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🎥 | Kamen Rider winter movie, Shin Fujioka's Takeshi Hongo praises "high degree of perfection"

Photo: Shin Fujioka at the stage greeting on the first day of the 18th

Kamen Rider winter movie, Shin Fujioka's Takeshi Hongo praises "high degree of perfection"

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At the time of the announcement of the appearance, Fujioka described that playing Takeshi Hongo as a second generation parent and child was "a destiny that must be done".

Hiroshi Fujioka in the 50th anniversary movie "Kamen Rider Beyond Generations" (released nationwide) ... → Continue reading

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    Two generations of parents and children

    Kamen Rider No. 1

    Kamen Rider No. 1(Kamen Rider Ichigo)Special effectsTV drama series "Kamen Rider seriesThe character that appears in the work.

    Here, transform into Kamen Rider No. 1Takeshi Hongo(Hongo Takeshi) is also explained.

    Kamen Rider No. 1

    Old No. 1

    TV series "Kamen Rider』\ Hongo appears in episodes 1-13 of the beltwindmillTyphoonTransformed by receiving wind pressure[1].. Popular nameNo. 1 rider,Hongo Rider[2]..Later the design was significantly changedNew issue 1When distinguishing fromOld No. 1[3][4]Called.

    When the wind turbine dynamo of the belt receives wind pressure, it is converted into wind energy at 98.5% by the converter rung and stored in the energy converter.[1], Micro reactor starts[Annotation 2]..The energy passes through the inside of the artificial muscle, only the body becomes a masked rider, and finally the head is covered with a mask, and the transformation is completed[6][7][8]..It is not possible to transform or maintain the rider's appearance in a place without wind power.Compound eye C eye with wider field of view than humans, infrared night vision ability, and zoom function[Annotation 3], A super-hearing device with 4 times the hearing of a normal person who hears sounds around 40 kilometers. A super-tactile antenna that can detect 4km square radio waves, a brain wave detector for monsters that catches special wavelengths when there is a monster within a radius of 100m, a blinking O signal, a foot shock absorber that absorbs 100 tons of shock, etc. , The basic functional aspects are common to No. 1 and No. 2.

    Ability improved with subsequent training.In addition, although the setting featuring technique and speed is later, it shows almost the same number of techniques as the old No. 2 in just 13 episodes until it is replaced with the old No. 2.

    Old No. 1 molding

    The mask isFRPMade of[9], Wear like a helmet instead of splitting[10]..From the 3rd episode, I also use the one with a dark face[11]..All for hard actionlatexMade[12][13]..The wearer's hair can be seen on the back of the head.There are vents in the ears[13]..There are 4 and 5 screws around the peephole.[14], Screw holes are negative[15].

    Michio Mikami of Expo Production was in charge of clay molding.There was a theory that the old No. 1 mask was smaller than the new No. 1 because it was made to fit the head of Hiroshi Fujioka, but since the new No. 1 mask is modeled from the old No. 1, It seems that there is no big difference in the actual size[16].

    Each part of the mask is as follows.

    • C eye-transparentpolyesterMade[17]..A compound eye pattern is attached by a stamp.[Annotation 4]..The uncolored one that looks pink used from the first episode[Annotation 5], Some of them are painted in the clear color red used after the 4th episode[17][21][Annotation 6]..I use a miniature light bulb for a bicycle and a reflector to keep my eyes on when shooting at night, but there is no power supply inside the mask.[13].
    • Crusher-Divided into upper and lower parts, lower jaw made of latex[21]..In the first episode, the jaw was also made of FRP[22]..It seems that there was also a poly one[23]..A rubber band hangs from a painter's hat with a cut brim, which is worn under the mask.[13].
    • Super Tactile Antenna-A radio antenna joined to a mask with a bicycle brake wire.Some have a protrusion at the tip and some do not.[21].
    • O-Signal-Uses a commercially available blue or green lamp[21].

    The fabric of the suit is initiallyDeerWas the skin[9][4]..It was used up to the third episode, but it was changed because it was not suitable for action[4]..In the second halfVinyl leatherIt was made, but it seems that there was also a genuine leather one[10]..Chest converter rung made of latex[24].

    Old No. 1Transformation beltThe base is white.There are various variations depending on the decoration.

    • Typhoon-There are two types with different thicknesses.It seems that the thick typhoon was equipped with a rotating mechanism for the windmill.[Annotation 7], There is no video that is operating with the whole body reflected when wearing a suit[25].
    • Energy Converter-There are two types with different thicknesses, which are further subdivided by the shape of the tuner or switch.[24]..Initially it was possible to store batteries[26].
    • Stopper-There are two types, buckle type and seatbelt type.[25].

    As can be said throughout, the coloring of details changes slightly depending on the number of stories.This is a production situation in which improvements and repairs were carried out on-site.Nori Maezawa, who belonged to the exhibition at that time, did not prepare the paint because he did not anticipate the lengthening of the program, he prepared it each time, and the quality of the paint was poor, so the color changed. I testify that there were riders of various colors.[27].

    Hiroshi Fujioka, who actually wore it, testified that in the shooting of the first episode, the action with the mask was invisible with his own breath, and the leather suit was also difficult to move.[28]..Also, of the directorItaru OritaStates that when illuminated, it reflects diffusely, making it even harder to see.[28].

    Sakurajima No. 1

    No. 1, which was set to be fighting in Europe, reappeared in episodes 40 and 41 with the return of Fujioka, and has fought with No. 2 several times since then.This time is also "Old No. 1", but because the suit has a unique color different from before, it is named after the shooting location.Sakurajima No. 1There is a nickname[29][30][4][31]..Movie version"Kamen Rider vs Shocker], He is showing off his transformation pose in this figure.

    In the 1998 video "Kamen Rider Memorial", Fujioka narrated that "the body changed by accumulating combat experience", and Sakurajima No. 1 was "the first form" of the old No. 1. The second form of the European era ".

    Sakurajima No. 1 suit was newly modeled[32][31]..The mask had a chin strap for the first time for ups[33]..It is shiny and has no ear vents. The color of the C eye is now red only[32]..Also, the O signal is a dummy[23][33]..Only episode 41 uses the old No. 1 mask together[33]..Latex masks and jersey suits were used when shooting bike action[34].

    After that, it was renewed in "Kamen Rider vs. Shocker"[22].

    New issue 1

    The appearance that No. 53 has been strengthened, which appeared in episode 1. Like No. 2, it can be transformed freely by storing wind energy in the body.[35][37]In that case, "Rider ... Makeover!Take a unique pose with a shout of ".Transformation time is 0.5 seconds[Annotation 9].

    Physical ability is better than before, but enemy monsters are also getting stronger, so they are competing with a variety of techniques.Rider Kick, which is a representative of Special Moves, has various variations according to the battle situation, as well as striking and throwing techniques.For this reason,"Technique No. 1Has come to have the nickname of[Annotation 10]..During the 1 seconds when Hongo changes to the new No. 0.5, it will be in a state of neither, so if the windmill of Typhoon is frozen during that time, it will get stuck.

    No explanation for this series of changes is given in the play.In the opening of the new No. 1 and the flashback scene of Episode 86, there is a new shooting cut that seems to be a remodeling scene of Hongo wearing the costume of the new No. 1, but it is clearly stated that this is a "remodeling scene". Not even[Annotation 11].Seiji AbeRegarding this matter, "I was aware that I wouldn't have to bother to explain it, and the children wouldn't care about it. Adults would care about the reason (summary)," he said. He says that he will not take the attitude of pursuing in the program[40].

    For children in 1972, it was only explained that "the mechanism of the body's machinery has changed".[41][42]There are various theories about the interpretation of the setting, because it was not mentioned how it was strengthened.The most well-known is "I was intentionally captured by Shocker and underwent remodeling surgery by Dr. Shinigami. Hongo remained conscious by self-hypnosis and escaped before the brain was remodeled."Tv land』The theory of origin, this has also obtained the consent of Toru Hirayama[43]..Apart from that, "TV magazine』And in the kind of pictorial book published by Kurosaki, it is said that" Hongo modified it by his own hands ", and many fans support this theory.[43]..Also, as mentioned above, in "Kamen Rider Memorial", it is said that "the body has changed by accumulating combat experience." "Masked Rider No. 1 Pia" states that "the body was remodeled and strengthened based on the data obtained by studying the body of No. 2".[8].

    The transformation pose of No. 1 isTwo-sword styleImagine[39]..The stance of raising the right arm up and aligning the left arm with the chest is based on the stance used in the pre-broadcast photo session in the old No. 1 era and the stance that was adopted as a rider fight pose after the 10th episode. Has become[44]..The former was conceived by Kazutoshi Takahashi, a sword fight, as a pose that children can easily imitate, from the gesture of washing the body in the bathroom.[44].

    New No. 1 molding

    The molding has also changed significantly.

    • Mask-Initially bright yellow-green (bean color), but gradually changed to bright metallic light green[39][22][4][31][45].. It was pure green in the NG version[46]..Initially, the masks of Sakurajima No. 1 and the old No. 2 were diverted and repainted, but a new mask was introduced from the Shocker Rider edition.[47][Annotation 12]..This mask is "All together! 7 Kamen Riders!!Was used up to[22].. 『Sky rider] After that, it is light blue.The action mask is made of latex only in the early bean color, and the mask after the latter is made of FRP.[48].. 『V3』Episode 33/34 and"StrongerIn the special shooting of 』, the mask has been replaced with No. 2.[49][31].. Until the 39th episode of "Stronger", I used the original mask[31]After "Sky Rider", the mask was refurbished by Cosmo Production, and instead of the upper and lower split type, the latex jaw was fixed with a rubber cord.[22].. The C eye is one size smaller than the old No. 2 one[22].
    • Costume-Gloves and boots are silver[39]..There are two silver lines on both sides of the body, including the armpits[39][50]..The suit is cloth (tights)[22]) Was changed, but vinyl leather was still used at the attraction.[51].
    • Transformation belt-It has the same red base as No. 2, but as usual, there are variations due to different shapes of parts, and there are many types of decorative buttons in particular.Typhoons and converters are mainly made of poly, but some are made of latex[52].

    Masked Rider No. 1 in the movie "Masked Rider No. 1"

    Appeared in a new design[54].. Commonly known as "Neo No. 1'[55]..It is set that Hongo himself covered the whole body with a strong exterior to cover the body that was injured and deteriorated during a long battle, and the physical ability, combat power, and supernatural power were greatly strengthened.[56][53]..Also, in the play, he died temporarily during the battle, but he absorbed the energy of the flame.PhoenixIs resurrected like[53].

    • The physique is a form design that is conscious of Fujioka at the time of shooting[57]In addition, armor is attached to both shoulders and forearms.[58].. at firstKamen Rider No. 3I was assuming the first Manga version that I wanted to do from that time[57]..With the approach of stacking armor on No. 1, the spine is connected to the buttocks on the back, and the extended neckline is conscious of the iron helmet.[57]..The coloring is based on Sakurajima No. 1, which Fujioka returned as a solo star, as opposed to No. 3, which was conscious of the old No. 1.[57], C eye and muffler are red, gloves and boots, crusher and converter rung, energy converter are green, transformation belt is silver, and thin red lines are engraved on the limbs.
    • Initially, the belt was the same as the old No. 1, but I thought that it could not carry the strengthened energy of No. 1, so it became a new system that transforms by the windmill of light turning and taking in the elements in the air. Ta[57]..Therefore, because it is powerful, it became an excessively heavy cover that it should never be opened before transformation.[57]..Red alerts indicating that the belt is locked are lit on both sides, and when you enter a transformation pose, the lights change to green and the belt function is released.[57]..The windmill of the belt is always shining not only at the time of transformation but also at the time of transformation as it incorporates the surrounding elements.[57]..The image at the time of design was that the wings of light would come out of the unfolded back armor.[57]..Cyclone alsoNeo cycloneThe design has been redesigned as[54], The Tachibana Racing mark is also put on the Typhoon because of the back setting that Fujibei was involved in strengthening like the same car.[57].
    • Hideki Tajima, who was in charge of the design, made a homage to Sakurajima No. 1 with the meaning of "the result of pursuing the appearance and strength of Fujioka who plays" for the massive modeling and "the return of Hongo" for the color scheme. "[59][60].

    Kamen Rider No. 1 in "THE FIRST"

    Rotate the typhoon of the belt that Hongo exposed to the outside, body suitSpecial reinforced clothingThe strongest level of remodeled human beings with the ability of grasshoppers to transform by setting the helmet on the top of the mask and the crusher on the bottom after the cyborg is automatically attached.[61][62]..In ShockerHopperIt is called.Since rejection does not occur, it is possible to fight for a long time without regular blood exchange."Power No. 1" is characterized by a heavy and straight fighting style that focuses on physical skills such as punching and kicking from high places without having any portable weapons.[61]..Unlike the TV series, the name in the play and the shout of "transformation"[62]Has been omitted.

    The suit is based on black and the muffler is red, the upper half of the mask is dark blue, the mask jaw (crusher) and chest converter rung, gloves and boots are blue green, and the belt is white.The difference in shape from the one-letter suit is that the shoulder protector is attached to the outside of the fabric, and the top and bottom of the suit are separated.The shape of the mesh part on the back is also different between No. 1 and No. 2.

    • The design isHiroshi DebuchiWas in charge of[63][64]..The color scheme is based on the image of the old No. 1.[63][64]..Since it is a masked "rider", it is finished with the interpretation that mechanical pads and chest parts, gloves and boots for motorcycles are attached to the body of the suit of motorcycle equipment, and the image of the rider is respected and the details are improved. Was suppressed, and the "I-sama Rider" color was eliminated as much as possible.[65][63]..Based on the TV version of the mask, the crusher is emphasized and faithfully reproduced in the play image of wearing a mask, and at the same time, as a reproduction of the early TV version, the performer's hair and neck are designed to be partially exposed. Is[63]..Also, in consideration of the illustration of the original version, the antennae are shaped to become thicker toward the tip.[63]..In addition, it is characterized by having Eri as an element that neither the TV version nor the original version has, and by emphasizing that it is a costume, it avoids overexposing the back hair.[65][63].
    • Suit actorHiroshi MaedaAccording to the report, it was a modest action that had power but did not understand how to fight from the setting immediately after remodeling.[66].
    "Kamen Rider THE NEXT"
    After spending two years escaping from Shocker after the battle of the previous work, the rider suit has more scars and discoloration than the previous work.However, there is no deterioration in the function of the suit itself, such as bulletproofing.The color of the suit is black and there is no change, but the gloves and boots, converter rung and wings on the back are green, the eye color that was light pink in the previous work is crimson, and the mask that was dark blue is black (and countless more) (Scratched), the blue-green parts such as the crusher and boots are also discolored to dark green.Also, there are two green lines on the side of the body and on the arms.[67].
    There is no change in basic abilities and functions, but the fighting style has become more sophisticated due to repeated battles.Although there are only early remodeling humans and the shocker rider, which is a mass-produced hopper, can surpass, the current situation is that it is slightly behind the next-generation monster remodeled by nanorobots.However, he is fully skilled as a warrior, such as being able to see the behavior and abilities of next-generation remodeled humans, and covers the difference in abilities due to generational differences.The arm of the motorcycle that he had before the remodeling showed outstanding brilliance, and in the battle between motorcycles, he overwhelmed the shocker rider who chased with six people.
    • The color scheme is conscious of the coloring of "Sakurajima No. 1", and the line behind the mask has also been changed.[68][69]..The arm and leg lines have also been changed to two, similar to Sakurajima No. 1.[70]..The damage expression is not drawn in the design picture, it was added at the molding stage, and it became the same color as the body color[71].


    As the story progressesRider kickIs established as a special move.Rider kick is described as a technique of jumping into the sky, going through somersaults, and then kicking at a monster.However, the problem was that a child who imitated a rider kick and was injured appeared during the rider pretend, and Hongo called attention to the child who imitated the rider kick, and the waterfall showed the rider's special training scene. A scene that reminds children of the danger of rider kick was also inserted in the play.

    In addition to this, the rider uses many fighting techniques as a decisive skill,Rider double kickThe joint technique of No. 1 and No. 2 represented by is sometimes performed.In later series, riders have come to use a number of special moves, including kick moves that are similar to rider kicks.

    • "Kamen Rider" produced by many of the same staff just before "Kamen Rider"Judo straight line] Is the basis of Kamen Rider's Special Move.In the shooting of special moves, a method is used in which a trampoline, which is often used in a straight line of judo, is used to shoot a jumping or rotating scene, which is then edited and connected.

    Main technique

    The special effects version of Hongo = No. 1 is said to have "48 skills"Technique No. 1It's called (New No. 1 era)[72], The techniques listed here are not all.With the exception of the Cyclone, No. 1's technique, which has no unique armament, is basically carried out from its own body, but No. 1, who is also good at swordsmanship and stick art, often wields weapons stolen from the enemy.

    Many original techniques are set in game software, etc., but the ones not specifically mentioned below are special effects version techniques.Standard techniques such as punching and chopping are omitted.

    Rider kick[72][73][74][75]
    The most used special move in both No. 1 and No. 2.motifBecameLocust grasshopperUtilizing the strong leg strength of the belt, the wind energy is stored in the windmill of the belt, so it has tremendous destructive power.Jump high, do somersault and then shoot with one footkick, There are various patterns such as a pattern that shoots with both feet, a pattern that decides on the opponent who jumped up in the air, etc.[73].
    Some monsters didn't work with Rider Kick, but they've defeated it with enhanced kicks and other tricks.However, when the guest appeared in the Sakurajima No. 1 era, there were several cases where the new monster's strong armor lacked destructive power and the kick released alone was bounced off, one of which was caught by Shocker and brainwashed No. 1. I have created an opportunity to play a friendly fire with each other (Episode 2)This bitter experience prompted Hongo to pledge to remodel himself.[Source required]..New No. 1 is four times more powerful than Old No. 1[76].
    After being strengthened to the new No. 1, it is often used when making guest appearances in later works. In "Stronger", the fighting spirit of Generalissimo Machine of the Delzer Corps is stunned, and in "Sky Rider", the neo-shocker Jaguar Van is defeated with a single blow (theatrical version). Is increasing.
    Lightning Rider Kick(Denkou Rider Kick[72][73][75]
    A technique devised by special training with Fujibei in order to counter the deadly shot of Tokageron in episode 13.Somersault forward, twist your body, align your feet and shoot a kick.Destructive power is doubled than a plain rider kick[73]As the name suggests, it glows like a lightning bolt at the moment of a hit.He repelled the Barria destruction ball kicked in by a deadly shot, and blasted Tokageron and the Reborn Phantom Corps.It was used only once, probably because it was a technique created for Tokageron in a hurry.[75].
    "Kamen Rider SPIRITSIn the first episode of Part 1, it is shown in the form of the new No. 1.Also,PlayStation 2soft"Kamen Rider The Genealogy of Justice], It is set as the strongest technique of No. 1.
    Rider point kick[72][74]
    A technique that concentrates the destructive power of Rider Kick on one point and destroys only the weak points of the enemy with pinpoint[74]..It was used to destroy only the transformation device installed in the sea anemone Jaguar.
    Rider screw kick[72][74][75]
    Before releasing the rider kick, the technique of rotating the body sideways, jumping, then somersaulting forward to increase the power, and kicking with both feet as if stepping on it.[75]..Used to destroy obstaclesRider crusher[77]Or, when I was trapped in a room made of shock-absorbing material, I used a muffler together to escape the crisis.Screw kickThere are derivative techniques such as.
    Rider reversal kick[72][74][75]
    After jumping in the air, the technique of kicking a pillar or wall, correcting the direction in the manner of a triangular jump, and hitting a flying kick with increased power.By shifting the timing of the attack, there is an advantage of attacking from an unexpected direction such as backwards.[75], Used to attack the weak points of the enemy (mainly the back, such as Sasori lizard).
    In the original manga version, wind pressure is generated from the windmill of the belt to surprise the enemy and increase the power.Headwind kickHe showed off his advanced technique.
    Rider lightning kick[72][74][75]
    Enhanced version of the rider reversal kick[74][Annotation 13]..A wall in three directions quickly against the strong armored Harinezuras[78]Kick and gain momentum,lightningIt draws a trajectory like this and shoots a kick of both feet with increased power[75].
    In "Genealogy of Justice", each time it flips, it takes on a lightning-like energy on its legs.
    Rider lunar kick[72][74][75]
    Jump high in the air,Moon saltA technique that further developed the rider kick that amplifies the power with[74][75]..There are few chances to attack,birdsUsed in the battle with the Gel Shocker Phantom based on.
    game"Super special effects war 2001And 'Superhero Operation Daidal's Ambition], It is set as the strongest technique of No. 1.
    Rider hammer kick[74]
    After throwing an enemy in the air, shoot a rider kick[74]..It was used in the battle against Centipede Tiger, a powerful monster of Gelshocker, but it did not stop.
    Rider large windmill three-stage kick[79]
    Technique only for the original manga version.It spins at high speed like a windmill in front of the enemy and delivers rider kicks three times in a row.Defeated the Cobra man.
    Rider chop[72][73][77][75]
    After weakening the monster, it concentrates power on the artificial muscles of the hand and is powerful with destructive power that cuts even a 10 cm diameter iron pillar.Hand swordThe technique of letting the enemy eat from the top.It may be delivered continuously[73]..It is a technique that has been used since the old No. 1 era, and buried the Shinigami Chameleon.[73]..Although the preliminary movement was large, the weakened Shinigami Chameleon could not be avoided.[75]..Use as a special move only once.
    In the original manga version, it is a technique that defeated him in the first match with the spider man.
    Rider Flying Chop[72][75]
    A technique of crossing a knife in front of the chest, jumping to an enemy kicked up in the air with both feet, rushing and piercing with both protruding hands to pierce the enemy's body[75]..I buried a spider lion.
    Rider Double Crusher Chop
    Appeared in the game "Genealogy of Justice".After deciding the rider chop, reverse jump and jump again to eat a powerful chop.
    Rider punch[72][77][75]
    powerful鉄 拳A technique to make the opponent eat.Do not call the technique name, continuously to the opponentpunchOften exposed to.This is also a technique that has been used since the old No. 1 era.Somersault forward after jumping[75]The rider punch that the enemy eatsFlying rider punch[77]Is called.In the TV series, it is simply called Rider Punch.
    Rider reversal double punch
    Appeared in "Genealogy of Justice".Flying Rider A technique to make a punch once and then jump in reverse and eat it in double.
    Rider throw[72][73][75]
    A simple throwing technique in the air, which is said to be the prototype of the rider return and rider Kirimomi shoot described later.I had already used those techniques in the battle against the spider man in the first episode, but at this time there was no name, and it will be called from the battle against the spider man in the second episode (at this time, throwing from the air). I'm throwing it off the roof of the apartment).
    It wraps around behind the enemy monster, jumps up while attached, and throws it backward while rotating.[73][75]..Defeated the 蝙蝠 子[73].
    Rider scissors[72][73]
    While twisting the body in the air, put crab scissors on the enemy's neck with both legs, make one rotation and hit the ground[73].Head scissorsThe difference is that the opponent also throws in the air.First used in the Scorpion Man Battle of Episode 3[73].
    Rider head crusher[72][77][75]
    An advanced version of Rider Scissors[80]It jumps to the monster's head and becomes a posture like a piggyback, holds the head with the power of the foot, lifts it in the air only by the reaction of the whole body, and throws the rear aerial rotation with increased rotation[81]Hit the head against the ground.The difference is that it finally crushes the enemy's brain.This is the most powerful technique of the new No. 1 technique, along with the rider Kirimomi shoot.Defeated the poisonous lizard man and Jaguar man[77]..For Jaguar Man, I use it in the form of throwing it under the cliff[75].
    Rider hammer[72][77]
    Throw your opponent in the same way as a giant swing[77]..Used against an owl man[77].
    Rider swing[72][77]
    Similar technique to Rider Hammer[72][77]..Used against jellyfish wolf[77].
    Rider screw block[72][77][75]
    Rider Hammer Derivative Technique[77][Annotation 14]..Attach to the enemyGiant swingLike, the technique of taking the enemy's arm, swinging it around, watching the time, letting go and hitting it against a wall or a tree.Defeated Baralanga[77].
    Rider return[72][73][77][75]
    head onIppon seoiJump in combination with the opponent like, rotate in the air and throw it to the ground[73][75]..The enemy's rushing power is also added to the power.It has been used since the old No. 1 era and defeated the modified Cobra man.[73]..Shocker's executive monsters such as Garagalanda, Sea Anemone, and Semiminga may be weakened and defeated with other special moves.[75]..Throw it on your back or in reaction to twisting your body, or as a double rider cooperationTwo PlatoCan also be used[82][75].
    Rider Kirimomi Shoot[72][77][75]
    After jumping by assembling to the opponent, after raising the opponent above the head, give a high-speed cone-massage rotation and throw it high in the sky.[77][75], The strongest technique[76][83]..Since the enemy monster is rotated like a top, it loses its sense of direction and is difficult to take passively, and it is struck on the ground.[75].. There is also a book that explains that "a vacuum state occurs at high speed rotation"[84], Make the other person oxygen deficient[85]..It seems to be particularly effective for powerful monsters such as Saigang and Kamiki Liquid (TV version) that can not be defeated by Rider Kick, and modified humans with marine life characteristics, and stabbed a stop against Gilizames, Ika Devil, and Gershocker Phantom Jellyfish Wolf. ..No. 2 is also used in the battle against Aid Kugar.However, although he was not able to communicate with Ganikoumol, he was regained his posture, but immediately after that, No. 1 made an assault on the abandoned body and defeated him.
    In the manga "Kamen Rider SPIRITS", the opponent was held up and laid down and rotated at high speed, which caused it.竜 巻It is expressed as if it is thrown away according to, and ZX also learned during the work.
    In "Super Hero Operations: Diedal's Ambition", it is described as causing a tornado at high speed, and it is described as a giant devil (""Kikaider 01]) Is also effective against huge enemies.
    "Kamen Rider THE FIRSTThe throwing technique used in the Cobra battle to rotate the opponent in the air is also called "Kirimomi Shoot".[86].
    Rider knee block[72][74][75]
    Used from the beginning of the new No. 1.I also jumped to the monster who threw it into the air, and the abdomen of the monster who fell[78]Jump from below and push up with a knee kick[75]..The main hit point (hit target) is the enemy's "side".It was only weak against Mosquilas, but immediately after that it became a stepping stone to decide the rider double kick.[75].
    Rider drop kick[72][74][75]
    An improved technique of Rider Knee Block that jumps to the flank of a monster thrown into the air and hits a knee kick from above[74][75][87]..Defeated Syraculus.
    Rider rolling
    The enemy is prone, carried on his back, rotated and swung around.Airplane spin (airplane throw)It is a force technique that is similar to "Skill No. 1" and is rare in "Skill No. XNUMX".
    Rider back jump[72]
    With a piggyback on the enemy, jump with your knees in your neck and hit your head against the ground.

    Cooperation technique with No. 2

    Rider double kick[72][82][88][89]
    A technique in which No. 1 and No. 2 jump at the same time, make a forward somersault in the air, and then perform a rider kick.The timing was difficult, and in many cases, the opponent was put into a state of loss of fighting spirit and then breathed together with a signal.Initially, they were called "Rider Kick" and released, but from the match against Sea Anemone, they will be called "Rider Double Kick". Simple 2 times the kick power of two people[90]It was used by a powerful monster who has the power of and is difficult to defeat Riders 1 and 2 alone.I used to kick with both feet until the sea anemone match, but after that I kicked with one foot[89].
    "Kamen Rider X] In episode 27, No. 1 and X used the name "Rider Double Kick".Repelled the regenerated Hydra and the regenerated reaper Kronos. The only example of use with riders other than No. 2.
    It was called "Double Rider Kick" at the time of the subtitle of "Kamen Rider" episode 51 and the special training of 10 riders of "Kamen Rider BLACK RX".
    The same technique is used in the bat battle in "Masked Rider THE FIRST", but the technique name here is also "Double Rider Kick".[86][91][Annotation 15].
    Double punch[92][67]
    A technique to shoot an uppercut at the same time as No. 2 in the Scissors Jaguar game in "Kamen Rider THE NEXT".Defeated Scissors Jaguar in combination with Rider Double Kick.
    Rider double chop[72][88][89]
    A technique to shoot rider chops at the same time with No. 1 and No. 2.In the final episode, he fired at a huge rock and found it while assimilating it and hiding it, causing a fatal injury to the weakened Hill Cameleon.
    Rider return[82](Rider throw[93]
    Rider return by two people[82]..Throw the sea anemone[82].
    Rider wheels[72][82]
    Used in sea anemone battles with super suction power.It goes into the enemy's feet at once, grabs each other's ankles, turns forward, approaches the opponent quickly, and attacks.A technique to bring into close quarters.
    • Of "Judo Straight Line"Hell carIn some books at the time of broadcasting, this name is used.[72].
    Rider wheels[88][89](versusShocker riderfor)
    The names are the same, but the contents are different.Draw a circle (circle) and run at high speed from the left and right, let the opponent run together, and concentrate only on chasing to lose the sense of balance.After that, they jump on intersecting orbits at the same time, avoiding by reversing, and colliding with each other in the air to self-destruct.This was also devised by special training with Fujibei.
    Head crusher[88]
    A technique different from the No. 1 rider head crusher. The two of them rush with their shoulders crossed, and the double rider's headbutt destroys a strong wall.Used when escaping from the enemy hideout in episode 2.
    Rider hammer thrust[94] / Rider hammer kick[82][95][96]
    A technique of jumping with different monsters and colliding the monster's brain in the air. Used in "Kamen Rider vs. Shocker".
    The name varies depending on the material, but in any case, it is a completely different technique from the "hammer kick" that No. 1 shoots alone.
    Rider throw[88]
    The technique of throwing an enemy away with two people[88]..Used for recycled centipede tiger[88].
    Rider full energy release[97]
    Used in the second episode of "Kamen Rider V3". Crossing arms with No. 2 to release and synthesize all energy[90][98]Not only can you block the movement of the enemy, but you can also fly.[97]..Carried a turtle bazooka over the Pacific Ocean and saved Tokyo from the threat of the atomic bomb[97].
    Communicate through O-signals.

    There is no name, but there are also double punches.

    Cooperation with other than No. 2

    Rider triple power[72][Annotation 16]
    Used in episode 3 of "Kamen Rider V34". V1 stands on the two new cyclones on which No. 2 and No. 2 ride and hits the body.
    Rider triple kick
    movies"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3』Appeared in. Combined technique of No. 2 and No. 3.
    movies"Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Phantom, No. 1 and No. 2 rider double kicks and V3 V3 kicks are released in succession, and the book "Kamen Rider Daizenshu" interprets this as a rider triple kick.[72].
    X Rider Super Five Kick[72]
    movies"Five Riders vs King Dark』Appeared in.The jumping X rider is thrown forward by four riders in order of No. 1, No. 2, V3, and Rider Man, creating more power than a normal X kick.
    Rider Syndrome[72]
    Used in "No. 10 is born! All Kamen Riders gather!"
    Rider wheels (for shocker riders)
    Originally it is a combination technique and cooperation technique with No. 2, but in the third part of the manga "Kamen Rider SPIRITS", it is used with ZX who communicated with No. 3 against the resurrected shocker rider opponent at the call of Tachibana.In the same work, Kazuya Taki talks about the need for "exquisite timing" for this technique.

    Takeshi Hongo

    The works of the Kamen Rider series are not all the same in the world setting, and there are some differences in the character image of Hongo depending on the work, but in each case, "Remodeled human who transforms into Kamen Rider No. 1The point is common.

    "Kamen Rider"

    The first "Kamen Rider』The main character.LocustA remodeled human with the ability ofKamen Rider No. 1Transform into.

    Jonan UniversityBiochemistrygraduate School[Annotation 17]StudentIQ600[Annotation 18]And it has an excellent ability that is unique in both brain and body, which is all-around sports.[99][100], Because of that evil secret associationshockerAfter being abducted by a kidnapper, he was physically remodeled for a week and turned into a remodeled human being.However, after escaping just before the brain remodeling, he vows to become a Kamen Rider and fight Shocker in order to protect the peace of mankind while suffering from being no longer a human being.

    A gentleman who has both calmness and heat, and as a parent, a bike trainerTachibana TobeiIt is also described as "a child-like guy (pure like a child)".

    Ruriko, the daughter of her teacher, Dr. Midorikawa, began to think about her father's murder after the suspicion was cleared.[Annotation 19]In the play, Ruriko also left Japan in pursuit of Hongo, who had moved to Europe after the 13th episode of "Kamen Rider", and the relationship between the two is not mentioned.

    Old No. 1 era (Episode 1-Episode 13)
    This time is like a scientistblazerWear[99].White coatThe scene of experimenting with a figure, the appearance of a friend of a scientist, and the anguish of becoming a remodeled human are often depicted.The first person is "I", but sometimes "I" and "I" are used.The dedicated machine at this timeCyclone[Annotation 20].
    There is no makeover pose, the Typhoon windmill on the beltDynamoIt transforms by receiving the wind when it rotates.Basically, it transforms while running on a cyclone, but depending on the situation, it may transform while receiving the blast of a bomb, or it may dare to jump from a high place and transform.In addition, there was a weakness that it became impossible to transform because it could not receive the wind in a closed room.
    • After the 11th episode, the appearance scene will be a library film or dubbed, but this is the role of HongoHiroshi FujiokaWas injured in an accident during the shooting of episodes 9 and 10, and Fujioka himself did not actually appear.
    European-African era (Episode 14-Episode 52)
    Rescue Hayato Ichimonji, who was converted into a shocker, and leave him to protect Japan as Kamen Rider No. 2, and he himself pursues another plan of Shocker.EuropeCrossed over.Since these circumstances were due to Fujioka's injury dismissal, they were only explained in the dialogue in the play.Also, in private, he was sharpening his skills against local auto racers.
    after that,Dr. ShinigamiWas dispatched to the Shocker Japan branch[Annotation 21]Returned to Japan several times and fought with one character = No. 2.Other than Europe and Japan, I also went to Africa (Episode 49).At this time, the color of the mask after transformation is different from before,Sakurajima No. 1It has become a figure called, and there is also a dedicated machineModified cycloneMove to[Annotation 22].
    In the first movie version "Kamen Rider vs. Shocker", which is positioned before the 53rd episode, he made a transformation by a transformation pose for the first time, but it is a shout after the 1rd episode "Rider ... Makeover!"not,"Transform!I just shouted.Also, the reason why the transformation by the transformation pose became possible is not mentioned in the play.Except for the movie version, the transformation depiction at Sakurajima No. 1 was not directly directed.
    • At the time of the Sakurajima location in episodes 40 and 41, Fujioka's injury was not completely healed, and an auxiliary horizontal bar remained in his leg.[28]..Fujioka was told by a doctor that "if the iron rod bends, it will not come out for the rest of my life", and during the shooting, the iron rod came out from my leg and bleeding, but soon after returning to Tokyo, it was bent by X-ray photography It was confirmed that there was no such thing, and the removal surgery was successfully performed.[28].
    New No. 1 era (Episode 53-Episode 98)
    Following the dismissed Dr. ShinigamiSouth AmericaInstead of the one character who left for Japan, he took up the defense of Japan again.
    From this time on, the person with a cheerful and fearless personality became an active costume such as a leather jacket, and his strength was emphasized.[39][Annotation 23].
    The appearance after transformationNew issue 1It has changed to a bright color called, but the reason is not explained in the play.However,"TV-kun』And various children's magazines explain how it became the new issue 1, but all were different.Details will be described later.
    After creating a new machine, a new cyclone, with Tachibana and Taki in episode 68, this is a dedicated machine.
    Shocker was destroyed in episode 79, and a new organization started in episode 80Gel shockerHas often fallen into crisis since its appearance, and has often been seriously injured or unknown.[Annotation 24]However, in the final episode 98, he succeeded in annihilating the gel shocker with No. 2 = one letter.
    Settings not drawn in the play
    1948/8/15birth[100]..22 years old at the time of remodeling[100].TokyoSetagayaInshipbuildingTechnician's fatherYuuo(Isao, Music teacher's motherHiroko(HirokoBorn in the middle of the year and raised in a mediocre family.However, my father died of an accident at the age of 17, and my mother died of illness at the age of 20.[102]..When I was at a loss, I started aiming for an auto racer with the encouragement of Tobei Tachibana, who became kind to me.
    Kamen Rider No. 2 = Hayato IchimonjiWas an acquaintance before it was remodeled. "TV magazineIn the October 1972 issue, it was said that "I became a friend after Hongo helped one character, not my original friend."[103], In the February 1973 issue, it was revised as "I met a photograph of Hongo who participated in the auto race when I came to interview[104].
    Regarding the relationship with the opposite sex, "I have many female friends, but I never fall in love because I am a remodeled person.[105]"Sometimes I have a human heart and like the opposite sex, but now I'm patient.[106]It is said that.
    Later yearsToru HirayamaIn the short story written by, the relationship with other people is complemented in more detail.
    The encounter between Hongo and one letter(English editionIt was[107].
    In addition to Hongo, Ichimonji, Kazami, and Tachibana, the waterfall before being scouted by the FBIParis-Dakar RallyFace to face and talk without knowing the fate that awaits later[108].
    The relationship between Hongo and Ruriko after moving to Europe was that Ruriko longed for her like her brother.ViennaHongo entrusted her future to the young man Karl, and Hongo, knowing Ruriko's feelings, shook it off and faced the battle with Shocker.[107].
    Creation process
    In the first project of "Kamen Rider", "Maskman K", the main character is a junior high school physical education teacher.Tsuyoshi KujoWith the setting, it is said that the body is trained by special trainingSpo rootThe influence of the boom was great[109].
    The name and character of Takeshi Hongo will continue.Masked angel(Mask angelWas set at the time of[109][110]..At this stage, in addition to the name, it became close to the finished work, such as being suspected of killing Dr. Midorikawa and acting with Midorikawa's child.[109]..However, the Kamen Angel that Hongo transforms was set to be physically strengthened by being exposed to an electric current of 30 volts.[109].
    Next plan "Cross mask(Cross fire』, The setting is almost the same as the masked angel, but here the elements of the motorcycle and the setting such as" scratches appear on the face due to anger "are included.[109].
    After that, the manga "SkullmanIn "Kamen Rider Skull Man" based on "Shocker", a setting called "Cyborg remodeled by Shocker" was added.[109].
    Casting is "Cross Mask" stageJudo straight line』And appeared inMasaomi KondoWas cast, but finally the TV drama "Toei production" "Gold eyeHiroshi Fujioka, who was appearing in the movie, was appointed.[109]..All the costumes were Fujioka's personal belongings[31].
    Description in Kamen Rider Snack
    Kamen Rider snackThe settings mentioned in the included Kamen Rider card are basically the same as in the TV series, but there are some differences from the current official settings.
    • I have no parents, but I never felt lonely, and when I was a child, I was cheerful and honest.AnimalHe was my favorite boy.That's why I majored in biology. (No.287)[111]
    • I usually get up at 5 am to practice special moves, go to the rider headquarters at 9 am, and if nothing happens, I'm doing special training again from 7 pm. (No.288)[112]
    • From high school to college, he was active as a boxing player. (No.304)[113]
    • Fujibei is familiar with Hongo's boyhood.According to him, he was alone with no parents when he was a boy, but he loves animals.Insect collectingI was crazy about it. (No.309)[114]
    • Fujibei has a secret base built in the basement of a park in Tokyo.There are various instruments, and I give special training here and play the guitar when I'm lonely. (No.396)[115]
    • He has been good at science and math since he was in elementary school, and his grades are within 5th in the class (not a hard study).He loved sports and was the organizer of the class. (No.400)[116]
    • I want to return to a normal human being, but I endure the sadness to defeat Gershocker. (No.405)[117]
    • I value human life and I don't really want to kill monsters. (No.485)[118]
    • By taking a transformation pose, you can switch on both shoulders and transform (the first switch is the right shoulder, the second switch is the left shoulder). (No.486)[118]
    • As a boyBedwettingI have been angry with my mother and hit my ass.My mother has passed away and has a pendant for her keepsake.He talks happily about his childhood. (No.500)[119]

    Movie "Masked Rider No. 1"

    heroAppeared as. Fujioka appears as Hongo for the first time in two years since "Kamen Rider Taisen". Since 2 is the "2016th anniversary of Kamen Rider's birth", it will be the first time in 45 years since "Kamen Rider vs. Jigoku Ambassador" as the first single starring work.[54]..This is the first movie with the title "No. 1".

    After Fujibei's death, he was watching the growth of Fujibei's granddaughter Mayu on a promise with him, but he had been fighting overseas again three years before the story began.[58][Annotation 25]However, he returned to Japan urgently to save Mayu's crisis.Kamen Rider GhostCollaborate with Shocker and Nova Shocker[54].

    The effects of many years of fierce fighting abroad with the remnants of Shocker and the evil organizations of all time have accumulated a great deal of damage to the body as a remodeled human being, with occasional heart attacks.

    He died in the attack of Nova Shocker's Ulaanbaatar, and his body was about to be cremated, but was revived by Typhoon's conversion of the flames into energy, which improved his seizures.

    Movie "Kamen Rider THE FIRST" / "Kamen Rider THE NEXT"

    Hongo introduced in this column is a newly set character and is different from the TV series.The name "Kamen Rider" is not used in the play.

    "Kamen Rider THE FIRST"

    Research student at Jonan University Graduate School.Put as many as 4 sticks of sugar in your coffeeSweet tooth..He is a regular of Tachibana Racing and is expected to be an excellent racer by the owner Tobei Tachibana.Water crystalsWas a scientist who studied, but was abducted by Shocker and a remodeled human with grasshopper abilityHopperWill be made.Then, he made a leap for Shocker and aimed at the lives of Asuka Midorikawa, a journalist who was chasing Shocker, and his fiancé, Katsuhiko Yano. Regained, freed from brain operations, rebelled against Shocker.He was misunderstood as the criminal who killed Katsuhiko Asuka, and he was distressed because he was no longer a decent human being and realized the magnitude of the power given regardless of his intention, but Tachibana Tobei said, "What I lost. Some have gained, "he said, and at the same time, a super machine.Cyclone No. 1Since he was entrusted with, he decides to protect Asuka with his power.Kamen Rider No. 2 = Hayato Ichimonji, who was sent as a thug, will come to understand each other through the battle.Then, following the abducted Asuka, he attacked Shocker's secret base with a letter and rescued Asuka.

    He was very deep in love, and although he had a strong feeling for Asuka, he never admitted it until he was provoked by Hayato Ichimonji (it was seen through by Hayato Ichimonji).On the other hand, Megumi Yamamoto of the same laboratory was kind to me, but Megumi alsoI was strong and did not show my favorTherefore, I didn't notice that feeling.

    For remodeled humans in "FIRST"RejectionThere is a seizure rejection of the modified part called.If left untreated, the rejection interval will gradually decrease, leading to death, and in order to prevent this, the modified human must exchange blood regularly.Therefore, two of the three Shocker executives had a policy of leaving Hongo's betrayal as "I will die by rejection even if I leave it alone", but since the old gentleman argued that "I can not wait until then", one letter was sent as a thug. Will be.Later, it turns out that only Hongo is the first completely remodeled human to be able to work without any problems without rejection and without blood exchange.[61].

    "Kamen Rider THE NEXT"

    Two years have passed since "THE FIRST", and although he became a biology teacher at a high school attached to Jonan University, he was ridiculed by the students and his class was as rough as the collapse of the class.Meanwhile, the battle with Shocker continues.The rider suit and mask are darker than the previous one, and the mask has many scratches.He wasn't in touch with Ichimonji, but he's tied to each other with a strong bond, and he's thinking about his body being eroded by rejection.

    Kotomi Kikuma, a student and a problem child in the class, learned that he was pursuing an incident related to his best friend, idol singer Chiharu Kazami, and was attacked by Shocker when he sent him to his home to cooperate. The true identity is known to.After that, he became trusted by saving the crisis of Kotomi who was attacked by a defect on the way to school, but at that time he used the power of a remodeled human to stop the car with his bare hands and the front wheel of the motorcycle that had been wheelie running. Students other than Kotomi are afraid because the students saw them accept and remove them.

    Chiharu's older brother Shiro Kazami = Kamen Rider V3 appeared as a shocker thug, so at first he was hostile to Shiro undesirably, but now that Shiro knows Chiharu's incident and acts together to find out the truth It will be a de facto truce.After that, Shiro betrayed Shocker because he knew all the truth, so at the end, three people added one letter and stopped Shocker's operation.

    After the battle, he was dismissed from the school due to a complaint from his parents and left the school gate with Kotomi who called out to him.

    Manga "Masked Rider"

    A student at Johoku University Biology Laboratory.Because he is an excellent human being, he is abducted by Shocker and turned into a remodeled human with grasshopper ability.However, he escapes before remodeling his brain, vows to fight to protect humans, and calls himself Kamen Rider.When emotions rise, scars from remodeling surgery appear on the face.

    The general interpretation of the transformation method in manga is "wearing reinforced clothing and wearing a mask", but in the second episode, there is also a depiction of transforming while running.Even if it transforms, it cannot completely activate the mechanism inside the body unless it receives energy from the windmill of the belt "Typhoon".

    In the fourth episode, he set up a laboratory to fight Shocker, but in the battle with 4 Shocker riders sent by Shocker, he was attacked before the transformation and died.One of the shocker riders, Hayato Ichimonji, who was released from brain remodeling, brought the body to the laboratory, and only the brain remained alive in the laboratory.

    You can share your senses with one character by brain wave communication.In the fifth episode, he supported one character who became a new Kamen Rider, but he often licked one character with a lot of blood.

    At the end of the sixth episode, the brain was transplanted into the body of the machine and revived, destroying Shocker's hideout.However, the end of the battle with Shocker is not drawn.

    Novel "Kamen Rider 1971 --1973"

    A student studying biochemistry at Jonan University.A remodeled human being newly developed by the organization after being abducted by "Shocker" after being attacked by a spider man while driving a carSMR(System Masked Riders) ”.However, he escaped with the guidance of Professor Midorikawa, who was also the developer and teacher of "SMR".After that, a man who calls himself "Hayato"[Annotation 26]He was told about Shocker and the secrets of his body, and he learned that it was Miyoko Kusunoki, who was watching her sister who died when she was young, who guided her abduction.However, after the twists and turns, he decided to fight "Shocker" to protect as many people as possible, and Hayato named "Kamen Rider" as the name to fight Shocker, and Hongo named Hayato and himself. I decided to call myself.He also declared war on Miyoko, but after that Miyoko was confused because she acted in a way that could not be called an enemy. At the time of "Hope 2", the end of the battle with Shocker is not drawn.

    "SMR" consists of a set of body, reinforced clothing, and two-wheeled weapon "Cyclone". Normally, when you turn on the belt "Typhoon" after wearing reinforced clothing, the mechanism of reinforced clothing is activated, and the body is combined. It will be transformed into a combat body, and you will be able to fully use the functions of the reinforced clothing.Since most of its special abilities rely on reinforced clothing, the abilities of the body itself are inferior to those of conventional modified humans.However, when the strengthening cells are abnormally activated for some reason, they transform into a perfect body that should be called a "grasshopper man", and even without strengthening clothes, they exert more power than conventional remodeled humans.However, in that case, there is a risk of losing consciousness and running away.

    Before it was remodeled, it had the fighting power to defeat one spider man even if it was alive, and the power was greatly strengthened by the remodeling.I had almost no experience in driving a motorcycle, but I was able to ride it with Hayato's special training.Initially, he did not wear a muffler, but after seeing Hayato's death, which had been short of life due to imperfections as an "SMR", he began to wear a muffler that became his keepsake.

    In this work, the year of the end of the war (1945/) Is set to be born.

    Other appeared works

    Showa Phase 1

    "Kamen Rider V3In episodes 1 and 2, episodes 33 and 34, the movie version "Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Phantom』Appeared in.Due to the fleeting peace that came with the destruction of Shocker and Gel Shocker, he returned to college and spent his days as a research student, but in the first episode he was a junior at college.Kazami ShiroDetects the existence of a new organization, Destron, because he was targeted for life.Shiro Kazami's family rushes to the place where Destron attacked, helps Junko Tamaki who was there with a short hair, and transforms into Rider No. 2 in front of two people[Annotation 27]..Shiro Kazami asks him to be a remodeled human for revenge on Destron, but refuses to lend his power for personal revenge, and fighters with Destron's hideout revealed from Junko's testimony. Infiltrate while repelling.In the hideout, he fell into the trap of Chief Destron and was about to die, but he was saved by Shiro who followed him and was seriously injured to help them. In order to save his life, he performed a remodeling operation to Kamen Rider V2 in a transformed form.After that, at the same time that V3 won the first team in the second episode, Tokyo with No. 2 was a turtle bazooka.Atomic bombDisappeared across the Pacific Ocean to protect it from the explosion.

    ButAustraliaWe are sending a cell strengthening device that recorded our voice in episodes 20 and 21 to Shiro Kazami.He returned to Japan in the movie version and episodes 33 and 34, and fought with V3.After that, it will be set as "usually fighting evil organizations all over the world".In addition, Hongo will show off the transformation pose in the play in the movie "Kamen Rider V3" 38 years later.Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai], And after that, it will not be transformed directly, or it will mainly appear as the No. 1 rider after transformation.

    "Kamen Rider XIn the movie version "Five Riders vs King Dark] And appeared in the 27th episode.In the movie versionニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAfter returning from Japan, he joined Kamen Rider X = Keisuke Kami along with No. 2, V3, and Rider Man.In episode 27, he played a brawl with the GOD reproduction monster army corps in a lineup of five riders (new shooting video, not diversion from the movie version).Among them, he is showing off a rider double kick with X.In the TV series, it also appeared in the flashback scene of episode 5, and in episode 5 it is mentioned along with Hayato Ichimonji and Shiro Kazami.

    "Kamen Rider Stronger], Appeared in episodes 38 and 39 (final episode), and only episode 39 appeared in real face.Detecting the total attack on Japan by the Delzer Corps,AmericaReturned from Japan. It was made a legend with No. 2 and its existence was not recognized.Rider Kick slashed the fighting spirit of Generalissimo Machine, and he fought one-on-one with the Knight of Yoroi to capture it, showing more ability than Delzer's remodeled demon.In the last scene, he fought at the forefront of the Great Leader Battle, and in the last scene, he ran in the center position with the leading role Stronger aside, and the production that can be taken as the leader of successive Kamen Riders is made.Although it has appeared in a leather jacket, guest performances in a suit that symbolizes the youth scientist who is the origin are also being considered, and still photography is actually being done.[122].

    TV specialAll together! 7 Kamen Riders!!], Hayato Ichimonji, Shiro Kazami,Joji Yuki (Riderman)At the same time, he visits Fujibei who was in the amusement park and fights against the Dark General and the Phantom Corps.Due to Fujioka's schedule, KeisukeDaisuke Yamamoto (Kamen Rider Amazon)Even after Shigeru arrived, he wasn't visible on the screen until he transformed into a rider (although he was supposed to stay with him).

    Hongo will appear as a real face in "7 Kamen Rider !!", and will appear in the transformed No. 1 until the movie "Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai". ..

    Showa Phase 2

    "Kamen Rider (Sky Rider)In the 27th and 28th episodes, 54th episode (final episode), the movie version "Kamen Rider Eight Rider VS Galaxy King』Appeared in.In episodes 27 and 28 and the movie version, all seven riders returned to Japan, rushed to the support of Sky Rider = Hiroshi Tsukuba, and powered up the Sky Rider with special training by the seven riders.In the movie version, he defeated two bodies, Jaguar Van and Armazig.In episode 7MexicoAfter returning from Japan, he gathered the power of eight riders to defeat the Great Leader of Neoshocker, but scattered to the end of the universe.Since this work, the dedicated machine has been returned to the modified cyclone, but the base model is smaller than before. There is a theory that Fujioka was asked to appear until the last minute in the background of No. 8 guest performance twice.[123].

    "Kamen Rider Super 1], Only the movie version appeared, and fought against the Dogma Revenge Corps on behalf of Kamen Rider Super 1.In the magazine article at the time of broadcastingArtificial satelliteIt is said that he returned to the earth using[124], There is a special photo that specially trains Super 2 along with No. 1.[125].

    "Kamen Rider ZXAnd the TV special "No. 10 is born! All Kamen Riders gather!], He returned from No. 2 following Badan with Super 1, and cooperated with Kamen Rider ZX = Ryo Murasame.When Shiro, Yuki, and Kazuya Oki (Super 1) were showing the success of successive riders in the video, they discovered Badan's hideout in Ashura Valley.The dedicated machine was a modified cyclone like "Sky Rider" (the image of riding the cyclone is diverted from the 54th episode of "Sky Rider").

    Showa Phase 3

    "Kamen Rider BLACK』Did not appear directly, but appeared only in the past famous scenes in the special edition" Kamen Rider No. 1 ~ RX Grand Assembly "after the end of the broadcast.

    "Kamen Rider BLACK RX], 41 riders all appeared in episodes 47 to 10 (final episode).Other riders have different voice actors depending on the story, but only No. 1Torii ShoyaIt is unified in.in AmericaArizonaBased inAmericaProtected the western half of the empire from the Crisis Empire[126]..After giving a special training at the hideout in Arizona, all 10 people returned to Japan. In cooperation with RX = Minami Kotaro, he fought against the Crisis Empire. He played a leading role in 10 riders (and 11 riders including RX), and took the initiative in fighting the crisis while taking appropriate leadership during battle.When he struggled with Gran Zeiras, he first calmly suggested "let's devise a strategy carefully", but Kotaro who wanted to help the citizens quickly denied it, and all 11 riders gathered here with the idea of ​​RX. I decided to act again and headed for the battlefield.In the 44th episode notice, there was a video that decided a double kick with RX, but there was no such scene in the main story.After seeing the destruction of Crisis, with RX as No. 11 rider, each of the 11 people traveled abroad again to prepare for the fight against evil organizations that may appear in various parts of the world in the future.[127].

    Heisei Kamen Rider Series, Reiwa Kamen Rider

    movies"Movie version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider vs. Large Shocker"
    Appeared on a motorcycle with No. 2 and V3 at the end of the game. RX andKabutoHe fought with him and shot a double kick at Garagalanda with No. 2.
    Net movie "Net version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider Super Spinoff"
    In File24 "Transformation! No. 1 Rider stares at the camera !!", "The man who went out to his wife"Shoichiro Otawara(Performance:Okuda Tatsushi) Transformed into No. 1.DecadeHe was given a transformation belt and transformed by taking a transformation pose as taught.
    movies"Oze, Den-O, All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider"
    The pamphlet states that "Takeshi Hongo will transform," and Fujioka calls out, but he does not appear in his face.
    1971/I was fighting Shocker with No. 2 and the boy rider corps in Japan,2011/The history of the rider is distorted by the influence of Ankh who came from the world of the world and dropped the cell medal, and he was defeated by the born Shocker Greed with No. 2 and was brainwashed.After that, it reigned as Shocker's strongest warrior for 2 years with No. 40, and it became a world where riders after V3 were not born.
    NEW Den-O, a singular point that is not affected by alternate history, tried to correct the history and failed once, but at that time Naoki left in the world in 1971 solved the brainwashing.After that, while pretending to be brainwashed, he looked for a chance to fight back and defeated Shocker Greed, who appeared in the world in 2011, with a rider double kick with No. 2.At the end, he fought Shocker with the resurrected successive riders,Great Leader of RocksWas defeated by a simultaneous attack by all riders with an all-rider break.
    "Kamen Rider Fourze"
    In the play worldurban legendThe existence was talked about in, and a video of kicking Shocker fighters was posted on the net.
    movies"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Forze & Oze MOVIE War MEGA MAX"
    Foundation XHe fights with Stronger from No. 2 all over the world to stop his ambitions, but he falls into a trap.
    movies"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Hero Wars"
    beginning,Gokai RedHas changed dramaticallyRed OneBoth Kamen Rider No. 2 were erased in the space-time gap in the Fire Sword, but later revived and fought with the other superheroes against the Great Shocker and the Great Zangak.
    movies"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Space Detective Super Hero Wars Z"
    Appears only during the final battle.
    movies"Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai"
    Appeared as the actual leader of 15 Showa riders. "All gathered! Seven Kamen Riders !! ”, Fujioka will appear as Hongo before the transformation for the first time in 7 years.
    In this work, like No. 2 (one letter), the windmill of the belt is equipped with shutter parts, and in the transformation scene, it transformed from the old No. 1 to the new No. 1 via Sakurajima No. 1.[58]..For some reason, he completely denied 15 Heisei riders as "not recognized as riders", and was regarded as an enemy who created the movie's enemy "Underground Empire Badan".Eventually, he will fight with all Showa riders to defeat them, but in reality it is a strategy to deceive Badan, and in the decisive battle with Badan.Kamen Rider GaimuCooperated with Heisei riders, such as giving Showa rider rock seeds to.However, the question of recognizing Heisei Rider as a Kamen Rider is also serious, and he will fight Heisei Rider again after the decisive battle.In the theatrical release version, heisei riders were finally recognized from the attitude of Gaim who did not avoid his own attack in order to protect one flower, and entrusted them with the future.At the ending, he is riding a new cyclone with his own face.
    • The costume is Fujioka's own[128], I chose it on the assumption that Hongo is still fighting abroad[129]..Sunglasses are directed byShibaYour lineIt was prepared on the assumption that it is worn so that the enemy does not notice the line of sight, but Fujioka's plan that warriors do not wear sunglasses in the dark is to remove sunglasses in the underpass scene.[128].
    "Ressha Sentai ToQger VS Kamen Rider Gaim Spring Break Combined Special"
    The day before the movie "Kamen Rider Taisen". Appeared with No. 2 and V3. He said, "I will not join hands with the Heisei rider," but the true meaning is not revealed until the movie.
    movies"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3"
    Act with No. 2 throughout the whole story.1973/2/10[Annotation 28], Shocker[Annotation 29]However, in 3, it became a world dominated by Shocker because it was defeated by Kamen Rider No. 2015 that appeared immediately after that.However, when they were defeated, they secretly transplanted their consciousness to Shocker's electronic brain, and using the deformed rider robot, they gained a new body and revived, disabling Shocker Rider's brainwashing. did.He also confronted Shocker with No. 3 and other riders who escaped from Rider Robo.Rider Robo was destroyed and the effect of the alternate history machine was invalidated, and I said goodbye to No. 3 which disappeared.
    movies"Kamen Rider Beyond Generations"
    Existence is mentioned in the recollection of former Shocker scientist Ryunosuke Momose.He met Momose between being abducted by Shocker and being remodeled, and persuaded Momose to take the wrong path as a scientist at that time, but Momose did not listen to him at that time.However, the words continue to remain in Momose's heart, and after learning that Hongo is fighting Shocker, Momose decides to leave Shocker himself.

    Other video works

    video"Ultraman VS Kamen Rider"
    In "Ultraman VS Kamen Rider", which is the era of "Kamen Rider" in chronological order, ShockerMiddle EastAppeared after a poisonous scorpion man dispatched from the branch.UltramanAnd the underground monster Gadras are fighting, and they confront the poisonous scorpion man.And when Gadras and the poisonous scorpion man merge to become Scorpion Gadras, "奇跡It became huge and defeated Sasori Gadras with Ultraman. "All gathered! Seven Kamen Riders !! ”, using the new cyclone for the first time in 7 years.The transformation scene and voice are diverted from past videos.

    Cartoon work

    Manga "Kamen Rider SPIRITS" / "New Kamen Rider SPIRITS"
    "Kamen Rider SPIRITS], Active as a leader of Kamen Rider. Always keep a cool attitude in the fight against BADAN.He acts as a coordinator for riders, such as giving up on Shigeru trying to hit the resurrected Black Satan, and going to rescue Keisuke who was captured with Ichimonji and Amazon.I gave the title of Kamen Rider ZX, the 10th rider, to Ryo Murasame, who is worried about the significance of his existence.
    In the first episode of Part 1ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAppears in and defeats the flying fox monster (provisional) with the waterfall.At this time, accept the waterfall as a partnerDouble riderIs calling himself.After that, he answered Taki about his history up to that point, saying, "No matter where I am, I'm still there."
    In the second part, he confronted ZX, who was a swordsman of BADAN at that time, and at this time he tossed ZX, which should be far superior in performance as a remodeled human, with various techniques, destroyed ZX's right foot and left hand, and finally 2 It hunts down to the point where it can be destroyed by a rider double kick with No. Rider, but it ends in an attempt because Tiger Lloyd shook himself.After that, he was fighting BADAN all over the world.
    To rescue Keisuke in Southern Gross, board with Ichimonji and Amazon.At that time, he confronts the resurrected Mosquilas and Shiomanking's Shocker's regenerated monster with the realization that they are strengthened.
    When BADAN sent the Black Pyramid to various parts of Japan, he improvised with ZX in Tokyo and fought with the resurrected shocker rider.Although he was hurt by a sudden hit on his right leg, he was saved by the flight ability of ZX, and the shocker rider was killed by the rider's wheel supported by the brain wave communication of the No. 2 rider.
    In the early part of Part 3, the battle begins with the Rebirth Zol, Dr. Shinigami Rebirth, and the Rebirth Shocker Phantom Corps led by Ambassador Hell.During the battle, he struggles with the Delzer Corps, which invades with a character who came to support him.Katsumi and Kazuhiro, who were completely wounded from a long battle with Shocker but were about to be taken hostage by Baron Rock, were rescued with the appearance of a short hair. After defeating Baron Rock in a joint battle with ZX, he is summoned to the base of the seabed by the space-time magic team by the Shocker Corps led by Ambassador Hell, and fights against the Shocker Phantom Corps with ZX and Goro Ishikura.
    In the extra edition after the title was changed to "New Kamen Rider SPIRITS", the author's story is about Hongo when he was fighting Shocker alone, and how one character was remodeled.Kenichi MuraedaIt is developed in the original story of.After that, when the story returns to the battle with BADAN, Hongo's confession that "I have taken nine men (from one letter to good) to hell because of my weakness" enters.Also, in the first part, the surgical scar was drawn on the face of one letter, but in this extra edition, the scar of the remodeling surgery was also seen on the face of Hongo.After the one-letter reconstructive surgery, he entrusted Japan to him and pursued Dr. Shinigami who returned to Europe and moved to his land.In this extra edition, it is said that Hongo installed a defensive shutter on the one-letter Typhoon, and at the beginning of the sixth episode, the bullet "korrosion" released by the second strengthening remodeling human being[Annotation 30]It was installed to regenerate the one-letter Typhoon destroyed by the "bullet".A flashback scene of Dr. Karl's rescue is inserted in Europe, and with each battle, regeneration and strengthening are repeated to increase the destructive power, and the body color change is also drawn from the old No. 1 to Sakurajima No. 1.
    The energy cord is stored in the switch on the left side of the belt, and No. 1 and No. 2 insert energy into the double typhoon of Shiro Kazami whose terminal was destroyed, and transformed it into V3.
    Manga "Kamen Rider 11 Senki"
    Active as a leader of 11 Kamen Riders fighting Geist.Even without using telepathy, Ishin-denshin is a friend of Ishin-denshin, and Minami Kotaro tries to reach that point.It also shows the bold side of getting into Neo King Dark Unit 3.
    I was caught at the end of the gameGeneral shadowA "Geistrider" is created, which gives a clone born from the cells of No. 1 a mechanical structure that imitates No. XNUMX.Geistrider was a strong enemy with excellent coordination because of the clones in addition to the fighting power of a single person, but the rescued Hongo is a joint technique for juniors.Rider Southern Cross KickGive a hint to create a reversal.
    After that, even though the energy is exhausted, use the power of the other partyJudo BusterMake a general shadow transformed with.When Shadow dies, the wind pressure created as the "last gift" restores energy and faces the decisive battle with the Great Leader.

    Novel work

    novel"SIC HERO SAGA ”
    Since Dr. Midorikawa is drawn as the main character, the feelings of Hongo are not drawn, but Dr. Midorikawa's trust in Hongo can be seen.
    "MASKED RIDER EDITION -Missing Link-"
    While being trapped in Shocker, he succeeded in solving the brainwashing of one character and becoming a Kamen Rider.
    "MASKED RIDER EDITION -Forever from here-"
    Dr. Shinigami captures him for power-ups, but the Great Leader of Destroyer reveals his plans.After that, he made a guess about his true intentions and allowed the Great Leader of Shocker to power up.However, the memory of the conversation at that time (the Great Leader of Destroyer is a government officer for the B26 Dark Nebula) has been erased.
    Help Riderman = Yuki, who was seriously injured by destroying the Pluton rocket, and perform first aid by performing a cyborg operation at God Station.
    "MASKED RIDER DEN-O EDITION -April 1971, 4-"
    "Movie version Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiba Climax Detective1971 with the same world setting as4/3As a result of Hongo's involvement in the turmoil of Negataros and Den-O2008/Helped by FujibeiDid not become a remodeled human (ie rider)History is created.afterwards,ShockerInjured while sheltering Fujibei in 2008 from an attack fromCardiopulmonary arrestIt became.However, it was remodeled and revived as the old No. 7 by the decision of the new No. 1 who is one of the seven riders who just defeated the Great Leader of Rocks brought by the owner (thus, the new No. 1 and the old 1). A dream co-star called No. will be held).In addition, No. 1 and No. 1 that appeared hereSICnot,FIRST version,NEXT versionBased onMOVIE REALIZATIONThe design is closer to you.
    Novel "Kamen Rider EVE"
    This is a later story of the original manga.
    It seems that he was fighting various evil organizations even after the fight with Shocker.However, due to severe exhaustion in the process, he fell asleep in the laboratory again with only the brain.Since then, FBI agent Jiro Taki, who once fought with Shocker,Shadow warriorAlso served as.
    Before the battle with the resurrected Chief Shocker, the brain was transplanted to the body of the machine with the cooperation of Riderman = Joji Yuki and revived. Together with nine riders, he empowered Guyborg-Jun Kadowaki with "Rider Syndrome" to awaken him to Kamen Rider Gaia.After the battle, I fell asleep again, hoping that I wouldn't have to wake up again.

    "Kamen Rider SD"

    "Kamen Rider SD], It appeared only as "Masked Rider No. 1" and never showed his true face.The world view of "Mighty Riders" and "Gale Legend" of "Kamen Rider SD" is different.

    In "Kamen Rider SD Mighty Riders", he is the leader of 11 Kamen Riders.Gag cartoonDue to its nature, other riders often have different personalities from the TV series, but he is in the position of a leader and has not been significantly modified.Initially, it used the old cyclone, but later it came to use the neo-cyclone that had been reinforced and remodeled.

    "Kamen Rider SD Gale Legend], A legendary hero who was active in the past wars.He was seriously injured at that time and fell asleep for treatment, but was revived at the end of a new battle.In this world, Neo Cyclone is used from the beginning.

    Video games

    "Super Hero Operations: Didal's Ambition"
    You can see homages to previous works such as "When I rescued one character, my leg was injured and I temporarily left" and "I went to Amigo with Hayata (Ultraman)".
    "Super Special Effects War 2001"
    Was hurt and collapsedJiro (Kikaider)There is a production that repaired, and he is also familiar with robotics.
    PSGame "Kamen Rider"
    If you select Rider mode in Story mode, you will fight evil with one letter as in the TV version, but if you select Shocker mode, the selected Shocker (or Gel Shocker) monster (player) will defeat other monsters. , After being strengthened and remodeled to be the strongest monster, he has defeated Hongo and Ichimonji.
    PS game "Kamen Rider V3"
    Like the previous work, it is the same activity as the TV version, and since this work has V3 as the main character, the number of appearances is small, but if certain conditions are met, a story mode with No. 1 as the main character will also appear.Also, if you choose the Destron side, you will be defeated by the Destron Phantom (or Destron Chief) selected by the player, as in the shocker mode of the previous work.It also uses game-original techniques such as Easy Rider Kick.
    PS2Game "Masked Rider Genealogy of Justice"
    It was said that the world view was different in the original setting.Kamen Rider Agito] Are integrated into the same world view.Therefore, the co-starring with Kamen Rider Agito = Shouichi Tsugami was realized.In addition, since Hongo of this work was fighting Shocker, I was surprised that Shiro, a junior at the university who communicated over time, was in V3.

    Compatible Hero Series

    • In "SD The Great Battle New Challenge", it has a special attack that stops the time and blocks the movement of the enemy.By joining Ambassador Hell, you can see the battle together.Also,Apollo GeistThe confrontation with is also realized.
    • In "Hero Senki Project Olympus", he appears as a senior of Kotaro, but he is not very active.
    • In "Gaia Saver Hero's Greatest Strategy," you can save yourself from being trapped in a prison.

    Other works

    "Kida Edition Rider Emaki Kamen Rider Den-O Clash! Den-O VS Nobunaga"
    "Den-O] And "Rider" are set in the same world, and together with No. 2, they were involved in the battle of Den-O and were jumped during the Warring States period.
    "MASKED RIDER LIVE & SHOW ~ Ten Years Festival ~"
    Appeared with successive Showa riders (RX from No. 2).He helped Decade and other Heisei riders and dismissed the big shocker.

    Related characters

    Form of other Kamen Rider with No. 1 ability
    Kamen Rider No. 1 (Susanoo)
    Manga"Kamen Rider SPIRITS』Appeared in.The transformed figure of Susanoo (Great Leader JUDO).Appearance is old No. 1.
    Decade No. 1
    movies"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Hero Wars』Appeared in.Kamen Rider Decade is No. 1Rider cardThe figure transformed by.
    Kamen Rider Gaim No. 1 Arms
    movies"Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai』Appeared in.Kamen Rider Gaim transformed using Showa Rider Rock Seed.
    Kamen Rider Ghost No. 1 Soul
    "Kamen Rider Ghost Legend!Rider's soul!』Appeared in.Kamen Rider Ghost transformed using Kamen Rider 45 Ghost Eye Soul.
    Kamen Rider OOO Legend Tatoba Combo
    novel"SIC HERO SAGA MASKED RIDER DECADE EDITION -The World of Ooo- "appears.Kamen Rider OOO transformed with the Legend Core Medal (a modified version of the Decade Rider Card).
    Phantom with No. 1 ability
    Another No. 1
    movies"Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation』Appeared in.Timejacker Finis transformed into another No. 1 watch.Later fused with Kamen Rider Gates' Time Magine (Gates machine),Another New No. 1Changed to.

    The person who played Kamen Rider No. 1

    An actor

    Hiroshi Fujioka,
    Masaya Kokawada
    Shin Fujioka
    Sosuke Ikematsu

    Voice actor

    Hiroshi Fujioka,
    Rokuro Naya
    • "Kamen Rider" (Episode 9-13)
    Osamu Ichikawa
    • "Kamen Rider" (Episode 66/67)
    Hideyuki Tanaka
    Tohru Inada
    Hideo Ishikawa
    Masaya Kokawada
    • "All Kamen Rider Rider Generation" Series (THE FIRST)
    Yohei Azakami
    • "Kamen Rider Zio Final Stage" (THE FIRST)

    Suit actor

    In "Kamen Rider", Hiroshi Fujioka himself was initially serving except for specialized actions, but after the 5th episode, except for some parts to prevent danger, the Ono KenyukaiOkada MasaruTo[31], Fujioka was injured, and Okada was mainly in charge of it even after he got off the board.[132][133]..In the double rider edition and the new No. 1 edition, with OkadaNakayasashi TetsuyaPlayed the new No. 1, but NakayashikiSuperman Barom 1After moving toYutaro OsugiWas appointed[134][133]..After that, due to the transfer of Osugi, Nakayashiki played again in the final stage.[44]..Nakayashiki was mainly in charge of V3 in "V3", but only episodes 1 and 2 continued to play No. 1 from the previous work.[44].

    Trampoline stuntsJACWas in charge of[135].

    Hiroshi Fujioka
    • Until the 10th episode of "Kamen Rider".
    Okada Masaru
    • From "Kamen Rider" episode 1, action stunts[136].
    Kenji Amari
    • From "Kamen Rider" episode 1, action stunts[136].
    Fumiya Nakamura
    • From the 10th episode of "Kamen Rider", the scene of visiting a dog's grave[136].
    Tetsuya Nakayashiki
    • "Kamen Rider" episodes 40 to 59[32][137], Episode 95-Episode 98[44][31]..Selected because it has a similar physique to Fujioka[31].
    • "Kamen Rider V3" Episodes 1 and 2[44][31]
    Yutaro Osugi
    Osamu Misumi
    Osamu Kaneda
    • "Kamen Rider" trampoline stunt[31].
    Junichi Haruta
    Kazuo Shinbori
    Keisuke Chiyoda
    • "Kamen Rider V3"[31]
    Haruhiko Hashimoto
    Hiroshi Maeda
    Mark Musashi
    • "Kamen Rider THE FIRST"[140]
    Atsushi Watanabe
    Yugo Fujii
    • "Oze Den Den All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider"[141]
    • "Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai"
    Okamoto Jiro
    • "Masked Rider No. 1"[142]

    Motorcycle stunt

    The second year of "Kamen Rider" was not revealed, and it is said that the staff of Muromachi Racing took turns in charge.[143].

    Haruo Ohashi
    • "Kamen Rider" 1st Cool, Episodes 40 and 41[143]
    Kenzo Muromachi
    • "Kamen Rider" opening[2][143], Episode 5[135]..Initially, Muromachi was scheduled to act as a bike stunt, but due to schedule reasons, it was replaced by Ohashi.[143].
    Yasushi Noguchi
    • "Kamen Rider" up scene[143]..It was appointed because it has a similar physique to Hiroshi Fujioka.[143].
    Toshiaki Kumazawa
    • Participated in support after the 5th cool of "Kamen Rider"[143].
    Akio Kawamura


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    Related item

    • Kamen Rider Kuuga --A professor at Jonan University named Hongo is mentioned.It does not appear only by mention.
    • Movie version Kamen Rider Agito PROJECT G4 ――When Hiroshi Fujioka, who played Takeshi Hongo, made a guest appearance as a police officer, the staff released a comment saying, "You can think that this police officer is Takeshi Hongo (Masked Rider No. 1)." I answered in an interview with each related magazine at that time.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto -Played Hongo in "THE FIRST"Masaya KokawadaAppeared in episode 14 with Cyclone No. 1, and passed by Kamen Rider Kabuto = Souji Tendou.Huangkawada said, "It's okay in an instant, so Hongo and TendouCollaborationI want to do it. "However, in the video, the role name is not credited and only "special appearance" is written, so it is unknown whether it is Hongo himself or not.
    • Real Clothes ――The president of Dainippon Textile, who has the same surname and the same name as Takeshi Hongo, appears in the third episode of the serial drama version.actedNishioka DemaPlays the role of Chairman Hongo in the special drama version.
    • Tiger mask exercise - 2011/December 1th morningChiba City HallAt the entrance of, it was found that a letter from a person calling himself "Takeshi Hongo", cash of 10500 yen, and a miniature motorcycle were placed.The letter said, "I pray that the children will become adults who can think about Japan."[1].. On July 1th of the same year,Nagoya cityStationery and jigsaw puzzles donated by a person who calls himself "Kamen Rider" have been found at the orphanage "Komagata Dormitory" in Komagata-cho, Showa-ku.[2][3].

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