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🎥 | "Come Come Everybody" Yasuko, a series of fresh surprises ... 35th Synopsis

Photo "Come Come Everybody" from the 35th – (C) NHK

"Come Come Everybody" Yasuko, a series of fresh surprises ... 35th Synopsis

If you write the contents roughly
Suta (Gaku Hamada), who knows the complicated feelings of Yukiko, takes an action ...

The 105th NHK serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" in which Mone Kamishiraishi plays the first heroine.Week 7 "19 ... → Continue reading

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Black robe

Black robe(Kurogo) iskabuki,Ningyo JoruriThen, he appears on the stage under the promise that he cannot be seen by the audience, and as a guardian, he is in charge of helping actors and puppeteers, handing props to actors, and lowering them from the stage.It is also a special black costume that they wear.KurokoAlso called (Kurogu).

KurokoAlso called (Kuroko), "Kuroko" isJapanese alphabet, "Kuroko" is a syllabary, and both of them are not correct, but they have become commonplace and have become popular (originally written as "Kuroko" and "Kuroko".moleRead).

Kuroko in Kabuki

Kind of black robe

There are two types of Kuroko in Kabuki.

  • Kuroko who becomes an actor
    An actor wears a black costume and assists the performer on the stage.The contents include quick change of costumes and assistance for dressing up.PropsHanding over (tools), removing unnecessary items and corpses on the stage, etc.DifferenceManipulating butterflies, birds, mice, human souls, etc. attached to the tip ofPlush DollI sometimes manipulate animals.These black robes are often handled by the disciples of the actors who are assisted and the supporting characters who do not appear in the scene.guardianshipAlso called (Kouken).
  • Kuroko who becomes a prop
    PropsThe person in charge wears a black costume,Stage equipmentWhat to operate.The content is laid on the stagescreenRemoval andback groundThere is a conversion of.PropsAlso known as (Odogu).

Kuroko in different colors

It is a promise that the black robe cannot be seen, but depending on the scene, the black color may be rather noticeable.Therefore, there are different colors of costumes, and blue costumes are used for sea and waterside scenes.Hagoromo(Namigo) ・ White costume for snow scenesYukiko(Yukigo).

慣用 句

The meaning of "Kuroko / Kuroko" has changed from the original "person who is supposed to be invisible" and "person who is not supposed to be there". It is sometimes used to mean "a person who does not give out" or "a person who devotes himself to the back".


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(Still struggling,19886/28 -) isJapan OfAn actor.. Real name, same.TokyoI'm fromDokkyo High SchoolDropout.Stardust promotionAffiliation.Nickname is Gakkun.


At the age of 9, he was scouted by an entertainer and belonged to the current office.[1].. 1998 drama "To you who are alone』Debuted as a child actor.Downtown OfMasanori HamadaPlayed the role of Yudai Hibino, a boy who starts living with the main character who plays[2].

2000 『Heisei Marriage Bowl-Dokenchi no Hanaido-, Etc.

After that, until the middle of junior high school and high schoolrugbyAlthough he was temporarily suspended from acting activities such as belonging to the club and becoming absorbed in rugby, in 2004 "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei』In the wake of the appearance, aspire to become an actor in earnest.

2006 『Blue Song ~Pride of Throat Youth~』First starring in the movie. "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei』Tomoji TomiuraIs the younger brotherTerashima SakiWas the role of a lover.

2008 『Duck and duck coin locker』(Released in 2007) 22nd Takasaki Film FestivalReceived the Best Actor Award.

2011 『Peace Boat -Piece Vote-』, Served for the first time in a serial drama.

In 2015, won the second place in the men's category of the "2014 CM Favor Ranking" announced by CM Research Institute.[3].

In private life, in late July 2011Fashion Model OfKoizumi MiyukiMarried.It became a hot topic as a "179 cm height difference couple" with Koizumi, who is 19 cm tall.[4]..At the beginning of getting used to it, Hamada, who was shy and fell in love at first sight at a bar by chance, got drunk and asked for Koizumi's phone number.[5].. The first baby girl was born in late January 2012[6].


  • "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei』, Played a student who stirs the drama, but plays Kinpachi Sakamoto, the homeroom teacher after the graduation ceremonyTakeda TetsuyaIn the scene where he gave each student a "word to give", he said to Hamada, "I didn't like you when I first met him."This is because Takeda, who had predicted that Hamada would continue to be an actor, demanded that he be an actor until the end, so he said that he should not run away with crying and that he should stick to the last line. So, I acted as a director at that timeKatsuo FukuzawaIt is said that he received a severe production such as "I will kill you if you cry"[7].
  • novel"Golden slumberThe Kiru that appears inKotaro IsakaI wrote it in the image of Hamada.He said that he became a model for Kiru, "it's all about the actors."[8].



Anime movie

TV drama

Television Animation



Regular program

Past programs

  • Hitachi world strange discovery! Run!Thomas ThomasTonaka and others Steam locomotives are alive (July 2005, 7, TBS) -Mystery Hunter
  • For tomorrow ... Now (March 2008, 3, TBS) --Supporters
  • Asian smile ~ Winter story of me and the golden eagle ~ (February 2010, 2, NHK) --Narration
  • Japan fishing trip(December 2011, 5,NHK BS Premium) - The guests
  • Japan original scenery travelogue(BS Japan)-Navigator
    • 115 Views Toshijima, Mie Prefecture, a sleeping island that connects bonds (May 2011, 5)
    • 116 Views Futamichoe Town, Mie Prefecture, a town connected to the Ise Shrine (May 2011, 5)
  • Real x world(NTV) --Narration
    • 365 days ~ The Great East Japan Earthquake stared at by the TV director ~ (March 2012, 3)
    • 554 days ~ The Great East Japan Earthquake stared at by the TV director ~ (March 2012, 9)
  • Super Space-Time Travel / Autumn Love in Kyoto! "Rakuchu Rakugaizu" (November 2012, 11, NHK BS Premium)
  • NNN Document '13 The last tact soul shook! 30 years of the choir (March 2013, 3,Fukui Broadcasting) - Narration
  • Earth Ichiban "The World's Largest Horse Race Mongolia" (October 2013, 10, NHK) --Narrative
  • Shigoto Nadeshiko (October 2013, 10-November 25, TBS)-Narration
  • Document 72 hours Looking for "Hiroshima Taro" (November 2013, 11, NHK) --Narrative
  • Solar Boys-Sun, Desert, Straight- (November 2013, 11,TV Kanazawa) - Narration
  • Sunday special program, a spectacular view of miracles Reiho Fuji (June 2014, 6,BS-TBS) - Narration
  • What you taught me about my son (August 2014, 8, NHK)[64] --Reading
  • NNN Document '14 Tombstone in the summer sky That day, at the ridge of Natsuzora (August 2014, 8, NTV) --Narration
  • Witness! Japanese archipelago"" Kamaishi can't lose "-Entrusting reconstruction to rugby-" (March 2015, 3, NHK) --Narrative
  • Starts September 9Rugby World Cup 2015Navi (2015,J SPORTS)-Navigator[65][66]
  • Another Stories: A Crossroads of Fate(March 2015, 3 --September 19, NHK BS Premium) --Narration
    • (February 2016, 2, March 17, 3, special edition)
  • Watching a movie and embarking on a journey-Dake Hamada Touring New York- (March 2015, 3, BS Nippon Television)
  • Telementary 2015"70 years after the war in the series (3) Emperor's laughter-The era when" laughter "was a national policy-" (May 2015, 5, TV Asahi) --Narration
  • Legend to Revive the Chinese Dynasty (January 2016, 1-March 27, NHK BS Premium)
  • Gaku Hamada / Izumi Mori Face-to-face Dense Forest Gorilla and Legendary Sea Beast ~ Parents and Children of the Stars of Life ~ (January 2016, 1,CBC TV)[67]
  • Super Intro! Rakugo THE MOVIE(March 2016, 3, July 28 and above, single-shot, NHK) --Navigator
    • (October 2016, 10-February 19, 2017, regular broadcast)[68]
    • (April 2017, 4-, Super Introduction! Rakugo THE MOVIE E)
    • (May 2017, 5, Spring Special)
    • (August 2017, 8, August 14, 8, summer special)
  • Greek Civilization The Secret of the Ancient Olympics (July 2016, 7, NHK BS Premium) --Navigator
  • Japanese food trip of Gaku Hamada-I found "Katsuobushi" in Maldives! ~ (April 2017, 4, TV TOKYO) --Navigator
  • 8 days spent with Gaku Hamada and the largest beast on the ground, the African elephant (January 2018, 1, CBC / TBS)[69]

Delivery drama

  • The future is now Episode 6 Galapagos Salt (July 2009, 7, Mysterious Wii TV)[Note 7]
  • Three things you want to do before graduation (February 3, 2010-March 2, 1,LISMO Channel) --Shinji[Note 8]
  • Mechanism of love (May 2011, 5 --Web only) --The role of Cupid in love[Note 9]
  • Mote Mote Spray (August 2012, 8-, J: COM On Demand / Video PassSmart pass)- Starring Takashi Aso[Note 10]
  • Transparent Polar Bear (July 2013, 7-,Uula) --Yuki[Note 11][70]
  • Miss Fortune> Official Website:http://miss-fortune.com (July 2015, 2-September 16, 4,GYAO!)- Starring Akira Kanda[71]
  • I ran slowly in Japan ~ Around Japan for that girl ~ (October 2017, 10-January 20, 2018,Amazon Prime Video)- Starring Koji Yoshimoto
  • If you shout in the rain (December 2021, 12, Amazon Prime Video) --Kaneko[72]
  • First Love First love(Distribution started on June 2022, 11,Netflix) --The role of Taro[73]

Music video

Radio Drama



  • Star Safari Africa / Starry Animal Paradise with [ALEXANDROS] (“Sky”: September 2018, 9-November 22, “Full Sky”: September 11, 30-November 2018) --Narration[74]



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