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🎥 | Jiro Sato, Santa's identity is revealed to his son !?


Jiro Sato, his son finds out about Santa's identity !?

If you write the contents roughly
"My mom was sticky, but my wife ..." (Wife) Santa may be there, and on top of that, there is a possibility that he will outsource the work to his father and mother ... Isn't there a probability?

A preview of the completion of the movie "Search" was held, and the main cast including Jiro Sato, who starred in the movie, took the stage.the wanted… → Continue reading


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ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ

ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ(English: outsourcing) Oroutsourcing(Gaibutaku) is something that was previously done inside the organization or is newly needed.Business processAbout, it is an independent, highly specialized external organization such as another company (subsidiary,Cooperating company,Business contract-Temporary staffingOutsource to a company, etc.)Labor serviceBuy asAgreementIs[1].. The antonym is "insourcing ()".

Outsourcing includes both domestic and international[2], The latter isOffshoringIt is said that "a company selects a certain business function and moves it abroad".[3].

SimilarBusiness contract(Gyomu Keioi),Outsourcing(Gaichi),Made outside(Gaisei)There is. In addition, it should be notedNational Institute for Japanese Languageof""Foreign language" paraphrase proposalIn ""outsourcingInsist on paraphrasing.


The word consists of "out" which means the outside and "sourcing" which means the use of resources.JapanglishIs[Source required], The literal meaning is "use of external resources" or "effective use of external resources".Originally, it has a stronger meaning of "utilizing external resources and services" than simply "getting out of work".

SubcontractingThe most common form of contract is that the contract is made between the consignor and the consignor, and the agreed amount is paid for the service consideration.

Usually, in a narrow sense, it means outsourcing a part of the company's business process. In a broad sense, it refers to procuring resources and services that the company needs for business from outside.

The side that outsources outsourcing concentrates on the core business of the company, and other business (such as those that are more efficient or specialized by external utilization)Outsourced(ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ)It is effective to do.Business efficiency can be improved by freeing people from specialized human resource development in various fields.In addition, since the company does not have dedicated assets such as equipment or an investment department and is not provided as a service, it also has an impact on financial management.

情报In industry,IT outsourcingAlso calledhardware,software,networkResource provision services such as products, theirMaintenanceServices, operation management services, and evenApplicationThere are construction services etc., and also combine theseMultisourcingSometimes called (multi = multi-direction). In the IT industry, outsourcing is easy, but there are various problems.[4]


Relationship with camouflage contract

Some contractors who advocate outsourcing do not appreciate the expertise of the outsourcer.Worker dispatch businessThere are also companies that take the same business format as. Illegal labor supply to manufacturing sites, especially to many business contractors (so-called “”LendingThere is a tendency of "), labor disputes are occurring frequently, and the country is strengthening surveillance.GoodwillAnd so on, such a problem has occurred.

In the system development industryCamouflage contractHas been very popular since ancient times. The person who was dispatched to the office by a camouflage contract was once called "OutsourcingI was calling.However, in a little respect, "Cooperating companyIt is a practice in the industry to call it.

Clarification of responsibility

In the event of shipment of defective products or delay in delivery, the ordering party or department or company and the worker or department or company that received the order will argue for responsibility. In this case, there is concern about abuse of the dominant bargaining position by the ordering party.

Ordering problems

Outsourcing has no control over the quality of service on the part of the ordering party. If the ordering party does not select the appropriate consignor, the following problems may occur. Theoretically, in any situationMaintaining expertise in the content of outsourced work on the outsourcer sideとAppropriate control management on the contractor side by the consignor sideIt is said that it can be almost prevented.However, in reality, even if a method is presented, no means has been established to overcome such a problem.[5]

Cost-effectivenessDeterioration of (cost performance)
If companies and public organizations that utilize outsourcing take the form of letting go of the ability and will to evaluate the expertise of companies and staff who are outsourced, I think that related costs could be saved. On the contrary, it may become a cost-effective situation, and the related costs (including the invisible part) may be increased compared to before the outsourcing.
Deterioration of product quality
This is especially true of the manufacturing industry, and there is something in common with the above cases, but if you do not offer an appropriate price that matches the content of the consignment, the ordering party will pay the order price.deficitI try to cut the cost related to the contents of the entrustment so as not to issue.それはthat isPersonnel expensesAnd material costs, omission of procedures necessary for safety, etc.For example, if the labor cost is reduced below a certain level, the motivation of the workers on the contractor side cannot be maintained and the possibility of cutting corners increases.As a result, it directly leads to deterioration of product quality.As a result, the productrecallThis will increase the probability of a recall, so in the event of a recall, it will cost more (however).Recall in the automotive fieldIt is also necessary to consider the situation that the range of recall targets is easy to expand due to the standardization of parts).
Internal control and security
Furthermore, outsourcing isInternal controlIf is not firmly established, information management vulnerabilities are likely to occur.Specifically (especially in Japan if you are using a fake contractor)Information leakage,spyIt tends to be a hotbed for activities.This is due to the fact that contractors tend to hire without confirming their identities and that the treatment of employers is kept low.
Securing production bases
Since outsourcing is outsourced, securing production bases is also a headache for the ordering party.Especially in the competition in a limited pie, if the contractor contracts with a better customer or goes bankrupt and loses the base, the production will be stopped until the next contractor is searched, which in turn is Consideration should also be given to the damage caused by the loss of sales opportunities.There are many problems of this kind in dealings with foreign companies.

Unemployment problem

Detail is"OutsourcingSee

Outsourcing can also be done to foreign vendors as long as supply and demand match.そのため今まで国内で業務に携わってきた人々(特にTherefore, people who have been engaged in business in Japan (especiallyInformation industry) Has led to the deprivation of employment, causing a serious unemployment problem.本件はThis case2004 US presidential electionIt became one of the issues.


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