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🎥 | Movie "Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy" cast video comment released!


Movie "Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy" cast video comment release!

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Kotone Furukawa, who has appeared in topical works such as the serial TV novels "Ale" and "Life's Punchline", has an overwhelming presence, Ayumu Nakajima, Katsuki Mori, Shouma Kai, and other fresh faces appear for the first time in Hamaguchi's work. ..

The theater release date of the latest work "Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy" by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, the movie writer who is attracting the most attention in the world, is December 2021, 12 ... → Continue reading


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Shouma Kai

Shouma Kai (Kaishouma,1997/May 11[1][2] -) isJapan OfAn actor.AmuseAffiliation[1].


I was scouted from my current office while I was in high school[2], Suspended at the request of the person.After graduation,2015/Entered the office.Debuted as an actor in the same year[2].

2016/ToKamen Rider Ex-Aid』Parado / Kamen Rider Paradox role for the first time in a TV drama[2].

2021/, Appearance work "Imagine by chanceIs the 71thBerlin International Film FestivalSilver Bear AwardWon[3].


  • Foot size is 28 cm[1].
  • For 1 years from the first grade of elementary school to the third grade of high schoolサ ッ カ ーWas working on[2].
  • My favorite foods are cream puffs and fromage.As of November 2017, he saved it because he cares about calories, but he says he often buys and eats cream puffs at convenience stores on tired days.Hobbies other than sweets are listening to music[4].
  • Kamen Rider Ex-AidI used to play the role of parad and always sat on the edge of the roof, so I don't mind high places.[5].
  • Parad, who played in "Ex-Aid," became an ally at the end of the game, but he said, "I don't want to be an ally. I just want to end up as a villain."[6].
  • Ryusei Hiyoshi, who played in "Flower and the Beast," is sincere and kind, and Kai himself describes himself as "a character that is the exact opposite of himself."At the same time, he talks about his feelings when he played, "I was so nervous that my face turned bright red."[4].
  • The game is strong among the cast members of "Flower and the Beast", and it became a hot topic in the interview in November 2017.[4].


"■The one marked is the main cast.

TV drama


TV program


  • "Death Note THE MUSICAL(Tokyo performance: January 2020, 1-February 20, 2Tokyo Building Brillia HALL / Shizuoka performance: February 2nd and 22rd,Marinato Large Hall / Osaka Performance (Cancel)[Note 2]: February 2th, March 29st,Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall / Fukuoka Performance (Cancel)[Note 2]: March 3-6,Hakataza)- starring -Yagami moon Role * Yoshihiro MuraiDouble cast with
  • Toho Musical "RENT(July-September 2020,Theater CLIE)-Roger role *Dojin KahoDouble cast with (CHEMISTRY)
  • Toho Musical "Marie Antoinette(May 2021, 1-June 28, 2,Theater orb)-Count Axel Fersen *Mario TashiroDouble cast with
  • musical"Romeo and Juliet"([22]May 2021, 5 --June 21, TBS Akasaka ACT Theater / July 6, 13 --July 2021, Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall) - starring・ Romeo role *Mario KurobaneDouble cast with 
  • musical"October Sky-Beyond the distant sky-(Tokyo performance: October 2021, 10-October 6,Theater cocoon/ Osaka Performance: November 2021th, 11 --November 11th,Morinomiya Piloti Hall)- starring・ Homer Hickam[23]
  • Musical "Next to Normal" (March 2022, 3-April 25, Theater Creation) -Gave[24] ■ Naoto KaihoDouble cast with
  • Music drama "Claudia" Produced by Earth Gorgeous (July 2022-7, 4 <planned>, Tokyo performance: Tokyo Building Brillia HALL / July 22/7 <planned>, Osaka performance: Morinomiya Piloti Hall)- starring ・ The role of Jiara[25] ■ Takuro OhnoDouble cast with
  • Musical "Elizabeth" (October 2022, 10-November 9 <planned>, Tokyo performance: Imperial Theater / December 11-27 <planned>, Aichi performance: Misonoza / December 12-5 21 March 12 <planned>, Osaka performance: Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall / January 29, 2023 --1 <planned>, Fukuoka performance: Hakataza) --Rudolph (Prince of Austria)[26] ■ Toshiki TateishiDouble cast with

Web drama

  • Flower mess(October 2017, 10-March 30, 2018,dTV-FOD) --Tatsuo Hiyoshi■ Role[27]
  • Y! Mobile After-school drama series "Parallel School DAYS" (February 2019, 2-March 18, 3,YouTube) --Misaki Suga■ Role
  • Someday, one day to go to sleep(March 2019, 3-April 12, FOD)-Ren Otaka■ Role[28]
  • Flower and the Beast ~ Second Season ~ (March 2019, 3-April 23, dTV / FOD distribution) -Tatsuo Hiyoshi■ Role[29]

original video




  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid DX Paradox Buckle (September 2017, 9,toy)-The role of Parad
  • DX Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Memorial Finish Gashat Set II (March 2018, Toy) -The role of Parad


Music card

Release dateProduct NamePart numberRemarks
2019/5/23KimitobokunoutaGTCG-0718The MV of the original song that he wrote and composed himself was recorded.

Compilation album

Release dateProduct Name
(Product number)
2016/11/23HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016 Preparation Sound Track
2019/11/3015th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME COLLECTION "JUMP ↑"
Shouma Kai,Yuta Ozeki"City of cherry blossoms"
Kazuki Ishiga,Shouma Kai, Shunji Tagawa, Nayuta Fukuzaki, etc.Kanata Hosoda"A (C)"
Team Handsome! 2019[Note 3]""
Shouma Kai, Keisuke Watanabe (WrapResponsible)"SEIZE THE DAY"
Shouma Kai, Yuta Koseki, Kodai Matsuoka,Takuya Mizoguchi"TWILIGHT"
Team Handsome! 2020[Note 4]"GET IT BACK!"
"New Beginning"
"See you"
"Shall We Smile?"
"Because I'm not alone-our dreams and hopes-2020"

Live video work

Release dateProduct Name
(Product number)
2020/7/1015th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME LIVE "JUMP ↑ with YOU"

Composed by


  • Shouma Kai 2018 Calendar (2017)
  • Shouma Kai 2019 Calendar (2018)
  • Shouma Kai 2020 Calendar (2019)
  • Shouma Kai 2021-2022 Calendar (March 2021)


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