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🧑‍🎨 | I like retro designs too much!3 UNIQLO GU "warm tops"

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I like retro designs too much!3 UNIQLO GU "warm tops"

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Off-white, beige, and navy are also available, but we definitely recommend yellow!

1. I fell in love with the retro design ♡ UNIQLO's "Boa Fleece Pullover (Long Sleeve)" Price is 2990 yen ... → Continue reading

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off white

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

off white(English off-white) isColor nameIs one of.

Off-white has the meaning of "close to white but not white"[4], Like many other white colors, "pure white" (Pure white)Unlike[5], Just a little on pure whiteGray,黄色Refers to a mixed color.However, there is no clear definition of the color off-white,ClothingIn the industrybrand,DesignerThere are differences in the perception of the color that this word refers to.However, in modern times, it often refers to a color that is a mixture of pure white and light yellow.EcruIs often used in the same meaning as[6]..It also means exposing the ecru (approaching white).[7].

Fashion-ClothesIn a relationship,Wedding dressOften used as a color name to represent the color ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs generally pure white (Pure white),off white,ivoryIt is divided into 3 colors[8], Off-white is treated as a color closer to pure white than ivory[9]..Also, the off-white dress, which is slightly yellowish than pure white,Yellow raceIt is said that it suits the Japanese people best[10].


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