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🎥 | Yurina Hirate starring movie "The Night Beyond the Window" is now available on dTV!

Photo (C) 2021 Movie "The Night Beyond the Window" Production Committee (C) Tomoko Yamashita / libre

The movie "The Night Beyond the Window" starring Yurina Hirate is now available on dTV!

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Meanwhile, the two are approached by detective Hiji Hanzawa (Kenichi Takitō) about a serial murder that occurred a year ago.

The live-action movie "The Night Beyond the Window" starring Yurina Hirate has begun to be distributed on dTV. "The outside of the window ... → Continue reading


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Serial murder case

    Kenichi Takifuji

    (Kenichi Takito,1976〈Showa51 years>11/2[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor..Aichi prefectureNagoya cityMeito WardBackground[1].Agent Office TactThroughAlpha agencyAffiliation (from October 2021)[3][4].


    Aichi Prefectural Tenpaku High SchoolAfter graduation,Film directorMoved to Tokyo with the aim of Aspiring to be an actor after passing the audition for the movie "Bullet Ballet"[5]. afterwards,1998から2007Up to actorTatsuya NakadaiPresided over actor training center "Anonymous schoolWas enrolled in the stage and was active mainly on the stage.For synchronization of MumeijukuYouko Maki,Junichi UchiuraThere is[6][7].

    In 2008, the movie ``Climbers high』Appeared. Despite being completely unknown at the time, I was acquainted with the workshopHarada MasatoThe director called me to audition and passed. Acting as a newspaper reporter, Shusaku Kanzawa, is drawing attention. After shooting the movie, the 10-year career at Mumeijuku was separated, and he left Mumeijuku to expand his field of activity in video works.[5][8].

    2009 years,NHKSaturday drama"Foreign police"ButSerial dramaIt is the first regular appearance in.Since this shooting started and the schedule became strict, I quit my part-time job at a video rental store, a transportation company, an izakaya, etc.[8][9]. after that,Taiga drama"Ryoma-den"ofKomatsu Belt SwordRole and "Dancing Great Investigation Line』Of the seriesChinese peopleCriminal role,Continuous tv novel"Ume-chan teacher』Appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies as a supporting role, such as the leading role in the cafeteria.

    2013, on TBS TVSunday Theater"Naoki Hanzawa』, Played the role of Naosuke Kondo, a bank clerk who is in sync with the main character, from the influenceOriconAccording to a survey, he was ranked 2013th in the "8 Break Actor Ranking".Supporting playerRaise awareness as[10][11].

    For the fiscal year ended April 2014Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Late-night drama "My dandyismThe first starring a TV drama[12].. The commercial was also aired from March 2014, 3.LotteGum "Fit's LINKIs the first independent advertising appearance[13].

    As of May 2021, 9Agent Office TactLeaving the company, on October 10stAlpha agencyTransferred to[3][4].


    In the role making, it is a type that thoroughly trains the image before shooting, and decides the position to breathe. It is to make something that you can rely on in production, but you do not stick to the role you have made so much[14][15].. It has a stoic side to making roles, and the movie "Golden slumber』When playing the role of the main character after plastic surgery, remember all the lines of the main character played by Masato Sakai[14],Drama"S-The Last Cop-』When I played the role of a terminal cancer patient, despite the guest appearance, I lost about 1 kg in one month to make a role[16].

    In my private life, I was a junior in 2009 when I was a junior at Mumeijuku.NutritionistMarried a woman. Father of 3 children, 2009 boys (2011, 2012, 1) and 2014 girl (4) [10][17][18].

    Special skill isJapanese drum,Sword,calligraphy,Grass whistle[2].



    Indie film / short film

    TV drama


    Nippon TV

    TV Asahi


    Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.

    Fuji Television Network, Inc

    Other (TV drama)


    • Anonymous school
    • Young manStudio
      • "We are not Shishi" (2003, Seinen-za Theater)
      • "Satomi Hakkenden(2004, Theater Fushikaden) --The role of Dosetsu Inuyama
      • "Raindia Express" (2005, Seinen-za Theater)
      • "Dragon, that is my friend" (2005, Seinen-za Theater)
    • Parasite Gypsy "JP" (2004, Theater V Akasaka)
    • 2NK Project "Jajama Familiarity / Jajama Familiarization" (2005, Theater X) --Tranio
    • KZ "Paper Balloons and Two Men Playing with Life" (2006, Mutsuura District Center)
    • H project "Unreliable wife" (2006,THEATER / TOPS) --Taro Ohashi
    • Round face presents "Job & Baby(2007,Aoyama Amphitheater) --Hoshiichi / Shoe store / Second son
    • Theater Japan Production "Ecstasy" (2008, Nakameguro Live House Dressing Room, Ginza makoto Theater)
    • Gyan-buy "Gyan-buy! STANDBY !!" (2008, Nakano West End)
    • Aoyama Engaku Council # 4 ~ Re ~ "The name of the family is" Family "" (2011, Aoyama Amphitheater) --Taro


    Other TV programs

    • Japan original scenery travelogue 237th view Hiroshima prefecture, Onomichi / 238th view Hiroshima prefecture, Innoshima (November 2013th and 11th, 4,BS Japan) - traveller
    • Document Decision "Boryokudan" Withdrawal "What's Beyond" (August 2014, 8, NHK) --Narration
    • Passion continent(December 2014, 9,MBS)
    • Telementary2014 "Why the house was built in the" valley "-74 people died Hiroshima landslide disaster-" (November 2014, 11, TV Asahi) --Narration
    • "Vancouver AsahiPreface-Kenichi Takito, a famous actor, performed alone in the background of the movie era- (December 2014-12, 16, Fuji TV)
    • Athletes' Great Reversal from the Ripples of the Cliffs SP2014 (December 2014, 12, TV TOKYO) --Narration
      • Athletes Rippling Great Reversal from the Cliffs SP2 (December 2015, 12)
    • Television future heritage Earth Superb View Mystery! (November 2015, 11, TBS) --Narration
    • MatsukoYou said you died yesterday. (May 2018, 5,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)-Navigator
    • Kenichi Takito will take a rest only today. ~ World Dangerous Botanical Encyclopedia ~ (March 2019, 3, TV Aichi)
    • expedition!Behind the scenes of a huge museum ~National Science MuseumA world of surprises ~ (March 2021, 3, NHK-BS)[77]
    • Tetsuko's room(April 2021, 11, TV Asahi)
    • ETV feature"House of the Sky" (December 2021, 12)NHK E Tele)-Reading[78]

    Delivery / web

    Music video

    Television Animation




    • Walkin'Talkin'-Dialogue- (July 2014, 7-,FM802) - Narration



    • Kihachi Okamoto's work DVD-BOX ~ SOLDIERS ~ Bonus video "There was a director Kihachi. A Memory of Kihachi Spirit" (2006)- Kihachi Okamoto Role


    Magazine serialization

    • GOETHE"Kenichi Takito's Movie Solo Story" (March 2015 issue-,Gentosha)



    • 7th Parenting Award Daddy Division[85]



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