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🤖 | Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki reproduces Mizuki Kawashita's "blond short" illustration


Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki reproduces Mizuki Kawashita's "blond short" illustration

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In addition, Mizuki Kawashita expressed joy in this reproduction, saying, "Isn't it too wonderful !? Thank you!"

Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki updated her Twitter on December 12nd and recreated Mizuki Kawashita's illustration. → Continue reading

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    Great joy

    Nozomi Kawashita

    This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareContains characters that cannot be displayed with ((G) Edition Maru G)(Details).

    Mizuki Kawashita(Dodge Mizuki,Female[2],19718/30[2] -) isJapan Ofmanga artist.ShizuokaBackground[2].A type[2].


    Since I was a studentGirl cartoonistLonging formanga artist-IllustratorHowever, I only posted my work once when I was a junior college student, and I just got a job at a general company.After that, send days to repeat posting again[3].

    1992"JUNE FABRIC』(Magazine magazine) Inside corner "Keiko Takemiya"Novel JUNE" No.58 (Magazine Magazine, 1992) triggered by posting the work to "Drawing Class"12Issue) from the writing of the cover illustrationMomokuri mandarin orangeStarted working as an illustrator under his pseudonym.Almost at the same timeShueisha"Super Fantasy Bunko”, And since then, a long relationship with Shueisha has begun.[3]..As an illustrator, mainly magazines such as "Novel JUNE" and "JUNE" and Shueisha,Kadokawa ShotenIssued byLight novelWorked on the cover and illustrations.

    1993To a friend'sRyu HoshizakiPresided overDoujinshiFrom the circle, announced a manga in collaboration with Hoshizaki (Doujinshi activity1997Continue until).1994autumn,"Office you"(Shueisha)"High school boys -BOYS-(Original:Sakura Kai) Started serialization and became a professional as a cartoonistdebutFulfill[4].. In 1997Empty component][4]..Subsequent works will basically be handled from the original.Until this time, JUNE writers (now calledBoys loveHe has a strong side as one of the writers).

    1998From, "Buke(Shueisha) and its special magazine "Bouquet DeluxeAt (Shueisha)Akane-chan OVER DRIVE], [Kaede typhoonSuch asGirl cartoonAnnounce[4]..It will be renewed with a strong comedy style to match the magazine, but the style for boys' magazines that will be familiar after that, such as the many sex appeal scenes of female characters, is also shown.Also, around this time, doujinshi activities and activities as illustrators have decreased.1999から2007Until then, I will concentrate on writing manga works and related works in commercial magazines.

    2000From spring, "Weekly Shonen Jump(WJ) ”(Shueisha) and at the same time changed the pen nameNozomi KawashitaAsLilim KissWas announced (serialized in the fall of the same year)[4]..This was not originally due to Kawashita's own aspirations, but was a transfer on the premise of returning to "Bouquet" prompted by the editor in charge who had a history of enrollment in WJ at that time, and the magazine was suspended. It is clarified that the activity at WJ was continued as it is as described later.[3].. "Lilim Kiss" has too many elements like shojo manga as a romantic comedy for boys, so it will be discontinued in about half a year without the sympathy and support of boy readers.

    2001After announcing the one-shot "Natsuiro Graffiti"2002More serialization started "100% strawberryIs2005It will be serialized for about three and a half years. One-shot "Hyohime Kitan" at the end of 3,2006Announced "She and Summer and I" and "Akiiro Delusion Weather" with full-color 8-page specifications. From October 20072008Until AprilFirst love only.] Serialized.

    In October 2008Weekly Young Jump』(Shueisha) gravure project"Control"ofMookPhoto albumParticipated in the "Sei Kore ISM GP" collaboration project and wrote 1P comics.also"Jump square』(Shueisha) August issue, one-shot"Sonezaki Shinjuku!Announced. In December, "Private Ernino Gakuen Legend Ritsushi Hen(Author:SOW,Jump jay books, Shueisha) in charge of illustration. ""Hetappi Manga Institute R』Cooperation for coverage.

    2009Returned to "Weekly Shonen Jump" again, and from issue 32, "Anedoki"2010Serialized up to issue 7. In the binding appendix of the 2010th and 36th issues of 37, I drew the "WJ Heroine Hyakka Ryoran Poster" that covers the heroines of the works serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" as of this issue. From 20102012Until,"Jump SQ.19At (Shueisha)Ⓖ Edition] Serialized.

    2013から2014OverTomohito OsakiIn the original, "Jump Square" to "Tetokuchi] Is serialized. "The sin and punishment of Hironagi Mukai who fell in love with her best friend" (Author:Mizuki Nomura,Dash x library, Shueisha) in charge of illustration.2015It is,Nishio RestorationAfter participating in the original series of one-shot manga project "Daizan" and taking charge of the drawing with "We don't learn sloppyly", "Grand jump(2015 No. 9, Shueisha) "New member of society support special project 1 Mizuki Kawashita /Takamichi In charge of illustrations for "Special W Pinup".

    From June of the same year, "YOU』(Shueisha) for the first time in 15 years and 3 monthsMomoguri MikanReturned to a manga magazine for women under the name, and from the August issue of the magazine, "Siren on ultramarine』Serialized[1]..Taking this opportunity, he and Shueisha also began to clearly publicize the proper use of Mizuki Kawashita and Mikan Momoguri. In August 2016, under the name of Mizuki Kawashita,Kochi turtle jump』, And is using both names in parallel, which was not seen before.

    Style, person, etc.

    Style in general

    In shōnen manga, for shōnen mangaSex appealIt is a style that considers the perspectives of both men and women by using both a comedy taste that pushes the scene to the front and a psychological depiction and direction that draws on the flow of shojo manga.However, Kawashita himself seems to "become dark when he draws the inside of the character", and prefers bright developments rather than serious developments. It was fun. "[5]..In particular, female characters drawn by taking advantage of these are gaining deep-rooted popularity.

    As mentioned in the previous section, he was a boy's love writer at the beginning of his debut, and the major turning point in his style was "now.[Note 1]Cartoon like "[3]It can be said that it was a transfer to the girl's manga magazine "Bouquet".However, he was originally aspiring to be a shojo manga artist, and it was "long after" that he became able to draw boys. In the "Bouquet" era, he seemed to draw as he likes because he was blessed with the editing in charge, and the style that is common to the present seems to be close to the natural body for Kawashita, but also in "Bouquet", "Jump" 』Also self-analyzes as" floating "[3].

    In addition, in the activities of girls'magazines and women's magazines, the styles of the activities in the above-mentioned activities from 1997 to the beginning of 2000 for more than two years are significantly different from those after the resumption from 2.Especially after resuming, not only does it not push out female characters, but it also has a style centered on dark and dense emotional depictions.


    Characterized by delicate touch drawing.ChairToPhysical educationOr, sit on a chair, put the sketchbook on your lap, and put the manuscript on it to draw.According to the person himself, this is easy to draw[6]. Also,Yusuke MurataAccording to his view, he is famous among his peers as a quick brush artist.[7].. "Because the writing pressure is weak, I may be able to draw quickly," he said.Since the draft, pen insertion, and even color manuscripts are done on the chair, a movable wagon is placed at hand and most of the tools are placed.[3].

    When drawing a sex appeal scene of a female characterGravure idolPhotobook[5],Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu[8]Etc. may be referred to.

    When serializing "Weekly Shonen Jump", it is said that there was a rule that "breast exposure is up to 50%".[3], In the one-shot work "Sonezaki Shinchu!" In "Jump Square", I drew the nipple of a female character for the first time in a boy's magazine.[9].


    Often since debutVideo gamesA big game lover who professes to be a hobby[2]..Long phone[10]And karaoke are the means to relieve stress. In the first half of the "Strawberry 100%" serialization, when the manuscript was completed, it was said that the assistant was taken to the karaoke box.[3].

    Previously, every February, I baked chocolate cake for my sister's birthday.[11]I also enjoy cooking because I mentioned that I sometimes serve homemade dishes when I was recruiting assistants.Oyster-Grilled meat-Fried Shrimp-egg yolkIs my favoriteNatto-cheeseIs not very good at

    Girls' Generation is "Aim for Ace!''Tokimeki Tonight''Wind and wood poetryShojo manga such as ""Kimagure Orange Road''Wingman''Saint SeiyaHe said he was reading a boy's magazine such as[2][3][12]..In recent years, because of his sensitive personality, he avoids similar styles and seems to select and read the opposite works that he cannot draw by himself.Chiba Akioof"captain"Play ball],Fukumoto Nobuyukiof"Gaming Apocalypse Kaiji』I love reading[3].

    List of works


    Under the name of Momoguri Mikan

    • High school boys -BOYS-(Original:Sakura Kai, All 1 volume, Book YOU Comics / New Edition Margaret Comics)
    • Empty component(1 volume, book YOU Comics / new edition Margaret Comics)
    • High school girl at will (included in the comic "Kaede Typhoon")
    • Awakening KISS and Teddy Bear (2 volumes of comic "Akane-chan OVER DRIVE")
    • Akane-chan OVER DRIVE(2 volumes, book Bouquet Margaret Comics / New Edition Margaret Comics)
    • Hypnosis Warrior Akira-kun (Comics "Akane-chan OVER DRIVE" Volume 1)
    • Kaede typhoon(1 volumes, book Bouquet Margaret Comics / New Edition Margaret Comics)
    • other side A girl (2 volumes of comic "Akane-chan OVER DRIVE")
    • Siren on ultramarine(12 volumes, Margaret Comics)

    Under the name of Mizuki Kawashita

    All the one-shot works of his own original are undecided to be published in books[Note 2].

    • Lilim Kiss(One-shot version: "Weekly Shonen Jump" published in the 2000th issue of 19, serialized version: all 2 volumes, Jump Comics)
    • Natsuiro Graffiti (One-shot work published in the summer 2001 issue of "Akamaru Jump", page 41)
    • 100% strawberry[13](19 volumes, Jump Comics)
    • Hihime Kitan ("Weekly Shonen Jump", a one-shot work published in the April 2006, 4 merger issue, page 5)
    • She, Natsu, and I (All-color 2006P, a one-shot work published in the summer 8 issue of "Akamaru Jump")
    • Akiiro delusion weather ("Jump the REVOLUTION!" 2006 issue, one-shot work, traditional Chinese bookbinding all color 8P)
    • First love only.[14](4 volumes, Jump Comics)
    • Sonezaki Shinjuku!("Jump Square" August issue, SUPREME series one-shot work, 8 pages)
    • Anedoki(3 volumes, Jump Comics.)
    • My idol ("Weekly Shonen Jump" 2010 21/22 merged issue, one-shot work, 45 pages)
    • My idol ("Shonen Jump NEXT!", A one-shot work published in the April 2010, 4 issue, a later story of my idol, 30 pages)
    • Ⓖ Edition(2 volumes, Jump SQ. Comics)
    • Tetokuchi(5 volumes, original: Tomohito Ohsaki, Jump SQ. Comics)
    • We don't learn sloppyly (Original:Nishio Restoration, "Weekly Shonen Jump", a one-shot work published in the 2015th issue of 8, 24 pages, included in the book "Ogiri-")
    • Part Threes (Original: Nisio Isin, "Weekly Shonen Jump" 2018 2/3 merged issue read-out work)

    イ ラ ス ト

    Under the name of Momoguri Mikan

    In one shot, in addition to the following, "Novel JUNE], [JUNE FABRIC], Many of the covers and illustrations are posted.Another magazine "Cobalt], [Monthly Wings"Such.

    • "Legend of Flame Thunder" series (5 volumes / author: Yutaka Aoki)
    • "Walkman in Shell" (Author: Natsuki Matsuoka)
    • "Dark Curse Song Den" series (2 volumes / author: Mayumi Koyama)
    • "Dragon of Time and Ring of Water" Part 2 and Part XNUMX (XNUMX volumes / author:Satomi Kikawa)
    • "Bakusou Boys" series (3 volumes / author: Yukisato Suwa)
    • "Ar-Nag Kroon's Engraving" Series (5 volumes / author:Kana Hibikino)

    Under the name of Mizuki Kawashita

    Excludes illustrations for cuts and media mix works of his own work.

    Other activities

    • Novel JUNE No.66 (June 1994 issue) "Paper Talk" --- in the name of Momoguri Mikan.Interviews during the time when he was mainly active in JUNE
    • Hetappi Manga Institute R Step6,7 --Collaboration
    • How to train your manga brain-Interview
    • Jump SQ April 2011 "Interview with a Manga Artist! The 4th Mizuki Kawashita's Monogatari" --Interview



    注 釈

    1. ^ As of March 2011 (at the time of the announcement of the source interview)
    2. ^ From "Shueisha Manga Capsule", including works that were once made into booksMobile comicsIt was distributed as a version, but due to the cancellation of the distribution, it is now difficult to browse the new one-shot works again.
    3. ^ Participated in a collaboration project in which a manga artist writes a 1P comic based on the original work by a member of the system. There is a three-frame manga, but it is almost like a contribution of an illustration, so I will include it here for convenience.
    4. ^ Except for the novelization of his own original work, this is the first novel illustration under the name of Mizuki Kawashita for the first time in about 10 years since "The Engraving of Al-Nag Kroon".
    5. ^ There is a comment at the end of Mizuki that he is helping her assistant's work in the 2001th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" 20.


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