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🤖 | What male character would you like to go to for the first time?Furuya Rei, Shuichi Akai and others are the first to hold down the "Detective Conan" characters, "Silver ..."

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What male character would you like to go with for the first visit?Furuya Rei, Shuichi Akai and others are the first to hold down the "Detective Conan" characters, "Silver ..."

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Also, since 2022 is the year of the tiger, some people mention Yuji Itadori from "Jujutsu Kaisen".

First visit in 2022.Who would you choose if you could go with your favorite character?Situations unique to Hatsumode ... → Continue reading

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Magic round

"Magic round』(Juju Tsukaisen) isUnderestimationbyJapan OfComic.. 『Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha) Is being serialized from the 2018th issue of 14.Ghosts and ghosts born from negative human emotionsmagicUseShamanDepicted the fight ofDark fantasy-battleComic.. The abbreviation is "magic"[1].

This work is "Jump GIGA』Was serialized from 2017 vol.1 to 2017 vol.4Tokyo Metropolitan Magic CollegeIs a prototype and the official prequel the day before[2][3]..Later, the work was released on December 2018, 12 as "Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 4 Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic".[2][3].


Tokyo Metropolitan College of Arts and Sciences (Volume 0)

2016 year 11 month,Yuta OtoboneIs a fiancee girlSpecial grade overcurseGrief・ Rika PrayerWas possessed.Otobone, who had been relentlessly harassed by his classmates, was seriously injured by Rika.ShamanRestrained byDeath penaltyIs sentenced.However, the power of Rika, who was too powerful, made the surgeon shy, and the teacher of the magic college,Satoru GojoIn 2017, Otsubone was recommended byTokyo Metropolitan Magic CollegeTransfer to school.

Otoko, who was afraid of relationships with others and was reluctant to become a witch doctor and to live, has the confidence to live while interacting with his unique classmates, and to dispel Rika from himself. Become a witch doctor.

Approximately one year after enrolling in Otsubone, a special-grade curse master who was once banished from the magical world by mass-murdering ordinary people.Summer oil masterSuddenly appears.Natsuyu, who aims to annihilate non-surgeons and aim for a world of only witch doctors, will be in front of the bones on December 2017, 12.Shinjuku-京都So, I declare that I will carry out the massacre "Hyakki Yagyo" by many spells[4]..And on the day of Hyakki Yagyo, Natsuyu attacks the technical college to get Rika.For safety, Otsubone, who remained in the technical college, defeated Natsuyu after a fierce battle, and at the same time succeeded in dispelling Rika, and the story ends.

Magic round

Beginning (Volume 1, Episode 1-5 Episodes)

2018 Year of 6 MonthMiyagiSendai cityThe story begins with.

High school students with physical abilities that are far from ordinary peopleYuhito Tiger CaneWas raised by his grandfather without knowing his parents' faces.On the night of my grandfather's death, the seal of the "curse" sleeping in the school of tiger canes is broken, and it attacks people.SpellWill appear.The tiger cane is the witch doctor who appeared to collect the "curse"Megumi FushiguroAt the same time, he boarded the school building to save the left-behind seniors.However, he was forced into a predicament there, and the tiger cane himself ate the spell "Fetish Finger" in order to gain power, and was a special grade spell.Double-sided lodgingWill be resurrected[5].

After that, the tiger cane was captured by the witch doctor as a "vessel of the inn".Death penaltyIs sentenced.However, of the special witch doctorSatoru GojoProposes the grace of "eating all the fingers of the inn and then dying."

Thus, the tiger cane enrolls in the Metropolitan Magic College and begins his life as a witch doctor.

Jutaitaten (Volume 1, Episode 6-Volume 2, Episode 9)

2018 year 7 month,Nishitokyo OfJuvenile trainingA special-grade foetation appears in, and the tiger cane, Fushiguro, andNail Sakino RoseIs dispatched to save lives.

The three enter the juvenile training school and confront a special-grade ghost that has undergone a complete metamorphosis.The tiger cane escapes Fushiguro and Nagisaki, and gives the initiative of the body to the inn to exorcise the special-grade spell.However, this time, the inn begins to rampage, and the tiger cane dies with the inn after resisting.

After the death of the tiger cane (Volume 2, Episode 10-Volume 3, Episode 18)

After the incident at the Juvenile Training School, the tiger cane who died was revived by signing a contract with the inn, and started special training under Gojo for the "exchange meeting" to be held with the Kyoto school in September.Fushiguro and Nagisaki were also specially trained under the second grade.

On the other hand, a special-grade curse master who once caused "Hyakki Yagyo"Summer oil masterHowever, a special-grade spell that aims to annihilate humansLeakageI joined hands with them and was dying.Natsuyu and others make a plan to seal Gojo Satoru and prepare for October 10st, the day of execution.

Small Fry and Reverse Punishment (Yogyo and Sakabachi) (Volume 3, Episode 19-Volume 4, Episode 31)

2018 year 9 month,KanagawaKawasaki CityA corpse was found in, and a tiger cane and a first-class witch doctorNanami KentoIs dispatched.

As a result of the investigation, the special-grade spell that is the criminal of the caseReal peopleAnd a high school student who was watching the whole story of the incident at the sceneJunpei YoshinoThe existence of is revealed.

Junpei had been in contact with Masato for revenge on those who bullied himself, but after that he became intimate with the tiger cane he met, and through that encounter he decided to quit revenge.

However, after that, Junpei's mother was killed by someone, and Junpei thought that the person who bullied himself was the criminal, and attacked the school using magic.After that, Junpei is converted by the desperate persuasion of the tiger cane that has stopped, but immediately after that, Masato appears and is cursed by him.

After that, Masato withdrew from the scene after suffering great damage after a fierce battle with Nanami who joined the fierce tiger cane.

In this way, the series of incidents is settled for the time being, and the story goes to the exchange meeting of the magic college.

Exchange meeting (Volume 4, Episode 32-Volume 7, Episode 54)

On the day of the exchange party, the tiger cane joins Fushiguro and others.

In the first round of the team competition, the tiger cane who jumped in and participated was the strongest third grader at Kyoto school.Aoi TodoWill be in charge of the other party.On the other hand, the Kyoto school was planning to eliminate the tiger cane, which is a "vessel of lodging", with the president's money.

The first round begins, and the tiger cane immediately confronts Todo.At first, Todo was unilaterally hurting the tiger cane, but suddenly he became a "best friend" and gave thorough guidance.Along the way, another student from Kyoto school tries to eliminate the tiger cane, but fails due to the interference between Todo and Tokyo school, and the magic battle between Tokyo school and Kyoto school begins from there.

However, during that time, a curse / curse master who teams up with Natsuyu invades the technical college, and a special-grade curse /FlowerEngages with the students.Many people, including Fushiguro, are unable to fight, but Hanago is dying due to the joint attack of the tiger cane and Todo, and finally Hanago withdraws when Gojo participates in the war.Around that time, Masato seized and withdrew the special-grade spells kept by the technical college.

In the second round, the original individual battle is in a hurrybaseballIt is changed to, and the Tokyo school wins.

As a result, the 2018 exchange event will end with the victory of the Tokyo school.

The Origin of Blind Observatory (Volume 7, Episode 55-Volume 8, Episode 64)

After the exchange party, the tiger cane, Fushiguro, and NailzakiSaitamaSaitamaVisit to. From June to September 2018, there were three cases of stabbed ghosts with common aura, and the three victims were graduates of the same junior high school.

When the tiger canes listen locally, the victimssuicideAt Yatsuhashi, a famous place in Japanbungee jumpHowever, there was no sign of a ghost at Yatsuhashi.In the subsequent investigation, I went to Yatsuhashi in the past.test of courageThe local girl who went to Japan was also suffering from a mysterious phenomenon that resembled the precursor of a stabbed murder.

From these things, Fushiguro and others speculate that the spell in question is an individual who hides in the barrier made at Yatsuhashi and curses the marked human from the inside, and the three are eight at midnight Cross the river under the Juhachi Bridge and enter the barrier of the spirits.But at the same time, he teamed up with Natsuyu and others.Kusōzu OfBroken phase-Blood coatingAppears and matches with the tiger canes.The purpose of Kusōzu was to recover the finger of the inn, which was taken in by the special-grade spell who was the criminal of the series of stabs.

After that, Fushiguro goes out of the barrier and engages with a special-grade spell, and Tiger Cane and Nagisaki go out of the barrier and engage with the wrecked phase and blood coat.And both win overwhelmingly, and the series of incidents ends.

Furthermore, after the incident, under the names of Aoi Todo and Mei Mei, five people, Torakan, Fushiguro, Nagisaki, Maki, and Panda, are recommended as first-class surgeons.

Past edition

In this volume,Satoru GojoSummer oil masterThe student days of.

Jade (Volume 8, Episode 65-Volume 9, Episode 75)

In 2006, the cornerstone of the magical world with immortal techniquesTengenHowever, the time has come for assimilation with the human body, the star body, which matches the person himself.

Two days before assimilation, Gojo and Natsuyu, a second-year student at Jujutsu College, had a star-shaped body.Riko TennaiIs ordered to escort until the day of assimilation.

Gojo and his friends revenge the curse masters who are trying to kill the heavens, and the day of assimilation comes, but suddenly, "Killing the surgeon"Fushiguro JinjiAttacks the technical college.Jinji is a non-surgeon called BanseikyoReligious groupI was planning to kill Tennai at the request of.

First, Jin engages with Gojo, who seeks to earn time, and kills him after a fierce battle.Natsuyu arrives at Tengen's knees along with Tennai, but Tennai is killed by Jinji who chased afterwards, and Natsuyu is also defeated.

After that, Jinji hands over the body of Tennai to Banseikyo and gets a large reward.However, after that, Gojo, who survived by the reversal technique, appeared, and Jinji was defeated after a fierce battle and died.

After that, Gojo and Natsuyu went to pick up the body of Tennai from Banseikyo, but it was filled with the smiles and applause of the Banseikyo believers.

Gyokusetsu (Volume 9, Episode 76-Episode 79)

In 2007, Gojo and Natsuyu, a third-year magic college student, became special-grade witch doctors.

Gojo continued to improve his ability as "the strongest".On the other hand, Natsuyu's belief that "magic is to protect non-surgeons" has begun to fluctuate from the case of the star escort.

Meanwhile, Natsuyu is a special-grade witch doctor who visited the technical college in August.Ninety-nine YukiAs a result, the idea that "all non-surgeons should be killed" begins to emerge.

After that, Natsuyu witnessed the death of his junior and the misery of a witch doctor girl who had been abused by the inhabitants in the countryside he visited on a mission in September.Finally, Natsuyu chose the true intention of "I hate monkeys (non-surgeons)" and slaughtered the non-surgeons in the village and fell into a curse.

After the incident, Natsuyu declares to Gojo that he will "kill non-surgeons and create a world of witch doctors," and separates from the witch doctor college.

After that, Natsuyu hijacks the board star religion and begins its activities with fellow surgeons.On the other hand, Gojo repents himself and decides to make a strong companion.

In this way, the two best friends went on different paths from each other.

Evening Festival (Good Festival) (Volume 9, Episode 79-Volume 10, Episode 82)

The past part is over and the stage returns to the present.

October 2018, 10, 19nd year student of Jujutsu College Kyoto SchoolYokokichiBut of the summer oilsInformantIt turns out that he was doing.

Yo is a congenital owner of physical deficiencies and inconveniences, and when cooperating with Natsuyu and others, he had a contract to "cure the body with the magic of a true man in return."

On the same day, Yo tells Natsuyu and his friends to decline the informant and lets Masato heal his body.Immediately after that, I made my ownGiant robotHe activates his armored puppet and engages with Masato, but is eventually defeated and died.

Shibuya Incident (Volume 10, Episode 83-Volume 16, Episode 136)

August 2018, 10,Shibuya StationA special book is put up around the area, and ordinary people are trapped.

On the other hand, technical college is Gojo Satoru aloneShibuyaDecided to settle, and at the same time four first-class surgeonsNanami Kento,Naokito,Atsushi Kusakabe,invisibleHowever, they are dispatched to Shibuya along with Fushiguro, Nagisaki and Maki, Panda, and Tiger Cane, who are under assessment for promotion.

Gojo, who infiltrated the 5th basement floor of Shibuya Station, confronts the leaked spirits.The two begin a battle in a crowd of ordinary people, and finally Gojo is sealed by a living barrier, Gokumon.Also, the person who had been ghosts and ghosts until now was the one who robbed the body of Natsuyu Jie (hereinafter, ""Fake summer oil") Turned out to be.While Gokumon couldn't be moved due to the resistance of Gojo, opinions were divided on the treatment of the tiger cane of the "Knotweed" among the fake summer oil sect, and the competition for the tiger cane was started.

Meanwhile, the puppet left by Yo in his lifetime is activated.The puppet tells the tiger canes about the seal of Gojo and the existence of fake summer oils, and the tiger canes aim for the 5th basement floor of Shibuya station to recapture Gojo.

After the Shibuya Incident (Volume 16, Episode 137-Volume 17, Episode 147 / Volume 18, Episode 153-Episode 159)

Reeds (including Ash) Hen (Volume 17, Episode 148-Episode 152)

Death Migratory (Yu Shimetsukai) Edition (Volume 18, Episode 160-)


The voice section is the anime versionVoice actor.

main character

Yuji Itadori
Voice- Junya Enoki[6][7][8]
Of this workhero..First-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.MiyagiSendai citywhere one is from. Born March 2003, 3.Owner of physical ability far from ordinary people[Note 1]..Originally a non-surgeon, he gained magical power by speaking the finger of the inn, and entered the metropolitan magic college by the measure of Gojo.[9]..Due to the influence of the fingers of the inn, there is a groove of the remnants of another pair of eyes that opened under the corners of both eyes.
He has a cheerful and honest personality and is friendly to everyone.Also, due to the influence of my grandfather's will, I have a strong commitment to "correct death", and I always try to save people in front of me, including friends and ordinary people, as much as possible within reach.[9].
Mainly on the human bullet battle that makes the best use of the high physical ability, "Diameter fistTo learn the beating.At the beginning, I couldn't control the curse power well, but I improved with the guidance of Todo at the exchange meeting.Black flashexperienced.Black flash recorded 1 times a day.Also,poisonIt has a very high tolerance, and it does not die even if it eats the finger of the incarnation, which is originally extremely poisonous. It is said that he was not born for 1000 years from the seal of"Sukuna no Utsuwa"It became.This will look for other fingersradarHowever, it is not functioning conveniently due to the nature of the inn.In addition, since it always has the soul of the inn, it is possible to capture the outline of the soul naturally, and it is possible to directly damage the true person without any technique.In addition, the soul of the inn is completely unaffected by the true man's "Idle Transfiguration."In addition, although the innate technique is not engraved on the body, Gojo says that the technique of inn will be engraved soon.
In addition to this, there is a phenomenon in the brain of the opponent who played against the tiger cane that gives a false memory to the effect that "I had some good relationship with the tiger cane in the past".[10]However, the author says that this is not the ability of the tiger cane itself.
He had no parents (both dead and missing) and was raised by his grandfather.He seems to have no particular memory of his parents, and showed no interest when he was cut out by his grandfather.
Diameter fist
A technique that hits the opponent with a fist that has a magical power, and immediately after that, the magical power collides with it, giving a double impact with a single blow.
This is a bad habit that was born because the control of the curse power is immature and the curse power cannot catch up with the instantaneous power because the original power is far from human beings.
The technique of holding the curse power also remains in the trajectory due to immature influence, and it is difficult to read the flow of the curse power due to the creation of an irregular flow.
Gojo and Nanami evaluate it as it is, but at the exchange meeting, Todo pointed out that "it does not lead to special grades".
After experiencing a black flash, it became unusable in exchange for improved control.
Megumi Fushiguro
Voice- Yuma Uchida[6][7]
A first-year technical college student of metropolitan magic, a second-class witch doctor who is a classmate of a tiger cane[11].. Born December 2002, 12.His son, Megumi, was named after his father.He is a bloodline of the Misan family and the Ryoin family, and is considered to be from the family.His real parents have both died and live with his sister-in-law, Tsumiki, who is one year older than the first grade of elementary school.SaitamaAfter graduating from Tachiurami Higashi Junior High School, he entered Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.Also, I have known Gojo, who is my homeroom teacher, even before I entered school.
I met a tiger cane when I came to search for the finger of the inn that was stored in the Stevenson screen of Sugisawa Third High School on a mission.When the tiger cane swallows the fingers of a double-sided inn, he once tries to exorcise the tiger cane as a "curse", but when Gojo asks him to treat the tiger cane, he begs to save the tiger cane.On the other hand, he said to the juvenile training inmates who had committed crimes such as hitting a child with unlicensed driving, saying, "I have no intention of saving a person who is not willing to help until it becomes a corpse." Emphasis is placed on the value judgment of good and evil.
It was rough when I was a junior high school student, but when Tsumiki was bedridden with a curse, I doubted that only unequal reality would be given equally and good people who should be happy would not be rewarded. Became a witch doctor to help people unequally so that good people can enjoy equality[12]..Due to the above-mentioned events, as a favorite type, a woman with "unwavering humanity" like Tsumiki is mentioned.
The techniques used are ten types of shikigami that use their own shadow as a medium."DecathlonShadow method (Tokusa no Kagebojutsu) "It is also one of the techniques of the Misan family and the Soin family.[11]..Made by handShadowCall the shikigami in the form of materializing.It is more powerful than ordinary shikigami and cannot be manifested again when it is completely destroyed, but the techniques and powers of the destroyed shikigami are inherited by other shikigami.Basically, two types can be revealed at once, and it is also possible to combine two shikigami by an extended technique.It is also possible to store curse tools in your own shadow by using the property of using shadows as a medium for curse power.A long-range attack using shikigami is the mainstream battle style, and there are a wide range of uses for attacks such as linking multiple shikigami.However, I am not good at close quarters battle, I had to keep both hands free for shadow play, and I was not accustomed to using curse tools, but I have become accustomed to using curse tools in practice with Maki before the exchange meeting.Immediately before the exchange party, it was found that all the curse tools could be taken in and out of his own shadow, and Maki's curse tools were also carried. As the "back hand," he has a shikigami called the eight-handed sword, the god of war, Makura.
Although he has applied techniques and techniques to warn even the inn, he does not seem to be able to use them enough, and the inn is described as "treasure rot."It is pointed out in Gojo that he hasn't been able to take it seriously because he thinks that he can solve everything if he dies at worst by putting out his "back hand".After that, he got serious in the battle with the virtual special grade spell at Yatsuhashi in Saitama, acquired the area expansion though it was incomplete, and defeated the virtual special grade spell.
In the Shibuya incident, he reunites with Jinji Fushiguro, who was revived by the enemy's necromancy, but did not realize that he was his father.After that, Haruta Shigemen attacked the place where he was in a state of full-blown wounds, and he made the appearance of the "back hand", the eight-handed sword, the god of war, Makura, and was rescued by the rushing inn.
What is your favorite foodGinger(It seems that it is not ginger itself).The food I hatepaprika..I often read true story books.Choose a comfortable loungewear.
dogShikigami[11].. There are two.
A pure white dog shikigami.On the foreheadRoad return ballThere is a pattern of.There is a function to detect the magical power by the sense of smell and it is possible to fight[11].
During the mission of the Eishu Juvenile Training School, it was completely destroyed by a special-grade spell of the Juvenile Training School.
A black dog shikigami.On the foreheadFootballThere is a pattern of.The ability is equivalent to "white", and two are often called at the same time.
渾 (kon)
A shikigami born when "black" takes over the technique and power of the destroyed "white".A huge black dog whose body is white.There are two types of patterns on the forehead.It has the attack power to damage the special-grade spell, Hanago, and to exterminate the special-grade spell of XNUMX Bridge with a single blow, even if it is a surprise hit.
"Nue(Nue) "
A shikigami of a monster bird with a skeleton face that covers half of its head.Has the ability to fly[11]In addition to being used as a means of transportation, it can also be rammed by wearing a charged spell.It is also possible to make it a barrier by showing it in a narrow space with the target.
"Serpent(Orochi) "
HugesnakeShikigami.There is a raw ball pattern on the forehead.He detained the inn for a moment at the juvenile training school, but was completely destroyed by him.
"toad(Gama) "
bigfrogShikigami.There is a pattern of Okitsu mirror on the abdomen.By stretching your long tongue, you can rescue distant companions and restrain enemies.
"Shiranui bottom"
It is an extended technique that combines "nue" and "蝦 蟇", and calls several feathered "蝦 蟇".Unlike ordinary shikigami, it can reappear even if it is completely destroyed.
Shikigami.On the foreheadHetsu mirrorThere is a pattern of.Weapons of trampling by weight and high-pressure water discharge from the nose[11]..However, it can only be manifested by itself because it consumes a lot of magical power.In addition, the magical power used to embody water can be used for the "full elephant" itself to make it huge.
rabbitShikigami.It manifests in a herd of dozens of animals.Not suitable for attacks, but can surround enemies.
"Mating dark garden"
Fushiguro's innate area.However, it is still incomplete.
Cover the area with a liquid shadow, and many shikigami will appear from the shadow and attack the opponent.[11]..You can also make your own alter ego.Avoid the opponent's attack by entering the shadow yourself.
"Yatsuka no Tsurugi Kaishinsho Makora"
Among the ten kinds of shadow magicians of all time, he is the strongest shikigami who has not been able to surrender, and is the inner hand of Fushiguro.
You can call it by putting both hands forward and chanting Yura Furube.
There is a magic square in the back, and unless the magic square is separated and killed in one attack, the magic square in the back will heal 1 times and change to a characteristic that is incompatible with the opponent.Equipped with the sword "Hachizaraki", which specializes in anti-ghosts.Each time you rotate the magic square on the back, you will be given recovery and resistance to the attacks you have eaten so far, and you will have the ability to change to an attack type that makes it easier for damage to pass through.The person who put it out is first beaten by the eight-handed sword, the god of war, Makura, and is in a state of asphyxia.If the surgeon who is within the target range at the time of calling can defeat the shikigami, the affair is completed.If they can't, both will die (if the other surgeons defeat them, there will be no ritual of arrogance. The magic square will need to be returned to its original location).
Nailzaki wild rose (Kugisaki rose)
Voice- Asami Seto[6][7][13]
First-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic. Third-class witch doctor.According to himself, "MoriokaBorn in "Fucking Countryside" which takes 4 hours.
He is about 160 centimeters tall. Born August 2002, 8.
He enrolled in Jujutsu College at the same time as the tiger cane, but the enrollment itself had been decided for some time.While having a strong admiration for Tokyo (city), she was a transfer student from Tokyo when she was in the first grade of elementary school.Saori-chanHates the countryside, his hometown, because he was kicked out by the villagers.
He has a very dry temper and has a bad mouth.[13]Despite being an amateur, it is quick to kick off the tiger cane that has advised that the curse is dangerous.On the other hand, he also shows kindness such as throwing away his weapons to help the boy who was taken hostage by the ghost, and trying to help the inmate of the juvenile training school who is a sinner as a matter of course.He has a strong identity and is courageous enough to sell a fight even if he is behind him in a state of full waist.
I have my own cursenailTechnique to attack the opponent by hitting"Sureijuho"He is a user of "Resonance" that damages the target body by driving a nail into a part that is missing from the target, and "Kanzashi" that destroys the target by directly driving it. ..As a weapon, a five-inch nailhammer(At the exchange meetingPico Pico Hammer),sometimesStraw dollUse[14]..Not good at close quarters combat.
Since I entered Jujutsu College, I have been enjoying Tokyo so much, such as going shopping when I have free time.
When he encounters the Kusōzu of the Curse in Saitama, he experiences a black flash.
In the Shibuya incident on October 2018, 10, Naoto and Maki head for Shibuya, but since Ichichi can no longer be contacted, take another action to evacuate Akira Nitta to a safe place. ..Among them, he engaged with Haruta Shigemen and was saved by Nanami.The story of Gojo being sealed in Nanami and the fact that he was stopped from entering the battle area, but after handing over Akira Nitta to the rescue, he returned to the battle area alone.After that, when he engaged with the alter ego of the true man and had an advantage, he was touched by the real true man.[15], The left face is blown off in front of the tiger cane and falls down.After that, he received first aid from Nitta, who came to join him with Todo, but his life and death are unknown.
Gojo Satoru
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura[6][16][17]
A special-grade witch doctor who is in charge of the first grade class of the Metropolitan Magic College, and is the strongest witch doctor who recognizes himself and others.[18].. 1989 years old born on December 12, 7.Originally from the Misan and Gojo families, he is a relative far from Yuta.
A slender gray-haired man with a neat face.It has a special eye called Rikugan, which enables the visual recognition of surgical technique information for the first time and precise control of magical power.In this regard, always cloth orSunglassesI'm blindfolded, but I can see the surroundings.Also, in childhood, it is a lot of money because of its six eyes.Prize moneyAwasaka et al. Aimed for his life, but no one could kill him.Also, from around this time, the power balance of the magical world changed drastically, and the activities of many curse masters and spirits were restricted.
It's easy and elusive, and it swings around with foolish words and deeds and a playful attitude.[18]..Also, basically everyone is treated with Frank, and all the students are called by the names below.Because of his personality, he is called "stupid" by the people around him, and he himself describes himself as "bad personality".However, due to his ability, he has gained a great deal of trust from the people around him, and he has a good impression from the tiger cane.The first person in college was "I", but I was reminded by Natsuyu that "I'm rude older and scared younger".If I keep eating sweets to turn my head, I will become a sweet tooth as it is, and while I especially like Sendai's famous confectionery Kikufuku,Shimodo.
Worried about the current magical world that runs for self-protection, the goal is to innovate.[19], I have a bad deal with Rakuiwaji, the leading conservative.On the other hand, he treated young witch doctors with high expectations and became a teacher in order to nurture the younger generation.In addition, he showed intense anger when he said that the tiger cane lost his life temporarily due to the difference in the upper layer.[18].
He is a user of "Mukagenjujutsu", a technique of the Misan family and Gojo family.UnlimitedIs actually created, and the surroundings空间Between objects in距離Manipulate freely[18]..You can perform high-powered attacks such as crushing and flicking the target, and defenses such as slowing the movement speed of the target.[18]..In addition to having mastered the reversal technique and the book / area development of the barrier technique, "Muryokusho", he has high physical ability.Due to these talents and abilities, Asava said, "On the contrary, I don't have anything."He has a high ability since he was a student and was the strongest with his best friend Natsuyu, but in one incident he becomes the strongest even one.Ironically, that is one of the causes that divides the path of summer oil from him.
Gojo maximizes his power "when he is alone", and he is always careful not to involve people around him in his own attacks, and minimizes the damage when he is involved when necessary. Try to suppress it.However, "damage caused by spells" also has the ruthlessness that can be divided as "some sacrifice".[20].
Because he is a mighty witch doctor, the Gojo family is hisOne manHe is in a team state and has a strong voice even within the technical college.In addition, there are many surgeons who were saved by his flexibility (selfishness) such as the tiger cane, and curse masters and curses whose activities were restricted by the power balance.
Therefore, his seal means a war between a technical college whose inner ring is in a state of confusion due to the erasure of a large number of surgeons and a number of curse masters and spirits who started activities after the collapse of power balance, and Japan due to its defeat. There is a danger that domestic humans will be annihilated.
Unlimited magic
A technique for making a converging infinite series a reality in the Gojo family biography.
By creating an infinity that is realized by a technique around you, you can prevent or apply attacks, etc.teleportation,LevitatingEtc. are also possible.
For this techniqueatomThe level requires precise magical manipulation, and his six eyes make it possible.By applying the magical power operation and the previous manual, it is possible to automatically select the surgical procedure target and activate the surgical procedure almost at all times.
Surgery forward "Ao"
Convergence is actually generated by strengthening the original technique of unlimited magic.
It is possible to turn the surroundings into vacant lots with the force of attracting objects, but there is a weakness that a large reaction cannot be generated near you.
Technique reversal "赫"
Contrary to Ao, the target is blown away by diverging infinity.
Since the power of reversal is twice that of forward rotation, its use is restricted in the city.
Fictitious "茈"
A technique that only some people know even in the Gojo family.
A compound technique that pushes out the virtual mass generated by colliding the forward and reverse forces.
Its power is enough to dig deep into the ground over a wide area, which was the stage of the sister school exchange meeting.
"Massive empty space"
Gojo Satoru's territorial expansion forces the opponent who is drawn into the territory to perceive and communicate infinitely.
In the area where the win is decided at the time of pulling in, the opponent cannot take action because the perception and communication do not end.


Magic College

Immortal techniqueHe is a magician with a sword, and is honored as "Tengen-sama" by technical college officials and followers of the board.
AdvancedBarrier techniqueThe key to the magical world, who is the user of the game and is raising the strength of the assistant director's book.The barrier technique protects the monsters of the technical college.However, his barrier art emphasizes "hiding" rather than "protecting".Also, the barrier that surrounds the technical college does not work for plants or those without magical power.Therefore, it may allow others to invade under limited conditions such as flowers and swords.It does not actually interfere with anything other than the operation of the barrier.
After a certain amount of aging, the surgical technique recreates the body and evolves into a higher-order being that is no longer a human being and has no intention.In that case, it loses its function as a heavenly genre, and in the worst case, the heavenly genre becomes an enemy of humankind and the world collapses.Therefore, it is necessary to "assimilate" with the human "star sac" that matches the heavens at a pace of once every 500 years, and rewrite the physical information.
Nara periodPreached the moral foundation of the witch doctor as a social minority, which later became the "Banseikyo".
When Gojo and Natsuyu were in school, Riko Tennai, who was a star-shaped body, was killed by Jin before assimilation with Tengen, and as a result, she evolved into a higher existence, and her ego as an individual. Has disappeared, and now the heavens and the earth itself are ego, but thanks to the barrier art, the reason is maintained.
In addition, the two aides are the guardians of the memorial service in the technical college, but they were cursed by Masato's "Idle Transfiguration" at the 2 exchange meeting.
When the tiger canes returned to the technical college after the Shibuya incident, when they came into contact with the swordsman's palace where they were, they were welcomed with the door to the swordsman's palace closed. talk.
Metropolitan Magic College
Noctuid Masamichi
Voice- Takaya Kuroda[6]
A first-class witch doctor who is the president of the Metropolitan Magic College. 1 years old.
Based on the belief that "education is what gives awareness", we give strict education to students, such as fighting the tiger cane at the time of admission against their own curse and preaching to Gojo with fists and chokeholds.
Make and manipulate a curse"Kairaijujutsugaku"Panda is also his hand.In addition to having high fighting ability, the corpse has no pain or fear because it is a doll, and even if it is hit, it attacks without fear.In addition, there is one side that likes cute things, which also influences the design of the curse.
When he used to be a teacher for Gojo, Natsuyu, and Ikeiri, he scolded three selfish people (especially Gojo).On the other hand, he seemed to take good care of them inwardly, and was shocked when he told Gojo that Natsuyu had killed his parents.In the Shibuya incident edition, the former student's housekeeping is protected.
Atsushi Kusakabe
Voice- Shinichiro Miki
2nd year homeroom teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic. First-class witch doctor.
A strong man with black hair that was the opposite.alwaysLollipopIs licking.
He is a user of Shinkage-ryu and has the belief that he will protect the vulnerable people of Shinkage-ryu.Iai "Yuzuki" can be used, and "sword pulling" is also possible.Can detect special grade.
According to Mei Mei, he is a talented person who "has climbed up to the first grade without any technique", and since then, no first-class surgeon has been promoted in the same way.On the waistKnifeIt is tinged with.
In the Shibuya incident, he entered Shibuya with a panda and was involved in a battle between leaks and lodging with two executives of the Natsuyu faction who were present.
Ieiri Glass
Voice- Endo Aya[6]
A doctor at the College of Magic. 28 years old.It corresponds to the synchronization of Gojo and Natsuyu.
Inversion techniqueHe is one of the few people who can treat wounds caused by illness, and after graduating from technical college.Doctor's licenseWas acquired.Dissecting the body of a tiger cane that died in a juvenile training event, showing an ambitious attitude to find out why he endured the deadly poison, and later saying "a little disappointing" when the tiger cane was revived. , Has a slightly eccentric side.On the other hand, even though he did not know his true identity, he was kind enough to follow up with "the cause of death was shock death due to his body change" so that the cyborg that killed the remodeled human being made by Masato would not be bothered. Sometimes I get a glimpse of that.
As of 2006, he was enrolled in a second-year class at Jiu-Jitsu College, and from this point he had mastered healing techniques.Gojo and Natsuyu were classmates and were also close to hermitage. In 2, when I was promoted to the third grade, I contacted Gojo after encountering summer oil in Shinjuku.In the Shibuya incident, he is recovering the injured while being protected by his former homeroom teacher.

The second grader is the day before Tan "Tokyo Metropolitan Magic CollegeIs the main character in.

Scale Kinji
A third-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.
With other third gradersSuspensionI couldn't participate in the exchange meeting.
Most of the information, including the technique, has not been revealed, but Gojo has described it as "becoming a surgeon on a par with me," along with the tiger cane of the special-grade surgeon Otsubone and the inn.
Hoshi Kirara
A third-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.
A surgeon who is suspended with Kinji.
Yuta Otsukotsu
Voice- Emi Ogata[21]
Tokyo Metropolitan Magic CollegeHero of.
A second-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.Special-grade witch doctor. Born March 2, 2001.I'm from an ordinary family, but laterThree Great Onryō of JapanA super-big witch doctor who is one of the ancestors of the Misan family and the Gojo family.Michio ShinoharaIt becomes clear that he is a descendant of Gojo and is a "super-distant relative" of Gojo.
Sensitive to the strength and kindness of people, he has a friendly personality.At first, he was weak and had a low self-esteem, and he unwillingly harmed his surroundings for the reasons described below, so he avoided interacting with people extremely.However, after transferring to technical college, he became positive and strong.
Special grade overcurseGrief・ Rika PrayerObsessed with"Special grade cursed person"..When you harm the bones, Rika manifests and harms the person.Initially, Rika could not be controlled, but she became able to do it in her first mission after transferring to technical college.Left handEngagement ringConnects itself with Rika, and is also used to control Rika and mediate magical powers.When Otsubone himself masters magic,"The bond that detains the soul of a loved one"By Rika's"Bottomless curse","Unconditional technique imitation"Was available.On the other hand, pandas have pointed out that their sensing ability is low.Take a tactic that uses the sword with magical power.
When I was in elementary schoolMiyagiSendai cityLive inpneumoniaI met Rika who was hospitalized at the hospital and returned to the same elementary school together. The two love each other deeply, and in 2, Otobone was given an engagement ring by Rika and herMarriage contractorIt became.However, after that, Rika died in a car accident and at the same timeGriefI became obsessed with the bones.Since then, Rika has caused harm to her surroundings, and she has been separated from her family.
2016 year 11 month,TokyoAt a school, Otsubone is bullied by four boys in his class, and Rika packs them in a locker and is captured by a magician.After that, due to the danger of her Rika, it was decided to execute the death penalty in her complete secrecy, and she agrees, but from the proposal of Gojo, she was put on hold of the death penalty and became a first grader in 4 as a magic college. Transfer.After enrolling, she aims to become a magician to dispel Rika, and becomes familiar with her classmates, Komaki and others.
At Hyakki Yagyo on December 2017, 12, when I was kept waiting at the Magic College for safety reasons, I just exploded my anger at the summer oil that attacked my friends and made Rika completely manifest. Instead, he lifts the limit on the magical power and releases the enormous magical power of "pure love" to the summer oil to win the victory.
Later, it turned out that Rika did not curse Otsubone and turn it into a grudge, but because Otsubone was obsessed with her, she cursed her and turned it into a grudge. The curse was solved by breaking the constraint.Rika, who has regained her original appearance, thanked Otsubone and became a Buddhahood.
When I was in my second year of technical college in 2018, I was abroad and did not participate in the exchange meeting.The tactics after Rika's curse is unknown, but the rank is as special as in the first year. The frontispiece of episode 2 of "Jujutsu Kaisen" depicts a figure accompanying Miguel.
Returned to Japan after the Shibuya incident.He was appointed by the upper ranks as the executioner of the tiger cane, appeared in front of the tiger cane, stopped his heart and healed with a reversal technique.After that, he participates in the extinction migration by another route with the tiger canes.
Maki Zenin
Voice- Mikako Komatsu[6][22]
A second-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.Originally from the Misan family and the Ryoin family, he hates being called by his last name.
He is a manly man, has a strong rebellious spirit, has a rough tone, and has some irreverent words and deeds, but in reality he takes good care of him and feels like a friend.It is also loved by Nagisaki as "Mr. 姐".In addition, he hated the bones when he first met, but he was gradually attracted to him as he grew up, and from the panda, he said, "TsundereIt has been pointed out.
Instead of having no tactics, it has physical abilities that are far from humans"Tenyo Curse"Because it has the characteristic that it is not possible to see and exorcise the ghost with the naked eye or bare hands, it is a special case where the ghost can be seen.glassesAnd fight using a curse.
Although it is equivalent to the 2nd grade in terms of ability, it is treated as a "dropout" by the Ryoin family because it does not have the technique of Soden and the minimum curse power, and the rank is only 4th grade due to the obstruction.For this reason, he aims to become the next head of the Ryoin family and look back on the people in the family.In addition, he was close to his twin sister, Mayi, when he was a child, but after Maki's departure, he became hated.However, he still treats Mayi as a cute little sister.
In the Shibuya incident, Naoto and Nanami act together and engage with Asava Lake, but withdraw from the severe injury that burns his upper body.
Dog Maki Thorn
Voice- Ukiyama[6][22]
A second-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.Semi-first-class witch doctor.From the Kumaki family"Jugonshi"A descendant of the clan, a higher technique"Jugon"Is a user of.
This technique puts a spell on your voiceKotodamaBy amplifying and forcing, you can realize what you said as it is. For example, if you say "explode", you can explode the other party, and if you say "twist", you literally twist the other party. be able to[23].Mobile phoneVoice via is also effective,LoudspeakerIt is also possible to expand the effective range with.However, the more you use it continuously or the more powerful it is, the more stress it puts on your body.[23], Abuse can also damage the spell itself.
Due to the nature of the art, the vocabulary of conversation is used to prevent unintentional cursing of people.rice ballLimited to the ingredients of[23]..The author, Akemi, said about his vocabulary, "SalmonIs affirmative, "Crazy"" Means denial, suggesting that there is a certain rule.[23]..In addition, both ends of the mouth and the tongue have the dog-maki family's curse "" snake's eyes "and" fangs "", and the mouth is always hidden with a high neck except during battle.
People around me often scare me because of the difficulty of conversation, but in reality, I am gentle and kind, and always pay attention to my colleagues.Also, since I was able to use spells from the time I was born, I unintentionally cursed people in my childhood, and after enrolling in Jiu-Jitsu College, I learned about Otsubone (who was unwillingly hurt by Rika). I was worried[24].
Also, although it is not noticeable due to the tiger cane and Maki, it has high physical ability.
In the Shibuya incident, he was involved in the attack of a runaway tiger cane (inn) and was seriously injured by losing his left arm.
Voice- Tomokazu Seki[6][22]
A second-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic.Second-class witch doctor.
Understand human languagePandaAnd its true identity was born with emotion, the masterpiece of the noctuid moth."Mutant skeleton".
Take the most common sense words and actions among the second graders.Always pay attention to friends and take charge of attention.On the other hand, Maki is against OtsuboneTsundereThere is also one side that likes evil glue, such as pointing out and provoking Nishinomiya with Naizaki.In addition, the emotions of human beings who continue to act while struggling are regarded as "a part that I do not have", and that is "I like it though it is disgusting".Also, when he was jealous and frustrated by Mechamaru at the exchange party, he said, "I'm not your enemy. I'll help you if you have something you want to achieve."
Normal nucleus and "brother","older sisterBy having a total of three nuclei called "" and replacing the main nuclei, you can power up according to each "mode".Of these, "Onii-chan", as the other name "gorilla nucleus", can obtain higher power than usual, but consumes a lot of magical power.In addition, he has superhuman strength and is also excellent in physique, and he mainly uses human bullet battles.Also, as a support for allies, carry Maki's curse.
In the Shibuya incident, he acts with Kusakabe, but he is involved in the attack of a runaway tiger cane (inn) and usually loses his nucleus (according to himself, "Remaining machine2 aircraft ").
Jujutsu College Kyoto School
Kyoto school teacher
Rakuganji Yoshinobu
Voice- Wheat[6]
President of Jujutsu College Kyoto School.The rank is unknown, but he is strong enough to discipline the quasi-first class spells. 1 years old.
A small old man with a bald head and a beard.For ears, nose and mouthEarringsAnd under the kimonoT-shirtIs wearing.
He is the leading conservative in the magical world, and firmly considers the tiger cane to be executed, and has a bad deal with Gojo, who aims to reform the magical world.
PlayedmelodyUse a technique that amplifies and shoots as a curse.SelfAmplifierage,V-shaped body OfElectric guitarThe mainstream is a medium-range attack that generates a shock wave from the sound of.
Iori Utahime
Voice- Yoko Hikasa[25]
He is a quasi-first-class witch doctor who is in charge of the second grade class at the Kyoto school of magic college, and during workShrine maiden costumeTo wear.There is a wide scar that extends from the left cheek through the bridge of the nose to the center of the right cheek.
Slightly courageous and impatient personality.When he was a student, he was licked by his juniors Gojo and Natsuyu as weak, and he didn't really think about Gojo either.On the other hand, Gojo trusted her inwardly.Also, I'm on good terms with my junior Ieiri, so I told herNon smokingAlso recommended.HobbyWatching sports-karaoke.beerLike.
As of 2006, he was a second-class surgeon, and had undertaken duties with the soul of a first-class surgeon.In addition, there were no scars on the face during this period.
At the exchange meeting, while participating as a leader of the Kyoto school, I was looking for an informant on the Kyoto side at the request of Gojo.
In the Shibuya incident, I head to Shibuya with other students from Kyoto school.
Kyoto school students
Aoi Todo
Voice- Kimura Subaru[6],Yuki Kazu(3rd grade)
A third-year student at Jujutsu College Kyoto School. First-class witch doctor.Born in a non-surgeon family.
Has a huge muscular body,DreadlocksA strong man who is characterized by.There is a large scar from the left cheek to the forehead.
He has an arrogant and violent personality, is extremely disliked by boredom and instructions from others, and is also disliked by others because he becomes very aggressive to those who judge him to be boring.On the other hand, he shows a passionate side of friendship to the person he made as his "best friend", and his "best friend" naturally adjusts to that pace.
Also,"Sexual addictionHe has the idea that "all of the soots are reflected in" and "a person with a boring habit is boring in itself", and men who meet for the first time always have a habit of asking about women's tastes. "height(Tappa) andAss(Ketsu) is a big woman "is a favorite and type, Takada-chan (voice- Tomoyo Kurosawa), He has such a good feeling that he wants to get married.In addition, he is careful about his personal taste and always emits a good scent from his whole body, but the women at Kyoto school are uncomfortable.
A technique to swap the positions of "two things with a certain amount of magical power" within the range of the technique"Unrighteous game (Bugiugi)"User.It is effective not only for creatures such as surgeons and ghosts, but also for inanimate objects such as corpses and tools.It can be activated by clapping your hand, and you can use this to make a feint that slaps your hand but does not activate the technique.
His ability as a surgeon is high enough to enshrine first-class spells without a technique, and in the past he used a technique to exorcise special-grade spells.It uses a tactic that focuses on human bullet warfare, but is also good at brain warfare.Due to its nature, it basically does not cooperate with others, but it can cooperate with the tiger cane, which has a good compatibility between propensity and fighting style.
When he was in the third grade of elementary school, he was strong enough to beat high school students, and one day he was bored, hoping that Yuki Kuju would be released from boredom, and followed her as a witch doctor. It was an opportunity to walk.
On the day of the exchange meeting with the Tokyo school, he left Kamo and his friends from the Kyoto school, who are planning to eliminate the tiger cane, and started acting alone. In the first round, he confronts the tiger cane and hurt him unilaterally at first, but when he heard "women's taste" on the way, Todo learned that he had the same habit as himself. He began to have a "non-existent memory" that he was in the same room, and made the tiger cane a "best friend."After that, he teaches an inexperienced tiger cane as a witch doctor to perform better magical power operations.Even after the exchange party, he still considers the tiger cane as his "best friend", but he is a little disgusted while thanking him.
After the incident at Yatsuhashi, he recommended tiger cane, Fushiguro, Nailzaki, Maki, and Panda to the first-class surgeon, but he was informed by the promotion assessment that the recommender could not accompany the recommended person. At that time, he showed a stunned expression.
In the Shibuya incident, he joined the tiger cane with Shin Nitta.Nagisaki is fatally injured by Masato, inspires the tiger cane whose heart is about to break, and fights with Masato together, but his right hand is amputated and the technique cannot be used.
Nori Kamo
Voice- Satoshi Hino[25],Kawaida Natsumi(childhood)
A third-year student at Jujutsu College Kyoto School.Semi-first-class witch doctor.Originally from the Misan family and Kamo family, ostensiblyLegitimacyHowever, in realitySide room(Voice- Chie Nakamura)'S sonRoomWas unable to give birth to a boy who inherited the Kamo family's technique, so when Kenki, who had inherited the technique, was 6 years oldLegitimate manIt has a history of being welcomed into the house in a false form.From his strong feelings toward his mother, he is aware that he will be the next generation, and therefore, he thinks that he should immediately execute the tiger cane, which is the vessel of the inn.He has a calm and calm personality.
Initially, all members of the Kyoto school except Todo tried to kill the tiger cane, but Todo interfered.After that, he fights with Hanago, a special-grade spell that appears in the school with Fushiguro and others.
The technique of the Misan family and Kamo family"Red Blood Manipulation"In addition to being able to freely manipulate his own blood or things with blood, blood in blood packs is also effective.In addition to self-reinforcement by manipulating its own blood flow, it is possible to freely change the trajectory of the shot arrow by manipulating the discharged blood to attack the opponent or by attaching blood to the arrow.WeaponBow and arrow..Close quarters battle is also possible.
Nishimiya Momo
Voice- Rie Kugimiya[25]
He is a third-year student at Jujutsu College Kyoto School and has an American father. Second-class witch doctor.
You can fly in the sky by riding a broom, and you are good at searching for enemies.In addition, it is possible to attack by blowing a wind of magical power that makes each person float.
It looks petite and pretty, but when it's in a bad mood, it makes you sick.He admires Mayi, who lives as a witch doctor while suffering, and burns fierce hostility toward those who despise him.
Knowing the difficulty of standing a female witch doctor, I think that I must be a perfect witch doctor who has both looks and ability.Also, I started wearing pierced earrings because I didn't like it though it looked bad.
Mai Zenin
Voice- Marina Inoue[6]
A second-year student at the Kyoto School of Magic College, she is Maki's twin sister.
Third-class witch doctor.Height 3 cm.
Due to the technique (it is not supposed to have it ostensibly), basically you can only launch it with a magical power in a weapon such as a gun.At the same time as looking down on Maki, who has no magical power, she also has a grudge that she has to work hard as a witch doctor who did not want to blame her sister.In contrast to Maki, he has an ironic and cynical personality, such as overtly insulting a tiger cane that died (believed to be) toward Fushiguro and Nagisaki.In the anime, I was given a ticket to Todo and shook hands with Takada-chan, and I felt it wasn't bad.
Techniques for making objects from nothing"Construction technique"use.I love pistols and use revolvers to bluff with the number of bullets, so I use a tactic that makes me think that I have used all the bullets and makes bullets with a construction technique to surprise the enemy.However, this technique consumes a lot of magical power and puts a heavy burden on the body, so in Mayi, the limit is to make one bullet a day.
Miwa Kasumi
Voice- Chinatsu Akasaki[6]
Second grader at Jujutsu College Kyoto School. He is a third-class witch doctor and uses sword tactics.
He is doing something like a secretary at Rakuwaji Temple, and takes a strict attitude toward Gojo who came to Rakuwaji Temple without an appointment.However, in reality, he seems to be a fan of Gojo, and behind his tight expression, he was very excited to see him up close and took pictures with him.
When I was in the first year of junior high school, I received a scout from Shinkage-ryu's highest teacher at a part-time job and entered the school so that I could be swept away.
According to the author, the name of Miwa seems to come from Miha.
It is common sense among the students of Kyoto school, and he is not willing to assassinate the tiger cane.He has two younger brothers and lives in poverty and wants to be promoted to become independent.
Shinkage-ryu simple area
Fully automatic (fully automatic) intercepts anything that has entered the area (radius 2.21m).
Shinkage-ryu's fastest technique that specializes in frontal enemies, covering the blade with magical power and accelerating it in the sheath.
Kokichi Yo / Ultimate Mecha Maru (Ultimate Mecha Maru)
Voice- Matsuoka Teijo[25]
Second grader at Jujutsu College Kyoto School.Semi-first-class witch doctor.The popular name "Ultimate Mecha Maru" was seen by Yo in the past.Robot animeIt is derived from the name of the robot that appears in.
"Tenyo Curse"By nature, he has no sensation below his right arm and knees and below his hips, his skin is fragile enough to burn in the moonlight, and he always has pain like a needle stick through the pores of his whole body.Instead, it has a vast range of surgical techniques and a powerful ability to release magical power throughout Japan.Techniques for making and manipulating puppets"Puppet Manipulation"A humanoid userMech robotPuppet"Ultimate Mecha Maru"Is remotely controlled to fight and communicate.This puppet has various weapons such as swords and batteries built-in, and can respond to a wide range of situations from attack to defense.You can also operate multiple puppets at the same time to beat the opponent.
Initially to the whole bodybandageI was in the basement of the building where I was wrapped, but after I got a healthy body by Masato's technique, I was wearing a technical college uniform and there was a wound on my left cheek.
His magic isn't the power he wants to get, and he even says he's willing to do so if he can get a healthy body in exchange.Also, because of his unobtrusive appearance and constitution, he has not been able to completely communicate with his surroundings, so if he has a healthy body, he would like to meet his fellow surgeons in person.At first, he was jealous and frustrated by the pandas, who were free to move under the sun, even though they were not humans, but after engaging in the exchange party, they became a little more intimate.
After getting a healthy body, the range of surgical techniques was reduced, but at the same time, it became possible to release the enormous magical power of the special class obtained in the years when the body was tied up from the huge armored puppet described later.
Actually, I was an informant of fake summer oils on the condition that I healed my body with Masato's "Idle Transfiguration" and did not touch the human beings at Kyoto school, but the spirits exchanged Declined an informant because he attacked a human at Kyoto school.After that, at a certain dam in the mountains, he was defeated after a battle between fake summer oil and Masato.However, before he died, if Gojo was sealed, the machine he created was made to operate, which triggered the transmission of information on the ghost side to the tiger canes.In addition, consideration was given so that all members of the Kyoto school, excluding Todo, would take on duties in remote areas away from Tokyo on the day of the Shibuya incident.[Note 2].
Shin Nitta
A first-year student at Jujutsu College Kyoto School.
I couldn't participate in the 2018 exchange meeting.
A user of the reversal technique.Appeared in Shibuya with Todo.
Auxiliary director
Kiyoshi Ijichi
Voice- Mitsuo Iwata[6]
A man who is at the center of the assistant supervision, who is in charge of reporting and moderating meetings and allocating the duties of surgeons at the College of Magic. 26 years old.
He works with a clerical attitude, good or bad, but his roots are common sense and good, and he is inwardly struggling to send his child's surgeon to a dangerous scene.His hard work is constant between Gojo, who aims to innovate the magical world, and the upper management of the conservatives.
Originally aspiring to be a witch doctor, Gojo, Natsuyu, and Ieiri are two seniors above him, and Nanami and Haibara are one senior.In addition, although he is an assistant director, he has some tactics and endurance.In the Shibuya incident, Haruta Shigemen stabbed him three times from behind, but he survived.
Akari Nitta
Voice- Tokui blue sky
A woman who works as an assistant director of Jujutsu College, and ends with "...SsuAnd talk.In the Shibuya incident, he was acting with Nagisaki, but he was killed by a heavy face and saved by Nanami who rushed.

Other witch doctors

Nanami and its affiliates
Kento Nanami
Voice- Kenjiro Tsuda[6]
First-class witch doctor. 1 years old.He was a junior one below Gojo and was in sync with Haibara.From a non-surgeon family, my maternal grandfatherDanish.
With brown hair in a light brown suitSeven divided classificationMen.Since there are spells that attack when he notices that he is being watched, he wears goggle-like glasses without vines to hide his line of sight.He always has a straight face and doesn't lose his expression too much.You can see things from a bird's-eye view with calm deposition.Although he speaks politely to everyone, he is basically unfriendly.Inwardly, he is passionate, shows appropriate respect to the opponent he admits, and rages at the enemy who killed his companion and attacks seriously.He has a strong sense of responsibility for his own position, and he is alert and serious about problems that he finds difficult.While he is trusted by his senior Gojo, he trusts and trusts Gojo but does not respect him.At first, he regarded the tiger cane as a "child" and did not recognize him as a witch doctor, but by working together he gradually recognized his abilities and aspirations, and eventually became one "witch doctor". recognized.It is also trusted by the tiger cane to be nicknamed "Nanamin" and to be the first to convey the information received from Mechamaru.Favorite foodBreadso,CascootI especially like it.
A technique that forcibly creates a weak point at a point with a ratio of 7: 3 when the length of the target is segmented."Tokujuho"User.If you can attack the weak points accurately, you can cut off your body even if you hit the peak, and you can do some damage to your rank.It is possible to specify not only the total length but also parts such as the head and arms.In addition, he imposes a bond by "time" himself, and usually limits the curse power, but he has the characteristic that the curse power increases when fighting beyond the time set by him, and he himselfovertime workIt is likened to. In the case of "overtime work"tieIt has an attack power enough to destroy a building with a blow of the right fist combined with a technique, and a durability that ordinary slashing and kicking do not work at all.In addition, at this time, it is possible to use an expansion technique called "rattle fall" that utilizes the collapse of the building.
The weapon is a large sword, usually wrapped in a fulu.Although he has not mastered the area expansion, he is the holder of the continuous occurrence record of black flash, and has left a record of 4 times.
When he was in the first year of technical college, he was acting with Haibara and was swayed by Gojo. Haibara died on a mission to worship a second-class spell (actually a first-class project) in the second year, and it is common to escape from the shock after graduating from technical college.Securities companyJoined the company. She said, "I have nothing to do with it," and spent days repeating hard work for money, but the woman at her favorite bakery (voice--) Chihiro Ueda), I realized that I was looking for something worth doing, and returned to the path of a witch doctor.
In the Shibuya incident, after defeating Haruta Shigemen after sealing Gojo, he joined the Ryoin group, but his upper body was burned by a surprise attack of leaks, and he was killed in the form of being touched by Masato at Shibuya station.
Takuma Ino
Voice- Hayashi Isamu
A second-class witch doctor who works as an assistant to Nanami. 2 years old.
Since helping Nanami's mission once, he has been highly respected and expected by Nanami.On the other hand, he is thoroughly acting as a senior to his juniors, Torakan and Fushiguro.In addition, he attaches great importance to "straightening" and is particular about being promoted by his recommendation because "it is not possible to reach the first grade without being recognized by the respected Nanami Sun".He also has a simple personality and is often placed on Nanami's mouthpiece.
By hiding your faceMediumNextFour kinds of water beastsNecromancy to lower the ability of"VisitRuiju(Raihozuiju) "He is a user and always wears a hat for the convenience of his technique.
In the event of the Shibuya incident, Nanami entrusted him with a tiger cane and Fushiguro, and found Aunt Ogami and his grandson taking down the book and brought them into battle.At that time, he was dropped from the roof of the building by his grandson, who was taken down by "Keiin Jinji", but he survived with the rescue of Fushiguro.
Ichiban "獬 豸(Xiezhi) "
Reveals one horn and tracks the opponent.Boasts an offensive power that digs into the human body.
Second"Sacred turtle(Reiki)"
Protect your body with water of magical power as a cushion.A special gait that makes you slip when you put it on your feet is possible.
Intracerebral drugSecretes a large amount to turn off the pain in the body.I can't move for a while after using it.
Fourth"(Ryu) "
Details unknown
Yu Haibara
A second-class witch doctor who was in sync with Nanami.Born in a non-surgeon family.She had a younger sister who could see the curse and insisted that she not come to college.
In contrast to Nanami, he always behaves brightly and amiably around him.I have great respect for my senior summer oil.When he was in his second year at Jiu-Jitsu College, he died after failing to subdue a second-class spell.
Mei Mei and its affiliates
Voice- Three Stones[26]
First-class witch doctor.He is a senior of Gojo and An, and is called "Mei-san" by them.Although he is a collaborator of the technical college, he usually works alone and can receive rewards from individuals.
He has long gray hair and hangs his bangs a lot to hide his face during battle.
Although it is easy-going, it is dirty with money, but on the other hand, it is full of emotions such as praising Maki and the tiger cane as a surgeon and loving his younger brother's melancholy.
Techniques for manipulating crows"Black Swan Manipulation"You can share your view with the birds and even show them on your monitor. By mastering the binding that puts "life", the effect of the technique is maximized.In addition, the body is strengthened by training and magical power, and you can fight well without any technique.The weapon is as long as your own height.
As of 2006, it was the 1st grade, and at that time it had undertaken a mission with the 2nd grade hermitage.
"Kamikaze" which is the true value of black swan operationBird strike) ”Is a technique that can eliminate the curse power limit of an animal (crow), which is originally weak, and make it crush the opponent by imposing a bond that forces the crow to commit suicide.
Younger brotherMelancholy(Uui) isShinkage-ryu "Simple Area"He is a user of, and takes area measures on behalf of his sister during battle.
Ryoin family
Naoto Zenin
Voice- Joji Nakata[26]
The 26th generation owner of the Ryoin family.Special first-class witch doctor. 1 years old.
An old man in a kimono.
Use a "projection spell" that captures the target you see or touch in a two-dimensional frame and can attack the target while destroying the frame. Divide 1 second into 24 and use your own field of view as the angle of view.Ability to trace movements made in advance within the angle of view[27]..The effect is also activated for those touched by the palm of a direct person during the activation of the surgical technique. Unless you can make a movement in 1/24 second, it freezes for 1 second.The movement you made cannot be corrected on the way.If you make a movement that ignores the laws of physics and the orbit excessively, you will freeze yourself.To use it freely, you need a natural sense of coma and a sense of time.It doesn't work well if you lose your right arm.Injured in the battle with the gèn, the whole body was burned by an attack with a gap of leakage, and he left the front line.He became seriously ill and was wandering around the border between life and death, but died after the Shibuya incident gathered.
Naoya Zenin
Naoto's son.Special first-class surgeon. 1 years old.
A man with a thread and speaks in Kansai dialect.The same "projection spell" user as my father.
He has a strong tendency to rise and takes an irreverent attitude toward relatives of other Ryoin families. She has a male-dominated and female-dominated thought, such as "A woman who cannot walk three steps behind should die", and especially hates Maki.On the other hand, he was in awe of his life.
After the death of Naoto, he was proud that he would become the next head of the Ryoin family, but he rebelled against the fact that Megumi Fushiguro was decided to be the next head of the family by his will.Appears in front of the tiger cane to hear and kill Fushiguro's whereabouts.At the same time, it becomes a form to share with the Otsubone that appeared to execute the tiger cane, and he himself engages with the expansion phase.
Zenin Ougi
Naoto's younger brother and father of Maki and Mayi.Special first-class surgeon.
A middle-aged man with long hair tied behind him.
Zenin Jinichi
Special first-class surgeon.
A man with a scar on his forehead, a rough beard, a stubble, and a rough appearance, Naoya provokes him, "I wish I had been the opposite of Jinji-kun."
Yuki Tsukumo
Voice- Noriko Hitaka
Special-grade witch doctor.
He is a cheerful and cheerful person, and sometimes laughs out loud.He talks to a man when he meets for the first time about a woman's taste.In addition, although he is a technical college official, he has abandoned Tengen.The first person is "I".
I thought that the policy of the technical college that only hunts ghosts would not be a fundamental solution to the damage caused by ghosts as "coping therapy", and went around the world to create a curse-free world with "cause therapy" that prevents the occurrence of ghosts. ing.On the other hand, it is also known as a "bastard" who wanders abroad without receiving any mission.When movingbikeget on.
In the past, he met Aoi Todo, a third grader at the time, and created a great opportunity for him to become a witch doctor.
When he visited Jujutsu College in 2007, he talked with Natsuyu, who was three years old at the time.At that time, Natsuyu, who had begun to feel suspicious about protecting the non-surgeon, simply said, "(To create a world without a curse) you should kill all the non-surgeons." After affirming, he said to him, "It's up to you to decide whether you really want to look down on the non-surgeon or deny it."At the end, he told Natsuyu that "[Tengen is stable for some reason even after the death of Hoshijo (Riko Tennai)" and left the technical college.
At the end of the Shibuya incident, he appeared in front of the tiger cane and fake summer oil, ordered his subordinates to protect the injured witch doctor, and engaged himself with fake summer oil.He asked the continuation of the answers he had asked Natsuyu in the past and asked questions, but the withdrawal of the fake Natsuyu faction did not settle the matter.
Noritoshi Kamo
The blemishes of the three families who have left their name as "the worst surgeon in history".
In the early Meiji era, he was interested in a woman who rushed to the temple she opened with the corpse of a child born to a ghost, and used that woman to create the later special-grade curse "Kusozu". Produced.
Sugawara no Michizane
A super-big witch doctor who is one of the Three Great Onryō of Japan and the ancestor of the Gojo family.Yuta Otobone is also a descendant of him.


Summer oil faction

Summer oil Jie
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai[6]
"Worst Curse Master"A special-grade curse master called.My parents are non-surgeons.Gojo Satoru's former "only best friend" called each other under the names below.
Gojo KasayaA long-haired black man dressed in.Often has a fearless smile.Height is about the same as Gojo (190 cm or more).
Like Gojo, it is easy to grasp and occasionally provokes the opponent.
From my experience as a student, I have set the goal of "eliminating non-witch doctors and creating a world only for witch doctors", and treat fellow witch doctors warmly as a "family", especially for young witch doctors. Shows a very respectful attitude, even in a hostile relationship.On the other hand, he hates non-surgeons so much that he calls them "monkeys", and basically treats them with a cold attitude (sometimes they treat them amiably like wearing a cat), and even those who are in a cooperative relationship are obsolete. If it is judged, he will kill him without hesitation.
A technique to take in ghosts and manipulate them freely"Jureisojutsu"He is a user of the ghost, and swallows and captures a spherical mass of ghost power. Once captured, the ghost can be freely taken in and out without mediation, and there is no limit to the number of ghosts that can be captured, but if there is a master-slave relationship with a human, it is necessary to kill that human.[Note 3]..You can't share the sight of the ghost, but you can detect if it's been exorcised.However, he is uncomfortable with the method of taking in the mass of magical power from his mouth.In addition, it is unknown what happens to the spells taken in when summer oil dies, and there is a possibility of a sudden runaway.The mainstream combat style is a ranged attack using a ghost like a shikigami messenger, but it has strong physique and can handle close combat.
A former metropolitan magic college student, Satoru Gojo and Ieiri Glass are classmates.He and his best friend Gojo were both famous as the strongest in their second year of technical college.When he was a student, he was more sensible than Gojo, and he was also a guardian of his irreverent words and deeds and unreasonableness.At first, he thought, "The witch doctor is there to protect the non-magician."
When he was in the second year of technical college in the Kaitama edition (the class at that time was first grade), he started the mission of escorting the star body and Riko Tennai with Gojo, and defeated the curse masters aiming for the star body such as "Q". It was.However, on the final day of his mission, Tennai was killed by Jinji Fushiguro, who attacked the technical college, and Natsuyu also suffered a defeat.After that, when he went to the board star religion "Toki no Kai" to pick up the body of Tennai with Gojo, he saw the applause and smiles of the board star religion believers, and there was a question about protecting the non-surgeon.
He was a special-grade witch doctor when he was in the third year of technical college in the Tamaori edition.However, his belief gradually began to fluctuate due to the suffering that continued to take in the spells and the doubts about protecting the non-surgeon, and in a conversation with 3, the idea that "if all the non-surgeons die, the spells will disappear" After being born, his belief shook further from the death of his junior Haibara.Then, he meets Nanako and Mimiko, the witch doctors who have been abused in the village where he was assigned, and finally chooses to make "I hate monkeys (non-surgeons)" the real intention.He killed 112 villagers, and also killed his parents because he couldn't treat him specially because he was a real family member.
After saying goodbye to Ieiri and Gojo in Shinjuku by saying the "reason" of "creating a world of witch doctors", he made the cult executives gather in the hole of the mediator of the board star religion, and the representative officer Sonoda was the executives. He was killed in front of him and hijacked the board star religion.After that, he collected curses and money from his followers by calling the religious group he established, and at the same time, he also collected fellow curse masters who called him "family."
The day before, at the "Tokyo Metropolitan College of Witchcraft and Wizardry", on the day of Hyakki Yagyo, he invaded the Metropolitan Jiu-Jitsu College alone and took down the book in order to obtain the special-grade over-cursed ghost, Rika Prayermoto, who had been more interested in it for some time. ..She was defeated after a fierce battle with her student, Otobone, whom she was obsessed with, and her end was stabbed by her former best friend Gojo.But thenSomeoneSteals the body of Natsuyu and takes over the body.In addition, it was used in the battle with OtsuboneThree-section staffYuun, a special-grade curse tool, was kept by the technical college.
Nanako Hasaba, Mimiko
Voice- Matsuda Risa(Nanako),Matsuda Susui(Mimiko)[28]
A twin girl who is an executive of the Natsuyu faction, she always acts together.Both are 15 years old at the time of Hyakki Yagyo.
Nanako has a prominent personality, and Mimiko has a quiet personality.
He has been fascinated by Natsuyu since he was saved by Natsuyu after being abused by the inhabitants for being a witch doctor in his home countryside.However, the emphasis is on the life of summer oil rather than the idea of ​​summer oil, and for Gojo who killed summer oil, he says, "I will never forgive it, but it's okay because I'm my best friend."On the other hand, he has a strong murderous intention for fake summer oil, which uses the body of summer oil, and is trying to release summer oil by killing him.
During the battle, Nanako puts a spell on her mobile phone and shoots the opponent, and MimikoropeI squeeze the other person's neck and hang it.The details of their magic are not disclosed in the film, but the inn guesses that Nanako's attack is "what to do with the condition of the subject."In addition, there is a scene in the play where the two are avoiding the attack of leaks, but it is unknown which technique is used.
In the Shibuya incident, with fake summer oilsShibuya StationAccompany you.After the seal of Gojo Satoru, he urged fake summer oil to return his body, but refused because he had not tied up (in this case, the two had to remove their brains from their heads). And left the place.After that, he made the fainted tiger cane eat one finger of the inn after the battle with the expansion phase, and then begged the awakened inn to kill fake summer oil in exchange for another finger. Considered "unpleasant" and killed[29].
Voice- Koichi Yamadera[28]
An executive of the summer oil group.
A witch doctor from abroad, he was under him to make Natsuyu the king.Summer oil is called "summer oil".
In battle, he usually uses a special rope that is wrapped around his waist (a substitute that he says, "one of which is knitted by a surgeon in his home country for decades").A rare curse is woven into the rope, which has the effect of disturbing Gojo's "unlimited magic".
At Hyakki Yagyo, he was in charge of stopping Gojo in Shinjuku.After that, Gojo was noticed, and the frontispiece of episode 33 depicts a figure accompanying Otsubone who is overseas.
Voice- Hayami Award[28]
An executive of the summer oil group.
Always naked upper body, with a heart-shaped nipple stickerHeadbandWearing a make-up on the face.One toneTalk in and call others, including summer oil, with "chan".
Like Miguel, he was under him to make Natsuyu the king.In addition, he has a friendly personality, respects the opinions of his friends, and dislikes the hurt of his friends (witch doctors) as "Natsuyu doesn't want it the most."
After Hyakki Yagyo, he arbitrates the quarrels among the executives and proposes that "you can do whatever you want."As a result, he decided to divide the sect, but he said he hoped to call his sect members who still follow different paths as "family" and eat together.
Manami Sugada
Voice- Shizuka Ito[28]
An executive of the summer oil group.
A young woman with long hair in a slim dress, she has a high degree of loyalty to Natsuyu and, like him, despises non-surgeons as "dirty."
At Hyakki Yagyo, he was in command in Shinjuku.
After Hyakki Yagyo, cooperate with fake summer oil with other friends to inherit the wishes of summer oil.[Note 4].

Search and its affiliates

Voice-Takahiro Sakurai
Summer oil masterAn unidentified person in the shape of, and is simply called "Natsuyu" by the true people.
Details are unknown, but he is planning something, and is working with special-grade spirits for that purpose.
Like real summer oil, it doesn't have a laid-back grip, and it always has a fearless smile and sometimes laughs out loud.However, there are some words and behaviors that are different from the real thing, such as not calling the non-surgeon a "monkey" and treating the surgeon carelessly.In addition, while joining hands with the ghost, he looks down on the ghost from the inside, and on the contrary, he is also disrespected from the leak.
brainIt uses a technique of replacing the body and taking over the body of another person, and the forehead has a seam when the brain is replaced.You can expose your brain by breaking the seams and removing the top of your head.Because you can also use the technique carved on the hijacked body, the summer oil "Curse maneuverIs also used.
On the other hand, the memory of the body of summer oil before life is flowing in the brain of the cord after replacement.Furthermore, when Gojo cast a word at Natsuyu himself, his right hand tightened his neck as if Natsuyu himself replied, contrary to the intention of the search.From these things, Masato thinks that "the soul is beyond the body", while the sword thinks that "the body is the soul and the soul is the body".
After Hyakki Yagyo, he notices the relationship between Natsuyu's magic and Gojo, and takes over Natsuyu's body.According to the person himself, "I was able to take over easily because Gojo did not let the housekeeper process the body."
After the death of the tiger cane, they began to join hands with the leaks of the curse, and with the goal of "destroying humans and creating a world of curses," "seal of Gojo Satoru" and "introduction of double-sided lodging" Recommend.Then on October 2018, 10ShibuyaMake a plan to seal Gojo (Shibuya Incident) and start preparing for it.At that time, in order to hide himself from the technical college officials, he did not use combat or magic, but concentrated on commanding ghosts and curse masters.On the day of the Shibuya incident, Gojo is sealed using a special-grade spell, Gokumon.
At the end of the Shibuya incident, he lost the battle with the tiger cane and extracted and absorbed the technique of the dying Masato.After that, the identity was "the worst surgeon in history" by the rebellious expansion phase.Noriyoshi KamoIt is detected that it is.He withdrew with Gokumon after continuing to engage with the tiger cane and the ninety-nine.After that, he planned to assimilate Tengen and human beings for the evolution of all human beings in Japan, and as a preliminary step, he started a "death migration" between those who gave the curse and technique that he contracted. ..
When the tiger canes returned to the technical college and came into contact with Tengen at the Kaseigu Shrine, it was revealed that he was a surgeon who had existed for 1000 years.
A curse master who cooperates with the searchers, he offered a deal to Tanzo and ordered an attack on the technical college during the exchange meeting.
The details are unknown, but it has something to do with the inn, and in the Shibuya incident, he meets the inn.
Kumiya Juzou
Voice- Tohru Inada
A curse master who cooperated with fake summer oils, he can make tools from the human body.
Infiltrate the technical college with Masato at an exchange meeting, and take down a commissioned book that prevents Satoru Gojo from invading the area.He engaged with Rakuiwaji Temple, which appeared after that, but was detained by Gojo who rushed to the temple because the book was released on the way.In subsequent cross-examinations, he only said he was ordered to attack on a deal with Uraume.
In addition, Fake Natsuyu has abandoned him because he cannot take any operational action until the end.
Haruta Shigemo
Voice- Wataru Hatano
A curse master who cooperates with the curse spirits.
Side tail[30]And a small young man with a delicate physique.With an innocent smile.
He has the brutality of unilaterally hurting the other person because "if you enjoy yourself, that's fine", and especially likes to hurt women.The first person is "I".
"奇跡User of the technique to save[30]..A little miracle of everyday life (of a digital clock)Double eyesEtc.) are erased from the memory of the heavy surface, stored, and released at the life-threatening phase of the heavy surface.[30]..The amount of miracles can be identified by the pattern around the eyes.In addition, the heavy face itself does not understand his own technique well, and he is not aware of the pattern around his eyes.The weapon is a sword curse made by Tanzo from human hands, which can stab the opponent from behind or manipulate it like a living thing.According to him, he is "powerless" and he is holding his hand from his sword.
In the exchange meeting edition, he infiltrated the exchange meeting with Masato and others, and was in charge of confirming the effect of the commissioned book that Tanzo took down.
In the Shibuya incident, the number and placement of allies are not informed, and the instructions from UraumeShibuya StationRaid Ichichi around[30]..After that, he confronts Nagisaki and Nitta and hurt them and enjoys them, but on the way, he is attacked by Nanami who was furious when he saw the death of Tomo Ichi.After that, he revived by consuming the accumulated miracles, but when he participated in the ritual of the devil's rebellion, he died in the slashing of the inn.[30].
Jiro Awasaka
A curse master who cooperates with the curse spirits.DharmaIt has a face reminiscent of, and was called "Dharma Grandpa" by Fushiguro.
He has a brutal personality that prefers to overrun the weak, and is afraid of Gojo Satoru, who limits the activities of curse masters including himself with power balance, and is therefore trying to stick to "lifelong active duty".In addition, he tried to kill Gojo in the past, but he couldn't touch it because of his six eyes.
A technique to reverse the strength of the force received by oneself"Abekobe"use.Fushiguro was cut off by the fact that there was an upper limit and a lower limit that could be made absurd, and he was defeated before the simultaneous attack of Fushiguro and the tiger cane with strong power and moderately weak power.
Ogami Auntie (Ogami Baba)
An old woman who is a curse master who cooperates with the curse spirits, and uses necromancy to transform into a dead person.BeadsHave longNembutsuAfter chantingMediumSwallow a part of the corpse (remains, etc.) of a person who turns into (effective for both self and others), and say the person's name (closer to the time of birth).SpiritTake down. It is possible to separate "physical information" and "soul information" and lower them, and by lowering only the physical body, the ego of the spirit medium can be maintained.During the battle, during the Nembutsu, the grandson escorts himself, and then he lowers the body of the spirit to fight.
A ruthless person who is willing to murder, he used his necromancy about 30 years ago.assassinationHe earned money by doing his best, and even tried to assassinate Gojo, but because of his six eyes, he couldn't touch it.There are some grandchildren who were kidnapped when they were young and raised by pretending to be related to their blood.
In the Shibuya incident, with one of his grandchildren, Awasaka and two people drop a commissioned book from the outside around Shibuya station to prevent the invasion of the surgeon.After that, he defeats Ino by lowering the body of "Keiin Jinji" to his grandson by necromancy.However, when the body that was taken down overwrote the soul, the soul was completely revived, and Aunt Ogami was slaughtered.In addition, the grandson who was deprived of his ego eventually died due to his own suicide.

Other curse masters

Junpei Yoshino
Voice- Yoshio Yamaya[6]
In the second year of Satosakura High School, you can see the curse.
I like movies and watch a wide range of minor B-movies and remakes of old movies.I preferred watching at the cinema rather than watching at home, and when I skipped school, I went to the cinema alone.Also, when he was in the first year of high school, he started a movie study group with two friends, but he was bullied because he rebelled because the club room was occupied by bad students such as Ito, and he refused to go to school.Therefore, thinking that "indifference is the virtue that human beings should live up to," he hardly changed his complexion when he saw a human being who was transformed into a true person, but he hopes for revenge on the human being who has been sick.On the other hand, his love for his mother, Nagi, is very deep.He was smart, but his field of vision was narrow and he couldn't see his danger until just before he was killed by a true man.
With the help of a true man I met at a movie theater, from my own magical powerpoisonA large-scale that learns the technique of purifying and secretes its poisonjellyfishShikigami"Orizuki"Can now be used.A conversation with Masato strengthens his feelings for revenge, and he tries to curse the teacher he met in front of his house, but he meets a tiger cane and is helped, and he becomes friends with him.After hearing the words of the tiger cane at the time of parting, I thought about my mother and once thought about giving up revenge.However, after that, her mother was killed by the tricks of fake summer oils, and she attacked the high school to take revenge on Ito in a way that was tempted by Masato.He puts the students to sleep and drives Ito, who is the main culprit of bullying with the poison and violence of his own technique, to the brink of death, but he fights against the tiger cane that has stopped.After his desperate persuasion during the battle, he was converted and recommended to the tiger cane to transfer to a magic college.However, Masato who appeared there changed it into a deformed figure by "Idle Transfiguration", and the unreasonable remodeling used as a piece to hunt down the tiger cane died.After the incident, Satosakura High School was expelled from school.
Fushiguro Touji / Zenin Touji
Has the nickname "Killing the Surgeon"AssassinAnd Megumi's father.
He is so cold that he forgets the name of his real son and raises funds for gambling with his son as collateral.The more he claims to have abandoned his self-esteem, the more he avoids troubles, and when he senses danger, he feels uncomfortable and runs away from the scene.
Extremely special"Tenyo Curse"Despite having no magical power, the strengthening of the curse makes it possible to see, smell, etc.five sensesHas become sharp enough to recognize the ghost, and has acquired resistance to the curse, such as putting the ghost in the belly, and the curse used for battle is carried by the tame third-class ghost. ing.In addition, he has physical abilities that are far from ordinary people, such as escaping from the effect range of Gojo's "Ao" just by jumping, and even if he is blown away by "赫", he will be slightly injured.On the other hand, since it is not possible to exorcise ghosts with bare hands, it was treated badly by the Ryoin family, the birthplace of the ghost.Eventually, he left the house, became a wife of Megumi's mother, changed her name to Fushiguro, and was given a son (Megumi), which made her round for a while.However, when his wife died and Megumi was in the first grade of elementary school, he went out with Tsumiki's mother and evaporated together.
In the Kaitama edition, he received a request from the board star religion "Toki no Kai" to assassinate the star body, Riko Tennai, with a reward of 3000 million yen.First, in order to get rid of Gojo's nerves to escort the heavens, from 2 days before the assimilation to the day of the assimilation, 3000 million yen was sent to the heavens on an anonymous bulletin board in the dark.Prize moneyAnd made Gojo and Natsuyu fight against the curse masters who were looking for prizes.
After the prize money expires on the day of assimilation, he uses the fact that he can break through the barrier of the technical college by himself, and surprises the technical college by himself, rejecting Gojo and Natsuyu and killing Tennai.Immediately after handing over her body to Banseikyo, she was defeated by Gojo, who survived the reversal technique, and died a few years later after telling her that her son would be sold to the Ryoin family.
More than 10 years later, when Gojo was sealed, the necromancy of Auntie Ogami gave her grandson the information about the body of "Shinin Jinji", but the dismantled body (Shinin Jinji) was used as a medium. It overwrites the soul of (grandson), and as a result, Fushiguro Jinji is completely revived.Jinji slaughtered Auntie Ogami immediately after her resurrection, but necromancy continued even after her death.Furthermore, because of the peculiarity of the Ryoin Jinji, he lost the opportunity to end, so the technique went out of control and turned into a slaughter doll that only the strong man aimed at.Appearing in front of Megumi who tried to escape from the realm of the gèn, he overwhelmed the gèn who had overwhelmed them.After that, while engaging with Megumi, he realized that he was his own child, and when he smiled at the fact that he called himself Fushiguro instead of Zenin, he died himself.
"Q (queue)"
A group of curse masters aiming to overthrow the magical world due to the runaway of Tengen.The members areMilitary uniformI'm wearing clothes like this.
In the Kaitama edition, he aimed to kill the star body, Riko Tennai, but the organization collapsed when Bayer, the highest force, was defeated by Gojo.


Major spells

Among the spells that appear in the film, he has a particularly deep relationship with the main characters.

Double-sided lodging(Ryomen Sukuna)
Voice- Junichi Suwabe[31][32]
"King of Curses"It is a special-grade monster called, and appeared in the form of incarnation on a tiger cane.In the play, it is often referred to simply as "Yado".
When the inn takes the initiative in the body, a pattern emerges all over the body, and the nails grow black and sharp.It is also possible to show the mouth on the face and hands while keeping the ego of the tiger cane.In the innate area created inside the tiger cane, she wears a white kimono for women with wide sleeves.
Virtual with 4 arms and 2 facesspiritsHowever, the true character is a human being who existed more than 1000 years ago.In the era of the heyday of magic, the surgeon tried his best to challenge both sides of the house, but it is said that he was defeated without enemies.After that, a total of 20 fingersAdipocereWas left as a special-grade spell, but the surgeons at that time could only seal it and later dissipate.
With a brutal personality, he likes to kill all girls and children, and uses only his own pleasure and discomfort as a guideline for living.He dislikes ranks other than power, and is strongly interested in those who he recognizes as "strong", and conversely, those who are regarded as "weak" unilaterally hurt and enjoy themselves.While making the tiger cane "boring," he has a keen interest in Fushiguro (especially his "back hand") from what happened at the Eishu Juvenile Training School.In addition, there is also a cunning side, such as playing with a tiger cane by playing with words and eating the finger of the inn by himself when he sees a gap.
Although not affected by Masato's "Idle Transfiguration", he hates being touched by Masato's soul.On the contrary, it is possible for the inn to damage the body of a true person.Also, while you are in control of your body,心 臓You can continue to live even if you pull out.The mainstream is a human bullet battle, and he has mastered the body of a tiger cane immediately after incarnation.Area expansion and inversion techniques can also be used.
When you develop your own area "Fushima Mikuriko"cookA huge building like this appears.Unlike other areas, the space is not divided by the barrier, and the effective range has been raised to a maximum radius of about 200m due to the binding of "giving the opponent an escape route".In the area created inside the tiger cane,肋骨Water and a cow's skull are laid under a huge object like this.
At the beginning of the story, the tiger cane ate his finger to gain the power to exorcise the spell, and although he was resurrected incarnately, he could not completely take the initiative of the body and appeared afterwards. Overwhelmed by Gojo.From this point onward, the inn creates an innate area, "Fukuma Mizushi," on the body of the tiger cane, where he usually holds his breath and occasionally exercises his physical initiative.
At the Eishu Juvenile Training School, he once took the initiative of the body with the will of the tiger cane to exorcise the special-grade spells of the Juvenile Training School, and took in the fingers that it had taken in.However, because the tiger cane was not tied up, it was not replaced immediately, and fortunately, he took the heart of the tiger cane and took him hostage and engaged with Fushiguro, but regained physical initiative. He is killed by a tiger cane.After that, he pulled the tiger cane into his own territory and said, "If the inn says" contract ", he will give up his body for one minute." "(While he gives up his body) he will not kill or hurt anyone." He revived after signing a contract to "forget".
In the Shibuya incident, a total of 11 fingers were swallowed by a tiger cane that fainted in the fight against the expansion phase, causing him to wake up temporarily, killing Mimiko and Nanako, and engaging with Asava, Panda, Kusakabe, After involving a curse master and others, he killed the leak, rescued the dying Fushiguro from the magical villa, and defeated him, and then killed Haruta Shibuya.Carry Fushiguro near the rescue tent of the housekeeper and change consciousness with the tiger cane.
Rika Orimo
Voice- Hanazawa Kana[33]
Obsessed with YutaSpecial grade overcurseGrief(Tokkyu Kajuonryo)."Queen of Curses"Also called.
Originally a classmate of Otsubone and a fiancée girl, she died in a car accident in 2011, but soon after that she turned into a curse and possessed Otobone.11 years old.
Originally an adorable girl, after becoming a curse, she became an ugly and horrific appearance, and her personality became so ferocious that she would not hesitate to sanction the person who harmed her bones.At the time of the sanctions, he did not hear any restraints on the bones, and while protecting the bones, he was not under his control until he entered the technical college.The ones I hate are people other than Otsubone (especially women and older men), and the ones I hate are boiled eggplants made by my grandmother.
At the age of five, her mother died suddenly for unknown reasons.Two days before entering elementary school, his father took him to a mountain and went missing together. A week later, only Rika was protected in an evacuation hut near the top of the mountain, but her father disappeared and her life was unknown.At the hospital where he was hospitalized, he met Yuta who had been hospitalized for pneumonia and returned to the same elementary school.At that time, I stole my mother's wedding ring and told himEngagement ringI gave it as.The paternal grandmother who took over Rika strongly believed that her son and his wife had been killed by Rika.During his lifetime, he had a friendly relationship with Yuta's younger sister, but after he became a grudge after his death, he became aggressive and triggered Yuta to leave his family.
Even after becoming a curse, she was so obsessed with her bones that she turned her jealousy at Maki, so it was initially thought that her past love and obsession was the cause of her curse.
Of the bone"The bond that detains the soul of a loved one"From the binding, it has a illusionary and bottomless magical power, thereby"Bottomless curse""Unconditional technique imitation"Has been realized.What is Otsubone?Engagement ringIt is connected by and is also used as a medium for magical power.Gojo and the upper ranks of the magical world regarded its power as dangerous.
At Hyakki Yagyo on December 2016, 12, he won a fierce battle with Natsuyu along with Otoko.After the battle, it turned out that Rika did not curse Otsubone, but Otobone cursed her from her obsession with Rika and made her a grudge, and the cursed Otobone imposed a master-slave constraint. The curse was realized by destroying it.Eventually, she regained her original appearance and smiled after thanking her.Buddhadid.

A group of spells

Voice- Nobunaga Shimazaki[6]
An unregistered special-grade spell born from fear of humans, who understands human language.
She has long hair and looks like a young man full of joints.
He is as bright as a child and sometimes intimately interacts with humans, but his nature is ruthless and he thinks of humans only as toys.With the techniques described below, you can see and touch the human soul directly, and therefore "the soul is beyond the body" (which is also a major premise of his technique) "human emotions and sorrows. All emotions are metabolites of the soul, and life has no value or weight. "In addition, he said, "It is a curse to act as the desire goes without being caught by the axis and consistency", and has the idea that "the curse should live like a curse", in order to achieve a rational goal. In addition, he shows a slightly negative attitude toward leaks that are willing to sacrifice himself and Hanago's thoughts that he is not emotionally entertained.It's been a short time since it occurred, and although it has an immature side as a spell, its growth rate is tremendous.
Of living thingsA technique to freely transform and remodel the target body by changing the shape of"Idle Transfiguration"User.With this technique, you can squeeze the opponent's brain and kill it, or you can use it as a monster-like figure called a "remodeled human".Also, if you know the shape of your soul accurately, you can freely transform your body, and no matter how much your body attacks you, as long as you have the magical power remaining unless you are directly attacked by your soul. You can instantly regenerate your body.However, as a trigger condition, it is necessary to touch the opponent with the prototype hand.Also, just before changing its shape, there is a spell of magical power, and if it is hit repeatedly in that gap, it will be damaged.Furthermore, the damage to the soul is reflected in the body, and unlike the double-sided lodging, it cannot interfere with the soul superior to the person himself.Due to its nature, it is incompatible with Yuhito Torakane, a vessel of the inn, and the Torakane is a natural enemy for Masato.When you expand the innate area "Jiheiendonka", the narrow range, which is the weak point of Idle Transfiguration, is eliminated by the inevitable effect of the technique, while the magical power consumed in the area expansion. It takes 10 days to recover.
After the death of the tiger cane, he begins to join hands with fake summer oil with leaks.In the small fish and reverse punishment edition, we repeat "experiments" to see how much we can play with living humans with our own technique, and when we killed a high school student with bad manners at a movie theater in Kawasaki City, While watching the whole story, he was interested in Junpei who dared to call out.He behaves kindly, such as teaching Junpei magic, but he has no internal feelings and thinks of it as just a toy.After that, he instigated Junpei who lost his mother and attacked the main criminal case of bullying at Satosakura High School, and then killed Junpei who was defeated by the tiger cane and tried to convert.However, in the battle with the tiger cane, touching the soul of the inn interferes with his own tantrum and is repulsed.
During the exchange party at the technical college, the incarnation fingers and the curse Kusōzu Nos. 1 to 3 stored in the school are taken and incarnated.After that, he tells the deceased phase and blood paint of the three of them to recover the finger of the inn in Yatsuhashi.In the subsequent Shibuya incident, the train passengers are turned into remodeled humans and head for Gojo, but they are all destroyed by Gojo.
Remodeled human
A human being who has been remodeled and used as a causative by being transfigured by a true person.Masato usually stocks reduced ones[34].
It is a variant that possesses magical power like a spell, and attacks humans according to the instructions of the true man.Since it is originally a human being, it can be seen by non-surgeons.On rare occasions, there are individuals who retain their ego somewhat, and they are complaining of suffering.[34]..Once remodeled, humans will never return, and if they confront each other, they will have no choice but to kill them.
In addition, it has a technique called "Tajukon" that fuses two or more remodeled humans, and uses the rejection reaction generated by it to explosively increase the mass of the soul and release it to the opponent. It can also be developed into a technique called "(batai)".
Leakage (funnel)
Voice- Chiba Shigeru[6]
The earthAn unregistered special-grade spell born from fear of.
The first petite male humanoid.The top of the head is like a volcano and always has earplugs.I understand human language.
A person who lives by exposing his positive emotions (tatemae) and hiding his negative emotions (real intentions) is called a "mistake", and he has the idea that the curse born from those negative emotions is the true human being. Therefore, we consider human beings to be destroyed.In addition, "the essence of the curse is to walk the path without fear for the purpose without fear of death", and he is willing to sacrifice himself if necessary.Has a hobby of collecting spells.
flame,VolcanoIt is a user of the technique of creating and manipulating.In addition, he has a strong, very impatient and passionate personality, and when he feels emotional, he emits high fever from the crown and ears.
After the death of the tiger cane, he begins to join hands with fake summer oil with Hana.However, ignoring the advice from fake summer oil, he tried to kill Gojo alone, but failed, and Hana and others rescued him from being made into a neck-only figure.From this point onward, we are planning to revive the inn by swallowing the inn's finger with a tiger cane, considering the risk that the inn can become their enemy.
After Gojo was sealed in the Shibuya incident, in order to revive the inn, swallow 10 fingers of the inn in his possession with a tiger cane and awaken the inn.[35]..After that, he engaged with the inn under the condition that "if even one shot hits, he will reach under the spell", but he was defeated and died.[36].
Voice- Atsuko Tanaka[6]
WoodsAn unregistered special-grade spell born from fear of.Although he understands human language, unlike Asava and Masato, he has established a unique language system that "I don't know what I'm saying, but I can get the content in my head." It is being evil.The first person is "I" and is polite to everyone.The name from Gojo is "weed".
With a calm and gentle personality, he is a rational being among the spells.He loves nature more than anything else and aims to protect the stars (earth).Therefore, while acknowledging the existence of human beings who are kind to nature, we believe that we must destroy human beings, saying that "coexistence of nature and human beings is impossible".At first, the battle was only a "means for achieving the purpose" and he did not enjoy it emotionally, but after the point of Masato and the fierce battle with the tiger cane and Todo, he became able to enjoy it.
plantHe is a user of the technique of creating and manipulating, and is good at attacking the opponent directly using various plants and making a surprise of the opponent in combination with psychological warfare.Although it has very high durability, its weakness is the small tree that corresponds to the "eyes".
In addition, because it has a special sign of being able to sneak into plants, Gojo says "endlessly."spiritIt is believed that it was his existence that allowed the curse and curse master to escape from the barrier of the technical college at the exchange meeting.
In addition, there is a flower with an eyeball called "Kuge" on the left shoulder, and by reducing the life of the surrounding plants to the magical power with the left arm, it can be made to bloom and then the magical power is released. it can.He is reluctant to use this technique and always covers his left arm with a cloth unless he is serious about fighting.
After the death of the tiger cane, he begins to join hands with fake summer oil with leaks.In the Shibuya incidentShibuya StationHe engages with Gojo along with Asava and Kaoru, but is defeated.
It is an unregistered special-grade spell born from fear of tiger cane, and begins to join hands with fake summer oil after the death of the tiger cane.
With two muscular armsOctopusIt looks like this, and is covered with a cloth from its head.Also, he screams "bufu" and does not speak much words.He is timid but has a friendly personality.
WedHe is a user of the technique of creating and manipulating the elephant, and can use a large amount of water far exceeding the Shikigami Shikigami "Manzo" to wash away or submerge the opponent, and can also be used as a barrier.It has a very high physical strength and does not weaken with most attacks.After getting the wings, it became possible to stay in the air.Also, at the time of the curse, it was feeding on a large number of humans. It has an area called "Tauunheisen", and when it is expanded,beachA scene like this spreads out.Also, in this area, you can activate a technique called "Death Cumulative Army" that summons a large number of ferocious fish shikigami.
Actually, the appearance when I met fake summer oil was a curse, and it was transformed during the Shibuya incident, and it was a large humanoid with a red beard-like tentacle and bat-like wings. became.After the metamorphosis, his personality became brave and he began to speak human language fluently. He is particular about being called by his real name, saying that "the ghost also has a name," and dislikes being simply called "the ghost."
When he was fighting against Naomito, Nanami, and Maki in this form, he was inferior due to the appearance of Fushiguro, and died after being attacked by Jinji, who appeared next.
Name isDagon, AppearanceCthulhu.

At the beginning of the Meiji era (about 150 years ago), the worst surgeon in historyNoriyoshi KamoWas created by repeating pregnancy and abortion nine times for a woman with an idiosyncratic constitution who has a child of a curse.KusozuIndividual names are given in a similar way.Later, it was stored as a special-grade spell at a technical college, but at an exchange meeting, Masato seized Nos. 1 to 3 and made humans incarnate.Expansion phase-Broken phase-Blood coatingHas been resurrected.In addition to these three individuals, there are unreceived individuals.They have no particular grudge against humans, but they are cooperating with fake summer oils after forgetting the benefits of incarnation from the idea of ​​the expansion phase that "the future drawn by the spell is more convenient for them". However, there is no trust in the spirits.All Kusōzu have no memory of their mothers, but they have deep brotherhood with each other.Also, everyone is their ownbloodBecause it has a technique that uses, and has an idiom that can convert magical power into blood, it does not die of blood loss.

Expansion phase
Voice- Namikawa Daisuke[37]
He is the eldest son in Kusōzu No. 1.
A man with hair tied and thick kimono, with a horizontally long black rectangular pattern on the nose.It looks like the most human being among the brothers.
Basically, he shows a careless expression and hardly breaks his expression, but his brotherhood is deep enough to give top priority to his younger brothers, and he said, "We are one in three people" even for the disintegration and blood coating. doing.
The technique of the Misan family and Kamo family"Red Blood Manipulation"And take a tactic that combines a human bullet battle.One of these techniques, "Karibarai," is from the black part of the nose and the hands.bloodIt attacks the opponent by ejecting and manipulating it, and has the power to easily cut and penetrate the body of a non-surgeon.However, blood that is normally operated outside the body is easily dissolved in water because there is no coagulation reaction, and conversely, if blood is coagulated, its power will be reduced and it will be sudden.ThrombosisThere is also a risk of becoming.On the other hand, "Keseiseki" is a technique that uses a blood clot that has been coagulated to make it difficult to dissolve in water, taking the risk of thrombosis in the wrong direction.
It was recovered by Masato in the exchange meeting edition, and was incarnated by humans in the same edition of The Origin of Blind Observatory.
After being killed by a tiger cane, Nagisaki, at Yatsuhashi, he plans to take revenge (murder) on his two younger brothers and recover the other younger brothers who are kept at the technical college. I'm out.
In the Shibuya incident,Shibuya StationEngage with Gojo with Asava and Hanago.However, even after Hanago died, he was not motivated enough to shout "If you do not cooperate, I will kill you" to the leak, and Gojo also considers it as "the priority of the attack is low" and expands the area. He didn't take any of his attacks except.
After the seal of Gojo Satoru, he started searching for a tiger cane and engaged with him in the station yard.After a fierce battle, he faints the tiger cane, but at the moment he tries to point to Todome, he is confused by the nonexistent memory that the tiger cane is his younger brother and escapes.
After that, he regarded the tiger cane as his younger brother because of the characteristics of his technique, and at the same time discovered that the true identity of the fake summer oil was Noriyoshi Kamo.Furious with fake summer oil for the battle with the tiger cane, he rebels.After the end of the Shibuya incident, he is working with him to protect the tiger cane.
Breaking phase
Voice- Nobuyuki Hiyama[37]
Curse Kusōzu Figure 2.second son.
A muscular, mohawk male, female on top of the naked bodyBody harnessI am wearing.There is an eerie face on the back, which, combined with the odor emanating from it, makes it a complex of the person himself.However, when it is hidden, it gets stuffy, so it is exposed, and when it sees its back, it tries to kill the object it sees by calling it "bachi killing".
In addition to gentlemanly behavior, deep brotherhood[34]..On the other hand, if you get angry, your tone will get rough.
Pour your own blood on the other personCorrosionTechnique to make"Shokuranfujutsu"User.Blood is toxic, and exposed objects quickly corrode, and in the case of humans, they do not die unless they are exposed to the whole body, but even a part of them is extremely painful.However, due to the nature of using its own blood, it is incompatible with Nagisaki's "Straw Spell", and if it "resonates" with the corroded part, it will damage the heart.In addition, this technique is connected to the third son, Blood Coat, and both receive "resonance" damage through the blood at the same time.
After incarnation, as a "messenger" requested by Masato and others, he went to Yatsuhashi to collect the fingers of the resident with blood coating, and the tiger cane and nails that came out of the innate area of ​​the special grade spell of Yatsuhashi. Died after a battle with Saki[34].
Blood coating
Voice- Kappei Yamaguchi[37]
Curse Kusōzu Figure 3.Third son.
A variant like a spell.It looks like a blue lump of flesh with limbs and has a large mouth under its small face.He always drips blood from his face and big mouth.
Prefers to play with the weak.As a younger brother, he longs for his older brothers, the expansion phase and the collapse phase.
"Erosion"He is a user of the above-mentioned, and spits blood from the above-mentioned large mouth and exposes it to the other party, but it is less toxic than the one with a disorganized phase, and it does not corrode just by being exposed.It should be noted that, as with the destructive phase, it is incompatible with the "芻 rei spell".In addition, since this technique is connected to the second son, the disintegration phase, both receive "resonance" damage through the blood at the same time.
After the incarnation, he went to Yatsuhashi to collect the fingers of the incarnation as a "messenger" requested by Masato and others, and the tiger cane and Nagisaki who left the innate area of ​​the special grade spell of Yatsuhashi. Defeated at the end of the battle.

normal person

Relatives / friends of the main characters

Japanese knotweed Japanese knotweed[38]
Voice-Shigeru Chiba[38]
Yuhito's grandfather[38]And I am the parent of raising.He was hospitalized at the beginning of the story, but died during a conversation with a tiger cane who came to visit him.
According to the tiger cane, he has a "quick and stubborn" personality, so it seems that only his grandson, the tiger cane, came to visit him while he was in the hospital.In addition to his bad mouth, when the tiger cane was in sixth grade, he gave him his ownSubstituteWhile it was a bastard enough to make him cry, he also had a side to consider his grandchildren, such as saying "Save money" to the tiger cane who buys flowers every time he visits, and he was also loved by the tiger cane.
The last will he left behind, "Help people because you are strong" and "Die surrounded by a large number of people," will give the tiger cane a chance to think about "correct death" and decide to put himself in the fight against the curse.[5].
Tsumiki Fushiguro
Voice- Saori Hayami
Megumi's older sister-in-law.When Megumi's father (Jinji) and Tsumiki's mother were dating in the second grade of elementary school, they evaporated, and since then they have lived together with Megumi.
He has the idea that if he has time to curse someone, he wants to think of his loved one.It was his younger brother's feelings, and he rebuked Megumi for the constant violence in junior high school.
Go to Yatsuhashi when I was in the first year of high schooltest of courageI was cursed by going to, and I have been bedridden since then.
Nailzaki's friend.Appeared in the work.
According to Nagisaki, a girl who was "cute like a doll and kind like Our Lady".When Nagisaki was in the first grade of elementary school, he moved to a rural village where Nagisaki was born from Tokyo, but in the village he was oppressed because of the paranoia of a local child, "I'm making a fool of the countryside."It is said that he had a close relationship with Nagisaki, who told her to make sweets by hand.Nagisaki keeps her as a base even after entering college.
Yuko Ozawa
A classmate of the tiger cane in middle school.
At that time, he was short and obese, and although it was different from his favorite type of tiger cane, he was named as his favorite girl because of "the character and the way of eating fish are beautiful", and he also gave him a faint love. I hugged him and took a picture with a tiger cane at the graduation ceremony of junior high school.After entering high school, he moved from Sendai to Tokyo and succeeded in growing taller and losing weight due to the stress of environmental changes.
After the incident at Yatsuhashi, he happened to meet Nagisaki and his friends, consulted with them about their love affairs, and then reunited with the tiger cane.Even though the tiger cane became thin and became like a different person, she recognized her as Ozawa.In the end, I couldn't convey my feelings to the tiger cane, but when I separated from them, I exchanged contact information with Nagisaki.

Sugisawa Third High School officials

Society for Psychical Phenomena (occultStudy group)
The club activities to which the tiger cane belonged.Known as "Oka Lab".There are three members, including the tiger cane, and the student council president (voice:) said that he was just playing and did not report on his activities.Yoshiki Nakajima) Is smoking.
Spirit spotIn the club room (home economics preparation room)Mr. KokkuriI'm doing it.
Voice- Mariya Ise
A sophomore girl from Oka Lab.I like psychic phenomena, but I'm scared, and I can't go to a psychic spot without a tiger cane.
At the beginning of the story, he borrows a finger from a tiger cane and breaks the seal at a school at midnight.As a result, he was taken into the curse with his fingers, but was rescued by a tiger cane.
Voice- Takahiro Sumi
A boy in the second grade of Oka Lab.Like Sasaki, he's scared and can't go to a ghost spot without a tiger cane.
At the beginning of the story, along with Sasaki, he is attacked by a curse drawn to the finger of the inn, and is eaten by his head.He was then rescued and survived.
Voice- Kenji Sugimura
Adviser of the track and field club of Sugisawa Third High School.
I paid attention to the physical ability of the tiger cane and rewrote the entry notification without permission in order to join the track and field club.After that, with a tiger caneShot putHe made a match and set a record of 14m, but he was stunned because he showed insane ability to let the ball bite into a soccer goal less than 30 meters away.

Sato Sakura High School

Nagi Yoshino
Voice- Junko Noda
Junpei's real mother.Youthful appearance, smoker.He has a deep nostalgia, such as accepting his son who is reluctant to go to high school, and has a deep affection from Junpei.He immediately deepened his friendship with the tiger cane, which he had met for the first time, and had a free-spirited side, such as showing off his monoboke with drunken momentum.
Appeared in the reverse punishment edition with young fish.Have a tiger cane with Junpei for dinner.That night, while the tiger canes are going to the movie, they discover the finger of the inn in their living room, but soon after they are murdered by a curse drawn.After the incident caused by Junpei at Satosakura High School was settled, a poorly embalmed body was found by a technical college official along with his fingers.

Banseikyo "Toki no Kai" → Natsuyu Religious Organization

Shigeru Sonoda
He is a representative officer of the Bansei religion, and as a believer in the cult, he absolutely sees Tengen, and even if Tengen goes out of control and human society can no longer stand, he says, "If it falls with the stars, there is nothing left to do."
In the Kaitama edition, he asked Jinji Fushiguro to assassinate the star-shaped body, Riko Tennai, for a reward of 3000 million yen, and gave him the reward for giving him the body of the star-shaped body.
He was cursed by Natsuyu in the Tamaori edition, and he hijacked the organization.
Hole time rain (Konshiu)
Of the board star religionMediatorIs South KoreaRegistered man.FormerDetective.
Fushiguro Jinji is heMatrilocal residenceI've been asking him for work several times in the past, and I know Megumi.However, he has decided that he is "only at work or in hell" to be involved with him as a "bastard".
In the Kaitama edition, he was in charge of mediating between Banseikyo and Fushiguro Jinji, and was in charge of the darkness.Anonymous bulletin boardTo Riko TennaiPrize moneyAnd abducted her caretaker Kuroi.
In the Tamaori edition, we collected the executives of the dip slope religion at the request of Natsuyu.

Persons involved in the star body

Riko Tennai
A girl who was in charge of escort missions by Gojo and Natsuyu, who were in the second year of Jiu-Jitsu College in 2006. 2 years old, 14nd year in the middle school of the upright girls' school (at that time).
Since he is a human "star body" that matches Tengen, he was targeted by the curse group "Q" and the board star religion "Toki no Kai" for the purpose of preventing assimilation with Tengen.
His parents died in an accident, and he has a family-like relationship with his caretaker, Misato Kuroi.
When I first met Gojo and Natsuyu when I was a student, I behaved as if I were equating myself with Tengen, but in my heart I had a thirst for life.

the term


A general term for negative emotions that flow out of humans and those that are created from them.In the work, the average number of dead and missing people in Japan exceeds 1 per year, and most of them are said to have been damaged by curses.


A thing formed by the accumulation of magical powers leaked from humans (non-surgeons) like starch.

Although they are common in that they are dangerous to attack humans, their appearance and habits vary widely from individual to individual.Basically, the intelligence is low, but there are some that have the same intelligence as humans.Also,Ghost story,ApparitionThe ghost born from the image of awe that has a common understandingVirtual ghost, A human who turned into a curse after death TheGriefIt is called.

Many memorable places, such as schools and hospitals, are a source of negative emotions and are prone to spells.

Humans who have almost no magical power cannot exorcise the spirits, and although there are individual differences, they cannot basically see or touch them.Also, regardless of the strength of the power, no matter how much an attack without magical power is received, it will not take damage, but it will disappear if a fatal attack with magical power is made.However, like the double-sided camp and the Fetish Kusōzu, it becomes a human after being turned into a curse.IncarnationWhat you do does not disappear even if you die.

In the magical world, it is classified into 4th to 1st grade and special grade as follows according to the amount of magical power and combat power.Due to the difference in population (the amount of curse that flows out), the curse of the city is cunning compared to the rural area.The outbreak of spells is extremely concentrated in Japan, and there are extremely few cases of outbreaks outside Japan.

Special grade
The highest grade of ghosts.It is said that there are 16 registered by the technical college, but there are also unregistered special-grade spells like Masato.
It has the magical power and combat power that it is said that it will fight on an equal footing for the first time by becoming a special-grade witch doctor, and depending on the individual, it has the same intelligence as a human being.Assuming that a conventional weapon without spell power is effective against a spell, its power is "Cluster munitionAtCarpet bombingIs equivalent to ".On the other hand, since there are no special grades or higher, there may be a large difference in ability between special grades.
1st grade (quasi 1st grade)
A grade that is said to be used by first-class witch doctors and quasi-first-class witch doctors.Assuming that a conventional weapon without spell power is effective against a spell, "tankBut I'm lonely. "
Individuals who manipulate human language are estimated to be quasi-first grade or higher.
2st grade (quasi 2st grade)
A grade that is said to be used by first-class witch doctors and quasi-first-class witch doctors.Assuming that a conventional weapon without spell power is effective against a spell, "shotgunIt seems that it can be defeated at the last minute. "
In addition, there are cases where individuals, such as locust GUY, who have power equivalent to quasi-first grade but do not have a surgical technique, are graded into second grade.
3 class
A grade that is said to be exorcised by a third-class witch doctor.Assuming that a conventional weapon without magical power is effective against the spirit, "HandgunIt is encouraging to have it. "
4 class
The lowest grade of the ghost.
It is said that a fourth-class witch doctor will be defeated.Assuming that a conventional weapon without magical power is effective against the spirit, "Wooden"batCan be defeated with. "
Fly head
It is a low-grade spell that is less than 4th grade, and corresponds to an individual that fits on the palm or shoulder.


A human who uses magic, he rushes to exterminate ghosts.The number of people who can become witch doctors is very limited, and sociallyMinorityExistence.The abbreviation is "Surgeon".

Except for the example of the heavenly curse, all of them have enough magical power to see and exorcise the spirits.There are a wide variety of tactics.

Although there are differences in the amount and capacity of magical power consumed by exercising the technique, the leakage of magical power is extremely small compared to non-surgeons, and no spirit is born from that magical power.However, as an exception, the surgeon himself may turn into a curse after death, and in order to prevent it, it is said that when killing the surgeon, an attack with curse power must be made.

ConfidentialDeath penaltyWhile various over-the-rights are permitted, such as the execution of the above and the disclosure of all information regarding the mission destination, in principle it is prohibited to curse non-surgeons (general people), and those who break it are prohibited from cursing. Based on the article"Jusoshi"It is designated as and is subject to execution.

Many people hide their eyes with sunglasses or glasses because there are individuals who attack the moment they notice that they are being seen in the ghost.

It is divided into 4th to 1st grade and special grade according to ability, and when compared with the ghosts of the same class, the magician is stronger (in the case of the 2nd grade magician, the 2nd grade ghost is enshrined. It is a natural level, and its ability is considered to be close to that of a first-class ghost).Therefore, the magicians involved in the technical college are basically assigned missions related to ghosts of their own rank or lower (two or more people of the second grade or lower can be assigned missions).It should be noted that the class only represents the ability as a surgeon, and the higher the class, the higher the power in the technical college.Most surgeons hit the ceiling at Level 1 or Level 2, so few can reach Level 2, and the danger, confidentiality, and salary are higher at Level 2 than at Level 1 and below.Therefore, Rakuiwaji considers the 1st grade to be "a person who will change to a nonstandard special grade and lead other magicians and the magical world."In addition, a second-class magician is allowed to work alone as a magician even in the first year of technical college.

Recommendations are required for promotion, but teachers cannot recommend their students.After being recommended, he will carry out his duties with an active 1st grade or 1st grade equivalent surgeon, and if it is judged to be an appropriate ant, he will be promoted to quasi 1st grade.After that, he is nominated for a single Level 1 mission and can be officially promoted to Level 1 depending on the result of the mission.


It is a tactic to exterminate ghosts, and when used, it leaves a trace of the magical power called Zane.Use some witch doctors as well as witch doctors.

There are a wide variety of spells, and it is said that there are as many ways to exorcise as there are surgeons.Also, in magic, it is necessary to set a constraint called "binding", and if you break it, you will be punished in some way.In rare cases, some of the bindings are congenitally imposed on the body regardless of one's will, and such bindings are called Tenyojubaku.The price of the natural curse is great, but you can get great power.They may also impose ties with others depending on their interests.

Curse power
"Born from negative human emotions"negativeEnergy ".The body of the ghost is also composed of magical power.
Humans who have almost no magical power cannot exorcise the spirits, and although there are individual differences, they cannot basically see or touch them.In addition, the presence or absence of magical power is almost innate, and there is almost no acquired effect (the tiger cane gained exceptionally magical power by taking in the finger of the villain, which is a curse).In the body of the witch doctorNavelIt is flowing around from the starting point.To mediate the magical powerFuluA tag called (jufu) is used to seal monsters.
Black flash
Spatial distortion created when a magical force collides within 0.000001 seconds of error with a blow. The name "black flash" comes from the fact that the magical power glows black when space is distorted.
Power is 2.5 power of normal attack[9]However, there is no surgeon who can aim at it.However, once the black flash is fired, the surgeon enters the zone state, and it becomes easier to fire the black flash continuously during the day.
By experiencing the black flash, you can feel that the magical power naturally circulates like breathing, and you feel as if you are standing around yourself, and you can truly understand the nature of your own magical power.Therefore, there is a big difference in the distance from the core of the magical power between those who have experienced the black flash and those who have not.

Activate with a spellspecial powerAndInnate technique (shotokujutsushiki)Barrier artThere are two types.If you compare the magical power to "electricity", the technique is equivalent to "home appliances" that are used by passing electricity.Whether or not there is a surgical procedure and whether or not it is suitable is determined by nature.In the work, the word "magic" is often used for the technique, and when the word "jujutsu" is simply used in the work, the surgeon has it innately.Refers to the innate technique.Of the innate techniques, "jutsushikijunten" is activated by flowing the normal magical power that is "negative energy".On the other hand, the "reversal technique" (hantenjutsushiki) is "reversal technique" by multiplying the magical power that is originally "negative energy".positiveIt is a high-level magical operation that produces "energy", and although the name says "technique", it is not a technique.This "positive energy" can heal humans.However, it is very difficult to learn and there are individual differences in the scale of healing.In addition, the technique of activating this "positive energy" is called "jutsushikihanten", which produces the opposite effect of "forward rotation".By combining the combination of surgical procedure forward rotation and surgical technique inversion, a surgical technique called "imaginary formula" is completed.Apart from this, there is also a technique called "extended technique".Since the technique can be inherited, some families of surgeons have inherited the powerful technique as "Souden no Jutsushiki" for posterity.

God formula(Shikigami) is an incarnation composed of the magical power of the surgeon, and attacks the opponent according to the instructions of the user, and disappears when the technique is canceled.Even those who do not have an innate technique can make simple things.

Inanimate objects that possess cursive power and can become self-sustaining are called "jugai", and naturally occurring ones take a hostile attitude toward humans like spells.The skeleton becomes the heart "NuclearIt is also possible to artificially create something with "" and manipulate it like a shikigami.Among the puppets, the type that is manipulated by the user's direct intention is called "puppet".

It is also a kind of innate techniqueNecromancy(Koreijutsu) is somethingMediumToSpiritAnd gain its power.When saying the name of the spirit to be taken down, it is the theory to use a name closer to the birth.

Barrier technique

"Separate the inside and outside of the specified space"BarrierThe technique to make.

Build a technique from scratch in yourself,KotodamaIt is activated by shedding the magical power on it.Basically, if you have a certain amount of magical power, you can learn it with effort, but there are many talented people who are not suitable and have not mastered barrier art.

The barrier that specializes in "confining" is "region".Since the area has increased resistance from the inside, it is vulnerable to external forces and is easy to invade.

In the barrier itselfmassIs equipped with, and if you are trapped between barriers, you will die at worst.

Book (Tobari)
It is a jet-black barrier that exposes the curse without being visible from the outside, and cannot be recognized by non-surgeons.In the work, the word "barrier" often refers to "book".
"Get out of the darkness, blacken out of the darkness, and cleanse the filthIt is activated by chanting.It can be used even if it does not have an innate technique.
The surgeon can set the effect (preventing the invasion of a specified person, etc.), and the given effect spreads in a spherical shape and is also effective in the ground.Basically, the only condition that can be used to add or subtract the effect of the barrier is "things related to curse power (humans, spells, spells)".The activated surgeon can perceive that the book has been torn or the point of damage.As you improve, you can prioritize surgical effects over visual effects.In addition, radio waves are blocked as a secondary effect.
Prevent the invasion of othersbarrierWhen functioning as, basically the activated surgeon is among them, but as an advanced application, it is possible to increase the risk of being found and repelled by the surgeon going out and increase its strength. ..
In addition, the type of book that entrusts the power and spirit of words to others is called a commissioned ceremony, and it is used based on a stake around which a fulu is wound.Since it is activated with a magical power on the base, the book will be released if the base is destroyed.
Shinkage-ryu(Shin Kageryu) "Simple area")
The magic was in full swingHeian period, The territory of the weak to protect himself from the territory of the strong, devised by Sadatsuna Ashiya to protect his disciples from the evil curse masters and ghosts.
Although the substance is not embodied like the area expansion, it produces the effect of "neutralizing the technique of the other party in the area".However, it is a story of Ichimon, and it is forbidden to intentionally convey this technique to the outside of the gate by "binding".
Area expansion
In the heart of humans and spirits"Innate area", A barrier that was constructed outside with magical power by giving a technique."The ultimate in magic"It is called, and the number of people who have mastered this is very limited.
There are great merits such as "increasing the status of the surgeon due to environmental factors", "sublimating the deadly technique to the deadly", and "neutralizing the technique of the opponent who pulled in".Due to the neutralization effect, Satoru Gojo, the user of "Unlimited Magic", is also attacked in the area.However, when expanding the area, the consumption of magical power is enormous, and it is impossible to expand the area endlessly.In addition, there is a drawback that the technique is burned out after use and the magic cannot be used temporarily.
The appearance and effect differ depending on the innate technique, and depending on the technique effect, the victory of the user is almost confirmed at the time of pulling in.In addition, there are areas where no surgical technique is given, and they are"Unfinished area"Called.
As a countermeasure to the territory, the opponent's magic is received by magic, or the most effective means is to develop the opposing territory.At the same time, when the territory is expanded, more sophisticated techniques control the place (compatibility and amount of curse are also related).There is also a way to escape out of the territory, which is usually not possible.For the three familiesSecret, the feeling of falling flowersThere is an area measure called.
Of the area"Regional expansion" (Ryoikitenen)Refers to a liquid-like area that wraps only you.While it has the advantage of increasing the effect of neutralizing the opponent's surgical technique, the essential effect in the area diminishes and it cannot be used in combination with the innate surgical technique.
Secret "The feeling of falling flowers"
A technique for developing areas that is handed down to the three families, the "Kyoin family, Gojo family, and Kamo family."
It does not expand the area like a simple area or area extension, but covers itself with a film of magical power, and at the moment when the required technique touches itself, it releases the magical power at the counter and protects itself.


The thing with the curse isSpellIt is called, and is divided into 4th to 1st grade and special grade according to its power and effectiveness.The monsters that exist as objects are in schools where ghosts are particularly likely to occur.talismanIn some cases, it is used as a more evil curse that keeps other curses away, and over time the seal loosens, turning it into a bait that attracts and fertilizes the curse.The weapon with the curse is Called a curse, it can be used by humans who do not have curse power, and can curse.

A special grade spell used by Fake Summer Oil to seal Gojo Satoru.Living barrierGenshinThere is nothing that cannot be sealed at the end of the process.Normally palm-sizedcubeIt has the shape of.Also, when not in use, a fulu is affixed to the entire surface.
When using it, chant "Open Gate" to open the gate, and determine the object to be sealed with one huge eye inside.
The sealing condition is that "after the gate is opened, the target must be kept within the effective sealing range and radius of 4m for 1 minute."In addition, this 1 minute is "1 minute in the subject's brain time".
If the sealing condition is met, it will be divided into 6 parts and the target will be captured from all sides.The captured target is then deprived of its magical and physical strength and becomes irresistible.After that, the seal is completed by chanting "closed gate" to confine the target inside and returning it to its original size.
The capacity is one person, and once used, it cannot be used unless the person inside is suicide.Physical time does not flow inside, and it is possible to seal for a long period of 1 to 1 years outside.It is unknown how to release the sealed object.
When fake summer oil was used for Gojo, after the gate opened, he appeared in front of him in the form of a close friend that Gojo had killed with his own hands, and in Gojo's brain, "for three years.Blue summerThe condition was met by overflowing, and the seal was successful.After the seal, Gokumon was unable to process the information of Gojo Satoru, and the weight increased, making it difficult to move.

Organization / Family

Magic College
Tokyo京都A four-year magic education institution that exists in one school each.It is ostensibly a private religious school.Abbreviations are "Jujutsu College" and "Technical College".
Many magicians have been based here even after graduation, and they are the cornerstone of the magic world, where they not only provide education but also mediate and support missions.In addition, even if you are a student, as long as you go on a missionsalaryWill be paid.
The school building is surrounded by the barrier of Tengen, and an alert sounds when a person with a magical power not registered by the technical college enters inside.
The current upper management is a group of conservatives who follow only conservative policies based on tradition and status, and Gojo aims to innovate.In addition, there are many surgeons (tiger canes, etc.) who were saved by Gojo's flexibility (selfishness) using his "strongest" voice.
Of these, located in the suburbs of TokyoTokyo Metropolitan Magic CollegeMany temples and shrines are built on the premises of (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic, or simply Tokyo School), and the arrangement is changed every day by the barrier technique of Tengen.In addition, there is a storehouse (Kiko) in the school that stores high-risk spells such as the fingers of the inn and the Kusōzu.In addition, Koseigu, which is located in the basement of the school and is located at the base of Tengen, has a special barrier that is different from the barrier that surrounds the technical college, and only invited people can enter it. Can not.
An elite family in the magical world and ownTen kinds of shikigami"Decathlon"The Ryoin family withbloodHave a technique that mediates"Red Blood Manipulation"Kamo family with, and "UnlimitedManipulate"Unlimited magic"Refers to the three families of the Gojo family.
In addition to the techniques of each of these three families, there is also a counter technique and secret "Ochihana no Ji" that is handed down to the three families.On the other hand, those who do not have the technique or magical power are treated coldly in the family regardless of their fighting power.
During the Keicho era, a match was held between the heads of the family, and when the head of the Gojo family (unlimited magic + six eyes) and the head of the family head of the sword (XNUMX kinds of shadow method) were played, The head of the family put out the eight-handed sword, the god of war, and the demon villain.

Expression technique


In this work with the main theme of "curse", the battle between the embodied curse called the curse and the witch doctors is drawn.[5].

Movie writer SYO mentions that enemies and allies use the same negative emotion, "magical power," and states that it does not end with a simple dualism of good and evil.[39].

Story composition

QJWebNosawada points out that the first episode of this work is too complicated in composition than the past "Jump" works.[40]..For example, "ONE-PIECEIn the first episode, Luffy, a boy who longs for pirates, eats the fruit of the devil and becomes a rubber human, but he is made aware of his immaturity and goes out to the sea after growing up. The character is clearly drawn[40]..On the other hand, in the first episode of this work, in addition to the superhuman physical ability of the main character, Yuhito Torakane, and the relationship between the curse and the witch doctor, there are also a lot of elements such as the exchange between the tiger cane and the occult study group. Sawada points out that because it is drawn, even if it is an important element that the first-time reader cannot understand, it may be skipped.[40]..Also, in many "Jump" works, the first episode clarifies the origination and transfer, while in the first episode of this work, it ends when the tiger cane is hijacked by the cursed king, Ryomen Sukune.Cliff hangerMethod is used[40]..In the second episode, the tiger cane hijacked by the sword is sentenced to a secret death penalty, but the death penalty is postponed because it is resistant to taking in the sword, and the magic and curse are depicted throughout the episode. A basic explanation of the world view, such as the relationship between the two, is given, and Sawada points out that this is the content that seems to be the "first episode" in other manga.Furthermore, after the third episode in which the tiger cane is transferred to the magician training institution, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Magic, the story has a sense of speed.[40]..Sawada analyzes that he may have dared to use this method in the first episode so that the reader can feel the fun.[40].

Character modeling

The main character, a high school student, Yuhito Torakane, is observant of his death, which appears in scenes such as taking care of his grandfather.[5]..At the same time, he has a behavioral philosophy that desires "right death" and is fiercely hostile to the ghosts that kill people before they reach the end of their lives.[5]..Movie writer SYO points out in an article on contemporary business that characters who show a perceptive attitude towards death from the beginning of the story are unusual.[41]..On the other hand, the author, Gege Akutami, assumed the type of "I wish I could be in the neighborhood" about the background of the character modeling of the tiger cane, which makes me feel familiar and reliable. In the serialization project, it is clarified in the form of answering the reader's question[42]..At the same time, Akemi also said that he pushed the "heroic character of shounen manga" that he was not good at to the tiger cane, and at first I thought that he would not like him, but I became a little fond of him from the match against the true man I also revealed that[42].

The curse is set to be born from the negative emotions of human beings, and their code of conduct and values ​​for life are very different from human beings.[43]..For this reason, the scene where the ghosts kill ordinary people is intentionally drawn lightly.[43]..At the same time, the spells who despise human death are also insulting the way of life and beliefs of the tiger cane, and a confrontational structure has been created.[43]..For example, Masato, one of the special-grade cyborgs, has the ability to touch the human soul and process it into weapons and modified humans.[43]..On the other hand, Katayama, the editor in charge of Akumi, said in an interview that the scenes of drawing images may not be necessary because the ghosts are depicted as being obedient to their desires.[44]..Katayama also says that Akemi does not portray them as complete evil.[44]..In modeling the character, Akemi is conscious of the advice that he got from the essay preparation for studying for entrance exams in high school, "grab the reader's heart with the first line", and also try to create a character that gives the reader a new perspective. Talking to[45]..On the other hand, he also said that the setting is minimized to prevent the character setting from being over-consolidated and selling off his thoughts.[46]..For example, Nanami, one of the witch doctors, said, "SarahIt is constructed only with the symbol "" and a rough past, motivation and personality, and when the words "Most of the world is neither good nor bad" pop out from his mouth, he was relieved to look like another person. Akumi looks back[46].

Influence from other works

Katayama, the editor in charge of Akemi, said, "I heard from Akemi himself,"BLEACH』If the influence from is largeJUMP j BOOKSRevealed in an interview with[47]..In addition, Katayama speculates that Akemi is watching not only manga but also domestic and foreign movies, novels and TV dramas, and that the style and style of this work may be influenced by various places.[47].. SYO also points out that the speedy battle scene is influenced by other animations and overseas movies.[48]..On the other hand, Junya Enoki, who plays the main character Yuhito Torakane in the TV anime version, said in an interview with SPICE that the story structure was like an overseas drama when reading the original.[49]..Sawada points out that while feeling the influence from the past jump works from this work, rather, the landing point and the way of showing are shifted from the "déjà vu" to create originality.[50]..As an example, Sawada cites the battle between the witch doctor Tag of the Tiger Cane & Nanami Kenjin and the witch doctor Masato in Volume 4, Episode 29.[50]..In the same episode, Masato is slamming a "remodeled human" processed by a technique against a cyborg, and this scene corresponds to the act of hunting down the hero with an innocent human as a shield.[50]..In other "Jump" works, the hero who can not be dealt with by the enemy fulfills his own justice while being hit, while in this work the cyborg is talked to by a remodeled human and hesitates for a moment, but it is killed Instead of the scene, a scene is inserted to tell that the cyborg committed murder after the battle and think about the death of a person.[50].

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Changes in the cumulative circulation of books
March 2019250 million[3]
March 2020450 million[3]
2020/10/2850 million[3]
2020/10/291000 million[51]
2020/12/161500 million[52]
2021/1/132000 million[53]
2021/1/262500 million[54]
2021/2/93000 million[55]
2021/3/43600 million[56]
2021/3/314000 million[57]
2021/4/214500 million[58]
2021/6/45000 million[59]
2021/10/45500 million[60]
2021/12/256000 million[61]
2022/4/46500 million[62]

The first volume of this work will be reprinted shortly after its release in July 1, and it has been reprinted twice by September of the same year when the second volume was released.[3]..Reprints have accelerated in all volumes since October 2020, when the TV anime broadcast started.[63], The comic released in March 2021 exceeds the hit index, the first edition 3 million copies[56], The first edition of 2021 volumes released on June 6, 4 has a circulation of 16 million.[59], The first edition of 2021 volumes released on October 10, 4 has a circulation of 17 million.[60].. With the release of the 2022th volume of comics on April 4, 4, the cumulative circulation of comics including the digital version will exceed 19 million.[62]..In addition, the cumulative circulation of the novel version has exceeded 2021 as of February 2.[64].

No. 2019 in "Recommended comics 1 selected by nationwide bookstore staff", "TSUTAYA Comic Award 2019 chosen by everyone』Won each grand prize[65]Has awards such as.


From October 2020, 10 to March 3, 2021Every day broadcasting-TBS series"Super anime ismWas broadcast in the frame[31][66].

In addition, the theater animation "Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Tokyo Metropolitan College of Witchcraft" based on "Jujutsu Kaisen XNUMX"Theatrical version magic round 0Is on October 2021, 12TohoBy distribution ofIMAXPublished with the edition[67][68][69].

Experience-based game

Jujutsu Kaisen x Mystery Solving Game Survive from the mysterious labyrinth!
Play factoryBy sponsorshipShibuya MaruiA tour-type tour around the "Playground of the Play Factory" opened in the event space on the 6th floorExperience-based puzzle-solving gameHeld from January 2021th to February 1th, 28[70]..The setting is that Yuhito Torakane, Megumi Fushiguro, and Rose Nagisaki are given the task of defeating the ghost master who nests in a certain building. Aiming to survive from the labyrinth where the curse spreads by the technique of "", solve the mystery.
Jujutsu Kaisen Mystery File
Take-out type from the play factoryExperience-based puzzle-solving gameReleased in February 2021 as goods[71].
  • Yuhito Torakan ver "Actual Battle Curse-Cheat Sheet-" (Production: Hard Nuts)
  • Megumi Fushiguro ver "Letter left by a curse master" (Produced by Yodaka's record)
  • Nailzaki wild rose ver "Nails N'Roses" (produced by ideaL)
  • Gojo Satoru ver "Hidden Curse Harae" (Produced by: K-dush2)
  • Dog Maki Thorn ver "Divided Barrier-Katsuobushi Fragrance Bringing Out Okakazushi-" (Produced by Samurai)
Jujutsu Kaisen Escape from the closed school
SCRAPSponsored byOnlineAtReal escape gameIn collaboration with, kit mail order typeExperience-based puzzle-solving gameParticipation kit will be released from February 2021, 2[72], It was playable from February 2th to August 26st of the same year.A player who has a technique that can be activated remotely but cannot leave the house as a compensation, so a player who is set as a witch doctor who is enrolled only by name at the technical college is nominated by Gojo, and a spell that is occurring at a certain closed school Solve the mystery and uncover the truth in order to solve the case by pursuing the witch doctor while contacting the first grader of the technical college who went to solve the disappearance case due to[72]..The cast of the characters on the original side appearing in the game is the same as the TV anime version[72].


Scheduled to be performed in Tokyo and Osaka in July and August 2022[73].

Performance list

Stage "Jujutsu Kaisen"
April 2022-May 7, 15:Tokyo-Tennozu Galaxy Theater
April 2022-May 8, 4:Osaka-Mielparque Hall Osaka


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