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🎥 | Thinking from the prescription "I Still Believe 108 days" when you lost your loved one The movie "I Still Believe" released from December 12st

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Thinking from the prescription "I Still Believe 108 days" when I lost my loved one The movie "I Still Believe" released from December 12st

If you write the contents roughly
It can be said that the prescription of death-related sadness is hidden in the appearance of Jeremy (KJ Apa) who sees off his loved one and Melissa (Brit Robertson) who dies leaving his loved one behind.

[We will approach the charm of a love story that will tighten your chest.See more images ■ "108 days with you ... → Continue reading


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prescription(Shohosen,British-Buddha: prescription, alone: Recepies) IsClinic,hospitalSuch asMedical institutionHave a medical examination atDoctor,Dentist,Veterinarian MedicineTo prescribe the drug, the type of drug, its dose, administration method, etc. were described.pharmacist DispensingUsed fordocumentsIs. In general,Prescription medicinesCannot be obtained without this prescription.

The character of "paper" was introduced in 2010Common kanjiBecame. Therefore, it is written as prescription in the law before revision.


It can be dangerous to take a combination of multiple medicines, such as "medicines are a risk".Doctors take care not to make dangerous combinations, but of course the contents prescribed at other hospitals cannot be examined, so patients may take them in dangerous combinations at their own discretion.Prescription to prevent thispharmacySubmit to.Prescriptions that have been accepted in the past remain at pharmacies, so by checking this, prescriptions that are dangerous combinations are prevented.

In addition to those given to inpatients at the time of accounting after visiting a hospital or clinic, some are given to inpatients by doctors inside hospitals and clinics with beds (in that case, to pharmacists in in-hospital pharmacies). generalInternal medicine,External medicineother than,Injection drug,Intravenous drugEtc., doctorsnurseIncludes drugs that require administration by).This item mainly describes the prescription given at the time of accounting for the former outpatient visit.

JapanThen, when I visited a medical institution, I rarely issued a prescription unless there were special circumstances such as moving to a remote place or traveling, but originallyDoctor lawArticle 22 stipulates the obligation to deliver prescriptions,1990 eraSo-calledDivision of laborIn principle, patients are given a prescription and a dispensing pharmacy (Insurance pharmacy), And many medical institutions have changed to the method of purchasing medicines.However, there are some medical institutions that deliver medicines directly (in-hospital prescription) as before.

In the current system, the prescription is only received at the hospital or clinic and submitted to the pharmacy, but if you can understand the contents, it will be easier for you to notice the carelessness of the doctor, and when you see another doctor, you should accurately state the medication status. It is convenient because you will be able to do something.Medicine notebookIs also useful for investigating medication history.

As a special case, in the event of a large-scale disaster (eg:Great East Japan Earthquake) Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (currently:Drug machine method) Prescription drugs required for patients when it falls under the "just cause" in the provisions of Article 49, Paragraph 1 and it is difficult to see a doctor, etc., or when it is difficult to issue a prescription from a doctor, etc. May be possible to sell or award[1].

Prescription and pharmacist responsibility

There is a misunderstanding that a prescription is a "dispensing instruction" from a doctor to a pharmacist. However, pharmacists are not legally under the supervision of their prescribing physicians and operate independently. A prescription is "a doctor requires a pharmacist with a certain qualification license to dispense according to the instructions", while a pharmacist says "when there is a suspicion in a prescription, it must be confirmed after confirming it." It is stipulated in Article 24 of the Pharmacist Law, and it is allowed by Article 21 of the Pharmacist Law to refuse dispensing if there is a legitimate reason such as a problematic prescription. In other words, the pharmacist is responsible for "dispensing" as an independent function, and even if it dispenses according to the doctor's prescription, it will be the pharmacist's responsibility if the prescription is incomplete. Sometimes[2].

"Note" notation

The prescription "paper" was used in 2005.Common kanjiSince it was not included in, the "prescription" notation is often used mainly in laws and regulations.However, in June 2010 after thatCultural Council"Revised Kanji Table for Regular Stations"[3]Then, "paper" has been added to the common kanji.


All prescriptions

Doctor lawTherefore, it is stipulated that the prescription should be delivered with the following items filled in.

  • Patient's name and age-This is an important factor in prescription audits, as the appropriate dose varies with age, such as in children and the elderly.You can also change your date of birth.
  • Drug name
  • Weight
  • Usage/Dose
  • Date of issue
  • Period of use
  • Name and address of hospital or clinic or address of doctor
  • Imprint or signature

Insurance prescription

  • Sex
  • Insurance medical institution code ――It is said that the aim is to make it easier for insurers to match medical receipts between hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, and to utilize them for medical treatment and dispensing fee screening.

Drug prescription

When prescribing narcotics, the following must also be stated (Narcotics and Psychotropic Drugs Control Act).

  • Patient's address
  • License number of drug applyer

Dispensed prescription

When the medicine has been dispensed, describe the following items (Pharmacist method).

  • Dispensed amount or amount
  • Dispensing date
  • Name and location of the dispensing pharmacy
  • If you inquired about doubts, changes and answers

Electronic prescription

January 2013Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAnnounced that there is a plan to amend the law from 2015 to 2016 to promote the digitization of prescriptions that eliminate the need for paper documents.[4].. Has the purpose of reducing excessive medical treatment and prescription[4].


The paper size isJapanese Industrial Standard (JIS) standard A column No. 5 (so-called)A5It is decided with the paper size and the description style,A4Size One-sided printing can be handled in the same way by describing only the part corresponding to the back side of A5 printing on the right side, so that when prescription paper is put into the automatic reception machine of each dispensing pharmacy, it can be folded into A5 size and put in It is possible to deal with it.

expiration date

If you do not fill in the expiration date of the insurance prescription,4 days in principle including the issue date(Sundays and holidays are also counted). After this period, the prescription will lose its effect, and it will not be possible to dispense any more, so it must be reissued at a medical institution. In principle, extension by inquiry inquiry is not allowed. This is because the patient's condition changes after 4 days, and it may be necessary to reconsider whether or not medication is really needed.

Of course, there are cases where the drug is out of stock.In addition, if there is almost no demand and there is no stock, it will be handled by order.In that case, you will receive it at a later date, but if you submit the prescription within the expiration date, you can receive it even after the expiration date.

If you cannot go to the pharmacy on a long trip, you may be asked to issue a prescription with an extended expiration date (the date is stated in the expiration date column).It is advisable to consult a doctor at the time of examination.

Prescription days limit

In the case of insurance prescriptions, in principledrug,Psychotropic drugsAnd new drugs have a prescription day limit of 14, 30, or 90 days.

Storage obligation

According to Article 28 of the Pharmacists Act, prescriptions are obliged to be stored for 3 years after dispensing is completed.

Prescription content

Written notation

The detailed writing style differs depending on the medical institution and doctor.

Example: Arosen (0.5) 2P 2 x 14TD after breakfast and dinner
How to read: 0.5 packs of 2g Arosen divided into 2 parts for 14 days in the morning and evening

The meaning of this sentence is that one packet of 1g powder called Arosen is taken in two packets (0.5P) a day and twice (1x) in the morning and evening for 2 days.

Other commonly used symbols are T for tablets or tablets and C for capsules.Also, instead of x, the description may be "minute".When asked about your medication history, it is basically helpful to answer with the total daily dose.In the above example, Arosen should be answered as 1g per day.However, there is no unified way of writing prescriptions, and it is difficult to deal with them without knowing various notations.

Here are some other, previously common notations.

  • M: GermanMorning Morgen
  • N: German after lunch Nachmittag
  • A: German evening Abend
  • ndE: German after every meal nach dem Essen
  • vds: German bedtime vor dem Schlafen
  • bid: twice daily Latin bis in die
  • tid: XNUMX times daily Latin Latin ter in die
  • qid: XNUMX times daily Latin Latin quarte in die
  • do.:: English Abbreviation for ditto (= the same).Latin dicere (say) → Italian dire (say)Past participle It is believed to have changed from detto to English.


Inquiry (Inquiries) is a task of confirming the prescription that the pharmacist has a problem or needs to confirm with the doctor who issued the prescription.Pharmacist methodArticle 24 stipulates that if there is any doubt in the prescription, it should not be dispensed until it can be inquired.

In addition, in the case of prescriptions in medical insurance, it is stipulated that the prescribing insurer must respond appropriately to this question inquiry.

Prescription issuance fee

At medical institutions, 68 points will be added as a medication fee (prescription issuance fee) (usually, it is converted at 1 yen per point except for cases such as emergency medical care, so 10% burden is equivalent to 10 yen).

Counterfeit prescription

recent years[When?]A prescription forgery case has occurred.Most of them are for the purpose of fraudulent psychotropic drugs, and in such cases they are forged or altered using color copies, etc.[5]..In addition to this, there are cases in which the patient himself makes corrections without the intention of altering due to lack of medicine.Health centerEtc. are calling attention.

All of them may be punished for forgery / exercise of privately signed documents, fraud, violation of the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law.


PharmacyIn education, how to read a prescription is taught as a part of the education conducted before the training.On the other handMedical scienceEducation does not teach you how to write a prescription.For this reason, it is often the case that pharmacists (especially hospital pharmacists), including newly appointed pharmacists, are burdened with the task of inquiring questions about inexperienced residents and late-stage residents who are still young as doctors.

recently[When?]With the widespread use of prescription ordering systems, the problem is that the number of very simple prescription questions (for example, powder units are often wrong with mg and g) is increasing.

In the description of usage and dosage, the description of daily dose and single dose has not been unified yet.At present, the daily dose description is more efficient and quicker in terms of work, so it has gained support at many sites.

Pharmacy pharmacistDrug storeUnlike pharmacists and hospital pharmacists, the current situation is that cooperation and communication with medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics are not successful, and the chances of question inquiry are increasing.

Symbol meaning prescription

The prescription symbol "℞" is16st centuryMeans the instruction to "receive" in the documentLate Latin "RecipeAppears as an abbreviation for[6][Annotation 1]..The medieval prescription was due to the fact that doctors instructed pharmacists to "receive" certain ingredients and formulate them in a particular way.[8].. This word isRecipesIt is also the etymology of.

Initially, it was abbreviated as "Rc", but now it is written as "℞" by adding a diagonal line to the lower right leg of "R" to mean abbreviation.[6].. Sometimes written as "Rx", but this is incorrect from the origin.About the origin of this symbolEye of horusRelationship with[9][10],ancientZeus,UpitelSome point out the similarity with the symbol "♃" which means[11], There is no objective evidence in these theories.

Code position

symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Meaning of "receive" and "take" recipere Second person singular imperative[7].


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