umeda incense
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
May 8
#21one and onlyKana Kawana
  • Yoshiko Imazato
  • Eto atmosphere
  • Ohara University
  • Citrus beans true
  • Masashi Nishikawa
  • Saito case
  • Atsuko Takahashi
  • Masayuki Fujita
  • Toshiaki Yamamura
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
May 8
#22One for allYoriko TomitaRyoko NakanoRion Kujo
  • Sara Sakoe
  • Haruna Ukimura
  • Yayoi Kamigaki
  • Hisama Ohshita
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
May 9
#23End of warTakagi SeikoYuji Landlord
  • Board
  • Nakahara Rei
  • Yamaya
  • Black swan sword
  • Riwako Matsui
  • Yukari Kobayashi
  • Yoshihiro Ujiie
  • Ikuo Yoshida
  • Nakahara Rei
  • Im Su Gyeong
  • Kim Jung Woo
May 9
#24A Cry babyMutou YasuyukiRyoko NakanoKoji Aritomi
  • Atsuko Takahashi
  • Hisama Kinoshita
  • Yoshiko Imazato
  • Masashi Nishikawa
  • Citrus beans true
  • Eto atmosphere
  • Toshiaki Yamamura
  • Yayoi Kamigaki
  • Masayuki Fujita
  • Kenichi Onuki
  • Keiko Ota
  • Atsushi Hashimoto
May 9


Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[75]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [78] Remarks
May 2021-June 4, 11 Sunday 2:08-2:38 (Saturday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production participation /Anime shower] Part 1
First broadcast from 2:20 to 2:50[79]
May 2021-June 4, 12 Monday 1:35-2:05 (Sunday midnight) TV Hokkaido Hokkaido
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Kanto wide area Program cooperation
TV Aichi Aichi
Monday 2:35-3:05 (Sunday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
Monday 21:30-22:00 AT-X All over Japan Production participation / CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
May 2021-June 4, 15 Thursday 1:25-1:55 (Wednesday midnight) San-in Central TV Shimane -Tottori
May 2021-June 4, 16 Friday 2:15-2:45 (Thursday midnight) Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Okinawa First broadcast from 2:25 to 2:55[79]
May 2021-June 4, 18 Sunday 23:00-23:30 BS Asahi All over Japan BS/BS 4K broadcast /Anime A"frame
May 2021-June 4, 24 Saturday 2:25-2:55 (Friday midnight) Kumamoto Broadcasting Kumamoto [80]
May 2021-June 7, 4 Sunday 1:28-1:58 (Saturday midnight) Miyazakihoso Miyazaki
May 2021-June 7, 5 Monday 0:50-1:20 (Sunday midnight) TV Yamanashi Yamanashi
March 2021, 7-March 23, 2022 Friday 1:18-1:48 (Thursday midnight) Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting Nagasaki "Anni."frame
March 2021, 9-March 7, 2022 Tuesday 0:58-1:28 (Monday midnight) IBC Iwate Broadcasting Iwate
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[75]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2021/4/11Updated Sunday 3:08 (Saturday midnight)
Sunday 12:00 update Hulu
Sunday 23:00 --23:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast


rollRelease date[81]Recording storyStandard product number
Issue 1
12021/6/16Episode 1-Episode 4PCXP-50831PCBP-54431
22021/7/7Episode 5-Episode 8PCXP-50832PCBP-54432
32021/8/4Episode 9-Episode 12PCXP-50833PCBP-54433
42021/9/1Episode 13-Episode 16PCXP-50834PCBP-54434
52021/10/6Episode 17-Episode 20PCXP-50835PCBP-54435
62021/11/4Episode 21-Episode 24PCXP-50836PCBP-54436

Mini anime

Mini animation "ChibiribeIs officialYouTubeDelivered every Monday at 2021:4 from April 12th to September 9th, 20[82]..Also, AT-X will be broadcast after the main story of each story is over.[83].

The content is supervised by the original author Wakui, and the daily lives of the characters are depicted.The director, screenwriter, and directorMinoru Ashina, Petit character design, animation director, video storyboard Hatake Hara Minoru, animation productionStudio Pu YUKAI.

Distribution program

Hanagaki Martial ArtsYuuki ShinWeb program byYuu Mai] From December 2021, 4YouTubeDelivered every other Saturday at 18:XNUMX[82].

In addition, Web radio "Tokyo Revengers Luo CharityFrom April 2021th to September 4th, 10OtozumiAnd on YouTube every other Saturday[82]..The personality will be Yuuki Shin and the cast who will take turns playing other characters every month.[84].

Related books

  • Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department (Supervised) "Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Official Guidebook" Kodansha <KC Deluxe>, released on July 2021, 7[85],ISBN +978-4-06-524025-0
  • Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department (supervised) "Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Official Guidebook Definitive Edition" Kodansha <KC Deluxe>, released on January 2022, 1[86],ISBN +978-4-06-526605-2

Live-action movie

Published on April 2021, 7[88].PG12 designation..Initially scheduled to be released on October 2020, 10[5],Impact of the spread of new coronavirus infectionIt was postponed as a result of the interruption of shooting due to[89]..Although it was a corona bruise after its release, it became the first appearance and became a big hit start approaching 1 million box office in 3 days[90].

Staff (live-action movie)

Differences from the original

  • The time leap destination of martial arts changed from 12 years ago (junior high school) to 10 years ago (high school).


Performance list

Stage "Tokyo Revengers"
September 2021-8, 6 COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall[6]
September 2021-8, 12 Japan Youth Hallhole[6]
September 2021-8, 19 KT Zepp Yokohama[6]
Stage "Tokyo Revengers-Halloween of Blood-"
March 2022-3, 18 COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall[7]
May 2022-June 3, 25[Note 4] Sunshine theater[7]

Staff (stage)

  • Original-Ken Wakui "Tokyo Revengers" (serialized in Kodansha's "Weekly Shonen Magazine")[6][7]
  • Screenplay / Direction- Naohiro Ise[6][7]
  • Theme song-"HERO"[93]
  • Organizer-Stage "Tokyo Revengers" Production Committee[6][7]
  • Starring- Kizu Tsubasa


Official original app game (Pazuribe) (provisional)

The production of the first original app game for the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers" has been decided.[94] ..Details will be released on the official Twitter @toman_game game.The official website of the game has displayed a countdown from December 2021, 12.

Real escape game 

Mystery solving event "Escape from the never-ending Toman conflict"[95]

The event aims to allow players to become former members of the Tokyo Revengers and use time leap to thwart plans to kill their former companions.Solve the mystery by going back and forth between the "two timelines" just like the original.It is an original story of the newly recorded voices of the original characters and the official supervision unfolded by the members of Tokyo Revengers, and the original experience that leads the miserable ending to a happy ending in cooperation with the members of Tokyo Revengers. I can.

  • Real escape game Shimokitazawa store (February 2022, 2 ~)
  • Real Escape Game Nagoya Store (February 2022, 2 ~)

Mobile games

  • Dragon Egg (July 2021, 7 to July 2, 2021)[96]
  • Kotodaman(October 2021, 8-April 27, 2021)[97]
  • Joker ~ Gang Road ~ (September 2021, 9 ~ September 10, 2021)[98]
  • m HOLD'EM (September 2021, 9 to October 27, 2021)[99]
  • Great Enthusiasm Dragon Smash (October 2021, 10 to November 22, 2021)[100]
  • Puzzle & Dragons(October 2021, 11-April 8, 2021)[101]
  • Million Monster (November 2021, 11 to December 26, 2021)[102]
  • Yakuza Online-ONLINE-(October 2021, 12-April 13, 2021)[103]
  • Hado Nikoden (January 2022, 1-January 1, 2022)[104]
  • Wilderness action(October 2022, 1-April 27, 2022)[105]
  • Pocolon Dungeons (February 2022, 2-March 19, 2022)[106]
  • Elemental story (October 2022, 3-April 12, 2022)[107]
  • m HOLD'EM (September 2022, 3 to October 28, 2022)[108]


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注 釈

  1. ^ Nahoya's popular name "Smiley" and Souya's common name "Angry" also appear in the ramen menu, and the white tonkotsu "smiley" is spicy against the color, while the black tonkotsu "angry" looks. It has a gentle taste for its sake.
  2. ^ Martial arts that are weak against fights but have become stronger mentally are also applicable.
  3. ^ Naoto is 12 years ago, Manjiro is 10 years ago.
  4. ^ Initially, the performance was scheduled for April 4nd to 2rd, but for those involved in the performanceNew coronavirus infectionWas confirmed positive and was discontinued[92].


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