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🤖 | 10 years after the earthquake, let's travel with Shintaro Asanuma and Tohoku together.What are your thoughts on the photo book "Michinoku"?


Ten years after the earthquake, let's travel together with Shintaro Asanuma in Tohoku.What are your thoughts on the photo book "Michinoku"?

If you write the contents roughly
Major appearances include "ZEGAPAIN" (as Sogoru Kyo), "Ensemble Stars!" (As Leo Tsukinaga), "A3!" (As Chigasaki), and "Hypnosis Mike" (Ao Coffin). Sakuma (role of Sakuma), "Four tatami mats and half mythology" (role of me / narration), "Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger" (role of Juran / Zenkai Julan), etc.

In March 2022, Shintaro Asanuma will release a photo book that conveys the charm of his hometown, Tohoku!Born in Iwate prefecture ... → Continue reading


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Ao coffin left horse carving

Yojohan Mythology

"Yojohan Mythology』(Yojo Hanshin Watai)Tomihiko MorimibyJapan OfNovelIs. Newly writtenOta PublishingThan2005/May 1Published in. The paperback edition is2008/ToKadokawa Shoten(Kadokawa Bunko) Was published by.2010/IsNoitamina]Television AnimationWas transformed.


Kyoto CityOn the stageKyoto UniversityDraw the possibility of how a 3rd year male student could change his or her university life depending on the circle selected during the 1st yearFirst-person novel.. It consists of four independent episodes. 『Sun tower], the editor of Ota Publishing (Shuichi Kitao)[1]) Said that "I want you to write a work that is lost like a "Tower of the Sun" and a college student appears in it" was the reason for writing.[2]The setting of the stage is similar to "Tower of the Sun".

The big difference from "Tower of the Sun"Parallel worldThis is the point where the element of is incorporated. In each episode, "I" belongs to different circles/organizations, but the endings and characters are common and related, and in episode 4, "I" crosses the parallel world. It is not a development that reveals that it is a parallel world at the end of the story, but the writing of each story is unified, etc. It is drawn on the assumption that each story is a parallel world[2].. The idea of ​​parallel world is "CubeThere is also an influence of[3].

  • Episode 1: Yojohan Koi no Jinja-A story when you enter the movie circle "Misogi".
  • Episode 2: Four and a half tatami self-deprecating proxy war-story when Higuchi entered the discipleship.
  • Episode 3: A sweet and tatami mat of life-A story about entering the softball circle "Honoka".
  • Episode 4: Four and a half tatami mats around eighty days-The story of entering the secret organization "Fukuneko Hanten".

Since TV anime consists of 11 episodes, the episodes and parts of each story in the novel version have been recombined into 10 parallel worlds, taking care not to damage the overall impression and settings when animating. Was[2].

January 2008KoreanEdition다다미 넉장 반 세계 일주[4]] From the book publisher Biche in December 2009TraditionalChineseEditionYotsuya Hanjuku, Youth Stray[5]』From the time signal culture, in August 2010SimplifiedChinese versionYojohan Mythology[6]Is published by Shanghai People's Publishing Company.


*Voice in TV anime versionVoice actorIndicates.

Voice- Shintaro Asanuma
The protagonist of the storynarrator.Faculty of AgricultureA third-year university student who belongs toRoninRaw (Ronin).heightIs about 180 cm.I live in Shimogamo Yusuiso.A sober young man with high pride and ideals, but inactive and low sociability.When he entered university, he aimed for a "rose-colored campus life" through club activities, but he and Ozu became a barren and meaningless university life. In the summer of my first year, I was hurt by a female relationship, and my friendship within the circle did not go well and I was isolated.The ideal image of a woman is "Fuhafuha,delicateA dark-haired maiden whose head is full of only beautiful things that are subtle and dreamy[7]. "
Voice- Nobuyuki Hiyama
the other person's"(I.e.'[Note 1].. In the anime, it is depicted as a deformed cowboy figure, straddling a horse.
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
"My" nemesis and ally. Even though I belong to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I hate electricity, electronics, and engineering, and at the end of my first year, I had a terrible amount of credits and achievements. "I" is the same grade. As he is an unbalanced diet, his complexion is bad, and his appearance is creepy enough to be compared to a youkai. I like bad deeds more than 1 timesDevilThen, you can eat 3 cups of rice without compromising the misery of others. However, he is very good at turning around, has joined a lot of circles and organizations, and has built up a wide network of contacts and information networks throughout Kyoto. Study Higuchi enthusiastically, and prioritize being Higuchi's disciple in everything. Surprisingly, the relationship with romance is constant, and I'm actually dating Mr. Kohinata. In addition to receiving a lot of remittances from my parents,sugarLike sweetsApartmentLive in the city and never give the hero home. However, Mr. Akashi and Mr. Hanuki are depicted as if they had ever been there.
Since I belong to many circles, no matter which circle I choose, I will meet Ozu and become a bad friend. Ozu Iwaku is a fateful community connected by the "black thread of fate". Helping "I", who is arbitrarily deteriorating his position in the circle, by occasionally stiring and sometimes by genius. In the anime version, the aspect that the organization rises is emphasized with "I" as a stepping stone. In the original story, there is a scene where I can drink with "I", but it seems that I can not drink in the anime version.
Voice- Sakamoto Maaya
"I" and Ozu, a junior junior.Faculty of EngineeringBelongs to the Department of Architecture. An intelligent and cool black-haired maiden, she does not keep her surroundings by saying things that she does not wear on her teeth.mothIs the only weakness, and when the moth is in front, "Gyoeeeee"ComicScreams and upsets. I like "Mochiguma". In the summer of her first yearShimogamo ShrineI met a second-year student "I" in a secondhand book market in Japan. In the anime version, the dress is dressed in leggings that are long enough. The name is derived from his friend, Akashi of the Faculty of Law.
In the novel version, he entered the movie circle "Misugi", and at the edge of working under Ozu, he became a disciple in Higuchi in the fall of his first year ("Misugi" retired on the way). After that, each story suggests a relationship of "I" and "a fulfilling romance".
In the anime version, different circles belong to different stories. There are cases of "Birdman Circle" and cases of "Higuchi's Disciple". In the case of "Birdman", he was a member of the bicycle circle Soleil when he was in his first year and was kicked up that year.Road raceHe won the men's and women's overall victory, and soon quit Soleil and entered Birdman.Start making airplanes with all the prize money of the road race.In the summer of her second year, she joined the movie circle "Misogi" as an assistant to 2DCG and visual effects, and at that time, she became favored by Ainoshima.Only the final episode is described as having a "fulfilled love" relationship with "I".
Seitaro Higuchi
Voice- Keiji Fujiwara
A free person Ozu longed for as a “master”. 8th year university student. He is always calm and has a mysterious sign, nobility and a smiling smile. The atmosphere is "goodhermit, BadGod of povertyIs what I say. He takes "disciples" and lives mostly with tribute from them. Always wear a dark blue (green in the anime) yukata,TakagetaI am wearing.eggplantIt has a shaky face like, and the hair is crumpled like after a typhoon. I live in the same Shimogamo Yusuiso as "I", but his room (Room 210) is quite messy and dirty,ScourerYou have to use. My friend is in a relationship with Ozu, who is also a teacher and pupil (Akashi-san, depending on the story), and he has a good relationship with Hanuki and is related to Jogasaki.
He has self-proclaimed the god of marriage, "Kamotaketsunukami no Kakami." ). In the 2nd episode of the novel, it seems that he had a mysterious exit that disappeared in the sky along with a horde of moths, but since I only witnessed Ozu, "I" do not believe it.
Ryoko Hanuki
Voice- Yuko Kaida
Gion BridgeWork at Kubotsuka Dental ClinicDentistryhealthSwordsman. I have a lot of happinessNaginataIs a dignified beauty that looks good on her. My favoriteCastellaAnd sake. Those who have a bad drinking habit and inadvertently drank sake taste the endless night of hell. When I get drunk badly, I have a habit of licking people's faces. He has a close relationship with Higuchi and Jogasaki, and has a relationship like a care wife especially with Higuchi. I am annoyed by the dentist Kubotsuka and being sexually harassed. In the anime version, the relationship with Higuchi was drawn deeper, and when I learned that Higuchi was going on a journey around the world, he was showing a depressed state in an English conversation circle and screaming from the parapet. In the final episode, Higuchi, who was told by "I", invited me to travel around the world. He is familiar with Ozu and knows one aspect of Ozu that I do not know.
Masaki Jogasaki
Voice- Junichi Suwabe
A close friend and rival of Higuchi, he has been in a self-deprecating proxy war with Higuchi for nearly five years. The novel version is a doctoral student, and the anime version is an 5th year university student. A charismatic director of the movie circle "Misogi" and a good man who drips waterNarcissistIs. However, in my personal life I named it "Kaori"Love dollHas one side of being a lover of.AlsobreastI like it, and the anime version has enhanced its characteristics.
In addition to "Kaori-san" in the novel version, she has a wealth of female experience, and in "Misogi" she has robbed Aijima of her lover, which leads to a grudge from Aijima and the defeat of the director. The lost lover is parted in the spring when "I" is in her third year. Extreme in the anime versionFastidious diseaseIt is said that since she was unable to touch a real woman, she only loved Kaori-san. However, it seems that Mr. Hanuki is kind of interested. In the third episode, he showed the goodness of the person who instructed the special training of "I".
Voice --Main story --Shintaro Asanuma, Nobuyuki Hiyama / DVD & BD recording unbroadcast episode - Mamiko Noto
Super luxury owned by JogasakiLove doll.. It has a beauty and dignity that cannot be thought of as a doll, and has been favored by Jogasaki. In the novel version, when Aijima is kidnapped by the library police, the custodian falls into forbidden love and runs into an escape of love. After that, he was kidnapped by Ozu who received Higuchi's order in a self-deprecating proxy war. In the anime version, Akishima will be kidnapped by Mr. Akashi who is trying to attract Mr. Akashi. Depending on the story, "I" will come to the four and a half mats.
Voice- Setsuji Sato
A student with a gloomy and rude atmosphere. Usually the vice-chairman of the movie circle "Misogi",Holding a drumHowever, the face on the back belongs to the underground organization "Fukuneko Hanten". If "I" is in the same circle as Aijima, "I" is bullied. Ozu provokes a coup in "Misogi", but later in Okuzu causes a coup in "Fukuneko Hotel". When you're on the back, stand like a policeman,saberPossess.
In the novel, "I" was appointed Secretary of the Library Police when he was in his third year. Jogasaki robbed her of her lover and caused a coup d'etat with her misery. In the anime version, from the time I was a freshman, I was the manager of the “Fukuneko Hanten” restaurant and also the chief of the library police. Having a sympathy for Akashi-san who came to the assistant of "Misogi", he wakes up a coup to show Mr. Akashi a good place.
Voice- Mayako Ayama
Kiyamachi DoriOld fortune teller in. "I" simply trusts me because it drains mystery and tickles my self-esteem skillfully. In any storyColosseum"I" is given a meaningful advice. There is no word "Colosseum" in the anime version, suggesting that "the opportunity is hanging in front of you at any time", and charge after fortune-telling (It is XNUMX yen at the beginning, XNUMX yen for each story) Price increase).
Mr. Kohinata
In the novel, the person does not appear, only appearing in the conversation. When I was a freshman, I belonged to the movie circle "Misugi", but I left the circle in about six months. There is a suggestion that the fact that "I" was in pain in a female relationship probably means that she was shaken. In fact, he is dating Ozu, but Ozu firmly tries to hide it.
In the anime version, a black-haired maiden that matches the ideal female figure of "I" (the face cannot be seen in the production). Although it is a daughter of the gurus of the dubious religious organization "Honoka" and is an advertising tower, he barely appears in the softball circle, which is a subordinate organization of "Honoka". He also belongs to the tennis circle, and when "I" was in his first year, he met and confessed when he confessed. Like the novel, it's actually Ozu's lover.

Terms, etc.

Shimogamo Yusuiso
ShimogamoIzumigawa Town (In the anime versionEizanDemachiyanagiAn old boarding house in the back) that is almost like an abandoned building. There is a rumor that it was burned down at the end of the Edo period and rebuilt, and remains as it is. Room 110 has a "tatami-mat" room, and room 210 directly above is Higuchi. Although it appears in another work, it is described as being in Izumimachi. In the anime version, the entrance and part of the exterior are modeled in Gingetsu Apartment, and the others are modeled in Kyoto University Yoshida Dormitory. Also, when capturing the live-action film, I used the room of a student who actually lives in the Yoshida dormitory.
University clock tower
The story begins when "I" receives a leaflet from the circle in front of the clock tower. In the animated version, each story ends when the hands of the clock tower rotate in reverse.
Kamo River Delta, Kamo Bridge
Koya RiverAnd Kamo River joinedKamogawaThe point that becomes. One of the important stages of the story, each story of the novel version and the final episode of the animation version, a large number of moths fly to Kamo Ohashi. This is a setting that combines two rivers into one and parallel worlds into one.[8].
Gozan's bonfire
Kyoto's summer tradition is when five large mountains in the basin of Kyoto are ignited by bonfires of "Large", "Myoho", "Funagata", "Large" and "Toriigata". On this day, Ozu and Higuchi called Akashi-san to Kamo Ohashi to have "I" and Akashi-san date. Also, on this day, Aijima is having a coup with Ozu at the Fukuneko Hotel. It was this day that "I" got lost in a four and a half tatami mat, and this day it came out. In the animated version, the airship "Noah's Ark" owned by the cult religious group "Honoka" was robbed by someone on this day. In the final episode, a large number of moths occurred on Kamo Ohashi on this day.
In each story of the novel version and the final episode of the anime version, the story ends in the room where Ozu of the hospital is hospitalized.
Cat ramen
Shimogamo ShrineStreet ramen that appears in the neighborhood. There are rumors that the cats are taking advantage of it, but the taste is unmatched. Quiet shopkeeper (voice- Atsushi Miyauchi) Is a witness to a self-deprecating proxy war, and the anime version was set to be the same student as Higuchi, Hanuki, and Jogasaki. Food that appears from "Tower of the Sun".
Rice cake
Akashi's favorite stuffed bear.MochiShe named her from such a soft place, and all five of them are called "fluffy squadron mochigman". The material in the novel version is sponge. The anime version is a palm-sized plush toy.
Since "I" discovered the one Akashi-san lost in secondhand book market in the fourth episode, he will cross the world of each story and return to Akashi-san's hand in the first episode.
It is set as a unique character in the anime version, and is not the personal name of Mr. Akashi. Of the five differently colored mochi bears, the white mochi bear is lost in various places for each story, but it surely goes through the twists and turns to reach "I" and is hung on a four and a half tatami mat of fluorescent lamps. It's always hanging in front of me.
"Beauty and bamboo forestIt is understood that it is adopted from the stuffed bear of the author.
Self-deprecating proxy war
Pacific WarA barren mischief battle that has been held for some time. There is an unwritten rule that sticks to barren mischief. Now it is unknown what caused the conflict[Note 2]However, in order to avoid being obnoxious anyway, he has continued to fight with his junior as a proxy. Higuchi and Jogasaki are the 29th generation. It is customary that the settlement talks are held at a cat ramen stall, and the next generation is handed over to Kamo Ohashi.
"XNUMX nautical miles"
Higuchi's favorite book, and it took more than a year to read. Originally, the book I bought at the second-hand book market of Shimogamo Shrine (may be borrowed from the university library and overdue). The "world globe" is pierced with a gusset needle to follow the route. In the anime version, because of the relationship with the publisher,GarlandI am reading a translated version.
Keiko Higuchi
Voice- Sayaka Ohara
The correspondent of "I". The name and address are written on the last page of the secondhand book Ozu gave to "I", and correspondence began when "I" wrote a letter there. The style reminds me of an intelligent woman with black hair. Asking "I" to refrain from meeting correspondents, and making "I" annoy me. The identities are Ozu and Akashi.
At the end of each story, a big disciple of Higuchi (often Ozu) delivered to my roomCastella.. It may be messed up by someone. By the way, it is also a favorite of Mr. Hanuki. In the novel, Kubotsuka, a dentist, gave it to Mr. Hanuki, who comes to Higuchi, who is living by receiving food from Mr. Hanuki and his disciples, and then comes to "I" through the disciples. In the anime version, it is often delivered the day before "Gozan" or after "Gozan" is over.
Cockroach cube
Anime original. massivecockroachA biological mass weapon that Ozu threw into his home in Jogasaki in a masochistic proxy war. In episode 10 of the anime version, there was a violent explosion, and a large amount of cockroaches rushed into my room. originally"Sun towerItems that appear in.
Noah's Ark
Anime original. An airship at the headquarters of Honoka. Although only a few people can be seen, the gurus and the gurus argue for a couple and a pair of animals to carry a pair of animals on the day of world collapse. In episodes 1 and 9, Ozu robbed Mr. Kohinata and Gozan to see the fireworks on the top of the mountain.
Only the novel version. The "sign of your opportunity" told by an old fortune teller. As the word says, each episode has its own form of the Colosseum or something reminiscent of it.


Love nuisance
Using Ozu's information network, I'm in love with OzuRed stringA victor who is as close to defeat as possible.Black cupit.A group of couples in the Kamo River were attacked by rocket fireworks.
Tennis circle "Cupit"
Anime original. In the animated version, Mr. Kohinata belongs.
Movie circle "Misogi"
Under the dictatorship of the founder and general manager Jogasaki, a circle that makes films harmoniously. Jogasaki and Aijima belong. In the novel version, Mr. Kohinata belonged.
Birdman club
Anime original.Birdman contestA manned airplane is being produced with the aim of winning. Akashi joined after cycling club "Soleil" left. In addition, she spends the entire winning prize at the Shimanami Cup on the cost of producing the airplane.
Cycling club "Soleil"
Anime original. The club is a full-fledged athletic club that is just the name of the club. Mr. Akashi belongs and together with HiguchiShimanamiWon the overall victory.
English conversation circle "Join English"
Hanuki belongs. In the novel versionKawaramachiSanjoIt is inEnglish class.
Hero show club
Anime original. Held a hero show of "Mochiguma". In the anime version, it was sometimes the first time that "I" helped Akashi-san at the Mochigman show.
Reading circle "SEA"
Anime original. Aijima belongs.
cultReligious groups. In the novel version, it has penetrated into the backing power of the university and has a strong influence on the Fukuneko Hotel. A fat middle-aged man is a guru. The animated version pretends to be a fraudulent health food company.
soft ballCircle "Honoka"
All members are cheerful, with socializing as the primary purpose rather than exercise. However, the reality is that it is a sub-organization of "honwaka" on campus, and it is a dummy organization for gathering followers of the upper organization. The anime version also promotes sales at health food companies, and hugs those who contributed to sales at the headquarters as callers.
Secret Institution "Fukuneko Hotel"
A non-authorized secret organization that controls the university behind the scenes. Obey sub-organizations such as library police, printing offices, bicycles, and smiling troops. Aijima belongs.
In the novel version, “Fukuneko Hanten” is a collective term for calling the three organizations of the library police, the printing office, and the bicycle-smiling organization. These three organizations are independent of each other, but in order to avoid conflicts of interest, they have an upper organization called "Fukuneko Hotel". The "Fukuneko Hotel" is a conference body for representatives with powerful powers to share their interests, but the conference is not limited to representatives of the three organizations, but also the religious group "Honoka" gurus, etc. Many outsiders who are not related to the organization but have influence are also participating, and they are quite talked about HR. Among the representatives of the three organizations, there is a custom that the Secretary of Police for Library is the highest rank.
"Fukuneko Hanten" in the anime version is a superordinate organization that supervises and supervises most of the university's underlying organization. The headquarters is located in the basement of a Chinese restaurant with the same name, and Aijima is the manager.
Library police
An organization that exhaustively collects books from university libraries from overdue people. It seems that the collection of personal information for collection has bloated, and now it can be involved in politics.
Printing house
An organization that mass-produces and sells counterfeit reports for earning credits, followed by excellent students. It is part of the financial resources of the Fukuneko Hotel. In the novel version, "I" will be deeply dependent.
Bicycle smiling organizer
A volunteer organization that organizes bicycles on campus. In recent years, even bicycles that are slightly out of the parking space have been forcibly removed. In the anime version, even bicycles on the street outside the school are collected, and the resale is the main source of income for Fukuneko Hanten. All the members look like gorillas. He also robbed an airplane produced by Birdman Circle and tried to sell it to the "Northern Country".

Bibliographic information

Television Animation

From April to July 2010,Fuji Television Network, Inc"Noitamina] Was broadcast in the frame. All 11 episodes. This is the first animation of a novel work for Masaaki Yuasa, and this is the first visualization work for Tomihiko Morimi. This is the first time that Makoto Ueda and Yusuke Nakamura are involved in animation production. Regarding portrayal of Kyoto city,Incline,Shijo KawaramachiLocations were thoroughly held for less than a month at neighborhoods and Kyoto University.[9]. AlsoKyoto,Shimogamo Shrine, Local companies also participate as “cooperation”.

Since it is a work that makes use of the wording of the novel, it has more characters than normal animation, and Makoto Ueda says "Cryptwriter and voice actor cry (laugh)"[2].. Also, episode 10 is a story in which no person other than "I" does not appear, and it was an unusual time in conventional TV animation that Shintaro Asanuma who played "I" played one single role in one episode.[10].

December 2010, 12, 8Japan Media Arts Festival Animation DivisionWon the grand prize. This is the first time that a grand prize has been awarded to a TV anime work since it was founded.[Note 3], Masaaki Yuasa's award isMind gamesIs the second time since[11][12].. Also, on March 2011, 3,Tokyo International Anime Fair2011/10thTokyo Anime AwardHowever, he has won the TV category Excellent Work Award.

From January 2017, 1, the animated movie ``Walk short at night MaidenAs a related project ofTOKYO MX-BS Fuji, The theme song was replaced with the one at the time of the main broadcast, and a special broadcast was carried out[13].

From October 2022Four and a half time machine BruceIs being rebroadcast in the "Noitamina" frame to commemorate the release of.In addition, the unbroadcast episode that was recorded as a bonus video on Blu-ray and DVD will be broadcast for the first time as 12 episodes.[14].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Main broadcast
Opening theme"Lost puppy and rain beat'
Lyrics and composition-Masafumi Goto / Arrangement and song- ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION(Kioon Records)
Used as the ending theme in Episode 11.
Ending theme "as God says"
Lyrics-Junji Ishiwata / Composition / Arrangement-Yoshinori Sunahara / Song- Junji Ishiwata&Yoshinori Sunahara+Yakushimaru Etsuko(Kune Records)
Used as the opening theme in Episode 11.
Special broadcast
Opening theme "lost dog and rain beat"[13]
Lyrics and composition-Masafumi Goto / Arrangement and song- Scenario art
Ending theme "Love Mageddon"[13]
Lyrics-Kosuke Hayashi / Composition-Scenario Art / Arrangement-CHRYSANTHEMUM BRIDGE / Song-Scenario Art (Kune Music)

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitleStoryboardShowAnimation director
1Tennis circle "Cupit"Masaaki YuasaNobutaka Ito
2Movie circle "Misogi"Yokoyama AkitoshiShogaki Nishigaki
3Cycling club "Soleil"Ryotaro MakiharaRyotaro Makihara
Naoyuki Asano
4DiscipleshipYokoyama AkitoshiNobutaka Ito
5Softball circle "Honoka"Hiroshi HamasakiTomoya TakahashiMasashi Ishihama
6English conversation circle "Join English"Shingo NatsumeShogaki Nishigaki
Naoyuki Asano
7Circle "Hero Show Club"Michio Mihara
8Reading circle "SEA"Hiroshi ShimizuJunichi FujiseNobutaka Ito
9Secret Institution "Fukuneko Hotel"Yokoyama AkitoshiRyotaro Makihara
10QuadrantCHOI EUNYOUNGNobutaka Ito
Masashi Ishihama
11End of the four-mat roomMasaaki YuasaNobutaka Ito


Broadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcasterBroadcast areaBroadcast seriesRemarks
2010/May 4 - May 7Thursday 24:45-25:15Fuji Television Network, IncKanto wide areaFuji TV seriesParticipation in production committee Noitamina Part 1
2010/May 4 - May 7Tuesday 25:29-25:59Kansai TVKinki wide areaAnime Waku!The 1 part
2010/May 4 - May 7Thursday 24:45-25:15Saga tvSaga
Thursday 26:15-26:45Tokai TVChukyo wide area
2010/May 5 - May 8Saturday 25: 00 - 25: 30[Note 4]BS FujiAll over JapanBS broadcastingNoitamina Part 1
2010/May 5 - May 7Saturday 25: 05 - 25: 35Cherry TVYamagataFuji TV series
2010/May 7 - May 10Sunday 25:30-26:00Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting SystemHokkaido
2011/May 3 - May 4Friday 18:00-19:00Fuji TV TWOAll over JapanCS broadcasting2 episodes continuous broadcast
With repeat broadcast
2013/May 5 - May 7Wednesday 22:00-22:30AnimaxWith repeat broadcast
Special broadcast
2017/May 1 - May 3Sunday 24:30-25:00TOKYO MXTokyo
2017/May 1 - May 3[15]Friday 24:30-25:00BS FujiAll over JapanBS broadcasting
Fuji TV series / Rebroadcast / Episode 12 First Broadcast (2022) Broadcast period and broadcast time[16]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [17] Remarks
October 2022, 4- Friday 0:55-1:25 (Thursday midnight) Fuji Television Network, Inc Kanto wide area Production participation
Iwate Menkoi TV Iwate
Cherry TV Yamagata
Fukushima TV Fukushima
Saga tv Saga
Friday 1:05-1:35 (Thursday midnight) TV Ehime Ehime
Friday 1:20-1:50 (Thursday midnight) Akita TV Akita
Friday 1:30-2:00 (Thursday midnight) TV Shizuoka Shizuoka
Nagano Broadcasting Nagano[18]
Kagoshima TV Kagoshima
Friday 1:45-2:15 (Thursday midnight) TV Kumamoto Kumamoto
Friday 1:50-2:20 (Thursday midnight) NST Niigata General Television Niigata
Friday 1:55-2:25 (Thursday midnight) Sendai Broadcast Miyagi
Kansai TV Kinki wide area
TV West Japan Fukuoka
Friday 2:00-2:30 (Thursday midnight) TV New Hiroshima Hiroshima
Friday 2:07-2:37 (Thursday midnight) Tokai TV Chukyo wide area
October 2022, 4- Wednesday 1:50-2:20 (Tuesday midnight) Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting System Hokkaido[19]


14th (2010)Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalAnimation department 大 賞Award
10th (2011)Tokyo Anime AwardBest TV AwardAward

Video benefits

A TV unbroadcast episode recorded on DVD & Blu-ray Volumes 1, 3 and 4.Each story is about 6 minutes and 40 seconds.[Note 5].

Characters (video privilege)

List of stories (video benefits)

Number of turnssubtitleStoryboard/Direction/Drawing
Volume 1"Ground submersible to Antarctica"Michio Mihara
Volume 3"Ground submersible, to the women's bath"-Kanbo Study Team Pink Search-Shingo Natsume
Volume 4"Love and fishing ground submersible"Yasuki Miyazawa


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注 釈

  1. ^ The English word Johnny commonly means male genitalia.
  2. ^ The cause is also said to be a match of love between old high school students and a comparison of drinking muddy sake.
  3. ^ The following yearPuella Magi Madoka MagicaHas won the grand prize, and as a result, the TV anime work has won the grand prize for the second consecutive year.
  4. ^ Only the last week of every monthKatanagatari] Paused for broadcasting
  5. ^ At BS Fuji, a drama version of a later programMoyashi mononIt will be broadcast in parts.


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Related item

  • Four and a half mats
  • Kyoto University Yoshida Dormitory--In the anime version, it is modeled as Shimogamo Yusuiso, and is credited to the ending staff roll as "coverage cooperation." In addition, the anime staff actually borrowed a certain room of four and a half tatami mats in Tokyo in order to set up the room for the main character ("Tatami mat and half mythology official book", page 108).
  • -A confectionery shop in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, famous for Casteira. Castella model in the anime version, credited as "cooperation" to the ending staff roll.
  • "Walk short at night Maiden]-A novel work by Morimi published in 2006. In addition to Higuchi, Hanuki, and Aijima appearing (Aijima has only a name), in the 8th anime version, "I" appeared as a secondhand book to trigger correspondence. In addition, in the video privilege of the animation version package of "2017 tatami mat mythology", there will be a boy who seems to be a model of the characters of "Night is short ~" Lee Shiro, the Sabo Study Team, and "God of secondhand book". .. In XNUMX, it was made into an animated movie by the same production team as the animated version.
  • "Eden of the East』-- In 2009NoitaminaThe anime work that was broadcast in the frame. Hommage to this work is seen everywhere.
  • "SHIN-MEN]-This is the anime series that the animation director Masaaki Yuasa is working on next to this series, but Hiroyuki Yoshino and Keiji Fujiwara are fellow characters of the main character, Yuko Kaida as the villain of the enemy role, and many of the ``Tatami Half Mythology'' cast Is participating.
  • " A memoir of the four-mat half-kingdom--- Morimi's novel work published in 2011.The stage is the same as this work, and multiple characters that seem to be the same person appear.
  • "Summertime Machine Blues』――Makoto Ueda's play that was in charge of the series composition of the anime version.Morimi is a novel that uses this play as an underlay and replaces the characters and stage with those of this work.Four and a half time machine Bruce』Published.
  • Kwon Young Joo -Korean translator.
  • -Chinese translator.

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