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🤖 | The second place is Takahiro Sakurai!Who is the voice actor who wants to send a New Year's card?First place is ... Akira Ishida, Soma Saito etc.


Second place is Takahiro Sakurai!Who is the voice actor who wants to send a New Year's card?First place is ... Akira Ishida, Soma Saito etc.

If you write the contents roughly
"Cool Voice Vol.17" (Shufu to Seikatsusha) "Neon Genesis Evangelion" Kaworu Nagisa, "NARUTO" Gaara, "Gintama" Kotaro Katsura, etc., playing the main character in many hits.

The numan editorial department conducted a questionnaire survey asking "Which voice actor would you like to send a New Year's card?" And ranked the results ... → Continue reading


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Kaworu Nagisa

Nagisa Kaworu(Nagisa Kaworu) is an anime "Evangelion" series.[1]And itsComic versionA fictional character who appears inEvangelionpilot.The identity is in the workApostleOne of the life forms called.The name as the 17th Apostle isTabris(TABRIS)[Note 1].Voice actor TheIshida Akira.


Common to anime and manga versions

  • Year of birth:2000/May 9[2](15 years old[2] / Second impactOn the same day as the occurrence of
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: XNUM X kg
  • gender male
  • Blood type: unknown[2]
  • Affiliation: NERV[2], Seele

Old century version

Instead of AsukaFifth ChildrenAs,Human Complementary CommitteeA boy sent directly to NERV by (≒ Zele)[2]..A beautiful boy with ash gray hair, red eyes, and extremely white skin, his past career is excluding date of birth.Ayanami ReiAll have been erased as well[2].Plug suitThe color is dark blue[2]..In the manga character introduction column and official fan book, "Mysterious Boy", "Shinji-like neck length, Asuka-like mouth, Ayanami-like thin pigment", "Small face" "It is clearly stated.Moreover,WritingThen, it is an official beauty that is said to be "the owner of a horrifying beauty".There is also a setting that the color is whiter than Ayanami.

InjuredIkari ShinjiToBeethoven OfSymphony No. 9[3]While singing the humming song, he approaches and fascinates.The true character is an apostle, and although it appears only in the second episode and the movie version, it is one of the people who had a great influence on Shinji.He is one of the few people who knows the core of the world in the works, and his mysterious words often suggest future developments.


While always smiling and giving a gentle impression, it also has a transcendental nature that does not make you feel age.[2]..Although it is sociable, many of the spoken words are difficult to understand.[2], It is difficult to understand thoughts with ordinary comprehension.He sometimes turns his gaze toward humanity as a non-human being, and he is attracted to Shinji's delicacy, and he gives special favor to him, saying, "I was born to meet you. It may have come. "

He seems to have a special feeling for the song (music) and describes it as "the height of the culture created by Lilin".[2].. Unique, such as "life and death are of equal value" and "death is the only absolute freedom"View of life and deathHas,suicideIt seems that he also had a desire.game"Neon Genesis Evangelion 2], It is also depicted that he is worried about his identity and significance of existence.

the truth

The identity is17th Apostle TabrisBut the soul is1st Apostle AdamAs part of Adam's plan to revive Adam, the soul of Adam salvaged by Zele is given a humanoid male body, which becomes Kaworu Nagisa.[4]..That bodySecond impactIt is thought that it is a body created by Adam based on the genetic information of the person who dived to Adam at that time.

Although it does not have the ability to attack itself, it can deploy an extremely powerful AT field and float freely in the air.Since it has the soul of Adam, if there is no soul, it can be freely manipulated and assimilated with an Adam-based EVA.[4]..In the movie versionSeelePut inMass production machineUsed toDummy plugIs the one using this Kaworu Nagisa's personal.

According to the game "Neon Genesis Evangelion 2", Adam andLilith TheThird impactIt is suggested that it also serves as a soul guide (navigator) when activating the supplementary plan, and Kaworu Nagisa, who has the soul of Adam for Zele, like Rei Ayanami, who has the soul of Lilith for Gendou. It seems that it was a trump card.The names such as Adam, Tabris, and Kaworu Nagisa are all just called by humans, and I am the one who says in the monologue.Some memories of Adam's time are missing.

Seele senses the betrayal of Gendou and sends them in the form of their wishes, EVAUnit XNUMXTo invade the terminal dogma by remote control and try to contact Adam, but when he finds out that it is Lilith, he stops contact as if he realized something and is killed by the first EVA machine himself. ..From the script and the lines of Seele in the works, there are lines that show that Seele did not actually want Kaoru's third impact, but wanted to be killed from the edge.However, it is unclear how far Kaoru realized Lilith.

It is said that the Adam apostles had the inheritance and sharing of information, and that the apostles were interested in humankind with the fruit of wisdom that they did not have.[4], Kaoru is said to have had a significance as a reacher of this series.Perfectly use people's words more than people[5]It is said that the figure of a person is because he wanted to understand the kind of person, and he actually showed understanding to the person and handed over the future to the person (Shinji) by his own death.[2].

In the movie version, there is a scene where Kaworu appears from Rei who became huge as Lilith, but it is said that it is the influence that Lilith took in the fetal Adam.[6]..While the human race is being complemented, he talks with Shinji with Rei, showing the way and seeing Shinji off.For Rei Ayanami, she sees at a glance that they are the same as each other, and suggests a connection with "You are the same as me."

According to Anno et al., It is set as "another perfect Ikari Shinji" based on the idea of ​​"creating two characters, an imperfect self (Shinji) and a perfect self (Kaworu)".

Character modeling

The model is an anime director who is a friend of Hideaki Anno.Kunihiko Ikuhara(However, it is unknown whether it is a model in appearance or personality[7]).The body is a human male.Character designYoshiyuki SadamotoSaid that he designed it more aesthetically while being conscious of Shinji, and under the setting of the last apostle, the concept is to include the characteristics of all human beings who came into contact with the apostle.For example, the thinness of the neck is based on Shinji, the red eyes are based on Ray, and the fearless feeling of the mouth is based on Asuka.[8].

The naming of "Kaworu Nagisa" acted as a scriptAkio Satsukawaby[9]..The origin is from the movie directorOshima NagisaKarade, "Nagisa"Ayanami ReiPaired with the "wave" of[10]..Or the surname is "Shisha" when the bias and the right component are separated.[9]That is, the messenger (→ apostle) and the dead, the name is "Kaworu" from the one in which "Owari" is shifted by one letter in alphabetical order, and when combined with the surname, it becomes "Shisha Owari" → "Nagisa Kaworu".Wordplay..In other words, it is a metaphor for being the "last apostle" and the "last sis."This also depends on the title of the second episode.

In an interview, "Anno" The last apostle wanted to be a boy in the same way as a person. "-" But Kaworu Nagisa can be a girl. "Anno" But that is It's a boy. A woman doesn't feel like it. It's Shinji and another Shinji. The ideal Shinji appears, so it's not good for a woman. "" He says he is particular about things.

Because Sadamoto himself had a history of designing as a "childish character" (described later in the manga version section),Ishida AkiraWhile admitting that the casting was well received, he mentioned the difference in the image, saying, "I imagined a more cute voice."[11]..However, in 2008, he said, "In the end, Mr. Ishida's voice made Kaworu attractive because of the imbalance."[12].

Comic version

ApostleAraelIt appeared before the war and has been shown to be the last apostle, Tabris, prepared by Zele from the beginning.It is very different from the anime version, which was a superb but sociable existence, and when it first appeared, it strangled the stray cat child who was separated from his parents from the distorted good intentions that "If you keep it alive, you will just suffer and die". , Shinji, who is angry for others, is described as strange, and is depicted as being unable to understand the human mind.Although he interacted with Shinji more than in anime, it didn't go well because both of them had different personalities from anime, and Shinji continued to reject him.

Unit XNUMX due to Asuka's retirement after the war with AraelpilotOfficially appointed to the ApostleAluminum SaelSortie in the battle.At that time, after being eroded by Almisael, the feeling of thinking about Rei's Shinji flowed into Kaoru, so that shed tears, touched the heart of human beings, and after that, stick to the feeling of love and expose it. Become.According to Sadamoto, because he felt Rei's feelings for Shinji as the opposite sex, he was interested in Shinji's favor, but his body was born as a man, so what happens to this feeling? He states that he intends to create his own "sad structure".[13].

At the end, in response to Zele's wishesTerminal dogmaHe invades and arrives at Adam (Lilith), but when he realizes that it is Lilith, he tells Shinji about his fate and third impact, and then is killed by the palm of the first machine.At that time, he said, "If you like me even a little, I want you to kill me," and I hope that Shinji will remember it.Unlike the anime version, the manga version of Zele is actually sending out hoping for complementation from the third impact by Kaoru.Later, when refusing to complement, there is a depiction that Shinji thinks that he has hurt Kaoru (another person).

In the anime version, it was a plot as "another perfect Ikari Shinji", while Sadamoto "designed it as a childish character from the original concept, and the image of innocent Kaworu remains strongly in me. The character image in the manga version reflects this image.He also said, "In an episode where Shinji actually confronts" becoming fond of people, "Kaworu existed."

New movie version

From the "Introduction" stageHideaki AnnoAkira Ishida, who was the only cast member to receive a lecture on the setting of the new movie version and the role of Kaworu, said in an interview after recording "Q" about Kaworu, "It should be different from the previous cycle, but how many times However, I still follow the same rut. Still, I want to switch the point of the track to a different place. I have a desire to manage to overcome the flow of big things, and it will be a substitute for Shinji who should survive. I see. "

New Theatrical Version: Introduction

For a short time, in the final scene, the moon (Calm sea) Wake up naked from one of the multiple caskets in.From talking with the stereoscopic image of the monolith floating in the air (Keel Lorenz in the old work), it can be seen that it is connected to Zele as well as the old work.However, he already knows the name of Shinji, who he had no acquaintance with at this point, and he seems to be interested in him, such as muttering, "It's the third one. You're the same."

New Theatrical Version: Destruction

Although it is about 3 minute in total for the 1 scenes, it shows its appearance when the situation is about to move.

On the moon, he sits naked at the fingertips of Evangelion Mark.06, which is under construction, and looks back at Gendou and Fuyutsuki, who witnessed the appearance, and mutters, "Nice to meet you, Dad."At the endMark.06He appeared over the NERV headquarters and threw Cassius's spear at the first machine to prevent the third impact, and muttered Shinji's determination, "I'll make you happy this time."

New Movie Version: Q

Awakening of the first machine (Near third impact) 14 years later, EVAUnit 13Belongs to NERV as a pilot of.Like Shinji, Asuka, and Mali, it looks like it was 14 years ago (it is unknown whether it was born or due to "Eva's Curse"). After 14 years, there are no friends or acquaintances, and the anti-NERV organization "VilleShinji, who has been treated coldly and lonely by the members of "," says "I was born to meet you" and plays piano duet to deepen the relationship. ..

To Shinji who wants to know what happened in 14 years, he shows the misery of the world and tells the truth.Shinji devastated the world by his actions to save Rei.Third impactDespaired by the reality that it led to ", and above all, that Ray could not be saved, he closed his heart.Shinji refuses to ride Eva even after the completion of Unit 13, but it is attached to his neck.DSS chokerRemove and attach it to your neck, "Longinus Spear"When"Cassius Spear], And told that the world could be restored with the 13th machine, "two peopleLilinLet's be the hope of. "

The 13th aircraft boarded with Shinji descends to the Central Dogma and tries to pick up the spear stuck in Lilith and Mark.06 while evading the interference of Asuka and Mali.However, he is upset when he notices that the spears that should be there are not Cassius and Longinus, but both are Longinus.He stops Shinji, but he forcibly picks up the spear.As a result, after being eroded by the 2th Apostle who appeared from Mark.06 where the spear was pulled out, Kaoru said that it was aimed at Gendou, the "King of Lilin".First apostleからFirst apostleIt will be defeated.And the 13th machine was awakened, and a new tragedy "Force impactWill be a trigger.

Instead of repairing the world, he comforted Shinji, who was appalled by the fact that Kaoru died due to the activation of the DSS choker that accompanied Eva's awakening, and stabbed two spears into the core of Unit 13. It was. He left behind the last words, "Don't look like that. I'll see you again, Shinji-kun." Immediately after that, he was blown off his neck by a choker explosion and died.Due to Kaoru's death, the awakening of Unit 2 subsided, but the progress of the Force Impact did not stop, and Mali forcibly ejected the entry plug on which Shinji, which was insured by Zele, from Unit 13 and the door of the guff It closed and finally converged.

Shin Evangelion Movie Version 𝄇

Although it does not appear in the early scenes because he died in the previous work, there is a scene where Shinji, who was shocked by Kaworu's death, responds positively to Kaworu's words in his recollections for the first time.After that, he appeared in the minus space scene and had a dialogue with Shinji.In it, Shinji said, "I have met you many times here," and that I and Shinji are listed in the Book of Life, and that I must continue to act forever. In the looping world of Evangelion's work, Shinji is told that he has helped Shinji many times to make him happy, and the scene is projected.At that time, Kaworu shed tears when the young Shinji reached out to Kaworu, who was naked, to become a friend.Kaworu realizes that making Shinji happy actually led to his own happiness, and leaves Shinji while talking to Kamochi.And in the last scene, a figure lined up with Ray was drawn on the platform of the station.

Game version

"Neon Genesis Evangelion 2], If he succeeds in persuading him, he hopes to coexist with humankind and enters as a pilot.At that time, EVA Unit 4, which should have disappeared, is called out of nowhere and brought to the NERV headquarters as its own aircraft.

"Detective EvangelionIn "EVA B type,"Neon Genesis Evangelion Battle Orchestra] In EVA Unit B,pachinko-PachislotThen,CR New Century Evangelion ~ Apostle, Again ~After that, board EVA Unit XNUMX.Basically, it is treated as a premium character in pachinko and pachislot, and when Kaoru or Unit XNUMX appears on the LCD screen in some way, if it is a pachinko, it will be a ball ant.Probability changeIf it is a jackpot or pachislot, it is customary to confirm the bonus (exception: the silence of the chance button notice is Gase in the first generation, super reach in the second impact, the value of the miracle is apostle, high expectation again, the last Be sure to speak after the singer. Runaway mode ant in synchro reach at the second impact. Other pachislot "New Century Evangelion ~ Soul Trajectory ~There is "Kaworu Awakening Mode", but this will continue until the next bonusReplay timeSo it's still a premium).However, the fifth pachinko game "CR New Century Evangelion ~ The Last Shisha ~], There is only one notice that may be lost even when Kaworu appears.It is in children mode (short time), on the computer screenIkari Shinji,Soryu Asuka Langley,PenIt is expected to be 30.7% in the notice that will appear with.

Super Robot War seriesThen, it is often related to the true meaning of the story, and there are times when it has a meaningful conversation with the characters of other works.Basically, it is a spot appearance, and there are few cases where it can be used as a player character.In the past, it was possible to use "3rd Super Robot Wars α To the Ending GalaxyWas limited to spot participation on EVA Unit XNUMX / Kai, but "Third Super Robot War Z Zigoku Hen], It can be used as an official player character (Unit 13 sub-pilot) for the first time with the setting of "New movie version: Q".


  • Chiaki KuriyamaNames Kaworu Nagisa as an "ideal man"[14].
  • The fan book "ALL ABOUT Nagisa Kaworu A CHILD OF THE EVANGELION" was released in 2008.The contents include a long interview with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and a digest of the manga version.
  • In charge of voiceIshida Akira"It's difficult to say the lines that Kaworu wouldn't say," he said in pachinko, pachislot, and in-store announcements at the Eva shop.
  • It was also used for in-car broadcasting of 500 TYPE EVA.
  • NetflixThe English subtitle of the line "I love you" for Kaworu Nagisa in the distribution version was "It means I love you" in the DVD / Blu-ray version, but it is a direct translation. There was a complaint from conventional fans about the change to "It means I like you"[15].

Voice actor in the foreign version of Japan


注 釈

  1. ^ The origin is said to be from the angel Tabris, who controls the "free will" of Jewish and Christian tradition.


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