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📺 | Ayana Kato praises "Drift LOL Story" "Tears came out in 5 minutes from the start" Ayana Kato is a special drama ...

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Ayana Kato praises "Drift LOL Story" "Tears came out in 5 minutes from the start" Ayana Kato is a special drama ...

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Next, we released a group shot of Ryo Katsuji, Gaku Matsumoto, Masaki Kaji and Cha Kato, Boo Takagi, and Koji Nakamoto who appeared in the drama.

[At the same time, Ayana-san, who spelled out her feelings for the drama, has a lot of sympathy. ■ Tears on this day 5 minutes after the start ... → Continue reading


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Kato tea

Kato Cha(Cha,1943/May 3 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,chairperson, (drummer),An actor.

The DriftersAppeared on many TV and movies as a member of.1960 eraFrom the second half70 eraIt became popular among children in the first half.After the Drifter's activity was reduced, Katoken andKobucha BandBut he was successful.

His real name is Hideyuki Kato.[1][2].. Height 163 cm.

Nicknames include "Kato-chan", "Hidebo", and "Charbo".My father is guitarist Heihachiro.


Until joining the Drifters

1943 years,Tokyo[3]Tokyo citySetagaya(Current:TokyoBorn in Setagaya Ward)[4].. Only for one month in her 5-year-old summer, her mother, Sumako (1-1916)'s parents' home.EhimeNiihamaLive in.Guitarist's father, Heihachiro (1915-1955)cancerBecause I suffered from, my father's hometown with my mother and sisterFukushimaFukushimaI moved to Fukushima and grew up in Fukushima.

In boyhoodBreaststrokeI am good at swimming competitions at all schools when I was a junior high school student.FreestyleThen all the other playerscrawlAmong them, there is an episode that Kato was the only one in the breaststroke even though he was breaststroke.[5]..After that, because he was interested in wireless, he entered Fukushima Technical High School, Denki Gakuen.

When I went to Tokyo to meet my aunt on New Year's Day 1960, I decided to drop out of high school during my stay.TromboneAiming to be a playerStardusters OfBand boyTo get to.However, when the trombone was found to be expensive and not easily available, he scraped the drumstick that he was asked to throw away and played it, and drummer Chico Kikuchi taught him the drums for eight hours a day.Six months later, he joined as a drummer in Kikuchi's older brother's band in Yokohama.[6]..I quit Stardusters one day for 100 yenmanagerKato was angry at this attitude when he was thrown 100 yen by the manager, and he got into a fight with the manager and got fired.After that, he joined Crazy West as a drummer in 1961, and Koji Nakamoto (later).Nakamoto construction) Meet[7].

1962, Chosuke Ikariya (laterIkariya Chosuke), Joined the members of "Teruo Sakurai and The Drifters"[8].

After joining The Drifters

In 1964, Drifter's first regular program "Hoi Hoi Music School”Kato-chanpeReceived the gag and became a popular person.Of the broadcast writerTakashi TamuraAccording to the director, when everyone thought that the punch line of the 90-second music gag was not good for the recording of "Hoi Hoi".Soya ShiraiIs "Ono Chin (Yasushi Ono(It was a nickname of), let's put a beard on it and make it a punch line that will fall down with a beard. " It was an absolute existence), and it was a gag born from Kato who sensed that the calm air around him had stopped and played the role himself, saying, "I will do it."[9]..And attachbeardKato himself said that the glue that was often pressed with two fingers was accepted as a gag because the glue was easy to peel off.

In 1964, the Drifters split (see details)The item),Yasushi OnoThey left Drifters and said, "Donkey quartetWas formed, but Drifter remained with Ikariya.Immediately after the start of the new Drifter activity, I belonged to that timeWatanabe ProductionSeniorHana Hajime"If you're trying to eat food in a performing arts, it's better to use a stage name related to water.Kato-chan"Because it is called, make it Kato tea." And became Kato tea.

From 19698 o'clock! Everyone gathered], He made a hit with various arts and became a charismatic presence among elementary school students in the early 1970s.

In the early conte and movies that deformed the epitome of society and relationships, it was the center of laughter (the role that always loses, the role of being bullied, the clown), and had the most stories and gag among the Drifters members.Especially, "All-Member Assembly"taboo"Dancing to the song"Just a little yoA big break.At the same time, "1, 2, 3, 4, I did it, Kato-chan!

Around this time, Kato was an attendant and a resident.Ken ShimuraAs a driver, Shinji Suwa (laterSuwa) Was held.According to himself, in March 1974Arai NoteAt the time of withdrawal[10], Ikariya as a new memberToyooka YutakaShinji Suwa was also listed as a candidate in the entertainment magazine, but Kato said, "(I've been a drifter for many years, I knew how to make a tale well, and I already had experience in entertainment activities). It's better, "he insisted, and Shimura, who was still unknown at the time, was decided to be a new member because of this.[11][12].

After Shimura suddenly became a popular person, he changed his position from being in charge of gag to being in charge of laughter in combination with Shimura.Especially in Dorifu Daibakyo, he was showing off a conte that was in harmony with Shimura.This is the program "All-Member Assembly" after the program "Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV''KATO & KEN TV BustersKato and ShimuraKato-chan Ken-chanCame to be called.On the other hand, I rarely show off the gag of yesteryear.

In the new Drifters, Ikariya says that he did not let him perform solo activities until the end of "All-Member Assembly", but Kato said.Crazy cats OfPlanting treesWas co-starring in the movie[13].

According to Ikariya's book "Dame Dakorya," Kato once tried to quit Drifters.Yasushi Ono, an old friend of mine, invited Kato to leave Drifters and form a donkey quartet, but Ikariya and former leader and owner Teruo Sakurai persuaded him to remain.At that time, he was not affiliated with production, and former leader Teruo Sakurai was involved as the owner, and it is said that it was Sakurai who persuaded the above-mentioned "What are you doing?" (Ikariya directly contacted Kato. I haven't persuaded him, and Sakurai usually just asked, "What are you going to do?").In addition, the Donkey Quartet side also advised Kato that "it is better to stay in the Drifters".On the other hand, even though Ono and Giant Yoshida have not officially left the Drifters, I felt uncomfortable about having a job as a "Donkey Quartet" who has not started activities yet. It is said to be one of the motives for deciding to remain.

These days,Clay shootingKato is the most skillful and has many records of victory in official tournaments.According to him, "I was asked by the association to be a candidate for the Olympic team, but I wasn't allowed to go to the office because Drifters was the busiest time."The clay pigeon shooting license has been revoked due to repeated traffic violations.[14]. AlsoBoat racingI'm also a fan of[15], Has also appeared in the boat race promotion association campaign booklet.He may also be the presenter of a large race of boat races.

After the end of "All-Member Assembly"

After the end of "Katoken", while appearing on a variety show alone, he also worked as an actor and starred in the drama "Katoken".Let me call you daddy!In the movie "I will lend you the apartment keyInJack LemmonA single middle-aged man who is reminiscent ofNHK general TVBroadcast on "Musashibo Benkei』, Played a very serious role that overturned the image so far.In addition, he led "Kato-chan BAND" and "Kobucha Band", and not only laughed at him, but also activated his activities as a musician, which is his original art. ""Stray criminal pure faction]Forensic officerPlayed.

Married a woman 1987 years younger in November 11.The reception was recorded and broadcast on November 18st in "Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV", and was broadcast at the entertainer's wedding reception.Hiromi Go,Shinichi Mori,Toru WatanabeRecorded a high audience rating of 4%, which is the 36.3th place in history after[16]..He divorced his wife in March 2003, but he said he didn't announce the divorce until after Ikariya's death because he was careful not to worry about Ikariya during illness treatment.He has three children with his ex-wife.

In 2004, with the death of Ikariya, he became the oldest member of Drifters.At the time of Ikariya's funeral, he was the oldest member, so he was the oldest.Takagi Booon behalfCondolenceRead[17]..In this, Kato said, "We're going to do Drifters with four of us. It's a property left by the chief. (Omitted) But even if you suddenly say" all gathered "from there, We can't go right away ... "

On October 2006, 10, he was urgently hospitalized due to a low-grade fever and poor physical condition that continued for more than a month.The Kobucha Band performance in December of the same year was also canceled.The name of the disease is "Stanford type A"Aortic dissection"Then, he announced at a press conference on December 2006, 12, and said that he had survived and is undergoing rehabilitation. At the actual press conference," Stanford Misunderstood as "type A aortic dissection"[18]..It was a former wife who had a middle-aged divorce who took care of him at this time.Examinations during this surgery revealed that the blood type that had been thought to be type AB for many years was actually type A.It was said that it would be difficult to return to work, but in just four months, "Oniyome Nikki It's a good hot water』Returned in the form of appearing. In 2008, "24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"I had been appointed as a charity marathon runner, but I declined due to the influence of "Stanford type A aortic dissection".

November 2011, 3, Fuji TV "Caspe!In the frame, a special program "Dorifu Daibakyou !! 50th Anniversary of Kato Tea Entertainment Life" was broadcast to commemorate Kato's 50th anniversary of entertainment life.

Fumiyo, the eldest daughter who made her debut five years ago in 2011[19]It was reported that he remarried at the age of 20 with a 23-year-old woman who was about the same age as (68 years old) (the same age as his eldest son).Enrollment is June 6, age difference of 23 years old ("Sports report』August 2011, 8).At that time, his wife's father was 1 years old and his mother was 37 years old ("Women seven』August 2011, 8 issue).At the time of enrollment, the new wife did not appear in front of the media, but on March 18, 2012,SaitamaKoshigayaHeld at the wedding hall "Belle Vie Gaza Hall The Scene"weddingとreceptionSo I showed up for the first time[20]..Since then, the number of couples appearing on TV has increased, and in December 2012, under the name of Ayana Kato, she launched a mail-order site for accessories produced by herself, "PE".[21].

At the beginning of the marriage, my wife continued to be exposed to frosty hecklers such as "fortune aim" and was bashed by weekly magazines etc.Direct hit! Shinsou SakagamiIn "SP", the dedication to support Kato's rehabilitation to fight Parkinson's syndrome was conveyed.[22].

2020/May 4, Shimura on the 29th of the previous month2019 New CoronavirusFollowing the sudden death of pneumonia associated with the infection, it was reported that he appeared in a special program in memory of Fuji TV with the remaining Drifter members and made a condolence in the program.[23]..The content was reminiscent of a condolence to the funeral who passed away earlier.In his condolences, Kato said, "The chief of heaven wouldn't have thought that you would come first. I think I was surprised. I thought that Boo Takagi was next to him." He touched on his premature death and said, "If five people" all gather "there, let's make that customer" laugh ". It's a promise." Concluded with[24].

Chataro Kato

From around 1969, he often dressed as a drunken man wearing a bald wig, a round beard, and a suteteko kimono, and later became the representative character "Cha Taro Kato" dressed as Cha Kato.In the first place, this bald wig, round glasses, and little beard are based on the characters played by Hitoshi Ueki of Crazy Cats (originally).Omiya DensukeIn fact, he also performed in the same costume as Hitoshi Ueki on the stage.In addition, Kato says that this bald wig was specially made, and even if it was hit hard by Shimura on the stage, it also played the role of a helmet. Although the "Pe" gag was born, I started drawing with make-up from the middle. Since the XNUMX's, Kato's character has been established with this character, and "Ken Shimura's fool] And when appearing in TV commercials, this character often appears.laterTalent shop(Once upon a timeHarajuku-Takeshita StreetMany of the character goods sold on their homepages and (I used to have my own shop) have the motif of wearing them.

Own gag

  • "I was fooled by Ikariya."
  • "Ikariya's anger is an explosion! I'm sorry for Shimura! Let's get inside Nakamoto! Arai is rough!"
  • "It hurts, hurts, fly away"
  • "1, 2, 3, 4, I did it, Kato-chan! Turn around and shit!"
  • "I thought about it now. Don't do it."
  • "Eh, eh, hey!"
  • "Oh, rare and rare"
  • "Do we XX? (Or is this right? Is it wrong?)" "I don't know." "Picka Picka's 1st grade, Bish! "(Pair with Ken Shimura)
    • The TV commercial of the learning magazine "Shogakukan" (Shogakukan), which was being broadcast at that time, was the original story (there was a year when the child actor actually played the above exchanges).
  • "Mother (or mother), attach one" (Remarks to the mother who is dressed as Ikari or in the mother's conte of all the members)
  • "I'm Kato-chan!"
    • The stage name from this gagHana HajimeIt was named "Kato Cha" by.
  • "Kato-chan Pep!"
    • It is the only gag that has been used since the old Drifters.
  • "Come, come, come, come, come, come, comeDaily part-time news! "" Came, Came, Came, Came, Came, CameNorthern lake-"
  • "5 seconds ago! (5), 4, 3, 2, 1!" "Den (man, nin)" (pair with Ikariya Chosuke with a strange face)
    • Ken Shimura,Nakamoto constructionA gag created from suffering during the so-called "three-person drift" period when he was absent from the horse racing flea act problem.
  • "Weekly ShinchoWill be on sale tomorrow. "
    • Immediately after the melody of the nursery rhyme "Akatombo" was played, it was said (a parody of the TV commercial of the same magazine that was being broadcast at that time).
  • (Following "What about pencils in English?" "Pencils" "What about cigarettes in English?") "Tobacco, sill"
  • "Just a little, I don't like you either."
    • Latin standard number "tabooWith the accompanimentstripTo imitate.The popularity of this gag also made "taboo" a hit.This line is said to be the same as the line of the stripper who was in the strip theater in Hiroshima.[25][26].
  • "Thank you very much (excuse me)"
    • Dressed as a policeman, "Woman] Singing and greetings when appearing on a bicycle.
  • "Mr. Nakamoto (Kato), I was XX" "No, I'm here" (pair with Nakamoto Koji)
    • Initially after thatArai NoteHowever, there was a pattern in which I was struck by Ikariya trying to say, "I was also XX. No, I came."
  • "Stupid"
  • "Hikishi! (sneeze)
    • One of Kato's representative gag.
    • After sneezing, it is promised that you will be hit directly by the gold basin that falls from above.
  • "Buei (imitation of vomiting)"
  • "Polypolypoly! Mach! Itching!"
  • "Well this"
  • Kato-chan
  • kabukiactor
  • milkDrink fast
  • Mustache dance


Here, only the works that appeared in solo activities are described.About the appearance work as The DriftersThe DriftersSee.

TV program

TV drama

Radio program




The work on the subject



News (Chinese)

  • Asahi ShimbunEvening Interview "The Gift of Life" (December 2008, 12-December 1, 12)
  • Seikyo Shimbun Interview "World Seikyo" (January 2020, 1)



PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarksOriconHighest rank
Toshiba EMI / Toshiba Records
The DriftersName1976/May 9Kato Cha'sMy first death / Ken Shimura's all-Member Assembly Higashimurayama OndoTP-10084Kato Cha's first servant deathThe original is a child actorKoji Miyamoto(Elephant Kashimashi) Is singing.8 bit
Ken Shimura's all-Member Assembly Higashimurayama OndoThe original song is "Higashimurayama Ondo. "
Fun house
1st1995/May 5Zundoko LegendFHDF-1472Zundoko LegendSenior'sPlanting trees red and whiteRecorded a smash hit with Kato's solo Drifters hit song medley, which was produced and released following the hit song medley "Sudara Densetsu" that sang in and recorded the highest audience rating at the moment.The album of the same name was recorded in "ADULT VERSION" with the ending line for adults, and it came out after that.The DriftersIt was also recorded in this version on the best album "Drift! All-Member Assembly Aoban".However, the recorded version may differ depending on the album, such as being recorded as a single version in "The Drifters Best Collection".65 bit
Zundoko Legend (Original Karaoke)
Zundoko Legend (RADIO EDIT)
The DriftersSingle ""WrapA song arranged in a key. ""Drif LOLIt was also shown in the song corner.
44 bit
RAP MIYO-CHAN (original karaoke)
3rd1995/May 12Kato-chan's ScatmanFHDF-1525Katchan's Scatman (CHA-MAN'S BASIC MIX)Scatman John"ScatmanThe cover of62 bit
Katchan's Scatman (CHA-MAN'S REGGAE MIX)
4th1998/May 7Happy lifeTODT-5173Happy lifeMEN'S 5+ Cha KatoName-
Teichiku Entertainment
5th2011/May 10Wasshoi! Kato-chan Medley !!TECA-12311Wasshoi! Kato-chan Medley !!-
Katocha Chachacha The Analects School


Mini album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
Fun house
1st1995/May 6Zundoko LegendFHCF-2230
2nd1996/May 2Kato-chan's mini albumFHCF-2275"Kato-chan's Scatman" and "RAP MIYO-CHAN"RemixIs recorded.

Participating works

Release datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
Victor Entertainment / flying Dog
2012/May 5The flowers bloomVTZL-43 (First Press Limited Edition)

VTCL-35132 (normal version)

NHKGreat East Japan EarthquakeReconstruction support song
Flower bloom projectParticipated in singing as a member of.

Evaluation as a talent

  • In his book "Dameda Korya," Ikariya said, "I wasn't the type to actively put out stories, but it was good to invite laughter. My talent as a musician, especially the sense of rhythm, is alive even with laughter." ..
  • He was highly evaluated as a drummer, and he showed a part of his ability in "All-Member Assembly" when he was highly recognized as a comedian (Hideki SaijoThe drum battle with is often featured in the retrospective project of "All-Member Assembly"), the 1974 movie "Where is The Drifters' paradise !!], Kato's long drum solo is also shown.From the extension of that experienceEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfOrchestraIn the control usingMarimba,Timpani,Japanese music,Bon danceIn the Tale with the theme ofJapanese drumetc,PercussionThe performance of is often shown.Besides, TV programs[which one?]And a big leaguerRandy JohnsonWe are showing off a drum battle with.
  • "Gokochi Kato-chan", which has become a character model for each prefecture and tourist destination, is on sale. The first issue of "Local Kato-chan" was published in 1.ShizuokaIt is "Cha-Kiri Kato-chan" released for a limited time.

Actors played


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Related item

外部 リンク

Ryo Katsuchi

Ryo Katsuji(Katsuji Ryo,1986/May 8[1] -) isJapan OfMaleAn actor,Voice actor.TokyoBackground[1].Foster plusBelongs.Horikoshi High Schoolgraduate[7]..Ex-wife is exAKB48でactress OfMaeda Atsuko[3][4][5][6].


Audition for Johnny's office at 6 o'clock[8].

I was filming a drama at a flower shop run by my mother and was observing it.Seto AsakaI was scouted by the manager in charge of and decided to belong to the current office[7]..His father is a real estate agent who owns multiple properties in Tokyo, and is located in a five-story office building that also owns his mother's flower shop.[9].

2000/Debuted in the drama "Chiaki, Laugh Again".

In 2000, the drama "Eternal baby"soAtsuro WatanabeEnthusiastic performance of the boyhood of Shoichiro Nagase (Moul) who plays.

2005/The movie "Aegis of the Extinct Country"so29th Japan Academy AwardReceived the rookie award. In this movie, Katsuji is to play Kisaragi, a young man who holds the key to the story.SDFI challenged a harsh location such as experience enlistment and entering the sea in the middle of winter[10].

2013/ OfAma-chanThen, in the 8th broadcast on August 27, he appeared in the role of TOSHIYA, also known as "bangs Kune Otoko", and despite appearing only once, left a strong impact.[11].

2014/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kankuro MiyatoProduceso"Ryo the graduaterHe made his debut as a singer under the name. This is Miyato's personality, "Kankuro Miyato's All Night Nippon GOLD』(Nippon Broadcasting System)'s popular corner" Kankuro Miyato's songwriting course "was born from the graduation song" Dragonage Teenage Blues ", and the composition wasShinshin Brothers OfYO-KINGIs in charge of[12].

2015/On June 7,KatsujiroHe made his CD debut under the name. Produced by Kankuro Miyato[13].

2018/Since co-starring in "The Gutsy Frog" on July 7, he has been dating since the spring of the same year.Maeda AtsukoMarry[3].. In March 2019, he announced on his Instagram that his first son was born.[14].

2021/On January 1, it was reported that divorce talks were underway with Maeda, and Katsuji's agency admitted that "it is true that both sides have lawyers."[15]..Announced that he was divorced on his official website on April 4, the same year.[16][4][5][6][17]..Maeda has custody of the child.


TV drama

Web drama




Music video


Television Animation

Theater animation




Katsujiro Name

  • The bath is lukewarm Katsujiro (July 2015, 7,Kiune music)

Distribution limited single

Ryo the graduater Name

  • Dragon-like teenage blues (delivered on March 2014, 3) * Recorded in the coupling of "Bath is lukewarm Katsujiro"[13].



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