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🎵 | 5 masterpieces of 5 masterpieces taken by Mick Rock

5 masterpieces of 5 masterpieces taken by Mick Rock

5 masterpieces of 5 masterpieces taken by Mick Rock

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In Japan, it was covered by L'Arc-en-Ciel and was broadcast as a CM song in 2010.

Representatives of the 70's and 80's such as David Bowie, Queen, Blondie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop ... → Continue reading


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Commercial song

Commercial song(English: Music in advertising, advertising jingle) is a song for advertising and promotion.Commason,CM songAlso called[*1].BarThe short one isSound logoIt may be classified as.

mainly,TV/Radio OfPrivate broadcastingIncommercial There is also a definition that refers to what is used in (CM)[*2].

Without lyricsinstrumentalIn the case of,Called "CM song" or "CM music"[Source required]..Also, since video advertisements such as TVCM and WebCM were once recorded and produced on "film", "Commercial film (Commercial FAlso called "il m)".In that case,"CF song" "CF song"Sometimes called.


The current commercial songs (hereinafter referred to as CM songs) are roughly divided into the following two.

Not only to create a new CM song, but also to create a new songMelody(When creating a commercial with the image of an existing song, or one phrase of the lyricspunFor example).

1. In the lyricsCompany name, product name, product features, etc.Music that incorporates

  • Because the music itself is one of the advertising mediaNHKIt rarely flows on (public broadcasting that does not promote private companies) (Public advertisementExcept for the case in).Also,Even if it is not NHK, it is rarely featured in music programs, etc.[Source required].
  • OmnibusIt is rarely made into a record / CD other than the record, and even if it is made, the lyrics in which the product name appears are often replaced with another phrase.

2. In the lyricsThere is no product name, Music with an image reminiscent of products and commercials (Image Song)

  • NHK (NHK Red and White Singing BattleIt is also sung in various music programs including (however, there is no detailed mention of commercials)[Note 1].
  • The music industry pays attention to the advertising effect in commercials,1980 eraOr later,Tie-up song(The record company on the music provider side and the CM company sideTie-upHowever, there are cases where the image of the product and the song are different.In addition, a song of about 15 to 30 seconds made for a commercial may become one work due to the response after the broadcast, and may be released later.

instrumentalFrom the creator's point of view, there is also the idea of ​​dividing CM music into "sound design" and "BGM".[*3].


Known as the oldest surviving commercial song in the worldVesuvius funicular wireAs a PR of1880 Produced in "Funiculi funicula. "

Since the 1980s, hit song making through collaboration between the music industry and other industries (broadcasting industry, advertising industry, etc.) has attracted attention as a synergy.[1].

The United States of AmericaThe CM song in1966 of"(English edition)』(The T-Bones;Gastrointestinal drug),1971 of"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony, Japanese title: Beloved Harmony)(English edition)』((English edition);Coca Cola) Is rare, basicallyJingleAnd BGM[2].



Until the start of private radio broadcasting

CM song in a broad sense[Note 2]as,1769 For the toothpaste "Soseki"Hiraga GennaiThe promotional songs written and composed by[*4],Meiji Era"Oichini's drugstore"[*5],1901 AroundMatsuhei Iwaya("Shinonome-bushiIn the parody of "Tengu Tobacco Today's Trend")Yoshibei MuraiTobacco sales CM song battle (by parody of "Sanosabushi")1929 The Foxgasaki Amusement Park (later the 1927 theory)Kogasaki Youngland) PR song "Chrysalis"[*6],1934 OfMeijiキ ャ ラ メ ルPromotional song "I am a popular person in the world" (song:Furukawa Midori)[3],1950 For lyrics released in AugustHarrisChewing gum"Chewing Gum is the taste of love" (song:Akatsuki Teruko)[3]There was such a thing.

1928 From (Showa 3)1930 Around (Showa 5), ​​the promotional song "Pleasan March" (lyrics :, composition:) of silk fabric (Yonezawa Ori)Shinpei Nakayama,song:Chiyoko SatoIrie Torasan Shoten "Pleasan Kinsa") with Irie Torasan Shoten as the manufacturerVictor RecordsAnnounced as a record not for sale by the production of[Note 3]..It was distributed to machine shops, wholesalers, retail stores, etc.Sales of Pleasant Kinsa have quadrupled since the record was made.[*7].


1951 (26)May 9,Private radio broadcastingStarted.

May 9The"CM Song Day"There is an example of[*8]However, this is Japan's first (broadcasting) CM song "I am an amateur photographer" (lyrics and composition:)Tokio Miki;Konishi Roku Photo Industry) Is based on the day it was first aired (1951). There was no company name or product name in the lyrics of "I am an amateur photographer", and it was close to the later image song.[4].

But,May 9"Penguins Song" (Lyrics: Yoshio Shigezono, Composition: Teruaki Hiraoka;Shionogi Pharmaceutical) Is flowing, and it will be the first commercial on September 9st.SeikoshaThere is a document that the time signal melody got on the radio wave even in the CM of, and it is pointed out that this is strictly Japan's first CM song.[Taya 1]..In addition, this "Penguins Song" was originally released.Nursery rhymeIt was treated and was also flowing on NHK[4].

1953 (28)May 8, Private TV broadcasting started.At that time"Singing commercial"Was also called[Ogawa 1].

In the mid-1950s, the strong advertising effect of CM songs was recognized, and "Mitsuwa soapA series of types that repeatedly call company names and product names represented by "Theme Song"[Ogawa 2].

1957 (32)May 8,See you in Yurakucho] (Lyrics:Takao Saeki, Composition:Tadashi Yoshida,song:Frank NagaiYurakuchoSOGO) Is on sale.The phrase was at that timeBuzzwordBecomes

In addition to Toriro Miki, the composer of the CM songIzumi Taiku, To the lyricistAkiyo NosakaWas starting to work.As a singerKusunoki ToshieAlso sang many CM songs.

Typical songs from the early days


1959 (34)October OfCrown prince marriageWith this as an opportunity, television has spread rapidly.High economic growthIn connection with the release of new products that have never existed before, CM songs have begun to diversify.As one of them"Informative Song"(Composer'sHideo ArashinoProduct description type CM song named by[Ogawa 3].

1960 (35)May 6,ビ ー ト ル ズWill come to Japan and perform.already,RockabillyWestern music such as, etc. entered Japan, and rhythm was beginning to be introduced into CM songs, but the scale is still ...Whole scaleOfmajor scaleRemained in the center[Ogawa 4].

same yearMay 9, TV color main broadcast started.

Around this time, the program "Singing Commercial," which only broadcasts commercial songs, was being broadcast on Radio Tokyo (currently TBS Radio).[5].

1962 (Showa 37), from the 2nd ACC All Japan CM Festival, a "singing section" for CM songs will be established in the radio section.[6].

1963 (Showa 38), 5-second commercial lifted[Taya 2][Note 4].. While it is the time of the CM song sufferingSound logoThere is also a view that has developed.

Representative songs up to 1966


Around this time, after the warPopular songlikeMajor scale without Jonah-Natural minor scaleHowever, it was also the time when it was finally used for the CM song.this is,Creation period OfRadio songIt was not in the home song style / nursery rhyme style based on[Ogawa 5](EarlyTV commercialThere were various styles such as opera style, chanson style, and ondo style.[Ogawa (Archaeology) 1]).

1967 (42)October,Renown"Yeye" (Composer:Aya Kobayashi)ButOn air..It's a novel thing, and the word "after Yeah" was born in the advertising world.[Ogawa 6].

same year,"The world is for two people』(Naomi Sara) Will be released.OriginallyMeiji ConfectioneryIt was a CM song for "Alpha Chocolate".Most of the lyrics of the early CM songs were in the third person, whose appeal was unclear, but after this song, the number of first and second persons increased.[*9].

1968 (43)May 1From the attachmentOricon chart(recordSales ranking) officially started.

1970 (Showa 45)Pollution problemThere are also commercials that do not advertise products based on such factors.

1972 (Showa 47),forkFrom the worldTakuro YoshidaIs "Have A Nice Day" (Fujifilm) To (in the previous year)Chugai Pharmaceutical"newGroongsanBut singing), the next1973 (Showa 48)LockFrom the worldEiichi Otaki(Ex-Happy End) Is "Cider '73" (Mitsuya Cider), And gained popularity mainly among young people[Taya 3].

1972October,Bank of MitsubishiIs the promotional song "Happy Mini Bank" of the general account "Mini Bank" (Walnut kobato) Was played in the lobby of the bank.At that timeNational Bankers AssociationDue to self-regulation of the bank, advertisements of individual banks could not be sent to the radio media.[*10]..At the same timeDaiichi Kangyo Bank"Kokoro no Fureai" (Kokoro no Fureai) as a promotional song with the motto of the bank and a favorite song in the lineSaori Yuki) Is produced[*10].

1973 (48), from the 13th ACC All Japan CM Festival, the "singing section" will be treated independently of the TV / radio section.[7].

1974 (Showa 49),Sammy Davis Jr.Depends on the person's appearancescatCM (Suntory white)But,Cannes Lions International Festival of AdvertisingWon the Grand Prix (first award for a Japanese work)[*11]

Typical music


Singer-songwriterbynew musicBecomes popular.First band boomAlso occurred.Those"Image Song"Used asShiseidoとKaneboCosmetics campaign song battle broke out[*12][8]..In the background is "The Best Ten(January 1978, 1-September 19, 1989) in a ranking formatMusic programThere was also the existence of[Ogawa 7].

Incidentally,1978 From (Showa 53), TV commercialsstereoBroadcast has started.

Typical music

1980 era

Classical music,Folk music,Contemporary music,Minimal music,Wrap[*13]It has been pointed out that the genres of music used in commercials have become more diversified.[Ogawa 8].

1984 OctoberFrom the magazine "Oricon Weekly"SingleTie-up information is added to HOT100[*14].

1985 - 1986 It has been pointed out that from around that time, the power relationship was reversed and there was a tendency for music providers to sell.[Ogawa 9].

Typical music

1990 era

Second band boomThroughKaraoke boxPopularization, conventional live broadcastingMusic programThe Japanese music scene was changing due to the shrinking of.

Around this time, the image song"Tie-up song"Came to be calledDaiyuki Nagato-Kazuo YoshieAnd others set upBeing boomIs said to have been the core of this[Ogawa 10].. From 1992 to 1995Otsuka Pharmaceutical"Pocari Sweat""BeingThe singer I belonged to was appointed continuously.

In addition,Miki Group("Ginza Juwaiyo Kuchuru Maki", "Boutique JOY", etc.) has published a large number of spot CMs featuring songs by self-made artists, mainly in the middle of the night (especially in the middle of the night).TV Tokyo affiliate)did[*15].

After that, the tendency to make commercials changed due to the reduction of production costs due to the recession, for example, "Moving Sakai""Koikeya Don Tacos""Suntory CC lemon"Such,initialContinuous call type CM song like[*16]Has revived.There was also the point that the power relationship with the music provider side was reversed again, making it difficult to appoint a big artist.At the latest1995 Pointed out the decline and limitations of image songs[*17].

1999 Is,energy flow』(Ryuichi Sakamoto;Daiichi Sankyo Health Care"Regain EB lock")instrumentalThe singleFor the first time as a weekOricon chartBecame number one[*18][*19][*20].

Typical music

2000 era

In the early 2000s,Song of love』(Friend wife Takeshi), "NOVA Rabbit Song"(Yuji Matsumura),"SuntoryCombustion system amino type』(Kinuko Honma) such as,DentsuCM songs by CM planners attracted attention one after another[Note 6].

2001 ,Copyright Management Business LawIs enforced.JASRACOther than that, it has become possible to enter music copyright management.

2003 , "Hatsukoi" (Mayumi Kojima)But,NintendoIt was appointed to the USA commercial "who are you?" And aired in North and South America for a year.[*21].

2006 From around that time, Western musiccoverIt is pointed out that the number of CM songs has increased.It is thought that the factors are that the copyright royalties are a little cheaper than using the original, and that the rights relationship is not complicated.[9].

Typical music

2010 era

CM Research Institute as a CM trend in 2010parodyPointed out the use of TV commercials using[*22].

Typical music

Copyright and industry

JASRACWhen using the (already released) music registered inOn airBroadcast usage fees will be charged according to the number (as of 1998)[10].

1971 (46)October, Japan Advertising Music Producers Federation (JAM) was established by volunteers involved in advertising music production.[*23]..He is working on copyright issues, such as creating an "Advertising Music Handbook" later.

Examples of songs covered for commercials

"Dandan daughter』(Hikaru Nishida;Mitsubishi Electric"Kirigamine"), "Maiden with flaxen hair』(Hitomi Shimatani;Kao"Essential Damage Care"), "There is tomorrow ~ Let's go in Georgia ~』(Ulfuls; Japan Coca-Cola "ジ ョ ー ジ ジ"),"Eight man』(SMAP;NTT East"FLET'S light"),"I'll wait』(Etsuko IchiharaOthers; Toyota Motor "duet")Such,Old melodyThere are many remakes and arrangements for. "It doesn't stop refreshing』(Shoko Aida;Asahi Beverage"WONDA Shot & Shot") And"Freshly ground song』(Oizumi Hiroshi;Kirin Beverage"FIRE"), "Thick noodle revolution 21』(Morning Musume.;Nissin Food"Thick noodles dignified"), "Ginger ring song』(Smiley;Mister Donut"Ginger ring"), "Wipe revolution good feeling』(Kei Yasuda;Soft 99 Corporation"Fukupika"), etc.parodyThere are many things that accompany.

Also,"Yodobashi camera song』(Yodobashi Camera), "You like whiskey』(Suntory Square Bottle), "Tarako, Tarako, Tarako』(Kewpie There are things like cod roe, which is a pasta sauce, that can be sung while changing artists.

ガーナFolk song"Chechekkori"[Note 7](Yumi&Yuka;Sapporo Beverage"Marufukucha") has gained popularity as a song due to the use of commercials.[*24].


Example of longevity CM song

Those still used in commercials as of 2015 (from the beginning of broadcasting)arrangeIncluding cases where it has been done).


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外部 リンク

Related item

  • --Produced many CM songs mainly in the Tokai area.


2010 (2010 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Friday.Heisei22 years.

This item describes 2010 from an international perspective.

Other chronology
















  • May 12 -Japanese Venus probe "DawnFails to orbit Venus[30]. (2015 Successful launch in December[31])
  • May 12 - 18 days - FIFA Club World Cup 2010Will be held.
  • May 12 -Northeast AustraliaQueenslandTropical storm landed at 1mmA heavy rain fell over and floods and landslides occurred. By January 1, the following year, at least 17 people had died, and approximately 28 houses, 1 houses and offices were completely submerged, and 1900 and 2500 houses were partially submerged. Power transmission to 1 power supply facilities in the city's business district stopped, and a power outage occurred at 4700 homes. Mobile phones will be unavailable in the majority of areas. Economic damage is estimated to be about 2500 trillion yen.




  • African yearCelebration ceremony was held in various places as the 50th anniversary.

International Year

  • International Year of Biodiversity
  • International Year of the Rapprochement of Cultures
  • International Year of Youth-August 2010, 8-August 12, 2011








Nobel Prize

The event of fiction



  • Space creatures invade the Earth from the desert planet San Helios through the wormhole. ("Doctor Who])
  • The 6th generation master is resurrected, and after passing through the gate of death, time road and Garifrey are also resurrected, and the crisis of the survival of the earth. ("Doctor Who")
  • The 11th generation doctor meets Craig. Find out that an alien is hiding on the second floor of his house. ("Doctor Who")
  • Amy PoundMarries Laurie Williams. In addition, the River Song notices the identity of Pandora and Roman soldiers from the book at Amy's house. ("Doctor Who")



  • May 1 -Spelling shop 21 Emon is born. ("21 Emon])
  • Order Hitlerin of the Federated States of Gorgonia to build a ghost-making machine, Dr. Papros. Dr. Ochanomizu, a close friend of Pennsylvania University in Papros, is abducted to Gorgonia. ("Astro boy""Volume of Ghost Machine")
  • A robot attack by a secret society "Black Looks" breaks out around the world, Atom with parents and HigeoyajiAntarctic,Republic of South AfricaGo to. ("Astro Boy" "Volume of Black Looks")


  • 2001 Encountered the US spacecraft "Discovery" and DiscoveryMonolithCrew of each country was put on to investigate "TMA-2"USSROf the spaceship "Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov"JupiterHead to the system. ("2010 Space Journey, Movie "2010")[34]
  • Chinese spacecraft "Chen" aiming for Discovery ahead of Leonov on Jupiter's satellite EuropaPropellantWhile replenishing the water to be contacted with creatures living in the sea of ​​Europa. The Chen, which was struck by a giant creature, was destroyed and the Chinese corps was annihilated. (“2010 Space Journey”)[35]
  • Jupiter by the monolith(I.e.And became known as "Lucifer". ("2010 Space Journey", movie "2010")[36]
  • Curtis Newton, as "Captain Future," begins activities to eradicate crime in the solar system. ("Captain Future])[37][38]


TV program

  • The production of the Japanese version of "Mysterious Japan of Heisei Era" that was being broadcast on CBB TV in the UK was consulted by the supervising George Potman ("The History of Heisei by George Potman])[39].


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