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📺 | Kyoko Yoshine challenges a full-scale drama with an impersonator in "Laughing New Year's Eve"


Kyoko Yoshine challenges a full-scale drama with an impersonator in "Laughing New Year's Eve"

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The MC will be Teruki Goto (Football Hour), Akira Kawashima (Kirin), Naomi Watanabe, Chidori (Daigo, Nobu), Bananaman (Osamu Shitara, Yuki Himura), and Ninety Nine (Hiroyuki Yabe, Takashi Okamura).

Kyoko Yoshine will be broadcasting a large variety special program "Laughing and New Year's Eve ..." which will be broadcast live on Nippon Television Network on December 12st. → Continue reading

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Hiroyuki Yabe

Hiroyuki Yabe(Hiroyuki Yabe,1971/〈Showa46 years>May 10 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,Sports castor,chairperson,singer.. Comedy combinationNine Tine OfTsukkomiResponsible. My partnerTakashi Okamura.

OsakaSuita CityI'm fromYoshimoto KogyoBelongs. Osaka NSC 9th gen[2].

Wife is exTBS announcerOf free announcerYuko Aoki.


  • Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Ibaraki Nishi High School in 1990.Initially, I wanted to go on to university,Koshien University,Hanazono University,Bukkyo University,Osaka University of Economics and LawI took the exam, but all failed.After that, Yabe who gave up going to college aspired to become an entertainer and went to high school.サ ッ カ ーInvited Takashi Okamura, a senior member of the club, to form Ninety-nine.[3].
  • at firstBlurWas in charge of, but later turned to Tsukkomi.
  • In 1991, a unit consisting of 6 young Yoshimoto duo "Yoshimoto seal natural materialJoined and advanced to Tokyo.
  • In 1994, withdrew from "Tengen". After that, the activity base is set in Tokyo.
  • In 1999, the movie ``MessengerWon the 23rd Japan Academy Award for Topic (Actor Category).
  • In May 2007, a catastrophe with a woman (commonly known as "Hitomi-chan") who had been dating for about 5 years.At a press conference on June 15, Yabe explained the cause of the catastrophe, saying, "I proposed, but she was angry that she was'too late.'"
  • June 2010, 2, ``TokonameGoodwill ambassadorInaugurated[4].
  • In 2010, Okamura announced a rest due to poor physical condition from July 7th. Activities at the duo were suspended, and Yabe appeared alone on the regular program.
  • On November 2010, 11, Okamura resumed performing arts activities. The next day broadcast "Mecha2Cool!』Appeared as a combination for the first time in about four and a half months.
  • June 2011, 7, ``FNS 27-hour TV』, 100kmmarathonChallenge the project.The next day, he completed the race on July 7th.
  • September 2012, 9, right lungNatural pneumothoraxHe was hospitalized and discharged on the 11th.On September 9th of the same year, "Mecha2I returned to work with the recording of "Iketeru!"
  • March 2013, 3, Internet distribution limited TV station "Zero tvIn the first live online distribution of the first content "Mecha x 1 Yuruderu!"Minato Ward OfficeThe two of them went to Japan and made a surprise appearance on their feet immediately after submitting the marriage registration, and became a free announcer (former TBS announcer).Yuko AokiSurprise reported marriage with[5]..In the online distribution under report, I temporarily appeared during the broadcast for the first time as Yabe's wife[5].. When his companion Takashi Okamura heard his impressions during the live broadcast, he left a word "I'm glad!" Through the frosted glass on the door. Regarding this marriage, Yabe announced in July 2012 a comment that smells of the marriage, "I wonder if something will happen in 7."[5].
  • Received the "Best Eyebrow Nist Award" given to the person with the most beautiful eyebrows on December 2013, 12[6].
  • The eldest son was born on March 2014, 3.
  • June 2015, 7, ``FNS 27-hour TVAnnouncement of wife Yuko's second child pregnancy during the 2015 program[7] did.
  • The second son was born on January 2016, 1.
  • Broadcast on July 2021, 9Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Ninety Nine All Night Nippon"At the inner,singerAnnounced debut.The lyrics and composition of the debut songIshizaki HuiIs in charge.


  • Nickname is "Yabe".From his partner Okamura, he is called "Mr. Yabe" (similar to his brother Yoshiyuki Yabe), "Mr. Yabe" and "Mr. Yabe" (in the early days, it was called "Yabe").In high school, he was called "Juni Yabe" (from Okamura and other seniors in high school) because he had an older brother, Miyuki.


  • My brother is exComedy combinationA member of "Channel"LAUGHFACE INC.'CEOThe president OfMiyuki Yabe(Yoshiyuki Yabe), a former NSC 7th gen member (Synchronization isAfter the rainSuch).
  • The family is a father, Yukio, a mother, Tomie, and the second son of three siblings. The age difference with his younger brother, Tatsuhiro (married, caregiver) is 3 years old. Mother TomieSagaKanzakiI'm from Koga and my maiden name is Koga. My brother is getting married early. He has a similar face and body to his brother, but his younger brother is not very similar, and when he appeared on TV in 2011, he became plump, and when he saw Okamura, who knew his brother well, after a long time. I was surprised. My older brother, Miyuki, who is two years older, is a senior of Okamura in the same high school soccer club. Therefore, the nickname given to him when he joined the soccer club was "Juni YabeOkamura called it as well.Also, when the mother laughstongueGive out.
  • There are many episodes of his father's failure, he is in debt because he has become a guarantor of an acquaintance, and he does not want to work.MalingeringWas using. As a result, the Yabe family became poor, and Okamura said, "The side dishes for lunch are the same every day.Fried eggsAnd redsausageIt was "" in the watersugarとGingerSpecially made by meltingGinger aleHe lived a shocking life for Okamura, who grew up in a relatively wealthy family.Even though Yabe was sold as an entertainer, he was still poor, so there were faxes and answering machines that often demanded money.
  • He has passed away, but his grandfather Fujishiro also lived with him. During the "Mecha Mote" era, Okamura imitated Fujishiro and performed a tale.Fujishiro's character is strong,The alphabetI remembered "HIJKLM NOP" as "HI Jecken Elebenoke". Since my younger brother was a grandfather when he was a child, there was a time when he really hated Okamura, who imitated his grandfather.
  • On March 2014, 3, the birth of the first boy. The name is "Ryo".
  • January 2016, 1, the birth of a boy who will be the second child[8].. The name is "Kai"[9].


  • Started playing soccer when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school. The dream at that time wasYanmar Diesel Soccer Club(CurrentCerezo Osaka) Or to join the zooオ オ カ ミWas to become a keeper.In high school, he was an ace, such as having a number 10 in the soccer club, but when he was called to Tresen for the selection of Osaka Prefecture at that time in the second year, he was rejected by the selection and gave up the soccer professional there. That[10].. Okamura, who was a senior in the soccer club for a year, happened to come to watch the game during his retirement match in 3rd year, and Yabe saw Okamura crying when he was disappointed with the defeat, and made Okamura a comedy. Inviting led to the formation of Ninety Nine[10].
  • During the live broadcast of the radio program, Okamura was advised to take a rest because there were more and more scenes where he felt a strong sense of discomfort with Okamura's mysterious behavior, such as preaching the staff for incoherent reasons that made him feel offended by trivial matters. .. Later, he said, "I have to invite Mr. Okamura ...".
  • Saga's relative's cousinEgashira 2:50And there is a connection with classmates[11]..Egashira Appearance BGMHotei Torayasuof"thrillWas originally "You can laugh! Christmas oversized issue(Broadcast on December 1995, 12), when Yabe appeared in Egashira's Monomane in the corner "I don't care which one is similar! It comes from using this song for BGM[12] .
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayEast SportsOn one side, the engagement with Yuko Aoki, who was a TBS announcer at the time, was reported, and Yabe said, "Ninety Nine All Night Nippon』\ Denied engagement at the beginning[13]Did not deny dating and enrolled on March 2013, 3[5].
  • Yoshimoto: In the era of natural materials, I didn't concentrate on trainingFUJIWARA OfToshifumi FujimotoI hated that, but now I'm reconciled[14].
  • As a karaoke repertoireSouthern All Stars,Mr. ChildrenThe songs are listed.We have a direct co-star and talk with Southern in "No. 2013 Song SHOW" broadcast on August 8, 7.[15][16].
  • He said that the reason for leaving All Night Nippon was that after Okamura's return, he felt a sense of accomplishment and "finished his role", and asserted that changes in his personal life had nothing to do with it.However, Okamura wanted to continue talking on the radio, so Okamura remained alone.Ninety-Nine Takashi Okamura's All Night NipponWill be started. It should be noted that2020/May 4Okamura made an inappropriate remark and was forced to apologize for the broadcast of the next weekMay 4And next weekMay 5In the midnight broadcast, it appeared in the form of getting into this program by itself. After thatMay 5Midnight broadcastAll Night NipponIn the form of Yabe flying back, "Ninety Nine All Night NipponStarted for the first time in five and a half years. By the way, one of the duoAll Night NipponThis is the first time in history that a person returns after leaving the board.[17].




  • Happy Element(October 2010, 10, April 1-September, Fuji TV)
  • 1st song SHOW(October 2011-September 10, NTV)Shinichi HatoriWith MC
  • 人生最大のサプライズ プロポーズ大作戦!(2007å¹´12月1日・2008å¹´3月28日・10月10日・2016å¹´2月17日、 TBSsystem)
  • World! Rare Rare Museum(April 2010, 11, NTV)
  • Earth Ichiban(December 2010, 12,NHK)
  • Celebration (February 2012, 2, TBS)
  • Ninety-nine Yabe & Daisuke Miyagawa-I don't know about Toko ... (February 2016, 2, Kansai TV)
  • Yabe & Daisuke's Flattery in Miyakojima (June 2016, 6, Fuji TV)
  • Introduction to Yabe's Keizai-What will happen to life in 2020?-(November 2017, 11,BS Japan) MC
  • Yabe & Daisuke's Omakase Taxi Back Guide Trip in Hakodate (May 2018, 5, Fuji TV)
  • Listen to the story of Yabe & Daisuke in Hakata ~ Brat trouble consultation trip ~ (March 2019, 3, Fuji TV system)
  • J League Awards(October 2018, 12, November 18, 2019, May 12, 8,DAZN)MVP Presenter (2018),General moderator (2019/2020)
  • Bird Human Contest Championship(2019 -,Nippon TVSystem) Shinichi HatoriMC
  • Yabetchi FC-Japan Soccer Support Declaration- (October 2002-March 4,TV AsahiSystem, Sunday 23:55 --24:25)MC
  • Nai Nai Yabe's Unknown Yabe-Kansai (March 2021, 3, NHK) * Kansai region only
  • Out x Deluxe (October 2013, 4-March 4, 2022,Fuji Television Network, IncSystem, Thursday 23:00 --23:40)Matsuko DeluxebothMC[18]

TV drama




PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product numberRanking
12021/10/29stand by MeDigital distribution--
2021/12/22Complete build-to-order limited editionCD + DVD + T-shirtDSKU-11661
Normal EditionCDUMCK-5709



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Terumoto Goto

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(March 2022)

Terumoto Goto(Gototerumoto,1974/<Showa 49>May 6 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson.Football hour OfTsukkomiResponsible. My partnerNozomi Iwao.OsakaOsakaHigashiyodogawa WardI'm from Height 170 cm.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs.Nickname is "Balun Goto".



  • The youngest son of three siblings and has two older sisters[Source required].
  • Nara Sangyo UniversityI took the exam, but failed.
  • Hobbies/special skillsGuitar.Go NagabuchiとBLANKEY JET CITYIt is a fan of.
  • CuisineIs good at and good at cookingpasta.
  • smokerHowever, the number is now significantly reduced (I have tried to quit smoking in the past, but it has failed).
  • In syncRoch OfKentaro KokadoHowever, Kokado was a little scared about Goto because he was four years older than him (when he entered NSC, Goto was 4 and Kokado was 20).
  • チ ュ ー ト リ ア ル OfTokui YoshimiIs a senior because he is a 13th gen member of NSC, but he talks with each other because he has a break.At first, he was a junior for half a year, and when Goto spoke in honorifics, Tokui said, "It's already in sync," and then he started speaking in a tame manner.Since then, the friendly relationship between the two has continued, and Tokui has attended Goto's wedding ceremony.
  • I have poor motor nervesAmethystHe regularly appears in "Comedian with bad motor nerves".
  • Often"God Tan"The entertainer's serious song championship" is showing his own song, but the performers all say "It's not good", such as the content of the lyrics and the direction at the time of appearance.The virgin work "Jetta Ecstasy" became a hot topic on Twitter, and produced tweets such as "Thank you for such a crap", "I felt nauseous at the end because it was too crap", and "Hey, my stomach is Jettasy". There is.
  • Acrophobia.
  • NSC has been expelled due to nonpayment of tuition fees.Therefore, although he did not graduate exactly, he continued to attend even after the disposition because there was no confirmation of attendance at NSC at that time.[3].
  • I like seaweed.


Activities in the combinationFootball hourSee.

tv set

Current appearance program

Regular appearances

Irregular appearance

Past appearance programs

Regular appearances

Irregular appearance

One-off program

  • Even BAR (August 2018, 8[5]・November 2019, 3[6],NHK General) --A regular customer of BAR

Web tv


  • Emergency special program Suspect Kendo Kobayashi arrested full version-guest commentator, personal role


Release datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
2012/7/18COME ON BABY!YRCN-90192Yoshimoto R&C, "GO ☆ TO" single
2014/4/7God Tan The 11th Comedian Serious Song Championship(Distribution only)Participate in "double return"
2015/1/4God Tan The 12th Comedian Serious Song Championship(Distribution only)Participate in the "Master of Ceremony"
2020/10/28SLENDERIE idealYRCN-95332An omnibus album by Takashi Fujii's label. "Sadness SWING"(Honda MinakoCover)
2022/4/6Cat-Walk Dancing(Distribution only)Pre-delivered single from the album "Makarowa".WinkCover song.
2022/5/11MakarowaYRCN-95357A cover album of all 6 songs supervised by Takashi Fujii.


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