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📺 | Kanata Hosoda starring in the drama for the first time!30 people in the original "If there was a high school only for good-looking guys" planned and written by Yasushi Akimoto ...


Kanata Hosoda starring in the drama for the first time!30 people in the original "If there was a high school only for good-looking guys" planned and written by Yasushi Akimoto ...

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However, as I saw the uniform on the school bus and train many times, I thought, "Isn't it so much?"

From January 2022 on TV Asahi, the serial drama "What if, a high school only for good-looking guys ..." → Continue reading

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School Bus

School BusWhat is (school bus)?Student / StudentOperated for the purpose of commuting to schoolbusThat is.In this section, it is a shuttle bus for Japanese kindergartens.Toddler busWill be included.

With the residential area where students live according to the start time and end timeDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularNearest to school during (including kindergarten)Railway stationAnd between schoolcampusIt is operated in the form of connecting between.The main operator is the organization that generally operates the school (School corporationEtc.) and school officials (student,TeacherEtc.) can not be used basically[Annotation 1].

School bus in Japan

In Japan, kindergartens, nursery schools (infant buses), and students need assistance in movingSpecial school[Annotation 2],publicprimary school-Junior high school, Some of the distance from the nearest stationprivate school,Foreign school(Brazil schoolSuch),Driving school-Fitness club-Cram schoolEtc. operate school buses.

Special school[Annotation 2]In the case of, there are many cases where high school students cannot use it because they go to school on their own.The operation time, route, and stop are basically announced only to the people involved in the school, but can be viewed by an unspecified number of people.WebsiteIt is not always impossible for outsiders to know the operation time, as there are cases where it is open to the public.Especially when an outsider has a business at school (eg, at a university or private high school)open campus, School tour,School festival,Entrance examinationIn many cases, schools that guide the use of school buses from the nearest station are open to the public.

Operation form

If the school is the main operator, it is mainlyprivate schoolAnd kindergartens.In addition, those that are mainly operated by local governments are mainlyPublic elementary and junior high schoolThe place of residence and the school are far apartDepopulated areaIt is often operated in areas such as and mountainous areas.in particular,The population densityIs low and there are few schools, and it is difficult to go to school on foot or by bicycle in winter.HokkaidoThere are many.

The actual operation method is schoolLocal governmentAccording to the law that owns and operates everythingPrivate busWhen,Road transport lawGeneral charter passenger car transportation business based on Article 3 (Charter Bus) Or specific passenger car transportation business (Specific bus) There is a method of outsourcing to a bus company or taxi company[1]..Originally operated by a specific bus, Kokusai Journey No. 628 "Handling of annual contracts, etc. concluded between general chartered passenger car carriers and travel agencies" (March 2014, 3) (Notification) made it possible to operate a school bus on a chartered bus.[2].

In the case of a private bus, the vehicle is maintained and managed by itself.DriverAlso hire yourself (DispatchIn some cases).The license plate is white because it is a private bus,largeType licenseorMedium sizeYou can drive with a type XNUMX license, but there are some places where only large type XNUMX license holders are hired by internal regulations.

When operated as a form of specific transportation, the vehicle belongs to the bus operator (however, the name of the school of the consignor is drawn large on the vehicle, and the name of the operating bus company is displayed small in the corner of the car body (Mostly done), license platesCommercial vehicleGreen 2 number (route bus andSightseeing busThe same form as).Therefore, the driver is largeType XNUMX licenseThe owner.At special schools, there are many parts such as wheelchair lifts that have different structures from ordinary buses, so there are many 8 number cars.Also,Bus lane / bus priority laneTreated as a fixed-route bus[Annotation 3].

Shared busIn some cases, the business operator operates a bus for students between the school and the railway station closest to the school.in this caseFareEtc. are the same as regular fixed-route buses, slightly discounted, or treated free of charge[Annotation 4]It is often the case.Such buses are operated by the general passenger car transportation business (ordinary route buses) and are considered to be different from the school buses mentioned above.Special schoolIt is rare for public schools other than the above to operate school buses, and most of them use fixed-route buses.

Dokkyo Saitama Junior and Senior High School,Saitama Prefectural UniversityUsually, a paid route bus (including when going to and from school)Asahi Motor Corporation), And free of charge as an extra flight during events such as cultural festivals, entrance exams, and school tours.Charter flightsThere is also a place to operate[Annotation 5]..ConverselyHideaki Yachiyo Junior and Senior High SchoolWe operate a free bus only when going to and from school, and when it is off, it is normal.Chiba Rainbow BusThere are also places that operate as part of the line.

In some cases, long-distance school buses run to areas far away from the school.For exampleJosai International UniversityThen.Tokyo Station-Yokohama Station(Tokyo Bay Aqua Line-Kisarazu Stationvia)·Nishi-Funabashi Station-Narita Station(Naruto StationFrom) to university officials and visitorsShuttle busIs operating. Also,Shinki Green BusThe school bus vehicle at the Mt. Sasayama sales office operates the school bus while also operating the route bus.Waseda Saga Middle School/High SchoolThen, for the students from Fukuoka City, the highway bus "KaratsuThe first and second flights to Karatsu are in front of the school gate.Karatsu CastleIt is supported by passing through the entrance stop.

International ten king trafficThen.Rissho UniversityKumagaya Campus andTokyo Welfare UniversityStudents and faculty members are treated as free of charge by presenting a certificate on the shared bus routes that depart and arrive at the Isesaki campus, and have the character of multiplying the route bus and the school bus.The routes to and from Rissho University are divided into open day schedules and closed day schedules instead of weekday / holiday schedules.On routes departing from and arriving at Tokyo University of Social Welfare, the originally entrusted school buses have been integrated into existing shared bus routes (this has significantly increased the number of buses from the perspective of school buses, but the time required has increased because it is not a direct route. ing).

Caritas Elementary SchoolThen.Noborito StationA private bus was set up in the area, but it was operated by a private bus.Murder caseFrom June 2019 due to the outbreakKawasaki Municipal BusSwitched to charter flights, closed the dedicated platform, and changed to the same location as the route bus[3].. In addition,Caritas AcademyThe school bus is exclusively for elementary school students, and for junior high school students and aboveTransit BusIs supposed to be used.


Road Traffic LawAccording to Article XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX, it is obligatory to drive slowly when passing through the school bus while getting on and off.[4].

Safety standards for road vehiclesAccording to Article 9-11, buses with a passenger capacity of XNUMX or more, which are dedicated to transportation to and from elementary and junior high schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, special schools, etc., are required to display signs on the front, back, left and right of the vehicle body.[5][6].

In addition, An infantThe following security standards are set for private cars regardless of the capacity.

  • Prohibition of auxiliary seats (Article 6-XNUMX)
  • Seat beltExemption (Article XNUMX-XNUMX)
  • Installation of passages (Article 2, XNUMX)
  • Prohibition of standing (Article XNUMX)
  • Entrance / exit for infants on the left side (Article 2 6, Article XNUMX XNUMX)
  • Installation of emergency exits (Article XNUMX)
  • Fire extinguisherInstallation (Article XNUMX)


School bus fares are set as follows[2][7].

  1. Daily car hour fare = Hourly fare × [Driving time per day (from delivery to warehousing, including forwarding time, rounded down to less than 1 minutes, rounded up to 30 minutes or more, rounded up to 30 hours if cumulatively less than 3 hours ) + 3 hours (roll call inspection time)]
  2. Daily car fare = fare per kilometer x [mileage per day (from delivery to warehousing, rounded up to the nearest 1 km)]
  3. Annual fare = (daily car hour fare + daily car kilometer fare) x 365 days x actual work rate

School bus at U.S. military base in Japan

US Army in JapanA school bus is operated for the children concerned to attend the school on the base.

Okinawa is a Japanese private companySenonIs in service (until 1999)Ryukyu BusOperates).The vehicle isThe United States of AmericaLike the mainland, it is painted yellow and has a board labeled STOP on the side, and there are several vehicles that can be wheelchair-accessible.It operates only within the base and is not used on general roads outside.

School bus in the United States

The United States of AmericaThen, from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the service started for students in areas far from the suburbs of the city.However, gradually the introduction of school buses is more than the safety of a large land area and schoolRacial issuesIt has come to be aimed at eliminating the problem.20st centuryAmerica until the middleWhiteWith the school I attendBlackIt was divided into schools that I attend.1954/ToUnited States Supreme CourtMade it illegal to divide schools by race,SuburbanizationWhite peopleSuburbTo black peopleInner CityRacial segregation occurred, and racial bias in schools remained unimproved.

The solution was devised.Racial integration bus attending school(Desegregation busing).1971/It was made constitutional by the Federal Supreme Court, and is also called "forced bus attendance."Many children were forced to go to schools far from their homes because they sent blacks to the suburbs and whites to the city center so that the proportion of whites and minorities was constant.afterwardsMagnet school,Charter school,Cross-border school,Home schoolingWith the birth of various educational forms such as1990 eraThe forced bus commute is over.

In recent years, the suburbs have become more widespread than the purpose of racial integration.Walk,BicycleIt is difficult or difficult to go to school bycrime,Traffic accidentTo prevent getting caught in a magnet or charter school,ESL,Special support educationBuses are used to commute to school because schools for students in the entire school district (some of which have an area equivalent to the prefectures of Japan) are located in various places.

On the other hand, instead of the busPrivate carSome children go to school at.So-called"Key girlThe state is in AmericaGuardian Child abuseMay be suspected of being commuting with parents before the arrival time of the busWorking togetherAt home, parents drop off their children at school on their way to work and early in the morning until the start of work.Childcare It is common to deposit in (Before school Program).Also, although it is a small number, in the lower grades of elementary school, on the school busquarrel,BullyingIn some households, parents pick up and drop off by car to avoid this.In addition, commuting to school beyond the school district often does not receive bus services, so commuting to school by car.

School buses may be reused with a time lag between the start times of elementary, junior high, and high schools.Generally, high school starts the earliest.One of the reasons is for elementary school students and youngerAfter classThis is because it is designed so that middle and high school brothers and sisters can come home first and be greeted in order to avoid being a key kid.Because the high school district is vast, the bus routes are long, and there are areas where you can arrive around 6 am. Driver's licenseMany high school students go to school by their own car (in areas where fixed-route buses have developed, there are school districts where high school students use ordinary buses instead of school buses).Also, other than going to and from school (HikingEtc.) also use the school bus.


In the United States, the term "school bus" often refers to a yellow vehicle.All school buses黄色(School Bus Yellow) is required by the Federal Unified Safety Standards.For truck chassisCoach builderIs the mainstream, and there are four standard categories, A, B, C, and D, depending on the size and appearance.

Also, the position on the road is considerably higher than that of private cars.One example is the rules when school buses handle student boarding and alighting.While getting on and offdriving seatThe light at the top flashes, a red octagonal signboard labeled STOP appears from the side of the vehicle, and a blocking bar pops forward to prevent children from crossing the front of the bus unnecessarily.At this time, the following vehicle must not overtake no matter how many lanes there are on one side.AlsoMedian stripIf there is no, the oncoming vehicle must also stop.For this reason, when driving a car in the United States, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the school bus.

Attack on the school bus


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