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🎥 | "Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST" The movie that seriously collided with each other is completed! !!Report screening held before release


"Bungo Stray Dogs BEAST" The movie that seriously collided is completed! !!Report screening held before release

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When asked about this privilege, Tabuchi, who plays Osamu Dazai, said, "That's right.

With Shohei Hashimoto as Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Yuki Torigoe as Atsushi Nakajima, Masashi Taniguchi as Sakunosuke Oda, and Rui Tabuchi as Osamu Dazai, Grand ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai(Sorry,1909/Meiji42 years>May 6 - 1948/Showa23 years>May 6) IsJapan OfNovelist..His real name is Shuji Tsushima. Left wingAfter a setback in the activity,suicideAttemptedDrug addictionWhile repeatingSecond World WarFrom beforeAfter the warThe works are announced one after another.The main work is "Run Meros''Tsugaru''Fairy tale''Human disqualificationThere is Fell downEthnic familyThe main character of the woman is "Sunset] Will be a bestseller. From the style after the warAngo Sakaguchi,Sakunosuke Oda,Atsushi Ishikawa,Kazuo DanTogether withNew play,UnrulyWas called a typical self-destroyingMy novelWas a writer[4].


幼年 時代

AomoriKitatsugaru-gunKanagi Village (later)Kanagi Town, CurrentGoshogawara), one of the leading prefectureSquireFatherTsushima GenemonWas born as the sixth son of his mother Tane (Yuko). 11th out of 10 children in parents. My father, Genemon, is a wooden villageHeavy farmingFrom the Matsuki familySon-in-lawIn the prefectural assembly,Member of the House of Representatives, HeftyTax paymentbyMember of the House of LordsA local celebrity who served as such, the Tsushima family said, "KanekiLordWas also called. My father was busy working and my mother was illNannyWas raised in. After the nanny quit less than a year later, her aunt Kie (Tane's younger sister) was 1 years old from the age of 3 until she entered elementary school.maid・Takeshi Chikamura served as a babysitter.1916/(Taisho5 years), Kanagi DaiichiOrdinary elementary schoolEnrolled in. The children of the Tsushima family were all marked with "A" regardless of their actual grades, but Dazai was said to be a talented person since the school opened, with good grades.[5].. 1 year after graduating from elementary schoolHigher elementary schoolGo to school. This is because the second brother Eiji and the third brother Keiji are not performing well.Hirosaki Junior High SchoolHe dropped out of school in two years, so it was said that he was attending school to supplement his academic ability so that he would not fall out.[6].

school days

1923/(12th year of Taisho), March 3, Father GenemonLung cancerDied in. In April, entered Aomori Prefectural Aomori Junior High School and left homeBoarding houseLive life. With excellent grades, he served as a class president from the second semester of one year to graduation, and when he completed four years (four masters) he was fourth out of 1 students.Ryunosuke Ayukawa,Hiroshi Kikuchi,Naoya Shiga,Muroh SaiseiLove reading,Masuji IbuseOf thesalamanderI was so excited that I couldn't sit down[7].. Around 17 years old while studyingTaiko", and write a coterie magazine with friends "mirageIssued up to issue 12. I want to become a novelist.

1927/(2)Former Hirosaki High SchoolEnrolled in Bunka Kou with excellent grades.At that time, Hirotaka was a boarding house and had to enter the dormitory for the first year except for going to school at home.Dazai Osamu Manabi no Ie) Was living in a boarding house[8]..July 7, while returning to Kaneki during the summer vacationRyunosuke AyukawaI was shocked to learn about his suicide, and when I returned to Hirosaki's boarding house, I was shut up for a while.[9][10].

1928/(Showa3 years), when publishing the doujinshi "Cell Literature"Shuji TsujishimaFashionable at that timeProletarian literature"Infinite Naraku," which was influenced by, will be announced, but the series will end once. Presumed to have received opposition from the Tsushimas[11][12].. These days,芸 者 OfOyama first generationGet acquainted with (1912-1944).1929/(Showa 4), "Student group" is written based on the alliance closed school case that happened in Hirotaka.Remodeling companyApplicable for the prize contest but failed[13].. December 12 at dawnCarmotinsuicideWith your mother's bedOiso OnsenUntil January 1th[Annotation 1]did. Dazai explained the reason for attempting suicide in the “Annual Year of Distress”PeopleWas not.guillotineIt was the role of I said as a difference between my position and thought.[16]From December 1Extra highThere has been a case in which left-wing students of Hirotaka were arrested one after another, and there is also a view that Dazai, who received information from the Tsushima family in advance, attempted suicide to escape the arrest.[17].

1930/(Showa 5), ​​graduated from Hirosaki High School Literature Class with a grade of 76 out of 46.FrenchWithout knowingFrench literatureLonging forTokyo Imperial University Faculty of LiteratureEntered the French Literature Department and moved to Tokyo. At that time, there were entrance examinations in the Todai English and Japanese Literature Departments, but the French Literature Department was unpopular and untested.[18].. Dazai applied it and applied for it in the French Literature Department, but it happened that in 1930, there was also an entrance examination in French in the French Literature Department.[18].. Dazai, who was out of sight, raised his hand at the examination site with other volunteers andTakashi TatsunoWas admitted with special consideration[18].

I can't keep up with the lecture,aestheticsI am considering changing to a department or art history department.[19].. To become a novelistMasuji IbuseBecome a disciple. In October, Oyama's first generation was Dazai's guideOkayaLeave and go to Tokyo.The Tsushima family芸 者Strongly opposed to marrying. In November, his eldest brother, Bunji, came to Tokyo and persuaded him, but Dazai claimed to marry the first generation.Bunji admits marriage on the condition that he is removed from the Tsushima family.He promises to send 11 yen every month until he graduates from university, but Dazai, who was expecting property sharing, is disappointed.[20]..On November 10, 11 days after being removed from the register,GinzaBar "Holiwood"Female salaryAt the age of 18Tabe ShimekoKamakura-KoshigoeAt the seaCarmotinsuicideAim.However, only Shimeko died, and Dazai survived.About this case, Dazai wrote "Tokyo Hakkei" and "No Longer Human".Into the waterIt says suicide, but in a newspaper article at that timeHypnoticIt is reported that he was found to have fallen on the beach drinking[21].Suicide assistance crime, But with the work of Bunji and othersProsecution delayBecome[22][Annotation 2].. In MinamitsugaruIkarigaseki Hot SpringsAt Shibata Ryokan, the first and temporaryCongratulationsGive[24]But did not enroll[25].. At the beginning of the year, Dazai exchanged a memorandum with Bunji, did not take any problematic action, and instead of promising to graduate from university, he received a remittance of 120 yen each month. In February, the first generation moved to Tokyo and started a newlywed life.[26].

1932/(Showa 7), with the determination to become a novelist, wrote "memories" and "fish clothes". Withdraw from left-wing activities with the help of Bunji (#Left wing activity reference). Remittance reduced from 120 yen to 90 yen[27].

Creation, disordered personal life

1933/(Showa 8), "Train" on "Sunday Touhou" (issued on February 2)Osamu DazaiAnnounced under the pseudonym.DoujinshiParticipated in "Sea leopard" and published "Fish outfit" in the first issue.Kazuo DanGet to know The doujinshi "Aoi Hana" was launched and "Romanesque" was announced.Nakahara ChuyaConflict No. 1 suspended publication[28].

1935/(10th year of Showa)Literary arts] Announced in February issue. Dazai, who was in his fifth year at university, thought that he could not graduate and could be discontinued.Miyako Shimbun(CurrentTokyo Newspaper) Take the entrance exam, but fail. Suspended suicide in Kamakura on March 3[29].. July,peritonitisHave surgery.Painkillers during hospitalizationPabinard, Then become addicted[30].. Due to non-payment of tuition fees, he was removed from the university on September 9.[Annotation 3].

Doujinshi "Japanese Manhattan"Hana of Clown" announced inHaruo SatoAnd get a postcard saying, "Appoint a score and report"[31].. 1stAkutagawa PrizeWas held, and "Reverse" became a candidate, but was defeated (the winner at this time wasTatsuzo Ishikawa"Solitude]). Sato, who was a member of the Akutagawa Prize selection committee, was strict and said, ""Reverse" is a rather unsuccessful work of Dazai's works so far," and is also a selection committee member.Yasunari KawabataPraises his personal life as "the author has a cloud in his life." Dazai counterattacked Kawabata in the October issue of the literary magazine "Bungei Tsushin", saying "Is it so splendid to keep a small bird and watch Butoh?"[32].

1936/Prior to the selection of the 11nd Akutagawa Prize, (2), Dazai wrote a letter to Sato, who he was studying, asking "I have one person alone" to win the award. ofPabinard dependenceSato called Dazai and ordered inpatient treatment.Saiseikai Shiba HospitalHospitalized for 10 days[33]..The result of the 2nd Akutagawa Prize was "No winners" and Dazai was not a candidate.

For the 3rd time, Dazai announced "Fictitious Spring" in "Bungakukai". June 6, Virgin short stories "Late yearsWas published by Sunagoya Shobo. July 7,Ueno SeiyokenInvites Sato and Ibushi to hold a publication memorial event[34]..In addition, he sent a letter to Yasunari Kawabata, who was called a "villain" over the first selection, and a letter appealing for selection.[35]In the 3rd edition, novelists who were candidates in the past were excluded from the selection, and they were not even candidates.

When Pabinard's dependence became severe, 1 injections a day were made when there were many. I put on my first kimono, borrowed money from an acquaintance, and walked. Keiichi Nakahata and Yoshishiro Kita, the first merchants to and from the Tsushima family who were asked by Bunji to cry at Mt.Tokyo Musashino HospitalForced to hospital[36].. Discharged on November 11, but next day1937/(Showa 12), a painting student of the Tsushima familyZenshiro KodateConfessed to his unfaithful act with the first generation. Late March,Minakami OnsenAttempted suicide with the first generation and Carmotin. In June, he divorced from the first generation.

Marriage, writer activity

1938/(13th year of Showa)YamanashiKofu CityFromGeologist-Ishihara HatsutaroThe four girlsMichiko IshiharaAnd matchmaking. At this time, Dazai submitted a document called a "marriage oath" to Ibushi, who is reluctant to drink. In the midst of that, he decided to reflect on his disorderly life and decide to protect his family and wrote, "If you repeat your marriage, abandon me as a complete madman."[37].. On January 1th of the following year, we had a wedding at my home in Ibushi. On the same day, he moved to Misaki-cho, Kofu City (now Asahi 8-chome, Kofu City), located north of Kofu City. September 9st,TokyoKitatama-gun Mitaka VillageShimorenjakuMoved to.It ’s also mentally stable,Schoolgirl''XNUMX views of Futaku''To rush complaint''Run Meros』And announced an excellent short story. "Schoolgirl" was awarded a prize by Yasunari Kawabata, "It was a coincidence of a time critic to be able to encounter a work like "Schoolgirl"", and the number of manuscript requests increased rapidly.[38].

1941/(Showa 16), called by the civilian recruitment order, but by physical examinationLung infiltrationAnd exempted from the charge.Shizuko OtaI encourage you to meet and write a diary.Pacific WarAlso insideTsugaru''Fairy tale] And the novel "New Hamlet''Right Minister Mincho] And other vigorous creative activities.1945/(Showa 20) September 3,Tokyo air raidIn Kofu, Michiko's parents' homeEvacuation.. From July 7th to 6thKofu air raidThe Ishihara family was completely burned down.TsugaruEvacuated to the Tsushima family.The end of the war has come.

"Shayo", tangled female relationships

1945/From October to January 10, "Kahoku ShimpoToPandora's Box] Serialized. This was written as "Hibari no Koe"Air raidIt was a revision of the galley of a manuscript that had been burned due to[40][41].1946/(Showa 21) Return to Tokyo on November 11th.Chekhovof"Cherry blossom gardenA novel of a fallen aristocrat like1947/(Showa 22) In February, reunited with Shizuko Ota and borrowed a diary at Shimo Soga, Kanagawa Prefecture.[42].. March 3 of the hairdresserYamazaki FueiGet to know

downfallEthnic familyA novel featuring "SunsetIs serialized in "Shincho". When published as a book on December 12, it became a bestseller and became "Oblique family"ButBuzzwordBecoming a popular artist. A poet who became a model for the characters before and after the completion of "Shayo"Shizuko OtaBetween my daughterHaruko OtaWas born and Dazai recognized.

Around October, ShinchoshaKazuo NoharaA lot of Dazai in the room of BueiHemoptysisI was witnessing that he was doing it, but Toei says he was getting used to it.[43].1948/(23), "Human disqualification''Cherry] And so on.Tomiei was smart and was called "Stacola Sacchan", and he was like Dazai's mistress and secretary.I quit my hairdresser and used up my savings of about 20 yen for Dazai's entertainment expenses.[44].. In the roomPotassium cyanideThreatened to hide[45], After June 6, Dazai was placed under house arrest in the wealthy room. WorriedChikuma ShoboPresident'sAkira FurutaConsulted with Makoto Ibushi,Misaka PassMake a plan to rest at the Tenkajaya. On June 6, Furuta was on the weekend boarding house in Dazai.Omiya cityVisits Uji Hospital, but Furuta is preparing for restShinshuWas on a business trip to[46].


1948/(23)May 6,Tamagawa waterMistressYamazaki FueiI entered the water.He died at the age of 38. The bodies of the two are six days laterMay 6It was discovered strangely on Dazai's 39th birthday, and on that day, there was a lifelong exchange with Dazai in the same town, named after the short story "Cherry Blossom" he wrote just before his death.IkanichiWas named "Sakura Mourning".

This incident caused various speculations from that time and was impossible due to HoeiIn my heartTheory,KyogenThe theory of failure in the heart was being advocated. Keikichi Nakahata, a kimono merchant who was in and out of the Tsushima family,Mitaka police stationWas guided by the detective of下 駄He said that there was a strong mark that he was enthusiastic about it, and that there was a trace that he tried to stop sliding down with his hand, ``It has been raining for a week, but there are still traces that remain. Therefore, I suppose I was so disgusted that I couldn't do it." "Dazai said, "Let's die," and simply agreed, "I'll be okay." May have crossed the chest."[47].

Nakahata sought the opinion from the chief of the Mitaka police station, and confidently answered, "I don't think it is a pure suicide."[47].. Then, the chief said, "I have announced that I am suicide, that is, I am in the mind, but now I can not say it anymore, but in fact there is a point that even the police (in order to commit suicide) can not fall in love." Said[47].

"Asahi Shimbun”And the humor novel “Asahi Review”Good buyIs unfinishedRemainsBecame. Oddly enough, 13 episodes of this work were overwritten,キ リ ス ト 教 OfJinx(13 (number of dislikes)The theory that it was the last fashion of Dazai that hinted at ()Kazuo Dan) Is also available. If you are not feeling well and your only sonDown's syndromeThere was also a theory that one of the reasons for suicide was suffering from an intellectual disability.

However, he soon approached the 50th anniversary1998/(Heisei10 years)May 5In the suicide note published by the bereaved family in Dazai, he wrote to Michiko, "I loved you more than anyone," and continued, "I die because I feel uncomfortable writing a novel," and motivated me to commit suicide. Explanation. WillStraw paperIt was written with a brush and signed, and it turned out that the suicide note so far was a draft manuscript.[48].

The final round of the series of criticisms, "Yorokagamon", which should be called a declaration of war on the established literature, was posted after death. Tokyo·SuginamiUmesato OfHorinouchi Funeral HallAtCrapAttached to.CommandmentsIs Oji Odai, a resident resident of Bunjiin.


  • 1909/May 6 - AomoriKitatsugaru-gunKanagi VillageLarge printKanagiwordAsahiyama (currentlyGoshogawara) Is born.
  • 1916/4 -Entered Kanagi Daiichijo Elementary School.
  • 1922/April-To supplement the academic ability after graduating from Kanagi Daiichijo Elementary School, attend one year at the Meiji Senior High School in the four village association.
  • 1923/
  • 1925/ --Aspiring to be a writer from around this time, novels and novels in douujinshi with classmatesDrama,essayAnnounced.
  • 1927/
  • 1928/
    • 5 --Launched the douujinshi "Cell Literature" and released "Muma Naraku" under the name of "Soji Tsujishima".
    • September-by the end of issue No. 9Masuji Ibuse,Seiichi FunabashiGet their contributions.
  • 1929/12 --Aim to commit suicide with carmotin.
  • 1930/
  • 1931/2 - Oyama first generationCohabitation.
  • 1933/February-"Sunday Tooku" short film "Train" announced by Osamu Dazai. The reason for using the pen name is "In the traditional Tsushima, when the person himself was transmitted, it would sometimes be "Chishima", but the pronunciation of DazaiTsugaru dialectBut it is "Dazai". I was impressed that it was well thought out," said Ryuji Ibushi's recollection, "Dazai-kun."
  • 1934/12 month - Kazuo Dan,Yamagishi External History,Kiyama,Nakahara Chuya,Nobuo TsumuraThe first literary magazine "Aoi Hana" was published, but only the first issue was discontinued.
  • 1935/
    • March-Failed in the entrance examination of Miyako Shinbun, and attempted to hang himself in Kamakura, but failed.
    • December 8-10stAkutagawa Prize TheTatsuzo IshikawaWill be decided as "Sokyu". Dazai's "reverse" was the next seat. Selection committeeHaruo SatoHe then visited his home and studied under him.
    • September 9-removed from the University of Tokyo.
  • 1936/
    • June 6-the first book "late years" (Sagoya Shobo) published.
    • October 10-admitted to Musashino Hospital for treatment of Pabinard poisoning.
  • 1937/
    • March-The first generation of Oyama is a painting student of the Tsushima familyZenshiro KodateI know that I was communicating with. Separated from the first generation.
    • June 6-Moved to 21-chome, Amanuma, Suginami-ku, by Miki Ibushi.
  • 1938/
  • 1939/
  • 1940/
    • May-Published "Run Meros".
  • 1941/June 6-Birth of the eldest daughter.
  • 1944/August 8-The eldest son, Masaki is born.
  • 1945/
    • March-Evacuate the wife and child to the Ishihara family of Kofu.
    • April 4-Mitaka is also bombed.Evacuated to the Ishihara family in Kofu.
    • July-The Ishihara family in Kofu was burned down due to the bombing.I barely reach Tsugaru's birthplace with my wife and children.


Left wing activity

1929/In 4, Hirosaki High School discovered the misappropriation of public money by the principal, and students Shigehiko Ueda (Genichiro Ishigami) Underwent a five-day alliance suspension (strike) under the leadership of the Society for Social Sciences to achieve the results of the principal's resignation and no student disposition.[50]..Dazai rarely participated in the strike, but it was fashionable at the time.Proletarian literatureImitated the case and summarized the case in a novel called "Students" and read it to Ueda.[51].. The Tsushima family was wary of Dazai's left-wing activities. January 1th of the following year,Extra high TheSeigen Tanaka OfArmed Communist PartyArrested nine students of Hirotaka Shaken, including Ueda, who was working as a terminal activist. On March 9, four people, including Ueda, who were arrested, were expelled from school, three dropped out of school, and two were suspended indefinitely.[52].

Dazai, who became a college student, got to know activist Eizo Kudo[53],Communist party10 yen per monthCampado.The reason why the Tsushima family was removed from the family due to their marriage to the first generation was also to prevent the accumulation of illegal activities on Bunji, who is also a politician.[54].. After getting married, I was ordered to hide Shinpa and moved repeatedly. Eventually, he was marked by the police and was placed in the detention center twice.[55].1932/(July 7) In July, Bunji finds Dazai who he could not reach and reports to the Aomori police station. In December, the Aomori Public Prosecutor's Office signed and signed a pledge and completely withdrew from left-wing activities.[56][57].


  • In Mitaka City, Tokyo, where Dazai's tomb is locatedZenrinji TempleThen, on June 6th, when the bodies of Dazai and Fuei were lifted, many lovers visited each year. This is commonly called "cherry blossom". In the place of Dazai's birthplace, Kanagi, there was an event of cherry blossoms, but there is a request from the bereaved family that "a festival celebrating the birth is more suitable for the birthplace", it will be the 19th anniversary of the birth1999/(HeiseiFrom 11), the name was changed to "Osamu Dazai Birthday Festival".
  • heightIs 175 cm[58][Annotation 5]And as a man at that time, he was a big man and he was a big eater.[58].. At the time of honeymoonSimmered tofuI liked it and bought a lot of tofu from a tofu shop, so it became a rumor in the neighborhood.According to Dazai, "Tofu eliminates the poison of sake.Miso Soup Thetobacco"Erase the poison of the squirrel", but the reason was that he had bad teeth (described later) and that he knew how many he had eaten.[60].. Kyoto's "Big City"TurtleCooking and MitakaA stall"Wakamatsuya"eelI liked cooking.AjinomotoI likesalmoncanOpened in a bowl and sprinkled a large amount of Ajinomoto and ate[61]..I also liked miso soup.Birthplace is temporaryPoultryPartly because I was doing business, the anatomy of chickens was a hidden hobby.During the war, when his wife Michiko bought a live chicken from a farmhouse in Mitaka, she judged it herself.Cooked in waterI ate it as a pot[62][63].. I drank a lot of alcohol as described in the short story "Prohibition of Prohibition". When I was told that it was bad for my body, I explained that "If you do not drink alcohol, you will be able to get a medicine, but is it okay?"[64].
  • Foot size is also 11CultureIt is large (about 26.4 cm) and has a high instep, so it fits your feet.shoes,足 袋I was having a hard time. When I bought soldier shoes (military boots) for distribution to post-war victims, I liked them and loved them.Tadahiko HayashiThis soldier's shoe is worn in the photo of "Lupin" in Ginza taken by[65].
  • Tooth decayIt was full of miso teeth, but I went to the dentist at the recommendation of Mrs. Michiko, and almost at the age of 32dentureMade[66].
  • Mitaka StationMitaka train depot on the west side (currentlyMitaka Vehicle Center)WhenChuo Main LineStraddleoverpassOften went to[67][68].. An explanation board is installed below the stairs to inform that Dazai has guided his friend.[69].. As of 2017, this overpass exists.This Mitaka garage overpass was built in 1920, and Dazai lived in Mitaka from 1939 to 1948. It has been maintained and managed by JR East.In 3500, JR East proposed to transfer to Mitaka City for the cost of inspection and repair of 2018 million yen on average annually, but if the necessary earthquake-resistant repair work is done, the cultural value such as appearance will be damaged and the construction will be done at midnight. The city abandoned the transfer because it seems that the cost will be high because it is limited to the belt, and on September 2021, 9, the removal of the overpass was announced.[70][71].
  • 1949/May 4, AnnouncedIncome numberingIn, the income of 100 million yen level is recorded, and it is the highest rank among the writers.[72].

Work list


Title of workFirst appearanceBook
The Blue Flower December 1934 issue"Late years" (Sunakoya Shobo, June 1936)
The Clown Flower"Nippon Ranman School Volume XNUMX Issue XNUMX"
1935 year 5 month number
"Late years" (Sunakoya Shobo, June 1936)
Das Gemeine"文藝 春秋』May 1935 issue
"Wakakusa" October 1937 issue"Female』(Hakubunkan, October 1942)
XNUMX views of FutakuStylistics February, 1939, March"Schoolgirl(Sagoya Shobo, July 1939)
Golden landscape"National newspaper』March 1939, 3, March 2"Schoolgirl" (Sagoya Shobo)
SchoolgirlBunkakai, December 1939 issue"Schoolgirl" (Sagoya Shobo)
Newly written"About love and beauty" (Takemura Shobo, May 1939)
Cherry blossoms and magic flute[73]The Shincho June 1939 issue"Skin and heart(Takemura Shobo, April 1940)
Eighty-eight nightsThe Shincho June 1939 issue"Skin and heart" (Takemura Shobo)
Dog talk"Literature" October 1939 issue"Skin and heart" (Takemura Shobo)
Skin and heartBunkakai, December 1939 issue"Skin and heart" (Takemura Shobo)
Popular angelThe Shincho June 1940 issue"Skin and heart" (Takemura Shobo)
Eagle"Intelligence" January 1940 issue"Skin and heart" (Takemura Shobo)
"Literature Japan" January 1940 issue"Woman duel』(Kawade Shobo, October 1940)
Woman duel"Monthly text" January 1940-June 1"Woman's Duel" (Kawade Shobo)
To a lawsuitChuokoron, February 1940 issue"Woman's Duel" (Kawade Shobo)
Run MerosThe Shincho June 1940 issue"Woman's Duel" (Kawade Shobo)
Classical style"Intelligence" January 1940 issue"Woman's Duel" (Kawade Shobo)
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The Shincho June 1940 issue"Tokyo Hakkei" (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
Bunkakai, December 1941 issue"Tokyo Hakkei" (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
PovertyThe Shincho June 1941 issue"Chiyome』(Chikuma Shobo, October 1941)
Worm communication"Intelligence" January 1941 issue"Chiyojyo" (Chikuma Shobo)
Sado"Publicism" January 1941 issue"Chiyojyo" (Chikuma Shobo)
Chiyome"Remodel』May 1941 issue"Chiyojyo" (Chikuma Shobo)
New HamletNewly written"New Hamlet" (Bungei Shunju, July 1941)
News of the windBunkakai, December 1941 issue
Bungei November 1941 issue
The Shincho June 1941 issue
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Who"Intelligence" January 1941 issue"The news of the wind" (Tone Shobo)
shame"Lady pictorial』May 1942 issue"Women" (Hakubunkan)
December XNUMX"Public opinion』May 1942 issue"Women" (Hakubunkan)
Ritsuko and Sadako"Wakakusa" October 1942 issue"The news of the wind" (Tone Shobo)
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Justice and smileNewly written"Justice and Smile" (Nishiki Publishing Company, June 1942)
Huangmura's memoirsBunkakai, December 1943 issue"beautiful day』(Zhashobo, August 1944)
Right Minister MinchoNewly written"Morning of the Right Minister" (Nishiki Publishing Co., September 1943)
Suspicious hermitageBungei Century October 1943 issue"Kahi" (Hajishobo)
HanafubukiNewly written"Kahi" (Hajishobo)
beautiful day"Remodeling" May 1944 issue"Kahi" (Hajishobo)
Scattering"New Young People" March 1944 issue"Kahi" (Hajishobo)
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New Shakoku"Shincho" January 1944, October issue
Bungei November 1944 issue
Bungei Century October 1944 issue
"Monthly Tohoku" November 1944 issue
Others are new
"The New Shakoku Kyokai" (Kaiseisha, January 1945)
Bamboo blueBungei November 1945 issue"Thin Ming" (Shinkigensha, November 1946)
FarewellNewly written"Sappetsu" (Asahi Shimbun, September 1945)
Fairy taleNewly written"Otogisoshi" (Chikuma Shobo, October 1945)
Pandora's Box"Kawakita Shimpo"
1945 year 10 month 22 day to 1946 year 1 month 7 day
"Pandora's Box" (Kahoku Shinposha, June 1946)
Winter の花火Perspective June 1946 issue"Winter Fireworks" (Chuo Koronsha, July 1947)
Dead leaves in spring"Human" September 1946 issue"Winter Fireworks" (Chuo Koronsha)
sparrowThe Thought, September 1946 issue"Winter Fireworks" (Chuo Koronsha)
The Shincho June 1946 issue"The Wife of Villon" (Chikuma Shobo, August 1947)
Gender equality"Remodeling" May 1946 issue"The Wife of Villon" (Chikuma Shobo)
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Meishan"Novel Shincho』May 1948 issue"Cherry Blossom" (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, July 1948)
Sunset"Shincho" July 1947-October 7"Shayo" (Shinchosha, December 1947)
Shincho March 1948, May-July"Ryoko gamon" (Shinchosha, November 1948)
Human disqualification"Perspective" June 1948-August issue"Human disqualification" (Chikuma Shobo, July 1948)
Good buy"Asahi Shimbun" December 1948, 6
"Asahi Review" July 1948, 7
"Human disqualification" (Chikuma Shobo)


Book titleInfomationPublication dateRemarks
Late yearsSunagoya Shobo1936/6/25Portfolio
Fictional wanderingShinchosha Co., Ltd.1937/6/1Portfolio
Twentieth century bearerPrint House1937/7/20Portfolio
About love and beautyTakemura Shobo1939/5/20Newly written works
SchoolgirlSunagoya Shobo1939/7/20Portfolio
Skin and heartTakemura Shobo1940/4/20Portfolio
ThinkingHuman documentary1940/6/1Portfolio
Woman duelKawade Shobo1940/6/15Portfolio
Hakkei, TokyoJitsugyo no Nihonsha1941/5/3Portfolio
New Hamlet文藝 春秋1941/7/2Newly written novel
ChiyomeChikuma Shobo1941/8/25Portfolio
News of the windTone Shobo1942/4/16Portfolio
Old HeidelbergTakemura Shobo1942/5/20Portfolio
Justice and smileNishiki Castle Publisher1942/6/10Newly written novel
albatrossShonan Shobo1942/11/15Portfolio
XNUMX views of FutakuShinchosha Co., Ltd.1943/1/10Portfolio
Right Minister MinchoNishiki Castle Publisher1943/9/25Newly written novel
beautiful dayHajishobo1944/8/20Portfolio
TsugaruOyama Bookstore1944/11/15Newly written novel
New ShakokuLife company1945/1/27Portfolio
FarewellAsahi Shimbun1945/9/5Newly written novel
Fairy taleChikuma Shobo1945/10/25Newly written works
Pandora's BoxKawakita Shimpo1946/6/5Novels
toyAzumi Shobo1946/8/10Portfolio
Monkey bearerKamakura library1947/1/20Portfolio
The Clown FlowerJitsugyo no Nihonsha1947/2/20Portfolio
Huangmura's memoirsJapan publishing1947/3/15Portfolio
DisposalPolygon library1947/6/10Portfolio
Winter の花火Chuokoronsha1947/7/5Portfolio
Roman lanternYoushasha1947/7/10Portfolio
Villon's wifeChikuma Shobo1947/8/5Portfolio
Kyogen GodMishima Shobo1947/8/30Portfolio
SunsetShinchosha Co., Ltd.1947/12/15Novels
Osamu Dazai's essay collectionWakakusa Shobo1948/3/21Portfolio
CherryJitsugyo no Nihonsha1948/7/25Portfolio
Human disqualificationChikuma Shobo1948/7/25Novels
("Good buyIs also included)
RumorShinchosha Co., Ltd.1948/11/10Essay collection
MapShincho Bunko2009/4/25Initial portfolio

Work research

  • "UnrulyDazai, who is counted as one of the "Shingyakusaku", tends to focus only on decadent styles, coupled with four attempts at suicide and his attitude toward life.Fairy tale''New Shakoku"Dog talk"" ""Huangmura's memoirsMany works with humor are left. I couldn't love Dazai literature for a long timeHisahide SugimoriSaid that he was very ashamed of his unclearness that he had only one-sided view of Dazai until he read "Otogi-zoshi" and "Shinshaku Kokusai" after a long time after the war.[74].
  • It was excellent in both long and short stories, but it is also highly regarded as a novelist who writes splendidly with just a few manuscript sheets, such as "Full Request".
  • 1948/In April, "Osamu Dazai Complete Works" will be published by Yakumo Bookstore just before Dazai's death.bankruptcySuspended by.After that, a new "Osamu Dazai Complete Works" will be published.However, a full-scale complete collection complete with letters and studies1955/ToChikuma ShoboIs the first one published by.
  • 2014/(December 26) In December, all 12 volumes of the Korean version of "Osamu Dazai" were completed. The novels are arranged in the order they were announced, and the complete collection includes all works including essays.[78].


Tsushima family

(Kanagi Village, Kitatsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture (laterKitatsugaru-gunKanagi Town, CurrentAomoriGoshogawara))
Tsushima'sFamily treeThere are various theories about, and it is not clear. The first generation Sousuke sells tofuPeddlerIt was.1946/In the yearbook of distress announced in (Showa 21), "I should be proud of my home.GenealogyThere is nothing. It came from somewhere, thisTsugaruNative to the northern end ofCommon peopleBut it's definitely our ancestors. I'm ignorantPoor farmerIs a descendant of. The fact that my house began to be known in Aomori PrefectureGreat-grandfatherIt has been from the time of Sosuke.” SosukeoilIt is said that he built a peddler by lending money while peddling for sale.Also, the Tsushima family is oldTsushima countryからSea of ​​JapanIt is assumed that the family settled in Tsugaru acrossLoreThere is alsoBodhi TempleEven in the gravestone of Nandaiji Temple, the ancestor is "Tsushima surname." Engraved with this "Tsushima surname"GraveAbout Dazai's nephewKoichi Tsushima(An actor) Said, "I wonder if it came from somewhere," and shyly said, "Our genealogy is terrible," with a distrust of the inscription of "Tsushima surname," which has some meaning. Is[79].
The Tsushima familySquireThe third generation Sousuke who was pushed up was from the Yamanaka family of Kase village, and the original name was Yunosuke.1835/(Tempo(6th year) was born as the second son of the great peasant, Hisagoro Yamanaka,1859/(Ansei6 years) of the Tsushima familySon-in-lawBecame. The ancestors of the Yamanaka familyNoto countryYamanaka Sho Yamanaka Castle Family"1867/(KeioSosuke second generation passed away in 3 years,FamilyAnd inherited the third generation "Sousuke". Besides selling oil,cottonWe also deal with textile products such as, and accumulated goods by lending and became a new landlord.1894/(MeijiIn 27), was elected as a landlord mutual elector of Kitatsugaru-gun1895/(Meiji 28) elected to the Kitatsugaru-gun Income Tax Investigation Committee election.1897/(30th year of Meiji), joint-stock companyKanagi BankWas established. Once again, he became a member of the county parliamentary ground and entered the 12th place in the county's large taxpayer numbering system to obtain the mutual election qualification for the members of the House of Lords. He had a name as a little local celebrity from an unnamed lender Sousuke.
Since there was no trace, he adopted son-in-law, Sogoro. Gengoemon was adopted as son-in-law because Sōgoro had no trace.[80].Family crestIs "Tsuru no Maru". Kaneki's birthplace was built by Genemon,Osamu Dazai Memorial Hall "Shayokan"Published as a countryImportant cultural propertyIs specified in.


Father Genemon
1871/(3st year of Meiji) Birth- 1923/(12th year of Taisho)
He entered the Tsushima family as a son-in-law from the Matsuki family.From Sosuke on behalf of the sickly SogoroFamilyCan be handed over[80].1901/(Meiji 34), elected a member of the prefectural assembly.1922/He became a member of the House of Lords in 11, but died of lung cancer the following year.
Mother, Tane (Yuko)
1873/(6st year of Meiji) Birth- 1942/(Showa 17) Death
Sogoro's eldest daughter. Born seven sons and four women, including Dazai. Died at age 69.

Brothers and sisters

Persons marked with * have died prior to Dazai.

Third son (oldest brother)Bunji
The eldest son, Soichiro, and the second son, Kyuzaburo, were prematurely born and became the successor to the Tsushima family. Mayor of Kanagi, Governor of Aomori Prefecture, Member of the House of Representatives, Member of the House of Councilors. Eldest sonKoichiIs an actor.
Fourth son (second brother), Eiji
Mayor Kanagi. GrandchildKyoichiIs a former member of the House of Representatives.
Fifth son, Keiji*
Tokyo Art SchoolEntered the Department of Sculpture. Contributed an essay under the pen name of "Riichi Yumekawa" to Dazai's doujinshi "Cell Literature"[81].. He died of tuberculosis at the age of 28.
Seventh son (brother), Reiji*
septicemiaHe died of illness at the age of 18.
Eldest daughter (older sister) Tama*
Ryotaro Hirayama was adopted as a son-in-law, but died at the age of 22 after marriage. At this time, Dazai was 3 years old.
Second daughter (second sister) Toshi
Mrs. Taro Tsushima
Third daughter (three sisters), eye*
Mrs. Masao Tsushima
Four girls (four sisters), Kyo*
Mrs. Teiichi Kodate. Kodate Tamotsu and Kodate Zenshiro are brother-in-law. He died just three months after the end of the war.


Tokyo Women's Normal SchoolAfter graduation,Tsuru High SchoolI was a teacher of history and geography. He met Dazai at the age of 26 and married the following year.
Eldest son Sonoko
Husband is exMember of the House of Representatives OfYuji Tsushima (Nee/Ueno). Eldest sonAtsushiIs a member of the House of Representatives.2020/May 4Died at age 78 due to respiratory failure[82].. He was known as the "Flower Painter" and was named "Narcissus" on April 2022th, his anniversary in 4.[83].
Eldest son, Masaki
I had Down syndrome. He died of pneumonia at the age of 15.
Second daughter, foster child
NovelistYushima Tsushima.
Haruko Ota
Novelist. A daughter between her mistress, Shizuko Ota.

Matsuki family

The Matsuki family in the wooden village is far more prestigious than the Tsushima family in Kanagi and the Yamanaka family in Kase where Sousuke the third generation came out.Old house.Clan eraToFamily name swordWas forgivenSquirewas.
According to "Matsuki Family History Book" and other sources,Wakasa countryObama(CurrentFukui), A merchantManjiIn the year (1658–60)HirosakiHe came to Japan and was doing business in Habutae.KanbunYear (1661–72)Tsugaru DomainWhen the development of Nitta started, it moved to a wooden structure and was recognized for its clearing effect.Shoya, Became a villager.In the Meiji era, during the time of the XNUMXth generation ShichiemonWholesaler(NameUntil I moved to Shojudo)Sake breweryWas running.


family tree

Ishihara Hatsutaro
Tsushima Genemon
Akira Ishihara
Osamu Dazai (Shuji Tsushima)
Shizuko Ota
Eiji Tsushima
Bunji Tsushima
Yuji Tsushima
Foster child (Yushima Tsushima
Haruko Ota
Kazuo Tsushima
Koichi Tsushima
Yoshiro Tazawa
Atsushi Tsushima
Kyoichi Tsushima

Related person

  • Momoko Ishii -Children's literature writer and translator. When I happened to be seated with Dazai at the House of Ibushi, I deepened my friendship. After Dazai's death, he said in a conversation with Ibushi, "If I do, I will not die Dazai-san."Momoko Ishii #Meeting with Osamu DazaiSee also.
  • Atsushi Ishikawa -After the war, DazaiAngo Sakaguchi-Sakunosuke OdaTogether with so-calledUnrulyA literary person who was regarded as the standard-bearer of.Since around 14, I have shared a liquor table with Dazai about four times.On the occasion of Dazai's death, he published a sentence entitled "Osamu Dazai Ascension" ("Trendy』Vol. 45, No. 7, July 1948).
  • Masuji Ibuse --Dazai's teacher.According to Dazai himself, when Dazai was still a junior high school student in Aomori, he was excited by his talent when he read Ibuse's "Ibuse" (the original form of "Sanshoyo").I studied after moving to Tokyo, and Ibushi was the matchmaker for my marriage.After the war, Dazai seemed to have mixed feelings about Ibuse, and it became a hot topic that he left behind in his suicide note, "Mr. Ibuse is a villain."There are various theories about the feud between the two, but the details are unknown.
  • Ima Harubu -Also known as Uhei Ima. As a good friend of Dazai and a humorist,Dog talkWas dedicated.Nobuo OriguchiIt was also Ima who recommended the Dazai work to. Before entering the waterSato Ito"The pond water is muddy and turbid, and the shadow of Fujinami is completely raining."TankaI left the colored paper on which I recorded it for Ima.Famous for hating DazaiMishima YukioLived next door to the Ima family during the Meguro era, and once sought protection from the Ima family when he was broke into a robbery and ran away. Written "Cherry Blossoms".
  • Onishi giant - Writer. I requested a manuscript as an editor of "Cultural Outlook",Fifteen yearsIs published in the first issue. In 1948, he issued a memorial text entitled "Death of Osamu Dazai".
  • Katsuichiro Kamei --Literary critic.From the XNUMX's of the Showa era to the time of his death, he had exchanges and explained his collection of works.His writer theory is "Buraiha's Prayer Osamu Dazai", and the new edition is Kawade Bunko's "Letter of Osamu Dazai Love and Anguish".
  • Kayo Harunori - King KayomiyaSecond prince of.Withdrawal from the Imperial FamilyLater a diplomat. ``October 1947, 10Current news], "It's interesting that Osamu Dazai's "Shayo" is a little pinched." Dazai saysRumor"In a roundtable discussion in a newspaper, Miya said, "I love reading the sun, because I'm caught in it," he said.
  • Yasunari Kawabata -DazaiAkutagawa PrizeOne of the selection committee members when they became a candidate and lost. Kawabata criticized that "the author's current life was cloudy, and he was uncomfortable with his talent," Dazai said.To Kawabata YasunariProtest by writing a short sentence titled ". Kawabata announced a short sentence, "About the Akutagawa Award to Mr. Osamu Dazai," but "I have no roots and leaves, and I shouldn't hate it. (...)" "I revoke it gracefully," he calmly explained. Later in the "Society" April 1948 issueNaoya Shiga,Kazuro HirotsuIn response to Kawabata's remarks in the "Bungei Ding talk" with "Shincho" June 1948 issue "RumorIn "(XNUMX)", Dazai said, "In addition, to the old manChabozuThis is out of the question for a lowly and thin genre writer who follows Azuma like this and says that it looks like Gozeemas, a popular novel on the left. I cursed him.When Dazai's masterpiece "The Setting Sun" was translated and published after Dazai's death, he sent a letter such as "I am truly fortunate that Dazai was blessed with Keene's kindness."The United States of AmericaIt was addressed to the person in charge of the publisher New Directions,Donald KeeneIt was said that it was delivered to Keene because there was also a description about the translation of[84].
  • Kiyoshi Koyama --A writer of Dazai's students.He edits works and author theory.The new edition is "Osamu Dazai's Letter" Kawade Bunko
  • Ikanichi -A friend of Dazai's hometown. He was trusted by Dazai as the only scholar who came from Tsugaru. Short storyThink of Zenzo] Appears as "Kaichi Kono".
  • Haruo Sato --Dazai's teacher.When Dazai's work was nominated for the Akutagawa Prize, Dazai during the drug addiction era sent a number of letters begging for the prize, "Please give me a prize."After all, when Dazai was defeated, Dazai wrote a short story "Genesis" and criticized Sato.In response, Sato wrote the novel "Akutagawa Prize" and retaliated by exposing Dazai's insane behavior.Since then, Dazai has become estranged from Sato, but Sato, who acknowledged Dazai's talent, was somewhat regrettable.Dazai's "Hakkei, Tokyo], the subsequent process is described. The inscription of the Dazai Osamu literary monument on Mt.
  • Naoya Shiga -The novel "Tsugaru" has been criticized by Dazai with his name down. After that, ShigaShinichiro NakamuraMotoichi SasakiIn a roundtable discussion with a magazine, the wording of the daughter of the Han tribe who appeared in "Shayo" was closed like a maiden maid, it would be nice to do it a little more seriouslyGakuinCritics from the point of origin and familiarity with ethnic Chinese society. Dazai, who turned upside down, is a serial review of his last yearRumor], and counterattacked Shiga. After the death of Dazai,1948/May 8, Shiga wrote a sentence entitled "Death of Dazai Osamu" and said, "Because I knew that Dazai-kun had an antipathy to me, it became a natural and somewhat malicious word." Acknowledging that he was angry with Dazai in the case of "Tsugaru", he said, "If Dazai-kun knows that he is a person who is physically and mentally depressed, he may have said a little more now. I apologize for not being able to grow up."
  • Hisahide Sugimori --A writer, an editor when he was young, and dating Dazai.Sugimori was three years younger than Dazai, but Dazai misunderstood that he was far younger and published an art book.MichelangeloBecause he tried to teach the greatness of Dazai, he said he was reluctant to know it even if he was not taught by Dazai.After the war, he happened to set up a roundtable discussion that was the beginning of the "Nyosei Gamon" incident, so he was watching over the conflict between Dazai and Shiga. He wrote "Osamu Dazai, the flag bearer of suffering."
  • Hidemitsu Tanaka - Novelist. A disciple of Dazai.Olympicplayer.After appearing in the Bundan in the youth literature "Olympus Fruit", he turned to Buraiha.Injured at the end of drug addiction, the year after Dazai's death, in front of Dazai's graveSuicide official[85].
  • Kazuo Dan - Novelist.Dazai's best friend. "Run MerosThere is also a theory that "" is modeled on an episode in Atami with Dan.
  • Shigehisa Tsutsumi --The disciple whom Dazai trusted most.LaterKyoto Sangyo UniversityProfessor. He is the author of "Seven Years with Osamu Dazai".
  • Yoshio Toyoshima --Dazai's senior writer and French literary scholar.He served as Dazai's funeral chairman.
  • Hideo Nakai -While studying at the University of Tokyo, the XNUMXth "New thoughtAs an editor of the book, Nakai was most intoxicated and repulsed at the time with Dazai (detailed in "Kurotorikan Postwar Diary"). According to "Badataka-Instead of the Postscript-", when he visited Dazai's house on May 1948, 5, he saw Dazai stroking his complete works from Yakumo Bookstore and making him happy. Nakai, who thought it ridiculous to publish the complete works of the writer before he was alive, once asked, "The teacher often says that he will die soon, but when will he really die?"Dazai replied, "Human, it's not so easy to die," but he committed suicide about a month later.He said he regretted having asked him later.Nakai saidNew thoughtWas written inMorning], said he paid fifty yen for each manuscript. Later, when I had a hard time living, I recall that this handwritten manuscript was sold to an old bookstore for XNUMX yen, and the next day for XNUMX yen.
  • Yoshikazu Nakano -Dazai is addicted to PabinardTokyo Musashino HospitalShe was a doctor and poet when she was hospitalized. DazaipsychopathI diagnosed. Yoshikazu Kono of "Thinking about Zenzo" was a mess.
  • Yoshio Nakano --English literary and critic.He criticized his short story "Father" as "I read it really interesting, but nothing will be left the next morning", and Dazai wrote a series of criticisms "Rumor], He was counterattacked as "a greedy, nasty, rigid person, also one of the great idiot teachers."At the time of Dazai's death, he was a professor of English literature at the University of Tokyo.Literary artsIn the August 1948 issue of the literary commentary "Naoya Shiga and Osamu Dazai," "No matter where it is, it is no longer an ugly pole, such as hugging another woman from the tip of the nose of his wife's house. "The way of life of Dazai is a bottom anti-society that destroys a good society from itself.EgoismIt is nothing but, "he pointed to Dazai's life.
  • Nakahara Chuya -A coterie of "Blue Flowers". Nakahara, who is famous for his great joy at the tavern, asks, "What flower do you like?", and when Dazai replied, "Mo, Mo, No, Ha, Na," he said, " Chie, so you're down." While respecting Nakahara, Dazai's side hates humanity and is a close friend.Yamagishi External HistoryAgainstSlugIt's not something I've been able to keep up with," he said. After Nakahara's death, he said to Kazuo Dan, "When I see him dead, it's Nakahara, eh.TachiharaIs dead and a genius, what do you think? Everyone isn't boring."
  • Fujio Noguchi -A coterie of "Literary Age"Japan Bungei AssociationRead the condolences at the funeral as part-time secretariat.
  • Kazuo Nohara - Shinchosha Co., Ltd.Editor in charge of. Write "Recollection Dazai Osamu" etc.
  • Kenichi Nodaira --The editor in charge of Shinchosha. The second editor-in-chief of Shukan Shincho. Write "Yaraicho Half Century Dazai-san Mishima-san, etc."
  • Naoki Bessho -Dazai's disciple.
  • Mishima Yukio ――When I was 12 years old, I said, "A fictional wandering Das Gemeine』, read the same pain[86][Annotation 6].. After that, I read "Shayo" from the time of serialization in the magazine,Yasunari KawabataIn the letter, “I read the third edition of “Shayo” as well. It is close to the epic poem and it is foreseen that the artistic completion will be wonderful. However, it is still foreseen.”[87]Is written. However, in a later essay, it will appear in this work貴族Point out that the wording of is far from the real nobility[88][Annotation 7].. July 1946, 12,Shizuichi YashiroInvited to DazaiKatsuichiro KameiAttended a meeting around. According to Yashiro, when he said, "Dazai will meet me," Mishima brightened his eyes and said, "Please take me with me."[89].. At this meeting, Mishima said, "I hate Dazai-san's literature," while grinning. In response, Dazai made an expression of being emptied, and without saying to anyone He said, "I like it, because I'm coming this way. I like it. After all, I like it," said Mishima.[88].. But I was thereKazuo NoharaAccording to Mishima,Noh maskDazai turned away, saying to Mishima's remark that he said, "If you don't like it, you shouldn't come."[90].. Mishima often continued to express his dislike of Dazai after that.[Annotation 8].. 『Novelist vacation], "First, I flicker on this person's face. Second, on this person's redneck.High colorI have a hobby. Third, this person played an unsuitable role for him." "Dazai's personality deficiencies are at least half cured by cold water rubs, gymnastics and regular living. "It's supposed to be sick," "the sick people who don't want to heal are not qualified to be real sick people.[91], That kind of description can be seen in other roundtable discussions and letters.[Annotation 9].. In the later years, made in 1968Hitotsubashi UniversityAt Teach-In, “I seem to be heading in an increasingly contrasting direction with Dazai, but I think it's probably because there's something that touches Dazai. That's why I'm repulsing and that's why. I'm going to the other side.''[92]Said. AlsoSelf-determinationAbout two months ago,Tsuyoshi MuramatsuConfessed to the editor, "I feel nauseous even though I hear that people are going to buy furniture these days," Muramatsu said, "family happiness is an enemy of literature. Then, it is the same as Osamu Dazai. Mishima said, "Yes, I'm the same as Osamu Dazai. It's the same."[93][94].
  • Mori Ogai ――Dazai wrote the sentence, "The shadow of Taiki, for example, Ogai, Ogai Mori."In addition, the gravestone of the person himself is Mitaka City as desired.Zenrinji TempleIt is set up at the location facing the tombstone of Mori Ogai in (more precisely, diagonally opposite). By the way, the inscribed "Osamu Dazai" is drawn by Ryuji Ibushi.
  • Yamagishi External History - critic. Dazai's best friend. I met Dazai in 1934 (Showa 9),Japanese ManhattanDeepened friendship as a coterie. He also influenced Dazai's literature with his writings such as "The Book of Human Christ," but gradually became estranged by sending out postwar diplomacy. However, when he entered Dazai, he joined the body search and cried by Mrs. Michiko, "If Yamagishi was in Tokyo, Dazai didn't die." (1962 (Showa 37)), it was clarified in "Dazai Osamu Remembering" (1963 (Showa 38)).
  • Takaaki Yoshimoto - critic.When he was a student, he visited Dazai to get permission to perform "Spring Dead Leaves".

Actors played

List of actors who played Osamu Dazai, or a person equivalent to it.

Memorial facility

  • Osamu Dazai Memorial Hall "Shayokan"
    A memorial hall in Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture.
  • Dazai Osamu Manabi no Ie
    A private house where I stayed in the old system Hirosaki High School.
  • Osamu Dazai Literature Salon
    Initially in Tokyo as "Osamu Dazai Literature Museum"Inokashira ParkConstruction was planned within.三鷹市は井の頭恩賜公園開園100周年・太宰没後70年記念事業として2017年4月に井の頭公園内に太宰治文学館を建設する計画を公表したがMitaka City announced a plan to build the Osamu Dazai Literature Museum in Inokashira Park in April XNUMX as a project to commemorate the XNUMXth anniversary of the opening of Inokashira Park and the XNUMXth anniversary of the death of Osamu Dazai.[95],Public commentThere were many dissenting opinions from the citizens about the construction of Inokashira Park.Furusato tax paymentAt the end of March 2018, we announced a change in the installation location other than Inokashira Park and a review of the plan schedule including reexamination due to the decrease in tax revenue due to[96]. afterwards,ShimorenjakuOpened in March 3 under the name of "Osamu Dazai Literature Salon" on the site of a liquor store related to Dazai in 2020-chome.[97].
  • Yufuin Literature Forest "Hekiunso'
    From Amanuma, Suginami-ku, TokyoOitaYufuIt was relocated to Yufuin Town and opened to the public in April 2017 as a literary exchange facility.

Related books

Biography of Dazai


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注 釈

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  2. ^ Regarding this disposition, it is said that the fact that the prosecutor in charge of Uno happened to be a relative of the Matsuki family, who happened to be Dazai's father's parents' home, and that the detective in charge happened to be from Kaneki had an advantage for Dazai. There is also[23].
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