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🧑‍🎨 | Four Seasons Enjoyable Photo Exhibition Japan Landscape Photography Association Gunma Branch Exhibition


Photo exhibition that can be enjoyed in all four seasons Exhibition of works by the Gunma Branch of the Japan Landscape Photography Association

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The photo exhibition "Shikisai no Uta" is being held at Takasaki City Gallery until the 22nd of this month.

A photo exhibition where you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons is being held at Takasaki City Gallery.This photo exhibition is in Japan ... → Continue reading

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JNR 201 series > Shikisai

Shikisai(Shikisai) isEast Japan Railway(JR East)2001/から2009/Had untilRailway carso,Joyful TrainIt is a kind of vehicle called.


Ome LineToyoda train ward (currently, for the purpose of improving the image along the railway lineToyota Rolling Stock Center)soTraining carWas used as201 series4両編成1本(クハ201-134+モハ201-263+モハ200-263+クハ200-134)を展望型電車に改造し、2001年May 8Started more operation.After that, a public offering of nicknames was held, and in the same yearMay 11To"Shikisai"Was nicknamed.The details of the modification are shown below.

  • Changed seat layout and part of side windows
    • TamagawaRemodeling the side window on the side from a two-stage window to a fixed single window[1].
    • Kuha 200-134 near Okutama has all seats facing the river, and the other three cars are facing the river.Cross sheetInstall[1].
    • Installation of a luggage storage that doubles as a table[1].

Paint color

  • New paint color 2005/After the renewal, the paint color was unified by knitting.Based on white, a blue horizontal line expressing the flow of the Tama River was applied to the lower half of the car body.In addition, the seasons have been reversed, and the design has been changed to be associated with the Ome Line.From Okutama


  • 2001:Oi FactoryRemodeled at (currently Tokyo General Rolling Stock Center)May 7To participate inMay 8ToTakao StationIt was exhibited at the 8th anniversary event. August 4thOme StationThe departure ceremony was held at, and commercial operation was started as an "observation train".After making several round trips from Ome to Okutama on the day, departure from OkutamaTachikawaThe operation was terminated on the way.After that, on Saturdays and holidays, Ome Line Tachikawa-Okutama,Itsukaichi LineHaijima~Musashi-ItsukaichiOperates as a regular train. Named "Shikisai" by open call for participants on November 11.At the same time, stickers with different designs were affixed to each vehicle that was planned from the beginning.Head markWas also installed.From the timetable revision in December of the same year, only the Ome Line will be operated, and the regular operation on the Itsukaichi Line will disappear.
  • 2002/ : May 10FromNambu Line(I.e.Connecting from to OkutamaKawasaki-Okutama Hiking”Started operation. (PreviouslyNakahara train wardAffiliation103 series)
  • 2003/ : May 6, "Enzan Station-Yamanashi Station-Isawa Onsen Station-Kofu StationAs part of the "100th Anniversary of Opening" event, as "Yamanashi Shikisai"Chuo Main LineIt was operated two round trips between Enzan and Kofu.The next day, the 2th, a vehicle exhibition was held at Kofu Station.May 8,301 seriesA vehicle was exhibited at Takao Station as part of the retirement event.May 9Occurred the day beforeHachiko LineHachiko Line due to the effect of 103 series car breakdownHachioji~Koma RiverPinch runner for regular trains.
  • 2004/: From July, the exterior, direction curtain, and head mark of Moha 7-200 were changed from "Sunflower" to "Anemonopsis macrophylla" that grows naturally in Okutama. On August 263th and 8th, a temporary rapid train "Shikisai Kogen" will be held.Kobuchizawa~White horseDriving at.All cars have a seating capacity,ticketBesidesReserved seat ticketWas necessary (although it was a modified car,Commuter trainIt is rare to collect a reserved seat fee at).
  • 2005:May 5At the end of the commercial operation of, the operation with the old paint color is finished.May 6Made inMitaka Station・ The new paint color was unveiled to the general public at the "75th Anniversary Event of Train District Opening".The exterior of the car body and the design of the head mark have been completely redesigned.May 7Returned to commercial operation on the Ome Line.
  • 2007/ : May 1From TachikawaLake KawaguchiAs "Shikisai Kawaguchiko" (down train after arriving at Kawaguchiko, as a regular regular trainFujikyu LineOne round trip inside).May 4FromOmiya-Started operation on "Musashino Okutama" in Okutama (formerlyOyama Vehicle CenterAffiliation115 series).
  • 2008/ : May 5,Shinonoi LineNagano~ObasuteIs operated as "Obasute Photo Train Shikisai-go".
  • 2009: Around January, a knitting tag with "W1" written in orange letters was attached against the background of the front body color.May 5ToJR East Omiya General Rolling Stock Center"JR Omiya Railway Fureai Fair" held at "Currently"Railway Town Omiya Railway Fureai Fair”), It was used as a trial ride train.May 6Announces retirement of this vehicle[2].May 6The regular operation ends with.Driving with a normal head mark was also the last. Mitaka on July 7th and 4thSasako(Outward route), Otsuki-Mitaka (return route), Tachikawa-Ome on July 7th and 11th, and Tachikawa-Okutama on July 12th, 7th and 18th.Different special head marks were attached to the front and rear.May 7I was retired after driving. 3 days later, on the 23rd, due to scrappingNagano General Rolling Stock CenterへForwardingWas done.


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